Saturday, May 31, 2014

Suiing your self - Oh My

Thoughts on the need for Insurance

Insurance is important. Look at what happens if you take out Insurance on your liability for driving a car. The Insurance Company does not honor its  commitment and so you sue. Is this like suing yourself?

How about the fact that UCO sees the need for insurance, or the State of Florida requires it for the simple reason that negligence and Malfeasance exist and must be protected against.

You slip and fall in front of our Condo, so you sue your Condo, is this suing yourself?

Are you saying that there is no way we can protect our selves from negligence and Malfeasance of our UCO officers?

Lets not forget the people in the center of this lawsuit are the perpetrators and have a vested interest in having the suit go away.

You know the perpetrators don't seem to be able to offer any defense except to say it is like suing ourselves.

There is a whole class of litigation called first party claims which theoretically consists of lawsuits against oneself. In practice, however, you're really suing your insurance company (you can't file a first party action if you're not insured) and the insurer is generally the named defendant. As is our case.

The need for Insurance is the fact that we as stockholdeanceisrs need some way to protect ourselves from negligence, misfeasance,and malfeasance. This vehicle is insurance. If we (UCO) did not have this insurance then Dave Israel and culprits would have to bear the burden themselves of our successful litigation. So I am sure they are happy the Insurance Company is between them and  the courts.

Big Duds - continued!


     Well, it is easy to tell when Davidisraelland is running scared, heading for the  shelters. They bring out the big gun, Lanny Howe, and he sounds off and pffft - it is a dud. Never takes off.

 Let's see why.

     First off, this stupidity again of suing ourselves is just so stupid already it is beyond words. Using one's own insurance is not suing oneself. Have you ever had a flood in your home? Storm damage? Car accident? Used your insurance then? Well, there you go and evidently it is OK for UCO to use insurance for some of the fixing up but not for the rest of us. How quaint that thinking is. How typical of the deny the rights of people thinking that passes for policy in Davidisraelland.

   Next. Yes, one can get cracks, line cracks, perhaps even a bit bigger but not cracks that look like they are studying to become chasms. Try what we have near Camden M unless you guys sneaked over there and fixed it as you promised the Association president. As for the flooding? Ask Howie Silver, but please, gently, as he is a favorite of mine, sweet and kind, and I hate when he gets upset. If it did not flood before when we had the same drainage system, then WHY does it flood now? If it wasn't broke - as the vernacular says - then why did we break it and cause the flooding and in fact why did we not do the work in the proper order which would have alleviated much of the flooding.

     Once again, please stop blaming the delegates for the poor job we have . The buck stops at the top -
David Israel and his honcho, Ed Black along with Roger Carver as CAM. We had no project manager - the fault of David Israel. We had a ridiculous contract and no contract attorney - the fault of David Israel and we had no proper presentation to the delegates either - the fault of David Israel.

     Finally, stop crying wolf already with the insurance companies. We will all have insurance, have had insurance after claims from damage, including severe storm damage. This suit is about
incompetence and we all know where that lies.

     So, Lanny, sorry, but your big gun went pfft in a major way. Please try to come up with some new material soon as it is getting boring reading the same old same old re this matter.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The VA and wait lists

This is about the VA and its current problems. The following is a germane comment from the NY Times. It maybe to the heart of the matter. So far our South Florida VA system seems not to be involved. As a matter of fact the few Vets that I talked with were very satisfied with the services they are getting from our Blue Heron facility.

"If anyone thinks that having Gen. Shinseki resign from his post as head of the VA will change anything they are truly naive. The VA employees function as a reliable congressional incumbent reelection block. The VA has been a model of bureaucratic insufficiency for decades. I worked and trained at the VA in the 80s and 90s and it was full of employees who spent more time counting their accumulated benefits than caring for the veterans. There are no incentives in the system for efficient and accountable patient care. It is government socialism that would make an old Soviet commissar proud. Don't expect any changes unless the VA is forced to compete with the private system. Truly the ideal result would be to end the VA entirely and provide free care for life for all veterans wherever they live."

Secretive David Israel

David Israel is up to his old tricks again. He rescheduled a Wi-Fi meeting for 10 am Friday in the UCO conference room when UCO is Closed. I was 10 minutes late and tried to enter the building but the outer door was closed shut. Is this another one of HIS SECRET MEETINGS? 

Why is this meeting closed? 

What is he hiding from you now?


He says he is not an attorney. TRUE. He “THINKS,” in order for the lawsuit against David Israel and UCO to be successful; negligence must be proved. Don’t tell anyone, Lanny.  Negligence has already been established or else NO Attorney would have considered the case.

Lanny  goes on to say two things were known before going into the project; that UCO was  advised by “someone,”   that in order to do the job correctly they must remove the entire old pavement if not, cracks would appear in time. The only way to avoid this was to install storm drains throughout the village. If so, why wasn't this done? The engineer, hired by UCO, advised them to fix the drains and the swales first and pave the road two years later. THEY DID NOT DO THIS. Would cracks have appeared in time if they did what their engineer suggested?

