Monday, November 30, 2015

Concerned Citizen's remarks

On 11/30/2015 1:59 AM, MARVIN FAJERTAG wrote:

Once again many thanks for bringing valuable information to the attention of concerned residents aka "malcontents" by some folks afraid of the truth. If there is one thing that stands out as a common denominator in all the articles, letters, comments in this issue (and priors) is the administration's rampant disregard for "due process" in decision-making and the system of cronyism and vindictiveness which helps fuel this dysfunctional state of affairs. The notion that unelected, handpicked volunteers are assigned to and sit on many committees usurps the independence of the voting process and the system of checks and balances required in the administration of a free and democratic institution. it would be most beneficial for the Community if the Messenger Club was able to influence the members of the Delegates Assembly to pursue policy changes that would limit the appointment of non-elected individuals to committees, restricting UCO officials from sitting on more than one committee or the chief executive officer sitting on committees and taking the lead position on all votes which are then virtually unanimously rubber stamped by the minions. We have seen this unacceptable process in action and it is high time for "change" lest the happenings within the village continue to spiral out of control. It's definitely time to take back OUR village and dispatch those who would do it harm. 

Concerned and worried
Marv. Fajertag

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bits and pieces again...

Poor, poor Lanny Howe. He looks to Google himself and don't like what shows up. So he looks around and who could be at fault? Not Lanny. How about the hated Blog?

He is blaming everybody he can think of, but he should look in the mirror. That alleged post was posted by himself. Now he don't like it. Too bad!

To see what the CV population thinks of you, Lanny, search this blog for yourself.

BTW here is the comment the little man has forgotten he did.

Lanny Howe December 17, 2014 at 1:03 PM
You say that one must be civil to post here, and yet your demeanor is anything but civil. I am really tired of the manner in which you address me since I have never posted a single comment on your blog, and yet you seem to feel that you have the right to call me name and insult my intelligence. You sir are the worst kind of a cad; you are a bully and the worst kind of bully because you hide behind your blog. You will cease and desist with your commentary on my character or this will mean an all out war, which you, sir, are not equipped to win.


Gary Olman December 18, 2014 at 3:41 PM
first you must tell the truth as it is, not as you wish it. Then you have to stop making things up again as you wish them to be. Then I will lay off. Otherwise bring it on.

While you're on one knee

Well, I finally had an opportunity to read the very private blog of Mr. David Israel. And, it is private. If you ever blew your nose in front of him, he would not allow you to post anything on HIS blog, -- not the Century Village Blog, but, HIS blog.

It's like reading the Lady's Home Journal meshed in with The Bending of the Truth, Hocus-Pocus and Gibberish.

And, I must mention the extravagant frivolity of one-liners by the UCO president that are supposed to make you believe
that he is the teacher, the ruler, the demagogue, -- the final word. Ugh, I'm ready to give up my lunch.

In any case, I read the 7 paragraph expressions of Lanny Howe. He always says that he doesn't read this Village Blogger, and maybe it's because his ego is so large that you can't see his shoulders, -- but I hope somebody draws his attention to it, and he deflates his head and reads it.

Lanny took specific words and emphasis on words in caps out of context to bolster his assertions in order to make a case that My Village Blogger is a blog not to be trusted for "ANYTHING." But, "Lanny," his UCO Reporter name, fails to tell you of the true contents of the long and detailed article posted on My Village Blogger on December 25, 2013, of which he refers. It was accurate in every respect, and deserving because of the manner in which "Lanny" conducts himself, and has the audacity to presume that everything he puts in print is worth reading. Without UCO, -- controlled by Israel and Vestal, "Lanny" would have a hard time spewing something out for a last page printing on Mickey Mouse & The Seven Dwarfs.

Mr. Howe, otherwise known as "Lanny," -- or how about Samuel Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain. Or, how about Stephen King, otherwise known as Richard Bachman. And, Theo Geisel known as Dr. Seuss. And, me, Ed from MA,
known by most friends as Eduardo. Oh, you don't want to forget Benjamin Franklin, formerly known as Silence Dogood, or David Israel, otherwise known as Nero. So, "Lanny," when you refer to me as "infamous Eduardo," you really need to take off the blinders, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are morally handicapped, or a downright retard.

