Friday, February 28, 2014

Tricky Dicksters

As you will notice on this blog on Esther's Slate Frank Leggio's name has been removed from the slate.

 This was done because it became obvious that Frank Leggio has attempted to dupe Esther and her Slate by asking, actually begging, to be made part of the slate. After vetting him some what we added him to the slate. Now we find out that it was all a ploy by leggio and probably his boss to fool us. What we should take away from this is the fact that Dave Israel and his friends are trying to emulate "Tricky Dick" and now make fools out of themselves.

. What becomes clear here is that you see how nefarious Dave Israel and his henchman are in that they would run a trick like this on us and force that fact on all of us. And I mean the entire Century Village 

Shame on you Frank Leggio and David Israel the Tricky Dicksters


     You have accused me of refusing to answer a question at the Forum. THAT IS A BALD FACED LIE.

 I answered it and every question you asked and just about kicked your rear end! What I said was that I have never taken part in any lawsuit against UCO at any time not do I expect to. As for disavowing - you never asked me to do that nor have the right to do so since I have no part in it. On the other hand, how about you disavowing some of what you have done?

 Did you not threaten to call the PBSO on Olga Wolkenstein yesterday because she asked you to rein in Pat Sealander who was going berserk on Dorothy Tetro? Did you not then back down because you knew how dumb that was to say and how wrong you were?

 And why have you not yet affirmed that all records in any form, cloud or hard copy will be turned over totally intact to the new administration? Look in the mirror, Mr Israel, before calling others names. I asked you that question at the Forum and you answered using the same derogatory language as I asked you about and all noticed. Please, once again, stop this and ask questions using truth rather than lies and evasions.

     Because this is the last week before voting it does not mean that nastiness and viciousness is allowed. Disavow that tactic, Mr. Israel, disavow that!



    In the current Reporter there are two articles written by Jean Komis, one of David Israel's candidates for Executive Board. Evidently she has that same "milk of human kindness". In one article she says we should all get along. That is great. I have been saying that for months! Aha!! But then read her other article. In that one she recommends leaving our elderly riders of our bus on the side of the road. YES! ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND FIND THEIR OWN WAY BACK! (Wonder what the legal implications are in that statement and action!) Of course they would have to be misbehaving elders but I guess we can always rely on Jean Komis for a standard for that!

     This is a simple ploy to cut out the excursion bus as David Israel has been trying to do for years. Wonder what he will do when he can no longer drive?

 Jean Komis says she pays for the bus though she doesn't ride. So what?  First of all, it is mandated by law. Second, it is one of the draws of the Village (yes, not just WIFI). We pay taxes for schools - do we attend? Hey, maybe if they go back to school they can learn civics and civil behavior.Just a thought. We pay to support our armed forces. Do we all get Veteran's benefits? 

Her statement is one that has no thought behind it and her attempted cruelty towards our fellow residents is abominable. Oh, and they should prepare to go to Publix every day so there is no issue with bags, etc. Yes, that is an issue but we can figure a solution with a bit of thought.

     I guess if they need to go to Publix every day they won't need the excursion bus. And if they have some spare time and are not exhausted by this daily effort, hey! maybe they can use their computers to fill the time! 

Please, people, we need to remember our humanity and the fact that we are all in the same boat. Remember when we were kids and thought fifty was ancient? Oh, how wrong we were. Time does not stand still and we need to be respectful of the needs of others and ourselves as time goes on.

   Vote for the slate that has a heart as well as a brain.



     Poor David Israel. Trounced badly at the Forum, he is now trying to come back with some nasty retorts and postings. 

 What I stated is that I have never taken part in any suit. To presume or assume how I feel about it is nonsense and as far as dealing with it - we have lawyers and insurance and there is a long time between lawsuit and resolution. To deal with a large issue such as this requires flexibility in thought and action, not a rigid decision, which is Israel's tactic and exactly why this lawsuit has been instituted. DAVID ISRAEL MADE THE COLOSSAL ERROR IN THE PAVING JOB. HE IS THE REASON AND CAUSE OF THE LAWSUIT.

He refuses to admit this and is just desperate to remain as President along with his cohort, Ed  Black, to do whatever he can , to shift blame, lie, or whatever works to get out the hot water he is in.


This is not a question of support. That is dumb. It is a question of reality. It exists and we simply have to deal with it. Period.

     Next we have Barbara Cornish who has gone around asking Executive Board candidates to be on HER slate. Really? Is she running for something? No!. She appears to be an Ed Black in training. She, who has been called a whore and a tart by our lovely David Israel, she whose husband has been cursed out by said David Israel in the middle of UCO, suddenly takes out an ad supporting David Israel!  What a lack of self pride, what a groveling thing to do and what is more important - WHAT HAS SHE BEEN PROMISED? Once again we will have a non elected person given tremendous rights and responsibilities in UCO and look how well that has turned out!!!

     I ask again, why all these dirty tactics? Why all this nastiness? David Israel. You have tried to scare me with shouting, allowing others to curse me without you gaveling them down, you have slammed your gavel, used lies or shall we say mistruths, and expected to intimidate me at the Forum. It has not worked and will not work.

 Nor did your threats to a candidate and your abominable behavior towards Dorothy yesterday . Time to grow up and leave schoolyard behavior behind. In fact, I will say again - if you have skills that are valuable to and for the Village, then work with the next UCO administration in a cooperative and positive manner. I am willing. ARE YOU???

Thursday, February 27, 2014

ISRAEL ADMITS HE MADE A $5,000,000 (that's 5 Million). MISTAKE.

At the Candidates' Forum, Mr. Israel, with his chin nearly touching his chest, which had the appearance of an apologetic physical gesture, --- stated several times that presidents make mistakes, and he admits that he has made mistakes by the vast spending of everyone's money.  He readily admitted it for the first time and it was recorded.

All well and good, but what is a MISTAKE involving money?  How much is it --- $100. or $500., or perhaps a huge mistake involving $10,000?  HOW ABOUT A MISTAKE INVOLVING FIVE MILLION ($5,000,000.00) DOLLARS?  In answering the question and a rebuttal about the paving job, he admitted that it was a mistake.  His mistake was the mismanagement and manipulation of your money --in total secrecy.

