Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Judy was out this morning delivering Newspapers when she encountered a deputy Sheriff at Andover F. He is investigating reports that an elderly resident was attacked at an ATM . He said that the man was injured and had marks on his face and arms. No other details at this time, but I will look into it and see if I can find out more info. Any one else have any info ?

Neil J. Moore

Who is Dragging us down?

In reading the latest issue of "The other Newspaper" I read an unbelievable article bashing the Messenger club in general and myself in particular. I have mixed feelings about some of the writings in the article. I am quite happy that the other newspaper finally realized that our little paper is a cause for concern. I am also quite happy that they are scrambling to confront some of  the issues that The CV Messenger raised in the last few months. Issues that until the advent of the CV Messenger were stonewalled or swept under the rug in the pathetic attempt to portray the village as a perfect paradise, when in reality there were, and still are a lot of objectionable issues that need attention.

The author objects to articles published on the basis that they are not written by a unit owner, as though not being an owner somehow puts renters into the category of second class citizens. To maintain that just because a person does not own property they are not invested in the welfare of the community is absurd, comments that "renters" should  have no status and no voice in the community harkens back to the days of Jim Crow laws and smacks of bigotry and discrimination. Ranting about the people making objections  rather than addressing the issues is the last defense of the scoundrel.

The author goes on to say that the videos and pictures posted on the Internet are a source of embarrassment and are " dragging the village down " I say that if anyone is embarrassed by actual pictures or videos showing stinking fish and rotten vegetation then they should do something about it. Keeping quiet while the fish rot on the shores is not an effective approach to solving anything. The issue of the scummy water was brought to the attention of the administration a year or more before the video was produced. Due to the lack of action and the ignorant attitude of the administration it was decided to show everyone the truth in the hope that they would be embarrassed and do something about it. The same thing can be said for the Sheffield O situation which festered for more than three years .  that's  a situation that would definitely " Drag us down" . The CV Messenger printed the story, suddenly there was a mad  scramble to do something. The Sheffield O issue is finally being  recognized as a threat to the village and something is being done to fix it. Perhaps the author of the article would be inclined to encourage his family to invest in a unit in Sheffield O and live  there despite investing  unknowingly  under the threat of termination and living among a transient population.  Besides: why would you worry about property prices unless you are speculating in the hope of making money rather than enjoying retirement ?

Finally: in response to the question : "Why are you dragging us down ?" I would have to respond by saying I'm not dragging anything down. The recent wasting of millions of dollars in a botched paving job, The stories circulating the village (whether true or not) about the fleecing of residents in repairing the clubhouse after the hurricanes,  the abolition of term limits and candidates debates and the censorship of village media, the loss of the golf course , the scummy water in the lake, the animosity and frustrations at the assemblies, the ignoring of residents pleas for help , the ill treatment of volunteers, the censorship of village media and the imposition of unreasonable regulations regarding clubhouse use , the frivolous spending on the WPRF facilities that can be compared to leasing a car, spending thousands to customize it, then giving it back to the leasing company, and  uncontrolled spending  that goes on and on causing rates to go up and up   are all things that are dragging Century Village down.

 I am motivated to reveal the things that are actually dragging us down to allow others to see the reality and  hope that it will compel  those in a position of authority to do something instead of hiding and ignoring things.

Neil J Moore

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Marilyn G and fairness!!

Marilyn Gorodetzer knows not of what she speaks. She has pontificated and for all intents and purposes has turned the CVMessenger club down, all by herself. She has decided that if a political activity was to be held in the synagogue it would affect their IRS 501c3 status.

Not true! It will not. Turning down one of the Clubs public functions. Debates from all the candidates smacks of meanness and suffocation of any kind of political action against the "in-crowd".  But perhaps this will backfire on her since she is wrong on this decision and obviously shows her political stance. Which is a member of the in-crowd, and against all other political efforts. That is all the opposition.

However none of this will make any difference when David Israel follows John Boehner out the door.

To continue, what is wrong with supporting candidate night at the Synagogue? What is wrong with giving the candidates a forum and free expression. Giving all candidates a opportunity to express their take on our problems. Believe me we have enough of them, problems not candidates.

Apparently Marilyn thinks not!

Can you believe this?

First the great Presidential President started a rumor that he was resigning, if true, a  good idea.

Now he is having second thoughts as to how to get rid of Esther. He is asking his attorney for a decision that says she holds her committee position illegally and he want to remove her. The attorney on-a-string of course, right or wrong, will supply this outrageous opinion.

I'll give you an opinion. Back off, leave her alone. You manufacture a rule to remove her and so will I.

The fact that he assigned her to that position, since she was next in line. That it follows the rules of the By-Laws does not have anything to do with it. He wants her out and he will try any sleazy trick to remove her.

But we, the DA, are all watching and we will not allow it.

Another thing going is the Pressure by the Manager of the Club House, Eva Rachevsky, advising Olga that she will be banned from the Club House if she does not stop asking for signatures for a petition. The problem that Eva has is that she has 2 Bosses, one is the Levy's and the other is the spiteful UCO president.

This type of activity will not be allowed.

If we allow this overbearing actions upon Olga, who will be next?

More lies, baloney and fabrications


Joy Vestal and Myron Silverman co-editors of the UCO Reporter published a vicious hate letter written by executive board member Milton Cohen. They have allowed Mr. Cohen to spew his prejudicial lies about Esther Sutofsky without the benefit of giving Esther the opportunity to respond.  This was another case of discrimination fostered by Joy and her co-conspirator puppet, Myron Silverman.  They have further disgraced the Reporter. Here are MY answers to Mr. Cohen.

Mr. Cohen stated in his letter to the editor that Ms Sutofsky marred The September Delegate Assembly, when she asked people who disagreed with the officers to turn their backs on them and walk out of the hall.  The fact is the people who left were disgusted with David Israel for not allowing them to vote on petitions sent to the delegate assembly -  they walked out in protest  on  their own accord.  The people who wanted to speak did not walk out.

Mr. Cohen goes on to disrespect Ms.  Sutofsky by referring to her as a so-called educator.  The reality is Ms.  Sutofsky is highly educated and was principal of a school for many years. I doubt Mr. Cohen has as much education or experiences other than as a police officer saying, “STOP-DON’T-MOVE.”

 Mr. Cohen continues to say Ms Sutofsky’s first act as an elected official was to disrupt our assembly and deny other homeowners the opportunity to hear useful and important information. Ms Sutofsky and others have always stated their adverse opinions in the delegate assembly and if Mr. Cohen believes that to state one's opinion is to disrupt maybe he wants to go back to the time of Hitler Germany when anyone who spoke against the Fuehrer was bashed over the head and thrown out of the auditorium.

