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The problem with name calling is that it is easy to do and on My Village Blogger you can remain anonymous and unaccountable. But as I have often said on this blog you must be Civil and add to the conversation or you can't publish. You can't hide behind your sign in name. The moron sayers, incivility, rude or unsociable speech  never get published.


Unannounced Bid Committee Meeting

News for Friday Aug 30 2013

Un-announced Bid Committee Meeting on 8/30?

The Wi-Fi  vendors had 2 hours each to explain their proposals to-day, and it appears that a un-announced and unknown meeting of the UCO Bid Committee was held  right after. What happened to transparency?

Scandals Part 3 - Don't Miss this

THIS IS THE THIRD IN A FIVE PART SERIES ABOUT "SCANDALS" IN CENTURY VILLAGE. Your reactions will be welcome as to what you think we can do about it.

Wi-Fi is another SCANDAL that has not occurred yet, but it will. In order to put another con job onto people, Mr. Israel told everyone, at more than one Delegate’s meetings, that this Wi-Fi service would cost just about $2.00 per month and it would bring CV into the modern age and the value of apartments would escalate. He painted a rosy picture including your being able to drop the company you now have for internet.

Let’s lay out a few facts. There is a company that will install buried cable throughout the Village for $1,300,000 and might allow us to pay it out, with interest, over a period of 5 ½ years -- a tidy sum. The monthly fee for service would be about $2.00 per unit per month and it would in all likelihood increase after a stipulated period of time. However, you have to pay for the installation of the buried cable with a "service charge" which would increase the monthly fee to $4.50 -- whether you use it or not and whether you own a computer or not. Double the cost or more? The SCANDAL is brewing.

Some more facts. There is also a company that will install, at the main clubhouse, a huge disc surrounded by 12 smaller discs that will send signals to every building in CV. And each building will have to have an antenna mounted on the side wall of their building to receive the signal needed. A router, which you will need, costs about $80. The cost of the system, including 2,500 routers, is about $560,000. As the need would arise, additional routers would have to be purchased and the cost would be $80 each or more. The monthly fee for service would be about $4.50 – whether you use it or not and whether you own a computer or not.

Once again, this more than doubles the cost that Mr. Israel said it would be. It will be just like the roadway SCANDAL, -- all of the questions will be asked and smoothed over after the complete Wi-Fi installation and then it will be too late to do anything except complain. There is also a security issue that each company has, however, scammers know every trick in the book and your security code on your router could be compromised. No matter what they say, -- do you want to take that risk?

If this scheme works for Israel, you will have been hood-winked again. He will have gotten into your money pockets and he’ll expect you to say "thank you". This is just another back-room SCANDAL brewing.


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Scandals Part 6

Difficulty and Great Scandals

This original series of Century Village SCANDALS was intended to be a five part expose of the past and present goings on that needed to be presented to all owners. Because of subject matter that is continuing to expand there will be more than five parts to this series. I will consecutively number all SCANDAL reporting until I feel that a respite is needed. This is part 6.

Some of the SCANDALS require substantial research and as such, when printed, may become lengthy in order to detail what you need to know. I ask for your indulgence and I welcome any and all comments that you may have with respect to this subject matter.

* * * * * * * * * *

President Israel has brought into UCO a man, who never has the fortitude to speak out when in the presence of groups of people. What does he do subversively in the backroom to undermine other people’s activities and positions? 

Since this man never puts his name to anything, -- the President, Israel, is totally responsible for all of this man’s devious actions. This is what you’d call a back-room, ill-conceived SCANDAL.
* * * * * * * * * *

President Israel allowed a Property Manager and self-appointed Project Manager to run rampant and tot ally out of control. Any Corporate Manager will tell you that this is irresponsible and in some corporate environments would even be labeled a SCANDAL. This man was responsible for a project that depleted our Treasury by $5,000,000.

What this man did and didn’t do is most suspicious, and criminal acts may even be looked at. Ultimately, who is responsible, - yes, the UCO President, Mr. Israel. That is a SCANDALOUS act, and in some companies, the President for sure would be fired without a golden handshake

* * * * * * * * * *

It is difficult to go into great detail about ALL of the SCANDALS and/or SCANDALOUS actions that occur practically on a daily basis. This – part 6 – is shorter than most of the others but should certainly give you food for thought. Please share your reactions with me.


The Time is Now

The Time Has Come

The Bible tells us that there is a time and place for everything under the sun and inspired by recent events, I believe that Dave's time has come and gone.His tenure as president of UCO must end.

There are plenty of opportunities for him to serve the Village if that is what he desires, like maybe heading up a wifi committee! But as president - nope. I believe he has actually begun to believe his own lies.

 For example, posted on his blog by a person whose name truly reflected the personality and posting (nutmeg) was a statement calling Olga a name and insulting her intelligence. Today, Dave has posted on his blog that he will not allow name calling on his blog and go do that on the "other blog". Well, since he was the one who has blocked all responses on his blog except for his minions, then who called whom names? Ahhh, your people, right! And who allows name calling on his blog - oh, Dave, that's who. His lies have begun to feed on themselves.