"Lanny," or whatever your pen name is today, --- read the December 25, 2013 article of which you refer, --- deny every-thing, and then see how (no pun intended) many people fall to the floor and roll over with uncontrolled laughter. You see, you may have everyone hoodwinked, but not me.

Have a super-marvelous day at the "RAG" where firings are commonplace, and don't forget to say something nice to Nero while you're on one knee, or you may be next.


Friday, November 27, 2015

AMR ambulance service fails us.

So, there was a need for a AMR ambulance last night. This is what happened. The call to 911 went fine, the 911 truck arrived within minutes. They did their thing. The discussion then started about transport to the hospital. First off I was advised that our AMR ambulance was unavailable.


Then I was advised that 911 truck would take her to the Hospital, but the trip is not covered. So I would have to pay.

So, I ask, if we have insurance and AMR is the ambulance why don't they respond? If their ambulances are really busy, why not call another service and treat it as their own. Why just say unavailable? Why really on the Fire & Rescue guys. I hesitate to take the truck out of service to ride my wife to the hospital..

That is not right!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Millennium Agreement

So, I sit here and wonder about the cost of WPRF. I know the Millennium Agreement spells out our agreement with WPRF and Benenson Realty. I see that we are giving them thousands of dollars constantly to repair and improve the facilities. But when it is all done. The WPRF Properties are all improved and their value has  increased and we have nothing. We don't own a thing. All we have is a rental agreement.

None of this seems fair. It seems as if we have agreed to maintain the WPRF properties and improve them and get nothing back in return, or almost nothing. WE have the use and so I think their lawyers call it rent.

The Millennium Agreement comes up soon. I think this agreement should be revised . Revised so that it is some what more in our favor.

The deal could of been, we own the property and WPRF is paid as a Management Company, and we pay for the improvement and upkeep. But we own it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Honor flight

Remember at the last DA it was suggested that UCO use some of its surplus money to fund the Resident Vets trip to Washington for the Honor trip. All thought that was a good idea.

So, what happened?

The Officers Committee meeting this Friday decided that instead of the $50,000, that is $50,000, we wanted, that was needed, they would donate $5,000 to some Association that can pick and choose who gets the help from all over. That would be great, except the intent was to help our Resident Vets.

But wait, all is not lost. This does not become firm until the DA gets a chance to vote at the Assembly on Friday Dec.4.

So fellow delegates lets do the right thing here.

Support our Vets!

Bits, pieces and Rumors

So, years of tradition are gone. There was a vote taken at the Operations committee meeting last week. The Vote passed and removed the long standing traditional rule that did not allow paid employment by UCO or WPRF of a resident. This was passed with one no vote.

This was done to accommodate an employee of WPRF that wants to buy in the Village.

So I guess the next one to request pay would be the CAM-in-training.

So, I see further that the Operations Committee passed, for immediate action, the repair or replacement of the 2 lifts at Hastings. This has been hanging fire for over a year. What seems to have been ignored is that we should really have elevators at this spot, BUT that was turned down by Mr.Levy since he would have to pay 2/3 of the cost. Repair or replacement of the lifts cost him nothing.

Here we go again, enhancing the value of the ClubHouse and we have no interest in the property at all.

If you want to see the whole lawsuit against Kelly here is the link to the Messenger Website, click here.

I like the pools at the Clubhouse. I am glad that they are opened. But did you see the cost, and we are paying for this? The cost is $185,000, $8000 for the mural alone for the indoor pool. The main pool may be as much as $175,000. I guess what bothers me about this is that we are spending and we don't own it. The improvement immediately goes to WPRF. Sure they manage it, but they also own it. All the improvements that we OK and pay for are immediate assets of WPRF. Doesn't seem right. I know the history and it still does not seem right.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The kelly Lawsuit

What I don't understand about the Kelly Lawsuit is why UCO is not a part of it. It seems to me that UCO was established as a buffer and advisor for the Condos. WE give it a lot of money to do things that we could do our selves, but are better done as one entity. Below is a partial list of the grievances that Sheffield O has against kelly.

To see the whole lawsuit rather than a synopsis written by the little dictator follow the link to the Kelly Homeless Hotel

 A.     Canceling the prohibition on apartment owners from leasing or renting
their apartments more than once during a period of their ownership for a maximum of one (1)

year. In lieu thereof, Kelly purports to allow wholesale leasing of the apartment units for any term and for multiple terms within any one (1) year period;
B.              Kelly purports to delete from the condominium covenants Use and Occupancy Requirements, i.e., that an owner of a unit shall occupy and use his apartment unit as a single family private dwelling, for himself and for the adult members of his family, and his social guests and for no other purpose. Thus, Kelly purports to rent his units to anyone, anytime with virtually no limitation.
C.              Kelly purports to delete from the Use and Occupancy provisions of the condominium covenants, the age limitation, i.e., no person under the age of fifty-five (55) years of age shall be permitted to reside in any of the units or rooms thereof in the condominium, except that children under the age of fifteen (15) may be permitted to visit and temporarily reside for reasonable periods not in excess of 30 days in any calendar year. In doing so, Kelly purports to open up the condominium to any age and for any period of time;
D.              Kelly purports to delete from the Use and Occupancy Section of the condominium covenants the limitation regarding the maintaining of animals within the condominium units and, in lieu, Kelly purports to include a weight restriction only;
B.    Kelly purports to delete from the ByLaws of the Sheffield 0
Condominium Association the limitation that requires three fourths (3/4ths) of the condominium unit owner in order to amend the ByLaws and, in lieu thereof, Kelly purports to allow for a simple majority';
F.               Kelly purports to delete from the ByLaws a requirement that the Lessor under the Long Term Lease must provide written approval. In doing so, Kelly purports to deny Long Term Lessor's legal rights fundamental to the Long Term Lease;
G.              Kelly purports to add an insurance requirement upon each individual unit owner which did not previously exist; and

H.              Kelly purports to include other deletions and additions to the condominium covenants and ByLaws.

Elections, Fair or Unfair, Just or Unjust?

This is what went on last year at the March Elections. Are we doomed to repeat it?!

                   Stew Richland
“Every election is determined by the people who show up.” 
 Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing
“Dictators are not in the business of allowing elections that could remove them from their thrones.” 
 Gene Sharp, From Dictatorship to Democracy

Tomorrow the UCO Election Committee will formulate a plan for the March 2016 election cycle.

I had attended the last meeting and the process  for this election was basically similar to what was followed two years age.  You have openings for UCO President, two V-Ps and at least 10 positions for the Executive Board.  According to what was discussed at this meeting, each candidate will be required to fill out a form in which they will summarize their educational experience, their past contributions to Century Village and a brief summary on how the candidate “could be of value.”(quote from the UCO Reporter – Voting for the Executive Board.)  In this same article, it was noted that a forum could be held so the candidate could “give information about themselves.”

Based on the idea that some candidates will be nominated from the floor at the December Delegates meeting, and then would have to submit their bios to be published in the January UCO Reporter  along with a photo.  So what can we conclude from this process.  First, with these time constraints most candidates will be marginalized because the system does not provide enough time for them to “toot their horn”  to the voting delegates.  Secondly, writing a short bio and adding a “why you should vote for me” blurb in twenty-five words or less seems to me that you selling a box of soap powder rather than a candidate.

Now let’s evaluate the idea of a candidates forum.  At the Election Committee the chairwomen said that this was done in a recent past election.  However, very few delegates showed to participate.

If they decide to resurrect a candidates forum, and they use the same criteria as in the past, it becomes a self-defeating exercise.  Lets assume that the committee is endowed with good intentions and really wants the forum to work,  then I have a few questions about this venue.

First, where are they going to hold the candidates forum?  Based on the policy that has been established by Dave Israel and WPRF that there will be no “political activity in the club house or by the pools, then where is this event going to be held?  However, if they bend the rules to allow this event to take place in the club house, then based on the fairness doctrine which is  an integral  part of American culture, we must also allow candidates that are running for other UCO positions, such as President or Vice-President the same equal access to the club house.  I would like to refer to the quote at beginning of this commentary. “Dictators are not in the business of allowing elections that could remove them from their thrones.” 

Presidential candidates being allowed to hold “meet and greet” in the club house would not be tolerated since it would represent a threat to Dave’s plans for re-election.  Being and optimist,  and for some unexplainable happenstance that the Forum and “meet and greet” are allowed,  this cannot be a one time event.  There will be to many candidates that want to present themselves to the Delegates.  In addition, provisions must be made for a question and answer plus rebuttal time in all of this.  

