Friday, July 31, 2015

You show us yours, and we will show you ours!!

So our great leader has decided that no matter what, if you disagree with the party line he will get you.

He has discovered, under the cover of of his protective attorney, that it is legal to discriminate against renters. So he gave orders to keep out all renters But he was really after the Editor of the CVMessenger.

So I checked with our attorney and the opinion I got is not in Israels favor. As a matter of fact it is against him.

The Bill of Rights says you can not Discriminate. The Amendments say you can not Discriminate. Common sense says no Discriminating.

And our Lawyer says it is against the Law and not right to discriminate.

So we have an opinion from our attorney, in writing. So if Israel will show us his Lawyers opinion, we will show him ours.

Or, in others words. You show us yours, and we will show you ours.


We have lost another of our long time Wellington A residents. Celia Steinberg passed away on Saturday evening July 25, 2015. She will be missed.


Here is a direct quote from our great and illustrious leader. He is talking about Renters. At least those renters that are not in his camp and don't agree with him.

This pertains to the CVMessenger, but not to Anitra Krause, who is also a renter. What is right about this. It is what I have been telling you all along. Our great and Illustrious President and gone over the edge. He feels that it perfectly OK to block anybody for any reason if he wants to. The reason is unimportant. If you are a member of a group or an individual that Israel feels is a threat to his Future as President he will attack you. No good reason is necessary. All he need is something or somebody to hide behind, In this case it is our?? Attorney!!

What would Thomas Jefferson think?


Dave Israel
14 hours ago  -  Shared publicly
Hi all,

Opinion from the UCO Attorney is very clear, no renter has a right to attend any UCO meeting. Our Treasurer was well within his rights to so insist.
Because one of our renters principle stock in trade is agitation, propaganda and yellow journalism; I fully support barring him from any UCO meeting.

Dave Israel

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sheffield O's problems have not gone away!!


The latest edition of The UCO Reporter aka “The UCO RAG” has given the residents the impression that David Israel has solved the problem of Sheffield O, and all is well again.    Unfortunately, and as usual, the Reporter has given you the wrong impression. The problem still exists because Kelly did not investigate his tenants.  We do not know the background of these people nor do we have knowledge of any possible danger to the residents of our community.  You must remember; David Israel was in the pocket of Mr. Kelly and did nothing for three years while he was busy sitting on his butt  at his computer  calling us “The Malcontents."  In reality, we are the “heroes" of the village because we bring the problems to light in order to find solutions. David Israel and his “BROWN NOSES” prefer to hide them under the rug and sweep them  into the garbage before anyone has a chance to know any problem exists – a sure way to do nothing and never face a problem head-on in order to find a solution.

More Bits

Reading along in the UCO Reporter aka "The Rag". I see the there is an article there entitled "Some Relief for Sheffield O". Within this article is a reference (more than one) to the usual suspects.

Well, Anita, lets get it straight the people you are talking about are not suspects. They are members of the honorable (not so loyal) opposition. Something that you and D.Israel hate. The real suspects are the Executive board with Israel as its head. They are suspect because they do not own up to the nefarious practices.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Reading the latest UCO Reporter. I see that Joy Vestal, the knowledgeable Joy Vestal has stated that "all UCO Meetings are open". Not true. Renters were specifically denied entrance to the latest Finance Meeting. It has happened before.

Reading D.Israel's article in the latest UCO Reporter concerning the state of Donald Kelly and Sheffield O. As usual he is short and not on point. The lawyers letter from Kelly is nothing more than a threat to Nancy Salmi to stop annoying Kelly. It is not a withdrawal. This fight is still on.

As for Israels remarks. Be it known he knew about this situation about 3 years ago. His comments were that nothing can be done about this. That is nothing until the CVMessenger brought it up. Then he ran to WPRF and called in the 90 year old Mr.Levy to help.

Which he has.

But why can't we use our own resources? Why can't we use UCO and our resources to put an attorney on this? Why do, why does UCO, why does David Israel duck this responsibility. Can it have something to do with the friendship that exists between Kelly and Israel???

Where is the refutation by the Malcontents? I see article after article in the UCO Reporter decrying the actions of the Malcontents, but no answers, no defenses, no "other side". What is wrong with the Editorial Policy of the UCO Reporter. There they claim that all the facts will printed, all sides. Readers then can make up their minds.

Well so far one side is missing!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Truth above all.

Truth must hold sway above all. Yes, Bob you have never been blocked from my blog, as I have never been been blocked from yours. State your opinions here all you want. You are welcome.

The problem we have with blog replies is that the Great One has block me from his blog, therefore I can only answer you here on the Free and Open Blog, not on the blog limited to Israel's 100 friendlies.

As for the Renters and their lack of representation. A renter can represent the owner and the Association Delegates also represents the Unit Owner.

Since we practice the Sunshine Rules, why should not a renter be allowed in, why not a Blogger allowed in, why not a ABC News rep allowed in? This is supposed to be open and free for all.

UCO Treasury

So I see that Howard O'Brien is asking the Residents for some input on Road repair and maintenance.  What do we want and how much are we willing to spend on it. Well that is easy. We want the roads to be good and solid. We want the repair job to last at least the expected 10 years it's life expectancy should be.

We want the small minded to let go here. Before we set up a budget on roads we should PAY an outside expert to analyze the roads for us. This problem would not of existed  now if this was done at the first go-round.

Thanks to Dan Gladstone for this.

Childish and Unnecessary.

I guess I am a little slow as to how things work in Century Village. I thought and think that UCO was suppose be our combined voice in the Village. UCO was supposed to set up the  rules we live by. I see that the Clubhouse rules are made and somewhat enforced by UCO, specifically David Israel.


When we need help with an attack on one of the Associations by Mr.Kelly, the President of UCO threw his hands up and declared there is nothing he could do. So what did he do? He called in Mr.Levy of WPRF to help and do something.

And they did. And the UCO Reporter reported it. It seems as if this was kept a state secret until publication.

Worse, why did we not assign our Attorney, UCO's attorney, to take this on? Why did we have to ask for help from Mr. Levy? Why couldn't the powers that be figure this out and do the right thing?

