Saturday, March 29, 2014

CV Roads repairs and Law Suits.

So what is all this talk about Law Suits and  roadway repairs?  The way I understand it. There is a group of CV citizens that believe that the road resurfacing was done in a poor and unprofessional manner. Starting with the UCO Contract. This contract, that spent 4-5 Million dollars of the Villages money, was only 1 paragraph long.There was no guarantee required, there was no hold back until the job was finished, there was no involvement of a Profession Engineer to oversee the job, a attorney was not involved at all. Remember this was 5 Million Dollars of our money being spent!

If you, as a Village unit holder, are happy and content with the job we got, all paid in full by the way, you are a fooling yourself because we now have to do it all over again and pay for it again. The job was shoddy at best and we paid to much money for a job that has to be repeated now There are people in this Village that will not accept shoddy, cheap or make do or Lousy work. So they sue!. 

And so Ligation raises its head and so Law Suits. 

Here are some pictures of the results of this roadway job after one of our usual rains. What will happen in the rainy season, or in the hurricane season?

There is an annoying situation at Stafford K. Thanks to HS. All of this since there was no over-site on the Road Repairs.

For those of you that think that this is OK, I say to you
Are You Nuts? 

Okay so now you have seen what the flooding looks like after the Road Repair, now take a look at the Roads today and the cracks that will force us to repair years early. Remember this is your money I am talking about.

Does any of this look like it was just resurfaced? And what do we think about those people that say "I am not interested in any of this?" Will their lack of interest still be alive after their UCO monthly bills rises $5-$10 a month to cover the cost of Roadway repair? And maybe the repair will be mandated by County rules?

I am sorry for the size of this post, but in order to be seen the photos  had to be published extra large

Want more details read this.


Stafford K

Flooding at Stratford K

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


     David Israel did post my letter which said that at the PRESENT time I was rescinding the request but did not mean that I could never again make such a request. David Israel posted the rescind letter in a crude attempt to be derisive in his talk and could not even get that right - CHANCH!!!! - but he did not post the email that went along with it and any other email I sent him despite HIS statement that he would, all, of course, in the name of transparency - which he does not believe in anyway.

     So.... Olga made an understandable error when she stated that David Israel had not posted it. He had - but so what! As usual, there was no positive reason for his actions. Despite all that I have said, that I was laying back now for a while due to personal reasons, David Israel has not let up with his crude and nasty remarks. Now he wants to know where my signature is?

 First of all, it is not necessary. Olga, and indeed, any resident of the Village, has the right to request this information just as any American citizen has the right based on the Freedom of Information Act, and yes, even your beloved NSA must cooperate.
So...I suggest that you honor the request and allow access to the papers sought in a free and unlimited matter  and if my signature is not there is holding you up, and the only reason holding you up, then so be it. Either give them the proper access or I will sign it and then what????

 Then what pathetic excuse will you dream up? What are you so afraid of? Why must you always be nasty? Why must you drag me into this? Are you a masochist that you like being the target of words of upset and confusion and anger or forcing others to use them? Are you so limited that, as usual, you must again use the words disruptive and discontent? Do you not know any other words. 

There are great dictionaries you know, on line or hard copy. If you need help, I was a great tutor for the SAT so I can help you with your vocabulary and by the way, your English also needs help. Your statement in your speech at the dinner stated "I remind THEM that are called...." Really? Shame on you. