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Order please



If you’re a fairly educated, sensible, and reasonable person, -- you would have to admit that the UCO President, David Israel, doesn’t know how to react to anyone who has an opposing view.  Israel, like a dictatorial brat, doesn’t have the even-tempered vocabulary that would allow him to employ reasonable tactics when addressing people.  Rather than “talk” to you, he takes the position of not wanting to hear the story from a different angle, never wanting to know how mistaken he may be.
Yet, I cannot understand why most of the Delegates sit there and don’t do or say anything about the totally non-acceptable words of a tyrannical bureaucrat.  If a Delegate is an understanding person, a reasonably intelligent person, he or she can see before their very eyes that this is a man who is not really a man, but rather acting like a spoiled adolescent; a President who does not know the first thing about being a President; a ruler who chooses to use confusing words to try and convince the lay person of his superior intellect and appeal.

If you were to spend an hour or two going through the Robert’s Rules of Order, 11th Edition, you would clearly understand and realize that it is Mr. Israel who is clearly “OUT OF ORDER.”  But, Israel is so bloody self-centered that he would even find the Robert’s Rules of Order “OUT OF ORDER.”
Imagine for one moment, President Obama at a news conference before fifty people who may have opposing views of the administration and have a flood of comments and questions, and the President says to an inquirer, ”YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER,” “SIT DOWN, YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER.”  The President’s credibility as Commander-In-Chief would become zero minus, and the word “impeachment” would probably make headlines.
Just recently, I took a new unit owner, a new friend, to the last Delegate’s Meeting.  He is a president and CEO of a fairly large corporation.  He said – “Tell me that man is President only because nobody else wanted the job.”  He also said “He’s way out of control.  He obviously doesn’t know the role of a President who has about 350 members on his Board of Directors.”  It was embarrassing for me to show him first-hand our administrative leadership.
However, when your head is so big that you can’t see your shoulders; when you have control of the microphone; when you have the gavel; when all the spotlights shine upon you; when you are on stage; when you’re in the center chair flanked on either side by 4 or 5 subordinates; when you’re talking down to somebody . . . literally; when you control the UCO Reporter; when you control Channel 63; when you control all Committees; when you control all  UCO functions; and control, control and control, - - that control is what allows you, Israel, to make the statement; “SIT DOWN – YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER,” and get away with it.  Sensible people would tell you to either act in a professional, responsible manner, or you’re history.  Sensible people might say to themselves “How did we let this happen?”

From what you have posted on your Private Blog, Mr. Israel, i.e. copying numerous postings of My Village Blogger, why not copy this posting also?  Oh yeah, you might say “YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER.”


Friday, February 27, 2015

Ed Black etal

David Israel has written on his Blog and I quote. “Two of these, in my opinion, should be elected based on a proven track record of concern for our Village.”
Do you remember when we were children and we went into a candy store and they had candy on display. We wanted some of it and our Mothers said NO. We stamped out of the store crying and stamping our feet.

That is Barbara Cornish. She could not get what she wanted which at the time was Term Limits so she resigned. She was elected to serve the people and she walked out of her responsibility to work and serve them. Now she is back running for office. Why would you want to vote for a quitter?

At an Officer’s Meeting when Barbara Cornish was a VP.  David Israel, ever the gentleman, called her “a Toxic Tart”. How can anybody with any self-respect or dignity run for an office under the auspices of David Israel after the insulting remark, so she can quit again in the middle of her term? Maybe she will not like another vote at the DA so that if elected she can again quit in the middle of her Term.  This is not the type of individual you want representing the residents on the board on the Board.

Ed Black was a Vice president when the Hurricane destroyed our Club House. He ran that group of officer’s tasked with the repair.

He was partly responsible for spending 10 million dollars of the Village’s money to have the Club House repaired.

Most of this money was not the responsibility of the Residents and should have been returned to them. They had to sue to get back part of the money. He was not concerned for the Residents.

Ed Black was the handpicked Treasurer of UCO when the roads were being repaired. He emptied the treasury of almost 5 Million Dollars when it was not necessary to do then job all at once according to the Engineers report.
The Engineers said in their Report that the Paving could be done in 2 parts over 3 years. 

Ed Black told the Delegates that if they did not do the job all at once it would cost $500,000 more to move the equipment out of the Village and then bring it back at another time. David Israel wrote in the Village Reporter it would cost $1,000,000 to re-mobilize the equipment. The other 2 bids we received said it would cost about $85,000 to re-mobilize the equipment, Ed Black David Israel and Roger Carver pushed the Residents to use M&M Paving to do the job. 