The so-called "Malcontents" (anyone with an opposing view of Mr. Israel's  statements), were trying to tell him over and over during the course of many, many  months that the paving jobs, including its ONE-PAGE CONTRACTS, was not proceeding in a professional manner  and the result might prove to be disastrous.  Here is a President committing the very WORST MISTAKE imaginable; he wouldn't listen.  And his band of knaves (reducing every day in number), think that what he did was perfectly all right.  UNBELIEVABLE!

Mr. Israel, at the Forum, admitted with a solemn face that there are areas throughout the Village  in need of repair and perhaps even re-paving, and not to worry, because monies are being set aside to prepare for such work.  THE PAVING IS A FEW YEARS OLD, AND HE'S PREPARING FOR A RE-PAVING JOB IN CERTAIN AREAS?  The master of deception is on his way to do it all over again.  Right before your very eyes, if you believe in history repeating itself, he'll get Ed Black, his secret backroom NSA agent in training, to
put together another "Buy-A-Bridge" SCANDAL.

If you know anything about  paving and you tour the entire Village, you just might visualize a $1 - $3 million dollar job looking at you.  And, after Messrs. Israel and Black suck us in, the scope of work expands,.........a typical con maneuver.  As a good prosecutor might say, ---"They knew or should have known what they were doing and the ultimate consequences."

Oh yeah, -- you can't forget the line of credit MISTAKE, or the property drainage MISTAKE big time, and several other mistakes that involve thousands of our dollars.  With Mr. Israel, it appears that it is all about EGO, POWER, CONTROL and SCANDAL, and his tone at the Forum delivered just that.

What we need in Century Village is an honest government.  We don't need EGOTISTSnor do we need POWER-POLITICS; we don't need CONTROL FREAKS,  and we certainly don't need SCANDAL MONGERS.  We need to get the shady people to exit and let the sunshine in.      




Posted by Dorothy Tetro

Mr. Rivera – in your blog on February 25th you have posted a message to “Dottie”.  Your heading is followed by a mean spirited comment addressed to “Dottie”.  I am not sure who Dottie however, inasmuch as you are questioning a withdrawal of monies from the Reporter checking account, and inasmuch as I – Dorothy – am still the Treasurer, I want to set your mind at ease.

Your question – paraphrased -
In June of this year a transfer of $25,000 from the Reporter account; where did it go and why? 

My answer -
As a member of the Executive Board, I would have anticipated that you would remember the importance of our adhering to our By-Laws which require ALL of our money to be FDIC insured.  In order to accomplish this goal, ICS Sweep Accounts were established.  The transaction you cast suspicion upon was merely a transfer of funds from the operating account to the Sweep account. (A normal business transaction - Editor)   And, as a matter of fact, when the Reporter was short of funds in its’ operating account monies were “swept” back to meet the needs.

In addition, this re-allocation of Reporter funds has been documented monthly on the Cash Balance statement I provide – as Treasurer – to all who attend the Delegate Assembly meeting on the first Friday of each month.  It is part of my regular Treasurers report and if you would like a copy just let me – Dorothy – know.       


     You know, deep in your heart you really admire me because otherwise you would not attribute so much power and knowledge to me, especially after you called me a zero person (still don't know what that means).You tell me I have a blog - well, guess what - I do not have a blog. I am merely given guest rights on there as they allow me to post and your demigod does not allow me that right on his.
     As far as the questions I asked Dave, I was not at the recall so no clue as to what they asked but a shame he was not recalled. Would have saved a lot of future trouble. And now you basically wish I would disappear as I am proving to be too expensive for the Village?!!!??!!! What is the matter with you? Do you also call for national elections to be cancelled or state elections? You say the strangest things, dearie, and leave people puzzled as to their meaning. So....for once and for all, why not come clean with your full bigoted viewpoints so that everyone knows who it is that supports David Israel since he always picks on those he thinks support me and conveniently forgets all the others who also support me. Time to turn the table, huh, Elaine, or maybe I just should not bother. You are not worth it, with your prejudices and nasty comments out of nowhere. I have too many other things to do, like planning for a new UCO administration.


     Well, here come the sore losers, crying foul because they definitely came out second in the Forum. David Israel had no answers to give except for the same old ones he is always spouting, EVEN USING THE SAME WORDS HE WAS QUESTIONED ABOUT! Bob Marshall had no idea where he was or what he was to do and Phyllis needed her reading glasses to know what she was running for! Unbelievable! 

(And these are the people we are to let run UCO - Outrageous and incredulous - Editor)

     In addition, they are all crying foul on their blogs, with the same old garbage. I am a dinosaur because they say I oppose wifi - really? I do not oppose wifi and never have, just the ridiculous way that David Israel planned and the multi million dollar debacle it would have evolved into, another fiasco like the roads. Again, he tries to pass on the lawsuit as against the residents - opposite really - any proceeds from the suit go to the residents. UCO is insured. That is what insurance is for and a raise in rates will be pennies on the bill per resident. Insurance - be it malpractice, auto, health, umbrella, etc - is there to be used if necessary and in many cases, if done right the first time there would be no need for a suit. In any case, the lawsuit is in the hands of the courts and the lawyers and I, along with the rest of you, will have to wait and see the outcome. I know no more and no less than the rest of you about this suit. . Think about that, David and Ed and Bob et al.

     I asked yesterday that we put aside all this garbage and name calling and even extended another invitation to David to debate but obviously, the words fell on deaf ears and dead souls. A grown up admits when he is wrong and looks to improve. David Israel, there is room for you in the next administration as president emeritus and you could help the Village if you wished. 

The point is to help, not to keep power for a lifetime, though for the life of me I cannot see what power you keep referring to. The presidency is a responsibility, a burden on the shoulders, a must to be done properly and to the best of one's abilities, not a tool to use to hand out rewards and chairmanships to buddies. Good Lord, open your eyes already and see the truth and the world as it is.
No more nastiness of words and statements. No more same old same old.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


    This Forum today was run beautifully, with Anita Buchanan making sure that all was done right and fair, bending over backwards to insure that. Thank you, Anita. And when I win, I would like to see you more active in UCO.

     Now for those who sat in the left front side of the theater, you know who you are. It is time to grow up. The hoodlum kids in school are always interrupting assemblies and speakers and enjoy being rude but it is time for you guys to grow up. Susan Bucher kept throwing glances your way to get you to stop but either you did not see or did not care. I suspect the second. Be that as it may, your behavior was rude and won you nothing but people talking about your misbehavior and rudeness. It did not stop the Forum nor did it stop the questions and answers that were asked and answered, particularly mine, as that was your goal from the start.

     I ask you, what was the point? And what the hell was that comment, Elaine, when we went out that you do not want to be Jewish. A little prejudice showing, huh?

Want to know about Judaism, come, Gerry offered to talk with you. He is a great teacher and a great guy. At your age don't you think that prejudice is silly and hateful? We are all in this world together and we must share it. My team has all ethnicities ,races and religions and we are proud of it. This is our Village today.

 Shall I quote what you guys were always saying at the beginning of your nonsense on the blog - love it or leave it- or better yet, change for the better and come join a team, a united Village.

Lets end this childishness, Vote for Esther and her team



     First I would like to say thank you to Anita Buchanan for running an excellent
Forum, fair and smooth running. I would also like to thank Susan Bucher for a wonderful job as moderator. And teammates - YOU WERE ALL GREAT! As were all our supporters who came to root for us and cheer us on. Your presence meant a lot to me and to Gerry as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



     Good morning, Lanny.

 While you can be a good writer and have written pieces for David Israel, at this time you are sounding a bit desperate and ridiculous. I read Olga's posting and in no way, shape, manner or form, tacitly or by implication,  has she said that I can save the world or even the country using instinct, etc. G-d forbid I should ever have to be in such a position or that the world depended on me.

 What Olga is saying, is that computers are not the be all and end all of life here on Earth and people are a bit tired of hearing praise for computers and techies over anything else. What Olga is also saying is that we all are a bit tired of David Israel's implication that he saved America after 9/11 when he keeps insisting he was called back. The government had no idea what to do at that time and so they pulled all strings, pushed all bells and sirens.

When I worked for the Department of Defense after high school they gave me a card where to report if there were or going to be a nuclear attack. Did I think that they would keep the bus for me!!!!! Please, let us stick to reality and truth.

     By the way, I would not use some of your examples to prove your point, such as it is. Carter knew nothing about being a president and the NSA appears to be in a ton of hot water lately, so pick and choose more carefully.

    All I am asking to do is to be given a chance to improve our Village and get us out of the holes, literally and financially, that David Israel's administration has left us in.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thank you Lanny Howe


Thank you Lanny Howe, You just helped solve the problem of why David Israel is NOT a competent  administrator.

LANNY WROTE AN ARTICLE IN THE UCO Reporter extolling the NSA and their success in fighting Terrorism with the aid of Computers.   In the article David Israel tells Lanny the key to intelligence gathering is piecing together bits and pieces of information by having computer access to ALL communications.  This is what the spy agency does and this is how David Israel thinks –like a computer. Unfortunately, a computer unlike the mind does not have the ability to process information that has NOT been fed into it. Therefore, without the necessary information to decide, the computer is helpless and is unable to compute information the way the human mind can.

 The mind makes quick decisions without having the information stored in its brain. Very often these decisions are based on what we call instinct rather than knowledge. This instinct is the ability of the mind to instantly process what to do in a given situation without having the knowledge been fed to it beforehand.

An example of this is when a driver was recently heading west on Sample Road in Ft Lauderdale with a computerized GPS telling it how to reach its destination. As the driver approached the Florida Turnpike, five emergency fire engine trucks passed and stopped traffic cold.  The driver could not move. After 20 minutes, the driver realized he was not going to reach his destination on time.

 These are the problems computers, and humans face every day when a sudden obstacle interferes with achieving a goal. The computer becomes stymied but the human mind instantly surveys the situation and goes into action.

 The GPS computer which was already programmed had to wait for the traffic to subside. However, the driver could see a road crossing on the left a hundred yards ahead and noticed some cars making a U-turn.  The driver slid into the left lane, made the U-turn and managed to get to his destination on time.  The computer, which operates like David Israel   was forced to wait in traffic until the emergency vehicles moved and did not reach its destination on time.  This is the difference between an administrator who depends on computers like David Israel, and an administrator who depends on mind,  ability and instinct  like Esther Sutofsky.


Monday, February 24, 2014

$40,000 Transfer from the Reporter

See "Transfer from Reporter $40,000" above

Imagine my surprise just the other day, when I was asked about $40,000 that had been “transferred” from the Reporter funds into the UCO General Fund.  The implication being that this was done “in the dark” and “was probably illegal”.  How unfortunate it is that some people have nothing more constructive to do with their time than attempt to start unfounded rumors in an attempt to besmirch a person’s character and integrity.  Before making statements of this nature perhaps an inquiry should be made in order to ascertain what actually occurred.

The facts are as follows:


This was discussed at the regular monthly open Editorial meeting of the Reporter staff in the summer of 2009 as the budget for 2010 was then in the planning stages.  It was agreed by all present at that time that this was “surplus money” – earned by the staff of The Reporter and there was no objection to moving this sum to the General account in order to reduce payments from the unit owners.  The minutes of this meeting are not available as the paper documents do not seem to exist any longer and I have been denied access to “The Cloud” for the last several months. 

Myron Silverman, one of the current co-editors of The Reporter, was present at that meeting, and as a matter of fact responded to a recent inquiry on this very topic that he did indeed remember what I have described to you.  To further substantiate the validity of this transfer, please refer to the above document excerpted from the UCO Budget for 2010 as adopted by the Delegates on October 2, 2009.  In particular, I call your attention to the line titled “Transfer from Reporter - $40,000”.


Dorothy Tetro

Saturday, February 22, 2014


     It is a very sad thing to read the other blog- David Israel's two blogs, one masquerading under his minion's name Elaine. Why is it sad? Because they evidently have nothing to say but disrespectful statements, accusations and plain nonsense. There are two weeks left to the election and all these blogs and contributors can say is that my campaign's mailings are a scam - interesting, that thought. Just who might be mailing out these scam items for my benefit? And why are we paying the postage, etc? Do you not see how inane these statements are? According to the contributors to the blog I also have become a waste of time, an opportunist, a power hungry person, a zero, and on and on. Could we please grow up here at least a little bit and try some grownup statements. Say you do not like a policy of mine and why. Say why you have a better plan and why. ( Oh, can't find any! Aha!) Say something that makes sense to a thinking person, but if all you have to say are ridiculous things then just don't write anything. Oh, and the best one was by Mike, who in answer to a righteous complaint by Bob about someone who broke the Camden pool gate , then accuses "the malcontents" of doing this. You do know, Mike, that that is a serious accusation under the law, accusing us of malicious mischief, vandalism and endangering the life and welfare of others. Would you like to back that statement up to a representative of the PBSO or would you rather apologize and take it off? Please, people, do not let your ignorance show like this. It is acutely embarrassing to all. Think before you put something in writing for others to see.
     Hey, y'all, I am sure you can grow up and raise your standards. Try it; you might like it.