I know Israel says that this situation is beyond him. That it is not in his Provence.

But it is in his Provence to beg Mr.Levy to do something.


Blatant Contravention!

            The Finance Committee is in contravention of the Sunshine Laws which have been adopted by UCO and are enshrined in the bylaws. UCO officers  denied access to “ renters” at their last meeting of the Finance Committee in the clubhouse. This is an egregious act attempting to shut out a segment of the population of Century Village and deny them their right to attend. The Sunshine Laws require that meetings of boards or commissions must be open to the public. Meetings held in contravention of this law are invalid, and those in contravention of the act are prohibited from holding further meetings in the facility that supports the discrimination.
            This action is a contravention of civil rights and is a cause for action in civil  court as noted below.
            A reversal of this policy that has been applied for the first time in the history of Century Village is the only reasonable course of action for the administration, a continuation of denying civil rights in blatant contravention of the Sunshine Laws is not acceptable.

286.011 Public meetings and records; public inspection; criminal and civil penalties.
(1) All meetings of any board or commission of any state agency or authority or of any agency or authority of any county, municipal corporation, or political subdivision, except as otherwise provided in the Constitution, including meetings with or attended by any person elected to such board or commission, but who has not yet taken office, at which official acts are to be taken are declared to be public meetings open to the public at all times, and no resolution, rule, or formal action shall be considered binding except as taken or made at such meeting. The board or commission must provide reasonable notice of all such meetings.
Officers who contravene Sunshine laws are subject to sanctions.
(3)(a) Any public officer who violates any provision of this section is guilty of a noncriminal infraction, punishable by fine not exceeding $500.
(b) Any person who is a member of a board or commission or of any state agency or authority of any county, municipal corporation, or political subdivision who knowingly violates the provisions of this section by attending a meeting not held in accordance with the provisions hereof is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s.775.082or s.775.083.
(6) All persons subject to subsection (1) are prohibited from holding meetings at any facility or location which discriminates on the basis of sex, age, race, creed, color, origin, or economic status or which operates in such a manner as to unreasonably restrict public access to such a facility.


Friday, July 24, 2015

More Lies and changes of Mind

I have been posting on this blog old posts by the old members of the Administration. I have posted remarks made by Mr Israel that were part of a apology by him for libelous remarks made for lies printed on the Internet. I called it the apology. I also printed some of his postings that were made in 2008 just before he became President. That posting showed that the Future President was all for Term Limits. Today not so much. He is against Terms Limits because it eliminates any possibility of being a President for life.

Now I have a posting by his side kick, Ed Black, saying that he could not be more for Term Limits. That was in 2008. Today not so much also.

He also makes some remarks as to how we should not mess with the UCO By Laws and we should "entertain term limits for the entire elected body." So why are they? Messing with the By-Laws?

I agree wholeheartedly!!

The Hidden Committee Member

There is something wrong here.

At the finance Committee Meeting many of the members were hidden in the audience. The Treasurer was asked,"Why was this meeting NOT recorded?" The answer was "Because I choose not to!"

Does this sound like an open and transparent Committee?

It sounds like the complaints we had about the Road Work are finally being listen to and acted upon. They are calling in an outside expert, (after the Money was spent the first time) to review and suggest the proper way to professionally fix the Roads.

This is a good idea. It always was a good idea but now the hidden President and Committee member is all for it.

Good for him.

Its about time!

Finance Committee with Hidden officiers!

       Shambolic Finance Committee Meeting

            The finance committee meeting held yesterday was another example of  shambolic design.

            Upon entering the meeting room a guard stood at the door like a bouncer at a gin joint checking identifications before permitting entry. No renters allowed was the order of the day. The room was sparsely populated with only about 31 attendees present, perhaps the lack of attendance was caused by the poor advertising of the event. The email received by residents announcing this highly important meeting is being selectively sent to supporters while critics and others who question too much are denied.

            There was no video recording either, usually these meetings are posted on the internet for all to see. When Howie Silver questioned why there was no video recording, Howard O'Brien gruffly stated “Because I chose to not record it” Another example of UCO working in the dark !

            Two new members of the committee were introduced: Donald Foster and Tony Salometti. But conspicuous by their absence were UCO VP Fausto Fabro, Corresponding Secretary Pat Sealander, and Executive Board member Herb Finklestein. From the look of the committee it's obvious that there is not now and there will not be any real questioning of  the budget proposals.

True to form the committee obediently raised their hands and nodded their heads and kept their mouths shut  under the watchful eye of David Israel who sat in the audience,  not one question or objection was raised by anyone on the committee. Not one line item on the proposal was questioned.

            Audience members did raise some interesting points which were quickly put down, when questioned about costs regarding the WIFI/Broadband initiative that David Israel has been so vigorously promoting the discussion was quickly slammed shut. The point was made that  a “doorway fee” ( monies paid by companies vying for the contract) is not acceptable.

            Marilyn Pomerantz discovered a mistake in the dates indicated at the top of the proposals, Howard O'Brien answered by saying that he does not have anyone to proofread his work and that mistakes are inevitable, Marilyn countered by asking how the figures in the proposal can be trusted as accurate if no one is checking. Marilyn also raised the question of funding the legal work for the up and coming agreement  to replace the Millennium agreement. No definitive answer was offered by the treasurer.

            Questions about the co-mingling of funds were answered by O'Brien with the statement “ if the house is on fire we need to be able to access the funds” He didn't say that the funds can be accessed even if the house is not on fire.

            Howard O'Brien voiced his opinion that the fifteen million  to fix the disastrous road paving job needs to start being collected as soon as possible , George Lowenstein asked if a loan could be taken out to repair the roads now and pay later, the answer given was : NO … MAYBE.

            Apparently two engineering firms have been hired to do an analysis of the roadways. Who approved that ? Where did the money come from ? And one has to wonder whether or not their recommendations will be implemented, unlike the previous road paving fiasco where a twenty five thousand dollar engineering study was ignored in the rush to get the contract signed.

