Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Criticize without thinking

To criticize without thinking is to shoot without aiming.

y Stewart Richland

In a recent article that I wrote for the UCO reporter, I used an idiomatic expression, “Bury your head in the sand.” If you understand the language you get the message. Sometimes it is difficult for some people to understand this form of figurative expression. 

It is always rewarding when someone takes the time out of his busy day to respond to your article.**(See the comment section for this comment) Unfortunately the response was posted on “Dave’s Blog.” I attempted, without luck to respond to the post. Knowing that the writer of the rebuttal reads this blog, I will post my response to the authors “willful blindness” to the meaning of my article.

The English language is rich and colorful. It is the tool that we use to formulate our thoughts and then communicate our views to others. Within this context we often use idiomatic expressions that truly enrich and enhance our language. For example, we often hear politicians use the phrase, “kicking the can down the road.” What the politician is telling us is that they are not going take action on an issue but, will deal with it at some time in the future. This is what is known as an idiomatic expression.

Other examples of this form of expression are: “Bucket List,” a term that was made popular by a movie of the same name. Make a list of all the things you want to do before you die. Describing a person that has a “heart of gold.” or defining a persons views as being as “clear as mud” are other examples. One of the most famous is, “The Shot Heard Around the World.” Have you ever dealt with someone that has the “patience of a saint,” or accused a person of being a “bird brain.” Another favorite of mine is “Well I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle.”

I did not expect any reader of the column to interpret my remarks literally. I intended it to be understood in its figurative sense. What I was addressing was the idea that people often “bury their heads in the sand” when they refuse to confront or deal with a problem, and thus deny the problem ever existed. In my article I referenced the possibility that if a stakeholder cannot see that there is a problem, then there is no problem. This is what is known as “burying you head in the sand.” Like the proverb of the three monkeys, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” I called this type of thinking “stupid” and was chastised by the writer on Dave’s blog as denigrating to our village residents. However, from my perspective we do have some serious issues here in our village and as a resident I am very concerned. In my article I addressed the issue of a majority vote being used to approve or disapprove a proposition to be addressed by the Delegates. Even an elementary school student knows that a majority is one more than 50%.

Thus any proposal that garners the majority will be approved. It is also assumed that those voting on an issue are well versed and their vote represents the will of their constituents. Perhaps, this a stretch in logic, when I use the Federal Government as a case in point.

However, in Century Village this practical approach on voting lacks a certain degree of logical thinking. I addressed my concern in one of the bullet points in my article. I have attended enough Delegate Assembly meetings, to know that most delegates are “low informational” voters. This does not mean that they lack intelligence or as the responder from the other “Blog” suggested that I called them “stupid.” What I was alluding to was that many delegates have tunnel vision, when it comes to comprehending the implications of what they are asked to vote on. As a result, I suggested that on critical issues, a simple majority vote should not be used. There are about 345 registered delegates in Century Village. During seasonal meetings according to our by-laws a quorum is 141 delegates and in the off-season a quorum is 117. When a vote is called for, you need 2/3rds of the delegates attending to vote for or against a motion. 2/3rds translates to 66 2/3rds%. of those present.

All I am asking for is a system that is more inclusive than already exists.

Finally, the commentator on the other blog, choose to select the name Hitler, again “cherry picking” for effect, suggesting that the rest of my essay was about one of the most hated humans of recorded history. This is typical of what you can expect from the members of the “other blog.” As Voltaire once remarked, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This may be a bit extreme in this case, but in world where rules are an important part of human discourse, why not allow a rebuttal to your rebuttal.

Charlie Chan (Charlie Chan at the Race Track) remarked it is “Easy to criticize, more difficult to be correct.” This is the real reason why access to David Israel’s blog is restricted to only those who support his positions.

Again a Charlie Chan truism, Mind, like parachute, only function when open.

So Don, if you re-read my 600 word essay, you will learn that there were two parties to the Munich Agreement. Hitler’s name was used once. You chose to “Cherry Pick” this name and suggest that this person was the main subject of my commentary. Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler. To repeat, this agreement, historically referred to as appeasement, had two signatures’. You chose the name that carries the most baggage. We all know why you did this. Just as many of the T.V. news station do. They selectively edit interviews in order to change the story line. Well the story line here is not the two government leaders, it was the fact that Prime Minister Chamberlain refused to confront the fact that you cannot negotiate with dictators. In other words, he refused to confront the real problem and chose to deny it. As the idiomatic expression goes, “he buried his head in the sand.” The result, World War II. I call your attention to the cartoon below. Don, which one of the images is you? Or is it….. just another idiomatic representation of something else? I rather think that Mr. Chan sums it up best when he says

Hasty deduction, like old egg, look good from outside.

Don't Bury Your Head in the Sand . . . Idioms with Your Body

Monday, December 30, 2013


     Anyone remember the movie "It's a Mad Mad,etc. World"? I am beginning to think that we are living in the movie right here in CV. Words take on different meanings according to David Israel and a person younger than we are together with  David Israel are playing mommy and daddy to us deciding what is in our best interests. We obviously are in our dotage and cannot make that decision for ourselves and any contradictions that arise are obviously the fault of our failing minds. Let's look at the situations.

     First up is the phrase "Our Village". One of my banners says to take back our village, meaning, let's take it back from the awful and wasteful administration we now have which wastes our money, ignores the residents, breaks process and procedure, ignores bylaws , does not believe in transparency but instead governs behind closed doors,and encourages the use of foul language and cursing at committee meetings with said language aimed at David Israel's opponents. Just lovely. But no! David Israel interprets that phrase as the signal of a world conspiracy aiming to take over the village. David Israel, I know paranoia is hard to deal with but I can give you a few references for help. Anyway, lo and behold, go to David Israel's own personal self censoring blog and guess what it says  - "This is Our Village". WOW! I wonder what conspiracy that refers to, or is it possible that both mean similarly phrased thoughts, even though David Israel's blog DOES NOT BELONG TO ANYONE BUT HIM!!! You decide.

     Now let's find our new mommy and daddy. David Israel thinks that we need a patriarchal figure as our head of UCO. He knows best, you see, and if we do not agree with him we are called obstructionists, Luddites, ignorant people, malcontents, etc. Well, David Israel, I had a much better father than you could ever be and thank the Lord above he never acted in any shape manner or form similarly to you. Nor did he believe in using foul language and cursing women, which you obviously enjoy and encourage since you never used that gavel of yours, you know, that gavel that you are so fond of.I truly believe it is time for you to go.