A runaway cannon

David and the Truth

Again David Israel cant stop bending the truth to justify his needs to mix the truth with  misrepresentations. 

In David's blog about the candidate's that are running for election against his slate of people   David claims that some of the people that are running  against his slate  are not qualified to do he job 

Well lets look at his record. Every project that he had any thing to do with has been a dismal failure 

Remember,Comcast, the Roadway Project and several other project that did not work out and had cost the people of Century village over $5,000,000 (that's $5 Million) is that proof about his abilities to run UCO

1. In David's Blog He said that he would destroy the E-Mail addresses of the delegates if the court insisted on turning them over. Is this the kind of officer we  want at UCO?  David needs to do a reality check. 

2. David Israel inferred that I would be getting the $390,000.00  Again this is not true. Because all monies that are won in a case of this type will be placed in a special account by the court and any monies that are needed to repair the roads or Drains would need the OK of the courts.before any money is spent.

 3. Another claim that David made is the lack of experience of Ester Sutofsky and that she was not qualified for the position of President of UCO. Again this is incorrect because Esther's experience as a administrator gives her the tools that is what Century Village needs after four years of David Israel.  

 Vote for Esther Sutofsky and her slate of people if you want to bring back the way Century Village was before David Israel.

Jerry Karpf      

Thursday, February 20, 2014



 1. DAVID SAYS: He was granted NSA security clearance at age 17.

     OLGA SAYS:  Yes, and he uses that clearance today to spy on us.

2. DAVID SAYS:   He spent five years on UCO committees and helping his association before he felt knowledgeable enough to run for UCO office. 

    OLGA SAYS:  Yes, and after five years, he still hasn’t gained enough knowledge to do the job without bankrupting UCO.

3. DAVID SAYS: He is an expert on our bylaws and regulation.

    OLGA SAYS:  Yes, he claims to be an expert on our bylaws but unfortunately has not yet learned how to read them because  he continuously violates them.

4. DAVID SAYS:  Yes, He stands against costly lawsuits.

    OLGA SAYS: Which is unfortunate because the last lawsuit benefited  the residents monetarily. 

5. DAVID SAYS: He is a 7/24 president.

    OLGA SAYS:  Yes, which means he is working for you while he sleeps. DUH!

6. DAVID SAYS:  He gave us four years of a balanced budget, and we have one million cash on hand.

    OLGA SAYS: According to David, we are rolling in dough.  The cash on hand IS FUNDED MONEY RESERVES. We have in our budget excess money to pay one month’s bills. Think about this, if you had a budget of $1,000 a month to pay your bills, and you only had $1,000 in the bank, is this sufficient (Cash on hand) for you?).

 7. DAVID SAYS:  He was responsible for giving us a 2.3 Million-Dollar Bonus when signing the cable contract.  

 OLGA SAYS:   David used $750.000 of that bonus money to pay M&M Company for the Paving instead of returning it to the residents.  He also signed a 10-year contract holding us captive to Comcast. With technology moving so fast, we have been denied the benefit of securing another provider with newer and cheaper technology.

When the cable contract was signed, we were paying $16.50 per month for cable.  We are now paying twice that amount.

8. DAVID SAYS:  He saved thousands on competitive bidding insurance.  

OLGA SAYS:  The saving was due to our ability to use American Coastal – a private insurer rather than the States mandated “Citizens Insurance." Any sitting President would have achieved these savings.

9. DAVID SAYS:  He modernized business systems and computerized UCO records.

    OLGA SAYS:  David put all UCO records and information into “THE CLOUD and has destroyed valuable documents.

10. DAVID SAYS:   Transparency via open meeting and bids.

    OLGA SAYS: I was on the bid committee when he allowed Roger Carver to override it and give the Hastings paving job to M&M who already destroyed our roads.

11. DAVID SAYS:  He improved village security.

    OLGA SAYS:  If so, why do we have more robberies now than before he became president?

12. DAVID SAYS: He intends to deliver Wi-Fi to all residents at a great saving.

    OLGA SAYS: David was just about to sign a contract by himself in much the same way he did the paving contract – without bids, before he was stopped cold by the so-called malcontents.

He has threatened to have HIS Wi-Fi at all costs. At the moment, there are less-expensive   options for Wi-Fi that need to be investigated but David will not hear of them.

13. DAVID SAYS:  He sends out public announcements and notices of meetings to residents.

   OLGA SAYS:  Anyone can do this.

14. DAVID SAYS: He holds president meetings to get input from association leaders.

    OLGA SAYS:  He uses these meeting to tell presidents why they should vote for him and not his opponent and to tell presidents how wonderful he is.

15. DAVID SAYS:  He gave us transponders on demand.

    OLGA SAYS: Did you ever see David Israel putting on a transponder?

16. DAVID SAYS:  He gave us more thorough investigation checking of backgrounds of buyers and renters.

    OLGA SAYS:   David has repeatedly said at delegate meetings that UCO has no control over who the building chooses to admit. Well, if UCO has no control over who is allowed to live here, how does a thorough investigation checking of backgrounds stop pedophiles and felons from moving into the village?

17. DAVID SAYS: He helped arrange for the last visit of a sitting president.

    OLGA SAYS:  The Democratic club of Century Village was responsible for Barack Obama’s visit.

You have read David’s accolades and our response. It’s up to you to determine who to believe.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Sweet Mr.Rivera

On January 29th, you, Mr. Rivera, have questioned me – under your posting headed “Get rid of the liars … “

    “Do you really care, or do you want to continue to rape the Reporter at your leisure?”