So a one shot forum will not work.  

Planning for multiple forums means that they have to be publicized.  Certainly channel 63 can be used.  Herein is a problem. Not to many people watch Channel 63.  What do we have left? Ah! the UCO Reporter.  Since this publication is distributed once a month and, based on the fact that many people do not read the paper,  only a very limited number of  voters will be apprised of the event.

There is still one more problem with this.  A forum venue will be conflicting with all those scheduled events  that are in place and with clubs that have reservations for many of the rooms.  One member of the Elections Committee suggest that we just run the forum and if it takes five hours so be it.  Can you imagine our senior citizens sitting for five hours at an event that does not serve food or at the least coffee and cake, and no bathroom breaks.

Now lets take the issue so dear to the hearts of right thinking, fair minded adults. A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.    A level playing field is a situation in which everyone has a fair and equal chance of succeeding.

For the last few months, at every UCO meeting , when this idea was addressed, it was attacked by the current administration as fiction.  You had to see the body language and facial expression exhibited by many of the UCO officials when this issue was addressed. It was like they just had a glass of sour milk or they were going to be audited by the IRS. Lets examine this issue. 

In the current issue of the UCO Reporter, in the President’s Report, Dave took up a great deal of space describing to the home owners the accomplishments of his administration. Now I refer you to page A3 of the Reporter – Editorial Policy – which states: “We promise to print both sides of an issue, to open dialogue to inform our readers…” Marvelous, if it were true. When was the last time you read an article in the Reporter that challenged Dave Israel?  In fact I will go further back and include Bob Marshall and his Reporter editors.
Strike one against the idea of a level playing field.  

Next pitch.  At the last Executive Board meeting,  Dave took some time to tell everyone about why term limit amendment should be defeated. He again took advantage of his captive audience to pontificate on the fact he alone has a complete understanding of UCO’s history and he is the only person that can explain it..  This was not a man tooting his own horn, he was using a TUBA.  Does Dave think he is the sole owner and sage of this Village collective history.  Again not a level playing field. 

Strike Two.

Now the fast ball.  Barbara Cornish said that people who are interested in running for office could use Association bulletin boards to spread the word.  She also remarked that she saw the poster I put up in her building.  Yes, she is right, However, and there is always a but in all this. I have put up 3 posters in her building. Why?  You guessed it! It was taken off!.  In fact a minimum of 25% of all posters I placed on bulletin boards were taken down. How do I know? I checked?  In fact, I actually looked in the paper recycling bin and there the poster was found.

Strike three!

Well voters, I think I have made my case about why elections being held in Century Village are not only unfair, geared to keep the current administration in power, and an insult to all those who believe in fair play and equal opportunity for everyone.

Multiple choice test:  Directions --- read the question carefully.  Select the letter of the answer that
best completes the statement.

1. Which word or phrase clearly describes how elections are held in Century Village?

(a) It’s a Boondoggle (b) Hocus Pocus (c) hypocrisy (d) all of the choices

2. The UCO Reporter will publish all bios and pictures of all candidates in the March 2016 edition. This edititon will be distributed the last week of February, (28 days in this month, so how you have less then a week to read the bios – great huh!

Based on the information given by the Reporter, select the letter of the statements below, that clearly express the opinions of the UCO Reporter.

(a) Less than a week is enough time to learn about candidtes running for office

(b) The Reporter is not biased

(c) The Reporter is fair and balanced when focusing on the March elections

(d) All of the above

Monday, November 23, 2015

Clubhouse, Hastings restrictions.

So, it seems as if Eva is keeping the use of the clubhouse, and the use of the Hastings upper floors, close to her vest. That is she has rules or initiatives that restrict the use of the clubhouse rooms, and the the use of the upper floors of the Hastings building.

Here, what I am talking about? At the Clubhouse , if you ask for a room for a party or meeting or gathering, the answer is NO. The rooms are for clubs only. However the work-around, as suggested, is to take a table at the Saturday Night Dance and hold your meeting. OR use the Duck Island facility, and maybe share it with the bugs, or take the weather risk.

