Monday, June 30, 2014

Comcast Hotspots

Comcast turning home routers into Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Palm Beach County

By Linda Santacruz - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Comcast’s ambitious plan to blanket every neighborhood, business and public gathering place with wireless Internet access may be taking off from your own living room.
The internet company has been converting its customers’ home routers into public hotspots.
Hundreds of Comcast’s Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots can now be found throughout Palm Beach County at such locations as Clematis Street in West Palm Beach and East Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach.
A few years ago, Comcast began switching residential customers’ old routers with new ones equipped with antennas that make them capable of doubling as a public wireless Internet access point. All Xfinity Wireless Gateways installed after November 2011 can support this feature.
Customers with Xfinity Wireless Gateways will have a second “xfinitywifi” signal in their home that is separate from their private in-home signal. The second signal provides visiting Xfinity Internet customers access without needing the homeowner’s private network password.
Non-Xfinity customers can get two free 60 minute sessions a month. After that, the cost is $2.95 for an hourly pass, $7.95 for a daily pass and $19.95 for a weekly pass.
But the idea of having strangers use their home router is not sitting well with some people.
Michael Boy from Boca Raton said he is uncomfortable with someone using his internet and electricity, which he pays for, for free. He said his home router began displaying the “xfinitywifi” signal without his consent.
“My biggest worry is opening a feature like this without informing the public,” Boy said. “What’s the benefit? People piggy backing off of my internet using the power I pay for.”
Computer tech Shane Bennett, who said he is a former Comcast field technician, has questions about data security.
“A home network should be closed off completely and for good reason,” said Bennett. “If Comcast wants to offer Wi-Fi to the public it should come from dedicated equipment and not the equipment they charge people to rent.”
But according to Cindy Arco, the public relations manager for Comcast Florida Region, a lot of these worries are misconceptions. She said the Comcast hotspots will not use customers’ electricity or make them vulnerable to hacking.
“Independent third party testing has shown that the home hotspot feature creates no incremental electrical consumption beyond normal home use,” Arco said.
Arco also said that because the hotspot is on a separate, virtual network, customers’ computers remain secure and wired broadband connection to the home will be unaffected. However, she said there could be a slight impact to the Wi-Fi network.
“The in-home Wi-Fi network, as well as Xfinity Wi-Fi, use shared spectrum. As with any shared medium, there can be some impact as more wireless devices share the resource,” said Arco. “Comcast has provisioned the Xfinity Wi-Fi feature to support robust usage, and, therefore, we anticipate minimal impact to the in-home Wi-Fi network.”
It is possible to opt out of hosting a Wi-Fi hotspot. Comcast customers can deactivate the feature by logging onto their account online or calling Comcast at 800-934-6489.
Comcast’s hotspot project started in northern New Jersey has now spread to Boston, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and elsewhere.
By the end of the year, more than 400,000 Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots are expected to be available throughout Florida. Palm Beach and Broward counties were the first areas in the state to get access to the new outdoor and neighborhood hotspots.
“These new hotspots are a tremendous benefit to our customers because it gives them many more opportunities to access and enjoy their social media and entertainment services wherever they are,” said Tom Zemaitis, vice president of marketing for Comcast’s Florida Region in a statement. “This is a super-fast and very convenient way to stay connected.”

Freedom of Speech, the Supreme Court revisited

Sunday, June 29, 2014


     So suddenly my potential slayer has realized that he has done a dumb thing, threatening me in a physical manner. Well, too late. All the retractions you now make do not erase what you said. Now you write me and tell me that there are not enough fireworks to blow me up. So what now? A gun? A bow and arrow? Perhaps a knife in the back - nope, you did that already. So, what is left? A conk on the head, run me down with your car and claim you are a senior citizen and lost control? Aha, perhaps a poison pill!
     Do you now realize how truly dumb you are and sound. If you disagree with what I write, speak properly without stupid baby name calling - nyah, nah nah nah nah! (See how stupid that is!). Try to write intelligently, back up what you have to say and stop trying to bully everyone. And of course, why not try honesty for a change and post your comments with YOUR OWN NAME. If you are so correct in what you state, then have the courage of your convictions but until that happens, you will remain a sniveling coward whose comments will never be posted on the blog. Now go play somewhere else!