I strongly suggest, Mr. Rivera, that before you make such statements you look carefully into the facts – as any responsible reporter would do.  The monies you are referring to were taken from the Reporter account on January 25, 2012.  The Treasurer of record on that date was Mr. Ed Black NOT the writer.  So, think about your credibility and think also about vilifying someone because of a personal vendetta.

On January 27th, under your posting headed “Come out, come out whoever you are … “, you have questioned Edwardo (sic) and the truth of his statement regarding the transfer of $80,000 “in the middle of the night”.  Mr. Rivera, did you not see with your very own eyes the documents signed by the parties themselves?  Do you not think there is something nefarious about the timing of this transfer?  Do you not think the signators of these documents knew full well that what they were doing was somewhat suspect?

Perhaps, Mr. Rivera, for all this time you have been looking for something and expending your energies on a cause that was destined to be unsuccessful.  You just might be better served if you were to put your efforts into building someone up rather than trying instead to tear them down.

In closing Sir, may I suggest that the next time you see my car parked in front of my home in Century Village, you park your motorcycle and together with Sadie walk up one flight of stairs, knock at my door and join me for a cup of coffee.  If you call ahead, I will arrange to have a doggie treat on hand for Sadie.

Dorothy Tetro

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


     So here we are, a week away from the Forum and still we are waiting for some substance from the David Israel campaign. All we hear is that we are liars and disruptive (he does like that word a lot!), malcontents who like nothing better than to accuse him and his camp of nefarious deeds. Well, that is not quite right, is it, David Israel?

     What we would love to do is get to the business of business - the running of UCO according to all its bylaws, old and the upcoming new ones (which will never happen under your realm), try to straighten our finances so that sometime in a realistic timeframe we will be able to redo the streets and walkways before they totally crumble away, and prepare ourselves and the Village for a future that is rapidly changing. What we want to do is take out the extraneous and dangerous non elected officials who seem to have been appointed by you to have power over our Treasury and who have even been given one of the biggest offices in UCO headquarters. Yes, you got it! Ed Black! Why does he have an office? Why does he have sayso over money, our money? Why does he have official meetings with residents as if he were a VP of a quadrant?

      What we want, David Israel, is to have a tranquil Village, a well run and sparkling Village, where the hard work of people can stand out and not be hidden under the pall of misdeeds and misdoings. Where a topic is raised, discussed, decisions are made, process is followed, and something gets done. That is what we want and all we have heard from you is nothing except for scurrilous descriptions of ourselves, some even borrowed from Communist China. Hmmm...what did you do again in the NSA?

     What we want, David Israel, is an affirmation from you over the safe handling of our records, of our info in the cloud, your promise to hand it over intact, accessible and with password. No playing dumb like Oh, my goodness, what could have happened? And by the way, where are all the Reporter copies for all those missing years? Even your proposed VP stated that she had handed them over to you.

     What we want, David Israel, are answers, the truth, and for you to own up to ALL that has taken place under your administration. Holding my breath.........

Tick tock....tick tock.......


Monday, February 17, 2014


     Have you ever tried to figure people out? Just when you think you have it down pat - Boom! there they go and mix you all up again.  Trying to figure  people out all my life, I still have a ways to go but it is certainly an exciting path of discovery.

      People  often  turn away from that which actually would be good for them and choose or return to the negative.. A prime example is this campaign. On one side stands me and my slate. We stand for unity, for bringing back a united Village, willing and wanting to work for our home, wanting it to be the best we can make it. We welcome all who share that dream and desire and we have an amazing group of people from all sides of many issues who stand with us. Many of these people have been or are in UCO administration which certainly says a lot.

     On the other hand, we have the slate of David Israel, introduced with nasty remarks about an opposing slate amongst whom he listed a gentleman not even on any published list as of now. Why was that nastiness displayed? Was there any reason for it? Why could we not just have introduced our slates with compliments to them rather than have dirt flung at opponents. But David Israel did it his way and so we have no choice but to respond in kind if we must.

     What amazes me is the fact that people who have been on the receiving end of David Israel's mouth and nasty comments continue to follow him like lemmings. Granted, they are the same lemmings who are always blathering on his blog, but why would a bright woman with a great interest in the Village follow and support someone who called her nasty names on many an occasion? "The whore of Babylon"? Really? Are we gluttons for punishment that we do this to ourselves?

     Delegates, David Israel has written on his private blog masquerading as the Village blog that you get the administration you deserve. He is correct, 100%. So what is the administration, the UCO, that you want for all of us? Do you wish to have a continued nasty and cold UCO where power and private deals reign supreme, where the resident is looked upon as a bother, or do you wish to have a UCO where residents are welcome because THEY ARE UCO! My administration comes in clean, no deals and no promises other than to appoint the best people for the job and to join together with you so  all of US can do what we must to bring the sparkle back to the Village, to bring the friendship back to the people, to bring disagreement back to a civilized level so that we all understand that we all want the same thing - a Village based on financial stability, moral ,ethical and legal principles, bylaws and actions and where no one is above the rules.

    Join us on Feb 21, Feb 26, march 2 and March 7 and talk with us, ask questions and then vote for the best team. If you are satisfied with what we have had for the past four years, well, that is your right to feel any way you want to, but if you are dissatisfied with the road mess, the looming wifi repetition equivalent to that of the roads, to a UCO where NOTHING EVER GETS DONE - no new bylaws, no new attorney , just talk, talk, talk - then Vote Esther and slate.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scandals 7B

NOTICE:  Many of the thousands of Unit Owners may have read SCANDALS, PART #7B; also,
many have not; and, if you happen to have missed it entirely, -- it is repeated herein below exactly
as originally posted.  Bear in mind as you read this scandal that these two UCO officers, Israel and
Black, UCO's President and Treasurer (at the time) respectively, were entrusted to guard against
the making of any illicit deals that could cause harm to Century Village.  Yet their scheme went
ahead and they executed a sophisticated con game right before your very eyes.  SCANDALS,
PART #7B reveals how this con game went down.

“So what if they steal, as long as it’s not too much.” 


When Israel and Black schemed to get every nickel from all of the UCO accounts to pay for the paving contracts, they came to realize that they couldn’t permanently borrow enough money from these already depleted accounts to make the paving payments.  So, what Cue-ball and Black-ball did was to go to Bank Atlantic (which is now BB&T), and ask for a loan – IT WAS A $750,000 LINE OF CREDIT. 

