Sunday, July 30, 2017

A tempest in a teapot

The Messenger Club is under attack for purportedly throwing Barbara Cornish out of a meeting , this came about because she and her husband refused to sign in despite repeated requests to do so. 

What is not being said is why they refused to sign the guest sheet in the first place. Is it such a big deal ? Besides The club didn't throw anyone out. They were politely asked to either sign in or leave, when they refused to do either. Ed Grossman talked to Eva Rachesky and a few minutes later they left.

Now the Reporter is publishing a letter giving her side of the story and Eva Rachesky is doing the same. Under all the hyperbole is the underlying issue where Barbara Cornish started a disruption for no good reason, then carried on complaining and continues to do so, evidenced by her letter published in the paper.

What's the big deal? Why not just sign in like they were asked? Is it just another attempt to get rid of The messenger Club as they are seen as a thorn in the side of the people who run the village?

Eva Rachesky claims that there were others in attendance who didn't sign in either, as though that's got anything to do with anything. Everyone was asked repeatedly to make sure they signed in, if anyone managed to avoid putting their name on the guest list it's unfortunate but not intentional, and really it's no big deal.

The messengers have frequently  been accused of causing disruption at meetings. Whether that's true or not is beside the point. The point is that we have a member of the executive causing a disturbance for no good reason, and we have the village newspaper supporting her action by publishing her side of the story in the paper under a letter entitled " Shame on the Messenger club" It should be entitled " Shame on Barbara Cornish" for creating a tempest in the teapot in the first place.

Barbara Cornish is welcome to come to any of the club meetings, but she should sign in , that would be the right thing to do.

Neil Moore

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bits and Pieces, again

So what has happened at the last meeting of the Messenger Club. This meeting is opened to everyone, with the only requirement being that attendees sign in. Simple. But wait, the Cornish's arrived and refused to sign in. We do not know why. They were asked to leave and they did. They immediately wena t upstairs and complained to the Club House manager, Eva. But Eva was on Grossman's side for change. She agreed they should leave.

50 minutes or more were spent on the last Advisory Committee meeting discussing how a negative Vote by the DA should be handle. Eventually they decided that the if a vote by the DA is negative, that is turned down, the process should be returned to the Committee for evaluation forthwith. So what is it about this decision that takes almost a hour to decide.

Has anybody noticed that the lake's water height is down a couple of feet. What is going on with that? I thought the water were controlled by the State and they were looking out for us.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

More Bits and Pieces

So, if you follow what is going on with legal requests for info and the Israel administration you will see denials to everyone and everything that Israel is against. For instance:

Take the freedom of information rules. Although I am not sure if Israel has to follow the freedom of info rules or not, what is wrong with him doing the right thing. Both Myron and Ed Grossman have made applications for info from UCO, and so far have been ignored.

The lakes are being ignored, again!. There is an Algae bloom going on in the entrance lake and nobody is concerned. For the record Algae is unhealthy.

The wellington Pools are locked. keys are unavailable. The powers that be are tired of throwing money away on new locks. So why not leave the gates unlocked? Worried about unauthorized  entrances, who exactly?

As far as these pools are concerned I still think we could save a bunch of monies by using solar Panels to heat the pools. The old excuse that we tried it and it don't work, is 10 years old. Today Solar panels are the way to go.