     This past week there was a decision made by the courts that I did not care for in one sense but valued highly for what it says on another issue important to me. The Court abolished the buffer zone around clinics such as those belonging to Planned Parenthood, thus allowing the protesters to approach those entering the building. Now understand that people entering so called abortion clinics are not there only for one reason. Most of these clinics provide for women's health and advise in an area where it is scarce.
     Now people entering the clinic, many in crisis mode, will be allowed to be hassled. Yes, there is free speech and the protesters had free speech standing where they were and the clients and staff of the clinics had their safety as well. Now that safety is in danger and we all know that there is a twisted logic among extremist protesters that anti abortion is ok for there are lives at stake, but to kill in the name of saving those lives is ok, fine to murder others. I cannot understand that.
    Abortion is not something one is for. It is a terrible decision to have to make and is not made easily but the choice must be there and it is the woman's choice, not that of a cabal of know it alls screeching away outside the door of a clinic. Legal or not, abortion will take place, so actually, lives are saved when it is legal. Are we truly heading back to back alley abortions in filthy apartments or wire hanger abortions with horrible consequences?
     Anyway, back to free speech. It appears that one cannot block people who wish to speak or gather somewhere for the purpose of expressing themselves. So, David Israel, this appears to put a cramp in your dictatorship. Perhaps the one who is out of order is you and when you slam that gavel and screech your favorite refrain, the PBSO armed guards which you have brought in might have to take YOU into custody! It will be you violating rules.Nice picture, that! In addition, we appear to have the right, according to this ruling, to gather and protest or hand out items by the Clubhouse. Eva, you need to think carefully on this. This is a great issue and great for publicity for an organization that champion rights. What would it look like if there are headlines - Huge Conglomerate Oppressed Helpless Senior Citizens or Seniors at CV Denied Rights or stories of the Levys and how they conspire with a tinpot dictator to deny the civil rights of residents of the Village. Gotta tell ya' - not too good for new residents to buy into the Village and really crappy publicity!
     Perhaps we need to organize a protest and we can even have signs reviving the old slogans - POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Wouldn't all the past rebels of the sixties and seventies love to relive a bit of their past! Interesting thought, that.

Wadda Guy


Posted by Dan the man
This is one you want for your Children and Grandchildren to know about. Hard to believe it happened.. and it really did.

Harry & Bess

Harry Truman was a different kind of President. He probably made as many, or more important decisions regarding our nation's history as any of the other 32 Presidents preceding him.
However, a measure of his greatness may rest on what he did after he left the White House.
The only asset he had when he died at home in Independence , Missouri .
His wife inherited the house from her mother and father, and with the exception of their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives in the house in Independece.
When he retired from office in 1952, President Truman's sole income was a U.S. Army pension of 13,507.72 a-year. Congress noted that the President always paid for his own stamps. He licked the stamps and never put personal mail through the White House franking machine.
Congress granted him an 'allowance' and later, a retroactive pension of 25,000 a year.
After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess got into their own car alone--just the two of the, and drove from the White House in Washington, D.C. to their home in their own car to Missouri by themselves--just the two of them. There was no Secret Service following them.
When he was offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, "You don't want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn't belong to me.. It belongs to the American people and it's not for sale."
Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it. He wrote,  "I don't consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise."
As president he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food.
Modern politicians have found a new level of cashing in on the Presidency, resulting in uncounted personal wealth. Today, too many in Congress also have found a way to become super rich while enjoying the 'perks' of their offices. Political offices today are for sale (look @ Illinois ).
Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, "My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!"
Wadda Guy.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

6 dissidents? How about 6000?

"In light of the recent outburst at our delegates meeting that is being fueled by a group of six(6) dissidents. That’s right folks, six(6) people. But enough said on this subject. There will be no more from this publication on them or their platform. So, having said this, let’s get on with the business of this Village and the enjoyment of all of us seniors."

— Joy Vestal, UCO Reporter Co-Editor

This is quote from one of our knowledgeable Vice Presidents and Co-Editor of the UCO Reporter. As usual she does not get her facts right. She feels that spewing lies is okay as long as her Boss the Chair agrees.

Members of the silent opposition may be 60 people, or maybe 600, or maybe 6000. We don't publicize.  All these people support us and are part the Silent opposition, but are afraid to become public. They are afraid of retaliation by The Chair. Rightly so.

