Saturday, November 30, 2013

A list of bigots


Here is the list of bigots on David Israel’s blog – and I might add ignorant as well.
                Re: Roberta’s post “IT’S INAPPROPIATE” on David’s blog

1. David Israel - who sanctioned the post

2. Roberta – the misinformed and misguided ignoramus who wrote the post.

3. Concerned unit owner – chicken drek for remaining anonymous.

4. Bob Rivera – an inveterate trouble maker and fool.

5. Don 4060 – another shameless chicken drek.

6. Mike – another coward

7. Grace – an absolute dimwit and BOLD LIAR.

8. Ruthphild – trying hard to be a member of the IN crowd.

9. BettiL – loves to put her two cents into everything, even when she knows nothing.

9. Lanny Howe – standing on the cliff and doesn’t know which way to jump.

10. Ken – the only intelligent one who had the courage and foresight to investigate the matter and tell the truth -  Sometimes -  –  thank you Ken.









Friday, November 29, 2013

The devil resides at UCO


 David Israel has proven himself to be the devil incarnate. He has inflamed his audience by allowing the rhetoric of WWII Fascism to bombard his blog. He has  made the banner in support of Esther Sutofsky placed against the fence of the Synagogue  at Haverhill  a topic to bring back *JUGEND – Hitler’s youth.

 It’s time for the residents of Century Village to know the truth. A group of residents who have information into David’s wrongdoings want to relieve him of his duties.  David controls all the public relations media in the village: THE CENTURY VILLAGE BLOG, THE UCO REPORTER, AND CHANNEL 63.    The only remaining option to bring Esther Sutofsky into the public eye was to find someone impartial to allow us to place the banner in a conspicuous place – this turned out to be the synagogue. They were gracious enough to allow the banner on their fence, and we thank them profusely. 

David then took the opportunity to return us to a nightmarish time in history by deciding to inflame the hatred of anti-Semitism when he allowed a posting by “ROBERTA” on HIS blog.    He started the viciousness, and his followers are continuing his horrible vitriol. 

Ladies and Gentlemen David Israel is an extremely dangerous man. I have seen his twisted mind operate in many of the UCO meetings. I have seen him become enraged at the slightest hint of someone disagreeing with him. This is not the person we want to represent our village. He is falsely claiming to be bringing us forward WITH HIS Wi-Fi Initiative but in reality, is returning us back to an unholy time in history.

We must return our village to sanity; we must get rid of the filth and degradation that is permeating our midst.


P.S. To those interested in a slice of history.

In the early fifties, sixties and seventies there was a popular resort in the Berkshire hills of Massachusetts called JUG END BARN. The name derived from the German JUGEND meaning "YOUTH". In nineteen thirty-nine  JUG END BARN was a training camp for German youth.


Stifle your critics

Silencing the opposition

"Comments on that blog** are for TEAM MEMBERS" only.  **(David Israel's private blog.) This is democracy in action? In all totalitarian regimes, the first thing "the leader" does is to stifle the critics. This is their democracy in action. Free communication advocates have always supported the following maximum "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" .Voltaire 
Once this blog became committed to the course of silencing those who were at odds with its readership, it had only one way to go. That is, down a path of silencing the opposition. What this blog fears most is that they were constantly under the threat of correction, judgment and criticism. What they fail to understand is that everything we do is observable and recordable. People in leadership positions must have thick skins. This is a prerequisite for being under public scrutiny. When your views cannot stand the light of criticism, you just turn the switch off. That is just what the "blog" did. 
''You can't see change until you change the way you see." I read this quote some time ago and as all good readers do, I copied it onto a post-it and stuck it on my refrigerator door. I wrote an article in the UCO reporter about term limits. I felt that since the reservoir of candidates was nil, the most reasonable solution would be to end term limits and allow current office holders to run again. This solution seemed reasonable and would, at the very least, fill the positions with experienced leadership. I have to admit that I made an error in judgment, but to adhere to it would be a worse mistake. 
We have all heard the expression, "If I knew then what I know now, I would not have, in my case, supported any term limit extension.
Reading the blog postings by the current president is chilling enough. However, reading the latest rash of outrageous rants by some of the low information Blogger's, I have concluded that we definitely need a change at the top. I was appalled at those references made about the information sign posted on the fence on Haverhill Road. So, as Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, violently remarked, "who cares?" Only those who are looking for something to sink their claws into when there is nothing else to grab. If you want an issue, why not respond to the Pope's uninformed attack on the American economic institution of capitalism. This is a real issue. If the other blog had the guts to handle criticism with intellect and class we would truly be able to have a discourse on the issues at hand and resolve them like adults do in a civilized environment.
Posted byStewart Richland

Vote for Democracy and Freedom of Choice. Vote for Esther. Vote yes, absolutely, and finally for Term Limits.


     Twisted and evidently paranoid fantasies    

OK. So Dave and company have fallen to a new low and perhaps after reading this, he and his followers will be able to climb out and be ashamed of their behavior.
        The banner with my name on it, hanging on the synagogue's fence, was placed there after we had been shut out of every public or private venue or arena in this Village. Dave Israel and WPRF have worked together to shut all portals of democracy - no debates by the pool, no talking in clubs, no meetings anywhere that WPRF owns, no responses to the garbage being printed on Dave's blog, no entry to Channel 63, and very limited access to The Reporter. Therefore, we had to turn outside despite the precedent for all these things being allowed in previous elections.
      We asked Anshe Shalom if we could rent a room and very nastily were told no as it would affect their tax status. No it would not as this is a PRIVATE election and they had already done this in other elections. And held debates there as in under the Men's Club sponsorship and UCO activities as well. So we turned to the other synagogue as it was close to the Village and RENTED space for the banner and Rented space for the Meet and Greet on Dec. 11 at 1 -3 PM.