People were beginning to wise up to the scam, but it was too late; the Delegates were conned into approving it.  They were convinced by Israel and Black that we would probably never really need to draw down on the line of credit because, they said that “WE HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY.”  We didn’t have “plenty of money”; that statement was a LIE straight to your face. 

What was not told to anyone was that if you wanted to draw down, say $100,000.00, against the Line of Credit, you needed to satisfy the Bank’s requirement of putting up that same amount of money - $100,000.00 - as collateral.  Who in their right mind would do that?  Even the Bank advised against it.  But, that is what Israel and Black agreed to; and Israel signed those bank documents.

But, it doesn’t end at that point, -- there were closing costs comprised of Documentary Stamps, Loan Processing Fee, Courier Fee, IRS Income Transcript Fees, lender’s Attorneys’ Fee and Costs, all of which were NON-REFUNDABLE whether you borrowed any of the loan monies or not.  These fees came to $6,270.00.  UCO’s attorney may or may not have been paid in addition for his services.  Israel and Black wouldn’t tell you about these bank fees because they needed to have it kept top secret.  NOW, THIS IS A SCANDAL! 

Doing back-room business is the Israel/Black way of pulling the wool over your eyes, -- and the sad, sad part about it is that they know they can do it and nobody is going to questions what they’re doing. 

As it turned out, Dorothy Tetro became the Treasurer and was miraculously able, with professional assistance, to figure out how to make everything work without borrowing any of the Line of Credit monies.  The books are open to anyone who wants to look at them.  You should know, however, that Israel may require you to put your request for records in writing, state the Florida Statute under which you  seek such information, and state the reasons why you want to view this information.  These are Cue-ball/Black/ball secrets – top secret information.   

 It doesn’t really matter whether you mishandle $10.00 or $10,000.00, you can still be arrested and incarcerated. 

 Cue-ball, Black-ball and No-balls want Dorothy Tetro out of office because she is unquestionably honest and she knows much too much about what one officer and two former office holders have done that involves MONEY.  She is following the money trail, and she’s apparently getting very close.

The cost of the Line of Credit, $6,270.00, signed by Israel, was just supposed to go away, -- disappear.  You’ll never know anything . . .  “forget about it,” as the crooks say.  And, with the Israel/Black premise of all the money in one pot, about $7,000,000.00, and you not knowing where it is going at any one time because of concealed records, or lost records, or inconsistent records, or you need a letter with reasons for wanting to know, -- well – use your heads, -- use your common sense, -- the money was DISAPPEARING, and you’ll never be able to prove what happened to it.

Crooks do this kind of thing all the time.  Con jobs, a specialty.  Sixty Minutes on TV picked up these kinds of things all the time.  If criminals know that they can get away with stealing and robbing, then they’ll do it.  Century Village, -- a lot of dead brains out there who say: “so what if they steal, as long as it’s not too much.”  INCREDIBLE, ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

What Israel and Black conjured up was an illegal shell game done right before your very eyes.  Marshall just shook his head up and down.  Follow the money trail . . .  it’s a SCANDAL. 


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Scandals Part 7 (Most Damning Yet)

NOTICE;  Many of the thousands of Unit Owners my have read SCANDALS, PART #7; also many have not, while others may have forgotten what they read; and, if you happen to have missed it entirely, --- it is repeated herein below exactly as originally posted.  All of the dollar amounts shown have been verified from available public documents.  However, please realize that certain documents under Israel's and Black's control are mysteriously missing and are probably in the "Cloud" that Israel keeps top secret with his own code, or destroyed by them to avoid evidence of criminal activity. 


OMG We just Bought The Bridge!

See Our Refutation of David Israels' Remarks
Links to all of the Scandals Series

This original series of Century Village SCANDALS was intended to be a five part expose of the past and present goings on that needed to be presented to all owners. Because of subject matter that is continuing to expand there will be more than five parts to this series. I will consecutively number all SCANDAL reporting until I feel that a respite is needed. This is part 7.

Some of the SCANDALS require substantial research and as such, when printed, may become lengthy in order to detail what you need to know. I ask for your indulgence and I welcome any and all comments that you may have with respect to this subject matter.

SCANDAL …. Brought on by a very poorly run government, namely, the President of UCO, David Israel and Treasurer at the time, Ed Black.

An engineering company was brought in to evaluate and report on the condition of the roadways and walkways. The report basically stated that the roadways were in such a condition that we could perhaps get another 2, 3 or 4 more years out of them before a resurfacing would be necessary in certain areas. Refer to Scandal 1 for specific details involving the entire paving operation. The money SCANDAL began.

In a plot to intermingle monies from all UCO sources, the Treasurer, Black, came up with a "Do you want to buy a bridge scheme". He was blocked in being able to take all the monies from various accounts and putting it into one pot. If all of the monies were in one pot, it would be nearly impossible to determine what monies were coming from each account to pay for paving.

UCO had, in Roadway Reserves, a little less than $3,500,000 at that time and was well on the way to having enough money to do all of the paving based upon what the engineers report had stated. Previously, the general thoughts at UCO had been to have the total amount of money in hand in the Roadway Reserve account before doing any paving work. Black convinced Israel to make the decision to do the paving now. Mr. Israel’s decision was very wrong, but he didn’t care, because he wanted to be the President remembered for doing the "great" paving job. As it turns out, the paving job is horrendous. Again, refer to Scandal 1 for specific details.

Israel backed Black’s plan to convince the Executive Board that if you didn't continue with the paving at this time, it’s going to cost UCO about a million dollars more because of re-mobilization costs and, in addition, the cost of petroleum products used for paving was going up in price. That statement was a bare-faced lie. Black’s fingerprints are all over it. The Executive Board bought that story…..incredible! Again, President Israel backed this plan. He sanctioned an erroneous statement.

In order to have sufficient funds, Black wanted to take out a line of credit from a bank in the amount of $1,000,000, but he didn’t tell everyone what that ultimate cost would be, -- like, -- if you wanted to borrow $100,000 of that money, you had to put up $100,000 collateral . . . . a dog chasing its’ own tail. That deal was absolute craziness. You should know also that there was an application and processing fee for this line of credit – several thousands of dollars that Black never explained to anyone.