You anger the Great one and he will fire you if you are a volunteer, he will not allow you to volunteer for any committee. You must be of the correct Political stripes. He will block you at Channel 63, now he is blocking us from publishing in the reporter. And tries to block us from having a Public Meeting, to explain our stand on things. Why he don't just engage us in a debate, is beyond my understanding.

What is really terrible here, and what reminds of us of 1933 in Germany, is that the paper, our paper, is now under the control and thumb of the UCO Fox. The retaliatory Chair. But enough said on this subject.

Here is more 
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. 

From the Reporter - July,2014 issue:

Editorial Policy:"... We promise to seek the truth and to print both sides." (What a load of hooey!)

From The Reporter - July,2014 issue:
This is from an editorial by Joy Vestal:

   "....a group of six dissidents.....There will be no more
         from this publication on them or their platform."

     Does anybody NOT see the contradictions here? Oh, and here is one more quote: "You are out of order! Sit Down! Slam (the gavel).  Hint: D.I, our fearful leader.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The excuse on Order

More on Free  Speech and the Lack of it in CV

Our governments, local and national, have used the excuse of "order" to shutdown anti-war protests and the Occupy movement. (The malefactors attempts to oppose David Israel's edicts). Free speech includes the right to be disruptive of the normal order of things. Indeed, in this country almost any public protest can be pushed aside, and out of sight, if the strict letter of the laws are applied and if the purpose is to stifle dissent. We must, from time to time, tolerate a measure of disorder and disruption, otherwise the right of free speech is reduced to a slogan, not a reality.

And who gives Our Tinpot Despot the right to take away our God Given rights? At least the rights given us by the Fathers of our Country. He is really a piece of work. 

I have seen a group of letters from and to The Chairman. The gist is that an Association President had asked for some details on UCO proceedings. The shocker came in the Chairman's learned reply. He, being a scholar on Roberts Rules, a scholar on our CV By-Laws and a Attorney of no note on Florida Laws in general. Remarked that the Associations cannot ask for anything, they are not members of UCO. If the President in question wants something from UCO he must ask as a dues paying UCO member. So rewrite the request and we will figure another way to say no.

The next imaginative reply from the Chairman will be no good as a UCO dues payer, you must be a certified Delegate,...and so on.

The Supreme Court, Abortion and David Israel

If the Supreme Court was asked to comment on the state of Free speech in Century Village would they be for or against it?
Would they be for or against the Chairman's continuing actions against Free and Open discussions? Free speech? Free to Voice your opinions, even if they are in Opposition to what UCO wants.  

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Even as a committed supporter of a woman’s — increasingly imperiled — right to choose, I must acknowledge that the Supreme Court got it right on Thursday.

In McCullen v. Coakley, the Court unanimously struck down a Massachusetts law setting a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics. While the buffer zone was enacted to ensure the safety of women seeking abortions, it also restricted the peaceful activities of the plaintiff, Eleanor McCullen, and other opponents of abortion, who sought to stand on the sidewalk and urge those women not to make what they see as a tremendous mistake.

That I don’t share Ms. McCullen’s views is beside the point. The great virtue of our First Amendment is that it protects speech we hate just as vigorously as it protects speech we support. On Thursday, all nine justices united to reaffirm our nation’s commitment to allowing diverse views in our public spaces — although their unanimous result belied their divided reasoning.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Standing in the Tin Man's shadow

So there is a personal friend of the great one saying that his toys at the cost of $40 per month wont break him. How about those residents that find it hard to make ends meet with and $40 less would be a hardship. So they do without the additional cost of Wi-Fi.  But who cares about them? We need WI-FI village wide? So what is he talking about?  WPRF has WiFi'd the pools Ed G has Wifi'd the Wellington east pool, so what does this guy want WiFi at the laundry, WiFi at the stop signs so he can use his Iphone while diving.

This guy is the typical ass that stands in the Tim Man's shadow.

Also I see the Tin Man says we don't need Expensive Comcast for Wi-Fi. Is that so? There are 2 WiFi suppliers in our area only. Comcast and AT&T, everybody else is a installer. So where is the Great one going to go to get his inexpensive Village wide WiFi?

Shameful Olga Bashing

I have returned from the Officers meeting held at UCO yesterday June 26. It was dedicated to Olga Bashing. It took me more than 24 hours to get over this travesty of Justice and Fairness and Women Hating.

