Monday, February 29, 2016

Paving Scandal #7C


Read Eduardo’s SCANDALS articles on My Village Blogger and you’ll have a pretty good preamble as to what I have to say.

PAVING, PAVING, PAVING.  That is discussed repeatedly, and it should be.  Why?

Because well over five million dollars of OUR money was used to perform this work.  And, since they now took all of the monies and mingled them into a single account, they can use whatever amounts they want without accountability. 

They, Israel, and his back-room button pusher Black draw down from that mishmash single account and hire contractors to make repairs.  Repairs everywhere without any of the Delegates knowing what is going on.  So, when engineers are eventually called in to assess the condition of the roadways parking areas and sidewalks, they’ll have to say that everything is in fairly good condition.  Trickery and fraud right before your very eyes.  Instead of spending $5,350,000, it will be closer to $6,000,000, and the need for repairs will become more constant.

Be prepared for another con job.  Israel and Black will conjure up a sneaky plan to sell you more paving.  Only this time, a good deal of the existing paving will have to be removed in order to cope with severe drainage conditions that were never addressed the first time the work was done.

Well, what happened?  Why are the roadways, parking areas and walkways deteriorating prematurely?  I was there every day that the work was being performed – voluntarily – and as a Registered Architect (Ret., Florida License #6796), I can tell you what I observed.  Because there are literally hundreds of omissions and deficiencies in the work and how it was conducted.

If you consult with any professional who knows anything at all about paving, you will find that there may be strong suspicion of money changing hands because there were no controls set in place to prevent it from happening.  Who was ultimately responsible?  Israel, of course, the UCO President was totally and absolutely responsible, and Israel used Black to con everyone into believing that what they were doing was correct.  Israel knew, or he should have known, how to handle a job like this with a complex scope of work, and he wouldn’t accept anything anyone had to say.  Would you allow a cafeteria worker to do the accounting for General Motors?  This is not like Israel saying something like “So, I  made a mistake.”  This is not a $500 job or a $5,000 job or even a $500,000 job, we are talking about well over $5 million and counting.  It’s criminal to think that “It’s done with, so forget about it.”  You have to wonder – “Are they going to do the same thing again?”  And, the additional work of scarifying, milling and striating and provisions for positive draining, will eat up a good additional million dollars.

I had offered my professional services to Israel, pro bono, and he said that he would get back to me.  He never did? Why?  I would interfere with his egotistical agenda and Black’s schemes.  Huddled in a corner one day were Frank Cornish, Dom Guarnagia and Roger Carver (the UCO CAM when this project was under way) in a heavy conversation about the ongoing paving job.  I listened intently and then offered some constructive criticism to some major problems. They were working for Israel, and what I had to say went in one ear and out the other.

Where I come from, a President doing what Israel did would be immediately fired and the entire matter investigated by the Attorney General’s office for possible indictments.



From the desk Of Myron Solomon

From the Desk of Myron Solomon.

UCO had a Forum for the Candidates that were running for office and 87 people showed up. The Messenger Club had an open Forum for the people  that were running for office and 300 people showed up to ask questions.

What the Residents were interested  to know how UCO was going to be run as an open and honest Administration. None of the Candidates that David Israel was sponsoring showed up to answer any questions

I guess they received orders from Boss David  not to show up because they might be embarrassed by some of the questions they would be asked.

For example, Joy Vestal, how come articles that are written in contrast to David Israel's policy are never printed? Or Howard O'Brien, how come many of the questions asked of you receive like 'that's the way it is, or I feel like doing it'

That's why we need Ed Grossman for our Treasurer so that we would have the most qualified person in the Village to control our money and have an open and honest answer that may be asked about the money.

Let's get rid of the lackeys of David Israel that try to control the Village and that don't have any answers to any questions from the Residents. This does not allow for an Open Village.

Further from the desk of Myron Solomon.

About two years ago, Honey Sager, who is on a Committee to try and save the Golf Course. She made a motion at a Delegate Assembly to add $1.00 a month to set up a fund to help with Legal assistance.

Israel became wild in his answer. He shouted 'I would not put my hand into the pocket of the residents for this motion'

Now he wants to put his hand into the pockets of the Residents for a donation to support his campaign. Asking people who can hardly support themselves. Shame on you David.

Shyster Lanny?


In his last attempt to revive the faltering campaign of David Israel, Lanny Howe is feebly attempting to defend David’s actions. While Lanny admitted David did receive a campaign contribution from Donald Kelly, but did not cash the check, he does not prove it by printing David’s Bank records for the months following receipt of the check.

  Lanny goes on to say Plastridge was not excluded from bidding on our insurance. Sorry Lanny, it just isn’t so. Plastridge was barred from bidding on the insurance, and we did not save a dime because of David Israel. It was solely because American coastal came into play. (Read the Messenger Newspaper, it all there in black and white.)  It had nothing to do with David Israel.

Code enforcement does not go around taking signs off unless a complaint is made. Yes, David made the complaint. Facts are at the code enforcement office. Check them out and Peyton Israel's name was used.

The letter David did not sign apologizing to Dan Gladstone was because it came from Dan Gladstone’s attorney. David knew he was caught with his pants down and surrendered by offering a retraction in the UCO Reporter.  Dan accepted, the lawsuit was settled and there was no further need for David to sign the letter.

Yes, the campaign waged by what you refer to as the malcontents is relentless because we are all hell-bent on bringing the village back to sanity and stability.

David does not respond himself simply because, he knows he will have to lie in print. He prefers you to do his dirty work.

By the way Lanny, what about the five million dollar road project contract David took upon himself to sign?  I never heard you say a word about it.



Lack of Character, again

This is bad. This is not right. As part of his re-election effort David has hired Lanny (what kind of a name is that?) Howe to write pieces that ring with truth and are not.

Israel was involved in a lawsuit concerning the stating of lies about a Vendor. He was involved in a retraction that apologized for his actions and statements, and in doing so avoided an expensive lawsuit.

Heck, his denial is as bad as his statements that he was the chief spy at NSA, that he saved the day after 9/11, and was in the Paratroops and did 9 jumps and now his hip hurts.

All of this points to his Lack of Character. Again it becomes obvious that he cares very little what people think of him. He wants to get his way and lying about it is one way to do that.

Creeps abound

To all Century Village residents, please be careful we have CREEPS among us. Be on guard.
Stew Richland
The CREEP squad looking for snipe posters.

Socrates: I agree. If these citizens were convinced of their freedom, they would not need reminders.”  In his discourse with Plato.
Well that’s what happened today, Friday in Century Village. A caravan of cars, with signs and banners supporting Phyllis Richland drove through the Village in the afternoon reminding our residents that change is just a few days away. 
It was exciting to be part of this demonstration.  It is just a reminder as Socrates tells us that freedom to express one’s views is one of the fundamental cornerstones of a Democratic society. 
Dave Israel and associates knew they were facing a formidable opponent in Phyllis Richland and  his so called “team David” began to employ what most politicians who are fearful of their opponents called “dirty tricks.”  Dirty tricks are unethical, duplicitous,  demeaning, and cruel tactics to diminish or destroy the effectiveness of a political opponent.  When  a candidate runs into trouble, they begin to set that strategy into motion.  I am not sure if Dave was working for the government when Richard Nixon was president, but I am sure that some of the techniques employed  by the “CREEP” team provided Dave with a notebook full of ideas. (CREEP = Committee for the Reelection of the President under Nixon.  Part of this group broke into the Watergate office complex and were caught.  The Washington Post’s, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, along with their mysterious informant, Deep Throat did the basic investigation which eventually forced President Nixon’s to resign)
The first thing Dave did was surround himself with the a “creep squad.” Dave has since elevated this to “Team David.”  CREEP began its program to get their boss elected. They changed the by-laws so that he could run for a third term. The plan unfolds. Limit all competition.  Prevent any opposing group from using the club house or pool areas for political campaigning.  From there it was control of the UCO Reporter. CREEP associates adopted a policy not to allow any anti CREEP articles in the paper.  Pro CREEP propaganda, nothing else.  The power behind CREEP stepped up his demeaning rhetoric at Delegate Assembly meetings.  As a result, the gadfly Messenger was born.
The CREEP program motored on.  When Phyllis Richland placed her banner on the synagogue fence, the CREEP  chief moved quickly.  They called Code Enforcement to remove the sign.  They were also called when Olga displayed the sign on her condo.  CREEP also complained when Olga placed a sign on condo property, but foiled CREEP’s plans when the sign met county specifications.
CREEP has enforcers that scout the Village looking for anti-Dave signs or signs that announce that Phyllis Richland is running for president of UCO and they strike, with wire cutters and bare knuckles and tear them down.
A CREEP reporter gathering the facts!
The cadre of CREEPS is comprised of an assortment of odd supporters.  Lanny Howe is the so-called self-styled  “Drew Pearson,  syndicated newspaper columnist for the Washington Post that wrote the “Washington Merry-Go-Round,” in which he attacked various public persons. Well, the Merry-go-Round is still alive.  Lanny Howe is the chief defender of whatever Dave Israel says or does.  Lanny sees  journalism as a weapon to be used against those he judged to be working against the interests of Dave Israel.  Way down on the scale of literary scholars is E. Brown, “Desirade,” Peter Cruz and way down is Gracie. I have looked under many rocks to find some evidence that justifies their position on the CREEP squad, but I cannot find a rational motive for their support of the Israel administration unless it’s a replacement for an energy boost drink.
The CREEP organization really dropped the ball with the UCO’s Delegates forum.  All the fancy planning, meetings, limited publicity could not garner more than 83 residents attending the forum and most of them wearing red support Phyllis Richland shirts. Contrast with the Candidate’s Forum sponsored by Messenger. Three hundred residents attended, intelligent questions posed and not one demeaning remark was uttered.
 CREEP supporters are never embarrassed for what they say. In this instance, the few questions that were posed to Phyllis Richland were designed to provoke the candidate.  Well class will out. Candidate Richland deftly side stepped their quires and stayed on task.
CREEP chief apologist, Lanny Howe, called this forum a great success and a victory for the current administration.  Lanny Howe is still riding the CREEP Merry-GO-Round.
This weekend we had the support Phyllis Richland “team” car caravan circling  the Village.  From all the thumbs up we received it was a gratifying and reward experience. 
We all know what happened to the Nixon CREEP program.  Lets us all hope that lightening will strike twice.
NOTE: Phyllis Richland’s blog ---


I am putting this on the blog because I know that my response to the lies of Lanny Howe will be erased from David's blog. So here is what I wrote and one day your precious selves. Lanny, will learn that erasing history does not make it so or true and is the refuge of scoundrels, liars and villains. And I will add something else at the end.

     First of all, David Israel's name and that of Peyton were on the forms, and what is more the name Peyton and Israel were on the form as if it were the name of a real person - not that David is exactly that anyway! So far as the signage - Code Enforcement was fine with it all and would NEVER have done anything if DAVID ISRAEL had not called TWO TIMES about it and as far as the synagogue, you moron, all is well and Code Enforcement was not upset with us but only sighed at the stupidity and pettiness of one David Israel and notice how they refused to hear any more of his nonsense phone calls just as PBSO told him to stop his imbecilic cries of Call 911, Call 911 and threaten the use of the deputies to remove opponents from the  Delegate Assembly microphones in his desperate attempts to shut down all opposition. As far as the letter not being signed - that is the standard weasel David Israel way and Dan was kind enough not to pursue it further as he had the letter in hand and David Israel AGREED with it and the contents so once again - liar, liar! David Israel always has excuses and piles lie upon lie. 

By the way, you mouthpiece, Lanny, what about the illegal removing of signs from private property - the golf course? What about using WPRF employees to do so, ordering them as if he were  their boss to do illegal activities. You do know that is conspiracy and again - orange jumpsuit or black stripes? David Israel has done just about all he can and could do to bring this Village to its knees. Get out there and listen to the people. Hear them talk of the fact that UCO is nasty, that it never helps, that it could care less. I did and spoke to several just yesterday alone who felt that way AND ARE DELEGATES and are voting for Phyllis. Win, lose or draw, you, Lanny, and your boss and all the hanger ons are pathetic in your actions and standards, championing a man with no morals, no social skills, a cold heart and a black soul. Gee, David, how many hundreds of millions will read this today on the world wide web? And guess what? We are never going away. But you and yours - have a good day!

     PS: Now David was not only in the Radio or Intelligence Corps of the army as he has claimed but also in the paratroopers? Love it! I heard him tell Susan Bucher that at the Forum two years ago, telling her that the reason he has poor hips is because he did 36 jumps. Amazing, the fact that he could be in two army units at the same time, just as amazing as the fact that he "saved" us after 9/11 (still vomit at that lie). Just part and parcel of a man who boasts of nothing for he has nothing in his life. And chooses to keep it that way,. So sad.

     Oh, and by the way, what is your lie about the ONE PAGE contract you signed for the roads for millions? Oh, perhaps it was not your signature but that of a poltergeist who crept in and signed. Could be - by you anything is possible. You lied, you were incompetent, you allowed Kellys to flourish in the Village, you acted as a dictator, a petty tinpot dictator, you flourished with fascistic behavior and I could go on and on, but I am bored with you already and my blog has a much more important piece today than you.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

What changes can you expect from the new UCO

When Phyllis Richland is UCO President and David Israel is retired, what changes can we expect?

Below is a list that I expect will happen within the first 100 days.

All Associations will have regular access to their Quadrant leaders for help and guidance.

The editorial policies of UCO Reporter will ensure that all sides of an opinion are published.

Visitors to the UCO headquarters will find it a Welcoming and friendly place, as well as a font of information.

UCO will always be available to any Association that is in the need of assistance.

Volunteers will always be welcomed. Committees will be formed that welcome and invite Volunteers.

The environment involved with the Clubhouse use by our Clubs will be adjusted so that it is friendly and helpful.

Activities that concern the Pools will be more liberal.

There will be more transparency. For instance, what is happening with our Lake and waterways? What is being done to clean them up?

What changes can you expect form the new UCO #2

The election of Ed Grossman as Treasurer will mark a new a progressive change to the UCO Treasury. He is a Licensed and Registered CPA in Florida and New york. That is good.

What can we expect from the new and experienced CPA?

For starters, he has promised more transparency.

He has promised separation of the Reserve funds into separate accounts. This was always the way these accounts were handled in the past.

Mr. Grossman has many ideas as to how to take advantage of some the ways we could raise money, one of which is with advertising on the Buses.

He also has a plan to cut costs on our paid audits. We have 2 other experienced and trained bookkeeper and Accountant that are offering (Volunteering) to conduct audits. This will reduce the auditing necessary by the outside vendor, and in doing so save us some money.

All in all, the future looks good and bright with the new UCO administration.

All of you, the Delegates, have to do is Vote for Ed Grossman and Bring in Phyllis Richland for President.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dear Mr.Cerabino

Mr.Cerabino does not have it right.

He apparently wrote this to be funny or sarcastic, but he doesn't have right.

Number one we are not old men and women with our last gasp fighting among ourselves. We are a Community that allowed a President and his coterie to devolve into something we don't recognize as the President we voted in. So, with the election coming up we are electioneering to get him out of here.

At the start, he had decided, rightly so, to retire and not run for a 4th term, but I can only imagine the pressure that was put on him to not retire by his followers and minions who did not want to lose the little power they had.

In the end, they won, because Israel also didn't want to give up his power.

Yes, I have waxed loud and clear as to Israel's depravity. He is depraved in the sneaky way he eliminates anybody who objects to his management style. This includes all Volunteers. Can you believe that? A Resident volunteers to do a job and is fired because Israel objects to his Politics. It seems and is not always visible, that he wants no opposition in this Village. He will do anything to squash it, legal or almost legal.

At this time in the Election Year, he has become, Mr.Nice Guy, the Voice of reason, all our complaints have been answered in the affirmative, All is well, at least according to the Wizard of oz.

Remember him? He hid behind a curtain and directed everyone in everything.

Does Mr.Cerabino think that because many of us are in our 70's and 80's we don't have feelings and will not fight tooth and nail to get the Village back to where is was? Peaceful, Quiet, and Lovely.

Think again!

Let's put our Village back to where it was.where we want it. Peaceful, quiet and lovely. Vote for Phyllis Richland for UCO President, a caring and knowledgable person.