     Next  up is our new mommy, WPRF. This mommy tells us that we are only suited to have "recreational" activities at the clubhouse and at the pools. Nothing of any serious tone whatsoever. Our poor weakening minds obviously cannot deal with it. But wait! Don'r politicians come and speak at the Clubhouse? Do we not have Mark Friedman come and speak there? Do we not have driver ed classes there? Do we not have town hall meetings called by David there? And perhaps we had better police the pools in a more thorough manner making sure that those who are using the wifi there only use it for entertainment purposes, not business, political or any serious use, for WPRF facilities are only for entertainment purposes! And finally, of course, we must never never never have candidates for office for UCO, the administrative body of the Village, speak at the Clubhouse or pools. Never mind that other political events take place at those facilities. Mommy says it is ok.It might confuse our poor minds. Better we should just accept David Israel as UCO President for Life!

     Last, but not least, we have our newspaper. Do you remember what we learned in school about freedom of the press? Well, forget it as it does not really apply here in the Village. Here we can be censored before our ads are accepted and here our banners can be encouraged to be vandalized because the story was oh, so funny (Gee, I forgot to laugh.) Maybe I can get some Green Stamps as consolation.

    It is indeed a mad, mad, mad world but perhaps despite all efforts to shut us out, from preventing people from hearing us and by a refusal of David Israel to have a Candidates' Forum and discuss the issues about which he knows little and says less - despite all this, people are getting to know the name of Esther Sutofsky, to know her team approach, her insistence on following by laws and in writing new updated ones, in following process and by not throwing dissenters under the bus, who is looking towards the future at new contracts and getting a better deal for us, who is insisting on a sound and conservative fiscal policy, her insistence on a humane, kind, welcoming and transparent UCO. Delegates, residents - we must improve our situation here in the Village. We must, yes, take back our village, our home and to resurrect an old, but still true saying in this situation - POWER TO THE PEOPLE, NOT TO DAVID ISRAEL AND HIS MINIONS!!!!

    Power Corrupts and Total Power corrupts totally. Oh Delegates hear us. Vote for Esther, end this Administration Now. Vote for Common Sense, Common Justice and Common Fairness. Get rid of these Bums!  Let Freedom Reign.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reading and Joy

                   (IN THE UCO REPORTER)

Joy Vestal advises vandals to destroy a campaign banner.

 Joy Vestal and Myron Silverman, co-editors say it’s important for all residents to learn about the issues in the up-coming  UCO elections yet they refuse to print articles and letters from candidates who oppose David Israel.  – individuals with opposing views are being forced to pay for their own ads.

Pat Sealander complains about Century Village becoming a slum because of a campaign banner advertising a candidate for UCO President, but I don’t hear her complaining about the dog shit on the perimeter walkways.  

 Anitra Kraus, a person who is a renter is given more space in the Reporter than an owner who has been living here more than 20 years.

 Eva Rachesky states categorically that she was not coerced by David Israel into banning Political rallies at the pools. “It’s not recreational,”  she claims. She said she upheld that policy in Deerfield Beach and continued it here. Well, maybe it’s time we ban her from century Village – she’s not recreational either.  

 The Reporter states that it does not print anonymous letters, yet they printed an anonymous letter which only they thought was funny.   - I’m not laughing

BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT and more BULLSHIT! Read it in the UCO Reporter.


Friday, December 27, 2013


The Screaming Meeme is at it again

  So this morning I attended another UCO meeting, this one on WiFi. David Israel's opening statement was to the effect that we will go forth and install it in the Village even though there has been obstruction by the Luddites and political opponents who say WiFi later when I am out of office. When asked questions by a well versed member of the bid committee, David responded by sputtering and hemming and hawing, interrupting and shouting. Typical of the paranoid David Israel. This gentleman was treated with contempt and no manners at all.

     With great difficulty and through or with the aid of another committee member who saw my hand had been up several times, I was finally recognized. I posed several questions and made several comments. I told the committee members that they were acting like techie snobs as if no one else other than they could understand the WiFi network. I also responded to another person's comments that nothing "underground" could possibly happen here. I said it has already happened several times so that statement was erroneous. Before I was able to finish barely a sentence or two, David Israel was shouting, interrupting, calling me political campaigning,

NEVER answering questions. I NEVER RECEIVED AN ANSWER TO THEIR STATEMENT THAT CERTAIN THINGS ON "THEIR" WIFI WILL COST MORE though they claim to have publicized this fact at delegates assemblies. Really!?Another person interrupted me and began speaking and eventually I was called names from (and excuse me for the language)  - using my butt to talk, to piece of shit and so forth. I hope this guy does not kiss his grandchildren with that mouth. Meanwhile, David Israel was practically foaming at the mouth, shouting "political" campaign,etc.

This, my friends is what we now have running our Village. This is the temperament of the people who think they know best what is best for all of us. This is the temperament of the people who think it is right to chase people in public be it in "poetry" or by hanging juries. This is the temperament of the people who will brook no opposition and take ALL opposition as a personal offense.

AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY DAVID ISRAEL WILL NOT DEBATE. HE HAS NOTHING TO SAY OF ANY VALUE ON ANY ISSUES. ALL HE HAS ARE SHOUTS AND INTERRUPTING COMMENTS. And of course, he has that "treasure" Ed Black who occupies an office in the UCO building even though he is not an elected officer of UCO. Interesting, is it not?

     If I sound angry, I am. We, the residents of the Village, deserve better. We deserve to be treated with respect and not contempt. The last ones who knew what was best for me were my parents. We do not need a patriarchal dictatorship here. Delegates and residents, please show that you recognize the truth and have the courage and determination to stand up to this man, his minions, his methods and his plan to keep his position as a position for life as he continues to run. Growing up in Brooklyn one learns many curse words and how to give back twice over, but I am better than that. I will always be better than that and that is what I want to give to you with my team - a better, cleaner, more welcoming and open administration where curses are a thing of the past and respect is the operative word.

Lets end this Charade, put back sensibility, put back respect, put back fairness Vote for Esther and throw the Bum Out!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To Lanny Howe

Santa who brings coal for Christmas

To: Lanny Howe

Oh, Lanny, Lanny, you’re like the Santa who brings coal for Christmas, and you know something? – you love it! You have a dark side and you are well aware of what I’m talking about. Your total mental operating machinery, for how you conduct yourself and converse with half intelligent people, has only your buttons. You have no other buttons to push because your head is not programmed to listen, nor is it programmed to understand and fully comprehend what another person is trying to say to you. Such people, wearing ear-muffs and blinders, are self-aggrandized, introverted characters to say the very least.