Mr. Cohen further states, the people - meaning the officers - have worked hard and have Century Village welfare at heart -  Really?  The people in David’s administration do not have the welfare of the village at heart. They are only interested in satisfying their own egos. If they really cared about the village, they would be screaming about David Israel wasting six million dollars on a crappy road job.

Because the protesters walked out of the delegate meeting, Mr. Cohen accuses Ms Sutofsky of denying the villagers an opportunity to learn about upcoming events such as the Thanksgiving Day dinner, and the honor flight for WWII veterans. No one ever held a gun to anyone's head and told them to leave – they left on their own accord. Bettie Bleckman started the Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the Clubhouse - it was her initial idea. She planned and supervised the first dinner and  Mr.  Cohen now wants to take credit.  As for the Honor flight, anyone person who does not respect the freedom Veterans fought for has no business being part of the tradition to honor them. 

In his final paragraph, Mr. Cohen claims to be suspect of Ms.  Sutofsky’s patriotism. The truth is, a real patriot is one who believes in freedom of Speech, The Press, Freedom of Assembly, Equal Rights, Freedom to petition and the right to bear arms. The true patriot is Esther Sutofsky, who is fighting for these freedoms not Milton Cohen, who is fighting against them.    Mr. Cohen continues to recall the people who spat upon the veterans returning home from Korea and Vietnam. He indirectly accuses her of taken part in this act. Truth is she was about three or four years old during the Korean War. Can you really envision   a three or four-year-old spitting at a vet. As for the Vietnam War, protesters knew it was a dirty war, which killed mainly Latinos, African Americans and other minorities and lined the pockets of the big corporations - it was a war fought for profits, not freedom.  Years later, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara a hawk, from the Kennedy administration apologized to the American people and   admitted the war was a grave mistake.

I am sorry to say Mr. Cohen; you make me regret we fought so hard to keep people like you alive during the Vietnam war. History has proven us right. Can you say the same for the vitriolic smut you wrote about in the UCO Reporter? No, I will bet you cannot. Esther Sutofsky happens to be an intelligent compassionate person who puts people before herself. It is too bad you,  Milton Cohen , cannot do the same.  

Joy Vestal and Myron Silverman are a disgrace to the editorial profession.  

Oh, the shame of it.

This article was originally published in the CVMessenger.

​​​We, all of us members of UCO, pay for EVERYTHING, even if we don't own it. Take the Main Clubhouse, for instance. We pay for taxes, insurance, maintenance, employees, electricity, water, repairs........and it goes on and on and on, just like we own the building and grounds.

We even pay for the air we breathe in the clubhouse.
So, one might think.....then how come we can't use the building in the manner that we wish?

It is my understanding that WPRF, using their attorney, wrote up a document stating that authoritative decisions were granted to UCO. The letter was written to UCO, namely, David Israel. Legally, I am advised, Israel has no right to make any decisions that arbitrarily affect members of UCO, --- about 14,000 members. The Board of Directors has that right, and they are the DELEGATES.

WPRF's attorney has stated in the past that all inquiries should be made to the UCO President because he holds the right to tell everyone what they can and can't do relative to the use of
the clubhouse. Eva is merely following orders. Where is that letter? Israel first made the statement that no such letter was ever written, -- then he recanted and stated that the letter is lost.


Israel does not want to produce the letter because it could put him in serious hot water. It would put him on the wrong side of a legal argument and he can't tolerate being put in such a position.

Just to simplify things to put them in proper perspective and understanding what injustices have occurred: Assume you rent an apartment in the Village. You're given a rental agreement that says you pay for the real estate taxes, insurance, electric, condo fees, and water and sewer. Then by some third-party agreement in writing you are unaware of, you are advised that you can't hang any pictures on the walls, you must keep your shades down all of the time, and you can use the toilets only 4 times a week, unless the third party says that you can. What do you say ......Okay!! You stand up, if you have any backbone, and tell the Owner to go pound sand.

David Israel has plenty of these backroom nasty secrets. Where is that letter Mr. Israel?
You knew that WPRF couldn't prevent all UCO members from using the clubhouse in a manner they saw fit, so you solicited WPRF and was secretly granted the power to impose certain sanctions upon use of the clubhouse, just like you owned the building personally.



Read more about the underhanded tactics of CV administration in the SCANDALS SERIES BY EDUARDO

Resigned at last!

This is good news. Is he, our most Presidential President, quitting? Is he actually getting ready to resign and allow somebody else to try to tame the CV financial problems. Yes and that is Good news.

We need some fresh air in the UCO Politics and getting rid of this old and tired President is one way to get it.

I hope the resignation is true.

After David Israel is resigned we can continue with the rest of the job at hand. Getting rid of the haters, the liars, the untruth sayers, the name callers.

This will all be good.


You see, we sit here and are unhappy with the budget and how big the increase is. But Eva has no problem with asking for, and probably getting, $8000 for a underwater mural. Not needed! If she thinks they need a underwater mural how about having the Levy/Benenson trust provide the cash?

So if I understand it, our Treasurer is fighting to present a budget with no increase this year. So far he has not accomplished it. I hear numbers from $2, $3 and $4 for a unit increase. I have heard a lot more but I wont say it, yet.

The plan that Eva has for the improving the Club house could mean a increase of $8 per unit per month. Add this to the $2,, $3, or $4 per unit per month and you get a un-real number.

And none of this attacks the main Village problems.

Pay attention Delegates we have been fooled by slight of hand politics before!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


(A little introductory note - this posting was written in response to a nasty letter posted by Joy Vestal in the paper, along with her co-editor Myron Silverman and her asst. editor Don Foster and written by Milton Cohen

Milton Cohen, thou art an ass. One with the gall of a demented frog. Don't like hearing the truth? Well, then you need to heal from your brain -mouth connectus interruptus and watch what you write.

Here is some information worthy of your perusal. After you read that, read on and see how things can escalate because of one's thoughtless actions and statements.

"Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person's reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person."

That is the definition of defamation.

To recover damages in a lawsuit, a person must show:

"evidence of four elements: that the defendant conveyed a defamatory message; that the material was published, meaning that it was conveyed to someone other than the plaintiff; that the plaintiff could be identified as the person referred to in the defamatory material; and that the plaintiff suffered some injury to his or her reputation as a result of the communication."

Oh dear, oh dear. Would you like to publish a retraction of your comments on my patriotism or is accusing me of being a traitor satisfactory to you? Your choice. In the meanwhile, while you try to re-engage your brain, let's take a look at your letter to the prejudiced editor who, by the way, should have contacted me to present my response to such a defamatory letter or should never have printed it at all. Oh, well, she will be part and parcel of the suit unless an apology is received - in public - where I and many others are witness to it - hey, like the DA. What an idea! Anyway, to your printed garbage.