MY Friend, Mr.Israel

So, what more can I say about my friend, the UCO President, Mr.David Israel? I have spoken many times about his Character, about his Vindictiveness, about his small-minded Hatred.

Now he is Mr.Nice Guy, on his blog, in print at least. But that act will fool no one. He is still the same guy who will fire any Volunteer that he thinks, that he imagines, does not follow the party line, his line.

That, my readers is Character, but not the character in the usual sense, more like lack of character.

But this Character flaw, this lack of Character is an on-going thing. He did not start at this level of character lacking. No, he slowly evolved. The longer he is President the shorter his Character became. Now he wants another 2-year term.

I say No. Don't give it to him.

There will be less divisiveness in our Village if he is gone. This used to be a quaint place to live. A happy place. Now we got anger and hatred. Now the activists have gone from a small hardly heard from group to a loud and vociferous clammor . They want change. They want things to be kind and usefully and coopertive, Not divisiveness, not negativity, not bullying.

I say Vote for Phylliss Richland for UCO President and get back to the nice Village we were and still could be.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Phyliss' blog

Alexander Pope said, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast…”  This quote is often used when people hope for the best in the face of adversity.
Yesterday a large group of tennis players attended the Operations Committee meeting to voice their concerns about the deteriorating tennis court facilities.  The group led by Les Rivkin offered a well-researched presentation outlining the concerns that tennis players here in the Village are facing.  They provided details on the products that should be used on the surface of the tennis courts.  They noted that because of the existing surface women players were playing  on were  below the minimum standards for competitive competition,  that our Village players  were excluded from the women’s tournaments because the league players refuse to play at  Century Village.  Some women described the injuries they suffered playing on our courts.  Falling  and damaging their knees and elbows forced them from playing on our courts.   Some players stated  they were forced to join  tennis clubs off campus in order to enjoy their sport.
They told the committee that “pickle ball” is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. They wanted the Operations Committee to consider expanding the number of courts here at the Village and also to provide some sound dampening walls to reduce the decibel level so that residents would not be upset.
Yes, hope springs eternal, but not for the Tennis players.  Based on Dave Israel’s and WPRF’s response the players were told  there is a problem,  and we need engineering studies before we can do anything about the issue.  Dave has been in office 6 years, his administration knew there were serious issues with the tennis facilities, they resurfaced the courts – rather patched it – knowing it had a relatively short shelf life.  He also stated that this issue was “on the front burner.”  His solutions can be summed up, we are looking at the budget, we will get studies made, etc.  This is exactly what his administration does.  Place the issue in the “we will get to it later box.”  All we ever get from him is we need to bring in people to do a study. 
People can hope, even though they were presented with  evidence  that things cannot possibly turn out the way they want.  So our tennis players left the meeting with a vague promise that this administration will take action based on some illusionary study that will be made by some unknown group of experts. 
Just a bit of advice to the tennis players at Century Village. Don’t hold your breath waiting for things to change anytime soon. Expecting something positive to happen from this administration is my favorite crime, and disappointment is always our punishment. 
Please read Phyllis Richland’s blog at

Divisiveness from the UCO Head

It is hard to believe the hatred, unhappiness and divisiveness that David Israel fosters. I am talking about the Candidates forum that was held yesterday in the Clubhouse. The attendance was, as expected, with over 300 people attending plus all the candidates except for those that Israel is backing and had, no, doubt ordered not to attend.

That in itself is divisive, as is his list of his slate where he left out 1/2 of the volunteers that are on the executive board. Although these 5 were members of the board he wanted it to be known that they were not part of his coterie and so he left them out. This is division. The board is now set up with the haves and have-nots and they haven't even taken their places yet This leaves a lot of negativity here.

This all interference in the CV Election Process.

If you attended the Operations Committee meeting last, you would have been surprised to see about 20 people, men and women, come and present to the board their complaints about the Tennis Courts. Their main complaint was that the Tennis clubs from all over the County compete with each other and our club cannot compete because the courts are not of the league's standards and so our club is excluded. This was presented to the Committee, or to be more precise to David Israel, who chairs this, I think, and his response is as it always has been, was that we needed an engineer to survey it and it would cost a lot of money. And so it was tabled again.

Please note Israel has been President for almost 6 years now, this problem has existed for that long and no solution in sight. Not Good.

There are lots of new Unit buyers that come here for the sports and Clubhouse, and the lack of proper Courts or not enough courts for all our sports could cost us sales.

Now it seems as if the Great Fox, the Great Wizard, The UCO President is using a WPRF employee (this is vehemently denied by Eva R. Clubhouse manager) to take down all of the competition signs, read Phyllis's signs. Please note this is a paid WPRF Employee.(also denied by Eva R.)

Further investigation on this subject shows that it was not WPRF, but our usual suspect, David Israel, Sneaky Dave. Of course, this man is paid by UCO. Sorry Eva.

So here we have it from our own sneaky Dave. Divisiveness, Obstructionism, and just plain Nastiness all coming out of the backroom in 1402.

This can all be corrected by Electing Phyllis Richland as President.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Israel and Pontificating.

It's not right. If you watch channel 63 you will see that the Candidates Forum is shown over and over again. You see David Israel Pontificating on the Volunteers and how some of them only want to obstruct things at UCO. So says David Israel.

Ir seems to me Mr Israel is the conscience of CV, the knowledge font for CV, the see all and know all in CV.

If you have a question as to why our ponds are polluted, Israel knows. If you want to know why the roads are lousy and falling apart Israel knows.

