Sunday, January 31, 2016

Term Limits Redux (again)

Everybody, at one time or the other, was for Term Limits. Slowly, at least, for those of us that ran successfully for a UCO position and were elected, the desire for Term Limits disappeared and these people became all for NO Term Limits. The reason for this was that the taste of power after they got elected was overpowering. They liked the job, they liked the power that came with the job and they wanted to keep it.

An arch-perpetrator of this would be David Israel.

Folks, we need Term Limits. Period. 

We need to limit the election of UCO administrators to a reasonable term and then refresh the electorate with new faces. This will lead to fresh thoughts, fresh ideas, refreshing perspectives and New ideas. The power to do this resides with and only with the Delegates!  

Let's start a Petition and Vote in Term Limits.



A   mysterious sign keeps appearing and disappearing in the village.  David Israel is going bonkers because every time one of his flunkies sees the sign and tells  David he  calls code enforcement and  the sign  mysteriously disappears. David wants to know what is happening to the sign.


A very concerned citizen

Endemic Elder abuse

The postings on the VPB, (Daves Blog) are revealing. You can see the elder-dislike, elder-disdain, senior-abuse, elder- abuse. This is all visible on Daves Blog as authored by L.Howe. (What kind of a name is"Lanny"?)

This kind of runs rampant throughout this blog. Howe just doesn't like elders. Which in CV is endemic

The future awaits

So, what are they talking about? We should have had Electronic Computer Voting machines years ago. Now the Wizard has discovered them and he wants them. Late as usual. This is also true for the Clicker counters, very late.

As for the need for WiFi, forget it. Wake up, we already have it, at a very reasonable price. It works great.

Let's move on and take care of some of the other pressing needs here in the Village. For instance: Polluted water in our lakes, crumbling roads, walkways needing repairs. The pier at the lake by the Clubhouse has already been repaired. That's 1 down, more to do. Yes, Lanny, there is much more to do!

Talk about a 'Blast from the past' What about the resurrection of the old Boca post, that is ecstatic over Daves accomplishments. That was then and this is now.

Of course, if you want accuracy in posts and comments, don't look to Lanny Howe.

Of course, we are all aware by now of the secretive memo that was passed around to the munchkins saying to effect do not talk to any of the malcontents. This would mean especially Olga, Esther,Gary these are the people that are most visible. But there are more, lots more.

Please layoff, our WiFi is fine!

It is amazing the lack of knowledge that is exhibited by the munchkins,(minions), followers of the wizard. They state that the WiFi furnished by the Associations is inferior and is not strong and fast.

They claim that the Association furnished Wi-Fi is not as good as the proposed and very expensive Wi-Fi that Israel wants to propose. We don't know that.

If you go with Comcast Wi-Fi you can get 1 of 3 speeds, at a cost. If you go with AT&T the same things are offered. If you want more, you will pay more. After the top speed offered, there is nothing offered that we would want to pay for.

BTW, the first time Israel brought this up he brought an expert here to prove it worth. The expert said that the Israel plan was not viable and could not be done.

In our building we use the cheapest speed and I see nothing slow about it. The wifi is steady and fast. I watch movies with Netflix and Amazon and it is fine.

So Lanny where do you get your info? If I were you I 'd get a new source.

And Dave Israel, please layoff. The Delegates said NO before and it was a resounding  NO.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Treasurer and Treasurer thinkings

So is Dorothy going to run for Treasurer or not. So far she has said NO. Doing this allows the field to open up to other people. The problem that we have with the Present Treasurer is that, in the beginning, he was his own man and we expected great things from him. Then he got called to the Principle's office and his line and work changed to the non-professional variety and only followed the non-business persons, D.Israel's lead. Which is not the way of a real Professional Treasurer?

For instance, he allowed all the bank accounts to be joined so that it became easier to spend money, not assigned to different accounts so that the expenditures can be easily monitored. Since with only 1 bank account who can tell what was spent and for what.

When at the Assembly he is asked to report, and he does, I still don't understand what he is saying. G_d forbid, I should question him, I will get a nasty remark back. Not the way I want my (I am a Delegate, after all) treasurer to act.

So what's it gonna be Dorothy? If you choose we are with you. If not then we will find somebody else.

This post as are all the others was written and posted by Gary Olman, Unassisted!

Kabuki Master

To all our Century Village residents who attend the theater, take heart,  Kabuki is here.
                                                               Stewart Richland
  Dave Israel, leader, director of the theater of the absurd!
The British have Stratford –on – Avon, the Japanese have their national Kabuki theater and we here, as so aptly described by our leader, as  the theater of the absurd, and the director is, of course Dave Israel and the producers are WPRF.