First up, your "so called educator" comment. As I do not recall you or a child of yours or any one related or connected to you as one of my many wonderful educational kids, and certainly not one of the many who write to me, I would like to know where you get your information from and how you intend to prove this statement. Bad idea as you will have lost this from the getgo. But even if I were the worst educator in the world what does who I was in my professional life have to do with that DA? Perhaps you were a lousy student? Just saying.

Since when is protest an un-American act. Walking out of an assembly of some type, particularly when it is basically rigged, is a time honored American tradition. I am truly sorry if your reading and thinking ability might preclude you from reading about this but perhaps TV might help you with that. And doing so with dignity, after I spoke quietly and with respect to the president of UCO, and getting the answer I fully expected, yes, I asked people to walk out and yes, several people knew that I would ask this of them if it came to that but did I ask all of them? NO! Did I force anyone to take this action? NO!!! These people walked out because they were disgusted at the UCO pattern of behavior. And pray, tell me what my husband speaking has to do with the man in the moon. I know he spoke at some point but so what? Maybe you were bullied by your wife or you bullied her, but in my marriage, independent thinking is allowed and by the way, Gerry is considered to be one of the best guys in town so watch yourself here, Shakespeare's ass.

In any case, you accuse me of depriving people of the right to hear what else was to be said at the DA. Are you truly an idiot? Never mind, asked and answered. How, may I ask, was I to know what was to come and who cares anyway. People have the right to choose their own behaviorisms and are not held prisoner. In fact, walking out on the DA seems to have become an honored tradition here in the Village. Just watch the tapes and see how many are left at the end. And by the way, this action was towards the end of the DA anyway, so please, go see if it is raining around the corner. Hopefully that will not strain your brain too much.

The next bit is just really over the top. Here I am accused of misbehavior towards our soldiers of the Korean and Vietnam war. Well, considering that I was 3 - 4 years old when the Korean War ended in a truce, I believe that fear of being "potched" should I spit at anyone, would have kept me from doing so and certainly my parents did not raise me that way and they would have been appalled at such behavior. At that age I certainly did not disobey my parents.

As far as Vietnam, how dare you. While I at first believed the lies that our government told us about the Bay of Tonkin, I eventually saw the truth and the horror of it, the need to get the hell out and bring our boys and girls home, safely. Never, not then and not now, would I ever disrespect a serviceman of our nation. I am still my parents' child, dear Oberon. Thank you for your service if you fought over there, but I am indeed sorry that it was a wasted war, as are most wars, as war truly does not leave any victors. And by the way, just a question of conjecture - how did you behave when you walked into a Vietnamese village? My Lai ring any bells?

Now if you can explain why you bring in religion to the next topic I would be ever so grateful and here is something that is going to bite you in your rear.

"....the patriotism of people like Ms. Sutofsky, who seek to destroy our monthly meetings, is suspect."

Really? Now that takes balls to accuse me of being unpatriotic. I have no need to prove to you or anyone else in your demented and deluded world of my patriotism. We have no more Gene McCarthy, no more HUAC, though some of today's politicians are just as nuts in their own ways. How dare you say - print - such a statement. You will not have a great deal of fun in court trying to prove that statement while on the contrary I will laugh at your struggles and stupidity in the first place!

Now, fair is fair so let me ask you a few questions. Remember, these are general questions, asking about alleged possibilities in your past life as a NYC policeman. So....were you an officer serving at any of the precincts involved in corruption? If so, please delineate your actions so that you can try to keep your name clear and clean. If you were involved, did these alleged actions stop? When? Were you ever disciplined for alleged misdoings and deeds? If so, how , when and why? Just asking? Just raising a few possibilities.

Did you behave with the mindset of the police at the time, meaning did you ever beat any person brought in for questioning? How free were you with your nightstick? Did you respect the rights of the accused to immediately retain a lawyer and refuse to speak to any personnel? Did you keep any suspects from sleeping, a designated and known torture technique? Did you stop people because of racial or ethnic appearance? Did these alleged possible behaviors ever attach themselves to your portfolio of police techniques. Were you a cop from Public Morals or from SVU?

Remember, these questions are all concerned with alleged possible behavior and action. I am not accusing you, only asking, only conjecturing whilst you, my dear ass of Shakespearian proportion, actually accused me and hence left yourself WIDE open. Oh, dear. Tsk, tsk.

An apology will help, will go a long way, and tell your disgraced and disgraceful journalist who allowed this to be printed in her RAG, that an apology had better be forthcoming - both orally and in print. In public and in the next issue and even on the blog as this is also where it is found. Oh the messes one can get oneself into. Dearie, dearie, me - and you!

Think about it, drain your gall, recharge your brain and close your nasty little mouth unless it is to apologize. Unpatriotic indeed! Just who exactly is it, by the way, that violated the Constitution every day here with closure of media to people, with abrogation of the right to freely assemble and speak to others and to those Shakespearian critters who blindly follow on his trail? Brain/mouth connectus interruptus, a serious malady indeed.

Resign David Israel!

So the best thing that David Israel could do at this juncture is to follow the lead of John Boehner. Resign and give some other people a chance and see how much better they could improve Village life and and how much better they could run Century Village.

I hear a rumor that the existing President, the deep misogynistD.Israel, (after all he did publically called one of his female volunteers a toxic tart, nice) is getting out of the kitchen, to hot. In the meantime he is supposedly picked a replacement and is grooming him. So I guess he doesn't have anyone that could just sit down in room 101 and run UCO.

 We do!!

I'll bet you didn't  know that the UN honors term limits. One term for all offices. I wonder why?

Term Limits revisited, again

There are a lot of people here, in Century Village that do not understand the reasons for Term Limits, or don't want to know.

200 years age Ben Franklin had some thoughts.

"Opponents charge that limits are inherently antidemocratic, that people should be free to elect to office whomever they want and that voters inherently have the power to limit terms simply by voting incumbents out. But judging by the huge support that term limits have usually won at the ballot box—and still enjoy in most local polls—large numbers of citizens feel that a political system without limits is a stacked deck. Any system that allows incumbents to amass so much power and attention in office that challengers can rarely win is surely in need of a corrective." 

He said this 200 years ago. Today those words still ring true.

But don't take my words for this. Read some more.

The notion that only one person — the incumbent — can do the job well is absurd. Problematically, we continue to elect the incumbent because of name recognition and party affiliation rather than a proven track record. Realistically, there is usually someone just as qualified to take over the incumbent’s office.

Why Do We Need Term Limits?