I place you in this category because you love listening to yourself, especially when it’s in print, but you choke, sneer, wheeze and expel anus discharge when you’re asked to respond intelligently to someone else’s opinions or questions. You shut down because you’re not programmed to understand that a coin has two sides.

You, Lanny, deal with people in a demoralizing and patronizing manner, and I’m being delicate in that remark. This needs to be said, and said in a holler: YOU, LANNY HOWE, NEED TO BE FIRED FROM THE UCO REPORTER! As a writer for that Israel controlled paper, it is mandatory that you assume a neutral stance on all issues. But, you, operating only with Lanny Howe buttons to press, make a very dumb decision to attack Olga Wolkenstein with an article that portrays you like a dumb kid with his finger up his nose and a poem that you created while looking in the mirror, and stretching your arm to pat yourself on the back. Pathetic is not the all-encompassing word to express what you’re all about.

Everyone knows that you’re a close buddy-pal of Israel. How in the world can you agree with a man who doesn't know how to speak without crib notes or reading from a prepared text of grandiloquence expressions? Do you hold hands with this guy and prompt him to spit out something that the normal person can comprehend, -- or are you simply his mouthpiece?

It is so difficult talking to you because you listen but you don’t hear; you see but you have no idea what you’re viewing; you shake your head but you don’t know whether it’s going up-and-down or side-to-side

In that you feel that attacking Olga Wolkenstein is as easy as sliding down a few giant steamers, -- while using the super private blog, why don’t you do the decent thing and get the Israel/Black honchos to allow Olga access to the Israel blog so that she can respond to your ill-natured diatribe. In other words, stick that educational bull-crap up your posterior cavity and listen to someone else’s opinion.

Instead of getting kicked out on your ass from the UCO Reporter, why don’t you write a neutral toned article about how nice it would be if one or two debates could be arranged between the two presidential candidates, so that the good people of CV can hear all about the issues and form their own opinions as to who can better serve this community. Now wouldn't that be nice rather than you spewing out your typical vermination?

I know that your absorbing this posting will be extremely difficult for you, but why don’t you cover your mirror and give it a try,

Merry Christmas EDUARDO

A vote for Esther is the Right thing, for  Esther has the right stuff!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013



They cannot help themselves. Obviously, they were damaged somewhere during their childhood and as a result are some of this planet's nastiest people. Their day is complete only if they can call someone names or lie about truth,etc. They would not know truth if it rose up and smacked them in their collective faces.

     This morning, in answer to politely but incisively asked questions by Howard O'Brian, a candidate for Treasurer in the upcoming election, they snapped at him for telling the truth and basically called him out as having a made up mind - ergo, a wrongly made up mind. This, to a man who does not partake in fights and succeeded in uncovering embezzlement at his Association and now willing to serve his community, the Village.

     That done, Lanny Howe decided to react to his being called on his obvious partisanship of David Israel, you know, that coward that will not debate because he cannot string two sentences together unless it is ghostwritten for him or written out in a cheat sheet for a debate. I already have previously called Lanny on this and told him to keep his sickeningly hypocritical wishes to himself as they mean nothing. He then has decided that my friendship for Olga, one of the brightest and yes, forthright, people I have ever met. offends him. I guess she is too honest, too strong in her pursuit of justice and too focused on her antagonism towards a lousy administration. So how has this so called adult tried to get his own up on this issue - by writing an odious poem to Olga, one, he should know, that has potential for libel and slander, since he was so kind as to use certain terms in writing in a public sphere. So mature and so dumb!Oops!

     Lanny, it would behoove you to keep your writing focused on your trips and to saying how much you believe David Israel's lies. Just keep on telling yourself all the drivel you keep on writing about and who knows, you might end up as paranoid as David Israel. Write whatever you want, trash me as you jerks have been doing with lies and stupidities, but leave my friends out of this. I guess that is difficult for you as you all prepare yourselves for a kangaroo court with a prejudiced panel, one appointed by Dorothy's bitter foe, who else but David Israel, to impeach and/or recall a woman who has served her Village with honor and great sacrifice; a woman who has received only vitriol from David Israel's team and why - for saving the Village after David Israel and Ed Black nearly bankrupted us. So now, urged on by that charmer, Pat Sealander, two months before her term is over, they have decided to persecute her.

     People reading this, I ask you, how can we tolerate another two years, and actually, he hopes to reign forever. How can we condone this kind of behavior in our supposed leader and his chief followers. Is it not time for civility and justice, for honesty and transparency, for working for the Village, not for oneself, for a political entity that does not resort to fake inanities in the hope of becoming a rabble rouser and hoping that people will lose sight of the fact that this man NEVER DISCUSSES THE ISSUES AND REFUSES TO DO SO IN PUBLIC. People, please instruct your delegates on how you wish them to vote, and delegates, please look, listen, evaluate and then do the right thing.


Monday, December 23, 2013


Ever since I accused Lanny Howe of being   on the fence, he has decided to challenge me and take sides in the matter of Dave Israel and the “Malcontents." He chose David and now has even become one of his biggest fans.  I guess his ego couldn’t take the accusation of him being ON THE FENCE, so he decided to throw his weight around David. Well, Lanny, you made your choice. Now I will ask you some questions:


1.     What do you think about David signing a two point three million dollars contract to pave the roads without getting the delegates' approval?


2.     What do you think about David wanting to go ahead and sign a Wi-Fi contract before getting the delegates to approve it?  (The bid committee and the malcontents managed to stop him)


3.     What do you think about David owning a blog which is supposed to represent the whole village?


4.     What do you think about David’s   spontaneous outburst and temper tantrums?


5.     What do you think about David putting Ed Black on important committees - Ed, who nearly bankrupted us as treasurer?


6.     What do you think about David Putting a renter on an important committee and giving her the authority to make a full fledge speech to the residents extolling the positives of Wi-Fi?


There are many more questions, but this will do for the time being.

Vote for Ester and get back to Sanity and Reality 


     I know I said that we were putting the WiFi issue to bed, but I must add in this little tidbit. In today's paper they talk about the mess in the Federal government and its technology contracts, purchases and systems. They mention that they are entered into in the wrong way and need to focus more on small focused areas, with shorter duration of contract years as the technology changes so quickly and need to have more control over the contract, power to break it, etc. Gee, sounds familiar -the issues with infrastructure, modernization in quick time order, contract duration, control and manner in which it is written, etc. 