Since you love to reference what you see happening at the Delegate Assembly meetings as Kabuki theater, I thought I would provide you with a little background.
Kabuki is considered a Japanese treasure.  Kabuki, as the people’s theater, provided a vivid commentary on contemporary society. There is a constant interplay between the actors and the spectators. The actors frequently interrupted the play to address the audience. Some times they would call out the names of their favorite actors. Since the program lasted for many hours, food was served to the viewers. (Dave, offer food and they will come.) In a way, Kabuki was similar to the Gilbert and Sullivan light operas.  The underlying premise of these types of theatrical presentations, is to poke fun in a satirical way at their government. 
Traditionally, a constant interplay between the actors and the spectators took place in the Kabuki theatre. The actors are storytellers, they inform the audience about the foibles of their government, like “gadflys”   or malcontents.  Very often they would use metaphors to make their point.
When you refer to what goes on in the Delegate Assembly as “Kabuki style theater” you display your lack of knowledge about Kabuki, you use this marvelous theatrical device in a pejorative way attempting to insult those who just want to ask questions, provide information or address issues that are of deep concern to them.  Dave, as a director you are no Bob Fosse, maybe Alfred Hitchcock, with all those twists and turns of your administration.
When you referenced the fact that those who supported Phyllis Richland wore red shirts what did you say into the mike for all to hear.  “What is this the meeting of the Comintern”  (the Soviet Congress)  (your attempt at satire fell flat on its face, but it really is a classic example of who you really are, a nasty, mean spirited person who has not one iota of civility).  Then you do not hesitate to inform us that Phyllis Richland left the Delegate Assembly at the point when there was a discussion about the campaign banner placed on the synagogue on Haverhill. Phyllis was approached by a resident with a serious problem and wanted her advice.  She could have answered him then and there. However, displaying common sense and respect for all those around her, she left the theater in order  to afford this person the privacy they deserved. Sadly again, your snide comments illustrate how low you often sink when you attempt to be clever. The more pressing point here is why did you have to address this in your Presidents column.  Rather tell us what you are doing to improve Century Village.  Obviously you had little on your plate so to fill up your column you illustrate once again, how vindictive you really are. 

You use the phrase “floating around” to describe how the campaign banner was fastened.  If anything was floating around it was you.  Well, at least you left your UCO cubby hole to see what is going on in the Village. (Or perhaps one of your water boys saw the banner, and boom, you rose to the occasion  to investigate this “horrible” but treasured method to inform voters about your illegal attempt to win a fourth term as president.

Your refer to the fact that Olga demanded that the clubhouse be open to political campaigning.  First, it was YOU along with your buddy that perpetrated this insulting act that terminated the use of the club house for campaigning. Secondly, all campaigning was done in a designated area and never interfered with residents enjoying their time at the Club House. You want to know what haranguing residents really is, listen to yourself when you tout Broadband and WIFI.
You mention trash being pumped out on to the internet, do you ever read what Gunga Din (water boys/and girl) post on your blog. Talk about “eye pollution” they seem to have sole proprietorship on that score.

You reference the Messenger supporters as disruptive, think about all the time you prevented their supporters from talking.  This is what causes disruption.  Your snide remarks cause disruption.  For example, telling me to sit down or you will tell my principle.  This from an honorable man?  Ha Ha Ha.  Caesar was an honorable man. Even though you think your are the Caesar of Century Village, your are not Caesar.

 Guess who is behind the mask?

The King of Fabulists

Since we have the king of fabricators here in CV his minions and followers are free to follow form. So there goes Lanny Howe. He is following the familiar route of the following groupies and lying his head off.

Take for instance his claim, or is it his mentors claim, that $10,000,000 was saved for the Village coffers. Not true. But no mention of the $5,000,000 that was wasted on the roads, or the $15,000,000 yet to be spent in their repair. Or more.

I'll tell what is worse. These groupies have taken it into their empty heads to attack Esther. That is attacking her in a hateful manner. Making anonymous remarks, anti-Semitic and sexual remarks. You can betcha your bimi that the great mentor approves, or at least, does not disapprove. This is the leader of men. This is the guy that wants a 4th term to run a Business completely out of his depth.

What is really amazing is that the info posted in the lead article. The naming of all these imaginary savings that, are not true. They are figments of the Great Ones imagination. Of course, the minions will follow suit, no matter where it takes them. No matter the honourable thing to do or not. No matter the Truth.

 The truth of the matter here is that these decisions, road repair, Wi-Fi, freedom of electioneering, have yet to be paid for. The Wi-Fi initiative has yet to be investigated, although the Delegates said no, a resounding NO! The road repair has been assigned a guessed number of $15 Million and supposedly we have the mechanics in place to start saving, which I doubt.

So if you want to imagine a place where the President, who has never had to meet a Payroll, who never had to pay a Business tax, who has never had to pay Business Bills, has the right to run this Business we call Century Village then I think you must be in La-La land. This is not Kansas Dorothy and you David Israel are not the Wizard. Or maybe you are.

We are now out 6 years for Israels operation and he has changed, He has changed from a smart purveyor of electronic gimmicky to a cruel parable of a Business Manager.