John Adams said, “Without [term limits] every man in power becomes a ravenous beast of prey”. That being said, here are some of the reasons we believe our country needs Term Limits, and UCO needs term limits.

Term Limits can help break the cycle of corruption in Congress and in particular, in UCO. Case studies show that the longer an individual stays in office, the more likely they are to stop serving the public and begin serving their own interests. Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally.

Term Limits will encourage regular citizens to run for office. Presently, there is a 94% re-election rate in the House and 83% in the Senate. and 100% in UCO.

Because of name recognition, and usually the advantage of money, and friends in high places. it can be easy to stay in office. Without legitimate competition, what is the incentive for a member of UCO to serve the public? Furthermore, it is almost a lost cause for the average citizen to try to campaign against current members of Congress, and the members of the UCO Clique.

Term Limits will break the power that special interest groups have in Congress, and for the selection of Committee members in UCO.

Term Limits will force politicians to think about the impact of their legislation because they will be returning to their communities shortly to live under the laws they enacted.
Term Limits will bring diversity of people and fresh ideas. 

Disgruntled Comcaster.


Out on the golf course doesn’t seem to be the greatest pastime anymore. It costs too much and takes too much of your time. Walking and physical fitness seems to have been creeping up steadily. So, in between what you like to do and maybe forced to do is getting some munchies and hoisting a few before a movie-sized TV screen. A great pastime for the Century Village aging community, even with 60% story and 40% ads, or on some shows 50%-50%.

But, how many of you have experienced your TV making weird noises, your picture flutters and then dies right before your eyes. It then looks like your TV went bust, but after a bunch of scuffing noises, and picture interferences, your screen goes blank. If you fool around with the buttons, and that’s probably the average thing that people do, you might get information on your screen that it is re-loading, re-booting or what have you, and it will take five minutes, or a certain loss of picture code that you need to talk to Comcast about and it gives you a phone number, or a half-dozen sets of instructions that cause you to foam at the mouth.

So, you’re watching your favorite program or the news or you’re into a movie and you lose your picture and it doesn’t’ want to come back so quick. Totally flustered, you then pick up the phone and if you have a phone number handy, you call COMCAST. Now, you’re in for an experience.

Of course, you’ve got to have the patience of a 5 o’clock commuter on Okee. Aha, you reach a live person, - a real person who you can converse with you who speaks an unfamiliar dialect. You explain your problem to this person. That person is sympathetic and kind and appears to have a prepared document to read from. If you’re like the average person, you get this TV picture loss frequently. As a matter of fact, some people lose their TV picture 3 or 4 times a day. Others, 2 or 3 times a week. And even others who say that they never lose their TV picture and they’re either lying or they don’t watch TV very much.

You convince the COMCAST person over the phone that the problem you’re having occurs so often that you really need a technician to come out to your apartment. They try 10 or 20 different ways to talk you out of it, but if you hang in there, they’ll agree to send a technician our in 2 or 3 days hence. So, you’ll suffer a little while longer. But, it doesn’t end with that call. Subsequently, you’ll get a call from India, - yes India. And that person - speaking a broken King’s English - is going to try and walk you through getting your TV to work again instead of having a technician come out. Yeah, that’s right, -- from India a person is going to tell a 70 or 80 year old CV resident how to correct the problem.

Then you’ll be inundated with follow-up calls from COMCAST, some of which are electronic, and intimidating the hell out of you. You could get 3 or 4 calls the days before they intend to be at your apartment to be sure that you’re going to be home, and their window is about 5 hours.

Well, it doesn’t work well at all. Your TV will not be fixed. It will happen again and again. Alright, the technician arrives, and he may be at your apartment not on the day scheduled. The tech goes through the motions, looks things over a bit, goes downstairs to their distribution panel box, maybe installs a new resistor or installs a new cable box or tells you that you had a loose wire, or some other cockamamie story that he or she hopes you will accept. COMCAST will even try to bill you about $40 if they determine that it was not their equipment at fault.

We, the people of Century Village, have a continuing contract with COMCAST for over three million dollars a year. And, besides that, - you’re paying monthly. And, believe it or not, if you’re a new owner, you’re expected to pick up your necessary equipment from COMCAST and install if yourself. If COMCAST has to come out to your apartment and install the equipment, including the necessary cables, - then you’ll need to pay for that work. There is nothing in the contract that says otherwise.

Alright, you pay, then, it doesn’t work so good. Then what? Try going to UCO and discussing that faulty TV picture problem, and asking them to resolve the ongoing issue with COMCAST. You are treated like you’re a trouble maker. They don’t know how to handle the matter nor do they want to. The big question is “WHY?” Instead of telling COMCAST that they’re not delivering a service which is expected of them, they choose to back away and do nothing.

Why is the UCO administration (Israel & Black) doing nothing about continuous COMCAST TV problems happening throughout the Village? It’s like the $5.2 million dollar paving job; award it and then do nothing to see to it that it’s carried out correctly. It’s like buying a loaf of bread for 10 bucks and then finding out the bread is stale and you’re doing nothing about it.

From what I have learned, COMCAST does not want to increase their signals or do whatever they have to do in order to correct this ongoing TV picture problem that is happening to many, many people. COMCAST, it seems, has taken a band aid approach with the intention of pacifying CV residents until they “learn to live with it.”

If you have experienced any part of what I’ve spoken about hereinabove, then in order to get this current administration to act, you need to band together and make demands upon UCO to get COMCAST to fix the problems or violate their service contract; in which case monetary penalties may be in order. Demand that UCO deal with the problem because they have the contract with COMCAST not you. Oh, they’ll try to give you a BS story as to why you must deal directly with COMCAST yourself. Don’t let them get away with it . . . make it their problem.

Three million dollars plus, - - one would expect no problems. But, if there are problems, one would expect that they would be fixed expeditiously, without cost to the apartment owner, and the fixes are made permanently. Bob Marshall, -- are you listening and do you care? Are you capable of being able to address this matter prior to your trips to purchase cookie and cake using a permission note?


Friday, September 25, 2015

Money Money Money

Where is your money going?
Prepare to spend more
Round and round down the bottomless hole
For what? A mural in the indoor pool.

