Thursday, October 31, 2013


     If it weren't so pathetic, so fraught with financial disaster once again, this would actually be something to laugh about. Or perhaps it would be something to tsk tsk about as it seems that someone has a serious problem connecting to reality. We are presently on spaceship Wifi again!
     What are we doing here? The delegate assembly has already defeated the money for wifi and the budget which contained provision for wifi. More committees have said no to wifi than have said yes. The prevailing sentiment in the Village is anti wifi now. Later, perhaps, but not now. Then, as the cherry on top,  our own paid expert, prepared with handouts and presentation and a confidence in his ability to deal with audience issues, put the kibosh on our wifi project for now, at least as is visualized right now. Our esteemed UCO president went ballistic and had to be told to keep quiet. Wonder how he felt to be on the receiving end this time, rather than on the dealing it out side, as he frequently is. Although this was much more polite.

     Remember all the questions I have been asking and Eduardo has been asking about the wifi system? What are its ramifications as far as building infrastructure? Where would it go? What would it need? Are there permits necessary from County? State? Anyone else? Oh yes, now we would need from PBI!!!! Fat chance of that since it would be in their flight path and this airport has enough troubles already. And for the piece de resistance ---the installation and cost? So what do we find out? A 65 foot tower with room for it to fall down - lovely thought, that- possible trenching for wire and WE would have to pay for that, the two companies we had been talking to are TOO SMALL for this undertaking - another lovely thought - and on and on.

     So now we are approaching stratospheric costs and the one million dollar post has long been passed by. Attention passengers - two million dollar post coming up quickly. And what does our esteemed leader say. Oh, the report was wonderful. We need to go fast forward on the wifi project NOW. Cost be damned and full speed ahead. Second financial fiasco straight ahead! Not to worry, we will just raid any more reserves we have accumulated since we last misappropriated them.

     Delegates, please, for the sake of our residents, please help us off this spaceship to Mars and let us return to reality as it is here on Earth in Century Village. Yes, wifi, but later, when all is right, financially feasible, physically feasible, the right company is found, and the money there. Vote no on any wifi funding. And think about all this dangerous nonsense when elections roll around. I promise you that this is not the way the administration under my leadership would function


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


    So what are our concerns about the Village and the present administration? Well, the administration is simple. We do not feel that it is upholding all its responsibilities and duties vis a vis the residents of the Village. It has allowed an atmosphere of rancor and divisiveness to flourish in the Village. We believe that the good works and contributions of many of the hard working volunteers and officers and Board members are overlooked or simply taken for credit by certain members of the present administration, I have seen it happen myself, at a meeting and in the listing of many events in the Village.
     Very broadly, without breaking the areas down into smaller areas and issues, and there are many, (that is for another posting and for talks), here are some of our major concerns:

1. Evaluating and installing a more comprehensive bidding process

2.Overhauling the budget and its method of planning

3. Investigate the true state of our fiscal affairs.

4. Quality of life in the Village

5. Evaluation of past errors of judgment and their present and future consequences for the Village.

6. Planning for the future of the Village

7. Safety measures to insure proper procedures in record keeping

8. How to allow for more input by the residents, its encouragement and usage

I am sure there are many more we can list and at least six more will occur to me once I press the publish button, but this is enough to chew on right now and I have been writing since 4 AM, so till next time -



     How does one gauge success in a campaign? Obviously, when one wins, but what about before? Well, we have no money nor any desire to run any polls but there are rough estimates and ways. Who is asking questions? How are you greeted when you meet with people? Do people ask for your buttons? Do people openly wish you luck in your endeavor?
     One way that I have found to measure success is in the methods used by the opponents. Are they responding and to what? Are they lucid and rational? Do they address the issues and answer difficult questions? Or do they go from the sublime to the ridiculous by starting personal and irrelevant courses of attacks. Do they revert to the playground behavior of the lower school child or do they measure up and grow up? Well, you draw your own conclusions and this is the last, I hope, that this has to be discussed or mentioned. Buck up, guys. Discuss the issues.

     I must say, though, that one statement of yours has raised my curiosity to high levels. You say that oh, my goodness I had better not win because then you know who will run the administration. Really? Who is that? I am dying to know because, you see, I will be the person who runs the TEAM. I owe no one and have made no promises or deals. We are not a lockstep team here, for we have and, even more important, allow for  differences of opinions. And we discuss them and reach a compromise when we can, or simply disagree and continue on with our goals. Where we do agree, for sure, is that we need a change, but please, since you seem to have all this inside information - just what and who the hell are you talking about?!