The President, the top bully, but not the only bully, and Joy Vestal added their 2 cents from time to time. A full fledged fight was avoided when they were  asked to stop, and lo and behold, they did.

Apparently the grinning Cheshire cat face came to the  meeting to get the okay to have armed guards at the delegate meeting and to bash Olga continually. When the vote was over you could see the President expand and glow with happiness.

What was most obvious and most distressing was that the Great one let us know that he was not going to allow any body from any opposition to speak at the delegate meeting. His aims was to silence the opposition, to silence the silent opposition. and to be sure Olga and the rest of us got this message.

What was worse was that the Wonderful Leader explained to Olga and the rest of us why she was shut up. The reason was that he clairvoyantly knew she was about to talk about the Lawsuit and since she was not a licensed attorney she could not. Be aware a month ago at the previous delegate meeting she was allowed to speak on this subject without interference from either the Chair or the delegates. In 2 minutes or so she was done, no shouting, no arguing, no aggravation. But this time not so.

And now he needs armed guards to keep order. If you look at the Video, which the knowledgeable one has put up,  you can see he initiated the disruption.

And of course the new Roberts Rules Expert has declared that the Officers Committee vote on the armed guard initiative is final. No, the delegates do not get a vote.

So look at the way things stand now Channel 63  is closed to the opposition. The reporter is closed to the opposition. The ability to speak at the Delegates Meeting is closed to the opposition. Where can a opposition speaker go to deliver his message. No where in Century Village. No where.. Shameful and Unjust.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

PBSO at the delegates meeting armed and watching!


      Just came back from an Officers' meeting at UCO this morning and attending were the usual suspects who now fill all the committees in David Israel's dictatorship government. The first issue that came through loud and clear was the continued lack of process and procedure that is rife throughout the entire administration. That is why nothing gets done. There are issues with the bar code installations and despite the hard work of some volunteers, there are still so many that need to be done if only the drivers would step up to the plate. Now it seems much of it is in the hands of WPRF and that is not good - cede anything to them and before you know it, it will come back to bite you in your rear. 
     But the big issue is the use of armed guards from PBSO at all delegate assemblies from now on. There was a spirited opposition to this, to the ludicrousness of it, that we need armed guards because David Israel is either unable to control the assembly or wants to over-control it by deeming any opposition as out of order and SIT DOWN!!. The thought of having armed deputies standing there, arms akimbo, with stares at the people who come up to the mike is not very appetizing. Will we all need our own armed guards now? I have been threatened with being blown up by fireworks, a raging statement made by an animal who has grown worse and worse. If it is not David Israel with an email name, then it is certainly one of his close associates and he did not even sound surprised or concerned that this misogynist who has only curse words for those he opposes has gone this far. So now, should I walk around with two armed guards from PBSO or private security services? Should everyone?
     This whole idea is immoral and possibly illegal and certainly spending money based only on his paranoia and the vote of SIX people, 6!!!! out of all the people in the Village. No Executive Board vote, no delegate assembly vote - nada but David and his 6 cronies, one of whom, Bob Marshall, sat there in his usual daze, saying nothing, just merrily picking away at his nose the entire time. this is our UCO now. This is what the delegates have allowed by voting like lemmings and through whatever hanky panky went on at the election site since we are held off from the records like they are the classified records of the NSA!!!
     We are in a desperate situation, in an armed governmental state where our rights have been abrogated and the situation is only getting worse. People, you all need to wake up NOW. You need to either get new delegates or warn them to vote the way of the building, not the way of David Israel. A popular vote during season would bring him down, a debate would show up his incompetence and paranoia, but he refuses all debate and now seeks to eliminate any and all opposition - even by fireworks explosions, David Israel?
     Think about all this and think about when it was that you all have ceded your rights to David Israel, a man truly not in his mental prime.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More UCO Depression

David Israel Has been a disaster for Century Village, from what I have seen and heard he has failed on every project he has been involved with.

First lets start with the walkways in the village, after just two years it requires over $25,000.00 in repairs now I have been in the construction business for many years this project should have lasted over 10 years.

Second the drains that were replaced some of them are already failing. the third and most expensive project the Roadway project which cost over $5,000,000.00 the roads are starting to fall apart now.

Are we suppose to spend more money to cover up David Israel's constant failures or will he say he made a mistake on the above work  as he did at one of the monthly UCO meetings.