     Contrary to Dave's twisted and evidently paranoid fantasies, there is no conspiracy except perhaps on his part to block me in my campaign, to malign me in personal aspects and simply encourage awful things to be said .  Perhaps this paranoid issue is the reason why David went berserk in the Officer's meeting on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 and banged with the gavel like a lunatic and screamed till his face turned red. By the way, as far as I know, I was not fired but perhaps you meant your being fired from your present position. I will gladly give you all the help you need to deal with that fact.

     Dave, please, for your own sake and as a matter of respect for the electorate, the residents of Century Village, be a man, be a grownup and argue the issues. Leave paranoid fantasies and NSA mode of thinking out of this. We certainly have more than enough issues to discuss and present to the residents. This is the last time I will respond to your inane and sometimes awful statements and untruths. If you wish to remain in the gutter, then every time I need to get your attention, I will simply look down and find you. Please, grow up!

Vote for Esther, Vote for Term Limits, Vote against inane tendencies by the Banger and Screamer. Dump the Dave

Threats, Intimitation and Voting

Intimidation is Rife in Century Village

David Israel will try anything  making sure the voting goes his way , Lets see first he tried to have votes done by a roll call. This was the first time this method was used in the village and It turned out to be a great way to intimidate the delegates by having their names and association called out and where they would stand and tell which way they voted.
Next David came up with a better way to intimidate the delegates. When there was the vote on Impeachment of David Israel again stacked the deck in his favor, When the vote was taken the delegates were called up to the microphone and to give the name of their Association and their name and would have to give a how they voted.
David Israel went one step better to intimidate the voting delegates Mr. Israel had two off duty sheriff deputies on one side below the stage and Mr. Israel was on the other side of the stage with a pad and a pencil.  .  

What reason would Mr. Israel have to bring in the sheriff's off duty deputies?  Have there been any fights? Have there been any riots?  Has anyone treatened to injure some one?  The answer is no. Yet David keeps trying to change the way the delegates vote. Why doesn't David  do away with the vote all together?  Where he will fill out the ballots for each association and vote for them, because that is what he is doing with his methods of intemidation of the delegate.
Its time the village wakes up and stops him once and for all. Its time that the deligates vote for term limits and above all get rid of David Israel.


Remember a Vote for Esther is a Vote for Democracy and Freedom.  Put on the Term Limits and throttle the Intimidator. Vote Yes for Term Limits and Quash the Great Scarier!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Police fired water cannons to disperse protesters in Cairo on Tuesday, enforcing a new law forbidding demonstrations held without a permit.

Police water canon demonstrators in Cairo. It seems they have a law, just like us - No public demonstrations. No political public meetings.

Here in Century Village we also have our rules. No public demonstrations or Meetings for the opposition, no private demonstrations or Meetings either. Actually the powers in charge would be very happy if we just disappeared, political activities and all.

We will not!

Vote for Esther and stop the insanity and attacks on our freedoms

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


     This morning when I opened the computer and checked the various websites I saw that a favorite singer of mine had died. He was 74 and died of a ruptured aneurysm His name was Arik Einstein and he was a seminal singer of our generation and became an international favorite.
     One of his most popular and beloved songs was Ani Ve'ata - You and Me. The words spoke of how the two of them, me and you, would go on to change the world and others would follow. It spoke of the difficulty of such a journey, the wounds that might be received in such an attempt, but no matter, because others would begin to follow them and the goal would be reached. This song spoke to the hearts of Israeli youth and indeed all youth who are idealistic and always going to improve on the world their parents and grandparents had left them.
     Well, we are no longer the idealistic youth of the 60's and 70's but the words of his songs should still sing to our hearts and minds. Inside we are the same as we were in the hopes and dreams of a better world. Together - Ani Ve'ata - we can make a difference here in the Village. Together we can work to build and rebuild the dream of life here in the Village. Let us turn back to the future, back to our idealism and put aside the cynical views of administrations and administrators and remember that indeed, there still are people who follow these words, who still subscribe to the words  of JFK when he said, "I see a wrong and want to make it right...... I ask why not?" He did not let the drab and discouraging face of realities discourage him. He asked why not, why cannot we make the world right, why cannot we make the effort.
     So the hero of my middle school years and a favorite singer who spoke to the heart are still talking to me and I hope to you. Together we can right the wrongs here in the Village. Together, me and you, we can change the world and bring along the others, and truly it is happening even as we speak as more and more people are joining the team and asking "why not? Why can't we turn out the  wrong that is here and bring in the good, the right? Why cannot we make a better world?"
     People, fellow residents, we certainly can. Let us turn to the hope and faith of our youth, leave behind the cynicism and weariness that we have all developed, and let us work together to make a better world here. I know where my responsibilities lie; I said so in my Mission Statement which can be found on this blog.

 For the sake of all of us - term limits in, Dave out, his henchmen out - you and me - Esther and all of you - in office together.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here's a Picture to warm the cockels of Your Heart


Lanny & Deep THroat

The Great Arbiteur!?**

**a person who is considered to be an authority on what is right, good, or proper. : a person who has the power to settle an argument between people ...

