Tuesday, August 30, 2016

LIES, Lies lies


It appears the UCO Reporter better known as “THE RAG," has again ventured into the dark dungeon of LIES.  It has allowed David Israel to profess, in his monthly column, that associations which have installed Wi-Fi are stealing from Comcast and are liable to be charged as a misdemeanor or imprisonment.  This is just another load of horse-shit   that his devious sick mind has conjured up in order to frighten the residents.  My association, as well as 30 or more had the courage and foresight to opt out of a village wide Wi-Fi and install their own at a saving of $33:00 per Internet user.  As of yet, we have not been sent to Devils Island nor been fined. We have not committed any crime.   David Israel in his perverse imagination has arrested us for having the courage to stand up to his demigod madness. Maybe it’s time; we begin to wonder what his motives are for pushing his version of Wi-Fi down our throats. Is it because as a former member of the National-Security Agency of Spies, he wants to get into the game again and spy on us?   -  We may never know, so for the time being, we will leave it and go on to the next subject.  

David’s column also accused us of being piggyback thieves. A Piggyback thief is a person who logs onto your open Wi-Fi without your approval.    At a time when a password was not required to use my Wi-Fi, Donald Foster our acting Cam and a personal friend of Ed Black and David, placed himself below my window at Northampton and secretly proceeded to use my Wi-Fi. He was stupid enough to brag about it on David’s Blog.  When David discovered it was illegal, he immediately erased it.

Now David has the audacity to accuse us of stealing when it was his friend the person he wants to become our paid cam that was the real criminal.

Das ist alles.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Latest Issue of the CVMessenger

Bits and Pieces 8/29/16

But the worst of all is Donald's claim that if he doesn't win the election is rigged. Get this logic. If the Donald loses then the Election was rigged. If the Donald wins then all is well. So, for the Donald, the election is a win-win. For the rest of us, well, you guess. 

So things keep changing. As far as Trump is concerned, his flagship thought, his main thought, his Immigrant plank is what? Does anybody know? Is this a pick and choose test? His main plank is so befuddled that even his surrogates are at a loss to explain it. Even Kellyann says his message is still the same, he has only changed his words. What?? So he has plans to explain it again this Sunday. As soon as he has thought it through. Maybe.

I don't really understand Donald Trump. I don't understand his changings. First, he opens saying we have to get rid of all the immigrants sneaking over our borders. Then he says, I didn't mean ALL the immigrants , just the ones that are criminal. No mention of his plans for our existing illegal immigrants. What are we to think?

Back to CVWPB, just what is wrong with our illustrious President? He has an article in the Reporter that is way off base. I don't think he knows of which he talks. I am talking about his warnings that those Associations that have opted to set up their own WiFi are doing something illegal. Not so!
We order the Association's Wifi and pay each month for its use. There is nothing hidden here.

Comcast is very happy with this arrangement. We are happy with this arrangement.The unit owners are happy with this arrangement.

The great one  is not.

His arrogance knows no bounds The reason for this is that he wants to sell us his Village wide WiFi system. We don't need it! We don't want it! Stop pushing David!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A renters reply to Stu Richland's Condo Owners Bill of Rights article

Written and Posted by Neil Moore

Re the postings from Stu  Richland about Condo owners bill of rights: I think he is missing the boat on one important aspect. He writes about condo owners rights but neglects to mention Condo residents rights. Should the rights afforded the owners not be extended to any and all residents? The simple, but important rights Americans enjoy are in many instances left outside the gate of a community like Century Village. The community is actually a private business, what goes on here , and in many communities, is dictated by the owners. Non-owners would be left in the dust if a bill of rights is established for condo owners only. 

An important aspect of the rights of residents concerns the right to opt out paying recreational fees. There are instances of residents who are not interested, or are unable to use  the facilities and would rather not pay dues. The way things are at the moment: EVERYONE in CV.  IS COMPELLED TO PAY "CLUB DUES" whether they use the facilities or not. I can understand being compelled to pay for buses or security or other necessities, But recreation fees ? In the real world, we can choose to buy into gymnasiums or spend money on recreation. Not so in Century Village, You have to "join the club" whether you like it or not.A recent court ruling may change that, The court ruled in favor of a plaintiff who didn't want to "join the club" in his community.

Then there's the right to vote. Across America, voting rights are universal and are not predicated on the notion of land ownership.A growing segment of the population in Cv are disenfranchised by the "owners only " rule. It;s an absurd idea that just because a person does not own property they have no stake in the community.

There are other questions regarding the bill of rights issue. Topping the list is a UNIVERSAL BILL OF RIGHTS that encompasses all residents of Century Village.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Editorial 8/23/2016

So, the Great one, the loud one, the racist one, Donald Trump sees a conspiracy around every corner. Now is cajoling his followers to guard the polling sites in the fear of wrongdoing by the Democrats. What he is thinking, what he is saying, is that this is a good excuse to use when he loses the Election. Which is becoming more apparent as the day's pass?

I do not understand the hullabaloo over Hillary's emails. What is wrong? The New Times has been hacked, the Department of Defense has been hacked, T-Mobil has been hacked, even the Sony Corp. has been hacked. But not Hillary's Emails. So who is right and who is wrong? Maybe those who are screaming about Hillary's Emails should follow her lead before they get hacked!

Fear is in the mind of the beholder

Donald Trump has done it again. He has frightened all or most of the good and honest voters. He wants voting inspectors. He wants intimidation at the poles, he wants fear at the poles.

He hopes to have an excuse for losing this election (they cheated). or maybe he is hoping for fear to set in on the Democrats and he thereby will win the election.(he won't)

But I don't actually believe this. Trump can not steal this election, The best he can do is complain how the Election was rigged, (It wasn't)

The inculcation of fear into an election, especially a Presidential election hasn't been seen or heard from since the 1800's.

Just remember to great words of one of our great Presidents. "The only thing to fear is fear itself"

And I think that Mr. Trump is living in a world of fear and it is getting worse.

Now, listening to the TV News I see that he is walking back his original plan to throw all the immigrants out. Now he has changed his mind. He wants to soften his remarks on immigrants. He  wants to keep the immigrants here and make them good citizens. Good Lord, is there a Bill of Rights for immigrants?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Help me, I fell and can't get up!!