It seems as if there is nothing,  no question that can be asked that Israel does not know the answer to. And if he has his way it will be repeated over and over again ad nauseum.

So let me ask this. Why is channel 63 flooded with Israels pontificating on the same subjects every day? Where is the rest of us that were at that meeting and at the DA and had a say?

Ed Grossman for Treasurer

Team Cerabino

Frank Cerabinos article about Century Village has some people crowing that Frank portrayed "Team Dave as the shining stars of the village. I guess some people just don't get it. Frank Cerabino is a brilliant writer , his stock in trade is a cutting edge sarcasm  that is prominent in his writing.  The overall impression I got from the article is that Century Village is a hotbed of discontented elders arguing and fighting about a lot of stuff  with a delusional President at the helm who can't seem to find a way to make peace. The accomplishments that Cerabino attributes to "team Dave are laughable. I mean" email and voting machines"? Now that is a good target for sarcastic wit. His comments about the messenger Club's scribblings served the purpose of exposing " underhanded depravity"  a phrase that keeps rattling around in my brain and the most memorable moment in the whole article though he makes comedic hay about it. In  fact, it does  shine a light on the news. Frank  does a great job of revealing the turbid undercurrents in Century village. I have to assume that readers around South Florida see it the same way.  Kinda makes you proud doesn't it? Kinda makes you want to get in on the fun and step right up and buy a condo, 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ed Black and our money.

I couldn't believe it when I heard that Ed Black was running for VP of UCO, the following is a resume of ED Blacks service to UCO and the disgraceful results of this service to the Residents

When Bob Marshall was President of UCO and Ed Black was a VP of UCO, Bob Marshall didn't make a move without direction from Ed Black. So when Bob Marshall signed secret agreements with WPRF that cost the Residents Millions of dollars after the hurricanes destroyed our Clubhouse and it had to be rebuilt. The date of the signing of this Document was Feb.22, 2005.

Anyone who would like a copy of this document can contact me.

The next wonderful contribution Ed Black did for the Residents was when he was Treasurer of UCO. I was in the finance Committee and agreed with Mr. Black that the fund for the paving of the Village had only $3,300,000 in it and that the paving job was going to cost around $5,000,000. He kept arguing that UCO had plenty of money to take care of the job.

He emptied out all of the reserve accounts and all the CD's we had and left UCO Treasury with $23,000 at the end of 2012.

He also made a deal with the Banks to borrow $1,000,000 and paid a $7,000 fee in case we had to borrow the money Another great deal.

He almost bankrupted UCO.

The next wonderful accomplishment was the contract with the Security Company that he worked so hard to get signed. This particular Company, after about a year, UCO cancelled that Contract because this Company was not doing the job and we had to get another Company.

These are just some of the wonderful things that David Israel told you how hard Ed Black worked for the residents of CV.

The biggest mistake the residents of CV  can do is to elect Ed Black for anything.

Myron Solomon
Former VP of UCO

Israel and Begging for Campaign Funds.

When UCO had elections in 2014, it was rumored that Mr.Kelly, the person that tried to take over Sheffield O gave David Israel a donation of $5,000 for his campaign.It was never denied that Mr.Israel knew about the takeover but did nothing about it and never mentioned it on his Personal Blog or in the UCO Reporter until the Messenger Club brought it to the attention of the Levys and the entire Village.

Now Mr. Israel doesn't have this large contribution to count on he so is asking the residents of CV to fund his campaign.

A great majority of residents are having trouble meeting their expenses and keeping their heads above water.

It is a disgrace to have the President of UCO practically begging for money to keep his Presidency.

Shame on you David.

Myron Solomon
Former VP of UCO

Apple and the Government

I'll tell you what I think about Apple's stand against the Governments demand that they develop a software to break the IPhones Encryption.

I am against it. I think that to take away a Constitution given freedom just to maybe catch a terrorist is wrong.

You can not convince me that there is no other way. This may be one way, and probably the easiest, but certainly not the only way.

We have all sorts of laws that prevent law enforcement from breaking our rights. This just another one of them.

This should not be allowed.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My take on David Israel

So what are David Israel's strength. Well, I may give him credit for what apparently is some knowledge of Computers and WIFI. But I give him low marks on contracts and getting things done correctly. Take, for example, the road and the lost $5 million that we will have to make up. Out of our own pockets.

Calling in, or at least, renting a voting company is good or may be good. It certainly seems to be on the right path. We will see. The same is for the click plan, we will see.

But the awarding of contracts, the way it was done with M & M and the road is wrong, dangerous and suspicious. It was a one sentence contract with no over site.

This speaks to his Management style.

I think that after 6 years he should know better. When do you stop learning on the job and consider the job learnt?

Also, the arrogance of going against the will of the DA and not even speaking to us about it, but after a resounding NO going ahead anyway.

Speaks of the man's arrogance.

Again I mention this man's sneaky surreptitious actions when it comes to his opponents. He is not beyond calling PBSO about some imagined crime. Or riding around looking for something he can do to stop the competition, legal or otherwise.

This speaks to the man's character.

So I question the man's Character, his Honesty, his Management style and his Arrogance. It seems to me that Absolute power begets Absolute corruption. He feels as if he can do whatever he wants regardless of the will of the people, the Delegates. Not good, not to be desired and certainly not to be allowed.

Vote for Phyllis. We need a change.

Sign thief



Tell this to Lord Dave and to those WHO creep around at night and tear (with wire cutters) down campaign signs or SPONSOR candidate forums and no one shows up. 