            This committee meeting was one for the books, no real substantive answers given, a good portion of elected  officers absent, no recording, no real effort made to notify residents, residents denied access based on ownership of units, blatant stonewalling and evasive answers, and elected  officers who should have been front and center hiding in the audience. Now the proposal will be carried forward to the next committee where the same people take another kick at the same can and will no doubt sit and nod their heads and raise their hands on cue, and on to the next committee where the same people take another kick and another vote.

            Shambolic is a good description of the proceedings, with the sham in shambolic being the operative word.
            Neil J Moore with contributions from Howie Silver and Marilyn Pomerantz.

Our Finance Committee




Just what goes thru the mind of the forever great and lifelong wannabe President. the Delegate Assembly listens to and considers his Wi-Fi plan and then says no. Not a small no but a resounding NO, So why does he and his side-kick decide to go ahead with it any way.

What is it about NO he does not understand?
Or to put another way. How many times do we have to vote on an issue, determine the sense of the Delegates and end it. Once is not enough??

Broiadband, Wi-Fi who needs it?

I am sitting here and thinking about the little man's insistence that we have a UCO based Wi-Fi. That is so wrong. First off those associations that want Wi-Fi can have for less than a $1000 investment and maybe a $5 a month charge per unit. This system has been installed in a number of Associations and all seems well. So why the clamor for a UCO based system wide system of Wi-Fi or as Mr. Israel like to say, "Broadband"?

As far as I can see this initiative would do nothing but enhance Mr. Israel's ego!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Finance Committee Non-Meeting

So what happened yesterday in Room C, The Club House. It was the Finance meeting held in a room that could hold all the people that were expected to attend, That should of attended, and did not.

The attendance was 34, more that could fit in the UCO Conference Room.

But nothing of any substance happened. The biggest news was that The UCO President and many of his entourage, who are all on the Finance Committee, sat in the audience. And whispered among themselves. This let O'Brien free rein to run the meeting. Which he did. But still no substance. It seems as if the Committee members were trying to prove the point that there is only 1 vote per member and not 1 vote per committee, which gives the assembled Committee personage 3 votes, since many if not all of them are on the 3 main committees;

The answer to what happened will have to wait. I hope not to long.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catholic Charities and Sheffield O

So there is some interesting developments at Sheffield O.  One of the Units in Sheffield O was owned by the Catholic Charities.

When Kelly arrived he immediately took over the unit and rented it out. None of the money went to the Catholic Charities. It should of.

Now I hear that the Charities are asking for the years rents from Kelly. And Who knows, they should prosecute, but time will tell on that.

A call to the Catholic Charities about this situation, brings, so far a no comment.

My thoughts on this are that if Kelly stole from the Charities he should be prosecuted. Not to do so could possibly put future bequeathments in jeopardy.

Power and the Finance Committee Meeting

Stew Richland
Today I attended the Budget Meeting.  
We met in Conference Room C.  A room that had the capacity for at least 200 people. Sadly, on 34 people were in attendance.  Here-in is the problem.  Why was this meeting so poorly attended.   A budget focuses on money.  Bucks coming in and going out.  The budget is funded by the owners of Century Village.
The government of the United States, the President and  Congress have adopted the philosophy that they can spend or at the least know how to spend the tax payers money better than those who  earn it.  Since the UCO budget is funded by the residents of the Village it is a sad commentary that so few residents showed up. The question is why? Was the Budget meeting  widely  publicized?   Not every unit owner is on vacation.  The bus to take residents on an outing to the mall was filled to the brim.  I guess a walk around the mall is more interesting than knowing how your fixed incomes will be reduced by an increase in fees for 2016. 
Leaving the meeting I took a drive around the village to see how many people were at the pools.  There were at least three times as many people in the pool areas then attended the budge meeting.   I think we have a failure to communicate here in the Village.  This weakness clearly explains why so many issues that are presented for consideration to the Delegate Assembly  is adopted.  Many delegates are not inspired by the current administration to learn about the issues that are currently being considered.  Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  This explains why the “Malcontents”  have published the “Messenger.” 
Get the truth out to our residents.  When you work hard and don’t give up things will always get better.  From my mouth to the voters ears.  
Amen!  Power to the people!

Editors Note: 34 people isn't a lot. But it is more than could fit in the UCO Conference room, which maybe could hold 15.

The World go round, the world go round...


Unfortunately, due to a previous commitment, I missed the first part of the Finance meeting today in the clubhouse. My friends told me they bombarded the committee with many important questions yet were fed the usual psycho babble for answers. 

I did not see David Israel and his co-conspirator, Ed Black sitting among the audience until someone pointed them out to me. The meeting is normally held in the UCO office and committee members, all sit at a table with David at the head and Ed Black by his side.  Instead, the two darlings sheepishly placed themselves in the audience where the majority of the attendees would not see them; they removed themselves from the torture of having to answer important questions put to them by the audience. Seen at the head of the meeting room table were Howard O’Brien treasurer and finance committee members Toni   Salometo, Toby Lovinger and Donald Foster  alias Don Ho Ho. Don is the infamous  food maven that over zealously  publishes  his recipes in the UCO reporter each month eliminating the opportunity for other residents to share their gastronomic creations. Unknown to many is also the fact that Don Ho Ho is guilty of visiting your condo, standing below your apartment and logging into your Wi-Fi – a misdemeanor at best.  This is one example of the type of people put on important committees by David Israel and his pals – the brown noses. Furthermore, inconspicuously sitting among the audience was the remaining officers, all committee members.  They are Joy Vestal, Bob Marshall, and Barbara Cornish who by all rights should have been sitting  at the table answering questions with the foursome placed there to take the heat.



Woe to us for allowing this!

It seems that the Powers that be are all upset over our efforts to establish Term Limits again. It further seems as if the Powers that be feel it is necessary to change platforms to meet conditions that might be advantages' to their reelection efforts.

What am I talking about? I am talking about both the present President and his unelected side kick.

Back in 2008, when the Now and Future President was just beginning to think about running for the Presidency, he was absolutely for term limits, and his sidekick went along with full throttle. They were FOR Term Limits!