A leader is one who knows how to follow as well. He has to hear the voices of his constituents and Dave no longer hears that, if he ever did. How many more times must we convene meetings and special meetings and yet more meetings to discuss the wifi question. Noone wants it but Dave and his cohorts so give it up already. But Dave only knows his agenda and no one else's. He does not hear the voices of the Village if they disagree with him and thus we have the miserable paving job, the rising ticket prices with its graduated pricing costs, a Vendini system that was hacked, a budget that is out of whack, and a financial guiding principle of rob Peter to pay Paul, and when Paul comes due, go rob Suzie Q.

We have a Village that is losing its sense of cohesiveness. Why? Because there is so much dissension instead of unity on the issues that are truly important such as RB and the golf course, on the influx of renters who generally do nothing for a community as they are transient and/or mainly here due to lower rents, on proper fencing for the Village for security purposes. What, Dave, you think the wifi will help me call 911 when something happens? I don't think so, since we know they are not really compatible. Do you thing the lack of security on the wifi will  actually help people? Who? The hackers and identity theft people? the Nigerian princes?

You lose your cool at meetings and shout at people. You misinterpret logical and reasonably asked questions as guerilla attacks, you have forgotten, if you ever knew, the skill a leader and administrator must have in pulling together all the people, not encouraging the disparaging of those who disagree with you. So tell me, Dave, why should you remain in office? Your experience? Well, that has gone south, hasn't it!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Litigious-ness and Bully Boy

Litigious age.

Indeed, when some of our Century Village residents become so litigious, that it raises serious questions about the freedom of debate, and our ability to speak freely. So what happened to freedom of speech? At the Last UCO committee Meeting I raised my hand to advise that I was taping the meeting. The Boss said “That’s Comforting”, “My Lawyers will love it”, “and you will not like it". So is he trying to threaten my off my God Granted rights, or  is he simply a being a Bully?

I say that he is being litigious and a Bully


Wi-Fi Security

Questions about Wi-Fi

At the last Operations Meeting the Committee discussed 911 phones for the pools and Wi-Fi for the Village. After a lengthy discussion it came out that the 911 system does not allow the use of Wi-Fi, it is not secure enough. So why is Wi-Fi secure enough for the Village? Should we not be concerned about Banking, Shopping, Credit Card Usage and Identity Theft, etc.?




NUTMEGGER, called me a DUMBELL on David’s blog because a copy of Part 3 of the “SCANDALS” series (a very informative EXPOSE posted on this blog) was put on her building bulletin board. The series is being brilliantly written and vetted for truthfulness by one unknown “Eduardo."

On David’s blog to which I am not allowed to reply, she says I violated the law. If so, dear NUT, why don’t you have me arrested?  What?  -- CAN"T do?    -- It’s NOT illegal? 

Another lie printed by a groupie of the David Israel Liar’s club.


This is David Israel’s idea of TRANSPARENCY at work.




Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories?

This is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. Do you think we have finally gotten over the theories that Oswald did it and that’s all, or are you one of the majority that believe otherwise. Maybe you are curious as to who Nick Beef is. That is the grave marker right alongside Oswald’s grave site. Well if you still believe in the conspiracy surrounding President Kennedys’ death you are in the majority.  So what does that say for common sense?


Operations Meeting Report



At the beginning of this meeting, Gary Olman stated he was going to record it.  David Israel immediately yelled, “The next thing he will be calling me Hitler or a Nazi. We’ll see what the courts have to say about that.”     Excuse me folks, but David’s outburst had absolutely no relevance to Gary stating he was recording the meeting. By now, we all know, when someone is to record a meeting, they are to announce it beforehand. This outburst reminded me of the movie “The Caine Mutiny” where Humphrey Bogart, as Captain Queeg started to go mad when all his men turned against him.  Is David going Mad?  Me thinks so.  

Skip to another part of the meeting. 

The Clubhouse needs painting.  $25,000 is allocated in the budget. The lowest estimate is approximately $10, 000 to $15,000 more. So, WPRF wants to take the money allocated for the renovation of the Southampton pool and add the money toward painting the Clubhouse. The reason being, since there is presently  Vandalism in Southampton,  contractors may be reluctant to do the work for fear their equipment will be stolen.

Toni Solometo was against it because she said we should not take money from  Peter to pay Paul.

Eva, said, we are not taking any money. We are simply transferring it. Well, if you take the Southampton money this year, you will have to budget additional money for Southampton the following year. Therefore, you are not only transferring money you are taking it away, and you will have to replace it, which  will add to the future budget. Toni was the only person to GET IT. The rest of the committee didn’t have a clue as to what she was talking about. .  Toni  was absolutely correct and the item was tabled.   When Ed Black transferred money from the budget in order to pay for the roadways, we got into trouble. At the time, we did not have the money in the budget to pay for the Roads yet; Ed Black felt it was prudent to transfer the money that was allocated for other items and spend it on the Roads. Because he did that, we wound up almost broke with a disastrous paving job.