Well, David Israel, I guess there are people who would disagree with your planned WiFi installation plans here in the Village. I guess the questions we and others who have a thinking brain were quite on target. Aha! Maybe I am a superwoman and can have it all! Too bad for you. So sad - for you.  By the by. still waiting for you to talk on the issues and oh, yeah, schedule a debate. Ho - hum.....

Debate her and quite hiding!!- Gary

Sunday, December 22, 2013


     Exactly what is an issue? It is a topic of some concern and interest with varying degrees of importance and generally needs to be discussed. Evidently not all people agree with this definition since no one from the team of David Israel, including himself, want to discuss any issues so we will have to do it ourselves. Let's take one issue that really needs to be put to bed right now and without the lies and evasions that have been thrown around, especially in The Reporter.
That issue is WiFi and here it is in simple terms and truths. The Village HAS WIFI. We are not sitting in a dead zone, out of contact with the world. Any unit can have wifi. Either pay for it, use a neighbor's (with permission), or have your building install it as a building. It has been done in several of them in varying manners and the unit owners are well pleased. We also have wifi in the Clubhouse and at all WPRF run pools. One does not need to run to Starbucks to use wifi. I also have never seen anyone wandering around  with a laptop or other such gadget crying why he cannot sit in the middle of the road or a lawn and get on wifi. Actually, in many places it is possible by hooking on to wifi that is already around.
I personally love wifi. We have several computers or laptops or pads and so do our often visiting children and grandchildren. We have it in our unit. When we go to the pool or take a walk around the Village we do not take them. We go to socialize, to talk with each other and friends. Our phones work just fine. Our lives manage to be fulfilled without seeing a huge 65 ft. tower emitting all sorts of whatever from its dishes. And that is assuming we could get all the permits needed to erect it and that includes a very extremely unlikely one from PBIA as we are in their flight path - as we well know.
     So what are the problems with wifi in the Village? According to an expert, Lawrence Dhambra, paid to evaluate the situation after David Israel nearly backed us into another disastrous contract and we protested, neither we nor the companies we had been dealing with are ready for an installation of this size. And though Anitra Kraus states that he did not know that DSL had done Boca CV, that is both an assumption and a non sequitur as the Boca installation is TERRIBLE. Terrible is what we do not need. We already have terrible in the roads, drains and flooding.
     Next up is Ruth Bernhard-Dreiss who claims that "there are those fighting to prevent WIFI in the Village. Lies, lies, and more lies. What we want is good wifi, secure wifi, with a contract in our favor and benefit, with a wifi that will not have its poorer moments as it does in the clubhouse. We want all questions answered, not to be told that in this sphere one does not ask questions. Nor expect specific answers. Really? Does David Israel and cohorts think we just fell off the turnip truck?

     Now, how do I know about the Clubhouse variances? Easy. See, unlike David Israel, I actually go out and talk to people, not just sit and tap tap tap. I ask questions and get answers. They like having wifi in the clubhouse but wish it were more even. I tell them to speak to Eva and when I am President, I will take it up with her.

     And as far as lack of sympathy with the older elements of our population, those who bought here long ago when their savings and Social Security were enough and who now have outlived savings and their SS stipends are a mere pittance compared to what they need - I have heard them tell me they need to buy food, not wifi. They have no computer and do not wish one. Well, I feel for them. I hear them. They need to be included in the final plans for wifi down the road. and if you, David Israel, do not care, then you definitely need to get the hell out of office, election or not.

Get out of the office - Vote for Esther - she has the Right Stuff

Saturday, December 21, 2013


     It is truly sad when one reads things and realizes that there is definitely something wrong with the posters. For example, there is a group of posters on another blog who cannot seemingly do anything but call other people names, the very names that they say they were called, who take sentences out of context and then treat those misquoted items as if these are words from on high, and who then natter at each other in a more and more vicious way. 

In a way, I can sympathize, for whenever one mentions their name, one gets a face in return so perhaps they are undergoing the angst of the unloved. So sad.

     In any case, I am amazed that in their eyes I am a superwoman - I've got it all. I am and can do so many things and all at once, that even I am impressed with myself. I am evidently a prodigious liar, an uncaring and lawbreaking person who is deeply involved in some kind of a conspiracy only they are clever enough to discern, do not know anything about anything, and yet with all that am a terribly frightening person who cannot be allowed to face to face debate their leader because I will have all the advantages over him. Now that part, I must admit, is true but that really is not saying very much, is it now? 

Also, I must admit that they are correct in one other item they keep on repeating - I am not fit to be elected dogcatcher. Now there, they are so right. I haven't a clue as what that truly entails!
 There seems to be a bit of a problem there with faulty memory cells and they cannot remember what they have said and to whom, so because I feel so sad for them (not!) over the next few weeks I will remind them of past sayings and promises, campaign talk that they disremember and of the things they said they would do and yet - it never happened. Of course, there is one talent they do have that is so outstanding and in that they copy their esteemed leader -  know how to take credit for the ideas and deeds of others and forget one's own misdeeds and utterances. Handy talent, I must say.

     Finally, because they really do not have anything of any value whatsoever to contribute, they need to focus on something else and they have found their foci in the person of Dorothy Tetro. She is the one who pulled our nuts out of the fire where David Israel and Ed Black so kindly left them to burn. Only due to her efforts have we been able to pull slightly back from the brink and have begun to build up reserves, though they are nowhere near what they should be and should they fall once again into the hot little hands of those two, only G-d knows where they will end up and what they will pay for because truly, only those two will know since David Israel does not seem to recognize the fact that signing a contract is not up to him alone. Hello! The Delegates? Remember them? So they want Dorothy out, trumping up as dumb an accusation as can be found. So what if Dorothy has two homes. It seems to me that probably a majority of the people here in the Village do. Would you like Dorothy to wear an ankle bracelet so you can count the number of days and nights she is here in the Village, working hard at UCO offices, joining friends and whatever? Now that might satisfy that NSA mentality of yours, huh! Give it a rest. Her term is over in March.

    Anyway, my poor deluded bloggers, stay tuned for postings that will hopefully untangle your wee little minds and get you back on the road to recovery. Ciao, baby - , see ya' soon!

Want more?  Vote for Esther - Get the Truth in big Doses!!