So what happened?

I can only guess, as I was not there. But as David Israel started his run for the Presidency he realized that with out Term Limits he could be a President for life. So he has changed his mind, again, to fit the circumstances.

Without Term Limits he can continue his quest for a  lifelong job as President, and spend all of CV's money on his Wi-Fi initiative, on his Road initiative and who knows what else.

Woe  is us if we allow it!!

CVMessenger Newspaper Vol.11

The latest edition of the CV Messenger is here. More on Donald Kelly, more on CVMessenger on ABC TV, More on Howie Silver.

The CV Messenger Newspaper Vol #11 - Click here

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Woe is me!

If the  following post is not enough, get more here - click here

Take look at this Blog Post. It was made July 11, 2008, by the then Executive Board member and soon to be President, maybe for Life, David Israel.

I call your attention to item 2, wherein Mr. Israel says he is absolutely opposed to removing Term Limits. He wants Term Limits as do I. So why, when the Assembly voted in the affirmative, for term limits he held another vote and then another vote until he got what he wanted. No Term Limits. This is now that was then!

Then what happen is this. He became President and sees an opportunity to be President for life.

Oh, Woe is me! Woe is us!

Term Limits and the Sedition Act 1789

Stew Richland
July 14th 1789 the government  of the United States passed the most egregious breach of the U.S. Constitution when Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Act. the Sedition Act permitted the prosecution of individuals who voiced or printed what the government deemed to be malicious remarks about the president or government of the United States.
Under the Sedition Act, even the rights of American citizens were curtailed by prohibiting assembly ‘with intent to oppose any measure … of the government’ and made it illegal for any person to ‘print, utter, or publish … any false, scandalous, and malicious writing’ against the government.
Horrors!  No protesting the government.  No freedom of the press. Malcontents banned from participating in committees or cashiered with out just cause.  Is this the story of the Soviet Union during the Cold War?
Nay! Nay! Nay!  We are referring to Century Village, West Palm Beach, Florida.  Our president has a blog (“Our Blog” limited to 100 guests)  which, by its own guidelines, is the voice of Century Village.  However,  there is a filter placed on these voices, which is self-serving to the blog owner.  Only the “team” is allowed to post on “Our Village West Palm Beach.” 
So the MALCONTENTS produced an alternate venue to get their views published.  Seditious restrictions does not end with limiting the publication of alternate views, it also denies opponents a public forum to meet, discuss and publicize, that is to “utter,” their so called scandalous points of view.  This explains why the Malcontents, are denied access to the clubhouse to hold their meetings.  
In 1775 the only way people were informed on the issues was through the efforts of Paul Revere and his “pony express” team.  Even Peter Zenger, the courageous New York City publisher, had to suffer through a government sponsored trial designed to prevent Malcontents from expressing their views.  
Thank goodness for those who have the guts to champion the issues that are impacting our life style in Century Village.  We don’t need Paul Revere anymore we have the CV Messenger.  Thank goodness ABC television realized how serious the issue of Condo ownership was and presented the crisis for all to see.  
The story of the missed opportunities of our elected leadership to do what they were elected to do, not making it clear to the Village as to what was happening here and why, is a prime example of failed leadership.  
Well there is a grass roots movement growing here in Century Village for change.  The first step is implementing term limits.  Think about it?  How different would it have been if our elected officials would have left the confines of their offices and visited their constituents on a regular bases to find out what is happening here at the Village.
Perhaps a strategy could have been developed to squash this crisis at its inception.  Now it is up to the Malcontents and their grass-roots supporters to do the job.



Lightning Strikes

The cause of the blank screens on Channel 63 is due to a natural disturbance. Lightning.

What happened to lightning protection? Protection that many of us have in our homes to protect our devices.

A commercial endeavor, that uses our money should have the proper protection. The proper lightning protection. That is misuse of our funds.

What does the Ed Black say about this??

Assembly votes for Term Limits

I was at the Delegate assembly each time it was allowed to Vote for or against Term Limits. The first time was clear and was voted down (Yes for Term Limits).

The second time the excuse for another vote was that the the vote was flawed. To this day I do not know why. So we had a third Vote.

This time Term Limits were voted down That Voting procedure was confusing.

Why were we voting again? What was wrong with the first 2 votes?

I was not privy to any answer, neither was anybody else at the Assembly.

Except maybe you Grace.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Who has the right to say NO or YES?

We, all of us members of UCO, pay for EVERYTHING, even if we don't own it. Take the Main Clubhouse, for instance. We pay for taxes, insurance, maintenance, employees, electricity,  water, repairs........and it goes on and on and on, just like we own the building and grounds.

We even pay for the air we breathe in the clubhouse.

So, one might think.....then how come we can't use the building in the manner that we wish?

Well, it is my understanding that WPRF, using their attorney, wrote up a document stating that authoritative decisions were granted to UCO. The letter was written to UCO, namely, David Israel.

Legally, I am advised, Israel has no right to make any decisions that arbitrarily affect members of UCO, --- about 14,000 members. The Board of Directors has that right, and they are the DELEGATES.

WPRF's attorney has stated in the past that all inquiries should be made to the UCO President because he holds the right to tell everyone what they can and can't do relative to the use of
the clubhouse. Eva is merely following orders. Where is that letter? Israel first made the statement that no such letter was ever written, -- then he recanted and stated that the letter is lost.


Israel does not want to produce the letter because it could put him in serious hot water. It would put him on the wrong side of a legal argument and he can't tolerate being put in such a position.

Just to simplify things to put them in proper perspective and understanding what injustices have occurred: Assume you rent an apartment in the Village. You're given a rental agreement
that says you pay for the real estate taxes, insurance, electric, condo fees, and water and sewer. Then by some third-party agreement in writing you are unaware of, you are advised that you can't hang any pictures on the walls, you must keep your shades down all of the time, and you can use the toilets only 4 times a week, unless the third party says that you can. What do you say ......Okay!! You stand up, if you have any backbone, and tell the Owner to go pound sand.