A Vote for Esther is a Vote for Good Fair and Intelligent Government


    It is wonderful to see the growing number of open supporters for our team. We have hope that once again our Village will be bright and shiny with new hope and fresh talent. And just who is that talent? YOU. You are our team, our volunteers who will be able to work in a pleasant atmosphere with credit going where it deserves and your contributions appreciated. I have seen Dave shred someone at a meeting when the person's conclusions were at odds with Dave's. That will not happen in a new administration. So when I am attacked as unappreciative of volunteers, we are back in la la land, a place we need to leave.

     Budgeting. It has recently been written by a member of Dave's administration, that the rob Peter to pay Paul system is just fine. After all, that is how we all budgeted in our lives. Huh! My parents, may they rest in peace, are turning over in their graves. I bet we were all taught the same way. Allocate your money carefully to your needs and musts. Separate the money, using envelopes or accounts and keep meticulous records. Plan for the future carefully with thought and investigation as to the best way to go about whatever it is that is being planned for. And that is what we did, leaving the envelopes behind and going to accounts and guess what? We still do that. An account for savings, a checking account, an account for future wishes, and an OS account - OH, S_____ account for the unexpected and expensive disaster that needs to be taken care of. This system has served us well and it is the basic budgeting system that responsible institutions use with proper modifications for their needs.

     Roughly, we can combine smaller accounts that are related to each other, fund the reserves for big ticket items that we know are going to recur, use those funds carefully and ONLY  for what they have been designated. When a fund is filled, figure what to do with the money allocated for it every month - cancel it, return to associations, turn its path into another reserve that needs funding, use it to cover yet another raise from UCO and the list and the possibilities go on. How to make a decision? Simple - think and plan, ask for input, not only from administration but also from the residents. Open the lines of communication with our residents and hear them. All this can and will be done after careful study of what we have, where it has been going - the true state of affairs and that will only be able to take place once a new administration is installed, for then all information will be open to them.

Want a cleaner fiscal state of being/ a healthy budget?



     Back again after another bat mitzvah of a granddaughter and it was wonderful, but back to the Village and reality. I must say, though, that I am not sure if all people in the present administration are attached to reality. Let me explain.

     "Dave has saved us money"  "Dave did a great job on the paving contract" and on and on. According to these people, we do not have to change a thing, except to make the budget funds easier to access for waste and pet projects by creating a huge slushy type of fund (and there you have the government mentality of lack of accountability for the spending of funds), we can and should continue to fund pet projects even though experts warn us that we are not ready not with proper firms nor have evaluated all real and future costs, and the list goes on. I wonder if we should have these people be given a pair of ruby red shoes, have them click twice and come back to Kansas, leaving the man behind the curtain back in Oz.

     Has Dave done any good here in the Village? I assume there must be something in all these almost four years though I am hard pressed. Ahhh, the transponders - but was that really his idea or someone else's whose credit for it he has adopted? O.K. ... beautification - really! Again, not his doing. The buses - oops, same problem and we can go on and on. Oh. transferring records into the clouds, tap tap tapping away all the daylong to do so and all the daylong shredding hard copy of these records. Who has access to these records? Do I really need to answer that? So here is where we are at - Hitler ended the runaway inflation in postwar Germany, Mussolini made the trains run on time in Italy, Stalin gave everyone a job (except of course for those he killed in the millions) - and Dave gave us cloud records. Does that really excuse and whitewash all that was done wrong? I do not think so and nor do more and more people in the Village.




Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Invitation to Possible UCO Officers

If you are a Candidate for any UCO office advertise here. No Charge, no Address required, no Phone number required, we don't even require your Social Security Number, all we need is your Name so that we know who to vote for, No Ifs, ands or Buts. Email me at with your Post.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Unreal Hopes and Expections

The Great Malarkey

The Great Malarkey says that they had a great Wi-Fi meeting last Friday. That is not the way it happened. The Report is linked here. What actually happened was the Wi-Fi Consultant ask Mr. Israel to be quiet, so that he could present some facts. Basically what he said was that the 2 Bidders were too small for our Wi-Fi project and we should look for a Mid Level Company.

Also the Great Pooh Bear said, as though this meeting and presentation by the Wi-Fi expert did not occur, that we should pass The Budget and the Wi-Fi and go straight to contract.

However, and with Mr. Israel there is always a “However”, the following items need to be investigated and settled:

With DSL (the cheaper quote) we need a 65 foot high tower. This tower needs to have a 65’ fall down circle, it needs to be approved by the State, the County, the Turnpike Authority and last but not least the Airport. (You see the tower will be in the approach path). All of these promise to be very difficult, with the Airport OK  probably impossible.