I just got back from a long day trip where a major topic of conversation among a group of very concerned and involved people centered on unseating one of the worst presidents that Century Village has ever had, by far.  In using a few acronyms, -- it is getting rid of Cue-Ball, black-Ball and No-Balls; -- most suitable names for making positive identification. 
I am amazed as to the  feeling of so many people out there who are dedicated to getting this secret, nothing man out of office, including one of Israel’s inner group of knaves, and the followers who maintain, above everything else, the idea of inflicting nothing but moral injury upon innocent people who wish to do only good things. 

This form of dictatorship government is contagious, -- so we need an injection of an anti-toxin, -- or in plain old unadulterated English, -- a new President, who has one thing in mind, -- the people, their will, and a respectable government that reaches out to the people by seeking their thoughts. 

It gives to me extreme nausea to think what EGO, POWER and CONTROL has done to smite flat the will of the people whose only wish is to live in peace and tranquility, and know that a good, honest government is at work – 24/7.  (e.g., no night-time manipulation of our money.) 

So, let’s be truthful, -- it means cleaning house from top to bottom.  Get rid of the wicked, mean-spirited, ogres, -- the unconscionable bastards with no scruples, starting from the top honcho. 

So, I must agree with DEEP THROAT who declares to be a member of the “fair sex” – a woman, -- that the President, Israel, cannot forever hide behind his office door and believe that not responding means that nothing in print about him is true.  It works the other way as well, -- if he doesn’t respond, -- then it can be taken that all is absolutely true.  I think that the trouble is that Israel isn’t an administrator and he doesn’t know how to deal with people on any level.  Oh yes, he knows how to spy on people, but to converse with them intelligently AND POLITELY (other than about computer business), is just about impossible.  Talk about the tens of things involving UCO committees and CV business and he’s totally lost, like you’re talking a foreign language.  

And, the response by Lanny Howe to the lady Deep Throat (article entitled “Thousands of Hits”) is unimaginable.  How dare you make such dastardly remarks to a woman who is addressing “his majesty” openly.  She, from everything that I’ve read, was not addressing you, and therefore, you would be well served (as a gentleman of honor) in minding your own business.  Unless, of course, you wish to respond for Israel and make that clear in your discourse. 

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Lanny, -- you are an intelligent man, but you’re overshadowed by an Israel friendship, and you can’t see the forest for the trees.  The truth is out there and you’re doing a juggling act because knowing all of the truth may be stinging to you and may dent your ego.  You read 7 paragraphs and you respond to only one in a harsh manner which says a good deal about how you assemble information in your mind to form prejudicial opinions.  In all, you’re a good guy; you just need to know who’s who; who speaks the truth and who prevaricates or is categorically unethical.  Read every line, Lanny, not every fifth line, or the one’s that strike your fancy.   

I’m going to make every effort to meet Madam DEEP THROAT and congratulate her for coming forth with such a bold article, and telling it the way she believes it really is. 

You know it, and I know it, that this UCO government has soured; it is crumbling from its political foundation, and total confidence in its ability to serve the people in an honest and professional way has waned. 

DEEP THROAT LADY … I hope that your pseudonym is not an advertisement in disguise.  You may need to provide a recent picture, you name, address (9 months out of the year), e- mail address, your telephone numbers (land and cell) your fingerprints, and spit for a DNA analogy, in order to make simple posting on this BLOG, e.g., “How are you today?” 

Vote for Esther! Vote For Term Limits! Vote for a wait on wiFi!. Dump Dave and get our Village Back


    Do we really need a Legacy meister? 

The King and I is one of my favorite musicals and I love that line - "is a puzzlement". It is so appropriate to this campaign that it might have been coined with this situation in mind. Let's see why.

     There is all this talk about "leaving a legacy". Why? What does that really mean? Is Dave Israel our father that we should be looking to him for a legacy? No, thank you. I have a wonderful legacy from my own father as do many of you and I am sure we do not need another. Is he our ruler, our king of the kingdom that he needs to leave us a legacy? Weeelll,,,,here we come, I believe, to the crux of the problem. Dave thinks he is and there you have it. So he is not and must learn that and also understand that a legacy is to administer well, to fulfill his responsibilities towards his constituents - us - and not himself and his cronies and political hangers-on.

     So let's look at what he thinks is a legacy. His paving job, his wifi mess, his shredding of documents, his threat and intimidation method of ruling, his misappropriation of our blog,   his summary firing without due process of an employee, his rude and disrespectful behavior, his mess of a contract process, his godawful financial system, his lack of outreach towards the community, not taking advantage of the enormous pool of talent we have out there, etc, etc, and so forth. - Sorry, could not pass that one up.

     So let us look two years in the future after my first term as president of UCO. What will be my "legacy"? Aye, me mateys, and there's the rub. I do not want to leave a legacy. I do not want to be known as a one item accomplisher of something. What I wish to leave is a good and solid administration based on amity and trust and well situated financially with good reserves, an excellent on going maintenance program, a safe Village, a Village well on the way to working out its wishes and desires for a new contract to keep us going on MUCH BETTER terms than the Millenium Agreement, a closer and more equal relationship with WPRF with more say so in its decisions for WPRF facilities. I see a tighter, more streamlined administration with clearer lines of communication, of process, of prioritization and research, of tight contracts to our advantage and no pie in the sky plans. All plans are to be based on and in reality.

