Sunday, June 30, 2013

For the benefit of readers who have not seen the following post, I have been asked to repeat it for the residents who purchased tickets using the new VENDINI SYSYEM

                                         BEWARE OF VENDINI

I have just received a letter from VENDINI  informing me that their website has been compromised. They are urging users of their system to review their credit card account statements and credit reports for any unauthorized activity.
This is just a preliminary warning. You should receive the same letter I did with additional information
If you do not receive a letter you may contact Vendini toll free at:
or visit them at:

 Olga Wolkenstein

Friday, June 28, 2013

published in PB Post on 6/26/13 

A recent vote by 4 County Commissioners to approve a residential/commercial development on the closed Golf Course adjoining Century Village West Palm Beach, has caused tremendous trauma to the Senior residents who are now subjected to a temporary construction fence which in some places is so close to their back doors and patios. The fencing seems to be encroaching on property that the buildings have been maintaining for over 40 years.


The residents have been told over the years that the Golf Course property line was 25 feet from their Century Village buildings. Now these buildings are being invaded by 6ft. high wire fencing which is much closer to their building than 25 ft., in some cases only 3 ft. from their buildings.


Currently there is litigation by several Century Village Residents against the County and the owners of the Golf Course asking the Courts to uphold a document that has been filed with the County for over 40 years which states in effect that the property in question must remain a Golf Course "IN PERPETUITY".


We assume that the County Planning and Zoning departments will recognize the improper placement of this fencing and the negative impact it is causing to the Senior residents of Century Village.


The insensitivity of the owners of the property and the 4 County Commissioners in allowing this situation to infringe on the wellbeing of Seniors who now look out their windows and doors to see wire fencing so close to them rather than open spaces or the Golf Course who they believed would always be there is beyond comprehension. We wonder how this vote was allowed to happen, perhaps that is why many residents of Palm Beach County feel they are still living in CORRUPTION COUNTY.   


We were told by County Zoning that the various Building Associations that are adjacent to the Golf Course property would be notified 2 to 3 days prior to installation of the fencing,  however no association was notified. Who is the County working for… The Residents or the owner of the property? CORRUPTION COUNTY AT WORK AGAIN?


We have asked the County Inspectors to verify the accuracy of the survey conducted by the owner of the property. But so far the fencing seems to be completed and we have not heard a decision on that.


In many countries Seniors are revered but that does not seem to be part of Palm Beach County’s culture. They seem to be intent on destroying a Senior development that has had a peaceful lifestyle for over 40 years here in Century Village. That is not progress, that is destruction !


Shelly Kalef and Honey Sager

Century Village, West Palm Beach


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The administration of Solomon and Karpf who were at one time UCO Vice Presidents was marked by litigation and controversy; conversely, his administration is marked by a continuous stream of positive accomplishments, reduction in major costs, and an outlook for further improvements. OH BULL!

When the clubhouse was destroyed by the hurricane, Bob Marshall, Ed Black and Jean Dowling kept procrastinating opening it after it was rebuilt.   They used excuses after excuses to keep it closed. When the Solomon/Karpf/ Loewenstein administration took control, the clubhouse was opened immediately. The shows were scheduled in the party room, and slowly the Village returned to normal.  The lawsuit by Solomon/Wolkenstein was initiated because WPRF forced the residents to pay full dues while the clubhouse was being rebuilt - we were only supposed to pay one third.   The lawsuit returned the unit owners a profit of $2,300.000 BECAUSE of the litigation and controversy.

David says his administration is marked by a continuous stream of positive accomplishments (look at the roads)

David says his administration has accomplished a reduction in major costs (UCO is broke) and an outlook for further improvements (No money, no improvements).