Stew Richland
How long can you go without spending money?  I bet its more time than WPRF.
WPRF is our money pit.  Many years ago, I was given very sage advice by a dear friend who told me “NEVER BUY A BOAT.”  It’s a money pit.  It just keeps sucking you dry.  Good advice.  Well I did not take it.  From the day my buddy and I docked our Titanic, it began to suck us dry.  Docking fees, pulling the craft out of the water, fixing leaks, and on one Thanksgiving day, I was called by the marina owner that my boat was sinking. Shortly after that the boat was sold.  Good advice not taken. 
Well WPRF is like beginning to look like Century Villages Titanic.  .
Our pools are one of our great attractions and should be kept up.  However, when the pools are repaired, the shelf life of the job should be long enough so that we have the opportunity to fill the money pot to do the job again when it has to be updated. I ask you?
Do we need a mural in the indoor pool?.  What purpose does it serve?  Just part of the money pit.  I wonder how many people use Duck Island?   I question that we are going to get our monies worth when that project is finished. Is it necessary to put in more decorative plants around the club house? 
There  are two movies that clearly mirror the WPRF problem we are facing: The Money Pit and Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House.”  These two films clearly illustrate what could happen to any one, if proper planning and due diligence is not maintained. 

I am not taking a position that repair and upkeep should not be planned because of the costs involved.  I just demand a very close accounting of what is to done, the cost of the projects, and is the project really necessary.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Lanny suggests on  David’s blog a compromise between opposing factions  should come to a consensus on some matters.  Which matters, he does not say. Is it the matter of spending millions of dollars or is it the matter of deciding to put one or two rolls of toilet paper in a stall?  I can be certain any compromise under the tutelage of David Israel would be limited to the toilet paper.
 David Israel is a dictator, and dictators will feed you peanuts while they eat steak.   Sorry folks, a peaceful co-existence is out of the question. We will not stand by while they stuff their  belly,  and we go hungry.

Lanny goes on to say he knows a top College board of managers who operate by “sense of the meeting."  Any college board that  operates by sense of the meeting must be smoking the weed.  On the other hand, maybe it’s’ Lanny smoking the stuff.

Oh Yes, Lanny wants Harmony.  I think he has been singing falsetto too long.  He’s so out of tune he needs to drop out of the chorus.

Lanny’s failing memory forgets that David Israel is a dictator,  and dictators do not compromise – they tell people what to do, and if they do not do it;  they get fired. 
Wake up Lanny, it’s time to rise and shine.     

In Memorian

• In memoriam.
Yogi Berra, one of baseball’s greatest catchers and characters, and an anchor of 10 Yankee World Series championship teams, died at 90 on Tuesday.

Continue reading the main storyBut he may be more widely known for his unwittingly witty epigrams, known asYogi-isms, like, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Pest removal!

So where does this leave us ? Lets take a look.

First what are the complaints? They are numerous and they all should be addressed.

DA with their Heads in the Sand

Here is the list.
  1. There is no coherent plan to take care of the road situation. Waiting is no option. We are not putting any money away now for the future. The roads will need to be repaired soon.
  2. The Broadband committee should be disbanded or at the least the continued investigation into Israel's baby, Village wide Wi-Fi. It  is here and it works It works fine.
  3. The lack of using all available Volunteers. The smart one does not like to use any of his oppositional people as Volunteers. Who gives him the right to pick and choose? Esther is available and so far has not been utilized. So is Howard Silver.
  4. The sneaky way the contracting is run. We have contracts out there that were never presented to the Delegate assembly. Why is that OK?
  5. The terrible way the access to channel 63 is done, No opposition, please. Or the CV Recorder, no oppositional pieces please.
  6. Or the way the Club maintains rules that squash the all opposition to access. That is the Jewish Journal is allowed in the Clubhouse but not the CVMessenger.
Why is right about all this.

This is the way the Current President wants to operate. I say enough!!

Term limits are required. Vote yes.

Lets get rid of the power hungry pests now!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This is my thinking on the right to free speech.

Yes Olga, You are right you have the right to say what ever you want, when ever you want and the President of UCO has no right to take that away from you, or even try. No matter the Baker law.

Yes George you have the right to have your own opinion as to who should be up for election and who does not. If you look back to FDR you will see the GOP had the same problem. They solved it with Term Limits.

Your second paragraph is not so easy to answer. Israel has taken the bit and has denied us our usual rights. Although he may be correct that all Votes by the Delegate Assembly must be first approved by the Executive. In actual practice all Petitions, passed or not by the Executive Committee are brought before the Delegates for approval. So Israels using this small and relative unknown line in the By-Laws is tantamount to lying to the Assembly and might as well be, lying to the entire Village. The Delegates should be allowed to vote on this issue.

All this is doing is giving us some time to build up some strength.

Yes you are correct George, we may not have enough Votes to do everything we want, or there were just a lot of people that are with us and decided to stay and see what will happen. In any case we are building up some strength and the Bully Terrorist is losing some. Remember my story about Israel mumbling thru Publix at me, mumbling about Cyber Terrorist

So where does that leave us. This not the end ,this is not the beginning of the end, it is just the end of the beginning.

Things are beginning to change. Things will get better!

Term Limits are needed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enough already 2

So the informative one is crowing about the fact that the budget increase is about $2 per unit per month. Not the $8 per month that the opposition asked for.

So lets be sensible, the Master has asked for a chance to continue to hide his efforts with  spending. He wants the right, he is demanding the right, to spend upwards of what? $50,000? $100,000? So that he can be happy with his very private expenditures, no questions asked.

Where does he get a $8 increase? Same place he gets the Emergencies.

If he wants to talk unsubstantiated rumors, how about $25-$50 million for road repair? That expense should of been ended the last time around But NO The knowledgeable one gave away $6 million to M&M for a road job, that didn't do the job.

And guess who is going to pay for this in the long run?

Ha-Ha-Ha. You and me Brother!

Don't you think it time to get rid of this guy?

Enough already!!!

So, the question is why do we put up with it?

The actions at the Finance Committee should have all of us cringing in horror, cringing in fear. Our great and illustrious leader wants free rein to all the money. To ALL of our money.

He already has the bank account combined into one so that any withdrawals are not obvious and easily discerned. He can write a check for anything and leave nothing that is obvious except maybe to Ed Back and our steely minded Treasurer.

So the only reckoning we can apply is at the Delegate Assembly, by the Vote of the Delegates.

So guess what? He wants to remove that check also. He wants to up the By-Law requirement from $ 1000 to some number that has not been articulated yet. But you get it, if we do not allow him free rein with our money then he will decree that all necessary expenditure will be assigned as Emergencies. In that manner he follows the by-laws explicitly, to the letter of the By-law, but ignores the intent entirely.

That is his way.

Now, I ask, what are we going to do about it?

The only power we, as delegates, have is the Voting booth.

So lets stop this madness. Stop the money grab, stop the power grab. We have the power, lets us use it!!

Vote NO on By-Law changes that affect our pocket books.
Vote Yes on recall. Vote yes on Term Limits.
Vote NO on the $8 increase to beautify Duck Island.

Delegates, enough already. This man is running wild.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Here is an answer.

Here is an answer to a post by Peter Cruise that did not miss the point of exactly what is the Delegate Assembly supposed to do about the running wild of UCO and fiduciary responsibility.