That, my friends is what I would like to leave, to have people say, what a good shape we are in now, how quiet and peaceful and secure we are now as compared to a few years ago.
 Will all this be accomplished? Hopefully most of it but I must admit I am concerned with getting back to a solid base financially what with all that money being moved out for payment of the paving job, but with good planning and good people, I believe we can make good strides towards it.

How - with your votes and your help, with cooperation and discussion, with lawyers well versed and up to date on condo law and needs and the language needed to make our legal needs ironclad.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Dumb things are said there!    

Ahhh, Dave's blogs, so awful in its content of prejudice, but always so helpful if one wants to have a good laugh. The same few people talk amongst themselves and say the dumbest things. One just has to laugh. Here a few examples and enjoy your laughter.
    " I am not a delegate, but if I were, I would not consider voting for anyone with zero experience in running a community".

     So comments one bright soul over there. Well, hate to burst your bubble, and thank G-d you are not a delegate, but exactly what do you think a school is if not a community? It is a home for 8 - 10 hours for hundreds of adults and children. They are there early to set up, to come to precare so parents can go to work and we have to take care of them; they are there to meet friends, share some conversations, some tears and laughter; they are there to learn and teach, to advance knowledge and enhance curiosity and skills; they are there to eat and be nourished physically as well as mentally and emotionally; they are there for aftercare, clubs, and teams, for dances, for publications; they go on trips together. This community needs to be provided for, to have the needs of its world at its fingertips, to have a safe environment, a proper infrastructure, to be ready to meet anticipated and emergency needs, for the various population groups within it to mesh and work together for the good of the community  and I can go on and on, but the point is clear. I have decades in a community and years and years administering such a community so want to try again?

 "..the person in question has no real chance at office, but has and will make a lot of noise along the way. "

     Oh, dear, how wrong you are. Try moving out of your little walled up world and see the light. Talk to other people; one never knows; it might actually help you.

     "Don't waste your time giving Olga's stooge publicity. Be smart, never mention her name or any of the others whose sole purpose is to defeat Dave in the next election. Let those in favor of Wifi and electing Dave look to the positive things that have been accomplished in CV during his administration and the many more things which might come to pass in a third term. "

     Where to start! New name - Olga's stooge. Actually, I only just met Olga in the course of this campaign and am proud to call her a new and valued friend, but stooge? You do not seem to get it thru the thick obstruction of your skulls. I am, I, independent and proud of it. Never really liked the Three Stooges- too much hitting - so I never took to the term though I must say, after reading your posts the Three Stooges might be looking good ...Give me a break! Have you tried looking in the mirror lately - see the ghost of Dave hovering over you. Ahaa! Now we are talking stooges. Pot calling the kettle black, here, folks. Try again.

     Wow, our goal is to defeat Dave! Can you imagine that? Thank you for sharing. We are running a campaign against a danger to our Village and we want to defeat its main proponent and that is something these oh so wise people have finally figured out?! Good grief. Yes, we want to defeat Dave and we sincerely tried to find these "good" things he has done for the Village but have come up empty on that. Let's see. I will try again. Hmmm. Aha - the huge paving job - oops -  that turned into a $5 million boondoggle as we watched the roads and perimeter walk crack and the money just go down a black hole somewhere. OK, try again. Aha - the blog. Oops! Wrong again. Dave took OUR Village blog and turned it into his private trashing machine and if you do not understand that, here is what I see when I go on Dave's blog -
     " You're currently logged in as Esther Sutofsky. You may not comment with this account."

     Such a warm and welcome feeling I get from reading this. Are you guys ever going to wake up and smell the coffee? OK, let's look for more wonderful things Dave has accomplished. Wifi - Right! Wrong! He has succeeded in ripping this community apart with his chicanery and half truths and outright lies so that is a big accomplishment right there.

     Another one? Ahh, he has digitized our records. Uh huh, right again. He took the oh so difficult step of scanning sheets of paper into a scanner, uploading the results into a data storage facility called a cloud, shredded the hard copies, lost some records while doing this wonderful activity, and locked access to this cloud away from officers in UCO. Not only that, he has PUBLICLY STATED THAT HE WILL DESTROY ALL THIS SHOULD HE LOSE.  OK. I can't seem to win here. Can't find any wonderful deeds for Dave to boast about. He has turned the UCO building into a place of discontent, hurt, anger, and fear. That took some doing.

    Heaven forbid he be reelected. If you want to see good things happen, administration take place as it should - for the residents of the Village - not for its administrator head and friends - then throw Dave out and elect Esther and her team. Vote for yourself with a vote for Esther.

Vote for Esther and get some sense and sensibility in our Village
Vote NO on the WiFi - For now
Vote Yes on Term Limits - Forever!

Gobble - Gobble

For all those “friendly” Century Village people who enjoy TURKEY

STUFFING at Thanksgiving, you must try the following recipe:



Please follow recipe closely

1 cup cranberry sauce

3 eggs

1 teaspoon salt and pepper

1 green pepper chopped

1 cup celery – diced

4 cups uncooked popcorn

3 cups uncooked rice

garlic and parsley to taste


Mix well.  Stuff turkey loosely. Put

In oven – preheated to 350F.  Bake

until popcorn pops and blows the

ass off the turkey.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  After the blast, -- if your oven is messy with

Black crud, you can clean it up with a secret dingle berry mixture

from Israel.  However, if your oven is only a puket Brown, you may

Still need to wake up the fire Marshall.


           GOBBLE -- GOBBLE

Sunday, November 24, 2013


     Well, the anger that arose, the hurt that arose, is somewhat muted now but it is still there. What is also there is the sadness that in this world, after all that has happened, the sadness that wonders how and why in the year 2013, almost 2014, when the world has known the horror of genocide again and again, that one thinks that the way to win an election is to stir up the hatred, the prejudice and all the ugly things that go with it.

      That Dave and his cohorts think that this is an acceptable campaign practice should be surprising, but unfortunately is not. This is the third time that I have heard this open kind of biased and snide remarks and I wonder, is this how Dave truly is on the inside. I think of the story of Dorian Gray and wonder at what evil we would see in Dave. Why does he allow this on his blog where he is the sole censor and proprietor, where he can and should never allow these statements and should certainly take them down and disavow them. Yet he does not and the sadness rises within me, sadness that this is the supposed leader we have, our president, and I wonder at how much harm he has already done and wonder yet again, at how much more he can and will do should he remain in office.

     Grace posed a question as to what I have done for the Village. I believe the question should be what WILL I do for the Village and what will Dave continue to do to the Village and its residents. For one, I promise you that hatred and prejudice, cruelty and contempt, will not be part of our administration. Nastiness is or will be out. I cannot say the same for Dave, and judging by what I have seen as he acts in his capacity as president of UCO, all I can see is more of this type of nastiness. this is not what we need here.

    We have many problems to be solved in the Village. Instead of worrying about wifi as if that is the be all and end all, why not worry over the fact that we were subject to more nastiness over by Southhampton? Why were you not there at the meeting? Why did the residents not think to ask you to come? I can tell you why - because they have no faith in you. What have you done for them before. You stated at a delegate assembly that steps were being taken but they were secret. I guess they were so secret that even the crooks did not notice them! And on they came! Why did you shoot down the better preventive fence in the area? Surely that was more important than encouraging hatred and perseverating about wifi. For sure having an open highway at one end of our Village for miscreants to come and "visit" us would surely not raise our resale values!

     In short, your values have been totally skewed in the wrong directions and in fact, you and your followers appear to have little or no values if all they can do is make obscene gestures and use hideous statements instead of writing rationally. How about talking about how the bid process need fine tuning, how our finances and financial management need to be improved, how we need to have more say in the rules and regulations of WPRF properties for which we pay untold thousands every year, how we need a humane and caring administration where the president does not sit behind closed doors, never available, just sitting there peck-peck-pecking away at his keyboard. And the list goes on and on.

     So yes, the sadness is there, the hurt is there, the anger is there but the truth is also there and I am hopeful that our residents will see the truth for what it is and vote you the hell out of office and get, instead, an open and caring administration which will help and hold hands if need be, but always strive to do the right thing by our citizens.

Vote Esther In, Vote Term Limits in. Put WiFi on a wait and see.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

WiFi again

The latest scoop on WiFI and century village

So we had a Town Hall Meeting. The subject was WiFI. And guess what? Nothing new. Well if you call the fact that the powers that be, our Good president, has decided to revisit his plan to Contract for WiFI now!

Now they, he, has decided to take another look, to send out a new RFP, to see if we can get some mid- level companies to be involved. What is wrong with Google? I see that they have just Wi- fi’ed their whole neighborhood in lower Manhattan using the light poles for the antennas.

At any rate taking another look, another deeper look is a good thing. I know that the Tower is going to be a problem. David says that getting the approvals is routine and will be handled as a matter of course. That the problem with permits is routine and will be handled as we come to them, oh yea? David’s attitude is always the same in that we can take care of problems as we come across them. Well it seems to me that a little pre-planning is called for here. What is wrong with checking with the County, down the street, and asking? What is wrong with checking with PBIA about the tower requirements? What is wrong with letting the Bid Committee to do their job?

Perhaps David wants to Bid this effort first. Fine, but give it to the Bid Committee to do. He doesn’t have to hog all the work. And who says, beside Israel himself, that he has the knowledge and experience for this job?


Friday, November 22, 2013

Reply to Daves opinion piece in the Reporter

In Reply to Dave’s opinion piece in the Reporter 

So now let’s look at the facts. Exactly what will the rollout cost be for wifi? And what will be the yearly costs be? Dave is so nice. He complains that all the cost are well know and reasonable, except he don’t tell us in dollars and cents what they are. He says give it back to the Wi-Fi committee, where the brains are. The bid committee  has not specific knowledge of a Wi-Fi installation. To refute this the committee bought in  a Wi-Fi expert,  he put the current plan down as not possible, as using Companies that are to small, as how Are you going to go about getting approval of the required 65 foot tower in the approach path of PBIA.  

I think Israel’s plan is to commit to the Wi-Fi now, actual costs unknown, and deal with all the other problems as they arise. I don’t think so. 

Yes the Wi-Fi idea could be a good one, just not the way the President wants to implement it. And where does he get the idea that the opposition is wholly political. On this item they are not! Practical. Yes,! Asking questions and demanding answers. Yes! 