If your building is in desperate need of concrete repair and painting do you paint over the broken concrete because you do not have the money?  No.  You wait until you have the money to repair the concrete first before painting.  Yet, this is what David Israel and his bunch of foolish fanatics did.  They paved the roads before fixing the drains and swales. This is the same thing as painting your building before repairing the concrete.
Every time Lanny speaks he puts his foot in it. He has given us another failure of David Israel and UCO in their lacking performance of exercising due diligence in paving the roads.


This lawsuit is going to benefit all the residents of Century Village because when settled all monies will go into a special fund for the roads.  The David Israel fanatics who are advising you not to donate any money are going against your best interest. They are, in essence,  telling you to take your losses and go home. We do not want you to take your losses and go home. We want you to fight to get your money back. Show them that you have the courage to stand up for Justice.  Donate whatever you or your association can afford.

Make your check out to: JUSTICE FOR RESIDENTS
And mail it to:
Edward Grossman
102 Wellington A
West Palm Beach Fl 33417
Olga Wolkenstein
361 Northampton R
West Palm Beach Fl 33417

We are grateful for any donation, large or small.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Elaine Brown has joined Grace Macklin in the dumb and dumber movement by attempting to fool you into thinking the lawsuit against David Israel and UCO is against the residents. Elaine says because WE are members of UCO, we are suing ourselves.  I will explain why this reasoning is absolutely false.
 As residents,   we are members of UCO, which is a non-profit corporation.  A corporation with an official elected body to represent its members, the residents - the same way the officers of  IBM or AT&T are elected to represent their shareholders. 

  Elected officials are required to maintain their fiduciary duties to the members of that corporation. When elected officials   breach their  fiduciary  duties such as   signing   a one-page  contact for a five million dollar roadway paving job, we do not punish every member or shareholder of that corporation, we  punish the officials’ responsible and this is exactly what we are doing, 



Wednesday, May 28, 2014


David Israel has announced a new salinization program for the pools. I am all for advances in keeping the waters of our pools clean and healthy but I am not sure what this means. The explanation was very brief and does not state if the water will be affected by way of turning salty or not. If that would be the result, I think there is much to think of before moving forward with the project. People need to be asked about their thoughts on this matter. We all know that salt burns an open cut so there are issues. If it does not change the salinity of the pool, then that needs to be stated and an example of such a process needs to be given so we can investigate for ourselves.

     Another question. It has been told to me that the new carpeting in the Clubhouse will only be able to be cleaned by dry cleaning methods. Well, what about the fumes and the chemicals that come from this method. There are too many people in this Village with complications of the lungs and for sure they do not need this to be added to their problems. Again, I was only told about this and am looking for any information about this.

     Finally, will someone please tell David Israel to drop this stupidity of stating that we are suing ourselves. Only his deluded followers and sycophants actually believe this because it is just so dumb it is beyond words. So is the statement trying to convince us that giving to the lawsuit is illegal. Not really, David Israel, not really.

     And that does it for the questions right now.

     Whoops! Had to come back and add this in. Just read Elaine Brown's oh so very intelligent posting and I wonder just exactly when did she get her degree in engineering? Reflection cracks?! That is as intelligent as that Canadian woman who said that she had them in Canada, so why not here? Uh huh. A reflection crack does not allow one to stick a hand in and wave hello to underground denizens. A reflection crack is not a raised piece of sidewalk so that people can trip and fall. A reflection crack is not a new pond big enough for fishing, certainly for wading! Please, why not just admit that there were serious errors here and it needs to be rectified and indeed is going to be if the Paving Lady contract works out but that is just a small piece of the mess. Oh, it has been stated that some corrections will be paid for via insurance funds. Really? How did we get insurance money for this? Did we sue M&M for the job? Did we "sue ourselves"? Oh my, oh my. What do we have here?

    Need some answers here, ones that make sense, please.

The big goon is running so scared that he is attempting to frighten you into not participating in the lawsuit against him and UCO. He is repeating the lie that you are suing yourself. For the hundred times, you are not suing yourself; you are suing David Israel and UCO to - 


    If you do not participate by donating money, you will lose $600.00 – the amount it cost each of you to pave the roads. Don’t be foolish -  donate, and let David know he cannot bully you. Do not let this Goon and his sorry bunch of frightened little followers scare you. Stand up for your rights, participate and contribute. 

 Let David Israel know he cannot intimidate you.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