Do you want this kind of individual to be part of a team controlling your money in the Village? Never!

Do not Vote for Ed Black if you want to save your Village. He definitely puts it in jeopardy.

Vote for John Gluszak and Marcia Ziccardy. They are Candidates of and for the people in the Village, not lackeys of David Israel.

We ended the year of 2013 with $21,000 in the Treasury.
He was really concerned for the residents.

Definitely do not vote for Barbara Cornish or Ed Black

A Concerned Resident

Sworn Allegiance


 What is the dumbest thing that a UCO President has ever done?  Read on, -- you’ll find out.

The record is clear.  At various times during his presidency, Mr. Israel stated that he hoped that Unit Owners with knowledge and experience in various professions or businesses coinciding with UCO matters would be well received as volunteers and given positions on UCO committees.  This, Mr. Israel assured us, could greatly benefit Century Village.  He practically begged members of UCO (must be Unit Owners) to step forward and give of their time, and that UCO was always looking for and in need of such experience.  It was pointed out that such knowledge and experience would greatly enhance UCO’s multi-purpose, complex operations and in the end, save a lot of money.

So, what happens?  These seasoned professionals submit their applications.  Some of these knowledgeable people have 20 or 30 years of experience in various professions and trades such as the bituminous concrete paving industry, landscaping work, security systems, CPA’s, etc. etc.

Mr. Israel, President of UCO, takes it upon himself to evaluate all volunteer candidates.  He rejects anyone who he thinks would ever go against his wishes.  Anyone who ever looked at him cross-eyed or may have said he had some gravy on his lapel was secretly rejected.  It could not be made public, else there could be an uprising and his administration would not be looked upon favorably.  However, Israel violates all standards and freely appoints renters to committees because he, Israel, knows that these people will support him and his ideas. 

Very secretly Israel confers with his back-room cohort, Ed Black.  Well, what do you know?  Black, after nearly putting Century Village into bankruptcy, becomes Chairman of the Security Committee, Assistant Chairman of the Recovery Committee, Chairman of the Channel 63 Operations, Chairman of Information Technology  overseeing the computers and telephone systems at UCO and at the UCO Reporter.

It doesn’t stop there.  Black becomes a member of the Insurance Committee, a member of CERT, a member of the Finance Committee, a member of WPRF Reserves & Infrastructure Committee, a member of the Operations Committee, a member of the Advisory Committee, a member of the Insurance Loss and Disaster Committee, a member of the Election Committee, a member of the Bar Code Decal Committee, and a former member of the Investigations Unit.

Is your head spinning yet?  Are you getting nauseated yet?  Black, Israel’s only trusted cohort in matters that some people might say are criminal, or at the very least devious, is made Chairman of UCO Committees and becomes a member of numerous other committees.  This is incredible and hardly believable, but absolutely true – check Black’s bio on the front page of the current issue of the UCO Reporter should you question the accuracy of the above statements.

So, is this matter of rejecting all qualified applicants, and a detested man is given several positions with UCO the dumbest thing a UCO President has ever done?  Of course.

There are some people who will say “No.”  But, those are the people who swore allegiance to Israel for political reasons and were appointed to certain UCO positions under Israel’s strict control.  Those who said a word or two criticizing Israel, no matter how trivial, were “fired” by Israel, others were never “hired”.

Black is the recipient of the dumbest thing a UCO President has ever done.   Israel needs to groom Black to become the next President should Israel’s regime fall apart.  If Black is not Vice-President, Delegates will soon understand what Israel’s game is all about and demand that Black be removed from numerous positions.  Century Village will have an opportunity to become whole.

So, bottom line is that Black CANNOT become a Vice-President. 



Unauthorized Cartoon

View our latest Unauthorized Cartoon.

Rumble strips cartoon

Messenger Club Video

Here is another pesky unauthorized  video of The last Messenger Club meeting Feb.19.

Click here to view 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Obituary Ruth Artinoff

  1. ARTINOFF, Ruth P. (The Palm Beach Post) -
    ARTINOFFRuth P. Age 88, of West Palm Beach, passed away Feb. 19, 2015. Tillman Funeral Home & Crematory, West Palm Beach, FL.

Pomposity & David Israel

Pompous is the word I would use for the Great Straw man the Great Orator, David Israel. I see that he is publishing snippets from Esther's and Olga's posts and then critiquing them as though his ideas of what is right and what is wrong are the only ideas around.

His putting their posts up for all to see and it is a great thing for Esther and Olga and a embarrassment for Davis Israel.

The fact that he thinks their posts are childish shows me where he is. A educated man and he can't write his own post, he needs to publish the smart ladies posts and make fun of them.