If we try to go with the other Bidder, direct wire, then someone has to lay down the special wire (underground), someone (us) has to pay for the supply and installation of the wire. This apparently has not been considered in the bid.

So the Rush to Contract should not even be on the table.

If you have a signed Petition and present to the UCO President, our by laws say it should be acted on expeditiously. The Greatest One says what do you mean by expeditious?**receptive, responsive; immediate, instant, instantaneous, summary; breakneck, breathless, brisk, fast, fleet, fleet-footed, hit-and-run, lightning, rapid, rapid-fire, rattling, snappy, speedy, swift, whirlwind; eager, keen, sharp; apt, clever, quick,quick-witted, ready-witted, sharp-witted, smart 
So the Treasurer's recall is out a Month and still nothing.


Delegates turn Wi-Fi down. Pass the Term Limits.  We can stop this nonsense and foolishness and The Great One trying to make his mark.
Vote for Esther.

Question and Answers again

Lanny is Absurd

Olga:  You went ahead and asked Lanny Howe seven questions, - leading questions.  What kind of answers did you expect to get in return? 

It’s like asking Hitler’s mother:  “What is your opinion of Adolph Hitler?”  You would expect the answer, without any doubt, to be “He was the greatest leader Germany has ever had.” 

Well then you might ask “Why do you say that?”  And, she might spill out some hour-long monologue of Hitler’s greatness, all of which may well be purposefully deceptive.  This answer could be because Hitler robbed ten Jewish women of their jewelry and gave it to his mother for Halloween. 

Even if the statements Lanny makes are absurd, -- he will make them and he’ll even elaborate making an incorrect statement a downright ill-conceived fabrication, or in plain old English, a friggin lie.  

Lanny will pass up three buckets of giant steamers to be able to push everybody aside and rush up to Israel, bow, bend down on one knee and kiss his ring finger for three straight minutes.  Lanny is so ill-informed that he can’t understand all of the destruction Israel has done to this Village.  Just reading what he has to say in defense of Israel is funny, -- like really funny, because it’s like Hitler saying in writing that he’s not anti-Semitic. 

If you were to show Lanny SCANDALS, Part 1, 7, 7A and 7B,-- he’s probably going to come back with a full page dissertation that he cannot comment on matters that are “could-be,” “might be,” “possibly-be,” or “unproven.”

Lanny is an intelligent man, in my considered opinion, but he argues everything for the sake of letting loose a whole bunch of gibberish, not for the sake of winning the arguments he creates, but rather, -- to create theatrical expressions to convince you of his ultimate knowledge.  And, in fact, his knowledge of CV happenings and the man he worships is limited, extremely limited. 

You opened the door, Olga, for Lanny to expound on subject matter that he cannot just bring up on this Blog, because he would be considered a Cue-ball/Black-ball proponent.  If we are not permitted to put anything on Israel’s super-secret, private BLAB, -- I mean BLOG, -- then why give Lanny space for Israel answer-advertisements? 

So his asinine thinking can be refuted - Gary

Why not just ask Lanny, -- if Israel took your money out of your pocket on several occasions without you knowing it, and used it for illicit purposes, would you still get down on one knee and kiss his ring finger, and hug the dorsal side of his anatomy?  If you say “yes” to that, then I simply must retract my statement that you’re an intelligent man. 


Vote for Esther for Sensible, Honest and Intelligent UCO Government


Whadoyatalk - doubletalk!


Ed Black, the master of double talk is up to his old tricks again.

He went on David’s blog and gave a long dissertation on how much money he thinks UCO has in the bank.
Have you ever tied to ask Ed Black a question?

If you did, what you probably got for an answer was a long list of words pieced together that  made no sense to the question you asked. And when he stopped talking, you walked away scratching your head thinking maybe you missed something – you didn’t because he didn’t say anything.

Ed’s double talk makes it sound as if UCO is flush with cash, when, in fact, it is not, and if money is needed in an emergency, UCO can only borrow the amount it has on hand i.e. if they want to borrow $100.000, the bank requires they have $100.000 security in cash on hand. Ed Black knows this very well because when he was treasurer, he requested a one million dollar line of credit and after paying approximately  $6000.00 for wanting that line of credit, he discovered the bank would not give it to him simply because UCO did not have one million dollars in the treasury. 

The only people foolish enough to believe in Ed Blacks voodoo economics (try this link for clarity and facts - Gary) can be found commenting on David’s blog. 