So, what  is going on with the new Lifts at the Hastings Pool? The committee has been examining this for over a year now and nothing is happening. They have a quote for $28,000 each  for replacement and an extra $7,000 for storm proof glass, why the delay? Did they spend the money that we had put away for this project?

So far they had one near accident when an elderly lady with her walker was stuck in one of the lifts for 20 minutes.

What are they waiting for? Somebody to get hurt and we will face a major insurance claim and/or a major lawsuit?

There is a lot of trouble brewing here. Stop the delay. The claims will far outstrip the costs and savings you are looking for!

Condo Owners Bill of Rights Part 4

Are your Condo rules and bylaws clearly written and frequently updated?

Homeowners deserve to know what rules the association applies, but frequently they do not. The Clear disclosure provides the foundation for homeowners to agree to association rules and charges, facilitates compliance, and prevents arbitrary enforcement.

How does a unit owner (especially a grieved owner) and the Association begin to build or repair relationships? Attempt to treat the relationship like a happy marriage based on deep friendship and mutual respect. Attempt to overcome any deep-seated negative feelings.

When you are going to bring up areas of conflict keep the following strategies in mind.

1. Soften your startup. Don't start off by accusing or sniping at you association reps Instead, try to ease into your conversation, and definitely, avoid being hostile or accusatory.

2. Learn to make and receive repair attempts. Usually, these are attempts by the unit owner or association rep. to add some levity to a disagreement or to prevent the argument from getting into ugly territory. Often this can be a funny statement or even just a request to get back on topic or take a break.

3. Soothe yourself and your association . If you start to feel overwhelmed by the discussion, let your adversary know you need a break. When you feel the fight or flight response of a conflict, it takes a good 20 minutes to effectively remove the chemicals from your body and allow yourself to relax. So take 20 minutes, listen to music or deep breath before returning to the discussion.

4. Compromise. Even if you are convinced that you are right (any you may be, who's to say), the only way to manage your conflicts is to compromise. It's fine and dandy to be always right, but is it worth the dispute? Of course not. Work on making trade-offs.

When a position is open on a Condo’s Associations board of directors would you accept the position? Would you step into the shoes of a departing President? The answer very often was a resounding "NO". Other than general malaise, what would be the reasons for such reluctance? Is it because the office is seen as a thankless position; the office requires too much time or would subject the holder to criticism, or the VP does not feel he or she has the support of the board?

Why would someone want to serve their Association?

Well, experience has taught that there are positive reasons and negative reasons that explain why some association members undertake these roles. Let's start with the positives:

a. Wants to make a difference
b. Wants to safeguard community value
c. Has skills that could be helpful to the board
d. Has a personal issue that he or she wants to be resolved which would also be in the best interests of the community.

Now, unfortunately, come the negative reasons:

a. Has a personal issue that he or she wants to be resolved which might not be is the community's best interest

b. Power play

c. Desire to send work to his or her own company or friends' companies

d. Potential frauds

How many folks have served on a board where the members disliked and mistrusted each other? How many have served on an association board where the members liked and respected each other and worked well together? It's not hard to figure out that the former situation creates dysfunction in a community. How many people would like to turn the reins over to a new generation of leaders in their community but no one is willing to take up the baton? How many associations currently don't have any leader on their board or the wrong type of leaders?

How many board members or potential board members had ever attended a leadership seminar in their former life or even considered doing so when winning a board seat. The board should search out free educational classes and materials for board members, committee members and potential candidates for the board. Going together to one of these classes and discussing what was heard and learned together can be tremendously helpful in deciding how to put that new knowledge to good use in your Association

Do some informal training. This is another option when it comes to getting some new blood on the board. You can develop future leaders by handing out challenging assignments to current board and committee members. 

Those members who show focus, talent, ethics and skills should be encouraged to seek roles as future leaders. Even just taking note of who consistently shows up for meetings and community events can provide a clue as to future leadership candidates. (This could have been one of the real positive roles of UCO but in this instance, they have failed miserably.)

Focus on an internal succession plan for your Association. Do current board members who are directors but not officers wish to become officers? Do current officers wish to hold different offices? Do current committee members wish to run for the board? If your board does not know who wants what in terms of serving the association, it should. Next time your board meets, ask yourselves a question. If the president of the association moved would the current VP wish to fill the president's slot?

Ultimately, the board is elected by the members to make decisions on their behalf but how often do the directors have personal interests that might be given priority attention?

Some issues clearly constitute a conflict of interest which would demand a director's disclosure and abstention from voting. Other issues, however, merely flirt with self-interest. Those instances still demand that a director understands how he or she is voting on a particular matter and why. If there is even a whiff of self-interest, the membership will sniff it out in many cases so the wise director is the one who takes steps to clarify his or her position in the face of such circumstances

Lastly, when you poll your community members and they voice an opinion on a proposed course of action, boards who disregard that input does so at their own peril.

In conclusion, I doubt if any type of “Bill of Rights” for unit owners is what is needed. A person who buys a condo without looking at the fine print of the contract, does not ask the right questions of his realtor, finds that the Association representatives are either not forthcoming with the financials of their association, and does not talk to the residents of the building he/she wants to buy, then they are creating a scenario that could punch holes in their retirement plans

Yes, the Latin term: Caveat Emptor should be your guide: the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods or condos before a purchase is made. (the principle of caveat emptor serves as a warning that buyers have no recourse with the seller, association or realtor if the product does not meet their expectations

A note to my readers. Much of this information has been gleaned from various websites dealing with the issues of pertaining to condo owners bill of rights issues. I have selected ideas, and excerpts from my research in order to put this article together. I urge readers who would like to follow up on the ideas presented here, just type in on your search engine Condo Bill of Rights or Condo Association issues and you will find enough information to keep you busy for quite awhile. Please feel free to respond to my conclusions on this issue to the paper you are reading it in or
at phyllisrichland.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bill of Rights for Condo Living - part 3

By Stew Richland

How the unit owners may view their Board of Directors or how the Board views their unit owners.