Sure there is more to do. The roads have to be repaired to the tune $15 Million or more. BTW does anybody understand the naivete of presenting a short 1-page contract for this amount of money. Without at least a hold-back amount to guarantee a satisfactory finish to the contract. Childish. And we are supposed to let this guy run this multi-million dollar business. Ridiculous!

Now he wants to spend this amount and get a Wi-Fi system for the Village. A Wi-Fi system that we already have and don't need or want any more.

Enough. Let us get a President that at least has an propensity to learn and listen to advisors. March is the time to fix this.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Dirty Tricks again and again,,,


Lanny, before you write anything why don’t you get all your facts right.  What you have written below are not the true facts they are lies.  David did not save the people of CV $10,000,000, and by the way it is not a new Insurance Committee.  New people may have come aboard to this committee over time. Our Insurance Chair TONY SALOMETO has been with our Insurance Committee for many years.  She is the one who should get credit for all the hours, time and hard work and bargaining with Insurance people to give our people in Century Village a break in their insurance for their buildings.  TONY is the one who deserves all the credit NOT David Israel... Thank you Tony from all of us here in Century Village for all of your hard work.
David wants to take credit for everything he possibly can so anybody that does not really know him will think what a great guy. BUT folks, he has had his time and it is now time for a CHANGE.   Enough is Enough.  Remember, when you go to vote on March 4th,

Marilyn Pomerantz

Truth is Knowledge

We are Watching you.
He has saved, single-handedly for the Villagers, $10 Million dollars in Insurance fees. Then the Committee chair was thrown under the bus not too long after, for I know not what, perhaps for embarrassing the Great one. That episode just happened recently and showed us what could happen when the tug of total control is out of control.

The other mighty amount that was saved for Village, the $2 Million dollars, saved by the Operations Committee. I know not what for and neither does Lanny Howe, the omniscience one.

Of course nobody, least of all Lanny Howe, is talking about the Road disaster. The original cost was $5 Million, but the cost to fix properly is going to exceed $15 Million. Which we don’t have. BTW that is 6+15 for a beginning total of $21 Million that has to be made up by the unit holder via your dues. Shocking!

The problem with putting a man that has no business experience, a man that never had to meet a payroll in charge of all that money is plain and simple, stupid. We need experienced business managers, And Lanny, although you look down your nose at the Villagers we have plenty of unused talent here.

The claim that Israel thought up and promulgated the Blogging system is not true, google had and has a hand in it, and then he uses it to punish those people he does not like by disallowing they're commenting on it is known by all except Lanny Howe.

To talk about the compliments by the Boca Century Village editor, written a number of years ago is not only ludicrous but asinine, at least from Lanny's perspective. The next thing Lanny will glow about is the invention of the By-Law changes that allow the UCO President to restrict electioneering everywhere except his articles in the Reporter.

As we read further we see that Howe thinks a senior citizen will not be able to use a computer, because they are too old!

The Wizard must be doing this.
So he also thinks that this UCO President was the cause of the modernization of the Reporter. The Editors don’t enter into his thinking at all.

Clamoring for Village Wide Broadband AKA Wi-Fi has been turned down by a resounding vote of the Delegates at the Assembly, so where does this great President get the Hutzpah to go against what the Village wants?

All in all, this featured article in Israel’s VPB (Very Private Blog) doesn’t add to the Community’s knowledge.

Let the Truth be known!

To all our Century Village residents, keep calm the truth is out there!
Stew Richland

  People who continuously distort the truth will eventually be caught!

I was under the impression that the UCO Reporter was the official Village newspaper.  I was also under the impression that the purpose of the Presidents column was to inform the residents as to nature of UCO projects and activities.  Yet our President uses his bully pulpit  in the latest edition of the Reporter for campaigning not informing, Using Dave’s own characterization, what we have here is real “eye pollution.”
Again using the criteria of a biased observer, he describes the recent Delegates Assembly as the “theater of the absurd.”  His column is laced with the same distortions of facts, the same misrepresentations of the truth and the same sophistry.
Blah, blah, blah. Even my eyes are glazing over.  What is the Theatre of the Absurd? It's a phrase that's often bandied about and used constantly by our leader. According to current usage it is a play that has a meaningless plot.  This is what Israel wants us to think.  But communication is the key and that is why Israel will resort to any tactic to limit any opposition to his regime.
Like the rotten apple found in the bottom of the barrel working is rot to the top is the fact that our official Village newspaper, which constantly informs us  in each edition that  it will print arguments on either side of issues and to afford a forum for an open dialogue of the issues.  Opposing ideas are important and will be considered for publication.  Bogus, Bogus, and more Bogus from them.  When was the last time an article was published challenging Dave Israel’s policies or actions.  However, you did place an Israel campaign announcement  prior to the official February candidate announcement date. 
I call my readers attention to the fact that Dave Israel is running for his fourth term as President of UCO breaking the time-honored tradition that a person will not hold the office for more than two consecutive terms. 
On 7/11/2008 Dave Israel Posted the following:
2) I was/am opposed to removing term limits; Autocrats abhor Term Limits because they preclude their becoming permanently ensconced in their Autocratic positions
On 5/23/08 Mr. Ed Black posted the following:
The UCO by-laws do not need any tampering regarding the very effective term limits issue. They were placed there many years ago, when those proposing it realized no one person should be allowed to occupy any one office indefinitely. Just the fire in the belly of any newly elected to do their very best, is itself one very compelling reason to allow the limits to stand.
I doubt if the UCO reporter would publish these observations.  This explains why the Century Village Messenger Club was born.  The Messenger is our present day “gadfly” in the tradition established by the “Muckrakers” and lives up to the motto of the New Your Times,  “All the News that’s Fit to Print.”
Mr. Black also reminds us that “the Nominations Committee was originally developed to go out and beat the bushes for qualified applicants to run for "officers" of UCO.
Well looking at the record so far, this current Nominations Committee has produced nothing original in modernizing the election process. It would be great if they would go out and beat the bushes for qualified candidates.  However, behind the bushes is a wall. This wall was created by Dave Israel in cahoots with WPRF to minimize any attempt by any individual or group that wants to challenge the existing UCO fiefdom.  NO CAMPAIGING IN THE CLUBHOUSE OR THE POOL AREAS. 
If Dave Israel is a proponent of fair play (Bazinga a gotcha term from the Big Bang Theory),  why would he insult the Messenger Club’s sponsorship for a “Candidates Forum.”  He debases this attempt of encouraging all those who seek a UCO position to have a face-to-face discourse with all interested Village Residents.  When the UCO president  shut down alternative forums for democratic political discourse,  the Messenger had to resort to extraordinary efforts to provide an unbiased form for our residents. The question is why did this have to happen to begin with.  The answer is obvious.  Dave Israel is so driven to win the March election, that he connived to have the plug pulled on any political campaigning on all WPRF properties.  To further illustrate how low he has sunk, he states that people will not attend Messenger sponsored forums unless  free food is offered.  Now you know why he is called the “SNIPE” king of C.V.
 If Dave was interested in fair play, and fidelity to fair play he would never have called Code Enforcement to tattle about  Phyllis Richland’s  campaign banner.  He could have taken an upright position to insure that every avenue for fair play was open to all. Dave just lacks genuineness.
 He uses terms like “parallel universe,” (it seems he is enamored with sci-fi references).  as benchmark terms towards those who oppose him.  Dave look around!  Listen to what people are writing and saying about you.  Gandhi once said, “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”  This is the guiding principle of the Village Messenger.  We believe, when the time is right, that the truth can set us free of your administration.  We believe that sharing our truth is best done in concert with our community, and other truth tellers. Our goal is to spread the truth far and wide–creating ripple effects, and inspiring others to do the same.
Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the village…would do this, it would change our community.
Thank you–William Faulkner – for this inspiring insight.

Craps your out come March

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tear down those Banners, Babe!!!

To all Century Village residents a “Muckrakers” response
to expose the injustices and cutthroat politics of the Israel regime.

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. 
And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.  
Barry Goldwater 
Stewart Richland
My aim is to uphold traditions and fair play not to eliminate them.  Those who seek power, as Dave Israel does, throwing aside the two term tradition,  attempt to seek absolute power, even though in their distorted fantasy they want to “ enforce their version of heaven on earth.”
As Lanny Howe and his puppet  companion, Peter Cruise, whose only claim to fame is that he has become expert in taking down campaign posters on his associations bulletin board,  support a tyranny that believes in absolute power.   It is a simple fact, engrained in the philosophies of our founding fathers, that those who seek absolute power are suspect in their motives and must be stopped.
David Israel has no idea what is meant by the “high road.”  He is a dirty fighter.  He thinks like a card shark, but the so called “tells” are so obvious to all.  His reaction to Phyllis Richland’s campaign banner clearly  illustrates the fact that he will  slap you on the back today, and stab you in the back tomorrow.  By now it is common knowledge that he squawked to County Enforcement about the banner placed  on the fence on Haverhill Road.  He also repeated this mean spirited act to have the banner removed from Olga’s  Association.  His action was vindictive.  He is afraid that Phyllis Richland’s base of support is expanding and he resorted to this Boss Tweed political machine tactic to eliminate any competition.  As Molly points out, he has a group in the loop, ready to poop on any one who steps up to challenge Dave.
Molly states he worked to “protect our freedom and wonderful way of life.” in your stint at NSA. Well, I also served for four years in the US Navy during the Korean conflict from 1951-1955, however, my view of fair play, honor and tradition is a 180 from Dave’s. 
Lanny says that his neighbors interpretation of a meeting she attend was to bash David.  Lanny,  I call your attention to the title of this tome.  Extremism in the defense of liberty is really a good idea.  One of the traditions in America, is that we encourage “gadfly’s”  who monitor events and call people’s attention to what they consider wrongdoing.  Example:  Dave calling code enforcement.  Dave insulting speakers at Delegate Assembly meetings,  firing people from UCO because they had the courage to stand up to his insults.  By your silence on the issue of closing the Club House and pool areas for campaigning, you are also complicit in his political mechanizations. 
Around the turn of the 20th Century a group of “malcontents” began to expose the evils of the society they lived in.  These writers were known as “Muckrakers.”  They called attention to the misdeeds of those who thought they were untouchable.  Because of their efforts the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed.  Changes in factory safety was implemented and orphan children were protected by strict legislation.  So when you besmirch the CV Messenger or attempt to marginalize the various blog postings, you and your buddy Peter Cruse, the poster raider,  don’t understand that fair play and an even playing field in every respect is what we all want.    
Lanny, my “extremism” is rooted in the philosophy that “all men are created equal” and that “inalienable rights”  is for all of us, not for the Dave Israel machine.  All we get from him is the “Sounds of Silence.”