Vote for Esther for Sensible, Honest and Intelligent UCO Government

Asked and answered

Originally posted on 'The Great Mahatma Speaks"

Here is what Olga asks:

"Dear Lanny,

I have some questions for you:

1, How do you feel about having a Wi-Fi meeting and not having the room to allow interested parties to attend?

2. Do you believe David Israel is a good president?

3. Are you in agreement with everything he does?

4. Is there anything that he has done that you disagree with?

5. Has he saved the village any money during his administration

6. What has he done to benefit the village?

7. Has he done any damage to the village? "

Here is Lanny's response

Here is my response to Olga's blog comment asking me seven questions. I would appreciate it if you would put this on the blog in its entirety and not split it up or leave out any portions. If for some reason you cannot do this, then please do not put it on the blog at all. 

Thank you. With my best wishes, 

Lanny Howe 


Hi Olga, 

Your questions were in the Comment section of a post, so I almost missed them. Here are my responses. No one, except a non-political friend who happened to drop in, knows I saw your questions or what I have written in response. 

1. As I understand it, this was a requirement by those giving the presentation, not UCO. Regardless, I can understand the necessity for this. If you have too many people taking part in such a meeting, nothing gets accomplished. Even 25 is a lot. Too many cooks spoil the broth.  

2. Yes, I think Dave has been an excellent president. 

3. I don’t KNOW everything he does. I am not in on the inner workings of UCO. I have agreed with his mainline projects, however, and think he has done an amazing job of making the Village run more efficiently. To cite only one example, we have “transponders on demand.” For a newcomer to the Village who works 9-5, instead of taking time off from work to go to UCO, only to be told he must make an appointment to come in 3-4 weeks later for the actual transponder installation (requiring he take more time off from work), it’s all done in one quick visit. As for personal relationships, it is not my place to gainsay another person’s experience. 

4. At first I didn’t agree with spending the money for Wi-Fi, and I spoke of my misgivings about this on Dave’s blog. (I don’t think your blog was in existence at the time.) First, let me tell you what DIDN’T happen: No one came around with a big stick and said to me, “You’d better not say that kind of thing.” I had reasons for feeling this way, which have been well voiced by others, and to this day I respect their opinions on this issue. What changed my mind was a dispassioned, cogent piece on this that Anita Buchanan put on the blog. This, like many things, has been a judgment call. We shouldn’t be hating each other over things like this. 

5.  Has Dave saved us money? Good heavens, I should say so, at least from what I’ve seen and heard! Due to his influence the frivolous, expensive lawsuits by UCO have been stopped. It may not seem like a big thing, but he saved us money by stopping the idling of the buses. Perhaps the biggest savings has been in the building insurance premiums, which went down by SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS a year per association, thanks to Dave’s insisting insurance agencies compete for our business and to Toni Salometos’s diligent efforts. And whether you believe it or not, I believe Dave and his administrations saved us much money in the Comcast agreement of a few years ago, and in having the second half of the road repaving work done right away. Have there been some aspects of these last two projects that we are unhappy with? Yes, of course, and there always are such. But to me they are minor compared to the advantages, which were major. I have a gripe about the paving right in front of our association building, but I say let’s keep these things in perspective. Major on the major and minor on the minor, and credit those who are working hard and making decisions for the Village for their intentions. Criticism is cheap. 

6. In addition to those things mentioned above, the following six things: 

            (A) Investigations does a much better, more thorough job now, thanks to Dave’s efforts, thanks to the efforts of Ed Black (whom along with Dave I believe you dreadfully malign), and thanks to Claudette LaBonte. Claudette suffered a terrible fall recently, by the way, and many of us are wishing her well. 

            (B) They’ve not been heralded, but the Q @A sessions Dave has had with association presidents have been much appreciated, informative, and productive. 

            (C) Dave pushed for and has had many more open meetings than we ever had before. 

            (D) Communications: We’ve never had the kind of communications we have now—the newspaper and channel 63, yes, but now also the blogs and e-mails on meeting agendas and results, very quickly, to ANY RESIDENT WHO WANTS THEM.. 

            (E) Behind the scenes, the incredible cataloging of nearly all our records on computer. What a mammoth project when you think of the hours and effort put into this. Let’s not nitpick and say, “There’s a glitch. The years X, Y and Z are currently missing.” 

            (F) A steady effort taking steps to upgrade our property values and beautify the Village.  