We know that Association rules regarding participation in the association elections process, levying of fines, and procedures for resolving disputes through an objective third party can have a profound impact on the quality and enjoyment of community life. Some disagreements and disputes can be settled easily, some can escalate into to a point where home ownership can be endangered. Foreclosure can be devastating and the consequences of disputes can be particularly severe for older homeowners, whose homes typically represent their single largest asset. 

One website offered the following guidelines for a homeowners bill of rights.

1.Right to Security against Foreclosure
An association shall not foreclose against a homeowner except for significant unpaid assessments, and any such foreclosure shall require judicial review to ensure fairness.

2.The Right to Resolve Disputes without Litigation
Homeowners and associations will have available alternative dispute resolution (ADR), although both parties preserve the right to litigate.

3.The Right to Fairness in Litigation
Where there is litigation between an association and a homeowner, and the homeowner prevails, the association shall pay attorney fees to a reasonable level.

4. The Right to Be Told of All Rules and Charges
Homeowners shall be told—before buying—of the association’s broad powers, and the association may not exercise any power not clearly disclosed to the homeowner if the power unreasonably interferes with homeownership.

5. The Right to Stability in Rules and Charges
Homeowners shall have rights to vote to create, amend, or terminate deed restrictions and other important documents. Where an association’s directors have the power to change operating rules, the homeowners shall have notice and an opportunity, by majority vote, to override new rules and charges.

6. The Right to Individual Autonomy
Homeowners shall not surrender any essential rights of individual autonomy because they live in a common-interest community. Homeowners shall have the right to peaceful advocacy during elections and other votes as well as a use of common areas.

7. The Right to Oversight of Associations and Directors
Homeowners shall have reasonable access to records and meetings, as well as specified abilities to call special meetings, to obtain oversight of elections and other votes, and to recall directors.

8. The Right to Vote and Run for Office
Homeowners shall have well-defined voting rights, including secret ballots, and no director shall have a conflict of interest.

9. The Right to Reasonable Associations and Directors
Associations, their directors, and other agents, shall act reasonably in exercising their power over homeowners.

10. The Right to an Ombudsperson for Homeowners
Homeowners shall have a fair interpretation of their rights through the state Office of Ombudsperson for Homeowners. The ombudsperson will enable state oversight where needed and increases available information for all concerned.

Does your association rules include the above? Something to consider

Part 4 to follow shortly

Please feel to respond on the blog you are reading this section or at


Condo Owners Bill of Rights - part 2-

Stew Richland
There is no magical solutions to the problems that many Associations have here in Century Village.  Based on factors published in community papers, voiced at the delegate assembly committee meetings, at pools, and at the club house one must conclude that there have been long-term systemic problems leading to the crumbling of the infrastructure of many Associations here in Century Village.
The premise of this article is to examine whether condo owners need some sort of “Bill of Rights”  to protect them from some of the decisions made by their associations.  Unit owners might feel that the Board may have acted in an unfair way by adding a bylaw that may take away a unit owners rights, or having a lien placed on their property unfairly or receive a letter from an Association lawyer, and you might have been told that the majority rules and there is nothing you can do about it.
There is in place, by the State of Florida routes to be taken by a unit owner in order to resolve an issue they may have with their Association. Florida has an Ombudsman that can help mediate issues and there are forms provided by the State in which a unit owner can file a formal complaint against their Association.  How effective these courses of action are problematical and may not provide the unit owner with a result they could live with.
While protections already exist for owners governed by a condominium association, conflicts often occur, including misunderstanding of rights or inequitable implementation of an association’s policies and penalties. This is when some owners wish they had some sort of  “homeowners bill of rights.”  This would include that boards can only conduct Association business when they have a quorum;  that homeowners would have a right to attend and participate in meetings of the association at least once a year; that owners who are behind on fees could correct any financial default before foreclosure by tendering payment in full; and that owners would have a right of access to all books and records of the association.  Associations exist solely to serve their unit owners. The added delay and expense of mandatory mediation would damage the very consumers it is intended to protect.
An internet search on these issues will provide those interested with very interesting ideas on this subject.  One site described  one of the typical problems that owners have to cope with.   Selective Enforcement is used as a defense by an owner to a claim by the association that the owner is violating one of the association rules or restrictive covenants in the Association Governing Documents.  In some rare cases, the owner may actually initiate a lawsuit or arbitration against the Condo Association claiming that they are arbitrarily or selectively enforcing their rules and regulations.
Authors note:  We live in an age in which an incredible amount of information is at our fingertips. Much of the information we obtain from the internet is factual but very often lacks the human touch.  For the last few months, I have been enjoying the comfort of our pools and listening to the conversations of our residents while they float around enjoying their swim time.  Sadly much of their conversations dealt with the problems they were having with their Associations. I listened and asked questions and then I began to write my article.  I hope that some of what I have put together provide some guidance in resolving their Association issues.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Editorial 8/22/2016

Occasionally I will post an editorial on a subject that I feel strongly about. It may be political or it may be Village-oriented, You are more than welcome to comment on my take.

Of all the stupid attitudes to take is the denial of global warming, one of the leading proponents of anti-global warming is Donald Trump. The originator of the Birther lie.

How can anybody deny the existence of global warming with all the proofs we have is a ridiculous. This attitude ranks up there with the Birther claim. We are now going through a period of warming where the heat records are being broken each month. The 500-year rains are common and the resultant flooding is a fact of life. The Birthers claim was and is pure lies.

We now have the ability to fix this but will we? Does anybody have the guts to argue that the Birther claims are pure folderol, or that the claim that Global warming is a reality?