It's up to the people of Century Village to stop this man before we end up being bankrupted in the village and our maintenance payments increases by 20% to 40% in the next few years. I don't know about the average people in the village, but I may find it hard to pay that kind of increases . 


Get your Association its own WI-FI

First off, there is no need to consider Israel Expensive WI-FI. Comcast has come out with a plan, that solves the questions of WI-FI. How to do it, Reasonable priced, and best of all you will on the bleeding edge of WI-FI technology with Comcast.

What you have to do is send in to UCO a Opt Out form, to opt out from UCO's WI-FI initiative copies of all paperwork you need is on this page and apply to Comcast for Business class Wi-FI.

If you send your application through the your first months' payment will be refunded.

The total monthly costs will be $120 per association installed

If you need extenders 2,3.or 4 they are $75 each one time charge installed

So basically once you re past the install phase your charge should be $120'month per association
You can now cancel your internet access and save $40-$50 per user each month

What is wrong with this?



David Israel, obviously falling deeper and deeper into that long darkness known as dementia, has now decided to try to ram through his pet committee another of his dangerous ideas. This Thursday, at 10 AM at UCO at the Officer's meeting, he is bringing up under New Business the idea to CONSTANTLY have armed PBSO deputies who are off duty and FOR HIRE at our assembly gatherings. Be at the meeting so you can add your voice to the discussion. Say NO NO NO to this dangerous idea.

This is dangerous, very dangerous. I have no idea where his head is at. First of all, exactly of what is he so afraid. Let's see. We have a 75 year old lovely and intelligent woman, a man in a scooter, a man with a cane, a man with a kidney transplant and not a fast runner, an elderly blogger and others in the same kind of categories. These are the people who frighten him? Can you just picture this - all these people running? no, walking, slowly, vey slowly, and don't forget the lift for the scooter - up to the stage to beat David Israel up? It is ludicrous!
     The idea of armed guards as a constant is frighteneing. First of all, we do not live in a police state as much as David Israel would like to think so. He is not Capo, nor Fuhrer, nor Stalin, nor tinpot dictator of a third world country. And while the PBSO deputies are trained, how often do we read about a deputy involved shooting, where a gun was erroneously used during an incident. Do we want to be the headlines of a Palm Beach Post story or on a national TV station? Do we want someone to be shot and why, because David Israel is paranoid and cannot deal with any opposition to his own ideas or thoughts?
     And what is the opposition supposed to do when faced with the concept of armed guards at the meeting, placed there to intimidate them? Are they, too, to hire off duty PBSO deputies or private service security people? Will we have these armed guards in a face off a la the frontier? Are those of us who have guns then to petition to be able to carry them all over the Village to protect ourselves from a loony UCO President with delusions of self grandeur and paranoid fantasies?
     While the images may cause one to laugh, the reality is not funny. Come and say NO. If you are not here now, send an email to with your opinion. Keep our Village safe and sane. Gunfight at the CV Clubhouse is not a good movie title, nor for life.

The Fox is in the Hen House

The followings were Posted by Dan the man

Does it make sense that the leader of UCO with no actual business experience and with no leadership qualities should be in control of upwards of $21 million dollars. I am not clear on the background of the UCO fox, but as I understand it he was either a super spy or the mail room clerk or somewhere in between. But he didn't run a $21 million company at any time.

Look at this.
UCO is not only about the $8 million budget but rather $16 million, i.e. $8 million UCO budget + ~$5 million insurance costs + ~$3 million WPRF expenses.
If you add to this the spending of previously collected funds (paving, Wi-Fi...) from previous budgets  add another $5 million you come to the scary amount of $21 millions spending in one year.

Any other business would have profession managers, but not here. 

More Tidbits:
Ester is right. Elaine Brown (one of David Israel's henchmen) has a mouth bigger than her face. Always unpleasant. One time she went too far and attacked,  with her lies,  no less than Mr. Mark Bogen Esq. who immediately sued her. And guess what? Elaine Brown immediately put her tail between her legs, issued a long apology, begging him to withdraw the lawsuit.

Talking about David's henchmen. Ken Graff the "photographer" doctored my speech when I was running for election and distorted my phrase "I made a mistake". This honest, fair & balance henchmen did not beep when his idol, David Israel,  publicly said the same thing "I made a mistake..." (In the last election debate).

Monday, June 23, 2014

More on Guilt by association or not!

The shutting up of delegates seems to be a habit with the UCO Fox.