 Toni’s advice is wise.  

If you DON’T have it, DON’T spend it.  

I tell what else happened that reminded me of 2 ball bearing being rolled around in your hand. When one of the board members was handing out the agenda, himself said that was to stop - no body hands out flyers at MY Meeting



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

UCO President Emertius

Past UCO President Speaks his mind

When I ran for UCO president, The reporter refused my articles critical of the administration. In fact Bob Marshall the then president fired my wife who was in the reporter staff. So, to get out our message we published our own paper and hung it on delegates doorknobs. To give these exposes wide circulation, other than the limited on this blog, I would suggest a similar method so that the whole village will know what is going on.

George Loewenstein Past UCO President


Last year when the budget was to be voted upon by the delegates the meeting was on Simchat Torah. When I pointed this out to David, his reply was that if he had to be concerned of all holidays of every religion, UCO could not function. Then to add insult to injury, for the first time ever (to my knowledge) the Installation dinner was held on Saturday not as always on Sunday.There was a glowing report in the UCO reporter by a Jewish VP who attended.

George Loewenstein Past UCO president

Monday, August 26, 2013

Who runs the Show?

El Primo does? Ha

So if fairness is about El Primo (Mr. President Dave Israel) there isn’t any.

He sits there at the UCO office and misaligns anybody he doesn’t like, which includes me and then says you (me), anybody he doesn’t like cannot post on his blog. His blog which he claims is Century Village’s own, not public, not private blog with Personal Censorship. On my blog, the other blog, the “My Village blogger”, is open to everyone, including El Primo himself. All we ask is civility and add to the conversation

Oh, For shame Dave

For Shame, Dave!

Having a few minutes to fool around, I decided to take up Dave's invitation and watch the so called orchestrated attack of the "malcontents" at a meeting which concerned the wi fi as well as other issues. Is he out of his freakin' mind???? That was an attack? That was orchestrated? Secret agent man, what the hell kind of meetings did you ever go to.

So for a stretch of maybe ten minutes, people asked legitimate questions about the cost of the wi fi installation and even the need for it. Considering that prior to this, members were doodling, nodding off, gazing into space and talking about other topics, these people spoke in low tones, polite tones and quite reasonably. Dave sat there like a lump. I guess only at Delegate Assembly is when he knows how to say "briefly" and "you're out of order"' there was no attack here.

There was no orchestration here? What there was, was a questioning of the need and the cost of this idiocy but I guess Dave believes in the Big Lie and feels if he says something people will believe him and they will never check out the truth.

Well, for shame, Dave, we caught you with your pants on fire! Grow up. Man up. Face the music and realize that this is not your private fiefdom. CV belongs to all of us and we will take it back - if not now, then a bit later, but your time has finished here. Go sit by the pool and take a chill pill.

Scandals Part 5

It is SCANDALOUS for the President!

The original series of Century Village SCANDALS was intended to be a five part expose of the past and present goings on that needed to be presented to all Owners. Because of subject matter that is continuing to expand there will be more than five parts to this series. I will consecutively number all SCANDAL reporting until I feel that a respite is needed. This is Part 5.

Some of the SCANDALS require substantial research and, as such, when presented may become lengthy in order to detail what you need to know. I ask for your indulgence and I welcome any and all comments that you may have with respect to this subject matter.

The recall petition pertaining to the president, Israel, was another SCANDAL. The way it was handled was a sham, and it was politically motivated. Israel was guilty of at least one of the charges put forth against him, but by that political motivation, it was discarded into the pile of other charges. That one charge alone could have had Israel recalled.

When you are a sitting President; when you control the microphone, when you have the gavel; when you gather together cohorts who’ve been promised perks; when you can present a written defense of the charges against you and the plaintiffs can’t, -- then you know it’s a SCANDAL.

Is it SCANDALOUS for the President, Israel, to control the UCO Reporter? It is a fact that he controls what goes into the paper and what is deleted, -- all by his orders given to the co-editors. To corner the news media with "Do as I say or you’re fired", is a charge that the President will deny, but go ahead and try to have something published. It will be well scrutinized and you can expect that if you’re on the permanent "dissidents and malcontents" list, you will be refused publication.

I don’t really need to expand on the above SCANDALS; they speak for themselves. It is one of the basic principles of governmental operation that leads you to these certain matters that you can consider to be SCANDALOUS!


A Village of Kapos

Angry note from a Reader

I just received an e-mail that the delegate assembly meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, the day before the start of Rosh Hashanah , ERIV (The day used to prepare for the holiday), pretty much like scheduling a meeting on  Xmas Day Eve. What a big surprise. What is wrong with a week delay, or a week earlier?

Not only has David Israel turned C.V. into a Nazi concentration camp during his leadership but he converted those officers’-directors’-executive members of the Jewish faith into kapos. (A Jew who guarded WW II Jewish prisoners in the concentration camps).