Delegates, who are supposed to be intelligent, were conned and they didn’t even know it! They were buying a bridge to nowhere. 

So, in order to have enough money to do the paving work, Black, with sanctions by Israel, raids and takes money from every account that UCO has leaving them nearly empty.

Transportation-----------------------  $ 207,500 
Cable ----------------------------------$ 438,384
General (Dues) -----------------------$ 103,772
Irrigation------------------------------ $ 218,000
Security-------------------------------  $ 70,000
Ambulance ----------------------------$ 976
Reporter -------------------------------$ 32,000 **
TOTAL--------- ---------------------- $1,070,632

** This money was earned by the Reporter staff and NOBODY had a right to touch it.

Then, the Pied Piper gets all of these loons to follow him to the edge of the cliff. NOBODY CARED! Nobody, except the incoming new Treasurer, Dorothy Tetro, who found that UCO was dangerously close to a bankruptcy condition. After Israel and Black raped the accounts, there was a TOTAL of $21,000 left in the reserve accounts. That sum was like one grain of rice in a Chinese meal.

All kinds of documentation from UCO files based upon the illegal shifting of money is missing … GONE!

The first section of paving, quoted at over $2,000,000, had NO DELEGATE APPROVAL. You need to follow the money trail to get to the bottom of this SCANDAL.

To fully understand this SCANDAL and how it worked, you need to know the comment of a CPA who stated that what Israel and Black schemed was to "permanently borrow" funds from UCO accounts in which case they could be accused of "Unauthorized tampering of Corporation Funds", in that the Delegates never approved using more than $1,000,000 from other accounts to perform paving work.

A law enforcement officer is reported to have stated that trusted officers have a fiduciary responsibility to guard against misuse of corporation funds, and in this case, grand larceny and embezzlement issues need to be looked into to be sure that the using of UCO funds without approval was not done with criminal intent.

There was a Letter of Agreement as to how the paving contractor was to be paid, and there are invoices. You should know that David Israel, the UCO President, signed the checks using the monies from the nearly depleted accounts. Israel is a part of this money scheme orchestrated by Black.  
Because of what Israel and Black conjured up, which was nothing but a sophisticated shell game, there came a time when after all the UCO bills had been paid, the balances were dangerously low. The alarms went off. This is when Dorothy Tetro beat Black in an election for the Treasurer’s job and he left her to figure out how to make payments. Her tireless efforts paid off – she was able to solve the problems.

It is beyond the comprehension of the average person as to how two trusted UCO officers could bring such a SCANDAL to our front door. Can we learn a good lesson from all of this? . . . of course we can, but realize that there are crooks out there … watch out for SCANDALS!

There may be more to this SCANDAL that needs to be exposed. This information is being researched, and if the data can be supported, this SCANDAL, Part 7, will have an addendum. When the new Treasurer, returned from vacation she found that certain payments were made in her absence and there seems to be a discrepancy in the figures. Part 7 may continue.


Friday, February 14, 2014


     So David Israel has removed the muzzle on his mouth and finally come out in the open rather than hiding behind the mouths of his minions. And what is there? Nothing, absolutely nothing! It is the same old stuff that he and his henchmen have been spouting the entire campaign. Getting quite tiresome.

     So now we are a gang of Four. Huh! Sounds as if David Israel has gone all the way to Communist China to find a term for us. Pretty pathetic, although I do know that this particular Gang is interested only in improving life here at the Village. I, it seems, am a power hungry opportunist. Wow!!Does that man have it wrong. It is almost funny to be accused of that. Power is what David Israel wants and has always wanted. He behaves with dictatorial impulses and only wants to increase these impulses. That is why he would like to have new ideas and proposals limited to once a year so that "disruptions are limited".

 Always that disruption word. Always trying to shut down the opposition or fresh thinking. The true power of a leader is in her willingness to share that power, to delegate that power, to not have to use any threats of power plays - just the diametrical opposite of what David Israel does.

     Those people who have the courage and willingness to put themselves on the front line and dare the dictator's wrath are just that - people of courage, holding firm despite threats and snooping about them on the Internet. Because they speak up, David Israel calls them names. I wonder what he would have called Sam Adams, Paul Revere, John Adams. Thomas Paine, the Marquis de Lafayette, to name a few who dared to stand up and speak up for justice and liberty. Whatcha' think, David? Maybe a red jacket would have looked nice on you, not just light blue or tan.

     David would like all of us to be afraid of him, to have to speak in the open if we wish to oppose him so that he might make faces and threats. He questioned the person who nominated Ed Grossman at the Assembly with great indignation. Why? It is called freedom here in the good old USA. Try it; you might even like it, David Israel.

     David Israel again brings up the tired old chestnut of experience. All of us have had administrative experience in our previous lives and we did not sweep that knowledge and experience out of our heads. David Israel did not have much experience here either, it must be said, and all the years he appears to have, come mostly from his past four years as President and how's that working for us? Yes, time for him to go!!!

     As for the suits or suit or whatever is going on, again, that is the business of the litigants right now and by the way, I do understand that the suits are against UCO NOT THE RESIDENTS. As in one suit, the money that was received as a result or the whole issue was DISTRIBUTED TO THE RESIDENTS by lowering some fees. These suits are CLASS ACTION suits so the money received or won would go to the residents, not the litigants. Read that again, please, and understand it. David Israel does not want the truth to out. He does not want the world to know what he and Ed Black and Bob Marshall have really done to our finances and what they hope to continue doing if they remained in office.

     Who is packing the UCO members, David? Truly, take a look at your list. We have Bob Marshall who signed over millions of our dollars to Mark Levy. Joy Vestal believes in the slogan that one can have it all - officer in UCO and co-editor of The Reporter. Well, Joy, that is wrong, very wrong and must change. This is the same editor, who along with her co editor, has been so openly touting for David Israel and who CENSORED, yes, censored, an ad with the threat that it would not be allowed in unless we obeyed. There is more of that control that the administration of David Israel craves. 

As for the others on the slate of officers - all that is needed is to just mention their names and the groans are heard. The executive board speaks for itself and while you might like to engender a split before the new administration even begins, we would like all the residents of the Village to know that no matter who is elected, we can and will work with all and would hope that present and hopeful aspirants to a position on the Board would realize this. We will be out with our names shortly and you will realize how solid and good a group of people they are.