Shutting up Ed Grossman, Olga & Esther was not the first time that David Israel was over powering speakers!!!
David Israel shut me up before Ester and Olga. At the delegates assembly that took place in Anshei Shalom Synagogue a few years ago, he used the term "Dan you are OUT OF ORDER SIT DOWN". Do you hear it? out of order sit down!!!

David Israel did not want the delegates to hear how he interfered with 2 associations who sent me (the same delegate). Century Village had several delegates already that legally represented 2 associations and all was well for more than 20 years. The minute that he saw Dan Gladstone's name for the 2 associations he sent a letter to each association with ridiculous reasons like "conflict of interest, bad move..." and more. 

When I presented this letter to the delegates, David Israel would not let me speak. He said that I was out of order and to sit down but a minute later said to me that UCO was working on changing that very by-law. Guess what?! A meeting or two later, that by-law was changed, SO MUCH FOR "OUT OF ORDER SIT DOWN" (this is all on UCO tapes of the delegates assembly).

Comcast and reasonable Wi-Fi

At the messenger meeting, with about 50-60 showups we discussed, the  walkways  and what is going on with the repairs. Cost about $27,000. We have a contract, we don't have a contract.  The reason for the need is the new roots are tearing up the walkway, the old roots are still tearing up the walkways. You can believe the truth depending on your politics.  David Israel's friends believe the latter.

As for the new news. A comcast rep gave us a talk on Comcasts latest offering for Associations to get Building wide Wi-Fi. They are offering business class internet at $120 per month per building. With sufficient speed to handle a 2, 3, or 4 story building. For a detailed explanation contact Comcast or Email  ER Grossman <>

The bottom line on this is that for a monthly bill of $120 per association your building can have Comcast business class WI-FI. Saving per individual user is $40-$50 per month.

At the meeting we met some people that came with Comcast anger and no matter how clearly and succinctly this was explained they didn't want to accept it.

I think Israels WI-FI plan is over. When the bid committee has absorbed it all they will recommend it.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comcast New Digital Gateway


What is this about?  Do I need to know what David Israel is talking about? Is this important for my Wi-Fi future? important, I think not.

Suffice to say if you want or need Wi-Fi there relatively easy and cheap ways to get it.

Come to the CV Messenger meeting Monday at 10 AM Room C and get the low down

Friday, June 20, 2014

Say it ain't so joe from Esther's Blog


     Could it be? Is it true? Nah! Not the pillar of the NSA! Not the man who singlehandedly saved us after 9/11 (ask him - he will tell you how). And yet, and yet, look at the behavior and actions. Look at his statements, both verbally and in writing. Yes, it certainly can be. David Israel is un-American!
     This all started when a 13 yr. old character (out of the mouths of babes) in a novel I recently read, stated, "In America, people don't get thrown in jail just for being troublemakers." Well, somehow, the meaning of this statement, its truth, seems to have eluded David Israel or seems to have gotten lost during his period of mental devolvement.
     The Declaration of Independence (remember that document) states that it is the right of all human beings to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They have the right of seeing that their representation is fair and proper (no taxation without representation, remember that?) And when these rights are abrogated, then it is their right, no, their duty, to overthrow that government and install one that is proper, that follows the rules, that abides by the civil rights of its citizens.
     Along came the Constitution (remember that document). It states in its first Ten Amendments basic rights that are not to be removed from its citizens. Among them are the right to free speech and the right of assembly. Need a tutorial lesson on how to read and comprehend? Well, evidently we here in CV do not live in the USA proper. We seem to have a different set of rules.
     Certainly there is taxation without representation and our rights of free speech and assembly have been violated. We all pay the same fees to UCO and that gives all equal rights and access to the facilities of the Village. Yet this access has been denied and is increasingly being further denied to more people. As soon as one becomes a "troublemaker" in the eyes of David Israel - i.e. meaning that you refuse to kowtow to him and demand the right to think your own way and express opposition or insist on oversight so we do not have more multi million dollar debacles, well, whoops, suddenly you are a ''troublemaker" and off you go to the jail of his own making here in the Village. No access to media, to the clubhouse, to assembly, to anything and everything. David Israel, our latest addition to the role of loony tinpot dictators has so decided. 
     He will tell you - and has written - that HE will not appoint anyone to a committee. He will not allow people to advertise on OUR Channel 63. He will not allow flyers to be posted or placed in delegate's packets unless these people have passed some esoteric, known only to David Israel, qualifications. Dis him in any way, even in the latitudes of his ever decreasing mental capacity, and Boom! you are off in CV Jail. Yet remember what the character said. Remember our founding documents.
     Yes, people, David Israel, is un-American in his behavior, in his thoughts, in his dictatorship. Time to go, David Israel. We thank you for your service, such as it is or was, but time to relax and let Century Village in West Palm Beach rejoin the United States of America once more. It is bad enough that the USPS does not remember that at times; we certainly do not need you adding to the problem.
     How much more talking in whispers do we need when people gather in homes and at the pools. All are talking about the looniness, the pettiness, the vengeance that David Israel is exhibiting and all are asking what to do. Well, what we can do is urge resignation and if not, then there is recall when the delegates are back and it is not only or mainly his coterie at the assemblies who follow his lead like lemmings. Hey, maybe we need to take them on a trip somewhere....