Last night (Thursday) Phyllis and I attended the show at the Club House.  It was great!  It was a sellout!.  However, what was even more rewarding and encouraging was the fact that while Phyllis and I were schmoozing with our friends, at least 15 residents came over to Phyllis and hugged her and thanked her for all she had done for them, told her they supported her in her campaign and some even had tears in their eyes.

In Lanny Howe’s latest attempt to shore up David’s character qualities, he took offense by the moniker  given to him by those who he refers to as “Malcontents”  (I SUGGEST THAT LANNY LOOK UP THE DEFINITION OF MALCONTENT.  THIS TERM WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE USED AS A PEJORATIVE.  A MALCONTENT IS A   a person who is dissatisfied and rebellious.  LIKE GEORGE WASHINGTON, SAM ADAMS, THOMAS JEFFERSON AND MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.)   Now lets define Dictator. a person who has absolute rule and supports undemocratic rule.  (Examples are: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro)  This is rhetorical, but why do most Village residents think that Dave is a Dictator?  He has conspired with WPRF to end any political campaigning at the pools and clubhouse. (suppression of freedom of speech and assembly)   He has called Code Enforcement to remove a campaign banner from the synagogue fence on Haverhill Rd.  and then again when the banner was displayed on Olga’s association wall.  When support Phyllis Richland signs began to be placed on the fence surrounding the Golf Course (which is not UCO property) he ordered one of the  Glow cleaning crew to take the signs down.  At least a dozen signs have been ripped off. (Suppression of press and speech).  Glow is paid by WPRF. So they know what is going on.
No articles are allowed to be accepted and published by the UCO Reporter under the leadership of Joy Vestal that even attempts to criticize Lord David.  (Control of the press, first thing a “dictator” does when they gain power)  Channel 63 which is now under control of Lord David and his minions,  seem to have a problem keeping to the schedule for the programming of the candidates presentations.  Incompetence or by design. (dictators control all modes of communication – keep the people in the dark)
Dictators believe in the “Big Lie” principle.  Tell a lie over and over again until the people begin to believe it.  For example:  Phyllis Richland left the office early and thus did not fulfill her UCO obligations.  Crap and Lord David knows it.  But when a leader abuses his position to characterize his opponent in a negative way, this is abuse of power.
Hence, a form of Dictatorship.   How many hard working and dedicated people has Lord David fired because they did something that rubbed him the wrong way.  (Dictators love conformity to the will of the “leader.”  It's good to trust others but, not to do so is much better. Benito Mussolini   Perhaps this explains why Lord David fires so many volunteers?
Well Lanny, based on the definition and examples I have provided for you, which side would most freedom loving Century Villagers support.
One other thing I would like to point out.  Lanny tells us that what has happened to us here in Century Village kind of made us uncomfortable and as he suggests somewhat scorched by it all.  Ask all the military veterans that have sacrificed so much if they think what Century Village is turning into is humorous.
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LIFI and WI-Fi

WIFI is soon to be obsolete along with those who stay mired in past technology.

It looks like our resident WIFI guru is getting behind the times. It's perfectly understandable for a person of his age to have difficulty understanding new technology. A new crop of younger, smarter computer savvy geeks have invented a new technology that promises to replace WIFI much like computer keyboards have replaced typewriters and fax machines, Both heralded as marvels of their age and both quickly becoming extinct

They call it LIFI, invented by Harold Haas of the University of Edinburgh in 2011, it uses visible light communication (VLC) to send data at extremely high speeds. It works like an incredibly fast signal lamp, flashing on and off in order to relay messages in binary code which is all made up of ones and zeros. The technology was able to transmit up to 224 gigabits per second. To put this in perspective, Wi-Fi is capable of reaching speeds of around 600 megabits per second.For those of you confused by megabits and gigabytes lets just say WIFI equates to a covered wagon rolling slowly across the prairie while LIFI is more like the space shuttle in orbit

Li-Fi also boasts a number of other benefits over Wi-Fi. For instance, the fact that the signal is carried by optical light means that it cannot travel through walls, therefore enhancing the security of local networks. The use of the visible spectrum could allow Li-Fi to send messages across a much wider range of frequencies than Wi-Fi, which operates at the frequencies of 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz.

As such, it has been suggested that Li-Fi could provide the answer to increasing frequency congestion as Internet usage continues to rise across the world. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, global monthly data usage is expected to exceed 24.3 exabytes by 2019 – a volume which current wireless connections are not able to handle.

In a recent TED talk, Haas insisted that household LED lightbulbs could easily be converted into Li-Fi transmitters, providing Internet users with more efficient connections. “All we need to do is fit a small microchip to every potential illumination device and this would then combine two basic functionalities: illumination and wireless data transmission,” he said. It is also worth mentioning that the speed at which these LEDs flicker in order to relay data is too fast for the human eye to perceive, so users will not have to worry about annoying flashes in their ambient light.

While Century Village resident experts argue and debate the ups and downs of WIFI They have their heads so far into WIFI they have yet to see the light that is fickering the message of the future. Someone should type up a fax message and send it to them.

Neil J. Moore

Saturday, February 20, 2016

We are on Broadband again.

I don't get it. The great one, the Wizard of Oz, is pooh-poohing the Association's broadband. He says it is 35 gigs download and 5 gigs upload. Completely ignoring that Comcast offers 3 levels of speed. Right now Wellington A is on level 2, perfectly adequate. The users are not working people in business so the need for more speed, for now, is not necessary. But the plan is to have enough speed and strength so that if Google wanted to join our system it could handle it. Is this possible?

Can you believe this?

As what happen to the NO vote by the Delegates. Who gives this guy the right to march on over a the Delegates  NO vote?