David Israel has plenty of these backroom nasty secrets. Where is that letter Mr. Israel?

You knew that WPRF couldn't prevent all UCO members from using the clubhouse in a manner they saw fit, so you solicited WPRF and was secretly granted the power to impose certain sanctions upon use of the clubhouse, just like you owned the building personally.



Who owns the Internet?

David Israel's Domain

David Israel's blog or website is erroneously seen by many as the official internet site for Century Village. The truth of the matter is that David's blog is his own personal site under his control and his ownership. It's no different than any one of millions of websites owned by private citizens around the world.

Postings on his website include a lot of video of CV meetings, The UCO Reporter is posted there every month, notices and announcements of UCO activity are all posted  as though this website is the official organ of Century Village, the reality is that it is not.

The real CV website was struck down by David Israel and an attempt was made to replace it with his private site. An attempt that was not quite successful as his site is  called Village Blog and Chatspot or something like it. But the perception remains that his site is actually the official site for Century Village.

Why does the UCO Reporter post their paper only on his personal site? This is a great advantage for political purposes, mixing his personal opinions and political campaigning with UCO business on the site gives him  a very unfair advantage.

Why are volunteers who are supposed to be working for Century Village spending their time producing material then posting it on HIS site and no other ? The hours spent by volunteers researching material, producing video, creating information articles, are simply handed to David Israel on a silver platter, all the material posted there is his property , CV residents have no right to it, and more importantly have no say in what is posted there.

The UCO Reporter promotes his site as though it is the official place for UCO postings, information and security video and channel 63 are all piped in and instantly becomes David Israel's property. A lot of the effort to achieve this condition is done through the hard work of volunteers, and the infrastructure that we residents pay for.

Are volunteers assuming that their efforts are benefiting Century Village when in fact the value they add belongs to one person? 

The owners of Century Village got it right when they denied Mr Israel the right to use  Century Village in his personal website name,  they were astute enough to realize the folly of allowing David Israel to represent  his personal blog as the official internet site for the village. 

What happens to this website and all the valuable data it contains when the time comes that David Israel is no longer sitting as president ? It's going to happen sooner or later. Does David Israel take it with him when he leaves ? Or will he turn it over along with all the information it contains  to the incoming administration to use at their pleasure ? 

It's a valuable asset. But it does not belong to the Century Village. It belongs to David Israel. The odds are that he will not give it up easily no matter what the residents want. 

Neil J Moore

Santa Claus and Make Believe


HO, HO, HO! David Israel is wearing his Santa Claus uniform and is playing   nice-nice to CV residents.

He stated on his blog that Terri Parker declined to interview him for the Sheffield O piece. The truth is when Ms, Parker came calling David crawled under his desk and hid,  hoping  she would go away, and he would not have to be interviewed and forced to lie  on camera with thousands of people watching. Well, she did leave after he refused to see   her. She then went to his apartment for the interview,  although David’s car was parked in his spot, he did not answer the bell. I guess he was hiding under the bed imitating the little boy who was caught red-handed committing some mischievous deed.

Mr. Israel goes on to say, "The fact is Mr. H.I. Levy’s efforts have already borne fruit in readjusting Mr. Kelly’s attitude regarding dissolving the condominium. Mr. Levy is not done with this matter." Oh yeah, why then did you do nothing when Nancy Salmi came begging for help THREE YEARS AGO?   When the malcontents pushed you against the wall and forced you to act you contacted Mr. Levy begging for help.

You go on to say, “UCO meanwhile is vigorously interdicting irregular call-in channels, which have been enabling the flow of residents to and from the Sheffield-O motel.” No shit David. Does that mean that they are keeping Mr. Kelly’s renters from entering the village? -  which is  an illegal action.  Does it mean their guests are not allowed to enter, do residents have to  come to the gate in person to let them in?  What do you mean EXACTLY DAVID?  Spell it out – and why did it take you three whole years to “INTERDICT”? 

I know it is difficult for you but please, try to tell the truth sometimes.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I Believe.

So as usual Lanny Howe almost has it right. The malcontents did not exist until we started to holler about the way the Gentlemanly President treated Esther. When the President awoke and heard what we were talking about he labelled us the Malcontents. From then rather than have a intelligent conversation, he chose to ignore us and come out every once in a while and call us names, or have one of his minions do it for him.

As for Term Limits. They used to exist here in Century Village. Then Mr Israel, or Mr Black decided that they could almost guarantee a life long Presidency without them. So they brought it up at the Delegate Assembly to remove them. The first time this did not happen, the second time President said the voting was not legal(?), or something. We then voted again. The Assembly not being aware of what was afoot or why voted YES? or NO? and Voila No Term Limits.

So that's pretty much how we got to where we are now. I, for one do not want a life long President. I do not want a President that is beginning to fray at the edges, that is acting as if the Presidency was God given right. A President that can do no wrong. That can fire Volunteers at will. That can decide who can use the media, channel 63, and who can not. That decided almost unilaterally that we need Broadband. That is after the Delegates voted it down. He has the audacity to offer it up again under a different name.

No Sir!!

Communication and Communicators

So listen up. We have 2 media outlets in Century Village. The Channel 63 and The UCO Recorder. I am not mentioning the Clubhouse, which is another problem.

Anyway these 2 media outlets are the major ways that the Populations in CV are reached.

So why are the controllers, those in charge, the same people.

Basically these are people that have not been elected and they determine what we see and hear on Channel 63 and the Reporter?

So all of this is to say that I think anybody that has the knowledge and ambition can be in charge of one of these medias.

But not both. One only!!

You cannot control all the CV Public Media.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Voting Rights

The latest problem that we, as the malcontents, have discovered is Voting Rights Or the lack of them. A little research will show that there are 3 Committees, 3 Committees that have a chance to Vote for or against a project. That is, before it get to the Delegates at their assembly.

The 3 committees are the Advisory Committee, The Officers Committee, and the Executive Committee. A quick look at who is on this committee will show it is people by the same people.

That is the same people are on all 3 Committees. This means that their votes are counted 3 times. So a YES vote is counted 3 times. As is a NO vote

This is definitely unfair.