What is the Lawsuit about? Really.

This is a easy one to answer. Start with the fact that we, the Village,  spent upwards of $5 Million dollars on the road repairs. Which were done poorly and with no planning. So now we are faced with doing it over again, So we need another $5 Million to do this.

The Money for this can come from one of two places.

Either the Villagers chip in, again, or we sue UCO and their (our) Insurance Company will defend, as we have contracted for. So if we are successful the Insurance Co. will make up a good portion of the short fall.

So what is wrong with this?  Some of Israel's Committee members says it will cost us if we use the Insurance Co. Cost us? What do you think the cost to the Villagers will be if we don't get the Insurance Companies help? The reason we have Insurance is to help protect us from Malfeasance and the like. That is exactly what we are trying to do. The Lawsuit is trying to insure we get this needed help.

Your friend - Gary

Guilt by Association

More about Guilt by Association.

The PRPC Committee,which is objecting to the plan to convert our Golf Course to heavy density apartments, stores and condos, has been support by UCO. Mainly by D. Israel with both money from UCO and Verbal support.

But now the friendship has ended and not only does Israel not support the PRPC  anymore, but they are on the retaliation list.

The reason for this is that Myron came to the  meeting. When he got there he was denied the ability to talk, because they were worried about Israels's bent for retaliation
And so it came about. The great one is punishing the PRPC, for its Associated guilt.

They are being denied access to Channel 63 and will not be allowed to speak at the Delegates Meeting.

Who is next? You? Me? Your neighbors? - Beware.

We got a retraction request from Honey Sager erstwhile spoke person for PRPC - it is as follows:

Please correct your information.  David did not ban the PRPC from speaking  at the Delegates meeting, he only banned our placing a copy of our meeting flyer in the packet prepared for distribution to the Delegates.  Somehow our e-mail to Channel 63 with our meeting announcement was not shown on channel 63 and no one advised us that it would not be on.

Thank you,  Honey Sager

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Real Spammer

The real Spammer is our Wizard of Oz, hiding beyond his curtain, tap tapping away.

The real spammer lives at 2102 West Drive

Definition of misogynist in English:
  • A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
Syllabification: mi·sog·y·nist
Pronunciation: /məˈsäjənist 

Definition of a Malfeasant

  •   . A person who is a guilty of Malfeasance

The malfeasant is on the attack. First he gives us a treat, by showing us how a misogynist acts in public with his giggly attack on Olga. Then he rants and raves about spam. Then he spams up his own private blog with lots of spam. What is the matter with this man? Common sense says his sense of humor is aray. As a matter of fact his entire attitude is perverted.

To answer his question as to who is paying for the mailing. He need look no farther than his own backyard.

 Per Esther's blog commenting on the the news of the day. "David Israel is still ranting and raving on his personal blog about the message from the Messenger Club. Can he not find anything else to write about, to discuss, to open for improvement? Enough with your stupid supposed anti spam campaign. I believe the spam is openly posted on David Israel's blog, actually."

Term Limits are still a very good idea
Posted by your Friend of the Delegates - Gary

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back problem, Ear problems, Balance problems - see these Therapists

We had a need to Use a therapist for the last few weeks. The therapist was a special one. She specialized in balance therapy. She is called a vestibular therapist or a balance disorder therapist. It is a disturbance that causes an individual to feel unsteady, for example when standing or walking. It may be accompanied by feelings of giddiness or wooziness, or having a sensation of movement, spinning, or floating. It may be diagnosed as Meniere’s is accompanied with bouts of nausea.