Why doesn’t the so called resident Wi-Fi expert address all our questions face on. To quote the Great One  “These same people say things like “We do not know the costs” and “We do not have enough information,” which as chair of the Wi-Fi Committee I can assure anyone are simply obstruction placed in the path of a very worthy project — obstructions placed by those opposed to any initiative developed by your current president.”  

And I as your Blogmeister insist on answers to my questions and not suave denials of fact. 

And  BTW not all initiatives  made by your Presidency are opposed, don’t flatter yourself. 

So Dave why not just answer the questions? What are the opening costs? What are the running costs? How do you propose to solve the tower problem? What are you doing about the silent majority that opposes the CV wide Wi-Fi and what’s wrong with the Condo installing Wi-Fi themselves at a considerable saving?
Can you answer any of these questions? Or will the facts turn everybody off on this?
Vote for Esther, Vote for Term Limits, Vote against the Wi-Fi thing


This rude and disrespectful manner is the way El Presidente operates. 

Today I sat through a two hour meeting about the wifi. Not quite sure about the why of it, as there was no new information dispensed, just a lot of omissions, obfuscation and outright lies

. Never once did Dave and company admit to the fact that the only reason we do not have a contract signed, sealed and delivered right now is because and only because of those of us who know what a real contract is and what needs to be in it before signing. He had to say that Lawrence Dambra was there but did not come forward with his statements that basically shut Dave and Co. down and when confronted with that, tried to play down Mr. Dambra's qualifications.

NO ONE, except for Dave, brought up any political tie ins and there really aren't any. It is just that we oppose his autocratic and careless method of doing business. Once he opened that door, we explained very carefully that we want wifi, but only the right way and with the correct process.

Watching this man conduct a meeting is unbelievable. If the head of any other organization, professional and/or social ever behaved in this rude and disrespectful manner, they would have been tossed out on their rear! He spoke so disrespectfully to one lovely lady who posed a serious concerned question about the permits that I felt I had to apologize for his treatment of her. I was that embarrassed and he did it to others as well.

People out there reading the blog, please go back and read all of them. See the openness with which we post, with which we write about our wishes and plans to change our administration, the way we promise openness, honesty and respect and then, if you are a delegate, know that voting for Esther is the only proper way to go. If you are not a delegate, then tell your delegate the same thing.

It is time this Village's administration  conducts itself properly, with respect and honesty, with tolerance and with the acceptance that there are varying viewpoints in any administration from within and without and that does not mean ridicule and disrespectful voice and tone are acceptable. It is time that we give credit to people who do the hard work, ask the right and tough questions and treat all properly.


                     VOTE ESTHER

Thursday, November 21, 2013


  The Truth be told and it will set you free.     

Came home in a real mellow mood after attending and enjoying a concert of John Denver's music and then did a last minute check on the computer and lo and behold - the liars are at it again! I wonder if they have ever tried telling the truth or would they break out in a rash! How many people do they think they can hoodwink and for how long as the truth just keeps on comin' along? So what did they do now, or rather say?

     Check Dave's president piece in the Reporter where he spews garbage about wifi and how he knows best about these things, at least he and his minions that he appoints to the committee. The rest of us are apparently just too dumb to deal with wifi and techie issues. Hate to break it to ya, Dave, but an RFP is an RFP and there are certain formulaic items and conditions that should be included. A response or bid proposal is also well suited to standard questions and evaluations as to what promises it is making and what is not there. For you to have said at one point in another article that a comma or typo is not important just boggles the mind. And you were supposedly an intelligence agent - obviously one without the intelligence!

     You continue the big lie, only this time by omission. Where is the report or presentation by the expert that was brought in and who totally trashed the idea of wifi now, especially as YOU were proposing and who shut you up quite handily when you started to bluster. WHERE IS THAT INFORMATION?

    Finally, you make a comment that the budget was crashed because of a small item as the money for wifi. That was not the only reason. It was to send a message to you that you cannot run rampant over the delegates and the residents of the Village any longer. Your time is up! Your lies, your tawdry reputation, your fiscal incompetence and chicanery have combined to bring you down. You are desperately fighting term limits but already have a stooge in place to run for president if you cannot. And you are depending upon your official unofficial mouthpiece - the UCO Reporter - to carry much of the load.

     This month's first few pages of the paper are rife with your propaganda.
There is a supposed opinion piece where the author makes pointed remarks in the same vein as we have seen on your private blog and then she has the nerve to write, and I quote, ".....Nov. 1 Delegate meeting which was a wonderful meeting. All business was conducted in peace in an hour and the meeting adjourned. How great if all future meetings followed this format without the need for outside forces to maintain order." Really! How dare she make that remark? There were armed guards at the front and back of the auditorium and you later that day GLEEFULLY commented on how well that idea of armed guards worked! REALLY! You had the nerve to use armed intimidation on the people of the Village, paid for it with a charge card that you misappropriated, and then are gleeful that you did this! Do not try that again, for I warn you that there will be serious consequences if you do.

     And then of course we have my favorite column from the oh so neutral - NOT - co-editors of the paper. Yes, I demanded a retraction or correction or an acceptance of an article I would write in opposition of that inane article submitted by Anitra, an avid Dave supporter, and accepted without attribution by Vestal and Silverman, but was told I could write it but they do not have to print it. They would decide. Well, that told the story right there. The story was inane due to the fact that my speaking for 30 to 40 minutes to an overflow crowd that received me well as I spoke and answered questions was totally ignored and one out of context statement - that was incorrect anyway was printed. Go ahead and check your tapes again only this time maybe I should be there and show you where you went wrong, including the years I worked!