At the end of his fairytale, he wants you to end TERM LIMITS. Wow! What Chutzpah!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


After a four-day hiatus from Century Village, I returned to discover David Israel has, in his desperation to be President for life, resorted to telling fairy tales about the group who want to iniatiate term limits for all UCO Officers.   
David stated: “The argument against term limits, in any office, is simple and powerful: once a person gains the knowledge and experience (and yes, power) to do their job efficiently, they are removed from office, and a novice has to take over."
David apparently has never read the critically acclaimed book of 1969 titled THE PETER PRINCIPLE. The Peter Principle is a proposition that states that the members within an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success and merit will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly phrased; Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence." It stated another way, employees tend to be given more authority until they cannot continue to work competently. A person does well in his job and gets promoted until he reaches his level of incompetence. At that time, he is no longer competent and remains there unable to move up the ladder.

David wants you to believe that knowledge and experience is necessary for people to do their jobs efficiently. This ideology is contrary to THE PETER PRINCIPLE which shows that individuals who have reached success have reached their level of incompetence. This is one reason why we need TERM LIMITS FOR ALL OFFICERS. We need to abide by THE PETER PRINCIPLE which further states that the best work is accomplished by people who have yet reached their level of incompetence.

David also had the unmitigated gall to accuse one of the plaintiffs in the present litigation against UCO of costing unit owners well over $600,000 while neglecting to tell you the Lawsuit gave the unit owners a profit of $2,300.000.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A note to David Israel

Nice talk at the Wi-Fi meeting. You cleared up most of our questions. and I am sure many others. However your plan for payment of the start-up costs leave me wondering. What happens if we cannot get donations and we have to pay this and the operating costs at the same time ?

Friday, June 21, 2013

How the U.S. Got Broadband Right and how it effects us in Century Village

AS senators consider President Obama’s nomination of Tom Wheeler to lead the Federal Communications Commission, some observers have painted a dire picture of the state of Internet availability in America. One legal scholar, Susan Crawford, hasargued that “prices are too high and speeds are too slow,” though she supports Mr. Wheeler, a venture capitalist and former telecommunications lobbyist. Other critics have called for new government policies to “fix” the telecommunications industry.

Such criticisms are misplaced. If he is confirmed, Mr. Wheeler will have the good fortune to be arriving at the F.C.C. at a time when the United States has gained a global leadership position in the marketplace for broadband.
More than 80 percent of American households live in areas that offer access to broadband networks capable of delivering data with speeds in excess of 100 megabits per second ...

ARCATA, Calif. — It took the death of a small, rare member of the weasel family to focus the attention of Northern California’s marijuana growers on the impact that their huge and expanding activities were having on the environment.
Jim Wilson/The New York Times
While some marijuana farms divert and dry up streams, this grower uses conservation methods like a rainwater holding pond.

The animal, a Pacific fisher, had been poisoned by an anticoagulant in rat poisons like d-Con. Since then, six other poisoned fishers have been found. Two endangered spotted owls tested positive. Mourad W. Gabriel, a scientist at the University of California, Davis, concluded that the contamination began when marijuana growers in deep forests spread d-Con to protect their plants from wood rats.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The New Rules for Sunscreen

There is no question most skin cancers are related to sun exposure, yet even with sunscreen sales approaching $1 billion a year, skin cancer rates continue to climb.Melanoma diagnoses have risen nearly 2 percent a year since 2000 and are increasing even more among young white women.
Some experts blame inappropriate use of sunscreen, saying that people do not apply enough lotion (a golfball-size dollop) or do not reapply it every two hours as instructed. But there’s another major concern: Until recently, many sunscreens with a high sun protection factor, or SPF, were designed primarily to protect people from ultraviolet B rays, the main cause of sunburn. These sunscreens may have enabled users to stay out longer but did not necessarily protect them from ultraviolet A rays. These are associated with aging and skin damage, but some experts believe they may also be implicated in skin cancer.