Now that is asinine. I have no more to say about this guy.

Pass the Term Limit Bill and make it retroactive.

Cam and the Bidders

Here is the Cam's answer to my questions about the shortage of Bidders. The question I asked is why is this allowed to happen? We should have one person to overlook the jobs and that man is the Cam. Everybody elso should stay out of any contact with the Contractor. If you have something that must be passed on to the Contactor. Tell it to the Cam.

From: Ted S. Herrle []
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:28 PM
To: 'Gary Olman'
Subject: RE: Not enough Bidders

Thanks for asking Mr. Olman and thank you for your patience in giving me some time to spend with our daughter. 

Regarding the proposed entry sign, I did put the request out to multiple sign companies.  Four sign companies  responded , one later dropped out and the other two eventual declined to bid.  I was not very happy that we weren’t able to get at least one additional proposal and I called and emailed one of the large sign companies multiple times without a response. I then decided to make a personal visit to the company (Atlas Signs) and I was told by the receptionist that “everyone was busy”.  I then asked when I should check back with her and she replied,  “they will be busy all day”.  She never asked for a number to call or a business card.  To me, this was  a clear indication they were no longer interested. 

What you have been told regarding “not wanting to deal with us” is correct and we are working to help eliminate that issue by having one person deal with the outside companies.  I have been personally told by one contractor that “everyone in Century Village is a boss” and everyone wants something different”.  I have addressed this at staff meetings and with committee chairs and we are making good progress in this area. 

The  sign budget line item is intended (as is generally so) to include community signs such as stop, street and directional signs, not the entry abutment-type sign.  This entry sign would normally be funded from the infrastructure line item or alternatively a reserve budget item.  In our case we had no reserve item for the entry sign. 

I am here for you Mr. Olman so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions or comments you may have. 

Very Best Regards,

Ted S. Herrle

Ted S. Herrle, PCAM, MCM
Community Manager
United Civic Organization of

Century Village

Obituary Rosa Fabbro

We have lost another of our fine Residents. Rosa Fabbro. Wife of Fausto Fabbro. Member the Century Village Crochet Club. A lovely Lady who will be missed.

Rumble Strips

Below are pictures of the latest try at installing the rumble strips on South Drive. The smart guys thought this was a good idea to stop the accidents we are having at this point. I think reflectors on the grass just at the entry to the curve will probably solve this problem.

This is another example of poor planning, waste of money and just plain dumb thinking.

Pond Algea Video

Here is a Video of our pond and our canals. The subject is Slimy, Green Algae out of control.

Our Knowledgeable President, The Great Suburban expert on Water Pollution says this is Okay. He knows it  meets all State, Local and Federal Regulation, so don't discuss it any more.

Click Here to view

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Candidate questionnaire

This questionaire is being circulated to all prospective candidates for the March 6 election.It is being sent through USPS and is posted on the village blog . Responses will be posted on the blog and published in The Messenger newsletter.

A Self addressed enveloped is enclosed

What is your position on the implementation of Village wide WIFI/broadband ?

In favor ….............
Not in favor ….......
No opinion..............

Are you in favor of term limits?
Yes ….............
No …......
No opinion ….......

Should qualifications take precedence in
awarding volunteer positions on committees ?
Yes ….........
No opinion..........

Do you agree with the co-mingling of funds in the financial
affairs of the village ?
Yes …...........
No …..........
No opinion …...

Do you believe residents should have open access to the
financial records of UCO ?
Yes …..
No ….....
No opinion …....

Do you think that the president has the right to veto a motion
from a delegate based on personal opinion ?
Yes …........
No ….........
No opinion …....

Are you familiar with the bylaws and articles of incorporation of Century Village ?
Yes ….........
No …........

Are you familiar with Robert's Rules of Order ?
No ….....

Are you familiar with The century Village Bi-lateral agreement ?
Yes …..
No …..

Are you familiar with Section 617 regarding not for profit corporations?
No ...

NAME (Please Print) Date Signed.

Fraying at the Edges

Oh, Oh Dave missed the point again. I also thank him for giving some space to the smart ladies. They are entitled.

Does the Little man not realize the every knock is a boost? Does he not show his slip is showing in this group of postings? His anger over our opposition is showing. Is The tin man, David Israel beginning to fray at the edges?

Is this enough,with the Wizard, David Israel, taking a swing at Esther and Olga just because they have the nerve to run for election and against the will of the Almighty One, D. Israel?

Just trying to grasp his meaning and sarcasms is a all day affair.

We should really get rid of this guy. We need new bright ideas in the UCO Administration. We don't need a know it all President.