7. No one can say “I have done no damage.” It is like saying “I have never sinned.” The main thing I would take issue with is how things are EXPLAINED. Technical people, with perhaps some very rare exceptions, simply don’t know how to get us simpletons to understand what they’re trying to tell us! They try. They will explain something in three different ways, but we still don’t “get it.” To begin with, we non-techies need TIME—and usually a lot more of it than the techie thinks—or that we will ADMIT! Time to understand a matter (if we ever can); but time, also, especially for a large group of people, to just mull it over. I think it requires a teaching gift. All across the board, and not just in CV, this is a sorely needed commodity. 

That’s it. I feel as if have run the gauntlet!

Posted by Lanny


Sunday, October 27, 2013

From his lair

Posted by Ed Clack
Ed Black. He’s back. Heaven Forbid

From his lair he does conspire with his minion

Who only always lets people of his opinion

On his censored blog.

To rape and pillage the treasury of poor old

century village west palm Beach again.

Despite his head which is filled with lead and its

inflated girth

He rose up through the earth

And easily fit thru one of the many cracks

On his crack filled road that he left us behind.

He yells and screams what is politically and

financially obscene.

And guess what . . . just in time for Halloween.

He appeared appropriately as a clown,

The court jester, or better yet as the villainous


It appears that he and his minions feel those in

the village

Are without brains or memory

Using misinformation lies, and breaking the

rules, he did

Unfortunately succeed to strip our well heeled

treasury bare.

Poor Dorothy Tetro had to hear from Ed Black

and his minion that She knew nothing
and it was only Ed and his minion had the right

financial opinion.

The treasury was bleeding and the proof was in

the eating.

The fact that   for the first time in village history

Could not pay its   bills and suffered its ills is no


 Ed and his minion tried to explain

His wreck-filled financial plan again.

Is that less criminal than Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi


Let’s hope the village is not filled with financial


And get rid of these mopes.

Turn down the budget…      Vote for term limits

Vote for Esther For UCO President

A alternate to Wi-Fi

While we are doing our due diligence on the Wi-Fi situation, I have a alternate solution for a smaller version of Wi-Fi for the Village. One that may solve many of the needs for Internet access.

The idea is to put 20 or so Computers into the nooks and crannies of the Club House. Pretty much where Villagers are setting up their own computers for Wi-Fi access.

These Computers can be Purchased for about $300 each, total cost maybe less the $10,000. Software can be installed that will allow for a reservation system to be setup and can be used as a form of Parental type control, no Pornography allowed,  no bomb making instructions, etc.

This idea will allow those without computers to access a computer and those with computers, but without Internet to have it. All in all seems like a affordable and sensible thing to do. In the mean time we can be doing our Wi-Fi investigation and being sure of ourselves when we finally reach a decision.

Vote for Esther for Sensible, Honest and Intelligent UCO Government

Wi-Fi Consultant

The Big Lewbowski decided in his infinite wisdom to hire a Wi-Fi consultant to educate us on the advantages of his (Mr. Israel's) choices for a Wi-Fi He, Mr. Israel, wants a contract in a hurry. He wants a decision now. Lets get going on this.  Bad Idea.

The problem was that Dave did not talk with the Consultant before hand. and thus did not know what he was about to say. If he had he would have cancelled the contract. Which was $1000 for up to 25 people. Well worth the price and time.

The deal is that this guy is a bona fide Wi-Fi Expert and his opinions should be listen to.

So what did he advise?

First off he said both Bidders are to small and to inexperienced for our needs and we should wait and investigate more.

If we are going for a DSL contract, (Dave's Choice), then the critical thing is the tower. We need the approval of the County, the State, The Feds and the Airport. This is not an easy thing to do so wait and investigate.

If we elect to go with Line of site then there is the problem that the wiring in and to the buildings has to be fiber-optic. Who is to supply this? Who pays? Is it included in the bid. More investigation is needed.

The great Mahatma was beside himself with this news, He was so bent out of shape that he threatened to fire Dom, the Chair of the Bid Committee.

Bottom line. More Investigation is needed,  slow down,  lets identify the questions and get answers, do not rush to Judgment.

I have been preaching this since Day One


Vote for Esther for Sensible, Honest and Intelligent UCO Government

Saturday, October 26, 2013


     We have finally gotten a response from the Dave crew and it is so typical of them; they look in the mirror and everything they see is what they then ascribe to their opponents - us. I am happy they have finally openly responded, because it indicates that they are hurting and so they should with their sloppy practices and politics. And the way they respond is by saying that I am a name caller and have no ideas that are worthy of anything and even render me nameless, calling me the Candidate. Well, my name is Esther Sutofsky and I am proud to be running against Dave and his cohorts, including one Ed Black who wrote a whole posting on Dave's blog - to which I cannot respond - because I am banned from that blog! So much for free press and free speech and so much for fair play but it really does not matter, since all Ed did is simply spew figures to confuse the issues and that is simply that the principle he admits he espouses - rob Peter to pay Paul - is a good one for the Village and having clearly delineated accounts is a bad idea. Really! In an 8 million dollar budget? Thank G-d you do not handle my accounts or checkbook.

     Now let us take up name calling. I was the one  that hateful hatemonger nutjob called a ghetto maker and a witch, the one they call a know nothing. They make being retired a dirty word. Sorry, folks, after a long and fulfilling career we earned retirement and so did many of us here in the Village and now that I have had it with their shenanigans, as have many others, they are not too happy about it. As for names - well, let's see. Yes, I did call Dave the secret agent man and Ed the puppetmaster- after Dave constantly boasted of his working at NSA and his skills and deep and vital contributions to the country, especially after 9/11, never mind that real intelligence workers do not tell people they worked for an intelligence agency, and as for Mr. Black, he is with Dave so often in his various guises within UCO, though NOT an elected official, that how can he be called anything else?

As for my favorite people, the ninnies - sorry, what is true is true. They simply consistently spout off with words from Dave's mouth and are constantly talking to each other. No one else seems to be able to post on that blog anyway, and even Elaine made a plaintive and pathetic call for more bloggers, asking where are you? Please come up with sensible and reasonable contributions and the name will drop. At least I never called anyone a witch or worse as you guys have called others who oppose you.

     I see that you have been assiduously reading my postings and hopefully learning something. We ask all others to read them as well, read the mission statement and try to picture Dave there  - quite impossible - read my position papers as they come out, and you will know the true way to go.

     If you have had enough of words in a fog, of disrespect and poor accounting and financial acumen, of government planning in secret, of the same old same old over and over again, even in Dave's own words, then do the right thing for you and for all of us in the Village -


Barbra Cornish -Toxic Tart

Simply put, Barbara, you’re a lousy person

Inasmuch as Barbara Cornish seems to think that she has license to write freely about people and couldn’t care less about who she injures, this posting becomes necessary.

Barbara Cornish has shown up again and has the idea that she is going to take over everything.  Poor Frank, I feel sorry for him because he’s got to live with her.  Barbara always had things to say about everybody and everything, and when she didn’t get her way she resigned in disgrace from the Vice-Presidents’ position.

She and Frank HATED Dave Israel with a passion and were at one time at a point that they’d do anything to get rid of him.  I remember the wicked insults Israel threw out at Barbara in public and Frank was livid for a long time.  Israel said, among other things, that Barbara was a “TOXIC TART,” and that was recorded.

Now she’s back and kissing Israel’s read end, so he puts her on some committees and she’s looking to take over.  I hear that she talks about everybody and what she has to say is poisonous.  But, I also hear that her large grin means she’s going to stab you in the back, and that is what she’s good at.

Barbara was, at one time, liked and respected by many people.  However, her brat personality has caused the entire crowd to hate her.  She’ll turn on you like a rabid raccoon.

Barbara talks about conforming to the Bylaws in regards to officers required to live in CV for at least nine months out of every year.  She and her husband violated that requirement a number of times, and yet her new found Israel cohorts never said anything.  Well, to her, this is fair.  That’s her personality.

Her only salvation is to belong to every CV club she can get into.  And, if you do a little digging, you’ll find that members of those clubs have been saying that Barbara is a wind-bag and she certainly can’t be trusted.

In order to try and keep friends, Barbara makes promises that she never intends to keep.  She makes people feel that she is their best friend, when she’s lying right to their teeth, because she does only what is good for her.

Simply put, Barbara, you’re a lousy person.  And, the truth is you already know it.  Don’t forget to smile with your dagger behind your back.


Vote for Esther and get sensible, honest and intelligent government. Vote for David is just plain Dumb

The Great Mahatma speaks

Unbelievable, but quite to be expected

The Great Mahatma ** Full Definition of MAHATMA 1 : a person to be revered for high-mindedness, wisdom, and selflessness 2 : a person of great prestige in a field of endeavor  ...held a Wi-Fi instructional meeting last Friday and only the Wi-Fi committee and the bid committee were seated. It was held in the UCO conference room with a max of 25 people allowed. This meant that after the committees came in the room was full. Besides being like preaching to the Choir, after all these committees have heard all this before and voted it down, the great M decided to do it again. Of course leaving out any other interested persons is of no matter.... Dumb

Vote for Esther and this Stupidity and Nonsense will stop.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Before all you David Israel aficionados continue to gloat over the dismissal of the Roger Carver complaint, I want to tell you what the complaint accomplished. It forced Roger Carver to Resign as CAM (Community Association Manager), which was something David Israel and the officers of UCO did not have the guts to do.