Nogales Is Not Falluja  

The Arizona-Mexico border fence near Naco, Arizona.Samantha Sais/ReutersThe Arizona-Mexico border fence near Naco, Arizona.
The Times is reporting that a deal has been struck to keep comprehensive immigration reform moving forward in the Senate, by addressing Republican objections that the bill is too weak on border enforcement.
The plan, hatched by two Republican senators, Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota, would, among other things, nearly double the Border Patrol, to 40,000 agents from 21,000, and complete 700 miles of border fencing, all at a cost of about $30 billion.
It’s being called the “border surge.” This obviously calls to mind similar surges in harsh desert regions where the United States is deploying troops and drones.

Except this surge is not designed to protect the homeland from bands of well-organized extremists armed with rocket-propelled grenades, roadside bombs and a suicidal urge to kill as many Americans as possible.
No, it’s meant to repel an army of nannies, fruit-and-vegetable harvesters, hotel maids, landscapers, mothers with children and other parched, star-crossed economic migrants whose life-or-death mission is to earn a living wage, to support their families, to fill the many yawning gaps in the country’s labor force, and to become American citizens, like the millions of hopeful foreigners who came before them.

The McClellan Problem

Disunion follows the Civil War as it unfolded.
On Aug. 3, 1862, Gen. George B. McClellan received orders to begin withdrawing the Army of the Potomac from its position in front of Richmond, Va. The new Union general in chief, Henry Halleck, had given McClellan a choice: to renew his offensive against Richmond or ship his army back to Washington. McClellan resented and resisted Halleck’s authority, and stubbornly refused to advance, thinking Halleck would eventually recognize the folly of a withdrawal.
And folly it was, McClellan’s obstinacy and lack of battlefield success notwithstanding. Once McClellan’s troops were in transit, half the Union forces in the Virginia theater were out of action. With the threat to Richmond removed, Gen. Robert E. Lee was free to stage a bold counter-offensive into northern Virginia, which would lead to the near destruction of the Union Army under General John Pope at the Second Battle of Bull Run, the invasion of Maryland, the bloody Battle of Antietam and the Confederacy’s best chance to win the war outright.

‘Slaves of the Marriage Union’

Disunion follows the Civil War as it unfolded.

On June 18, 1863, a woman named Elizabeth Packard rode out of a state insane asylum in Jacksonville, Ill., perched on the interwoven arms of two men. Three years earlier, she had been confined under a state law that allowed husbands and fathers to commit their wives or children to the asylum, with little legal process. All they needed was the permission of the asylum superintendent.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

It all started ....

. It all started with King George, and his abuse of power, which some Americans took exception to. (Others, of course, declared themselves "loyalists"... and saw no problem with the Divine Right of Kings). The hyping of external and internal threats to control the behavior of American citizens has a long and sordid history... to name only the Palmer raids of 1919-20, the McCarthy investigations of the '50's, Nixon's "enemy lists" whereby he'd use the IRS (hum!) to harass political opponents... and, of course, the recent IRS revelations, not to mention UCO Presidency... the wheel comes full circle.

Friday, June 14, 2013


A friend gave me a letter they received from AARP and asked me for an opinion. Those of you who received the same letter may be just as confused as I was when I read it.  

The word CHAINED threw me; I didn’t have a clue what it meant. So, I decided to do some research and want to share with you the real meaning of what the government describes as CHAINED.

Your social security check is now based on the cost of living (COLA), and the COLA is based on the consumer price index (CPI).  When the COLA goes up, so does your social security check.  Under CPI, let us say the price of butter is $2.00. Well, now the honchos in Washington are saying, if the cost of butter is $2.00, the seniors are not going to buy butter they are going to buy margarine instead for $1.00. The government is going to ASSUME they are going to buy margarine, which will lower the CPI which in turn lowers COLA which in turn lowers your Social Security check. This is the first part of what CHAINED means. (It also means you are being chained to a lower standard of living for the rest of your retirement years).

Part two:

We have established that under the government’s proposal, we will be getting a smaller Social Security check, but what does the word CHAINED have to do with that?

Here’s the catch:

Think of the $1,000.00 as your social security check and the Interest as the cost of living.