Not only is it despicable that David Israel can foster such disregard for Jews and others of the village, but even more disturbing is those other officers and members of the executive board and delegates who just kiss ass and follow him like the Hitler’s youth movement of the past. The same destiny awaits him and those that blindly follow him.

Not only is this meeting but others as well are scheduled during the holidays.

What has he scheduled for Yom Kippur an open town hall meeting for the Muslim brotherhood and the Taliban?

We cannot let this go forward without a fight. To let it go would be an insult to the six million Jews who were destroyed during the holocaust.

Remember what the late great rabbi Klahanie said "never again"

Would there be a delegates meeting on Christmas Eve Day?

Stand and fight let your voice be heard. This is just a total lack of respect!

Don't you think so?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Village Wi-Fi costs

The total cost of the Century Village Wi-Fi program is, so far, a mystery. The best guess as to the costs are contained in Eduardo's Post "Scandals Part 3". This is available in the page titled Scandals Part 3. We think this information is important enough to be posted on your Association Bulletin Board. You can print it right from here or else, email me and I will post it for you. My email address is

Scandals Part 4

This original series of Century Village SCANDALS was intended to be a five part expose of the past and present goings on that needed to be presented to all Owners. Because of subject matter that is continuing to expand, there will be more than five parts to this series. I will consecutively number all SCANDAL reporting until I feel that a respite is needed. This is Part 4.

Some of the SCANDALS require extensive research, and as such, when presented, may become lengthy in order to deliver what you need to know. I ask for your indulgence, and I welcome any and all comments that you may have with respect to this subject matter.

Another Century Village SCANDAL. You really should care because it affects your pocketbooks and wallets.

When Century Village was first designed some 40 years ago, Architects and Engineers had to be involved, not only with the design of buildings, but also all exterior areas. Streets, walkways, lawn areas and planting areas were designed for positive storm drainage, i.e. the contour of the land was sloped in various different directions to catch basins and area drains. Inasmuch as the land was so flat, a swaled system was introduced to be sure that the perimeter roadways were drained by the quickest manner possible. The roadways drained to the swales and the swales to the catch basins. The engineers had to be sure that the pipe sizes below grade were of the proper size to deal with the heavy rain storms that are common in Florida. All went well and the system worked for decades.

As time went by, land settled and so did paved areas causing low areas and ridged areas. The original drainage design became faulty by time, weather, landscape work, traffic, construction and other factors. Thus, standing water, at various depths, after storms.

So that appropriate sums of money could be set aside for major road repairs in the future, an engineering firm was consulted to analyze the surface storm drainage system as well as sub-soil drainage conditions. They recommended regrading the swales so that drainage would work as originally designed; telescoping existing piping and repairing pot holes. The telescoping pipes revealed that drainage piping was working. Pot holes were eventually filled. The swales were not touched.

Someone at UCO, under the direction of the president, then decided to ignore the engineer’s recommendations to re-grade the swales and came up with an area drainage system extending about 30 feet out away from the shallow basins using a French drain (6" or 8" perforated pipe) system. These drains were arbitrarily placed where certain non-professionals thought that there were problems of roadway drainage.

- Architects and Engineers were not consulted or called in to design any of this drainage work;

- No sums of money were approved by the Delegates to perform any of this work;

- No bid proposal documents were sent to any contractors.

Triton Associates, the contractor that did this storm drainage work, was paid a total of $192,135. That breakdown relates to one drain extension at a cost of $1,700; 20 French drains at a cost of $5,622 each, and 13 French drains with drainage pits at a cost of $6,000 each. Certain documents are missing resulting in a difference of $195. This company had no formal contract describing all of the work to be performed. After certain work was performed, UCO kept on increasing the scope of work without a formal contract.

All sums paid were taken from the roadway reserve account without approval of the Delegates to shift the money. There were six separate payments made to Triton Associates, none of them approved by the Delegates, but they were acknowledged by Israel, the President of UCO.

The original bid received from Triton Associates had a cost of $4,191.75 for each drain. For reasons unexplained, that cost increased to $6,000 per drain. Nothing is documented. For the work done for $5,622 per drain and $6,000 for other drains, the price for the work would appear to be extremely exorbitant.

The re-grading of the swales, a recommendation by the engineers, was not done. That work could have solved the roadway drainage problem.

The new paving was then put down, and now that created new problems with drainage. Again, no Architect or Engineer was consulted before the paving work commenced. Now, a Vice President of UCO, involved in this entire fiasco, want to have three more drains installed and has requested that $18,000 be placed in the budget for 2014.

To be sure, this is a SCANDAL all right, -- right under your noses. The UCO President, so it appears, seems to think that he can do whatever he wants to do with our money. This is a serious infraction involving the abuse of power, and he should be held totally and completely responsible. The officials in some organizations would tell him that he has been dishonest and ask that he take his personal things and leave the building.