     Tonight and tomorrow throughout the Jewish communities all over the world there will be celebrations, speeches, parties and commemorations . Why? Because tomorrow marks the 47th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, its reunification, and the ability of Jews to once again pray at their holy site,the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. The Mandelbaum Gate was opened permanently and the pictures of the tired and joyous paratroopers who liberated the Wall became famous, iconic. Here were no longer little boys with hands raised in surrender with guns aimed at them. Here were Israeli soldiers, boys, yes, but boys who were defending their homeland, their families.
     Once again Israelis were able to freely travel to the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, to the Hebrew University there, to walk the byways of Jerusalem and environs once more, to visit the graves of holy and historical figures in Jewish history, to rebuild what had been neglected over the years, to straighten the tombstones on the Mt. of Olives, to remove them from the urinals where the Kingdom of Jordan had placed them, from the pathways, where the soldiers trod on them.
     In 1969, after saving for two years and as a deferred honeymoon, Gerry and I took our first trip overseas, our first trip to Israel where we planned a 10 week stay, to tour, to walk, and to meet our family there, many survivors of the Holocaust or the luckier ones who had come prior to WWII on foot and by ship.
     We did not know what to expect or what we would feel when first we saw the Kotel, the Western Wall. In fact, our first view was perplexing. It was a stone wall surrounded by rubble, a very small plaza and people standing around in various poses of life. We walked to the stones that were stuffed with notes in every crevice, a post office for G-d. We touched the stones, lay our heads on them and said our private prayers and backed away. Emotional? Yes, but not overwhelming and after 12 years of private day school education I thought there would be more. I was disappointed.
     Several weeks later it was the eve of Tisha B'Av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, the day when two Temples were destroyed, and the day when so many of the terrible events throughout Jewish history in the Diaspora had taken place. We decide to go to the Wall that night to say and hear the special Megillah or scroll that was read, Eichah. So in the dusk we walked through the Old City's narrow streets, a throng growing with every step. It was a quiet crowd. Finally we came to the end of the street and had to slide and stumble down a hill of rubble and did so. Hundreds of others did so as well. The plaza in front of the Wall was crowded and silent and seemed to expand as so many people sat down on the stones of the plaza and then....the eerie, heart wrenching sound of the first notes of Eichah were heard.       Suddenly the plaza was quiet no longer as people joined in while tears ran, no, streamed down their faces for here, once again, after so many years, we were free to say our ancient prayers and mourn the tragedies that had taken place. Here we could remember the promises that G-d had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And here was where the emotional response to the Wall took place. I will never forget it and can still feel the tingle in my bones, in my heart, from that night.
     Jerusalem Day is a day of joy. The Mandelbaum Gate was destroyed shortly after; the gates of the Old City were thrown open once more, and the plans to rebuild that which had been destroyed began. Finally, only recently, was the Rambam Synagogue, the Churvah (the destroyed, ruined), was rebuilt and its walls once again ring with the sound of prayer. It is also a day of sadness when we think of the lives of so many young soldiers lost in order to regain that which had been lost, even as they kept destruction to a minimum. Golda Meir had pleaded with King Hussein of Jordan to stay out of the war, but he threw his lot in with his fellow Arab countries and for that, he lost much, much which was not really his in the first place.
     Tomorrow we celebrate Jerusalem Day. In our synagogues we recite prayers of joy, of thankfulness that G-d has allowed this to be returned to us. After 2,000 years of Diaspora, of pogroms, of Holocaust, of being pillaged, beaten, raped, burned and forcibly converted....after all those millennium - we were home again and a major part of that home, its heart, Jerusalem, was united again. May it remain so for all eternity, please G-d. Am Yisrael Chai - The nation of Israel lives!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Bob Rivera:
You were a medic in the Army, and you say you are better equipped to make a determination on the ratio of technicians to pharmacists in retail drug stores - I don’t think so. I never claimed to have more knowledge than you in this matter.  The determination of three technicians to one pharmacist rather than 6 to 1 was made by the pharmaceutical associations in the state, not by me. I was merely a purveyor of information. You acted shamefully at the reporter when you interfered with me trying to get this article published.  
Your response has clearly indicated that you are thinking with your emotions rather than your intellect.  You are unable to see the real problem of having too many technicians to one pharmacist.
Maybe this will help.

Try to recall the old Lucille Ball episode where she and Ethel started working in a candy factory. The conveyor belt started slow but when the belt started going faster, they could not keep up with the machine. This is an analogy of what could happen when you have six techs feeding one Pharmacist instead of three. The pharmacist is forced to rush and is prone to making mistakes – mistakes that could have dire consequences.  The pharmaceutical association realizes this but the retail drug companies are only thinking about money – not people. You should not take this personally; you should think about the public and how it affects them – especially seniors who may not have the ability to check their prescriptions before taking their medication.   

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I had the impression that Bob Rivera was on  a sabbatical, but I was wrong. He is on his blog dispensing erroneous information again. I am here to set the record straight.
First, he states: The article of the speech I presented to the delegate assembly is NOT being printed in the UCO Reporter because it was long winded – the truth is it was a concise informative speech which you can read on this blog. When I spoke there was not a pin drop from the audience and nowhere did I ASK for money - I simply stated the facts and let the audience determine whether they wanted to participate.  Furthermore, to set the record straight, we are NOT suing ourselves; we are suing David Israel and UCO. Will our insurance premiums go up? If your condo is destroyed in a hurricane, are you going to pay for the damages or will you have your insurance company pay?  David Israel and UCO have damaged our roads, and it will be up to our insurance company to pay.  
The Reporter is publishing the speech by Ed Grossman because I threatened to sue after JOY VESTAL requested the speech, promised to print it, then reneged.  
Bob then goes on to say, I went to the UCO Reporter office and said he should have died in the war.  The fact is, I went to the Reporter to have an article printed about a pending law changing the amount of pharmacy technicians from three to six. – A law detrimental to seniors because it would take time away from the pharmacist to fill prescriptions. While I was discussing this with a staff worker, Bob interfered. I told him to butt out. During the altercation, he said," maybe you think I should have died in the war. I replied, “Maybe you should have," which is not the same as me taking the initiative and telling him he should have died in the war. – I simply repeated what he suggested. He is aware that I was a serious protester during the Vietnam War. Does it make sense that as a war protester, I would want him dead?
He says, I have no class and suggested that I attend charm school. He even offered to pay.
Me?  Charm school? Now that’s funny.  