Eva Rachesky


 Eva Rachesky claims she does not take her cue from David Israel. Well, Eva, can you tell me why YOU took your cue from David when you disallowed me from placing a notice of this website on the table OUTSIDE the Clubhouse Theater. You stated that the meeting belonged to David, and he did not want anything political on the table. For one thing what the hell’s so political about a notice of a website and WHO owns the clubhouse? This was outside the parameter of the theater where the delegate meeting was held so it was David’s influence not yours that did not allow the notice.  This notice had nothing to do with David’s meeting, and YOU told me unequivocally that this was David’s meeting, and he did not want the notice put upon the table. Please Eva, don’t take me for a fool. I cannot tolerate a person who smiles AS YOU DO YET JABS THE KNIFE IN MY BACK WHEN I TURN AROUND. Stop the bull!

  Who owns the Clubhouse?  - LEVY. Who makes the clubhouse rules?  - LEVY. Who works for LEVY? You do; therefore, it should have been “YOU” TO DISALLOW THE Notice of the web site but “NO” it was David, who told you to. You said it loud and clear that David owns the meeting and he did not want the notice placed  on the table – as a matter of fact he was furious when he saw it and please don’t try to deny it.  There is so much bullshit going around now, the stench is beginning to permeate the whole village.  You want peace?  Get rid of David Israel. There will be no peace until you wake up and smell the roses instead of the crap.

 As a post note, I want to remind all the delegates to vote David Israel out of office and vote for Esther Sutofsky. This business of WPRF telling us what to and  taking orders from one lone Dictator when we pay all the WPRF  bills has got to stop. And, by the way Eva admits to not allowing anything political at the pools. When the UCO administration changes, I will remind her that WE, the residents pay all the bills and we WILL have a say about the rules in the future.


 Vote for Esther, Lets get the CV Enemies out and fair, honest and smart people in !!

Friday, December 20, 2013


 Page nine of the UCO Reporter states there will be a meeting on Jan 3rd to discuss the recall of Dorothy Tetro our esteemed treasurer.  Her crime was to sell her apartment in Century Village, purchase a home in Cypress Lakes and purchase another one in Century Village with her inamorata.  Maybe we should put her in solitary confinement and throw away the key?

Who are the   deviants in this play who decided to start this charade? The guilty party is Pat Sealander, who has political ambitions to become an important person in UCO and Bob Rivera, the guy who parades his companion dog around on a motorcycle and thinks he has all the answers to the world’s problems. And, behind the curtain of this mysterious plot is of course the master,   Dictator David Israel. Is it because he is trying to return Ed Black to the business of administering OUR FINANCES?  Geez, I hope not; Black screwed us up to big time once before, I wouldn’t want to see this played out again.

For the record, Ms Tetro owns in Century Village and spends her time between both her residences – which is legal. Her term is up in March, and she is not planning to run again. So what's all the fuss about recalling Ms Tetro?  David Israel and Company have been taking a shellacking on this blog.  Are they using Ms Tetro as a guinea pig to steer the bad press away from him and onto her who has served  this village admirable for many years? Are you going to allow these pigs to throw Ms Tetro to the wolves after she has dedicated so much time and energy for you? I know damn well; I won’t. This recall is a sham, and I hope to g-d you have the common sense to see it the way I do.

Vote for Esther. Get Rid of these small minds, lets get  daylite in the way we do things  

Thursday, December 19, 2013


        It is amazing how often people spout off nonsense because they have nothing else to say and figure saying something is important. It is especially funny when they follow a leader - one with clay feet - and practice a brand of nastiness second to none. Calling people names and then saying they are being called those names, making up conspiracies that never existed except in their itsy bitsy minds, lieing again and again because they think that makes it the truth,and taking things out of context are some of the nasty techniques used by these people. In addition they present this on a blog which is a closed blog and since all CV venues are closed to us, they believe they have the upper hand. Now they gather around Tsar David Israel to protect him from having to have a debate. So - January 7, 2014 at 2:00 PM at the Okeechobee Branch Library in the large meeting room - come and hear the truth. Come and hear the issues. Come and hear when a statement of  resale values was made - not that there is no interest, but that people would prefer to know the Village is safe, clean, well paved and well run, not just wifi.

     It is very sad that someone wishes to hold on to the reins of power so much that any tactic is acceptable. If Betty thinks she is qualified to set herself up as a judge of anyone, perhaps she should look in the mirror first. As Michael Jackson said in his song ," Begin with the man in the mirror". Fix yourself before you approach anyone else. The people and delegates of Century Village are being asked to choose someone qualified to take them into the future. That person is NOT David Israel. He has already shown his lack of competence in many areas - paving, flooding, wifi, laundry room , legal representation for the Village, a protective fence at Southampton, updating the bylaws and on and on.

 Never mind that he has no civilized manners and throws tantrums that are the equal of any terrible two toddler. Come and serve WITH an administrator who has over 13 years of administrative experience, who knows what it means to run a community of people, of how to get along with all groups and find a consensus and move things along.

     I know, believe me, that he and his minions can rile up anyone, can bring anyone's blood to a boil, but come and hear the truth without bile or venom. All those who have heard me speak know that I speak the truth and discuss the issues, report on my platform and plans for the future of the Village, for its betterment and financial stability. Nor do I bring armed guards to my meetings. Delegates, residents, this is the time to stand up and do the right thing, to elect a President, Officers and Executive Board members who want to serve the people of the Village, not themselves. It is up to you, as hard as it is to get this word out. Come join us in a vision of Change and Hope, of sweeping clean the outmoded backroom tactics of the present administration. Come join the White Hats and leave the others way behind.

We are quoting the UCO PresidentI here

Could you please answer?

Dear David, Grace, Elaine, Lonnie et al

Attached is a direct quote from David Israel dated 12/30/07. Based on what he wrote the CV blog should be open to all. 

However this is not the case as only one side is stated with no response allowed. What happened to "NO ONE IS BANNED"? What happened to "criticism of UCO or any other authority is fine"? Many times Dave have referred to "Frau Carol" for censoring postings. So what has now happened? Is Herr Dave doing the same?? Have the rules of the game changed midstream?

If you get a posting that is not civil just have it removed but at least play with a level playing field so that people get to read both sides of the story.

I was removed from posting on your blog without reason and am currently not receiving your information forward initiative. As president of my condo association should I not be receiving it? I would like to know why.And as my posting is quite civil I await you response.


Sunday, December 30, 2007


You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~John 8:32
Hi All,
With the latest CV Forum guidlines, I believe that the Forum has been reduced to a Bulletin Board for Fluff and Papp rather than substantive inquiry. It should be allowed to experience the ignominious demise it deserves.