That’s what UCO is all about now …. SCANDAL!


More Dirty Tricks

And the Truth Will Out

As Olga and Eduardo lay out all these horrifying revelations it becomes clearer and clearer that Dave and minions Inc. have been guilty of some dirty tricks and hope to continue to do so for many more years. Well, we have to deny them that opportunity.

The truth has come out and Eduardo has more yet to come and Dave's response - to once again use the word malcontent, as if dissension is not an American tradition and a RIGHT. Remember your history and civics classes, secret agent man?

I misspoke. Dave has another response - bread and circuses a la Rome. Our Village is facing many  serious issues which can be handled by responsible people, which leaves him out, and all he can do is harp on the Wi-Fi issue which is so wrong for us - expensive, unsecure and unwanted - and then proudly talk about skits and other stupidity on Channel 63. Really, Dave? Have you run out of channels to watch and need another amateur one? Is this truly what our CV is missing?

And just what did you do again at the NSA? Analysis you say? Really? Now I know why we are in some hot spots around the world? Oh, not analysis? Oh, it was covering up something? Ahh, now I know why you are so expert in that area. But again, if you really did real stuff for the NSA YOU WOULD NOT BE TALKING ABOUT IT!

Be dignified and go out with some honor. Volunteer with whatever your expertise is. Stop covering up FOR THE TRUTH WILL OUT, AND IN FACT, ALREADY HAS BEGUN TO DO JUST THAT.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wi-Fi Commenters

Additional thoughts on Wi-Fi expenses

I originally believed what Israel had to say about Wi-Fi. He was convincing, but as you say, he was conning everyone. Does CV need another scandal? Thanks for putting a spotlight on the subject. I need Wi-Fi like I need a hole in my head.
By the way, you never mentioned insurance, maintenance and repairs, and normal wear & tear of equipment, or who pays for routers that might go bad. Do monthly fees increase for these occurrences?

  • EDUARDO August 24, 2013 at 9:23 PM
    After everything is factored in, including, but not limited to, interest on borrowed money for 5 1/2 years, and the initial time of the first fees you were paying running out with an increase put upon you, - you could even end up paying $7. or $8. per month , but that information is very difficult to obtain from either company. Good question, James.








    The American Civil War

     Civil War and Quantrill's raid
    One-hundred-and-fifty years ago, Americans went to war with themselves. Disunion revisits and reconsiders America’s most perilous period — using contemporary accounts, diaries, images and historical assessments to follow the Civil War as it unfolded.

    Here is a look at what this series has to offer.

    The conflicted history of one of the Civil War's worst atrocities.
    The Lawrence, Kansas Massacre
    On April 20, 1866, a letter addressed to James Knox arrived in Chesterfield, S.C. Robert E. Lee had surrendered his once-mighty Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S. Grant more than a year prior — but the blood of R. H. Miller, the man who had sent the letter from his home in Lawrence, Kans., was still up. Miller outlined a general list of grievances against the ex-Confederacy and then quickly turned to the real subject of his letter: the Lawrence Massacre of Aug. 21, 1863.
    Miller’s story began early on the day of the assault when William C. Quantrill — undoubtedly the best-known of Missouri’s guerrilla chieftains — and a “set of robber and murders called bushwhackers of who 3 or 400 run all on horses came to my house about sunrise.” A bushwhacker approached Miller’s daughter, Susie, and asked if any federal soldiers had come to Lawrence during the night. The guerrilla threatened to “blow her brains out if she told him a lie.”

    The rest of the story can be seen here

    Originally published in the NY Times


    Thursday, August 22, 2013

    Scandals Part 2

    THIS IS THE SECOND IN A FIVE PART SERIES ABOUT “SCANDALS” IN CENTURY VILLAGE.  Your reactions will be welcome as to what you think we can do about it. 

    Let’s talk further about SCANDAL.   If Israel performed at NSA as he has performed at CV, he would probably have been thrown out the door on his ass.  He wanted to be an official at CV so badly, like he claims to have been at NSA, that he was willing to do something illegal, and it turned into a SCANDAL, because he secretly made it go away, i.e., you never knew what he did until Olga Wolkenstein unearthed documents alleging that Dan Gladstone and Contractor 1 st Priority were crooks and that you shouldn’t be dealing with them.  Even the insurance agency was defamed. 

    Because of what Israel did, Dan Gladstone lost the UCO presidential election, and it was by two votes.  To what depths do you sink to be sure you win an election and meanwhile ruin a man’s reputation together with the reputation of a construction company?  Mr. Israel apologized just about 8 times in his retraction letter, but the monstrous damage was done and apologies could in no way repair the evil damage.  That, people of Century Village, is SCANDAL 


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    Tide Turning



    Congratulations to the bid committee who met today to choose one of two bids to install Wi-Fi. I was certain they would go along with David Israel and pick the company he wanted - DSL Co. Much to my surprise the bid committee, chaired by Dom Guarnagia (who offered no opinions)   gave a memorable performance asking astute questions while resisting the impulse to have David Israel jam his choice down their throats.  I give credit to Marcia Ziccardy, who stated she wanted Wi-Fi but wanted to table the decision until we had more information. I also would like to thank Toni Salometo, who requested holding off on Wi-Fi until we had the money to fund the project. Thank you, Herb Finklestein, who spoke on getting a performance bond and someone to oversee the project. And thank you Jack Adams for your intelligent input to the project and making the final suggestion to postpone the bid. I love you guys!  Could this be the beginning of the age of enlightenment or am I fantasying? In any event, I must say, I am enjoying the win.  