WE quote by ML Gorges

"Mj Gorges hours ago  -  Shared publicly

Perhaps $1,000 approval by the Delegate Assembly in a community this size is too low a threshold.  What should the DA level be?  $2500, $10,000, $50,000?  Who should make this decision?  What constitutes an emergency?  A wall about to collapse onto a roadway?  A fire that endangers others?  A crack that may be the foreshadowing of a sinkhole?  Or faded stripes that tell drivers what side of the road to drive on?  Also, what is the role of the Delegate Assembly if not to monitor our fiduciary responsibilities of UCO or to raise issues of concern?  I do not have answers, just questions.    P.S.  Mr.  Cruise if you only have insults to throw at me, but no answers, why are you here?"

Spending other peoples money.


By Stew Richland

I guess UCO is not the only family that is having money problems.  Dagwood seems to be suffering from the same malady as UCO. 
Howeasy it is to spend
other peoples money!
   Some people get their ideas from light bulbs, others from Cracker Jack boxes, or a Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring, but Lanny Howe seems to be getting his from Fortune Cookies.  Yes, Yes, Lanny,  it is true that the UCO President is limited to $1, 000 dollars of discretionary spending without getting approval from the Delegates.  

How delicious it seems to you that the greatest gift you can give to our leader is to up the ante on how much of other people’s money he should be allowed to spend.  Lanny, peanuts can be easily replaced when consumed, however, hard earned cash is another matter.  You call the Delegate Assembly a “ humongous committee of 300,”  well when they support some of the initiatives that our President proposes, its okay with you. 

You may consider the process laughable, but to those who believe in transparency and fiscal responsibility it is not a joke.
Editor: (I do not consider this other than a serious and blatant attempt to escounch the King as the King)
Are you suggesting that UCO makes more than one payment to a vender for the same project.  This seems at the very least, a questionable practice.  Now you mention getting approval from the Officers and then the Executive Board.  Good Idea, except that there is a problem here.  The Officers and the Executive, except for a very few, vote in lock-step to what our President wants with out much discussion or providing rationale for their vote.  Some one once remarked that, “Three groups spend other people’s  money:
Children,  thieves and politicians.  All three need supervision.”  Now it seems, based on your Fortune Cookie insight, I think a fourth category must now be included. UCO!
Lanny Howe
disbursement director au extraordinaire

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Checks and Balances gone forever.

So, Lanny Howe does not apply good common sense.. He wants all expenditures of over $1000 to be spent without any oversight at all! He has researched the need for rules on how the Village money is spent and found them wanting. He wants to change the by-laws so that the $1000 rule is opened up. To what?

He wants to give the dynamic duo the opportunity to spend all our money with little or no oversight. Pretty much as they are doing now. What with the Emergency rule. Otherwise any expenditure that should go to the Delegates will be labelled an "Emergency".

There is no need, in Lanny Howes' view for the Delegates to get involved at all. In Lanny's view the goodly 2 can be allowed to legally spend our money freely. Pretty much as they are already doing.

The terrible twins just want to be left alone with all our money and be free to spend it as they like. No checks and no balances.

Is that what we want?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Retirement Home is Necessary here!


We now have a powerful reason to pass term limits and end the rein of David Israel, who is destroying our village.  Under his leadership, we are rotting faster than a banana turns brown in a sauna.  Each day, he sits at his computer devising ways to shut us down.  His last act of desperation was for him or one of his cronies to call the PBSO to have me taken into custody for an article I wrote on this blog.  As a last resort they used, a Florida law called THE BAKER ACT to have the PBSO pay me a visit to ascertain if I were a threat to society or myself.  If I were not a sane, rational, intelligent person living in a clean house, I would have been handcuffed and shipped off to the Booby Hatch to be evaluated.  As it turned out, the police report stated – my house was clean and neat, I was very understanding, I was not under the influence of any drugs. In other words, I was normal.  I suspect they were told I was a dangerous lunatic about to blow up Century Village. I disappointed them.  I am trying to make light of this situation but in reality, The Baker Act is a serious problem. It was used frivolously against me and it can be used just as easily against anyone you may believe (whether it's true or not) TO BE A THREAT TO HIMSELF OR OTHERS.  All you need to do is pick up the phone call 911 and tell them you want to have the PBSO use the BAKER ACT to visit so and so.  It is scary that such a law so easily can destroy a person's reputation - especially if that person is sane, rational and not guilty of any crime - Dostoevsky anyone. If David Israel and his henchmen can use this legal trick against me, they can use it against anyone of you. This is the one most important reason why we must restore term limits and put David Israel into a retirement home.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Post from one angry Villager!!

What happened to Channel 63!!

I was the cofounder of channel 63 with Leonard Thompson and Sadie Lovinger. We were the first to put it on the air, back about 12 year ago then, Adelphia came to the Computer Club and ask us if we would take it over, so they can save money. They supply the equipment and we would type pages of information about UCO Meetings and Clubs Meetings and put it on the air. Then came the hurricane and destroyed the Clubhouse as we were repairing the Clubhouse, we made a channel 63 room where we could work. Adelphia bought new equipment paid for half and UCO pay the other half. I was a New Vice President of UCO at that time so I continue to run channel 63. We bought new computers and the latest software to operate it. We put music and videos on the air. 

I ran channel 63 for about three years until I resigned from UCO, I don't remember who took it over then, but when the new regimes came in Ed Black took it over. He did a lousy job, he ran it for about 7 years had all kinds of trouble with the equipment; it went down and got hit by lightning. He replaced it and as time went on, the equipment got old. When I was running it, I bought a new video camera. When I left Ed took over and they bought another video camera and then just last year, later they bought another video camera then they updated and bought another camera for channel 63. Last two years the Gregg's were putting on all kinds of great show and videos and running channel 63 in the super way they work hard and spend a lot of time putting on channel 63.

Then David Israel put his two cents in, and he didn't want certain programs to be put on channel 63 then the Gregg's protested and finally The Gregg's resigned. 

David Israel appointed Joy Vestal to head up channel 63 as a power-hungry person. She's is now a Vice President of UCO and Editor in Chief of the UCO Reporter and also now runs Channel 63 where does she spend all her time?? (I also wonder where the free press is?

When I was VP we didn't have a new building and everything was in one building including the UCO Reporter and I was able to do my job and also in running channel 63. We all have to thank Kristy in the WPRF office; she is the one that is doing it. Now putting on all the pages that you see. It reminds me of when I first started, the same old style no difference.