Vote YES on term Limits and make it retroactive.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Lovely David Israel


Thank you David Israel for giving my brilliant essay  on the virtues of Joy Vestal the publicity it deserves on your blog. I am delighted that you think enough of me to allow your audience to appreciate it as well.  I know in their fondest heart of hearts; they share my thoughts,  although many of them fear retribution from you should they ever bring my words to their lips. So again, in gratitude, I say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing my opinion of Joy Vestal and enlightening your followers who seek the truth.   

 God bless America, land of the free.

 Northampton R, President
 Olga Wolkenstein

The magic Ipad

Thanks to Marilyn Pomerantz for the following:



Hallandale and Century Village's Problems

David Israel's days are numbered. Read below.

It may only cost us $16,000 in fines to get rid of him, but it's worth it!

State regulators ordered a Hallandale Beach condo president to resign immediately after learning he was a convicted felon. Robert Picerno refused.
When a state investigator told Picerno to reinstate two owners improperly kicked off the De Soto Park Condominium board, he said no. When regulators demanded association records, he declined. And when they served him with a subpoena, he ignored it.
Picerno's defiance eventually cost residents of the seven-building, 549-unit complex in the Three Islands neighborhood a total of more than $16,000 in fines.
Now state regulators are looking into owners' allegations that Picerno misspent $177,000 in condo money while Hallandale Beach Police investigate possible embezzlement, grand theft and fraud, a detective told the newspaper.
The tumult that accompanied Picerno's 18 months as president at De Soto Park reflects a sense of powerlessness familiar to many condominium owners across South Florida: They have little recourse when condo boards don't know or follow the law. Some complain of slammed doors or even retribution when they press for details about how their money is spent.
Even when disgruntled owners get the ear of state regulators, action can come slowly or never. State records in the De Soto Park case show regulators have limited authority over board members who insist on doing as they please.
Records obtained from the city and state show a condo roiled by conflict during Picerno's tenure as president. Residents filed more than a dozen complaints with the state and city against Picerno and the association, some alleging Picerno misspent their money or the association stonewalled them when they asked questions.
The association sent cease-and-desist letters to two owners who complained and slapped one couple with a defamation lawsuit.

"This is so unfair, especially since we've been telling [state regulators] for so long what has been going on," said owner Annette Pintado, who filed a complaint and got sued.

Picerno told the Sun Sentinel he gave the condominium a dramatic face lift without raising fees, yet was constantly under siege from a small group of malcontents.

"They didn't have any knowledge of how to do things and all they wanted to do was complain," Picerno, 68, said in a telephone interview. "They hassled me enough and tortured me and my family. ... I tried to do my best, but they made up story after story after story."

Felons not allowed

Picerno shouldn't have been on the board in the first place—yet it took the state six months to remove him.
Florida law bans felons who have not had their civil rights restored from serving on condominium boards, and Picerno had been convicted of bribery and conspiracy in Rhode Island in 2004.
Regulators were alerted to Picerno's felony conviction near the end of 2013, Picerno's first year as president. De Soto Park residents sent news clippings detailing Picerno's trial for soliciting bribes while serving on a local planning board in Lincoln, R.I.
The state told Picerno to step down. Instead, he put himself on the ballot for re-election in 2014 and won.
Picerno finally stepped down in August 2014, after state regulators fined the association $16,579.80, demanded reinstatement of the 2013 board of directors (with the exception of Picerno), and threatened additional $5,000 fines for any board member who failed to comply.
When asked why he ignored the state's demand for six months, Picerno said: "I'm not going to answer that. When I first ran, I was checked out ... and given the green light."


A whirlwind of construction under Picerno brought improvements including new security cameras, roof and fountain lights, tile and paint. Those projects also brought questions from unit owners, who noticed problems ranging from a lack of permits to exposed wiring.
City inspectors cited the condo for code violations in seven major projects carried out on Picerno's watch, ordering immediate fixes that are still underway and have cost owners thousands of dollars.

But when residents demanded the association provide specifics on how their money was being spent, they were rebuffed. And so were state regulators.

At least two owners sent letters to the De Soto Park board requesting association records on the construction and other spending. Neither got the records, but both got attention from a De Soto Park attorney.
One was told in an unsigned letter from the association she could review records if she ponied up $540. The other received his certified letter back the association had declined it. Both owners filed complaints with the state.
Regulators sided with the owners and tried unsuccessfully to obtain the records through written requests to Picerno, then violation notices and, finally, a subpoena.
As the owners awaited records that never came, the association sent a cease-and-desist letter to one and filed a defamation suit against another.
De Soto Park's attorney also fired off a cease-and-desist letter to a unit owner who complained to the state that Picerno began following her after she tried to solicit signatures to oust him from the board late in 2013.
The lawsuit and letters contained virtually identical allegations, including that the owners had made "statements misrepresenting ... Picerno's qualifications and eligibility as a board member ... without any factual basis."
Two other board members were removed illegally, the state concluded. State investigator Carl Hecht told Picerno in a Jan. 16 email that only unit owners could vote to recall board members, so board members Dora Shvartsman and Boris Breytman should be reinstated.