Bob also thinks I can’t write. Oh well!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

David Israel, The Great Wizard, said

David Israel said...

Yes, absolutely insensitive and repugnant.

In the latest vile screed I see "and we all laughed"

Well, let me make it clear, I never laughed at these foul racial references. even as a child!

I suspect that those of us, who as adults laugh at such disgusting references are clearly described in various sections of the DSM-IV. (What?)

Remember these public exhibitions of pure ignorance if any of these persons dare to run for Office in our Community again!

Said by Dave Israel
May 13, 2014 at 11:54 PM

Gary says in reply

I can remember some of the niceties of David Israel's conversations. I remember his remark at a committee meeting where the bid committee members were upset about the wi=fi plans to  go around the bid committee, at that time the Great Wizard said the bid committee was irrelevant.

I remember another time at a delegate meeting where he called the cops in, paid by us. to insure that the Malcontents did not exercise their right to free speech.

Or how about the time the Wizard tried to silence Howie at the last delegate meeting. What happened there was that Howie would not be silenced.. Net result -  the fence was fixed promptly.

Did you ever notice that there are 2-3 people only that the Wizard talks to. They play the Game Tinker to Evers to Chance, but they never seem to get a triple play.

holier-than-thou sanctimonious hypocrites


How do you like these holier-than-thou sanctimonious hypocrites who rant on and on about tough language? They act as if they never heard a foul word in their lives. I would be willing to bet some money these phonies have said as much or more many times over.   They hide behind their masks of righteousness yet perform despicable acts under their false robes. It is a known fact that many of these so-called perverts have been guilty of the most heinous acts committed on the innocent. However, they hide in the safety of their little compounds -like the way David Israel, Joy Vestal, Lanny Howe and their lot does.  -   Then they cry foul about a few words spoken in the fit of anger.  - Words that were well deserved. Get over it people, you’ve heard the words many times over. It is not words that determine the value of a person -   it is deeds.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It time for a little awareness on the subject of race.

Once upon a time a comedian like Don Rickles would call an Italian a grease ball, an Irishman a drunk, a Puerto Rican, a spic a Jew a kike an Arab a towel head a German a kraut, an Asian a chink an African American a n-----r ( I have trouble saying that word) a Frenchman, a cheapskate and we all laughed.  Now in this politically-correct society we say it is offensive to use these terms. Let’s think about it for a moment. Are you really a racist if you use these terms? Or are you using the only description you know to describe a particular person in the simplest way possible.  Let’s face it. When Italians came to this country, they had greasy hair and cooked with a lot of olive oils – hence – Greaseball. The Irish started drinking on the boat before they even arrived – hence drunk. The Puerto Ricans – I don’t know that one.  When the Jews came to Ellis Island, they signed legal documents with an “O” instead of an “X” – you know the Jew, he is going to do what he wants, not what you want.  Hence, “Kike,” from Kikel   (Yiddish for circle). A little circle is a kikeleh (pronounced Ky-kul-uh) – say it – it’s cute. For the Arab, it’s an easy one. He wears a towel on his head. Therefore, he is a towel head. The German loves his sauerkraut – that one is obvious.  The Asian has slanted eyes, so we call him a chink. For the African American, we use the infamous “N” word. – have you noticed, I still can’t say it. 

And now, for that famous Frenchman we call “CHEAPSKATE." - You figure it out.  

From David Israel’s blog

            From David Israel’s blog

David Israel found himself another fool to speak up for him.  Andre Legault, Director of “Le Cercle des Bons Amis “has  stepped out of his closet to make this bold pronouncement:  THERE IS NO FREE SPEECH.  What a dumb thing to say yet he has decided to speak up and pay the price. That’s quite a feat considering he is a member of a class who has a reputation for being parsimonious.
How many times have you used profanity against your congressman, senator or president? Imagine if every time you used profanity against a democratically elected official you would have to pay?  He accuses me of using profanity against Joy Vestal a democratically elected member of our community, and wants me to pay. How much? He doesn’t say.   Will you take a check, Mr. Legault?
Mr. Legualt  also stated he listened to me threatening the audience in the CV theatre with an accusing index finger pointed at people. I did not know my index finger could talk.  
The last and final foolish remark from Mr. Legualt  was: When people are democratically elected to serve in a democratic institution they should be respected.
 I guess no one told Mr. Legualt  that  Adolph Hitler was a  democratically  elected official.
Need I say more?

By the way, LeGault, How much did it cost you to speak up?  Was your reputation worth the price?

A side note: 
The language I used on Joy Vestal had a positive effect. She is now going to print the article she requested, promised to print then refused.   Maybe she was afraid of another lawsuit. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


Reading the papers and listening to the news is pretty scary these days, especially for Holocaust survivors. In Romania there is now a list of 220 prominent Jewish citizens who need to be "purged" from the nation if Romania is to thrive. So speaks a candidate for a major office there. The number two person on the list says that there was once a list like this before and those people ended up in concentration camps!
    In Hungary we have the Jobbik party and in the now unsettled Ukraine, we have Russians stirring the pot with anti semitic statements and incidents which they attribute to the Ukrainians and who the hell knows who is telling the truth in this situation. In France we have the right wing party rising in power and in Poland we have that native strain of anti Semitism rising once more. In Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the list goes on. A statement was even made by one Russian that before 1939 Hitler was the "good" Hitler. Really? Dachau, the Nuremberg laws, Krystalnacht , the ongoing destruction of the Jews of Germany and Austria - all this is "good"?
     So the question is, should we be scared? Do we make plans once again? I believe that we need to be watchful and careful. See the hatred for what it is no matter what form or disguise it wraps itself in. We need to make others aware and know that hatred creeps into one's soul in an insidious manner, almost without noticing its increase and depth. We need to make people aware that one hatred leads to another and no one is exempt from its horrors for hatred needs food and it will eat anything in its path.
     We have just commemorated the Shoah, the Holocaust and yet how much has the world internalized? The answer, my friends, is to look within ourselves and see where we stand and then to look without, and see what we can do to make this world, our only world, a better and safer place. Just think about it.


     For those of you who do not know about and/or read my blog, I will catch you up a bit on what is going on. It seems that I have hit some nerves over there in Davidisraelland and in return have been gifted with anonymous comments - which I will not post -  telling me to drop dead, cursing my parents - and for that may you all over there rot in Hell for all eternity - and other lovely sentiments. I can deal with that. Garbage masquerading as humans is just that - TRASH and needs to be tossed out. David Israel on his blog is reverting to his old tactic of threats, telling people to get restraining orders because of language used. Really! What about the language of his foul minions? Does David Israel really think that he is exempt from the laws that bind our society? Does he think that CV can forever be ruled by a tinpot dictator and his pathetic followers who need to be validated by living thru others?
     And why is all this happening? Why the ramp up of tensions? Why the reverting to threats of using armed guards and the power of a sheriff's office? Why? Simply because people are being denied rights as the Village is in an ever growing stranglehold with a conflict of interest holding of a vice president position as well as an editor position. Can you just see Joe Biden telling everyone that being editor of the Washington Post at the same time he is VP would not be a conflict of interest?
     Simply put, people want their voices heard. People want the right to be on committees. I have been denied all my committee apps and have instituted a public challenge to David Israel to rectify the situation. This will not be glossed over. If you wish to read more details, please go to
     As always, I thank Gary and Olga for allowing me to post on their blog and for keeping up the right to free speech despite all the abuse they take from foul mouthed opponents.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mothers Day is here again. Happy Mothers day to all our Mothers.May they stay happy, and healthy, and safe

From the Gang at My Village Blogger

The Facts about The Lawsuit


The Messenger Club held a special town-hall meeting in the clubhouse on April 29, 2014. The guest of honor was Attorney Peter M. Feaman, who has accepted to represent the FIVE MILLION DOLLAR class-action lawsuit against David Israel and UCO. The purpose of the lawsuit is to win back the money wasted on the roadway project.

Attorney Feaman has stated the lawsuit is NOT frivolous; it is a strong case and is winnable.  IF the lawsuit is won, our attorney will ask the court to appoint a trustee to oversee the money to be used to repair or replace the roads as determined by experts.

The amount of money the residents initially need to raise for this lawsuit is ten thousand dollars for attorney fees, after which the Attorney’s fees will be on contingency.  The residents must also raise an additional $20,000 to bring in expert testimony and to pay for additional court costs: expert witnesses and depositions; all of which should be raised but may not be needed. The attorney’s firm is expected to invest $50,000 in the course of the lawsuit. This lawsuit is the only course of action we can take to recoup the money wasted on the roadway project.

The initial cost each unit paid to pave the roads was six hundred dollars. The price to pay for the lawsuit is three dollars and fifty cents per unit, which is a small price to pay to recoup our money. We do not expect everyone to participate; therefore, we are asking you as an individual or as an association to contribute as much as you can to this important lawsuit. The average individual contribution has been one hundred dollars – some more, some less. One 20 unit association has already contributed one thousand dollars. The problems arising from the inadequate road paving are beginning to show up more and more each day. Cracks, flooding and lifting of pavement are becoming the norm.