Where is all the fancy software programs that we bought? I guess we have to ask Joy?? May be she should learn how to work channel 63 instead of doing all the talking that she's the great one. I ask a question at the UCO Reporter in the July monthly meeting about why are we Advertising David Israel blog in the UCO Reporter and we don't Advertising other blogs?? The next Monday I was fired, I was only a volunteer photographer for the past five years and took pictures of all kinds of events and featured stories that you see in the UCO Reporter all over the Village and even when the President Obama was here. So I guess you can’t ask any questions of UCO Officers!!

Past UCO Executive Board 8 Years
UCO Vice President 3 Years
Howie Silver



Fire at Easthampton. Be Careful!

Public Service Announcements

Well folks, I have read the Very Private Blog of David Israel. I have read it and have come away with some thoughts.

First and Topmost is the fact that the silent one has turned his Blog, Not the Century Villages blog, But his Very Private Blog, into a Public Announcement vehicle, a Pennysaver kind of paper. One that does not talk about any of the problems now facing Century Village.

You apparently will see only Public Announcement type posts. That is a nice turn of events, but is it enough?

Does he talk about the problems with the lack of free speech in our Village? Where does a Candidate get to talk about his take on our problems? Where is the open and free announcements concerning the bid process? Where is a detail explanation of the New Security Contract? Where is the details of the striping contract? Where does UCO explain in an open and visible way their actions on the bidding process?

So, what do we hear about the reasons for NOT putting Esther on 2 Committees as she is entitled to, and for which she is Volunteering? After all she is a Executive Board member. And UCO is always asking for Volunteers.

So the Very Private blog is trying to be the official Blog for Public Service announcements. Well I will give him that. But the other blogs will take over the task of detailing out the real problems here is Century Village.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Donald J.Trumph

I remember Lyndon Baines Johnson's trying to end the Vietnam War by making a deal with Ho Chin Minh. The Premier of North Vietnam, and found that those people were intractable and would not negotiate.

They refused to negotiate. They wanted what they wanted. Period.

So now we have some of the Republican candidates saying that the problems with Mr.Putin, The Problems with Syria, the Problems with ISIS can be solved with negotiation.

You hope. I say huh?

More on Broadband.

For those of you that still want Village wide Wi-Fi a la Dave Israel and Ed Black think of these facts.

The price I pay for first class Wi-Fi a la Ed Grossman is $5.00 a month, Olga pays 6.25 per month. This is all first class Wi-Fi.

If you have a bundle from Comcast, which includes Wi-Fi, your speed is probably 1/5 of ours. And you, lucky person, you pay upwards of $40.00 a month for this privilege. If you have AT&T it is probably the same.

So what is Dave Israel and and the  Broadband Committee talking about? Why do they exist? Maybe they should form a Committee to help the Associations set up their Wi-Fi?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Broadband Cancelled and removed.

AS all of you can see and read I have faulted the Great One because of his propensity to promote the Broadband initiative thru the Broadband Committee.

The fact that the Delegate Assembly voted it down, that is the need for a Village wide Wi-Fi, aka known as Broadband, doesn't seem to phase him at all. He wants it, and that is that.

But now that he has read some of my posts. He apparently has cancelled the Broadband Committee meeting.

Now he has to cancel all efforts to Broadband our Village. The use of Broadband by each individual Associations will solve the problem and needs for Broadband.

Well that is good news and about time!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nein, Nein, Nein, not now, not ever!!

OK, Folks. Lets remember Sept.9. Aside from being a Tuesday. Its a day that the great one is still pushing his Broadband Committee.

Even after the Delegate Assembly turned down the Broadband initiative with a decisive Vote. He, the stubborn one, keeps pushing his desire for a Village wide Broadband. Even after the right way to have a Village wide Broadband was put forward by the opposition, by the CVMessenger group, even after many of the Associations have enter into a Broadband effort, Successfully. Even after all this the Super one still pushes his program forward for a Village wide Broadband. A village wide Broadband that would be under his mighty thumb.

Well Dave, NO, NO,NO not now, not ever. Enogh already!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rosh Hashanah

The 11th Circuit Court of Florida is closed for the First day of the Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashanah

Many Public Schools are closed for the first day of the Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashanah.

The Supreme Court of Florida is closed for at least the first days of the Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashanah

UCO is closed for Labor Day

Is UCO closed for Rosh Hashanah?

Happy New Year


     The title means have a wonderful New Year, blessed with all that is good and sweet. I wish all of you health and happiness, peace and prosperity.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Does he have anything to Say?

So, what is the reason for the lack of communication from the Great One. Why is he so silent that even comments that support him, the bully-boy, do not rate a comment back.

My guess is that the reason for this is that when ever he opens his mouth, or should I say his keyboard, he says something that is stupid, out of touch, just plain off target and nasty.

Basically the quieter he is, the better.

He leaves all his talking to his minions, he leaves it to the court jesters. You know the ones that like to be about the king and want to bask in his glow.

Oh so sad, He is the President after-all!!

CVMessenger Videos

The CVMessenger has some interesting and informative Videos. Subjects  covered are what exactly happened at the last Delegate Assembly. They can be viewed here

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Profiling is wrong!!

Sent: 9/12/2015 4:12:34 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Fwd: Profiling

Dahhhhhhh..............what seems to be the common denominator?
Do you know any Muslims? Send this to them.

           PROFILING is Wrong
          The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
          The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
          The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
          The Underwear Bomber was a Muslim
          The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
          The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
          The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
          The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
          The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims
          The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
          The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
          The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
          The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
          The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
          The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims ...
          The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
          The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
          The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
          The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
          The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
          The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
          The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
          The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
          The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
          The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims

Also, Consider:
          Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
          Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
          Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
          Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
          Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
          Confusians living with Baha'is = No Problem
          Baha'is living with Jews = No Problem
          Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
          Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
          Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
          Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
          Hindus living with Baha'is = No Problem
          Baha'is living with Christians = No Problem
          Christians living with Jews = No Problem
          Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
          Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
          Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
          Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
          Confucians living with Hindus = No Problem


          Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
          Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
          Muslims living with Christians = Problem
          Muslims living with Jews = Problem
          Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
          Muslims living with Baha'is = Problem
          Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
          Muslims living with Atheists = Problem


          Thus, This Naturally Leads To:
          They're not happy in Gaza
          They're not happy in Egypt
          They're not happy in Libya
          They're not happy in Morocco
          They're not happy in Iran
          They're not happy in Iraq
          They're not happy in Yemen
          They're not happy in Afghanistan
          They're not happy in Pakistan
          They're not happy in Syria
          They're not happy in Lebanon
          They're not happy in Nigeria
          They're not happy in Kenya
          They're not happy in Sudan
          So - Where Are Muslims Happy?
          They're happy in Australia
          They're happy in England
          They're happy in Belgium
          They're happy in France
          They're happy in Italy
          They're happy in Germany
          They're happy in Sweden
          They're happy in the USA & Canada
          They're happy in Norway & India
          They're happy in almost every country that is Not Islamic. 