     The Reporter "does not intend to be the candidate's public relations publication paper for anyone." Could have fooled me, but at least you recognized that something was obviously wrong, noticeable wrong and you came up with the idea of the questions and essay answer form. Thank you for that and I am eagerly awaiting the question with enough time to write it thoughtfully.

   Can we try some truth in the campaign? Try it - you might like it.



An Open Letter to Mr.David Israel formerly of NSA

Thousands of hits

To:   David Israel 

Inasmuch as I cannot post anything on your top secret, private blog unless I give to you my name; my address – including zip code; my e-mail address; my telephone number (land line and cell phone); include my medical records (certified); provide my finger-prints, and, provide my mother’s maiden name, -- please accept this free and uncensored posting as an open letter to you, Mr. Israel, sir.  

This Blog has had thousands of hits because of the subject matter that the good people of Century Village want to read, so you can have space, if you like, to respond to a number of things said of your character.  How can you refuse an offer like that? 

You can start by telling, or bragging if you wish, to everyone the good things that you have done for Century Village in a period of three years and eight months.  Don’t be bashful; lie or exaggerate a little if you wish, because you may find that as easy as breathing.  This Blog will leave space for your five or six paragraphs to take up your boasting.  People will be overwhelmed!! 

A good friend of mine has a son who is an FBI agent – in the upper echelon.  I told my friend of all the things you have had to say about you and your job with the NSA.  He spoke to his son, and word has gotten back to me that if you freely say or put into print any of your association with the NSA, then you’re either a complete fool or you’re lying.  Would you care to comment on this free and uncensored Blog? 

Why do you want to become the President of UCO for a third term?  After all, you fail to meet any of the standards set forth for a President of an organization having nearly 12 thousand members with an annual budget of 7 million dollars.  Is it that you love the job so much because you can sit behind a desk all day and evening and use your computer to spy on people?  Is being a hacker your forte?  The Blogmeister will give you more space, I’m sure, so that you can tell everyone why you need a third term. 

At the last Delegates’ meeting on November 1st, a woman was overheard making a remark to another woman, who had asked her a question to the effect that you were fired from the NSA because you were spying into fellow employees’ lives and you didn’t heed a warning.  Well, here you have a free and uncensored Blog where you may comment  - is that statement true or false?  No, Mr. Israel, sir, the Blogmeister doesn’t need for you to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The question just needs a “true” or “not true,”  but you can expand on that, -- all of the necessary space will be given to you for an explanation, if you so choose. 

So there, -- you can go for it, -- a home run, a TD or a goal.  Comments by David Israel will be headline news.  Say what you have to say, but put all of the lies in parenthesis. 
It is time to Vote Yes on Term Limits and help Dave retire.
Vote for Esther and this problem is Gone






     I had a thought about the upcoming vote on term limits, the one where all smart delegates vote for term limits. I have been watching the way votes are counted at the delegate assembly and there has to be a better way. It is more like a guesstimate than a true count.

A person stands in front of a section of the theater and counts the placards. There is no guarantee of the correct number, a person moving quickly enough to revote, as there is no check on who is voting and the whole situation is truly open to incorrect results.

People, at least two to a section, must be appointed - either clearly neutral or one from each side - pro and con and their count must be separate and compared. People such as Pat, who breathers Dave's air for whom or Mollie the Gavel or other such people must not be allowed to count votes.

I know there is a short time before the Assembly but surely we can work something out in a fair manner. I know that for sure I will find a way to count and check on the numbers if this is not done in a fair and neutral manner.




Is a nostalgic term used by baseball fans over the years?

The term is used whenever spectators become discouraged with a player or players.

The way UCO has been playing the game lately many residents have become disheartened and are beginning to scream the famous phrase. Yes, it is time to THROW THE BUMS OUT and the best and fastest way to do this is to VOTE FOR TERM LIMITS at the December Delegate Assembly.
This action will ensure that we get a fresh team of people in office who care for the village and are willing to put their time and effort into improving it.

P.S. An open  letter to Anonymous AKA Fred Sanford who has been  attempting to spew his vile drivel on this blog.  It gives me great pleasure to have the privilege of being able to  delete his comments before they taint the blog. The purpose of this blog is to inform the residents of Century Village of information that they were not privy to in the past. Unfortunately Mr. Anonymous has attempted to infiltrate the blog with his disgusting comments and curse words which I have decided have no interest to the readers. 
Therefore, Mr. Anonymous, AKA Fred Sanford, stop wasting your energy sending disgusting comments to this blog. Try finding something useful to do with your time instead.



Legacy, Smegacy who needs it?

   Still trying to get a grip on my honorable opponent in the upcoming election. So now that we know he has no "legacy", let's try to find another quality which will prove to be of value. Hmmm........ How about honesty and honor, keeping one's word, keeping faith with the people of the Village? Surely that is a quality greatly desired in one's leader and head of administration and would prove to be a good legacy to leave behind.

     Let's start with background and experience. Dave claims to have worked for the NSA as head of some important unit where he apparently gained his insight into life and essentially what qualified him for his first run at being UCO president. I still maintain that if one worked for the many intelligence agencies of the government, FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, or any other alphabet soup organization, one is supposed to NOT SAY THAT. One perhaps works in sales, or just works for the government in some capacity or some innocuous euphemism but not as an intelligence agency honcho. So what is the truth here?