If the case is won, UCO’S insurance company will pay the damages, all expenses and court costs, including your contributions, which will be returned to you or your association. The court will also determine the attorney’s fee which will be additional. It will not be deducted from the five million dollar settlement. 
A non-profit Corp under 617 was established to accept your contributions. The name of the Corporation is: J F R, Inc (Justice For Residents).
Please Make your check out to J F R Inc and mail it to:
Olga Wolkenstein
361 Northampton R
West Palm Beach Fl 33417
Edward Grossman
102 Wellington A
West Palm Beach Fl 33417
If you have any questions, call Olga @ 561-281-2790 or Ed @ 631-742-1300

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


     We live in CV in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America. There is nothing in our bylaws, in the contracts we signed when we purchased units, or in any other paper or law of the Village which states that by living here we waive our rights as guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. Hence, free speech is our right which is being denied at present. We are not allowed to be on committees. We are not allowed on the Reporter even though we have offered to volunteer and Joy Vestal has pleaded for volunteers at the delegate assembly and David Israel is constantly bleating for volunteers. Evidently one must sign a secret agreement to never criticize his reign and forever swear to follow his lead and orders. Otherwise, why are there no volunteers taken up at their word?
     We residents also have the right to verbal free speech. Unless one's word will cause physical harm along with it or public panic or of a prejudicial nature, there is no reason why people cannot say what they wish. These people have pushed their opponents to the limits and yes, tempers are frayed and when a promise is reneged upon, someone can be fiercely angry. I am not condoning public foul language, but when one has been on the receiving end of so much garbage, such as being told to shut up and shut your face, have been called nasty names, accused of vile things, as we have, then something is going to snap.
     So Olga snapped this time around, calling JoyVestal a two word phrase, a phrase many of us have heard before and maybe even used. Is it pretty? No, but then again, neither are the games they think they are playing, games without consequences for themselves. In response to this altercation, Joy Vestal CALLED THE POLICE on Olga, implying that Olga had threatened her physically. Not so. Not true. And the police left.
     Once again, UCO has used FORCE against its own residents - first with David Israel hiring ARMED deputies with OUR MONEY to intimidate his opponents when truly, can you see his opponents causing physical harm? Really! He is just a coward and cannot take criticism. Now, Joy Vestal has called upon the police to threaten and intimidate another resident, trying to get her to shut her mouth and not point out the inequities and broken promises that were made and reneged upon.
     How much longer are we supposed to take this abuse? How much longer are we to write off our rights? How long are we supposed to disappear? Well, we will not. We will be here, daily, weekly, monthly, year after year until we right the wrongs and have a proper set of officers in office, not bullies and liars.
     Recall is sounding better and better but this time, David Israel will not be allowed to appoint his own review committee. Fair is fair!
La Concha is the name of a Hotel in Key West Florida, which means, THE CONCH.   Concha is also the Spanish  name of  the most  private  part of the female anatomy  -  the  English  translation of concha is  commonly used when you are angry with a woman.   This was the case when Joy Vestal, co-editor of the UCO Reporter refused to print the speech I made at the last delegate assembly titled, The Facts behind the five million dollar lawsuit against David Israel and UCO.  The information in this speech was  important to all the residents, yet Joy Vestal refused to print it solely because she happens to be biased against anyone who disagrees with David Israel.   I felt that her refusal was unwarranted and became "angry." My only recourse, - which came to me so natural - was to call her a fornicating concha – except; I used the slang word for fornicating and the English word for Concha. I also told her there would be dire consequences if she continued to discriminate against me.  Naturally, she had to threaten to throw me out - I was leaving anyway and told her, she couldn't because I live here.
This morning I came home to a police car parked in the walkway of my building. As I approached it to inquire if I could help, the Officer asked me if I was Olga Wolkenstein. I said yes. He then asked, “what happened with Joy vestal." I said, “I called her a fucking cunt”.   The Officer held back a smile, and asked, “what did you mean by dire consequences”? I said, “I would sue her."
All is well, and my friends do not have to bail me out of the hoosegow since I did not commit any crime.   However, Joy vestal should take a serious history lesson to learn that free speech is not a criminal offense,
So there, when you get angry at a woman and want to let out some steam, feel free to call her a  fornicating concha.  It feels good, and you don’t  have to  go to jail.

The Lawsuit aims at The Little man.

Malcontents are soliciting your money to fund a law suit against UCO and the UCO President. D.Israel

The little man has been saying and preaching this from the beginning. The fact of the matter is the lawsuit is aimed at UCO, specifically D.Israel and the UCO officers. 

No the lawsuit does not target the Village, it targets the officers who are running UCO as well as the President. Yes we are all members of UCO, but the running of UCO, the decisions of UCO are made by the officers of UCO, specifically the President. The residents don't really have a voice, the delegates do, but not the village itself.

Does it make sense that the opposition is blocked out of holding any Public meetings, not by the residents of the Village, but by UCO and  the president.

The opposition, specifically Ed Grossman was promised acceptance of a 200 word essay in the reporter. When it was submitted, Joy Vestal, the editor said she could not publish it and she never made the promise. Obviously the withdrawal was ordered by the little man, not by the residents.

Do you think the actions of UCO are actually promulgated by the Village? Is the Village residents responsible for all the actions of UCO, legal and illegal? Are we, the residents, truly part and parcel of the decisions of UCO?

Do you, the residents, really want to be held responsible for the decisions made by D Israel? Really, do you?