Researched data is regularly referred to as "opinion" by the Forum Managers.

No criticism of the current Administration is tolerated even if it might be well deserved. Worse yet, UCO is presented as the only valid source of the "Full Facts" and the "Real Truth"! simply ludicrous.

No controversial issues are entertained. Any non-compliant post is summarily deleted and declared "inappropriate".

We are endlessly reminded that our "inappropriate" posts are read all over the world and worse yet are affecting Real-Estate values in the Village! Of course, the reckless multi-million dollar legal fiasco that we have been plunged into by the Officers of UCO is not given the credit it so richly deserves for depressing said values!

So, while light fare and banter are welcome here, it is hoped that this BLOG will also deal in harder questions regarding how to run your Associations, questions about Condominium law, Technical matters related to Condominium living and various complex research questions related to Florida Statutes that impact our lives in CV. In short, informed controversy is welcome. We are not lawyers, and no legal advice will be dispensed on this BLOG, but real questions are welcome and hard research is encouraged. There is more to life than; "Where can I find a good tile person"

No one is banned, chat is encouraged, as chat is a normal function of Human communications. Criticism of UCO, WPRF or any other "Authority" is fine if it has some basis in fact. We are not children to be kept in the dark and fed propagandised trivial papp

Please be civil, and respect your fellow neighbors, that is all I ask! (And me - Gary)

Dave Israel
Greenbrier C



     David Israel's blog is going a bit berserk with their new comments and postings. so let's get a few things straight.

     My postings have been calm, somewhat teasing, somewhat a dare, as I discuss David Israel's poor record of administering UCO over the past almost four years. I have called him no names, nor brought in his NSA work, nor have I responded to his idiotic website of teachers. As I have said before, grow up, David. At 74 or so, it is indeed time.

 I have been discussing UCO, feeling that this is what we need to do. And yes, I have been challenging David Israel to a debate since he is obviously afraid to debate with me. Why? Because he needs a script to answer questions and if he does not know the questions, then how will he answer? How will he answer anyway, when there are no excuses for the foolish things that have happened or not as the case may be.

 He has been slow on the uptake of the needs of the Village i.e. he boasts of the Southhampton fence as one of his accomplishments but after five months WHERE THE HELL IS IT? And when he says it will be built with WPRF money - hey, folks, - that is OUR money, not Mark Levy's - OURS. And still no proposals and no building and no agreed on plan for maintenance after its erection.

     That is just one example. Now we have the complaint that debate is not fair to the incumbent. Really! Give me a break! The incumbent ALWAYS has the edge in an election, especially if the challenger has no public venue and is hounded in every which way. A debate is the proper way to go as we have done in previous elections - yes, you too, David Israel, but when the incumbent is incapable, well, there you have it. Lanny, please stop with your pathetic excuses why a debate is not good and that line about secrets! OMG! There can be no secrets in the administration of Century Village. I guarantee you that the security of the USA is not in danger from any thing we do here in the Village so transparency is a must! If you or David Israel or his minions cannot understand that, well, I am sorry for you. And please, well wishes mean nothing if there is nothing behind them of truth or honestly caring.

     As far as postings on the blog. Grace, what are you talking about? Your comment is right there. I just checked. See, we do not remove postings unless they are prejudiced, unlike David Israel who not only allows it, but instigates and encourages it and NEVER disavows the nasty ones posted on HIS PERSONAL AND SELF CONTROLLED BLOG. As far as the postings of other people on the blog - contrary to what David Israel thinks, we do allow people the right of free speech within the proper limits, no blocking or banning AND YOU ARE A PRIME EXAMPLE OF THAT AS YOU HAVE POSTED NUMEROUS TIMES ON IT.

     As far as the banner. Ad infinitum ad nauseum. It is a fact of life. Deal with it - the same way we deal with Rivera's flashing neon sign, Give it a rest. Grow up.

     Finally, enough already with the extraneous garbage you keep nattering on about like magpies. Go to the issues, if you are at all capable of it. Try the truth for a change. Try being grownups too. Stop looking for excuses both before and after the fact. Like it or not, people are hearing from me, listening to me and judging you. So now, just keep on doing what you are doing as I will not respond to your nonsensical and childish statement anymore. Issues please. Debate please if the cojones are grown in yet. And this is not begging either, dude. It is a gleeful anticipation, unlike your fear. and by the way, why not be brave and bold and honest too and write on this blog since you obviously read it. If you do that, then we can actually have a back and forth conversation. Wow, what an idea. You see, we cannot do that on your blog since David Israel believes in banning people, not a good thing for hope for transparency in administration.


     Well, it is going to be another gorgeous day in our little Village. The sounds of laughter of children is more frequent as grandchildren come to visit (expecting two of mine today) and the season is well under way. So, fellow candidate David Israel, how about we speed things up a bit, take it up a notch. Not that I have not been enjoying myself; don't get me wrong. I have met wonderful people living here in the Village, made many new and close friendships and have shared many moments of laughter and agreement. Yet something is missing. What could that be.......

     Aha! Got it! It is really quite tiresome to read the same old same old on your private blog, David Israel.  Though you obviously believe in recycling (and that is a good thing since wait till I recycle your own words) and keep turning back to nonsensical issues that nobody gives a hoot about except for you, David Israel, and your minions, perhaps we can try something new and relevant. Yes! You got it in one! I am proud of you. DEBATE THE ISSUES. What a clever idea and oh so relevant to the race we are in. Oh, what was that? You recently threw a tantrum and stated you will never debate "her" - the her being me? That is not a problem. You are always going back on what you said so why is there any issue about doing it again re debating me on the issues?

     Sorry, David, you are mumbling. Speak up, please. Got it. You really have nothing to say, is that it? So sorry, but you decided to overturn term limits and run again when you obviously needed a refresher time off, so you are responsible to all the residents of the Village to say what you believe on the issues. It is not their fault that there really is not much there. Since you like to use the word dredging, how about dredging up a few ideas, stale though they may be and let us get the show on the road. Debate, David Israel, debate.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


  It is said that no good deed goes unpunished and here we have the proof. Yesterday, Grace posted a response to a comment on this blog. That is amazing (oops) because when Grace posts on the other blog, no one can answer unless one is part of that crew. They can natter away with no one able to add a comment or reaction. Once we answered Grace's comment, lo and behold! she is gone again. Why? Simple. Because I asked her to remind David Israel that he is still cowering in some dark corner of his office, afraid to step out and meet the debate challenge. No, now we hear that he is waiting for Roberta Fromkin to set the date, which is apparently still a top secret item. My only condition for the debate, now that we have waited so long for David to find his cojones, is that I be given till the second half of February if we do not meet before Jan. 20 as I will be in surgery and rehab after that date (I will then be the proud owner of a matched pair of knees.)