Roger was in command of the Paving at the time and was severely neglecting his duties by not overseeing the work - Most of the time he was on HIS phone attending to his OWN business. Someone had to stop Roger, and the job came down to “The Malcontents” because soon after the complaint was filed, Roger voluntarily resigned.

The lawsuit - which you believe will also be dismissed - is a legal action which is different from the administrative complaint against Roger Carver, will continue.  The best is yet to come.

Vote for Esther - Tell your Delegates and all this Nonsense will stop!


Are these outright lies?

The Illustrious One tells us that 92%(?) of those surveyed wanted a Village wide Wi-Fi. so lets look at the numbers. First off the survey got 1500 responses back out of a possible 7500 units and way South of the 15,000 residents that live here.

 So Mr. Israel says that his number is 92%. 92% of what? 92% of the surveyed number is like  1300 returns. That number is less that 20% of the actual unit holders. So who wants Wi-Fi?  80% who did not survey?

So remember figures don't lie, but liars figure!

Lets talk about the law Suit. In the first place the "Law Suit" that the Great one refers to is not a law suit at all. It is a complaint to the State by some citizens and is about the Action of a Cam. So the very Great One crows about the result, as if he had something to do or say about it. As Usual Misinformation bordering on Lies.

A thought. The enemies of malfeasance is us. We are looking after the welfare of the Village, whereas the Administration is not. Although the Great David calls us nonsensical and ludicrous we are still looking after the Village's interests.

The actual law suit is about getting the Great One and his minions to do the right thing. If you are afraid that this suit will cost you, you are wrong and right. Yes the Suit will be won, because we are in the right. No it will not cost the Unit owners, Uco is covered by Insurance. So this Suit is a Win-Win.

Best of all...

Vote for Esther for President of UCO and this nonsense and ludicrousness** will stop.

**absurdity, anachronism, balderdash, baloney, bizarreness, contradiction, craziness, eccentricity, farce, folly, foolishness, idiocy, implausibility, impossibility, inanity, incongruity, inconsistency, invalidity



     I am almost speechless at the amount of ninniness and vicious lies that were posted on Dave's blog over the last couple of days. Do these people never tire of hearing themselves? First we have their mean attack on Myron Solomon. Elaine blathers on about how many firms she knows were at the convention. Does she think she was the only one there? No one else had the time to sit and count firms in various areas, but I know for a fact that there were Wi-Fi firms there as I have their cards sitting in my home so now who has the pants on fire?!

     Then we have nutjob pop in with her worthless additions. This is the same hatemonger who posted earlier in October, accusing me of wanting to turn our Village into a ghetto. (Nice, right!) And what's more, it is posted on Dave's blog who says that he only censors hateful and offensive remarks so what is that remark? Maybe you might want to be more specific Dave. Is it the Jews, the Latinos, the African-Americans, the Irish, the Polish - I can go on and on. Or is perhaps that you simply just hate any and all who do not agree with you on any issues. Why the hell have you allowed that hate filled statement to remain on YOUR blog and why have you not disavowed it? Do you really hate our more diverse Village? Did you live too long in your NSA tower (not) and forget the rest of the world?
     Finally, we have the Wi-Fi again. Give it up! It does not need to nor should it be forthcoming at this point in time. Knowing techie talk or not does not make one an expert or not on this issue. It is the question of whether we will get what our expenditure deserves or not. Whether we will once again be placed in a financial sinkhole as we were with the paving and drainage? Whether once again we will be cheated of the best bang for our buck?
     The delegate assembly has already turned the Wi-Fi down? Why is it ok to revote on items that you want, Dave, but not on ones you don't? Do you think the delegates are dumb and do not see what you are trying to pull?  And what is this with a limited explanation by some dude? You never learn. You never change. Always the few, the secret, leaving the masses of the residents and delegates in the dark so they should follow you like sheep. Do you think of yourself as the Master and the rest of us the serfs? Enough! Enough with the lies. Enough with the secrets. Enough with your constant excuses and insulting behavior.