I really don't know, and can only surmise but in any case, where was the experience here of investigating prior to purchase and buying, contracting, hiring, firing, people skills, writing of purchase orders and indeed the phrasing of RFPs, and on and on. The truth is that he had NO administrative experience aside from a year or so here in CV on a committee and then as fill in VP.

 So, Dave, please drop the sly remarks from your mouthpieces of my lack of experience. I spent YEARS  doing all that you had NEVER done so my administrative experience is pretty well qualified and quantified, I believe, suitable to heading an administration.

     Okay, so there were two things Dave has not been so upfront about. Let's try something else. Working hard.....Yes, another legacy bit! The blog! Right? WRONG! Under Dave's "leadership" the blog has deteriorated from one that belonged to the entire Village to his own private blog with his own private interests being served. He took over Channel 63 and the viewings from it and tried to look so good for this, but just try to make a comment on one of the tapes of a meeting being shown and oops, unless you are one of his anointed, forget it. It is DAVE'S BLOG, so his rules.

Under our administration we would have a blog that is for the Village. In fact, we already have a blog that is open to all, save for foul mouthed and racist people. One and all are free to post without giving one's personal information away. So there goes another so called legacy piece.

So here we are in a quandary, searching high and low for the truth about legacy, about truth in advertising, shall we say, and coming up on empty. What to do? Come join us as we work together to form a new administration which will emphasize honesty and unity, openness and access, acceptance of fresh views and thinking and appreciation for one's contributions and acknowledgement of such, unlike now, when Dave grabs credit for the work of others i.e. the toy drive.

Term Limits - Yea

What is it about term limits that gets everybody excited?

Term Limits are a good thing. The argument against term limits is that there are no good people left except those that we already elected. Is that true? Ask the nominating committee. I think you will find that they are loaded with applications. In fact the application process is so busy that the publishing of the applications has been to return them for failing to follow the Committee's self made up rules.

Be that as it may we have more than enough applicants for each and every job and we should limit the terms for all.

What is wrong with fresh blood. What is wrong with fresh ideas? What is wrong with more energy? We can vote them out, but a neater and easier way is to just have there terms limited.

Lets remember that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Vote for Term Limits and lets get Century Village on the right track again


     So here we go again. Once more we are going to have a delegate's assembly and once again the issues of wifi and term limits are being brought up again.  Over and over we discuss and argue about items that have been discussed and voted on ad infinitum  ad nauseum.

     How many more times do we have to turn down the wifi issue in its varied guises as Dave refuses to give up. We told him, experts told him, again and again. This is not the right time. This is not the right way. We do not want another financial debacle right on top of the other five million dollar one over paving and drainage. Do we need words of less than one syllable for Dave to understand this? Or does he just not care, except for his own manic wishes though the world tell him he is wrong? So now, once again, we are to vote on this, with Dave, he the one who claims it is wrong to vote and revote - except obviously when it does not go his way - hoping he will find some delegates who will change their mind and vote with him.

     And once again we are voting on term limits. We did this already. Deja vu. So why again? Because when term limits were approved, Dave was livid. How dare he be threatened with losing his seat of power? How dare people go against him? Did people not realize that nobody would ever run against him and we would lose the oh so wonderful benefits of his experience and know how (G-d help us!)? Well, guess what? There are people who "dare" to take him on. There are people who do not want him in again and in perpetuity! Dave, you can always run again after one term, so why the panic? Need to tie up loose ends? Of what? Curious and curiouser!

So on this issue, Dave is ranting against the revote as a waste of time, even though it was ok to revote when he had been on the losing side and even though it is ok to revote on the wifi. Consistency is a positive trait in many cases, Dave. Try it sometime.




Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Lets get serious or, Are they Serious?    

There comes a time during a campaign when one has to seriously evaluate the opposing candidate and anticipate the issues. I believe we have been doing that all along, but just in case, here goes.
     Dave and cohorts have long insisted  that wifi will be the legacy that Dave wants to leave. Now that the wifi is not such a sure thing but more along the lines of a potential financial and practical disaster like the paving issue, we are hearing that,  no, the legacy has already been left. Really? And what was that? Oh, simple. It was the digitizing of UCO records going back decades. Wow! Such a legacy!

    Yes, UCO needed to bring in more techie stuff to help run its affairs but I promise you that digitizing is not such a difficult task. It does take an enormous use of time and patience for one simply has to stand there and feed in page after page to be scanned and when done for the day, upload to the cloud chosen, another name for the data storage system one is going to use. See, it is not rocket science. However, there are issues with this massive use of time.

     Did the president himself scan in all the info? Is that why he was always working late and on weekends or were there other reasons for keeping those hours? Did the current exposed NSA attitudes become too engrained in Dave? And why did the president of UCO, who had many other things to do, take up so much time taking care of this project. It is really a more secretarial/support staff job. Additionally, what happened to some of the records for certain years that appear to have gone missing and why were the hard copies destroyed. They represented our history here in the Village, notes, memos, minutes, etc. Who gave him permission to do this or, as usual, was it a unilateral decision on his part?

 And finally, why are some officers of UCO blocked from tapping into this cloud? Why do they not have the program and/or the password to gain entry?

     So exactly what has Dave done with his almost four years in his office. Danged if I know!

Vote for Esther, get the Bums out and return our Village to the Residents