     First lesson of the day, David Israel. A good leader should always proofread before publishing. It is a good habit since then one gets into the habit of proofing contracts, but oh, that's right, what contract? For the roads. Oh, that was only a paragraph on a page. Silly me. Never mind. Anyway, the word you wish to use is COURSE, not coarse. Consider that your first free tutorial of the day. We will let the run on sentences and falsified facts tutorials for another day.
     Now for the second tutorial. Just exactly who is begging? Day after day, be it in a post or orally, all you can mouth is to tell, threaten and order people not to monetarily support the lawsuit. If the whole world was with you, as you seem to feel, there would be no need for your constant knell of "don't give, don't give". So who is begging now? Who is feeling a bit pushed up against the wall now? Whose  sins are coming home to roost?
     You keep harping on a "fact" about riches from the suit. NOONE expects riches. You spent it all. All the supporters of the suit wish to do is regain the funds you so blithely wasted, so that we can repave as is needed, in the proper way. And as far as suing ourselves, hmmm. If one is in an accident and files a claim on one's policy, is that person suing oneself? NO, you fool. That person is simply making a legitimate claim on the insurance AS ARE THE PLAINTIFFS HERE.  THEY, TOO, ARE MEMBERS OF UCO AND THE INSURANCE POLICY HELD ON UCO IS THERE TO BE USED IF AND WHEN NEEDED and buddy boy, you have made it needed, desperately so.
    Next lie. There are just so many, a plethora of riches. Ah, got it.

     You said in your posting of last night, "UCO is collecting prudent reserves to pave the roads in due coarse when they actually require repaving."

    I checked the budget figures and even asked the treasurer of UCO about it and was told sure, it is being done, it is there but WHERE? Exactly where is this prudent reserve? Where are the millions we need? Where is the half million dollars a year we saved for so many years in order to do the job and which you so incompetently wasted, just flushed down the toilet? WHERE? Just when can we expect to have another five million plus dollars to repave properly, especially if we piss it away on patches of $25,000 fix ups. And please, do not include the reserves from other reserve accounts as you already did that, taking us down to barely a penny in reserves except for $10,000 held in the legal assistance fund for association that were sued, and $11,000 in the laundry account. Fine financial footwork, that was indeed! And with no delegate input, a violation of our bylaws.
     So once again, David Israel, you are showing your inclination to lie, especially in trying to cover up your incompetence.Why not admit what you did, your malfeasance, and urge the insurance company to settle and let us all get on with life. No one wishes to be embroiled in lawsuits and court issues. No one wishes to keep putting their own funds forth in order to benefit the Village and keep on being heaped with abuse, and yet, that is what the plaintiffs and supporters have been doing. Rather than curse them, why not appreciate their civic mindedness. All whistle blowers have a rough time, but look at what happened with the  tobacco industry, with Erin Brockovitch and the list goes on - and hey, even the NSA was tattled on, caught with their pants down, snooping in every American's business. Incompetence does out and there are consequences.
     Enjoy the COURSE of your day, David Israel.

Oh, by the way, no one failed miserably in the March elections. We made our points and have already seen results - ha, with you even finally admitting errors in the repaving and more. And we are not going away, so you and your minions, just keep looking over your shoulders. We will always be right there, so see you in the next election and in the blogs. Once again, David Israel, enjoy the COURSE of your day.
((transferred from


     This is a very simple and short piece. When are you going to grow morals and a conscience and answer a question - where are my committee app responses. If I do not hear from you and your fellow chairs I will be forced to bring this up at a delegate assembly or perhaps it is grounds for another recall in that you are unfairly and probably illegally blocking people's representation in our UCO, my organization as much as yours.
     As far as answers, I had better not hear a repetitive statement of no room at the inn. If I hear that, along with it had better come a list of ALL members, time of assignment and their living places in the summer months. Yes, you may curse, but I am not going away. Deal with it.
     Enjoy the rest of the COURSE of your day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Presidents Umbrella

Come To The Next Meeting of the 
Presidents Umbrella Club
Which Will Be Held On
Tues., May 20th, 2014 @10:30 AM
In The Club House In Room C
This Is One Meeting You Don't Want To
Miss, Because It's About The Safety Of
Your Associations

 The Meetings of the Presidents Umbrella Club are Open to all Unit owners In The Village
The Presidents Umbrella Club is not affiliated with any other club in Century Village

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The lies and stupidity

The lies and stupidity of David Israel and his bloggers are extruding out of their backsides like spaghetti coming out of a pasta machine.  David and his ignorant followers know he is guilty of major infractions yet they continue to deny reality and facts and trudge on in their excrement  rallying the cry of: “it’s all the fault of the malcontents."
 David Israel is running scared and each day his acts of desperation force him into a continuous trail of lies in order to convince you that he is the Saint, and we are the sinners.  He is guilty as hell, and his acts of desperation are causing a throbbing pain in his chest like a knife from the gash of a deep oozing blood stab wound.
Now that I have your attention, read on:

Lie No. 1:  David Israel said, the malcontents cost the village $700,000.00 dollars.

The truth: The reason for the lawsuit after the Hurricane was because Bob Marshall, then president of UCO signed a secret agreement to allow Mark Levy to use our WPRF dues money to pay for extras to the restoration of the clubhouse in the event of a catastrophe.    This was the reason we were forced to pay full dues when the hurricane hit. According to the millennium agreement, at the time, without use of the clubhouse we were supposed to pay one third.   This secret agreement FORCED the residents to pay full dues to WPRF.  In any case, our lawsuit won 2.3 million dollars, which went to reduce our WPRF dues for about a year.   Had we not sued we would have received nothing. 
Stupidity No. 2:
David’s blogger, Picruise said, there is no hope or redemption for the malcontents. He further states, “They always manage to get a few dumber stragglers in their corner."