"Once again," Hecht wrote, "the Division will expect the Association to follow the law."

Once again, Picerno did not follow the law. In a letter to Breytman, Hecht wrote: "Mr. Picerno refused to reinstate you to the board." Only after Picerno stepped down, six months later, did Breytman and Shvartsman return to the board.

Can't follow the money

Condo owners' money can be misused or wasted when the volunteers that serve on association boards ignore warning signs and fail to pay close attention.
Financial surprises hit De Soto Park near the end of 2013. Some board members claimed they never approved the association's purchase of a condo or the spending of $176,945 from its reserve fund. The condo also exceeded its budget for repairs and maintenance by more than $300,000.
The condo's accountant said he had tried to warn the board, but no one took action.

"I kept saying, this guy has got a debit card and he's not writing receipts," accountant Brian Calvarese said. "No one stepped up to him on the board."
Calvarese told the Sun Sentinel he was so troubled by what he saw he took his concerns to Hallandale Beach Detective Chris Grieco.
Calvarese and Grieco said Picerno used association money to pay off his and his wife's cellphone bill. Picerno bought laptops, cellphones and a television with De Soto Park money, Calvarese said. He spent association dollars at restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations, Calvarese said, and used a De Soto Park debit card without showing how he spent the money.
Calvarese said Picerno also spent money he was not authorized to touch, from the association's reserve account.
State law requires condominiums to set aside money to pay for major repairs or future expenses. These reserve funds may be used only to pay for those designated, down-the-line expenses, unless unit owners vote to free the money for other purchases or operating expenses.
Some board members alleged no such vote occurred in 2013, yet the annual financial statements assembled by Calvarese recorded $176,945 in reserve spending.
Picerno told the Sun Sentinel no money came from the general reserves, but records show his signature on multiple checks from that account.

One bought golf carts. Others went to a landscaping supply company and other businesses and individuals, their memo or subject lines indicated.
"Nobody voted" to use that money, Calvarese said. "There was no board resolution. Nothing documented." Reserve funds were even used to purchase a condo unit at De Soto Park.

Unit No. 116 in Building Four cost the association $75,000. Just over a month after the purchase, De Soto Park sold it for $78,500 to a company owned by a real estate agent who does business at the complex. Two months after that, the agent's company sold the unit for $122,000 a profit of more than $40,000.

Picerno declined to comment on specific transactions.

"I'm not going to answer any more questions because all they're looking for is trouble," he told the newspaper.

No action

It's now been more than a year since four 2013 board members and one unit owner filed complaints with the state almost simultaneously in December 2013.
"Mr Picerno feels that he can spend and do as he pleases," Max Levine wrote in his complaint.

"Mr. Picerno always disregards board members and unit owners in what he decides to do," wrote Catherine Impliazzo.
"Mr. Picerno refuses to give us access to the records," wrote Breytman, and "has taken money from the reserve account without approval of the majority of the unit owners and board members."
Association attorney Isaac Manzo disputed the allegations in an April 2014 email to state regulators: "The Association completely denies all allegations in the complaints in this case and also vehemently protests the unfounded, harassing conduct of" state regulators.
Picerno told the Sun Sentinel: "The board knew everything I was doing. I would explain in the office; they knew everything that was going on."

The final days

Picerno served as board president through the spring and summer of 2014, even after his arrest following a brawl with a teenage condo resident.
Police sought Picerno on the night of a De Soto Park board meeting, saying he hit and kicked the boy and tried to hit him with a metal flashlight.
The boy had argued with Picerno and a security guard over whether police would be called to the boy's apartment after a complaint that the boy had been peeping through a window, according to police.
The boy suffered cuts to his forehead and lips and a broken hand, the arrest report stated. Police charged Picerno with assault and battery and the guard with battery.
While awaiting trial, Picerno continued his work for the board. In December, he pleaded no contest and adjudication was withheld.
Picerno is currently serving 12 months' probation. Now, he said, he just wants to be left alone.
"They're just mean, vindictive people," he said. "I tried to do my best to help them. All they ever did was turn everything around."  or 954-356-4716