    David Israel was really pissed at the decision. He thought he would be able to bamboozle the officers of UCO as he has done in the past. Sorry Dave, it didn’t work this time. People are beginning to get smart. I believe they learned a lesson when you pushed the Roadway project down their throats by threatening them with higher costs if they waited. You used the same approach today, but it didn’t work this time.

    And worse yet, El Primo couldn't wait to whine about it on his malfeasance blog , we quote Dave:  
    "The meeting proceeded very well as line item after line item was debated; until we arrived at the line item for Wi-Fi.-
    At this point an orchestrated attack on the Wi-Fi initiative was launched by four persons. The same four persons who regularly disrupt our Delegate Assembly meeting every month, and who have done so for almost three years." 

    Not true. Didn't happen and he knows it!


    Happy days are here again!!!


    Wednesday, August 21, 2013



    For those of you who were unable to attend this morning’s finance meeting, I shall bring you up to date.  Dorothy Tetro Treasurer did a memorable job as chair of the committee. She remained professional and unbiased in all aspects of the budget while letting the visitors speak, and the officers make decisions.    Not surprising the individuals that wanted money for a particular item, had a personal interest in approving the funding.   For example, the budget line item for Beautification was $50,000. Last year, it was $30,000. Marcia Ziccardy who chairs  the Beautification committee wanted $50,000. (Personal interest) Jack Adams, a guest, offered an opinion to leave it at $30,000, and it was accepted. (Good idea Jack)

    The laundry building near Stratford loses money and the question of whether to put $24,000 in the budget to keep it going or close it came up. Howie Silver  lives in Stratford  and wanted the funding, (Personal interest) and Toni Solimeto, who uses it on occasion spoke in favor of it (Personal interest).  

    Jeanette Veglia, a member of the Pro-Active committee wanted $94,250 for the Golf course lawsuit. (Personal interest) The officers approved this line item. 

    David Israel’s baby is Wi-Fi, (Personal Interest) and he rallied the troops to approve funding $282,745 in order to satisfy his need. Four of us spoke in favor of putting off Wi-Fi until such time when more money was available. Even though the officers voted to keep the funding for Wi-Fi in the budget, David Israel could not wait to get on his blog and call us MALCONTENTS.

    I think it’s about time that this OVERGROWN BUFFOON grows up and accepts the fact that people who disagree with him are not malcontents – they are simply humans with different opinions.  

     Contrary to David’s tirade on his blog, it was a well-conducted peaceful meeting which as presented is going to increase our dues $4.81 per month. However, it’s not yet final.  Last-minute changes can add or subtract to this figure and remember, THE DELEGATES HAVE TO APPROVE THE FINAL BUDGET. 

    The four malcontents who opposed the Wi-Fi funding all have computers and were willing to speak against it even though they would NOT save the $40.00 a month for internet service.   (NO PERSONAL INTEREST)


    Monday, August 19, 2013


    What is Transparency?

    When Dave Israel became president of UCO he promised transparency, to be open in his government, to disclose all discussions, explain decisions and invited all to come to meetings, all the while boasting about how everything would be posted on the CV blog. However, over the years what has one noticed?

     The blog is a joke with only venom, stupidity and harmless info such as theater times being posted. We had a free blog turn into a restricted blog with people being banned (including yours truly), and now all the meetings seem to be cancelled with times being changed, inconveniencing many. But the latest lack of transparency is what we have just had published on this blog. I am shocked at what has been uncovered , and the hiding of all this, the nasty lies and sneaking around that was done, the violation of the interests of the people of CV. Why hide it - because it was so WRONG. And they were ashamed to be caught.

    I am not a lawyer and do not know the codes of Florida and Palm Beach County, but surely all this info that Olga has posted cannot be legal. Secret agent man, Ed Black,  Bob Marshall, Jean Dowling - where the hell are your answers now? Why did you do us so wrong? Should we ask what you all got out of this? Do we now need a forensic accounting? Where are your big mouths now?

     Please explain, and be brief please, for surely, you are out of order. And of course, be transparent.

    The Crime of the Century


    When the UCO bid committee makes a decision to purchase something or pick a contractor, the Officers have the right to override them. This was the case a while Back when the bid committee chose HARDRIVE Company to Pave the Hastings Clubhouse.   At the time, M&M Co was paving our roads.  HARDRIVE”S bid was a few thousand dollars lower, and M&M was doing a poor job with the paving  and  the bid committee naturally chose HARDRIVE.