At any rate when we went to this therapist we were practically incapacitated for most of the day, every day.

The cure turned out to be a treatment of anti-histamine and sessions with this special therapist.

While my wife was being treated for this ear disorder I went for treatments on my back, since I was there anyway. Lo and behold, where I thought there was nothing to be done with my back, short of surgery. I was wrong. Cured I am not, better I am. Down from 6 - 8 Tylenol per day to 2.

So anybody out there in need of a special or excellent therapists I recommend these guys.

C. A. R. E. & Rehabilitation, LIC
3375 Burns Road Suite 104
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Phone (561) 803-7761

Loss of freedoms for our people, Our unit owners , Century Villagers

Here is a quoted Email from Anitra, via The UCO Fox. Please note he is abrogating all our freedoms by this denial to one of our Villagers.

"I am sorry but I was not in the office from May 29 until today.  Also there was an issue with me not being able to access this e-mail this morning.

David Israel has informed me that this cannot be placed on Channel 63 as it is an information system for UCO and the flyer is in litigation against UCO.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

So what does this mean? It means at the whim of the dark prince, and at his sole discretion he can deny a rightly operating club its right to advertise on channel 63. It means that we all are in jeopardy. It means there are no restrictions to his doing what ever he wants no matter who he throws under the bus in the process.

Please note that that Mr. D.Israel is a litigant, defendant and part of this lawsuit and as such he should recuse himself. He has no special rights here to deny us space on channel 63. He should stand aside. But he won't. That is until we make him.

Here is a copy of the announcement

Century Village Messenger Club
Important Town Hall Meeting - 
Monday, June 23 - 10 AM Room C

1. Drains and Roadways – Why we should stop UCO from spending a second time, for paving was just done.

2. Wi-Fi – What you can do about UCO’s wild Wi-Fi plan. How to have Wi-Fi and not pay exorbitantly. How to have good and secure Wi-Fi at a reasonable price.

3. Answers to these questions and more..

Monday, June 16, 2014

Does this make any sense?

Read all the way to David Israel's comment. Then tell me does that make any sense?


     David Israel has always had the reputation for being a screamer, a shouter of curses and foul words at people. He did and does not care who is around when he lets his mouth open and filth or strange things come out and he even does this on line as well. We have documented his writing on line that a Holocaust survivor should vanish in a puff of fire and ashes, he has ranted his out of order and sit down comment countless time in a maniacal manner and pounded that gavel of his for all he's worth. He has called Barbara Cornish a tart and a whore, her husband a piece of s**t and on and on. He has behaved in obnoxious behavior with Dan Gladstone numerous times and what about his witch
hunt of Dorothy, but this latest posting is unbelievable.

     Actually, it is two postings that send out a strong and clear sign of deteriorating mental faculties and a lack of control over his emotions and mouth, be it vocally or in writing. Because he has nothing constructive to say, David Israel harps back to a campaign that is months over and why? Because defeat at the hands of a new name was near and possible. Only by his machinations of a political machine did he come up with votes to win and by the way, NEVER let anyone see the originals of all the papers. HMMM....!!! So now he is conflating two or more events together - the campaign and Olga's right to speak or rather anyone's right to speak be they in opposition or not. He has censored our media outlets and now will not even include PRPC material in a packet for the delegates and why? Because he is upset with Honey Sager, calls her a liar, she ,who , whether you agree with her goal or not, is working for the benefit of the Village as she believes it to be and asks for no recognition or special privileges other than to be allowed to use the facilities of OUR Village, not David Israel's Village.

     That is bad enough but read the following and tell me that this posting response does not indicate his disrespect for woman and an idiotic or loony response to a serious issue at hand. This was posted on Elaine Brown's blog.

      Library Drop Box - Car Drop
Yesterday a patron at the Okee Branch Library left her car, w/keys, purse, and wallet at the curb and took a few steps over to the Outside Book Drop. Two young guys jumped into the car and took off. Vroom!

I do not know if the car was recovered, STAY ALERT AND CAUTIOUS. Park properly and lock up.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Elaine,
    Two young guys jumped into the car and took off. Vroom! Whereupon, three stout women jumped over the fence and extinguished the blaze!

    Dave Israel