Now let's talk about Donald Trump. The Governor of Louisiana had requested that the President nor Mr. Trump make a visit to the state while they are in the recovery stage. He didn't want to use up the Police force for protection. So what did the Great one do? He immediately flew to Louisiana for a photo op. What does he care about other People's lives? Shameful and thoughtless.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owners Bill of Rights - Part 1

Owners Bill of Rights vs. Caveat Emptor
Stew Richland

When the United States Constitution was written and submitted for ratification, many delegates refused to sign the document until a Bill of Rights was added to it. These delegates, having experienced the unreasonable decisions made by the British government on the colonies, and still suffering from the ravages of the Revolutionary War. wanted to ensure that the injustices imposed by the Colonial policies of Great Britain would never be repeated. This led to the birth of the first ten Amendments to our Constitution, commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights. Simply stated the majority will not take away the rights of the minority.
When Century Village was first organized there were no associations per say and the residents of each building were basically free agents exercising the right of eminent domain on their own condo and not interfering with the interests of those other condo owners that lived in their building.
Red Button’s message of “Come on Down,” live the good life, bask in the warmth of Florida, you deserve to retire in comfort, live in Century Village where you will find your “fountain of youth,” and so the message became a reality for hundreds of new residents.
As with every community that experiences rapid growth, this expansion brings with it unforeseen issues that have to be addressed and resolved. West Palm Recreational Facility commonly referred to as WPRF was responsible for all the amenities in the Village. WPRF’s budget required that all residents pay fees to maintain the facilities.When some owners rebelled and refused to pay, and so some residents were denied the use of the recreational facilities.In response,associations chose to incorporate. Every building has a certificate of incorporation filed with the state of Florida.Thus, the state of Florida established a set of standards and rules of operation by which every Association must adhere to.In addition, each association drew up their own by-laws, that list the rules and regulations that each Condo owner must accept when purchasing a unit. Other layers of administration were added when the United Civil Organization was formed and the Millennium Agreement was promulgated to resolve disputes between Century Village and WPRF.
The reasons why condo owners decided to serve their fellow unit owners run the gamut from a genuine desire of commitment to ensure that their Association runs efficiently, to those who were cajoled into accepting positions because many unit owners displayed a lack of interest or were “snow birds” and could not make the commitments that were required.
Living in a Condo community means shared responsibility for managing the affairs of the Association.However, like governments around the world, some Associations are led by hardworking unselfish outstanding volunteers that accept their responsibilities. On the other hand, there are Associations that may have started with good intentions but for a plethora of reasons, began to disintegrate into rule by fiat, dictatorship and soon earned the title, “CondoNazis.”
There develops an air of casual superiority on the part of many presidents of associations. They overstep their authority, they marginalize the opinions of others, they tend to bully some of the older residents and manipulate the annual association elections. We know that elections have consequences. Who do you blame for the disintegration of these troubled associations? The new unit owner who has not read the association bylaws and thus becomes victims of their own ignorance.  Snow birds who have decided that their Condo is just a vacation residence, but their life really is some place and divorce themselves from Association business. There is plenty of finger pointing but this does not solve the problem.

To my readers: this is the first installment dealing with the issues here in Century Village.My goal is to educate and encourage positive change here in the Village. I welcome any and all comments.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Attention Eva Rachesky

A lesson learned is never really forgotten.
Stew Richland

In the days of old, when Knights were bold, in order for them to obtain a Knighthood by their lord,  they had to learn some basic lessons on their civil obligations.  This was known as the Code of Chivalry.  This code emphasized courtesy to women. In most civilized societies children are taught to respect all adults and when adults are at the senior citizen level we must extend them every courtesy.  “Good Form” as our British cousins observe includes opening a door, carrying a package, offering your seat and most important of all talking to seniors in a polite, moderate tone, speaking slowly so they could process your request and finally acknowledging the fact that many of these seniors are physically impaired in some way and must use a device to assist them in walking.
Well in the last few days we have seen a growing number of incidents at our pools that clearly illustrate that our security patrol lacks training in basic “Chivalry” training and lack the simple basic prerequisites to deal with our more senior citizens.
A few days ago the rover security patrol was ordered to enter our pool areas and ask bathers for their “IDs.”  There were no signs posted on the entrances to the pool area to inform residents that this was the new norm at the pools.  Prior to this, the only time a security patrol was observed was when they drove past the pool on their rounds and the only time they entered a pool area was in response to a call to security when children were jumping into the pool with little regard to the welfare of the seniors sharing the pool.
Based on the interviews that I have conducted as a member of the P@S Committee and some of the phone calls I have received, many of these seniors were told by security to display their IDs.  Many had left their IDs at home, some were left in their vehicles, but none carried them into the pool. Security demanded that all IDs must be shown as proof that they were legal residents and had pool privileges.  The burden of getting out of the pool,  pushing their walkers to go to obtain their IDs or even going out to their car was very stressful, to say the least.  When many of these seniors objected to this intrusion to their recreational time, the security guards posture, language and tone became somewhat  rude.  In one instance, two more security cars had to be called to render assistance.
In one instance the same security guard returned to the pool that he had visited a few hours earlier and asked the same people to show their ID cards.  One pool person shouted at the security guard and reminded him that he was there earlier and should  be able to recognize the seniors he had already checked.
There is no question that these seniors were angry with this new WPRF policy. Reactions ranged from refusing to show IDs to security, to ignore them completely or to go as far as forming a committee to raise awareness of these issues. 
The problem lies directly on the shoulders of WPRF and those who give the instructions to security.  At the very least, WPRF should have informed the seniors that use the pool of this new initiative by the posting these new rules on the entrances of all the pools a few weeks in advance of the policy to advise seniors that IDs must be available when asked to show them.  In addition, the rover patrols should have been given some sort of sensitivity training when asking seniors to display their IDs,  they would not feel intimidated.  At the very least, if a senior could not produce their ID when requested, all security had to say was, “These are the new rules, so please, the next time you come to the pool bring your ID, thank you so much.” 

I hope the powers to be consider how they deal with this issue before it escalates to something worse. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My take on Trumph

The Trump supporters are busy attacking Hillary. Many things she did or did not do 50 years ago. It seems to me they ought to be listening and thinking about what their idol is saying now, in 2016. They are ignoring the underlying threat that is contained in his speech last night.

In this, he clearly calls for investigating all of us for having the right ideas and religious outlook. This  speech is beginning to sound like McCarthyism. He wants "an ideological screening test.” That should scare the heck out of all of us. It does me!

Many of the things he called up last night are errors. Many of the faults that he blamed on Obama belong to Bush, his predecessor.

I read Stew Richland's article and again I think he is dragging up things that happened 50 years ago. What Hillary did as a 20 something, is not the same person to-day. On the other hand with Trump, what you hear now is what you are getting today.

Remember he said that our loans were way too large and he, as a businessman, who can wheel and deal, would force our creditors to take less, or else. Nice. That alone should raise our standing in the world. (I  am being sarcastic here.)