    David Israel, since you refuse to come up for air, let me set some issues. Why have you not responded to the challenge of refining our bid and contract process? Why have you not admitted that you have gone astray, oh, so far, astray that you needed a GPS to find your way back - and are still wandering lost in the process. Why can you not learn to find the experts we have in our own Village and let them contribute to a proper process wherein we get a professional RFP, a proper proposal and a professional contract? Why have we not engaged a proper lawyer, one who has not retired on, or rather, in, the job? Why do we not have a lawyer who can find and state and back his own legal conclusions, not find the one of the day that you want? Why are we not more proactive in reaching out for this help that is so near at hand? You know, David Israel, that I can easily answer these questions and challenges for you, but will give you time to come up with some answers, and truth, please.
     Why have you, David Israel, not been more transparent in the running of your administration? Why is getting to see you (if you are not part of the In crowd) so difficult, more so than reaching the Wizard himself? Why do you hide behind a curtain blowing smoke? Why are the delegates not appropriately notified of dates of contracts, given the contract or proposal, allowed to discuss it (without armed guards present ) and then allowed to vote. Yes, you might lose some of your pet projects, but SUCH IS DEMOCRACY! Why are you so determined to keep any and all information from being presented to the residents of the Village, so much so, that you tried to destroy a President's Club meeting sponsoring Susan Bucher with important information about the changing election process?  Again, I can answer, but will let you fight your way out of this paper bag, and please do not say this never happened because we know this from the speaker herself. Oops on you, David Israel.

   I will give you some time to answer, but know you will either never do so, or answer with statements that disremember the truth, or answer on your blog so no response from me is available - remember, you banned me.

      Have a good day, David Israel.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Amazing Grace

Grace, it is not David Israel's doing regarding the WI FI at the Pools.  Don't thank him.
If you want to thank anyone it should be EVA RACHESKY.  SHE is the one WHO IS IN CHARGE AND RESPONSIBLE not your almighty David.

We don't need the WI FI now in the village. We do not have enough information  and eventually when the time is right Century Village will have WI FI.


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Friday, December 13, 2013


David Israel and crew - it is time to stop this stupidity of spreading ridiculous rumors of excess religion when I become president. Don't you think people know that this is as dumb as it gets and are beginning to wonder aloud if you have anything to say on the issues. So once again - I extend the offer. Grow up, man up, and discuss and debate the issues as a mature human being. Please let us not have to bring in Tallahassee and ADL for discriminatory practices. What a mess that would be.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Presidents Umbrella Club

      The Presidents Umbrella Club Announces
       That Their Next Meeting Will Be Held on
     Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 @ 10:30 AM
Clubhouse Room C

  Ms. Susan Boucher The Supervisor of Elections
   Will be our Guest Speaker

  This Meeting will be open to all unit Owners

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dirty, Secretive, Underhanded, Vile and Surripticious to boot!

The Cloud under Lock & Key , Cripes how about CV under lock and key. The key held by our own DI! (That's not Drill Instructor)

If there is a dirty, secretive, underhanded way of conducting one’s self, David Israel knows them all.  He is smart and very shrewd because he is expert in getting all of his knaves to carry out all of the wicked capers he conjures up almost daily. 
Just how lousy a person can he become?  He takes full and absolute control (absolute control corrupts absolutely-Gary) of The UCO Reporter and informs, or instructs the UCO Reporter Co-Editors to deny it.  The UCO/WPRF agreement, regarding the use of the Clubhouse facilities, is all of a sudden “lost”.   Perhaps he scanned this document into the cloud, and he keeps the cloud information under lock and key.  This information should be easily available; it certainly should not be lost.  Ask Israel, and he’ll tell you to talk to WPRF.  Ask WPRF and their on-site administrator will tell you to talk to UCO.  Then, the ball bounces to WPRF’s attorneys who suddenly become evasive.   

Ask Israel if you can post a response on his very private blog and he will have one of his knaves tell you that you must be a member of their secret Israel club.  Ask to become a member and you will be immediately denied, or in one recent case, they’ll get back to you, but they never do. 

People running a campaign used to be able to use the public pool areas such as the Kent and Camden pools.  But wait, -- Israel gave the order to Eva, -- NO, tell them you can’t have a gathering at any pool area for political purposes.  The final orders come from Israel.

Another direct order from Israel to Eva and then to the various CV Clubs is to prohibit any candidate for office to express his or her views that may enlighten a club member about the qualities of a certain candidate.  Fail to comply and the next thing you know your club meeting place is no longer available.  This is just another sneaky way the Israel campaign works.  Israel believes he is being baited but in reality he will never respond to anything because he is deathly afraid to deny the truth in writing.

Inasmuch as Israel’s chief puppeteer, Black-Ball controls Channel 63, -- here again instructions come from the secret agent to control everything that will appear on the CV public channel. 

Israel dictates all of the functions that will be allowed in both clubhouses.  He, in turn, secretly instructs WPRF’s administrator what can happen and what can’t happen because we rent the clubhouses, and UCO, -- Israel -- can dictate what can and cannot happen on the premises.  It gets worse, -- you can’t even discuss political matters outside the clubhouses unless you’re so many feet from the entrance doors and in the case of the main clubhouse, OFF the island completely.  You see, Israel, while controlling or over-riding his officers, can get WPRF’s administrator replaced if she doesn’t conform to his demands. 

Let’s face it, Israel has shut down, unless it is for his own personal purposes, all forms of communications, and his few ill-informed followers don’t seem to have any problems with how Israel conducts himself.  It simply goes to show you who you’re really dealing with, -- the people wearing blinders that couldn’t find their ass with two hands. 

So, where does one go when everything is locked down and controlled by the president?  You go to people who have an understanding of your plight and have a sincere desire to assist in getting rid of injustices.  A person could not express himself or herself in Nazi Germany also, and that is one of the reasons why Hitler was elected as Chancellor.  It was suppression of human rights, and Israel appears to believe that he can get away with it, similar to nighttime manipulation and unauthorized use of CV’s money. 

