Thursday, June 23, 2016

Broadband again and again and again.

The argument for CV wide Broadband is nice and compelling, except for this line in the sales pitch "education and online classes, remote work and telecommuting, video conferencing, home-based businesses, new business startups, and more."

Century Village is a retirement community, we are a group of retired seniors, not part of the working community. Israel wants to make us into what we are not. We are not a community of aggressive  businessmen, hell bent on growing our fortunes. Hell bent on growing our businesses as we head for retirement, we are retired.

The only people that are cheering this effort are the real estate people and the misguided few working for Israel. Generally speaking, people move here with the object to live here and then die here, so why do we need to increase our property values with, perhaps, the addition of very high-speed broadband and its exorbitant costs. Each Association has the right and the ability to install their own Broadband, which many have already done.

The idea that we are not in the 21st century because we don't have what I call "Israel's Broadband" is ridiculous. We are not in a cave. We are not even behind the times. We are exactly where we want to be. We are where we should be!

This article is being written using the Broadband supplied by my Association. It is fine and adequate. It is all I need and I know that in this 42 unit building I may be the only major user of our broadband.


  1. As usual, Peter Cruise, the village idiot, and if I only had a brain Gracie spew their ridiculous comments on Dave's blog. Sorry Peter and Gracie-WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE-Time for you to leave as you contribute nada to CV except being Dave's lackeys.

    1. Peter Cruise is a slumlord that owns 4 units in his association. Grace Macklin is the village idiot who will follow David Israel to the Brooklyn Bridge and Jump if he asked her to.
      Don't forget to bring your noodle with you Gracie.

  2. Peter- here is a challenge for you-please list all the committees you have served on or how you have in anyway helped the village. When was the last time you spoke at a DA? You can even get Gracie to help you. I'm sure our readers (more than 3) are interested. Remember the number zero is quite useful. Please seriously think about leaving the village you contribute absolutely nothing!!

  3. Hey Slumlord, are you going to raise the rent on all your tenants when the next UCO budget is presented with an increase of $25.00 per months.

  4. All Peter knows to do is to make stupid and idiotic comments on Dave's blog. Then again he is "the village idiot."