street sale

Century Village Street Sale
Sat. Jan 30/16
Sheffield F
8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Lots of Vendors
New, Used and Vintage Items

Sorry, no rain date

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Politicing around, unfairly
So, unfair and unjust Politics have found their way into the UCO Reporter, again, or is it still?. Joy Vestal had promised the other Candidate, Phyllis Richland, that her $300 ad would land on page 3. But instead it landed way in the back some where near the the toilets, plumbers,etc. When Joy was asked about this she said, she, the main Editor of this paper, has not a say in ad placements.

So why did she promise in the first place? This is some more of the Dirty Politics that Israel and his minions practice and how they promise and then lie. Shameful.

Blocked posts and comments
Here is another mystery it used to be, that I, the Blogmeister was blocked from posting on his VPB (very private blog). Nothing changed there. The comments have been opened up to me. At least for now.

Blocked email initiatives
Another thing, I have been blocked from receiving any of the initiative emails and, all of a sudden I am getting them. What has changed? I am still one of "His Honors" main enemies. According to him, I am "The Cyber Terrorist" He called me that ad-infinitum at the Publix when we met.

Private is as private does.
So, what does all this mean? It means that the Great Politician is making moves to squash our complaint about the way he privatizes the Villages business. He will probably keep this up until after the election. Then, of course, he will be gone.

Wellington A is having it's annual Dinner this Sunday.

The UCO minions

are at it again. It seems as if they just woke up when I posted on the VPB(very private blog). All of a sudden I have 5-7 comments calling me all sorts of names.

There is another problem we have with the Great and Unrelenting President. That is the problem that he has with communicating with the Electorate. Communicating with the Delegates. If you sat up front at the assembly, you hear such remarks from Israel. Such as ‘feed them and they will come,’ ‘sit down or I will call PBSO’, and more. All of this derogatory remarks are aimed at the Delegates or at a Delegate.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Honorable dishonorable people