The truth: This imbecile has the audacity to call intelligent people who understand the reality of what David has done, dumb stragglers. I ask you who the real dummy is.

Lie and stupidity No 3:
 David’s blogger, Don 4060 said the persons that made public statements in support of the present lawsuit number of about ten persons by his count.

The truth: Don 4060 can’t count.
Don 4060 also stated: “According to today’s announcement at the delegate assembly, the new lawyer needs thirty thousand dollars to get started.”

The truth:  Don 4060 can’t hear as well. It was stated at the delegate assembly that $10,000 was needed for attorney fees now; the remainder on contingency.  An additional $20,000 MAY be needed at a later time to pay for expert witness’s depositions, etc.

Don 4060 continued to say, if we are so confident in the strength of our lawsuit, we should come up with three thousand each and pay for it ourselves.

The truth: This is a classic example of a chronically ignorant cheapskate who is blinded by stupidity.  Without this lawsuit going forward, the residents stand to LOSE five million dollars, which were wasted on the roads.   If the lawsuit is won in its entirety, they would GAIN five million dollars plus court costs, which include the money they contributed plus attorney fees.

David Israel says he can’t imagine who would buy into this snake oil, and contribute moneys to sue themselves.

The truth: We are not suing ourselves; we are suing David Israel and UCO.  The reason we have insurance is to sue for damages – or else. Why have insurance?  David’s argument of saying we are suing ourselves is abhorrently stupid.

Stupidity, fact and fiction No. 5:
Lanny Howe, the wannabe poet states we lost in our attempt to keep term limits. 

The truth:  Yes, but the real loss is to the residents who have gained a Dictator for life.

Lanny Howe says we lost in our attempt to remove David Israel as president.
The truth: Yes, and that’s another loss to the residents.

Lanny Howe says we lost on the Dorothy Tetro Issue.

The truth:  We did not lose.  David Israel was so afraid that Dorothy Tetro would be   overwhelmingly supported by the delegates that he cancelled the vote. WE WON that round.

Lanny Howe states he is hard-pressed to find a single thing we have done to help the village

The truth: For one thing, it appears that we have stopped David Israel cold in fucking up Wi-Fi the way he did the roads. We have forced him to seek bids using an RFP, getting an attorney to view any contract and getting experts to help secure the right contractor for the job.  If you don’t think, we saved the village another possible five million dollars; you should have your head examined.

Oh, by the way, Lanny, when you wake up from your deep sleep try to remember that your guru David Israel has  refused to allow us to serve on any committees, therefore, preventing us from sharing our expert advice before he dives into his pool of foolish mistakes.

Stupidity No. 5:
Don 4060 believes Lanny Howe is a poet.
The truth:
Gimme a break!

Stupidity No 6:
Grace Macklin says:
The lawsuit is a no-win situation WE are suing ourselves and only the lawyer will win. We will have a hard time getting insurance.

The truth: This post has answered all these remarks. 
It’s too bad Grace doesn't have the ability to think beyond the first grade. She keeps repeating other people. 

The Village heats up

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thanks to Esther for this Post 


     Things are heating up in the village and causing some panic in Davidisraelland. He has begun to write his own comments and seems to have encouraged his minions to step up to the plate and the results are broken reels.

    Lanny Howe has gone off the deep end, ranting and raving about a blacksmith David Israel and on and on. Really, Lanny? Is that the best you can do? Such hyperbole. Such nonsense, and all because the lawsuit is moving into high gear. Even the captive delegates sat quietly and listened rather than engaging in their usual boos and heckling. David Israel's claque was quiet for there was no denying the rational yet impassioned presentation given by Olga.

     David Israel himself has also been ranting and raving about snake oil, demanding that no one reach into their pockets, etc. And who died and appointed him named dictator of the Village!!!! 
     The truth of the matter, and it is all right before our eyes every single day, is that the roads are crumbling and cracking and the perimeter walk is almost at the point of being impassable at some points for some of our residents. And we got all this for the bargain price of five million dollars plus! Such a bargain!!

    And finally, the cream and cherry on top, we have not so amazing Grace spouting the party line how filing a claim and getting a win in court will put us in insurance limbo with no one wishing to insure us ever again. Get real. This is the insurance business and that is why one has insurance, for a needed time, be it a house flooding, a car accident, a fall, or faulty administration in the Village.

 The only one chiming in about free money is David Israel and Co.. Yes, perhaps the premium might go up, but then again, it might, most probably go up anyway. Anyone here ever have their same policy get lowered? If the job had been done the right way the first time we would not even be in the position of filing a lawsuit so put that in your pipe and smoke it, David Israel.

     If insurance companies cancelled or raised to catastrophic rates all those who filed a claim they would be out of business and they obviously are not and are quite healthy in their profits so cut the crap already, minions.

     It is a shame that it has come to this, but David Israel who now talks about cooperation is still the same David Israel who threw opponents off committees and now simply will not let an oppositional voice be heard in the committee rooms of UCO and the Clubhouse. Think about this and what it means to our future.