Let us say you put $1,000.00 into a saving account at 5% interest compounded yearly. At the end of the first year you will have $1,050.00. The second year you will have $1102.50 and at the end of ten years you will have $1,628.89.

Now, Let us revise the numbers to reflect the government’s new COLA proposal (Remember Margarine instead of butter)

You will now put $1,000.00 into a savings account at 4% interest compounded yearly.

At the end of the first year you will now have $1,040.00, the second year $1081.00 and at the end of ten years $1,480.24. As you can see each year, your check will be progressively lower because the interest (COLA) was initially lowered. Like a chain, each year’s COLA is linked to the previous year. Therefore, the word CHAINED. 

Olga Wolkenstein

Thursday, June 13, 2013




The Wellington Federation under the auspices of Lenore Velcoff has decided to cancel the 4th of July party at the Wellington pool. More than 1000 Wellington residents and friends are being penalized due to a small contingency of individuals who made the decision to cancel because they felt threatened by a few adversaries of David Israel’s UCO who were invited to the party – Shame on you, Lenore.

Wellington's residents who still want to party, can come over to the main clubhouse where Dolores and Tommy Caruso will be serenading you with dance music.   Friends and enemies alike are all welcome.  Bring your own food and booze. No charge - 12:00 to 4:00pm


The Party People





                               (The answer to IF can be found in this article)

The following is reprinted from two e-mails:

To the Wellington Federation,

It has come to my attention that the 4th of July party sponsored by the Wellington Federation for Wellington Residents only, has been bastardized.  Mr. Grossman has seen fit to invite many people who do not live in Wellington, especially Myron Solomon and Jerry Karpf, the two people who are suing UCO (which means suing all of us). I am sorry to say that my friends and I will not be attending the party, though I was looking forward to spending time with my Wellington friends.

 Lenore Velcoff, President

Wellington Federation

Hi Lenore,

On behalf of Wellington K, this building will not be participating and would appreciate it if our share of the funds not be used.

Mike Rayber

Of course IF they had any smarts, rather than deprive themselves of enjoying time with their friends, they could have invited David Israel and his Gang. That would have evened the score.
A note of interest: The Wellington Federation is donating $1,000 to the party. Each Wellington resident must purchase a ticket, $1.00 for residents and $5.00 for quests.   Each person will be entitled to a sandwich, chips and a soda. The fee for residents is only to determine how many sandwiches to order.

The fees will go back to the Wellington federation Fund.  This is not a freebie for the quests.
BYOB, of course

Olga Wolkenstein

Wednesday, June 12, 2013



The blogger who calls himself MIKE did not realize the consequences to his actions when he posted the following:
It’s rumored by the malcontents that Dave Israel and Ed Black (a former USAF Radio Intel Officer) are secretly working from the UCO office as plants for NSA surveillance of seniors.  This Wi-Fi business is all a front to steal the old folk's secrets.
I am one of those malcontents, and I can honestly tell you, I have not heard such a rumor. I also had no idea that Mr. Ed Black was a USAF Radio Intel Officer – thanks to the heads up.  I can now surmise; the popular news about the NSA spying of honest citizens has forced the David Israel Gang to have one of their puppet's posts this piece of misinformation to ward off the possibility that  blameless residents might believe they are  casualties of his spying.
Are we? We may be since he worked for the NSA.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dave,s Threat

This a direct quote of David Israel's attitude towards the court and the delegates. I Wonder what will the Judge have to say?

We Quote :" Hi Redacted
When I started the information Forward initiative I promised the Delegate assembly, that lacking a court order, I would never release our unit Email addresses.

The Court order is , among other things, what the Plaintive now seek
It will mean the end of the information forward Initiative, but before releasing the email addresses I will erase them in their entirety.

Thank you for your support.

Dave Israel"

Monday, June 10, 2013


Your have reached the My Village Blogger. This is a blog for the Residents of Century Village West Palm Beach, Florida. It is written by a resident.  On the right side is a list of the Windows that are available from the page.