Don’t you get it?  PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING unless it affects their own pocketbooks, or they prefer to freely join a pack of wolves, i.e. to act as a gang; standing out there alone and they run like hell and hide behind locked doors.   

Nothing political is to take place at Delegates’ meetings, an order given by Israel to WPRF.  Yet political literature is given out at these meetings and politicians are allowed to speak, especially at election time.  But, stand up to make a political statement involving CV/UCO matters and you’ll be told that you’re “out of order”, and if you persist, -- the armed guards hired by the president, USING YOUR MONEY, will be summoned to shut you down or “escort” you out of the auditorium.  All that is needed now by Israel and his clan is arm bands and storm trooper boots. 

Try to add it all up and what have you got, but 7 or 8 die-hard Israel lappers who have nothing more productive to think about than someone hanging a banner off of CV or WPRF property.  What is done on private property is none of their freaking business, yet they, as a gang, criticize up and down crying “foul.”  One jerk mentions IRS; another sets sights on religious property and uses selective words coming up to borderline prejudices.  Do these morons really want to criticize a synagogue?  They’ve got to blame someone, so their easiest target is a former UCO president and member of the synagogue.
These few anti’s would like to think that all of Israel’s antics are permissible.  Everyone else’s ideas can be criticized on their private Israel blog.  Their feelings expressed in writing are the reasons why so many people outside the Village hate CV and its’ inhabitants. 

That banner put up outside the Village should be taken down.  Another banner, twice its size, should be put up. 

Find the keys, Vote for Esther, Vote for Term Limits. Let's get our Democracy back!!


Friday, December 6, 2013


 Tossed out of office!  

In two weeks an important vote can determine the future of our Village. It is on an issue that Dave has insisted be voted on again when he lost and fights against a revote when his trick timing got him his win. It is an issue that raises many questions as to why Dave is so concerned that he and his minions remain in office. His tired old excuse that there are no willing and qualified candidates to run for officer positions and the Executive Board have been shown to be bald faced lies, similar to the lies he has spouted on other issues. There are many qualified applicants for these positions, people who will bring with them a fresh air, new currents, new ideas, new proposals and methods, new vigor and enthusiasm and a loss of that backroom style of politics that has brought up the vision of a reinvigorated Tammany Hall right here in our Village.

     Dave and minions want term limits defeated. That would mean that all of these tired people remain in office, free to keep on bringing disaster after disaster upon our Village. The implementation of term limits would mean that on a rotating basis we would have new blood, new people coming in to office with some of the veterans remaining. We could make use of experience of others as they volunteer for committees and they can simply run again after an appropriate time. So Dave's "the sky is falling" cries of agony if we have term limits is ridiculous and he well knows that. He simply believes he can pull the wool over all the delegates' eyes as he now calls them in for closed door meetings. I guess it is okay for him to campaign but not for others.

     Dave and Co. are so frightened at the thought of being tossed out of office that he has coerced Eva, the head of WPRF here in the Village, to cancel the right to hold debates at the WPRF pools. Yes, remember those debates from prior elections - well, tough. They are no more. Dave does not want them. Clubs and club heads are being intimidated into not having any other speakers who oppose Dave and his old ways. Why is he so frightened? Is he afraid to meet people face to face? Is he afraid that his stale old ways will be shown as the drab and ruinous policies that we must be rid of? Does he have loose ends that must be tied up before their threads are pulled out and exposed by other people? Only G-d and Dave know and we can only think about it and believe what we believe and then vote for term limits. Dave, I am sure we can find something for you to do in my team's administration, just not president!
     Delegates, deny Dave his greatest desire. Let fresh air in.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wrong Way Corrigan does it again - our point is proved again. Thank you, David

     When David mentions that the MAC addresses are redacted for security purposes, several issues are then raised. These are the same issues of security that we have been raising all along and that have been pooh poohed. Now we need the answers.For one, who gets to see these addresses and why would David get to see them as he has no business in anyone else's business. For a second, how are you going to reassure and/or educate the users of the wifi at the pools that if one's MAC address is discovered, they can be blocked. Leads to some interesting questions that need answering but if the same old same old continues, then we will not get an answer. And I certainly hope the answer is not along the lines of "Oh, nobody would do that" or why scare the residents. If we are working so hard to prevent identity and internet fraud, then we must be clear on this. It is user beware and must be recommended not to do anything financial or private while at the pool. Wait till they have the privacy of their own wifi at home.
     Another question I have is one of quality of life. Just a thought. We have all seen our grandchildren sit next to a friend on a playdate and they do not talk; they text, or play games or whatever, but the conversation and social mixing is lost to a great degree. Part of why we all hang by the pool is to talk with each other. The pool is our "street". What will it be if people start bringing all their wifi instruments and tools and forget their friend in the next chair over? Just a thought.

Wi Fi and proof of our point - Thanks to David Israel - gotta love it!

Individual buildings can put in wifi for a whole lot less!

David, you are sitting and crowing because WPRF has installed wifi at the pools and you offer to wifi another pool at close to $800. Thank you for proving what we have been saying all along. Individual buildings can put in wifi for a WHOLE LOT LESS than wiring the entire Village with fewer complex issues to go wrong and at a WHOLE LOT LESS MONEY and NO 65 FT TOWER. No need for PBIA permit.

So thank you, David. Always nice to know we have our own Wrong Way Corrigan. Any time you would like to do this again, please, feel free to do so. If you need help, I have a few suggestions for you. Anyway, what's up with the debate? Ready to take up my offer? Choose a pool. Choose a room. Tell Eva it is ok and she will listen. Waiting.........

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Civil War New Articles

One-hundred-and-fifty years ago, Americans went to war with themselves. NY Times Disunion revisits and reconsiders America’s most perilous period — using contemporary accounts, diaries, images and historical assessments to follow the Civil War as it unfolded.

As a public service we are running a series of articles on the Civil War. They can be found on my Pages and linked here, Civil War. Enjoy them, I do. Gary

Monday, December 2, 2013

Breast Cancer

The Woman in the Breast Cancer Photo Responds to Times Readers

Over the weekend, I heard from a New York Times picture editor, Soo-Jeong Kang, who was involved in the publication of a photograph that generated a great deal of discussion when it appeared on The Times’s front page (PDF) last Wednesday. Ms. Kang assigned the photo shoot that resulted in that much-discussed image of an Israeli woman’s upper torso, including incision scars, a portion of her areola and her Star of David tattoo. It did not show her face.... Get the rest of the story