He also seems to find it easy to lie.

And what is the 12.7 million dollar payment all about?

Trump has not changed, he did not want to pay his bills
when I worked as a contractor for him and he does not want to pay now. This applies to small bills, large bills and the U.S. bills. Nice!

You are living in a Dream World if you think Trump can deliver any of his promises.

Why Donald Trump's idea to test imigrants won't work.

Hillary Clinton, Park Rocks and History. or Under a Rock

The world Hidden Under a Rock
Stew Richland
The first of a series of commentaries on Hillary Clinton
One of the “boy things” that my friends and I used to do when we were out discovering new lands in the local park was to poke around big rocks and turn them over to discover what was hidden from sight.
Never found treasure, but did disturb the living world of bugs and insects that maintained their hidden existence, their life cycle, undisturbed and flourishing until a kid like me exposes their secrets life for all to see.
Well, Hillary Clinton does not live under a rock, now her secret life is being exposed to the light of scrutiny each and every day.  Even though she is lives in the spotlight, her real world is obscured by layers and layers of shadows that she and her husband have created. and like when the moon energizes the movement of our oceans, we are treated with glimpses of corruption and slimy deals that characterizes the core of her career as a lawyer, wife of a governor and President, owner of a  $1.7 million dollar house in Chappaqua, New York, and  the Clinton Foundation that promised to provide a “Partnership of Purpose” for those who contribute to its coffers.
In 1969, Hillary Rodham wrote a 92-page senior thesis for Wellesley College about famed community organizer Saul Alinsky entitled There Is Only the Fight . . . : An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.  When Clinton became first lady, some Washington columnists attempted to get copies of it but were rebuffed by the White House and Wellesley College.  Many thought that the socialist views she expressed and the Clinton Administration wanted the thesis sealed. In early 1993, the White House requested that Wellesley not release the thesis to anyone.[3] Wellesley complied, instituting a new rule that closed access to the thesis of any sitting U.S. president or first lady, a rule that in practice applied only to Rodham. It is interesting to note that Clinton and President Obama have both been exposed to the teachings and ideas of Alinsky.
Hillary Clinton was living in Berkeley, California, in the summer of 1971. She was interning at the left-wing law firm Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein, known for its radical politics and a client roster that included Black Panthers and other militants.

With a community organizer now in the White House, can we really afford another 4 or 8 more years of terrible leadership.

Why Donald Trump's idea to test imigrants won't work.
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Time wasted

time........         by Phyllis Richland

          we only have so much of it, so why waste any of it, being mean to each other, saying cruel and hateful things to each other, causing others to feel as if they don't count, not giving others credit for what they do or say or who they are. 
          So, when your time is up and not many people have a nice or kind word to say about you, could you have spent your time in a better way?, and if you don't care, then I have just wasted some of my time.

Don't mess with us!

Submitted by Betti Bleckman

Three stories

These stories are woven with shared mystical threads. All the details are absolutely true. Translated from Russian by Chaim Zehavi

First Story

At the beginning of WWII, when the truth about the fate of the Jewish people was discovered, and when there were still ways to save them, a few hundred rich Jews bought a ship in order to get their families on board and escape to America. But they needed visas, so they approached the American Ambassador in London. It was not difficult for him, but he utterly refused. The Jews, in order to save their families, went without the visas.

When the Ambassador found out about it, he contacted Washington, advising them that a ship with illegal immigrants is approaching America. The Jews managed to overcome the horrors of war and reach America but were not permitted into America. These unlucky people were ordered to turn around and return to burning Europe. and all were burnt in the camps.

When the tragedy was revealed, the Rabbi of London came to the American Ambassador and said: "Your deeds do not befit not only your post, but you are not fit to be called 'a human'. And now, since you caused hundreds of people's death, YOU AND ALL YOUR DESCENDANTS generations down from now on will be cursed!"

The name of the American Ambassador was JOSEPH KENNEDY.

Second Story

Again, WW II. Lithowenia. The Japanese Ambassador, who was a compassionate and noble person, disagreed with the Nazi crimes and was concerned with the future of the European Jewry. He used his status and provided them with visas to Japan. From Japan they immigrated to America. Thus he saved the lives of thousands of Jews.

When the Germans found out they demanded that the Ambassador will be removed. The Japanese, allies of the Nazis, followed the request. But he still had 2 weeks until his return, and he used these 2 weeks, and worked around the clock, days and nights, and recruited people to help him issue more visas. The lives of many more Jews were saved this way.

This was a very dangerous act, deserving of admiration. Prior to his leaving a mission of Jews from the Vilna Synagogue came to thank him. "What you have done for the Jewish People will never be forgotten, and we will pray to God to bless you and your descendants."

This wonderful person returned to Japan, and miraculously all his punishment was that he was fired and lost his pension.

In order to help his family, he started a small workshop. His name was Mitsubishi.

Third Story

In the center of the city of Kiev, there's a statue in memory of the all-powerful leader of the Ukraine, Bogdan Khmelnitsky. He is sitting on the back of a beautiful horse, his right hand holding a sword and pointing up, towards the sky. he is the epitome of Ukraine's independence. Khmelnitsky is the pride of the Ukrainians, and all visitors are impressed by the beauty of the statue of the great leader.

But not many know that Khmelnitsky was a beastly anti-Semite. On his conscience, many pogroms against the Jews, burning down of towns and villages, and the blood of many innocent Jews. How many future-geniuses, who could have been great achievers, were lost to the world. His ruthless thugs had no mercy for women or children. These are historical facts. A lot sorrow brought the accursed Khmelnitsky to the land of Ukraine.
But in one town, the pogrom was especially horrible. Khmelnitsky and his thugs, drunken on Jewish blood, robbed and destroyed all the homes of the Jews. The boys and the girls were taken to the Synagogue and were all burnt without mercy. All that was left of this town was its name, and not one living Jew. But centuries later the punishment came!

The name of this town is Chernobyl, and in the exact place that the Synagogue used to be, was the Nuclear Plant #4 of the infamous power plant known in the tragedy that occurred in this town.

Channel 63

 Posted by Betti Bleckman

Perhaps you could insert this, to remind the villager's just what channel 63 was created for...