To go to a Window simple click on the link. When in the selected window use the back button to return here.

The address for this blog is www.My Village

Comments are welcome and do not have to register. We chose to not limit our commenters to 100 only. However we will vigorously monitor all the post and those that are unsuitable, those that are insulting, those that are vile, those that are bilous, hateful, etc. will be removed. What we ask of our commenters is to be polite and civil and remember this is a public forum. We would be happy if you signed your work. 
                                   BEWARE OF VENDINI

I have just received a letter from Vendini informing me that their website has been compromised. They are urging users of their system  to review their credit card account statements and credit reports for any unauthorized activity.
This is just a preliminary warning. You should receive the same letter I did with additional information.
If you do not receive a letter you may contact Vendini toll free at:
or visit them at:

Olga Wolkenstein

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The following is a reprint from David Israel’s blog – May 12, 2012:

Don’t believe the panic mongering at Delegate Assembly or at any other meeting about money. UCO is in excellent financial condition,

The panic Mongering campaign* is an attempt to prepare you for unnecessary increases in the 2013 budget.

David Israel


The answer to the question of whether we have enough money is:


We are destitute - our pockets are empty – there is no money in the Kitty – we are broke. I’m sorry, but that is the truth, even though David led you to believe otherwise.

Want proof?

Prior to becoming treasurer in 2012, Dorothy Tetro recognized the Village’s dire economic position. In pursuit of the treasurer’s office wrote a one-page letter circulated throughout the village entitled: Is the 2012 budget Misleading?

Some of her most salient points which Ms Tetro emphasizes are that the 2012 budget:

a.  It appears to her to be a Ponzi scheme.

b.  The 2013 budget would have of necessity, require an additional line item to cover repayment.

c.  The purpose of this letter is to alert you to what I believe is a very dangerous financial plan.

d.  At the conclusion of the paving contracts, there will not be very much money (if any) in our reserve and operating accounts.


                SHOW ME THE MONEY


 The panic mongering campaign* he is referring to is made up of the individuals he calls “Malcontents” on his blog.  These are the people who are attempting to enlighten the residents about the truth of what really happens behind closed doors in the village.

Olga Wolkenstein

Monday, June 3, 2013


Anita Buchanan wrote on David’s blog that we said the DELEGATES CAN’T BE TRUSTED.   We never said that but SHE DID. She put those words on David’s blog because that is what SHE believes. She thinks because the delegates did not vote her way THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED. Therefore, we have to have another vote. WE trust the delegates. What we do not trust are the Officers who advise the delegates.  The officers, time and time again have advised the delegates to vote for an issue that has proven detrimental to the residents. 

Case in point – on the advice of the Officers at the time, we had a chance to buy the clubhouse. The delegates voted it down and as a result each resident is now paying approximately $60 per month to rent the clubhouse. (And we pay all the expenses as well)  We had a chance to buy the golf course. We didn’t.  We were advised to sign a millennium agreement which we all know is a total disgrace.  We were advised to pave the roads all at once when the engineers said we could wait until we had   put enough money into the reserve account.  Look how that turned out.

We are supposed to trust the recommendations the Officers make, but we cannot. They are infallible. They make mistakes.  We have to rely on our own good judgment. Moreover, we don’t ALWAYS. We voted for them, and we feel they must know what they are doing. HOWEVER, THEY DON’T. 

The officers whom we vote for do not have a crystal ball. They do not know how the consequences of their /actions are going to affect the future of the village. Therefore, we have to give ourselves the opportunity to bring new blood to the village.


  The delegates have already voted for the issue of keeping Term Limits.  By bringing it to the delegates again they are saying to you, YOUR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER. By bringing it back they are disrespecting you. They are telling you that you are not smart enough to make an intelligent choice.  Well, I think you ARE smart enough. I think you did make an intelligent choice the first time, and you should not allow anyone to take that choice away from you.

Olga Wolkenstein