I think there should be a by-law amendment or a by-law change or a by-law addition added to the proposed Term Limits by-law that specifically stops this. A single line added to the by-Law that says you can only Vote once. You can volunteer to be on any committee, but you only have 1 vote!!

Channel ABC, Malcontents and Mr.Kelly

So it looks like some of the complaining that the Malcontents' are doing concerning Sheffield O and the plot to steal a Condo has been aired on ABC last night.

Here is the link- Click Here


So it seems to me that it is a mistake to move into this area, The Century Village, for investment purposes. This is a retirement Community.

People move here for the terrific amenities and to Retire. They do not move here for the chance to make money by buying and selling units.

At least they shouldn't.

The Condo Boards have to learn to protect themselves. There are ways to set up the by-laws so that the investors will not see a way to make some money in the Village.

There is plenty of help available.

Why not pass a by-law that says no owner may own more than one unit in a Association? There, the threat to owners by investors is gone.

Channel 63 again

So what is going on with Channel 63? They been off the air for a week now.

Ever since Ed Black fired the once and knowledgeable managers and left the management of Channel 63 to himself, Ed Black and friends, it has been all downhill.

This is where arrogance can get you. Fire the Volunteer Doers and the job goes down the tubes,

Why do we put up with this?

Back again with Donald Kelly

So the great and forever President of UCO says there is nothing wrong here. The apparent problems with Sheffield O and Donald Kelly and the like are not a problem. There is nothing to be done here. There is nothing wrong.

The taking over of a Condo and forcing the Resident to sell at bargain prices is nothing that should or does concern UCO or the Village.

The taking over of a Condo or at least the multiple buying of units and then renting them out to Renters, under age renters, renters that are not 55 or over is ok with UCO. That is not a problem.

The fact the Mr.Kelly was involved in the Israel's re-election. The fact that he donated monies to Israel's re-election is not a problem.

The fact that this situation has made the a major news agency, ABC's broadcast, may be a problem.

Here is the link to the Broadcast on ABC last night concerning this no problem event.

And what does the UCO Management say about this? That this kind of Comments is bad for business. It is bad for the Prices of the units in CV.

My answer is different. I say fix the problem. Fix the law if necessary. But even easier is for the Condo Boards to include a bylaw that stops people form owning more that one unit in an association.

Blaming Ed Grossman for the lack of leadership by the CV, UCO, management is inane.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Channel 63

What has happened to our "Channel 63?"  We do know it's declined to almost a "mere" nothing, a far cry from the Days when Kitty & John Gregg, put their all into programming, production & equipment etc.....
and now, naught a club announcement?  I surmize the equipment has been damaged due to power outage or storms.....for goodness sake, where are the replacement pieces coming from, Mars or Venice?
That's what happens, when one or two individuals, non elected & elected, wear "Two or More Hats!"
They can't devote the time required to remedy the problem and ought to be REPLACED, by those who can..

IRS Scam, again!!

This is comment from  Concerned Villager. The scam is a old one but certainly worth announcing and reviewing again.

"I got a Scam call claiming IRS plans to file a suit. The number the call is coming from is 202-470-3522. 

Today alone I received two calls and one voice mail.

 Reason I know what it's about is that I inadvertently answered the first call. I hung up as soon as I realized what it was."


Monday, July 13, 2015

Let the Clowns out!

A new reality show premiered at Century Village
Staring Lucretia and the Borgias
 By: Stew Richland
I am a fan of mysteries.  Based on what just happened in Century Village, I doubt that even the great one,  Sherlock Holmes,  could unravel the logic on why Howie Silver was fired from his post at the UCO reporter.  Perhaps his photographs were out of focus? 

Howie just wanted some explanations on issues that troubled him.   Howie was a “gadfly!”  He asked  uncomfortable questions,  which were out of sync with the views of the administration.
In this case there was no hesitation toward retaliation. Howie was out.  

This is not the first time that the regime has used this tactic to eliminate those who disagree with their vision of NEWSSPEAK.
Does disagreement lead to hatred?  In this instance it clearly does.  Howie Silver was being punished for not accepting the party line. 

In the real world, a world in which “Good Form” is the accepted standard, we respect those whom we ardently disagree with. We don’t agree to disagree by diminishing what the other person feels as their truth. It is through dialogue and listening that we can move forward.  Honest interaction, especially on topics that we have diametrically opposite positions should be aired for  all to hear.

All individuals have to be respectful  and tolerant of all view points. To paraphrase Napoleon Bonaparte, “The people to fear are not those who disagree with you, but those who disagree with you and are too cowardly to let you know.” 

 So the Clowns took the cowardly route and fired  Howie Silver.  All his years of service to UCO and to the Village was reduced to two words, “Your Fired!”   This is one of the most repugnant acts that this administration has committed.

Yes, we have brought in the ”Clowns” to run Century Village.  When Sondheim was asked to clarify the phrase Clowns and not use the term “Fools.”   He explained: “A synonym for fools is clowns, but "Send in the Fools" doesn't have the same ring to it.”   Unfortunately here in Century Village it does have the same ring.

Accident awareness

Only a picruise would politicize an accident.

Only he would gleefully see if a political advantage could be gained from a accident at Haverhill gate.

Small minded.


Friday, July 10, 2015

You are Fired!!

Lets take a look at the history of David Israel's firing his volunteers. Any of the Volunteers that were fired were fired for no cause. They were fired because Israel did not like their comments,or their ideas, or for no reason at all. They were fired because David Israel did like the the ideas that the Volunteer was espousing.

Howie was fired by Joy Vestal.

This firing by Joy Vestal was at the behest of David Israel. He was the one that was annoyed. He was the one who does not allow anybody to stand against himself, his blog,  his channel 63, etal.

Howie is the definitive volunteer. He is knowledgeable and freely gives of his time and expertise.

Israel and Vestal are going to miss him.

The CVMessenger and Howie Silver

The latest link to the CVMessenger. Howie Silver is fired!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Security Committee Mystery

On July 3, in the afternoon, after the Delegate Assembly the Security Committee has it's regular meeting at UCO.