    Roger Carver, our CAM at the time wanted M&M to do the job, and he told M&M the price of HARDRIVE’S bid which M&M matched.  (This was illegal, of course)

    Roger Carver then went to the UCO Officers and convinced them to have M&M do the job because they were already in the village.  Some of the Officers on the bid committee had knowledge of why HARDRIVE was the better choice, yet they voted to override the bid committee and give the job to M&M. The bid committee was furious yet there was nothing they could do.

    I am relating this to you because I want you to understand how the people you entrust to take decisions for you are so easily swayed.  Some of the UCO Officers are famous for not understanding what they are voting for. Too often they vote with THE CROWD, and this causes the delegates, who have the final say on many issues to do the same.

    When the President and the UCO Officers sit on the podium and recommend a vote, the delegates tend to follow suit.  This is the real crime in Century Village. 

    There is only one Officer, I can commend because she does not influence the delegates into voting a certain way. She alone gives them all the information to allow them to make a choice. That Officer is Dorothy Tetro.


    Saturday, August 17, 2013

    Be Afraid, be very afraid

    Don4060 - Allow me to address postings signed by ANONYMOUS.

    People ARE afraid, - yes, AFRAID! You speak your mind and sign your name, and what do you gain? There are about 7,500 condo owners out of 7,854 who don’t give a rat’s ass what goes on in CV’s government, so long as it doesn’t affect their pocketbook or place any restrictions on them. Then, when it costs additional monies due to the EGO, POWER and CONTROL gang at UCO, -- they holler and scream bloody murder. They’ll then come out in droves to complain. These people don’t know of all the back room secret monetary deals taking place all the time at UCO, starting from the President to his back room confidant and his hypnotized loyalists.

    And so, you do state your name. Should you say anything that is detrimental to UCO, or anything negative about their operations, you will be castigated; if you get up at a Delegates’ meeting you will immediately be told that you’re "Out of Order", or "Be Brief", or, if you’re a building president and you need some assistance from UCO, don’t count on it because they’ll remember your name; your name will be placed in the "dissident" category. These domineering people will, for all time, not let you be. You’ll be in that category, and your choice will be that you either move out of CV or you expire.

    And, even then, they will pick your name apart when they are fit to do so and do it for personal gain. A perfect example is Dan Gladstone, -- read all of the documents posted on this Blog about the fixed election and the ruination of his name.

    So, okay, I would accept Anonymous, so long as that person makes sense and makes intelligent statements referring to the subject matter being discussed. Personal attacks should then be eliminated from the Blog. It is extremely hard to tell someone in their 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s, not to be afraid and to speak his or her mind. The UCO leaders are responsible for that … it is a terrible way to live, -- being AFRAID.


    Delegates Vote your wishes?

    I know that many of  the Condos have 2 delegates (some have one) at the delegates meeting that vote the wishes of their unit owners. Oh yeah, when was the last time your delegates asked for your opinion on an upcoming vote? Were you asked about the term limit vote? Have you been asked about the upcoming residence bylaw change? (Which by the way doesn’t seem like a change at all?). As unit holders you are entitled to a vote-able opinion, lets hear it, don’t give it up!

    St. George

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Nasty Commenters

    Everybody has them. They are at best annoying and at the least downright stupid. These are the free commenter’s that call everybody morons or stupid or worse. Generally the general reader does see their posts because they are immediately deleted, and rightly so. They do not add to the conversation and most are logged on as anonymous. On this blog Anonymous is almost Okay, but lack of civility and NOT adding to the conversation will delete you.

    St. George

    Possible Posters?

    Why is the blog, owned and run by our President called the Century Village blog when it is limited to only 100 posters, and only at the pleasure of DI. And it is odder still since we have a pool of possible posters in excess of 5000 and he can allow only 100 of them. The number of 5000 is our approximate population of owners.
    St. George


    By-Law Change?

    What doesn't make any sense is the insistence by some of our representatives on the advisory board to insist on changing (enhancing?) the By-laws to insure that you are a 100% resident of CV. Why this is so important is beyond me. It should be enough that a board member is a property owner if he wants to run for office. It seems as if this By law change is aimed at one person. At best it is another way to decrease the volunteer pool of which we are in short supply.  We removed term limits because we were advised that it is almost impossible to find good talented volunteers. So are we allowing by-law changes being put into effect to further political ambitions?
    St. George

    The Truth and the the Liars

    (This Pretty much answers the El Primo)

    Residents have continued to accuse Myron Solomon and Olga Wolkenstein of initiating a frivolous lawsuit which cost $600.000 in legal fees. The present UCO administration and the UCO Reporter continued to spread the false rumor and used the document printed below as evidence to prove their allegation.