In addition,a second channel was created ( currently unused ..Future use "Selling commercials" to the "Outside " community) noted that 63 itself, is NOT current, (several outdated announcements still appear....Goes to show, the "efficiency of those "Running, or is it Ruining"

our so called "Education or Informative" channel....much like our current "Rag" formerly known as "The UCO Reporter"

Will the above channel the village has come to rely upon revert back to the 'Olden Day's' of Club announcements etc.? Due to the resignations of both Kitty & John Gregg, to whom we owe heaps of Gratitude, for not only their time,talent and dedication, to improving both sound & picture quality & Comcast equipment, FINALLY brought up to Parr, after several attempts by other's who failed to accomplish what John Gregg, managed to do in a two-week window in addition to the variety of programming, that had been offered to inform and entertain our resident's, no longer exist?

Channel 63 BELONGS to the ENTIRE Community. Political messages, other than Club Announcements have not appeared to my knowledge. it was kept civil, informative & entertaining, as it should be, however, there are those, who due to an interview, conducted by myself, over one month ago, which has been aired, more than once, with the President of one of our Book Club Review's has now been deemed Unacceptable" All parties involved pre production, including myself, would not have WASTED our time on an "Unacceptable"project. Remember, we all FUND THIS CHANNEL

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The following is a little note to D.Israel complaining about the way he allows or disallows access to his blog. Shameful!

Since you have decided to restore the "Original" format, which purposely prevents individuals such as I
from posting comments to issues, there is only one conclusion I and other's can draw from your action.
Fortunately, there are other sources, for one to air their views.....

I strongly suggest you consider changing the name to " MY BLOG by DAVID ISRAEL " a tell-all of not only UCO activities, as well as any material that suits your fancy, at the moment!
Your attitude, mannerisms, and actions leave much to be desired!

Bettie Lee Bleckman

WiFi problems at CV - BOCA

Posted by the CV Messenger - Breaking News

Century Village, Boca Raton just announced they are discontinuing WIFI services provided by DSL at the end of the month. (See announcement below)
Boca Raton has been using this service for about two years and expended a great deal of time, energy and residents money to implement it. Pulling the plug on this project is an expensive lesson for CV Boca, and a point well taken for everyone who watched and wondered how it would all turn out.
Now that we see WIFI crashing and burning in Boca Raton CV, much like the ill fated Hindenburg blimp, which was touted as a modern marvel of cutting edge technology by it's promoters but turned into one of the biggest failures in history, we have to ask if anyone would like to buy a ticket to ride the Broadband /WIFI balloon now being floated in the air over Century Village..
David Israel vigorously used Boca's example to promote his failed WIFI initiative to Century Village West Palm Beach, and is now promoting the same company that provided WIFI to Boca, (DSL) as the provider for his broadband initiative.
You can call it what you like, WIFI, Broadband or whatever, the fact remains that the delegates spoke loud and clear when they overwhelmingly voted against implementing WIFI in CV West Palm Beach.
The expenditure of large sums of cash estimated at close to a million dollars to start up WIFI was unacceptable then, and is still just as unacceptable today. The whole idea was soundly rejected by the delegates in turning down David Israel's WIFI proposal. Instead of heeding the wishes of the people he serves, David Israel, chagrined by the people's rejection of his pet project, continues to press his initiative under a new name, determined to impose his will, which in this instance is obviously contrary to the will of the people.
It's time to put this whole idea to bed. The message was sent that CV West Palm Beach is not interested and would rather turn our attention to other issues that are pressing but are not being addressed. David Israel's insistence in pursuing it are indicative of his callous disregard for the residen's needs and wishes. Our experience with his administration tells us that he will not give it up.
As long as he remains in office David will relentlessly pursue the fulfillment of his daydream, it defies common sense, but it is the reality of the day. He will continue to push forward with his Broadband initiative at the risk of failure and the accompanying loss of time, energy and our hard earned cash.
Mr Israel's stubborn determination to proceed with his WIFI initiative was prominent in his refusal to accept the findings of the expert he hired at our expense to determine the competence of DSL. His own hand picked expert cautioned that DSL is not capable of handling a project of this magnitude and advised against proceeding. A determination that is now being proven by DSL's failure in Boca Raton. Further to this finding, Mr Israel stated at a committee meeting that the expert and the WIFI committee know nothing and that he was prepared to proceed in signing a contract without anyone's approval as he felt that he knows what's best.
It's common knowledge that Mr. Israel is willing to proceed without consultation or approval from the delegates or the various committees. He recently engaged the services of a manager to handle the advertising accounts of The UCO Reporter without consultation or approval, spending almost $10,000.00 of residents money that was neither budgeted or approved or even discussed among the delegates.
These actions are in contravention of fiduciary duty, they are also in contravention of our bylaws by ignoring requirements binding UCO to reserve monies and to disburse funds only in the amounts indicated in the various accounts approved by delegates in the budget.
All this turmoil could have been easily avoided if David Israel had followed proper procedures in getting approval to spend our money, and listened to the recommendations of the engineers and experts he hired to analyze this project.
Let's not be deceived by the hyperbole and the rosy promises being offered by promoters wishing to fill their pockets. Let's not get carried away by the tide of David Israel's verbosity.
In moving forward we can expect Mr Israel to continue to attack those who do not comply with his wishes by castigating them and maligning them with labels of being malcontents and troublemakers rather than addressing the issues they raise.
The recent statements by the sheriffs department will deter David Israel from threatening to have people arrested for speaking out.
The latest occurrence where Phyllis Siegelman, Chair of the Investigations Committee, a voting executive of UCO, and HOA President, was cautioned by the police to refrain from attempting to destroy information being distributed under the guise of protecting residents, should deter further attempts at censorship by the administration.
The broadband proposal should not be considered at delegates assemblies. The defeat of the WIFI initiative conveyed the message that Century Village is not in favor of proceeding. Bringing it back under a new name and a new look is a thinly disguised attempt at subverting the will of the people.
In denying any movement on the new WIFI/BROADBAND proposal we fully expect the reaction from the chair to include the usual sarcasm, shouting down of speakers, claiming delegates out of order and shutting off the microphones if they persist in their objections or their opinions if they do not conform to David Israel's views.
Delegates would be well advised to be prepared for this behavior, not objecting to it or staying silent is a passive form of support.
Mr Israel should be instructed by his supervisors ( CV Delegates) to stick to the duties assigned to him. He was not voted into office to chase his own pipe dreams and pet projects with our money, it's time to let him know that if he doesn't listen to the common sense being voiced by residents we will engage a new public servant who is willing to serve and comply with the will of the people.
                                    WIFI INFO
                     At Century Village Boca Raton
       Residential WIFI services will be discontinued
         at the end of our contract with DSL Express
                             Effective May 31st
All troubleshooting and set up instructions listed below will apply through May 31st.
Repeaters are not returnable.
Help desk representatives will be available to assist you through May 28th


Who, what, where or when?