One of the items brought up and to be dealt with the fact the the Security Company was NOT living up to the requirements of their Contract.

A discussion was had to send the Security Company a letter that said that we were exercising the 60 cancellation clause.

The vote was 5 for and 4 for sending the letter.

The next day Ed Black notified the Committee that the vote taken and counted on Friday the 3rd was in error it was actually a tie.

Does this sound fishy to you? It does to me!! What's the reason for this suspicious change?

COMCAST Problems

Surely other resident's have found themselves in the same situation as myself....Having had to replace my original TV, I now have another HD, flat screen TV, which was hooked up to the Original black box, provided, as per contractual obligations, between ourselves & the above.  Years ago, I did purchase another HD, TV which of course is connected to an additional box, geared to providing the correct reception, at an additional monthly service charge, which is acceptable, however, at this point in time, since technology has changed, and the TV's of the past are obsolete, as well as the original cable boxes, why should other's including myself, be "forced" to accept.

My point being, why should any of us, who find themselves in the same position, be obligated to pay additional monthly charges, when technology has changed, and the initial box provided does not.  Will they (UCO) wait until the current contract is up?

The Golf Course

The last time the owners of the golf course were instructed by the County to clean up the Golf course and keep it that way or pay a stiff fine.

This was ignored so what happened?

The owners were again warned that they now have until late August to clean up the Golf course or pay a stiff fine.

When do we get into the fining phase??

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Term Limits again and again and redux!!

I don't agree with Bobby Rivera. I believe in Term Limits. I believe in a level playing field. Term limits gives us that. No Term Limits does not.

The statement that Term Limits are not necessary. That we have Term Limits built into each of our Voting options is not true.

The truth is that the Incumbent always has the advantage. He has the advantage from the point of view of name recognition, from the point of view, in the case of Century Village, that he can block any and all opposition efforts to reach the electorate. He can talk all he wants at the Delegate Assembly and the Opposition get shut down.

So Bobby, you are wrong. The incumbent has the playing field tilted in his favor.

 Term Limits would even it out some!!

We need Term Limits.

Monday, July 6, 2015

WiFi REdux, Broad Band redux, again and again...

So people here that are apparently uninformed want to know why we don't have WiFi and/or Broadband.

I will attempt to answer.

The WiFi initiative was voted down by the Delegate Assembly. It was voted  down by the Delegates because we have no need. Many of the Associations have built their own and are happy with it.

The need for Broadband just duplicates the need for WiFi. The need is not needed.

There has been plenty of information printed and Voiced on these needs. The Delegates said NO, again!!

Waiting is no good here.

So Mr.Levy council's waiting. I say NO. What good will waiting do? Why should we wait?

I think this situation requires a lot of action, waiting is not one of them.

There are people caught up in Kelly's schemes and can not get out. Waiting only makes their situation worse.

The CVMessenger says lets go forward. We should make sure the Village's opinion is heard on this. We should make sure that our voices are heard loud and clear.

What we do not need is a Kelly taking over our Condo's while we sit and fret about it. While we do nothing about it.

We need to be sure that Kelly and those that are like him get the Village's Message loud and clear. Nobody can take away our condos. Certainly no body can take them away without due process!!

Mr.Levy assist.

Mr Levy's offer to assist the homeowners of Sheffield O in preventing the termination of the association is a much appreciated gesture. The new legislation is giving the few remaining holdouts some relief.

            Even though Kelly may be prevented from terminating the association he is still in control of the Board of Directors by a majority. This means he can continue unhindered in short term rentals, and he is still in a position to acquire more units in that building as he has been doing for the last few years and possibly could achieve the majority he needs to perform the takeover.

            The best solution for Century Village would be to remove Kelly from his position of authority on the board. The best way to accomplish this is to investigate his activities to determine if there is any just cause for his removal. There are indications that just cause exists. Until Kelly is removed from power the threat remains.
Neil Moore


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hooray for Mr Kelly!!

Hooray for Mr.Levy!

Here is a man that is in a position to help. He has offered this help and it is accepted. As it should be.

Now he has explained that the first step is to have his attorney's communicate with Mr.Levy. I assume, to tell him we are here and we are going to stop all his shenanigans that effect Century Village.

Mr.Levy recommends that we sit still for a while since the next step is up to Kelly. He either sells out and goes away, or joins the fight with his attorneys.

However Mr.Levy said that he has the deep pockets and Kelly does not.

So I suggest we wait and see what he does.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hissy Fit by David Israel


The July Delegates assembly got off to a pretty good start and everything was going pretty well until David Israel suddenly flew into one of his unrespectable hissy fits. His tirade complete with his usual ill tempered shouting and shutting off the microphone was uncalled for and embarrassing to watch. Though he claims to be concerned with the image of Century Village he displayed a wretched example of how a leader should act.

Marilyn Gorodetzer, one of David's staunchest supporters sat in the crowd loudly grumbling and complaining about her displeasure of the proceedings and the statements being made by residents at the mike. I'm sure Mr Levy heard every gripe.

Too bad David Israel didn't shut off her carping and grumbling . One would have to assume that he was in agreement with her.

Mr Levy's appearance at the assembly was a rare and welcomed event, he conducted himself with dignity and showed respect for the resident's and their concerns.

It's a shame cast on Century Village that David Israel couldn't do the same.

Neil J Moore

The Post is talking about Century Village.

Condo owners fighting takeover

Developer says 10% of residents can object to investor, stalling plan.

By Leslie Gray Streeter Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Efforts of an investor to kick owners out of their homes in a Century Village building appear to have been blocked by motivated residents and a newly passed law.

But the man who developed the well-known retirement community west of West Palm Beach more than 40 years ago told residents Friday that they must become proactive to ensure that others in the 7,850-unit development don’t become vulnerable to similar attempts.

“The whole concept of (condominiums) was that unit owners would be participating in ... making decisions,”

H. Irwin Levy, 89, told a delegates’ meeting of Century Village’s United Civic Organization (UCO) in the community’s clubhouse. “Apparently a lot of people are just ignoring it. If you don’t exercise that right, you start the problem of losing control. You want to control who lives there. It’s your responsibility.”