Tuesday, October 22, 2013


     Do you remember the song about the little dog who has gone missing? Well, we can change the words slightly and ask, "Where, oh where, have UCO records gone? Oh where, oh where can they be?" Yes, these are the records of UCO going back to its founding, the records of meetings, of decisions, of funding, anything and everything that belongs to UCO's history.
     So where are they? Well, secret agent man who loves the computers so much that he spends all day on them doing what, I cannot figure out - decided to put all records into computer format and send them all to the cloud. What is a cloud? Simply put it is a form of data storage and can be quite useful; however, not when all hard copies have been shredded and officers in UCO who have the right to enter the cloud and check these records are not given the passwords and program necessary to do so. This is the government of a Village, not the NSA, if you actually worked there, Dave, and we do not keep secrets from our residents. Is there something you have to hide? Why are these records not public knowledge and available to those who wish to see them?

     This is part and parcel of the negative and threatening atmosphere found in UCO today. This must stop. This must be eliminated. Secrets will out. How many times have we seen that. Read any newspapers lately? Seen any internet news mags? Seen any talking head shows on TV lately? Dave, you must come out of your office and join the rest of us here at Century Village in a cooperative effort to improve our Village. Read the Mission Statement I wrote and posted and see where you have gone AWOL from it.



     While the suits or cases of various people have nothing to do with me or my platform in particular, it must be noted that the suit was in connection with the miserable paving and drainage job done here in the Village at the behest of Dave Israel and Ed Black and perpetrated on us by the M&M Paving company. The fact that this poor job remains in front of our very eyes remains a fact and someone must be held responsible for it, though we generally all know who!

       It should also be noted , especially by the ninnies and all other fools gloating on Dave's blog amongst themselves, as no one else seems to be allowed to post on it, that the case was not dismissed forever. It very clearly states that should the evidence needed be forthcoming and the dismissal is declared in error, the suit can go forward, so no counting chickens here.

     As far as Dave's blathering, constant and incorrect, there was and is no suit against the Village. That is his disinformation and misinformation in which he constantly enmeshes himself. Any of the suits that involve the Village are against UCO NOT THE RESIDENTS and that is why we take out insurance, be it the individual condo associations or UCO itself. All but the deductible will be paid by the insurance company and should the suit be won by the plaintiffs, since these are going forward as class suits - ANY AND ALL FUNDS WILL BE DISPERSED AMONGST THE RESIDENTS. I am not a party to the suit, and as I stated, have nothing whatsoever to say about it, good, bad or indifferent, I do not know how the dispersal works, but the funds will not go to the plaintiffs. So Dave, stop trying to sell that story already. No one is taking money out of the pockets of the residents unless we are talking about the wifi dollars.

    Finally, will there be an increase in premium - possibly. Do you know of any insurance policy that remains the same at renewal time, from home and auto to hurricane, flood and casualty insurance? I do not,or very infrequently so again, Dave, stop with the stories. Rather than that, try to explain how the money seems to disappear into black holes, why you and Ed want to lump all funds collected into one huge account - I guess it is easier to hide things then and get our finances into even more of a mess.

Finally, the right to sue, like it or not, is a right to which all Americans are allowed. It is a basic civil right, just like freedom of speech and open forums, but all that seems to be lost here in the Village even though 33417 is a zip code of the USA. Oh well, many things will be changed after the election.

If the paving, the lies and omissions, poor follow through and supervision on huge multi million dollar projects and everything else bothers you - if you realize that this is no way to run the Village, then



Monday, October 21, 2013

Wi-fi and Rush to Judgement

What's the Rush

The latest and the Rush to get the Wi-Fi approved. They now have a expert who is going to talk to/with us, the Subject being what you need to know about and Wi-Fi and why CV needs it. This is advertised as a meeting not to be missed.

The problem with it is that the meeting is being held in the UCO conference room, 25 maximum people allowed. So counting  Dave and his friends, the entire the Wi-Fi committee and the entire bid committee, I think the room is full and no room for interested residents.

But worse yet why is there such a push to get the Wi-Fi approved. So far it has been turned down by the bid committee, the executive committee, the officers Committee and the delegates. So why does the Illustrious one keep pushing it? What is it about Wi-Fi that can't wait for proper investigation?

The first problem is that there is only 2 bidders and one is being thrown out as to expensive, so there is no choice but one, and, of course, the bid Committee thinking is irrelevant.

At the recent HOA show, we ran into many interested Wi-Fi bidders, big and small, so what's the problem getting bidders?

I suggest, we wait and investigate. I suggest we let the bid committee do their job and due diligence. Getting a expert in to talk to us is fine, except the residents are excluded.

And remember Vote for Esther for UCO President and all this nonsense will stop!