To all those honorable people in Century Village

The idiomatic phrase, “Death Before Dishonor,”  is supposed to have originated with Julius Caesar These very words are believed to have been the subtext of orders issued by Julius Caesar as he sent his legions into battle.  In the world we live in now’ this phrase translates into the idea that a  person saying it would rather die than suffer any insults to his or her honor. It also means that an honorable man would, under the most stressful situations, maintain their dignity regardless of how many “slings and arrows” are aimed at them. 
When Marc Anthony, observed at the funeral service for Julius Caesar, that Caesar was an “honorable man,”  he was being sarcastic.  Based on your posting on Dave Israel’s blog, I know that your defense of Dave as a person of dignity lacked any tinge of sarcasm.  
To use an analogy to explain my point here, when two people look at the same image, such as the sun sinking over the horizon one observer can be thrilled at the final blaze of natures assault to their senses and the other observers mundane remark can be, “well its getting dark.”  I think that your friendship with Dave has clouded your ability to be objective.
Fairness and human dignity is the open window through which pours the sunlight of honesty and mutual respect.  Well lets examine this open window and let some light shine on some of Dave’s honorable characteristics.
You know, and everyone else that has read the UCO Bylaws and accepted the traditions that it had established, that a UCO president would serve no more than two consecutive terms in office.  Dave knew this and yet he ran for office for a third term, and now he wants a fourth term.  Dave is an “honorable man.”
When Phyllis Richland declared that she was tossing her hat in the ring to run for the presidency of UCO, Dave the “honorable man” began to set in motion his Machiavellian schemes to derail her bid for office.
As you are quite aware, that Dave, the “honorable man”  schemed with WPRF to end the time honored tradition here in the Village, to have the candidates, for any UCO position, use the club house and pool areas for meet and greet socials with the residents.  We all know why Dave did this! He wants to be UCO president.  By any definition of a “fairness doctrine,” this does not even pass the smell test for fair play.
Quality of a person’s actions determines  the level of esteem that a person earns in the society in which they live. 
When Phyllis Richland,  displayed her campaign banner on the synagogue on Haverhill Road,  the so called “honorable man”  ran, did not walk, to the county Code Enforcement bureau and filed a complaint to have it removed. This “honorable man” did not even have the courage to use his own name when filing the complaint.  Then when Olga displayed the courage of an “honorable person,” and placed the banner on her building, this so called “honorable man” again used code enforcement to have the banner removed.  Just to remind you of his excuse for his action, he said that placing the banner on the synagogue was sacrilegious.  When reacting to the banner being displayed on Olga’s building, he called it  “eye pollution.”  Which term is more accurate ? Blasphemous or “sniping.”
Yes, Molly, Dave is an “honorable man.”
Your refer to the Century Village Messenger and the other blogs as “scurrilous fantasy” publications.     What is really insulting, is the lack of decency that Dave exhibits at the Delegate Assembly meetings when he insults people with his little asides, such as “serve food and they will vote,” and reacting to the many people who were wearing red T-Shirts that this was a meeting of the “Comintern.”  While we are at it, how about you Molly.? Are you an honorable person?  You sit on your end of the dais and relish the power you have when you slam the gavel down when a speaker’s two minutes are up.  Did you know that there is a smile on your face when you do this?  Are you an “honorable person?”  or just a conspirator?
You refer to the fact that it is disgusting to read trash about one’s self on the blog or the CV Messenger.  Well one persons trash is another persons editorial insight.  You say “pototto” and I say potato.”
Why don’t you find out how many volunteers our “honorable leader” has fired from UCO since he has held the reigns of his fiefdom.  Not only were they fired but some of the epithets that he used during his tirades was certainly not “honorable” at all.
Just two more items.  Phyllis placed a full page ad in the UCO Reporter for publication in  the February edition.  She was told it was going to placed on page B3.  The proof page was clearly marked B3.  I was sitting at the table looking at the proof page.  We were told by Joy Vestal that it would be placed on B3.  Well it was not!.  We found it toward the end of second section.  So much for “honorable people.”   Talk about mutual respect.  Wow!
Finally,  can anyone explain why a man in a black Lexus would be driving around at night looking at the cat walk in Salsbury?

Well Molly, we all agree that dignity and honor has to be earned otherwise it becomes a cheap reward that is meaningless. 
I have seen very little from this UCO administration to give it a thumbs up.  This is not sarcasm. “BAZINGA.”

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mollie Marshall We have news for you.


 She posted on David Israel’s blog to gloat about him doing a wonderful job as president and being responsible for bringing us into the 21st century. Yes, he did; he gave us a website (HIS VERY OWN WHICH HE USES TO BLACKMAIL AND BROWBEAT DELEGATES WHO ARE TOO FRAIL TO GO TO MEETINGS TO DISCOVER WHAT A ROTTEN PIECE OF FISH HE REALLY IS. He invites these uninformed delegates to his office and brainwashes them in order to secure the vote for the next election; what a sad case he is.   AND AS FOR MS MOLLY'S HUSBAND, BOB MARSHALL,    HE IS THE PERSON WHO COST THE VILLAGE ELEVEN MILLION  DOLLARS  IN EXTRAS WHEN  THE CLUBHOUSE WAS DESTROYED IN THE HURRICANE. HE SIGNED A SECRET CONTRACT WITH IRWIN LEVY, GIVING   LEVY THE RIGHT TO HOLD AND SPEND  2/3 OF OUR WPRF DUES -  DUES WHICH WE WERE NOT TO PAY UNTIL THE CLUBHOUSE WAS RESTORED. Bob Marshall is a traitor to the village, and he belongs in the garbage heap with David Israel and Ed Black.  These individuals should never be allowed to represent the good people of the village.

P.S. I have a copy of the secret agreement Bob Marshall signed. If anyone wants a copy, please contact me at:  and I will be happy to give you a copy.


David Israel

Ed Black

Bob Marshall

Joy Vestal


Thursday, January 21, 2016

We, the people.


Mr. Israel, Call us anything that you want.  Whatever names you have stored up for us, for the sole purpose of identifying us, and your making an effort to irritate us, is like a wind in a hurricane.  Who gives a fiddler's claw as to  what YOU have to say.  Why?  Because we stand for the good in people, righteousness, and justice.  Israel, you're like a non-person and you stand for nothing.   He hides behind his computer and then he condenses his comments to where you have to say "I cannot believe that he is the President of a civic
group of about 14,000 residents."