The use of the upper floors of the Hastings Facility has been restricted, for about a year now, since the elevators or lifts are questionable safetywise. So the upper floors are essentially closed to all the handicapped. Why hasn't it been fixed ready? Its been a year already!

Actually the upper floors at Hasting are closed.

So lets talk about the terrific job that was done to the Clubhouse parking lot. Remember that? IT was under construction on the one day a month that the Delegates meets, disrupting all of us. But the job was finished that evening. And the job is not so good. The reports are that it is full of holes. Ladies be advised, do not walk there in your high heels! Just remember this, all of the costs that are incurred at the Clubhouse and at the Hastings Facilities or at any other facility operated by WPRF are paid for fully by UCO, By us, by the unit owners.

So if you think about it the properties are paid for and maintained by the Unit Owners and the restrictions are put in place, basically to limit their use, by WPRF.  Is that what we want?

The New Normal

By Stew Richland
A “new normal” and what it means to us in Century Village.
The phrase “New Normal” as commonly used by radio and television commentators refers to newly accepted norms in our culture, politics and society. It comes into being when a dramatic change has transpired.  The new normal replaces the expected, usual, or typical state after an event has occurred.  The new normal forces us to accept the current situation rather than lamenting on what could have been.
Over the past six years of the current administration we have witnessed changes in the way business was being conducted and watched with disdain and revulsion how UCO implemented  a “new normal”  philosophy for running its day to day operation.
In the past 6 years UCO has swung its sledgehammer at one of our most revered institutions, the election process. We are supposed to be a Village where government is “of the people,  by the people, and for the people.”  Every action by this administration dramatically shows their relish to do things that are against the will of the people.  It is an administration that has as it goal,  to stay in control of UCO.
The nomination committee will meet December 18.  They must approve and print the biography forms that all candidates must complete.  Those who toss their “hats in the ring” will be able to file their applications early. We also have a process in which candidates are nominated from the floor of the Delegates Assembly.  Historically, this method has encouraged quite a large number of Villagers to run for office.  These contenders are also required to fill out the biography form. 
All the forms have to be vetted for accuracy of content.  In addition, each candidate is encouraged to have their picture taken to accompany their Biography.  When all this is done, it is forwarded to the UCO Reporter to be published, hopefully in the January edition.  The Reporter is distributed and, I write this tongue and cheek, the residents and  delegates will read the Biographies and then, after consultation with their association residents, select those candidates they feel are most qualified to be elected.  Basic logic tells us that this method does not promote the principles of democracy.  It clearly illustrates that UCO and the nominations committee have no respect for reality.
Let me point out the basic flaw in this plan.  I ask you, “would you buy a car without test driving it first?”  Would you go to an expensive restaurant with out checking a dining review?  Would you purchase a book without reading a review or at least the inside cover description.  Would you go to any medical professional without checking their credentials first?  Well then, using the same logic , why would you consider voting for a candidate when you have so little information to work with. 
Some candidates have name recognition and may have held some elective office in the past.  Based on some of the results of our national, state and local elections,  this is not always the best criteria to follow when casting your vote.  How about the fact that our Village demographics have changed over the last six years.  Many of our new residents most likely would not know most or all of the 2016 slate of candidates. If your intuition tells you that there is something wrong with this process you are correct.  We have been taught that Democracy is having elections, and it isn’t. Elections are most horrendous when votes are cast for candidates that are mostly an unknown quantity. This election process presents a stark choice.  We can go down the road of this “new norm”  and gets what we get or we turn the basic principles  established by our “founding fathers”  of  providing the electorate with the information about the candidates so that delegates can make intelligent choices compared to the Ouija Board method that is currently in force now.
There are simple solutions to remedy these glaring inadequacies.  We must open all the avenues of communication with the electorate. This translates to opening the Club House for numerous meet and greet forums and allow some electioneering at the pools.  Unfortunately, the “new normal” engineered by UCO and WPRF is in force, thus denying candidates the most reasonable method of presenting themselves to the voters.  At the last nomination committee meeting this solution was hidden under the carpet. Chanel 63 is not a viable alternative since most residents do not tune in to this venue.
Representatives from the UCO Reporter, proudly hailed the fact that all the Biographies will be printed in advance for voters to digest and thus can make an informative decision. This is an arrogant assumption on  their part.   Do they really believe that all the people in the Village read the Reporter.  Even if they did, do you actually think these residents will read at least 40  Biographies carefully with an open mind.  I doubt it.  To most of the readers its akin to watching a continuous stream of medical commercials.    Lets assume that voting delegates do read the Reporter with some enthusiasm and grind through all of the biographies.  Will the delegates  discuss the candidates with their unit owners and then make a choice that every ones is OK with. After a period of time all the names, faces and details will soon gel into an unidentifiable mix of unconnected data which soon evaporate from their “grey cells”  when they socialize with their friends. (or have a few drinks).
What is a good solution to this “news normal?”  I was told that posting informative handouts on association bulletin boards was an effective tool to use.  Good advice?  Yes, if the obstacles to this method were eliminated. For example.  Many bulletin boards are very small and are completely covered with all types of notifications.  Some boards are covered in glass and cannot be used.  Other boards have notices that state that only Condo business will be allowed to posted.  I respect this request.  Lastly, when you do post a notice, its shelf life is very limited.  Some residents do not like a candidate and tear the poster off the board.  I have found many of my posters in the recycle bin the next day.  There are other people who owe their UCO positions to the current administration and so they demonstrate their misplaced loyalty by tearing off the poster. Finally there are some who fear the competition for their jobs so strongly that they rip the posters off their bulletin boards in a true spirit of competition.
So the “new normal” along with illogical and ineffectual solutions that emanate from the nomination committee is a scandal that must be addressed.  Hopefully, in spite of the issues I have addressed,  the Democratic process will prevail.  Yes, I do believe in miracles.