I'll bet you didn't know that our President is not only the smartest Computer guy around, but he is the de facto editor in chief, and the engineer in charge. Listen to his for-free advice gladly given.

Also, at every opportunity and at any opportunity he will bad mouth this blog at every chance he gets. This is certain not the place for the Respected UCO President. Which he is Not.

Public Thoughts

The keys to winning the March elections here in Century Village is to get the Delegates out to Vote and then Vote for you.

The problem is 2 fold. First we have to get the delegate to come out and vote, not an easy task. Israel's approach is to Email them using the Public Village list, which he considers his Private list. Nobody else gets to see it or use it. He claims it is his Private list. The second way, so I am told, is to offer to run a taxi service to the Election Booth, both ways.

That is not right. That is part of what is seriously wrong in the way we operate in this Village. This is the way the Election field is NOT level. This should and must be changed. The List is Public, not Private. The taxi service should not be paid for by the UCO Treasury, public funds.

Joyce Reiss's questions at the Candidates Forum was addressed to the wrong people. First off anybody can, has, the right to comment on how they feel about a candidate.

Asking questions or making comments is a Constitution-given right to all citizen of the USA, including Residents of CV. Why should they be blocked if we don't agree with the sentiment? That is un-American and should not be allowed. You don't like what was said, too bad. Fee speech you know. Use the blog comment stream and say so.

I find a lot of things that are said on the Very Private blog that is distasteful. My objections are usually commented on 'My Village Blogger' since I was blocked from the use of the VPB until recently when it was opened to me. I guess since I am so loud about the lack of access, or its election season and we want your votes and DI wants to seem benign.

So the questions I have for the secretive, surreptitious and sneaky UCO President is who is paying for this? Where did the money come from to build this Private Email list? Did UCO pay for it and then hand it over to Israel as his Private List?

Who pays for the so-called Private matters that are placed in the Cloud? The UCO Email list, the Private taxi services? The Video taping of all the Assemblies and Committee meeting and then put up on the VPB* exclusively. And who owns the Cloud storage? UCO, CV or David Israel? It seems to me there is something very wrong here.  Very wrong.

And lastly, about Comcast and Wi-Fi. Why is it not considered to make CV a Wi-Fi hot spot? A for free Wi-Fi Hotspot. This would be in line with and heading this Village in the direction that NYC is heading with Community Hot Spots. With Googles Community Hot-Spot, free.

Other Communities have done this, why not us?  In the direction that Comcast itself is and has been headed for a while now. Establishing Hotspots, free Hotspots, all over the city.

Community Hot-Spots are the future and why not start here. This is one of the reasons that UCO was started. To try and get our Vendors to do something good and free for their customers.

I also note that at a Welcome Committee meeting, where Herr David Israel seemed to be in charge instead of the duly appointed Chairman. He commented, to the New People, that we had in this village Nasty People with their Nasty Blogs. These people are  to be avoided. Can you believe this? The gall?

*=Very Private Blog, Dave Israel's Very Private Blog.

Friday, February 19, 2016

So says Frank Cerabino

For those of you that missed it, Frank Cerabino wrote a piece about Century Village. It was an explanation of the Election process as he sees it. He quotes this blog and some of it's writers.

The Israel camp thinks it is favorable to them. We, I, think it is favorable to us. He is quoting me and some of my writers. Read and decide for yourself.  Here is the article.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vitriol Trumps all in Century Village election

Frank Cerabino

   Things have taken a nasty turn in this election season.

   No, I’m not talking about the national presidential election. I’m talking about the upcoming election at Century Village in suburban West Palm Beach.
   That national stuff is child’s play. You don’t get to the real no-holds-barred political fights until you have a group of retirees clawing at each other over that last hurrah.

   For the past six years, Century Village has been led by David Israel, who is either an accomplished visionary leader, or the worst thing to hit the condo community since the doughnut hole in prescription insurance.

   It depends who’s narrating. But one thing’s certain: Israel’s up for reelection on March 4 and the knives are out.

   “David Israel brings shame to Century Village” was the front page headline on last month’s CV Messenger, which purports to “Shine a light on the news” in the Village, and is one of the sharp-tongued rogue outlets of information in this sprawling condo community.

   The story excoriated the village president for calling Palm Beach County code enforcement officers to remove a rival candidate’s campaign sign hanging on the fence of a temple beyond the condo’s Haverhill Road gate. As it turned out, the code enforcers not only got the sign removed.

   “The Aitz Chaim Temple is the real victim in all this,” the story said. “They received six separate citations from code enforcement for minor non-compliance issues that were never a problem until David Israel decided to complain.

   “Israel has gone to great lengths to stifle opposition in the upcoming election, banning the distribution of literature and any thought of speaking to residents … about CV political issues, but this latest action reached new depths of underhanded depravity.”

   Underhanded depravity? Seriously? Yes, they’re heavy on the mustard here.
   For a daily dose of political vitriol, Villagers can go online to My Village Blogger, which bills itself “The Voice of the Malcontents.”

   On Tuesday, the blog referred to Israel as both a dictator and The Wizard of Oz, and the man who single-handedly “rested control of the Clubhouse and Pools and decreed no more electioneering.”

   A dictator who has rested control of the pool and clubhouse? It’s like reading dispatches from Aleppo, not Okeechobee Boulevard.

   There was even a protest rally scheduled to complain about the ban on campaigning at the clubhouse and community swimming pools.

   Israel does have his supporters, who refer to his detractors as “the mals,” which is short for malcontents.