And who do they blame? Not Islam... Not their leadership... Not themselves... THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN. They want to change the countries they're happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were
unhappy and eventually got hammered.

          Muslim Brotherhood: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
          Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
          Jemaah Islamiyah: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
          Abdullah Azzam Brigades: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
          (Oh, By The Way, most of these organizations are funded by the Nation of IRAN, to which Obama and Kerry want to give a few 100 Billion Dollars to show "our good faith" on the Nuclear Bomb deal) 

Aha! Stupid me. These are the facts . . . so . . . please tell me
again about the evils of profiling. I am certain that I will understand . .
. eventually.

No,No,No. Not now,not ever

I ,for one, do not want to sit down and talk nice with the errant President of UCO. I, do not want see if he is ready to change some of his ways and make the poor little oppositioners happy.

No sirree, I do not think this is an approach that will work any more than Obama's plan for Iran. Liars will promise what ever the situation requires, but will not leave their Modus Operanti. That is they will not change.

Being in charge, doing everything you want without answering to anybody is just to great.


What must be done is to get him recalled or removed via Term Limits. Then we can start fresh and begin to build the kind of Village we all expect and want.

Term Limits

Friday, September 11, 2015


So I remember exactly where I was on 9/11.

I had a full time job at the gun range in Middletown, NY. I was the bookkeeper. I kept the books. I was sitting at my desk when I was called in to watch the very beginning of the twin Tower collapse.

Sad or so sad.

So today it is announced that 10,1000 Syrian Migrants will be allowed to Migrate to the US.

So what does that mean to us?

Well it could mean we are upping the number of Bombers and Haters we are allowing in. Maybe not.

These people are running away from ISIS, does that mean they are also running away from Assad?

No matter how you look at it, it is a risk. A risk that normal civilized people must take. These people need help.

Mr. Nice Guy Arises

So, the Gravel banger, the shouter downer, has changed his persona. He has changed from the hard man, the man that does not allow electioneering in the Village (he still doesn't), the man who shuts you up and tries to throw you out of the Assembly, to Mr. Nice Guy. To Mr. Patriot. Give the Vets a hand here, please.

But what has really change? Nothing Honey!

We still are not allowed to electioneer anywhere in Century Village. We still can not get a room for meetings in OUR Clubhouse without the OK from Eva. Of which she is not to quick to give.

The Committees are general populated by Israel's friends and Cronies, and he is there at every meeting to make sure all goes as he wants. He takes no oppositional Volunteers please.

Do you remember before the Term Limit scandal came up? We had Term Limits, for years. Then Israel brought it up for a Vote at the Delegate Assembly. I don't remember it working its way through the Committees. So what happen? The first time the Delegates said no to removing Term Limits. Then later it was brought up again, and lo and behold, the sleepy and unaware Delegates says OK, No Term Limits. Dit, Dat no Term Limits!

Would you believe that was the beginning of Israel's quest for immortality? That was the beginning of his quest to Lifelong Presidency.

Now with the advent of the growth of the Malcontents, he is looking for ways to temper the anger and rage at the undemocratic way he operates.

So we get Mr. Nice Guy. We get Mr. Patriot.

Can you believe it?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Iran and My opinion

So I read and some what understand the Iran agreement. So what is so great about the provision that says we can not inspect a Uranium site unless we prove the necessity and the Iran agrees.

So what is so wonderful about the fact that implementation day removes all or at least most of the sanctions, but Iran has plenty of time to prepare.

10 years is really not a long time. I  have lived 8 times that long.

So, Kerry says this is the best we can do. Maybe. But we could of kept talking and not agreed and maybe they would be the ones to go back and say that this is the best we could get.

Time Honored Tradition denied to all except...

Time honored tradition denied to Century Village Candidates
Stew Richland
Throwing your hat in the ring is a metaphor to announce that a person is ready to nominate someone or oneself to run for political office. Originally it was a boxing metaphor that originated in the early 19th century when one who wished to challenge a boxer would throw his hat into the ring as a way of having your challenge noticed in a crowded ring.
In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt, who was an avid boxer, was the first presidential candidate to use "throw my hat in the ring" to announce his run at the U.S. presidency. 
The reason why a boxer threw his hat in the ring was to get noticed by the noisy crowds attending boxing matches. 
The 2016 political cycle is crowed by lots of candidates that have “tossed their hats in the ring.”  This explains why presidential elections are compared to a “three ring circus.”  What these candidates have that is being denied to potential candidates here in Century Village, is a form to communicate with the voting residents. 
Historically Century Village has never had any restrictions on politicking and campaigning.  In fact, during past election cycles, campaigning for office was a “happening” here in the Village.  Candidates would announce which pool they would be at, usually in the early evening.  The audience would arrive early, bringing chairs, beverages of all kinds, schmoozing with their neighbors, in  anticipation of a fun filled evening.  The candidates had the opportunity to “meet and greet,” and state their positions on the issues of importance and then field questions from their neighbors.  This type of electioneering harkens back the days of small town America.   This type of “meet and greet,” was the norm here in the Village until our current President and WPRF administrator decided to put an end to a time honored democratic practice. 

Every candidate running deserves a “level playing field.”  Why have they stacked the deck against those who want to run for office?  They want to keep their job! They don’t care if the By-Laws limit time served to two consecutive terms.  This a Kabuki Dance orchestrated by the UCO administration and WPRF. This is a play in which the actors have worked together to determine the outcome beforehand.
We have the well informed pundit, Bob Rivera suggesting that a room be set aside for a “few times” for candidates to announce they have thrown their hats in the ring and describe their positions.  How generous.  Shall we clap our hands for such largess.  Wouldn’t it be just dandy to use the house organ of the Administration, the UCO Reporter,  as  an additional forum to allow candidates to get their message out to the voters.  I have a Fountain of Youth for sale if you believe this scenario.  Based on the existing set up, each candidate can write a short bio. of about 25 words or less (sounds like entering a soap contest) and it will be published in the Reporter.  Perhaps,  based on what is being accomplished by the current administration, 25 words is enough to run for this office.  Lets use Channel 63, that is if its working.  From what I understand, most Villagers would rather watch a reality show than streaming notices. According to a recent posting, Eva took it upon herself to rule out politicking at pools and other WPRF properties and she felt it worked out well. For who?  What does this mean?  Rhetorical.   It means that the democratic process is ended in Century Village.  I wonder how our WWII, Korean, and Vietnam vets feel about this.  Shame, Shame, Eva (WPRF) and UCO.