 As Heraclitus observed, “you cannot step into the same river twice.”  Lets hope that this happens in 2016.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Security Failure

On 11/19/2015 7:32 PM, Andre Laplume wrote:





So what is going on here? WE were told by the great and enigmatic, Ed Black, that the Security contract he offered us, was the greatest ever.

Did you see the contract? Does the contract call for the Security to have Radios? Did it call for them to have Cellphones. Just exactly what are they to do in an emergency?

So what are the rules for the Rovers in an "emergency" Did they, the knowledgeable ones, forget these items? Did they leave them out on purpose?

Perhaps the thinking was that , in a unusual situation they would knock on a neighbors door and ask for the use of their telephone?

Or perhaps there was no thinking at all?

Posted by a concerned Villager

Recently a car was parked in the bus stop in front of the Kent pool with a gentleman sitting inside. My friend and I noticed him when we went for a walk. When we returned, he was still there. I asked if he needed help. He said he ran out of gas , called for help and was waiting for assistance; he was waiting for more than two hours. He kept a gas can in his car because apparently he had done this before. I volunteered to get gas for him and he agreed. As he got out of the car, I realized he had a handicap. He struggled to get himself out of the car to get the gas can. When we returned with the gas, I asked him if Security stopped. He said "YES" but they could not help. They gave him a bunch of lame excuses and drove away.
I am relating this story to you to further make you aware that Ed Black and Milton Cohen who is a personal friend of the president of the security company did not do the residents justice . What good is a security company if they cannot help in a moment of need?

Black top at the Clubhouse

And speaking about the road job. I have watched them, the Palm Beach County, have Okeechobee black topped about 8 or 9 month ago. This was done with no fan fare and with little trouble to the residents. However, they laid down a strip of blacktop and went home. And you know what there are no holes, no dips and no cracks. It has been about 9 months. Compare this to the job that was contracted for at the Clubhouse, the job the CH did, that we paid for. They didn't even get their machinery out of the way and we had cracks. Go out and see for your self. Now check Okeechobee, Tell me how come.

I will tell you what I think. The CH went for a cheap and dirty job. It was all cosmetic. We will have to do again, and again, and again... We will have to do again until somebody learns cheap is expensive, very expensive.

A decent thickness of blacktop would have lasted for years.

Tell me I am wrong! I dare you!

The Great Interpeter

Ms. Interpreter.

This is a picture of one of our loyal Delegates. She has taken it upon herself to be the great interrupter. She will jump up, at any time, no matter who is speaking, and yell "point of order". This will cause the Chair to stop everything and listen to her arguments. To say the least it is very annoying. To say that in this case Robert's Rules are in order is probably to be expected from the little dictator.