A posting in the UCO Reporter stated: NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED ON ANY RECREATIONAL PROPERTIES - Violators will be removed from the property and risk suspension of their privileges.  Did you know that I could bring a weapon into the clubhouse and not risk suspension or lose privileges? How is that? Simple, I am a member of the Gun Club and members of the Club are allowed to bring weapons to their meetings every other month. This was the result of an SOTO VOCE* agreement between Eva Rachesky and George Franklin, which was never made public.    I decided to look into the matter   and make it abundantly clear, who, what, where and when you are allowed to bring a weapon to the clubhouse. Here are the answers.
WHO:  Only members of the gun club are allowed to bring their guns into the Clubhouse.  
WHAT: All guns must be unloaded.
WHERE:  Guns are only permitted at Gun Club meetings.
WHEN:  The Gun Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month between 7:00pm and 10:00pm in Room C of the Clubhouse.  Guns are permitted the following months: February, April, June, August, October and December only.

SOTO VOCE: Softly: in an undertone; privately.

Multiculturalism as I see it.

The End of Multiculturalism – We Hope
Stew Richland

The European Renaissance began in the 14th Century  gave birth to a period of enlightenment that the world is still benefiting from. The advancement in science and mathematics contributed greatly to the science of map making and navigation which allowed sailors to navigate the globe.  The Crusades opened the door to the wonders of the Middle East.  Europeans discovered spices and products such as silk and cotton that they never knew existed.  The demand for the products of the Middle East and Asia contributed to the growth and power of the Italian city states. England, France, Spain and Portugal, nations facing the Atlantic Ocean also wanted to get involved in this highly lucrative trade.  Spain financed the travels of  Christopher Columbus  in order tofind the quickest route to Asia.  We all know what Columbus discovered, the Americas and that changed the history of the world.
Spain and Portugal sent their Conquistadors to establish colonies in Central and South America. Their mission can be summarized by the three “G’s”  Gold, Glory and God. The Spanish and Portuguese upon landing on the shores of the “New World” began their conquest of the land and imposed their language, religion and culture on the native population.  This explains why the Spanish language and Catholicism is predominant in Latin America.
In contrast to the Spanish, the English, French, and Dutch explored North America.  They realized that there was no direct route to the Far East because of the Northern  land mass and  decided that North America could become  a depository for those groups that were having religious conflicts with the mother country, and also to be used as  a depository for criminals and debtors. The  Virginia colony, because of its climate became the tobacco and cotton growing area. Young aristocrats given land grants by the king were able to establish a plantation system. In addition, these privileged Englishmen began to replicate the life and culture of their homeland.   Both the Pilgrims and the southern aristocrats established permanent colonies.   This explains why women accompanied men  to the new world. The Dutch soon followed  but settled in New York since Henry Hudson claimed the colony for Holland.   The French in contrast to the English were  only interested in the fur trade because fur garments were highly prized by Europeans and would bring great wealth to France.   The French traders did not intend to make northern America their home and so they did not bring women with them.  This explains why, after a period of time, many French traders took Indian wives which led to a good working  relationship with the Indian nations that populated most of North America.
The English colonies grew and expanded and with it the  language, customs, laws and traditions of England was transplanted in the new world.  Education was in English.  Laws were based on the English Common Law and the colonies tolerated different religious practices.  A characteristic of the colonial experience was the colonists attitude toward land ownership.  Based on the European tradition, land ownership afforded equality of  status and the privilege to vote  The Native American did not understand this idea of land ownership. Tribes had traditionally moved from one hunting ground to another without any restrictions. However, when the settlers staked their claims their homestead, they fenced off their property.  This view of colonists land ownership explains why there were constant wars between the Indian tribes and the settlers.
Indian tribes became more hostile to the encroachment by settlers on their traditional hunting grounds and conflicts between the two groups increased.   One of the consequences of this conflict led to  the growth of equality on the frontier.  Regardless of one’s pedigree all settlers faced the same dangers equally. No one asked where you were born or how much money you had or even your religious affiliation. What was important was fighting the common enemy, the Native Americans.
Historians agree that the discovery of gold in California in 1849 dramatically altered the demographics of the United States. Immigrants from all over the world caught the gold fever and rushed to California in hopes of finding the mother lode. There were no immigration laws on the books that placed restrictions on nation of origin or quotas so the flood gates opened wide. 
The need for a transcontinental railroad that would tie the East to the West became apparent, the government approved plans to offer government land grants to companies that would build a railroad network to the Pacific.   Thousands of workers, from the U.S. and overseas signed on to build the railroad network.  Included in this group were  thousands of Chinese that fled the gold camps of California to sign on to help build the railroad system. The Irish arrived at a time of need for America. The country was growing and it needed men to do the heavy work of building bridges, canals, and railroads. It was hard, dangerous work, a common expression heard among the railroad workers was "an Irishman was buried under every tie." Desperation drove them to these jobs.
In order to fund much of the railroad construction, land on either side of the railroad sites were divided into sections and sold to farmers. Railroad companies advertised in European newspapers that cheap farm land was available and they would provide free transportation to their new homestead.  Thousands of European jumped at this offer and again the flood gates opened.  In addition to this group, came the thousands of families that wanted to escape the wars of Europe.
All of these immigrant groups, regardless of the reasons why they came to America brought their culture, values and traditions with them.  For example, the German immigrants gave us Santa Clause and musical hall entertainment.  The Chinese provided an Americanized version of their native cuisine.  The Irish were unique among immigrants. They fiercely loved America but never gave up their allegiance to Ireland...and they kept their hatred of the English. The appearance of large numbers of Jews, Slavs, and Italian immigrants led many Americans to consider the Irish an asset; their Americanization was now recognized. Hostility shifted from the Irish to the new nationalities. Through poverty and subhuman living conditions, the Irish tenaciously clung to each other. With their ingenuity for organization, they were able to gain power and acceptance.