   “Dave Israel hasn’t had any rallies at the pools …” one of his supporters wrote on another community blog. “So it’s not as though he HAS been allowed pool rallies during this campaign and the mals have not. So what’s the big beef ?”

   Israel was elected as vice president of the governing board at Century Village, known as UCO, in 2009, and then as president in 2010, a position he has held since. In a recent post in anotherVillage blog, “Our Village,” Israel detailed the accomplishments that he and his leadership team, which he calls “Team Dave,” brought to the condo complex.

   Century Village was “being run like it was 1960” when he came into office, he said. He brought the village into the computer age with a village-wide email system and digital record keeping that eliminated “file drawers, rotting boxes and file cabinets,” he wrote.

   He installed a Team Dave member to run Channel 63, the village’s closed-circuit TV station, and the village’s official newspaper, The UCO Reporter. And he brought in help with expertise in the insurance world to save the Village millions of dollars in insurance premiums, he wrote.

   His detractors, though, aren’t impressed. They’ve posted “Dump Dave” signs around the village, and wish that the Village had term limits for its elected leaders.

   “The President acts as if he is the God-given savior of this Village,” wrote a poster on the My Village blog. “He has established a system of emails, which are privately owned by him. He has established a Village blog, which is privately owned by him. He has a voice in the UCO Reporter; his opponents do not.”

   As next month’s touchscreen voting (thanks to Team Dave) approaches, the political climate in this gradually more computerized Century Village continues to heat up through its online blogs.

 Although, I’m not sure how much hotter it can get.
 “It took Hitler many, many years to gain control of everything in Germany and elsewhere in Europe,” a village blogger wrote this week. “It wasn’t just overnight that he did this. And then, he could do ANYTHING he wanted because he controlled everything that existed. Everyone was scared to death — literally.
   “Fast forward to Century Village,” the post continues. “Israel controls everything and everybody.”

   Yes, that’s right. Political discourse has reached the Hitler level in Century Village.
   Not even Donald Trump has gone that far yet. 

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Wellington Water Main break #2

The water main at Wellington A & B was fixed in one day. Now the blacktop is going in to finish the job. The elevator which had water in the oil has been repaired and the people that were trapped on the upper floors are free to go. So far all is good.

Shills and apologies.

Wait a minute. I don't believe the drivel that is being promulgated on the Very Private Blog, owned by David Israel, the gentleman. Why would anyone make these accusations?  Which may or may not be true?

More to the point is the fact that he is not beyond setting up a shill to voice these sayings, happily. whether any of it is true or not  What is more to the point is this. Here this President of UCO has a history of exaggerating, lying and grandiose fabrications.

I will again bring up his public retraction for an incident he perpetuated while running for office. Read the apology
for the list of lies and exaggerations, he made against this Company and which he is humbly apologizing for only because he was about to be sued.

The link to the retraction can be seen here.

This speaks to his Management style.

Management style

It seems that what I am trying to say here is not all the nefarious things the UCO President has done, but his collection of lies and innuendos. For example, his actions taken about one of our Vendors. The lies were so egregious that a public apology was forced. Read the apology and you will see the sneaky ways he has of trying to get his way and set the Village mindset.

You can read his published retraction here

If that isn't enough, how about his sneaking around and calling code enforcement on the synagogue and using a pseudonym for his name So that perhaps we would not know who did it.

How about his budding up to Donald Kelly and the Hotel he established, That is until his sneaky ways were outed, and their connection exposed.

Still want more? OK how about his driving around the Village looking for Phyllis's signs. Or better yet having the WPRF man remove Phyllis's signs from private (not Village) property.

The point I am making here is that David Israel thinks to sneak around in the Village and doing things that are not right is OK, as long as they are in the dark and unseen.

We are talking about management style here, plain and simple. The man has morphed and is continuing to morph. His style now is like the African Dictators and getting worse.

At the DA, if you pay attention, you will hear and see him making snide and insulting remarks to the speaker. For instance, when he noticed all of Phyllis's red shirts in the audience he whispered 'this looks like a Comintern meeting'.

Good thinking Dave. As  for me, I don't know, I have never been to a Comintern Meeting.

Bits and Pieces again

What Hugh Green asks is what has Phyllis said she will do to better our lives in this village. Good question. For openers read this blog, read Esther's Blog. For more detailed info have her over at a building meeting where she will tell you face to face her plans to improve Century Village. She will answer any and all questions.

I would do this before March 4.

What I find hard to understand is why the UCO President keeps working, in secret, I think, on a Wi-Fi initiative for this Village. The first time he went after this he brought in a heavyweight to tells us what and how a good an idea this was. This expert said it wouldn't work and we should drop it. So the Wizard moved underground and continues anyway.

I see David Israel has moved off of the High Road and down into the Gutter with his last imaginary foray into what Phyllis said and what she didn't say. See his remarks on his Very Private Blog.

I see that the Presidential elections committee is asking, begging actually, for financial help. I can understand the need. Running for the President costs. If you want to do it right you have to spend. Phyllis, of course, uses her own money and so she has nobody to answer to but Steward (Her Husband).

New York City to Replace Pay Phones With Free Wi-Fi

About 500 hotspots will be installed by July, and eventually, roughly 7,500 units h prices charged by wireless carriers.

New York City will begin this month replacing thousands of pay phones with free Wi-Fi hot spots. The city expects to have 500 hotspots installed by July, and eventually about 7,500 units will.
So if Bill Blasio can do this for NYC, why can not Century Village be considered a Hot Spot? Now this is something the secretive UCO President can work on.