This man, Peyton Israel, David Israel, or whatever other phony names he chooses to hide behind while calling code enforcement and having a sign taken down from private property, namely, the synagogue, and causes them big time problems is an ill-natured act.  He reports other things that are intended to hurt his Presidential opponent, Phyllis Richland.  You have to feel really sorry for this self-made coward who doesn't have a real close friend that he can talk to about personal and private matters.  His computer is his best friend.  And, his telephone is his "drop-a-dime" pal.

So, why would you want to vote for such a person for the president of UCO?  Therefore, this timely Gazette,
The Messenger endorses Phyllis Richland for the  President of the United Civic Organization.

We, as a group of "MALCONTENTS," and others, are going to place signs in various places around CV,
with the approval of the Associations, whether Israel likes it or not.  Let him "secretly" complain and report
us of sign code violations using fictitious names as he so chooses.  How many times can he call code
enforcement for sign violations?  WE, THE PEOPLE, have rights and we're not violating any laws, rules,
regulations or ordinances.  He's losing more and more every day and he knows it.  So, we're expecting
additional dirty rotten politics.

Israel should realize by now that most people are on to his antics and that he should pick up his scroungy
seersucker short pants and just fade away in a dark room with his computer.


Literary Styles I like.

You may not like the literary method that I chose to call attention to Dave Israel’s ruling style as the UCO President. The reason why I chose this style is to push peoples emotional buttons, and especially their awareness buttons.  Based on your reaction, my words did soak up some emotional connotations which you processed and reacted to.  Whether you personally like or dislike what I wrote, you cannot dismiss the article in terms of what it was intended to do.
Any person that has followed the Israel administration these lo six years cannot deny the fact that his administration style leaves much to be desired.  Our residents know that there is a difference between good manners, civility and dignified behavior and David’s  foolish boisterous wicked practice of using demeaning, crass, crude remarks to inflict embarrassment and suffering on all those who challenge him.
I ask my self. why does he resort to these cheap, crass responses? Why does he go there?  He is not a Lenny Bruce or George Carlin.  It’s so unfortunate, so low class, but for Dave, it’s so easy.
You may not agree with the format of how I dealt with examining the Israel administration, but you cannot deny that all that I have exposed did occur.  I know that you are not happy when I reach into my teacher bag of tricks to make a point. However, I think that this will help you understand where I am coming from.  When I taught American Government, we were required to explain how the election process works. The process of selecting a candidate for the Presidency presupposes that a voter knows what qualities they want for their leader.  Their homework assignment asks them to list the most important qualities they think a president must have. The following day, I have students list their ideas on the board.  We then evaluate their ideas and put them in the order of most important to least important.  Trustworthiness, being honest, don’t cheat, steal, or deceive, Being reliable, doing what you say, having the courage to do the right thing Respect for the office they hold.  The one thing that all agreed on was the idea that you do not tarnish the image of the office.  In Century Village, like the United States, the President represents all of the people.  When the President’s deportment denigrates the office, then we have serious issues.  Dave Israel, has in so many ways, by his actions, his speech, his misuse of presidential power, tarnishes the office of president.  He must not be reelected and allowed to erode the image of UCO.
When the voters select Phyllis Richland as the new UCO President, the Roses will bloom again in Century Village.
Please read Phyllis Richland’s blog at:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

CV Boca Malcontents

To all our residents at Century Village and a Warm Welcome to our sister Village in Boca Raton and Kudos to their “MALCONTENTS”  publication “The Village Sentry.”  Designed to keep the “UNINFORMED AND UNDER CONSULTED”  in the loop.

Why praise one and condemn the other?  The answer: One praises Dave Israel and the other Informs the “UNINFORMED.”  Now that’s transparency!

By Stew Richland
UCO Toxicology Report
Warm Up – Multiple Choice Quiz
Instructions: Select the letter of the response that best answers the question.
(1). The worlds leading nations recently met to adopt joint policies to stem the growing problem to our environment, namely toxic emissions. Based on your knowledge of current events, which of the following areas pose the greatest threat to our health?
A) India      (B)  China    (C)  Japan   (D)  Century Village  (E)  All of the choices
The correct answer will found at the end of the report.
Official Toxicology Report based on a close examination of the Dave Israel administration.
1.  “Shut up, take your seat!”  or  “You’re out of order!”
2.  “Call Security” 
3.  “You are fired”  and I don’t have to give you a reason!
4.  I want WIFI, and I don’t care how many residents are against it.
5.  “Eye Pollution.”  No Banners, posters, especially if it does not support me.
6.   All banners are, “Sacrilegious.”
7.   Screw the rules, I am running for a fourth term.
8.   I can fire any committee member I want to. So there!
9.   Pat me on the back.  Look at how much money I saved the Village by firing three paid workers!
10.   Roberts Rules of Order.  Who needs it?  I run the meetings.
11.  “Ed Grossman is taping the meeting.”
12.  Hungry people, Social Security not enough!  Help people.  What is this? A Soup Kitchen!
14.  I am indeed smarter than any other person.  I know Century Village history.
15.  I am just the King of Snipe.  or  Spite!