There has been so much written about the immigrant experience and their contributions to American life.  Legal immigration to the U.S. can be a puzzling jumble of forms, rules and proofs Dreams of family, freedom and success motivate aspiring immigrants to accept the challenge. The Americanization process always began for these immigrants in the schools.  Teachers were role models of success and inspiration.  The schools instilled the ideas of freedom, democracy, and a road map for success.  Parents encouraged their children to adopt the culture, values of America as a way to move forward.  Americans also understood that these immigrants brought with them a uniqueness which soon became entwined with the established mores of American life. The days of "No Irish Need Apply" passed. St. Patrick day parades replaced violent confrontations. The Irish not only won acceptance for their day, but persuaded everyone else to become Irish at least for St. Patrick's Day.  The Irish, like most immigrant groups, often referred to themselves as Irish-Americans and other ethnic groups adopted this hyphenated term to describe themselves.  This became the basis for the growth of multiculturalism in the United States. The Oxford English dictionary defines multiculturalism as: “The characteristics of a multicultural society; (also) the policy or process whereby the distinctive identities of the cultural groups within such a society are maintained or supported.” This definition reflects the idea that preserves within ethnic groups their culture, differing views and values.  The key here is that these multicultural beliefs are:  possible only in a democratic society whose institutions encourage individuality in groups, in persons, [and] in temperaments, and when it does not undermine those core values that are the basis of the American way of life.
On the surface, multiculturalism has created and expanded life in America.  For example, in every city there are restaurants serving ethnic foods.  Every supermarket has isles set aside for ethnic foods.  In every major city there are parades recognizing immigrant roots.  Much of the most popular music that Americans listen and dance to had their origins outside of the U.S.A. All of these factors contribute to making America a shining example for all other nations.
However, multiculturalism has its down side. Arthur Schlesinger, in his book, “The Disuniting of America,” noted that after World War II,  "The civil rights revolution provoked new expressions of ethnic identity by the now long-resident 'new migration' from southern and eastern Europe".
Multiculturalism led to the organizing of ethnic groups, ethnic leaders emerged and then were courted by political parties to gain their vote. Thus,  making the migrant vote so important for political parties to win elections. Multiculturalism is so appealing to the major political parties because there are votes to be gained by promoting it. 
John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the U.S. and who was of Irish descent, is the source of one of our favorite inspirational quotes about how immigrants bring with them opportunities for success on both the personal and national levels. Kennedy made this statement in his 1964 book "Nation of Immigrants":
"As each new wave of immigration has reached America, it has been faced with problems... Somehow, the difficult adjustments are made and people get down to the tasks of earning a living, raising a family, living with their neighbors, and in the process, building a nation.
Adolfo Carrion, Jr., who is the director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs Policy. Carrion was quoted as saying this about his family's immigration experience:
"This may sound cliché to some, but for my family, it's not. In one generation we went from parents with little formal education to all four kids graduating from graduate school and going on to successful professions. I have no doubt that my kids will achieve and contribute even more to the American enterprise. This is what keeps me going: that you can go from a sub-basement apartment in a 1960's Brooklyn ghetto to working for the President of the United States in one generation."
Sadly, the political opportunists have distorted  the idea of multiculturalism to a point in which enhancing their political objectives, maintaining their power positions at the expense of those they say they represent is becoming a growing menace to our nation. Just look at the demonstrations that took place at both political conventions  We had people burning the American flag. Other groups waving flags of other nations.  People who refused to rise from their seats when the national anthem was played.  
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Liz Balmaseda, who authored an  inspirational tale about growing up in Hialeah, Florida, for the Carnegie Corporation's 2013 immigration campaign:
"I could say it was by magic that a loving and supportive community emerged around our family. But that village force of good neighbors, church friends, American-born school teachers who took the initiative to visit our home and offer a word of praise and encouragement—that doesn't happen by magic. In response to a life embraced a life that is often turbulent, painful and imperfect. This is what I learned from my mother, may she rest in peace...My Cuba is now buried in a Miami cemetery. But my America resounds in all its glory, like a hundred conga drums playing beneath Friday night lights in Hialeah."
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, the 26th president of the U.S., reminds us through his address to the Knights of Columbus in 1915 that U.S. citizens are actually bonded into one nation by their heritage as immigrants:
"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. ...The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."
The other day I watched the American swimmers standing on the podium with their gold medals, while the national anthem was being played.  One swimmer was singing the lyrics and another had tears of joy streaming from his eyes.  This is what bonds Americans together. We root for our young people that are participating in the Olympics because they great examples of what Americans can achieve in a land that encourages a person to be all they can be. Americans should reject those political opportunists who use multiculturalism as a weapon to undermine the values we cherish.
I await your observations. Please comment on the site that this commentary was posted on or at phylissrichland.blogspot.com

authors note: the quotations above came from various Google sites dealing with Multiculturalism.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Zika Problem and Conspiracies

Aside from copying and posting safety info on protecting ourselves from the Zika Mosquito, just exactly what is UCO doing about it?

Are they spraying? Are they removing the Algae from the waterways?  What??

They should be proactive on this before it becomes a major problem here. They must spend some money and it should be now!

In order to Vote, we need a quoram at the Delegate Assembly. At the last session, we had just that. Dave Israel announced that we had a quorum and we could do business. Sometime after 2 Delegates left and so we did NOT have a quorum. Israel announced such and further, told us that the 2 that walked were probably a conspiracy to keep us from doing business.

What business?

The only business I could see was the electing a person to the  Executive Board, I think.

The point here is that the UCO president is losing it. He sees conspiracies where they do not exist!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pageviews mean nothing

These are my stats. Notice they I have published my Pageviews by Browser and Pageviews by Operating system. So what does that mean? Absolutely Nothing. 

Pageviews by Browsers

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Pageviews by Operating Systems

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