    David Israel’s administration never wanted to reveal this document until we threatened legal action. As you will see when you read it, it offers NO PROOF that SOLOMON/WOLKENSTEIN cost the Village $600,000 and  has no relationship to the lawsuit.  However, it does show proof of how Bob Marshall, Ed black and Jean Dowling cost the residents millions of dollars in extra expenses in the restoration of the clubhouse. This is why this document was kept secret for so long.

      For some of you who are new to the village, I would like to offer you a little history of when the hurricane destroyed the clubhouse.

    According to the millennium agreement, WPRF was responsible for restoring the clubhouse   to its original condition without additional costs to the residents - including new code requirements.   During that time, residents were only obligated to pay one-third of their WPRF dues.  Bob Marshall, Ed Black and Company decided upgrades were warranted and gave Ms. Jean Dowling, who had NO construction experience, the authority to work with WPRF’s insurance contractor to oversee the clubhouse restoration. The additional money to pay for these upgrades was to come from a SECRET agreement Bob Marshall signed with WPRF, which is printed below. (This is a PDF file converted)
    AT THE TIME, NO ONE WAS TOLD ABOUT THIS AGREEMENT.  In signing this agreement, Bob Marshall gave WPRF the right to hold the remaining two-thirds of OUR dues  which we were NOT obligated  to pay  and put it into a fund called “Rent Credit” to be held by WPRF.  This “Rent credit” not to exceed $3,000.000 was to pay for all the extra changes UCO wanted in the restoration of the clubhouse.  
    Meanwhile, the lawsuit was initiated because the residents became angry for being forced to pay full dues while not having use of the clubhouse.

    I will do my best to answer any questions regarding this article in the COMMENT box.

    Olga Wolkenstein

    Century Village Clubhouse

    This  AGREEMENT made this _22 day of Feb of   2005                    S,
    Cenvill: W.P.R.F. Inc. and Cenvill Recreation ,Inc. 1601 Forum Place , Suite 500, West Palm Beach FL 33401; and
    UCO: the Unit Civic Organization Inc. and it's Operations Committee, 2102 West Ave.,
    West Palm Beach, FL 33417
    The Project: Certain renovations to the Clubhouse at Century Village West Palm Beach referred to as "Extras" and more fully described in the attached Exhibit A.
    Cenvill and UCO agree as set forth below.
    1.    Pursuant to the Recreation Lease Millennium Agreement between the parties Cenvill is obligated to restore the Recreation Facilities after casualty loss and to reduce rent proportionally as reconstruction occurs. Hurricanes struck Century Village in September
    2004 causing substantial damage to the Recreation Facilities. Repairs are under way to restore these facilities to their pre hurricane condition at the direction of Cenvill and it's insurance company.
    2.   The parties entered into a "Memo of Understandingu dated December 2, 2004 which has set out the required reduction in rent during reconstruction. Cenvill continues to collect the full rent due but has agreed to credit UCO for that portion of the rent to be reduced under said memo of Understanding , hereinafter called the "Rent Credit". The   · b Rent credit shall     be accounted  for and maintained by Cenvill in the WPRF Operating Account. It is estimated the total "Rent Credit" could exceed $3,000,000 depending on how long the Recreation Facilities are not available to the residents of Century Village.
    3.    Cenvill and its insurance company has retained QCI Group One Construction, 870 Pratt Ave. N., Schaumburg, ILL 60193, to restore and repair the Recreation Facilities to their pre hurricane condition. Costs for this restoration are being paid by Cenvill and/or it's insurance company and shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Restoration Costs".
    4.    UCO and Cenvill have agreed to allow certain construction improvements, hereinafter the "Extras", to the Recreation Facilities which UCO has requested and more fully described in Exhibit A. The costs of these Extras shall be paid by Cenvill from the "Rent Credits" in the

    From· Rod Tennyson To: UCO                                                                           Date· 211612005  Time: 3:55:54 PM                                                                                                                            Pa :l ol 3
    the WPRF Operating Account, but not in excess of the "Rent Credits". If the costs of these Extras exceed the "Rent Credits" then UCO shall authorize the payment of said excess costs from the WPRF Operating Account. If the costs of these Extras do not exceed the "Rent Credits" then Cenvill shall credit the Century Village residents the difference. Cenvill and QCI Group One Construction have entered into a separate construction agreement to construct the "Extras".
    5.        All parties understand the "Restoration Costs" and the costs for "Extras" shall be segregated and separately accounted for even though their construction will be simultaneous by QCI Group One Construction. UCO shall have the right to retain, at it's own cost, construction professionals and accountants to observe said simultaneous construction and to advise and assist  UCO in carrying out it's responsibilities under the
    Millennium Recreation Agreement. UCO shall promptly notify Cenvill of any issues or disputes and provide Cenvill any reports provided by said professionals retained by UCO.
    6.      In the event of dispute between the parties the mediation and arbitration provisions of the Recreation Lease Millennium Agreement shall apply.
    UCO:                                                       CENVILL:

    Signed by R.S.Marshall 2/22/05 for UCO
    Signed by Mark F. Levy 2/25/05 for CENVILL