Friday, November 20, 2015

UCO is at it again!!

So, what is going on over at UCO? They are at it again. They are in a firing mood. They just fired Linda Graff. Linda was one of the info desk girls at the UCO office, she manned the Greeters desk at the UCO office. So what could be the reason for the firing?

Nothing, She was fired because the snow birds are back and Israel wants his people in at all places. So Linda had to go.

But remember this folks. They are firing Volunteers. Loyal Volunteers. Low cost Volunteers,sorry, NO cost volunteers.

Doesn't make sense, unless you subscribe to the thought that Israel wants his people in service at all times, and for all reasons.

And, for a minute lets talk about the UCO Reporter. Linda wanted to publish a questioning letter to the Editor, the Editor, Joy Vestal, said NO. The reason was it would be a conflict of interest.

Well, we have requested Joy to resign, she has two (2) jobs, one as a UCO Vice President (not elected, but volunteered) and one as Editor of the Reporter.

Now that is a conflict of interest.

And BTW, Ken the 8 year veteran Volunteer photographer also quit because, I guess, because of the cavalier way his wife was treated.

So I guess all this boils down to the continued Power grab by D. Israel.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Good Luck to you

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Century Village and all our residents around the globe.

Yesterday Phyllis Richland, candidate for UCO President,  held a meet the candidate  which was sponsored by an association demanding

change in Century Village.  Candidate Richland discussed the issues facing our Village and remedies to resolve them.  The audience asked very insightful questions.  Candidate Richland fielded each question rapidly and her responses clearly illustrated that her vision for the future of Century Village was one in which all those present responded with great enthusiasm and support.

We urge all associations that are preparing to hold their annual meetings to contact Phyllis Richland, candidate for UCO President, at 561-697-3601, to give her the opportunity to express her views on the issues that are of prime concern to the Village.

P.T.Barnum would love this

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Century Village and all our residents around the globe.

In the last Delegate Assembly, I attempted to inform the delegates that the election process  we have here in Century Village is undemocratic,  biased,  and geared to maintain the status quo.  The goal is to keep those in office, in office,  and to structure the rules to make this happen.  UCO elections are scheduled to be held in March 2016, yet the committee that is supposed to work out the details has done virtually nothing. It has not addressed the main issue which is “providing a level playing field for all candidates.” 
They suggest using the same process that has been used in the past. Candidates to fill out a Bio form.  Have a picture taken.  All this will be printed in the UCO Reporter.  The committee seems to be wearing blinders.  Our Village has undergone a demographic evolution  over the past few years. Many of our new residents have little knowledge of what UCO is all about.  These new residents and many of our long-term residents will be short changed by the current election process.  How  can any delegate or resident  glean any information from just reading a 25 word Biography  on a candidate?  These  are then published in the Reporter 5 days before the election.  Even the soap companies use more words to sell their product than we are allowing here in the Village.
Another fiction proposed was to hold a candidates forum in the Club House.  When will it be held?  How will they inform the Delegates?  How many candidates will be there?  How long will each candidate have for presentation, question and answers?  I don’t  know? Do You?  Grade school students could do a better job than what we are now being offered.
Finally, Barbara Cornish supported the idea that campaign posters be placed on the bulletin boards in each Condo Association.  Great idea? Well, Barbara, I have placed 4 posters on your bulletin board and it was taken down.  In some associations, posters were removed within two hours.  In some associations,  they have placed notifications that only Condo Association material will be allowed.  Some associations have their bulletin boards under glass.  Others to not have bulletin boards at all.
Fair elections in Century Village?  If you think so then I have a bridge in Brooklyn, that I would like to sell you.  Even P.T. Barnum  would be ashamed.

UCO Election Rules

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Get the Hell out of here!!


               This posting is in relation to the November 8, 2015 article entitled “MAJOR DIRTY DEEDS - ANOTHER DIRTY DEED by ED BLACK and DAVID ISRAEL” and the several comments connected to that article. 

            Adolf Hitler, perhaps the most evil man the world has ever known, appointed himself the Chancellor of Germany and then created the word “Fuhrer” to bolster his title to mean ABSOLUTE LEADER.  Without elections or the approval of anyone he brought in malevolent HENCHMEN such as Goring, Goebbels, Himmler, Bormann, Speer, Hess, Mengele, Donitz, Ribbentrop, Eichmann, Globocnik, Funk and many, many others, to carry out his wicked plans.  And, hundreds of thousands of people just stood around and watched it all happen and subsequently unfold into unspeakable horror.