The delegate assembly was spirited and at times contentious.

“Try to behave! You’re on television!” warned UCO president David Israel as residents shouted each other down over who got to speak next and whether they were asking real questions or making speeches. “Don’t make a speech.”

They were responding to growing concerns about the Sheffield O building, where 17 of the 24 units are owned by a single investor, Palm Beach County’s Donald T. Kelly, who also has power of attorney over two others. Recently, resident Nancy Salmi reported receiving a letter from Kelly stating his intention to dissolve the building’s condo association, which he claimed would then give him the right to force the sale of the other units, including Salmi’s, at the Palm Beach County Appraiser’s value.

There are more than 600 building and 308 associations, which makes things “a little chaotic,” said Century Village resident Donald Foster, the assistant editor of the UCO Reporter, the body’s official publication.

Foster said Kelly “found a weak association” with Sheffield O.

While Florida law would give Kelly the rights he claimed if he owned 21 units, or 80 percent, Levy told the group Friday that Kelly’s efforts would be blocked if at least 10 percent of the owners officially objected. That would require three residents. As of Friday, five, including Salmi, had done just that, meaning for the moment Kelly would be unable to take control, Levy said.

Also, a new state law that went into effect Wednesday prohibits voting for owners who are not up to date in paying their association fees, which Kelly planned to do for two of his units that the association has started foreclosure proceedings on.

Lawyers hired by Levy sent Kelly a letter this week about the situation with the old and new laws.

Although there is nothing stopping Kelly from buying new units, or from paying the recreational fees he owes, residents said they are cautiously optimistic that they have at least temporarily blocked Kelly’s efforts.

“For right now, it’ll hold,” Salmi said, “but there are other investors out there. One board member can change everything.”

Meanwhile, Levy, who was introduced to a strong round of applause, voiced concerns that Kelly was able to buy that much of Sheffield O in the first place. Because of the average age of the owners in the community, designated as 55 and over with very few exceptions, Levy said the investor might have found it easy to snap up units from elderly owners or their families.

However, he suggested that an involved group of residents could have insisted on being informed about each sale and the intended resident, not just prospective owner, of each unit.

Levy also pointed out that of the retirement community’s 13,000 residents, only about 200 attended Friday’s meeting, a small number even considering the seasonal residency of some owners.

But Levy cautioned worried residents to keep the issues of Sheffield O in perspective.

“There are 7,850 units,” Levy said. “We’re talking about 24 of them. Every building has a separate condo (association). You have elderly owners, who don’t go to meetings, and then all of a sudden it’s a one-man show.”

Sheffield O resident Yerushah Yehuda was unaware of the Kelly situation when she and her husband, Shemuel, bought their unit last year “in the middle of this mess.” During the session’s question-and-answer portion, she asked whether it was possible to remove Kelly as the president of her building’s association. She was told no.

Yehuda said she’s never met Kelly because he always participates in building association meetings by phone. As it is, she said, “all of five people show up” at the meetings she’s attended.

“Apparently he came in under the radar,” said Yehuda, 57, who recently received a letter from him demanding the couple’s insurance information.

She refused. “Unless he’s going to pay my bills,” she said during a break in the meeting, “it’s really none of his business.” 

Twitter: @LeslieStreeter  

H. Irwin Levy urged Century Village residents to exercise control over their communities.

Century Village residents listen Friday at their clubhouse to a talk by H. Irwin Levy, who developed the 55-plus community. Levy told the residents that they had to become proactive in order to stave off takeover attempts such as that being waged by investor Donald T. Kelly on the Sheffield O building. 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

CVMessenger Vol.#10

The CVMessenger Vol.# 10 can be found here

Mr Levy and Sheffield O

So, it is good that Mr.Irwin Levy is getting deeper into the problem we have with Sheffield O. This is a problem that has to be solved and steps taken to see that it does not recur again. I am assuming that with all the action that seems to be setup to act against it, this situation will be solved.

But again I want to know what did UCO, actually Mr. David Israel, have to do with this? This are accusations that Israel was/is involved. That he is a a friend of Mr. Kelly. That he spent time at his Sheffield O residences or office. That some how he knew about this all the time. That he was aware and did nothing. That he was aware and claimed there was nothing that he could do. That is about 3 years of knowing. Albeit this is all rumor. Maybe?

So, again, the basic question is what did he know and when did he know it? As a matter of fact there are some other people that this question could be ask of, people like Joy Vestal, and some other members of the Executive Committee.

So we ask again who knew what, when did they know it and why didn't they help?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Striping Plans an Emergency?

What I don't understand is how the striping initiate reached the level of an Emergency?

What happened to proper planning? What happened to the Bid Committee and its usual timely recommendations?

I rarely go these meetings. I can remember one meeting I went to the argument was the need by the Bid Committee to do it's due diligence and the current President did not want to wait so he screamed that they, the Bid Committee were irrelevant. Apparently he, the President, had made up his mind so lets move on.

President for life.

Folks we have a election coming up in 8 months. The next election is in March 2016.That is the time we get a chance to change Presidents, or not.

But look at this. So far President Israel has been in charge for 5 years he will be looking to extend that, right in the face of constant agitation by his friendly opposition.

This would not be happening if we had Term Limits. He would be gone. The Residents, the Delegates would be looking at a slate of new fresh people. People who have their own ideas of how to handle the road situation. People who would allow their opposition in and consider their ideas.

By the way why are we striping the roads before we fix them?

Term Limits, by definition, is a good thing. We used to have Term Limits not to many years ago, but the President had us vote until he got the result he wanted,

This time we must again pass Term Limits.

A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office. When term limits are found in presidential and semi-presidential systems they act as a method to curb the potential for monopoly, where a leader effectively becomes "president for life". Sometimes, there is an absolute limit on the number of terms an officeholder can serve, while, in other cases, the restrictions are merely on the number of consecutive terms.

So are you for President for life?