Answer to the quiz “E”



Police Activity in our Village

Strange happenings in our Village. 

Yesterday, it was notice a lot of Police activity in the NW corner of our Village. That is near the water treatment plant.

There were a number of police cars around a car with a unconscious (dead?) body in a car. The police were moving around the vehicle with plastic gloves on.

As, if, more info is available I will report it here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

From Phyllis Richland, Candidate for President of UCO.

Turning the air blue or saying what is true!
“Rudeness is the weak mans imitation of strength!  This quote describes David Israel. He is not ugly in his face, but in his thoughts because the way he expresses himself reveals a sad rude human being.
Turning the air blue (which David stated on his blog) was or still is a talent that the “snot dripping cretin” espoused. By the way that was what David called me during one of his temper tantrums.  Does this ring a bell David?  As Frank Cornish, ask Marsha Ziccardy who were also witnesses to some of his toxic rage.
Yes, as a candidate running for UCO President, I welcome the fact that there is a ground swell of support for my candidacy that is garnering many,  many followers. I am happy to get support from any group.  So far, only the Messenger Club has the guts to put themselves out there and support me. There are many delegates that are part of that group and I welcome any  group and voters. Because my campaign is self funding any one supporting me knows that there is no quid pro quo. My administration will be populated by the best people for the job. The brain power in our Village is astounding. There are so many people out there that are willing to volunteer to help make Century Village the paradise it should be.
Yes, there were times when I left the office early.  But where did I go?  To a meeting with an association or to the club house for an appointment or to an outside agency to set up a program for the Village.  What about the mornings that I was at the office at 7:30 AM to let a resident in the back door because they needed to renew an application and did not want anyone in the front office to see them. They were embarrassed and I helped them shield their dignity.  Something you would never do.
If you were at the Golf’s Edge meeting you would have heard me say that we did have a detective named Michael in the Village.  I did not remember his last name and he did wear his badge on the outside of his clothing which made many people feel safe.
I also reiterated that I have been away for awhile and I have not been involved as I had been before.  So there are issues, as President, I would have to briefed on and that is why I extend an invitation to the president emeritus to join my administration to keep the continuity  for the good of the Village.  David, if you are going to quote me, have the decency to do it accurately.
And Grace,  how come you never wanted anyone to see the accounts of your association while I was a resident there.  You were only acting President, because the elected President was becoming ill and unable to function in that capacity.  How convenient.  Oh and by the way, if the only thing you can accuse me of is having a wine collection, you should be lucky enough to have what it is valued at.
In closing,  I would like to say to those people who are supporting my campaign the effort that you are putting forth makes me very proud and very humble.
Thank you all,
Phyllis Richland

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bravo Lenore

So, the Wellington Federation threw a Party this Sunday Last and it was a Blast. Everything was done in a Professional manner. The food was excellent, timely and generous.

All of this was lead by Lenore, The Federation President, and her Girls

Well Done!!


Bravo, Bravissimo Eva!

I had an opportunity the other day to spend some time in the indoor pool. The mural was up and beautiful. I may have complained about the cost but right or wrong the Mural is outstanding.

As a matter of fact the Village looks great. I have been told that the Village is a pride. It is a place that I am proud to invite people to visit.

Bravo EVA

Moving On

So, why do I seem to be responding to every little minded thing that Mr.Israel posts. I don't hear any thing he says so I am stuck with his infrequent post on the VPB (Very Private Blog). But what is very annoying to me is that the subject matter that he posts, that I am responding to, are very low minded. Why doesn't the silent man take the high road? Why doesn't he address some of the more pressing problems we have in this Village?

Does it annoy you, my reader, that Israel has the time, the energy, the gall, to find the right number to call to get PBSO to make another call about the sign up in the Village? And not to have anything done about it. Nothing was done, since the sign is legal. So please stop annoying, us and PBSO, and let them do the important work they do.

I tell you what I think. He can't. He cannot take the high road. What, at this point in his life, is to keep being the Boss, in charge of this Village. That is his life's work, now.

What we need now is some one to address the looming problems of our road deterioration. To address the problems of the Club and residents afraid to say something negative about UCO, specifically David Israel, because he will take steps,, steps that none of us would think of, to take one of your by-law given rights away. That, BTW, is why most of my commenters do not use their real names. As a matter of fact that is probably why Israel's VPB has only 3 posters.

He is causing us to live in a Village of Fear. Fear of reprisals for every move we make.

So, I think that that is enough. We need a new President. A new mind with new ideas. A new mind that will think of the problems that affect us and not how to maintain his hold on the Village.

Now is time to do it. Elect Phyllis Richland. Elect Phyllis and let us move on !!

Residents Show

Come out and support the residents who have worked so hard to make this show a success every year

A terrific show starring your friends and neighbors in Century Village. Don't miss this  full evening of fun, music and laughter . watch this video preview then show it to your friends