            Pushing my thoughts to the extreme, I see a similar story here in the Village.  People walking around picking dingleberries, or in hiding for fear of repercussions if they speak their minds in an open forum.

            The Delegate Assembly is now sterile.  By not acting against a Nero-like figure for five years they have allowed their Board of Directors powers to be neutralized to the extent that even with all of this power they wouldn’t know how to handle it at this time.  This Nero-like figure has, literally speaking, taken full and absolute control of everything.
            If an officer said “no” to Hitler, that officer was taken out back and shot.  Try standing up to this president of UCO and you’ll see what he does, and what he orders his Henchmen to do.  It is sinful and disgraceful.  He not only will fire you from any job that you did as a volunteer, but he will stomp you into the ground and he will follow you until he is sure that your reputation is so tarnished that you will never come back.

            One of the very first things that Hitler did was disarm the people – the whole population – and then establish a new order.  One of the first things that the UCO Leader did was take away our rights of free speech, our rights of assembly and freedom of the press.

            I am sure that certain people will scoff at what I’m saying here, but those are the very people who only know how to criticize and don’t give a tinker’s damn about anybody except themselves and their Henchman’s job.
            We need the people of Century Village to run the show, -- to determine their own destiny in a Democratic manner.  We don’t need a secret agent to come in here with decoding and spying skills, using verbiage requiring an early eighteenth century dictionary, to dictate as to how this retirement community is to be run, especially when he lacks the necessary skills to deal with people.
            What has happened to this Village when you have such dominance by a man who demands full and absolute control is incredible, -- absolutely unbelievable!  Any reasonable person with a sixth grade education can take a look at the structuring we have now and should be able to determine without hesitation how wrong it is.

 Our administration is broken.  The Board of Directors (the Delegates) allow the “Leader” to violate state statutes without recourse.  Our CAM is supposed to be a full-time licensed person; here every working day, and without question our CAM, in everybody’s best interest, should be experienced.   Sending someone to school and hoping that that person get a license some time down the road doesn’t count during every day operations.   Did the Delegate Assembly give their approval for this man - Foster - a close pal of Black – to operate presently without a license which is a violation of Florida statutes?  Who said that Ed Black, makes the choice as to who fills the position?  Now you’re talking about money and who is going to be paid for what, - when, – and how much?  IT STINKS!  But, the “Leader” and his “Henchmen” can do whatever they want and the delegates and the commoners, - still picking dingleberries and in hiding, DO NOTHING!  And, the Officers’ Committee, the Henchmen, will follow orders.

Hello!!  Delegates, are you listening?  Do you believe in history?  I do.  Things happen again and again.  I relate what is happening in CV to what happened in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s.  When it comes to freedoms in CV, take them apart one by one, - you know – you don’t have any.  Just how long are you going to let this go on before you rise up and demand that the UCO “Leader” and his “Henchmen” resign and get the hell out of here?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bits and Pieces Nov 2015

Why is it that I must get the Village info promulgated by UCO from friends?? Apparently the little dictator does not want my name on the common UCO mailing list. I wonder if I submitted as the Cyber-Terrorist, as he calls me, it would suffice? Is he trying to make me into an outlier?

Looking at what David Israel posts on his Blog regarding the lawsuit of Sheffield O it is tough to ascertain exactly whose side he is on. He, UCO, is not a part of it, Israel posts only part of the suit and not the worst part. So whose side is he, us, UCO, on? I can tell you this the Filing cost: $411.00

Did you know that any post on this Blog can be translated into any language almost instantly? Just go to the Translate icon on the right side bar. Are you aware that the NYTimes occasionally publishes an editorial in Spanish?

I will tell you this, the closing of the availability of the media, the reporter, Channel 63, the pools, the Clubhouse is as the Congressman from Georgia, said, “Without the media the civil rights movement would have been like a bird without wings.” and so we, the opposition, the other side, the faithful opposition, the malcontents, the cyber-terrorists are kept out in the cold by the Little Dictator. Is this right?