     So yes, please remember the Gang of Four and definitely vote us in and David Israel and company out. Check out who is endorsing us and how many are members of his own administration. Now that says something! Stay tuned for a release of that information. See how many whose opinions diverge on important issues realize that the most important issue here is the UNITY of the Village, its morale, its ability to plan sensibly and honestly for the future. 

Therefore, the most important thing is to vote Esther and slate and let us ALL work amicably for a better future for all of us, a future where there is no room for nastiness, cattiness, and backbiting, a UCO where people like to come to work, to ask questions and to give answers or help. That is the UCO we will have under my administration which is really - YOUR UCO.

          Vote Esther and Slate into office.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


To everyone that attends the Presidents Umbrella club meetings It is most important that you should remember that we read a disclaimer at the start of a meeting and we also recommend that in some incidents I advised that associations contact their lawyers to clarify anything that they don't understand on a  contract, Quote, or the terms on a purchase order. As I have done at the last board meeting.

Remember always be carful when contracts are being signed.

Jerry Karpf  


     Still no affirmation from you, David Israel, about the handing over of all records in their entirety no matter the form they are in or where they have been placed and of course, the password. Hmmmm - wonder what that means- that you really are planning their destruction when the new administration takes over? Otherwise, why no affirmation. Take it in the spirit, the same spirit, in which you demanded that candidates at the assembly affirm their nine months living here in the Village. Doesn't feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it? There is that tick tock again. Tick tock, tick tock.


     So we now know that David Israel does not like to tell the unvarnished truth. We now know where he has gone wrong. But once we get into office what do we do when we open that door for business?

     The first thing we do is a welcome and a thank you, obviously and the second is to do as all businesses do - assess and evaluate. What are our most critical areas? Which are the areas which we must tend to first and what then are the areas where we can and must start on a long term planning program, especially in our financial area. What must we do in order to bring our funds and needs back in line and with good people in office and good advisers who care about the Village we can and should be able to make progress. Will it be immediate? No. All things take time and to do things properly we must do them right, legally and with forethought and care.

     So there we find another must do. We must find good attorneys who know all about 617 and 718 and Tallahhassee and all the rules and by laws and who can help us bring our bylaws up to date and in proper order, sensible and workable. We must find people who will advise us on how to work better with and for our Associations for the Associations are the lifeblood of the Village and the Associations working together will make this a better Village. The Associations must find a welcome ear in UCO and an understanding that we can advise and guide, but much of the heavy lifting, the determination to keep their Associations on the proper path must come from them. Those are the rules of the state.

     We must engender an open and welcoming atmosphere in the UCO office. The people who come in are not pests; they are our residents and they have concerns which must be addressed to the best of our ability. We must be open with them and not talk out of both sides of our mouth at the same time. We must learn that to share power, duties and delegate responsibilities is the way to properly conduct a business and that is what UCO is - a business with a human heart.

      I, personally, will make it my business to meet with all officers and the executive board on an informal basis and hear their concerns, their interests, thoughts, fears and skills. I will ride the roads of our Village with our Security and our CAM and see the Village from their eyes - and mine ( I have not been allowed to do this during the campaign). I would like to meet with the various sectors of the Village, perhaps in Town Hall Meetings and hear from the people in those quadrants. All that I ask is that we do this with manners and with order.

     What will we do when the office reopens? We will try to fulfill the dreams all of us had when we moved here, to enrich the life we have here and keep this the best way we know how. I love it here and am running for President of UCO because my dream is the same as yours - a viable, working, beautiful piece of heaven on earth. Join me in that dream and let us work together to keep it in place.

Yes, Vote for Esther and the Slate and lets bring the Future Closer.


     The days till election day are growing smaller in number and we will all have to make a crucial decision soon. Will we choose to move into a new and fresh future or will we remain in a rut, allowing the same old politics and lies to run and ruin our lives? We must take a stand. We must let all know that we are not going to allow our money and financial surety be tampered with; that we are not going to stand for the same lies and evasions, for the truth to be smothered by those very lies.

     Saying something does not make it so. That is a lesson that every child learns yet it seems that David Israel and his speechwriter, Lanny Howe, have not yet learned. Ignoring reality and the truth does not make the truth go away. Saying that we had a balanced budget and money to spare going into the new year does not make it so nor did it happen thanks to David Israel. It only happened due to the hard work and determination of Dorothy Tetro who was then dragged through the mud by David Israel and Pat Sealander  and was then called off at the last minute when he realized that he would lose this fight in a big way.

     Accusing me, in your mind anyway, of running around with a pack of suers is ridiculous. People have the right to sue and they have the right to mix with anyone they want to. Hey, even your beloved NSA is being sued by a member of Congress. It is an American right and if you are so worried about the suits, then why not examine what led up to it - the miserable paving job and five million dollars gone lost, down a black financial hole. Am I suing? No. I am not a litigious person. But do others have the right to sue? Yes. that is their business and by the way, the first thing I ask people when I meet them is not - Are you suing anyone? that is not my determining factor in becoming friends with people. Maybe that is yours, but I certainly can understand that!

     Saying that one has brought us into the future by saying so again, does not make it so. Computers? Yes, but password to the cloud? Access to the cloud? Hard copies? Baby games with a temper that shuts people off? C'mon. Let's grow up here. Boasting of an internship at age 17 for the government? Really? Does it really matter and I beat you on that one anyway and so what? What matters now is the vision for the future and you, Mr. David Israel, have no vision other than one that increases your power. Your few weeks of making nice nice to the delegates and presidents don't hold water when compared to the years of nastiness and backbiting that you have spearheaded. And I must say, that prefacing your brochure with the statement that your candidate calls you names? Again, really? Ahem, who was called a Nazi, a piece of shit, a hate mongerer, and I can go on and on if you wish. Maybe I did call you a coward as you never seemed to have the courage to face an audience and debate, and only reluctantly, being forced into it, did you consent to a Candidate's Forum with prepackaged questions and answers.

     By the way, I always meant to question you as to exactly what happened with all that money from Comcast? Would you like to explain in detail or shall I? I will give you some time to think about it but tick tock, tick tock.

(Editor: And where did the money come from for the brochure?)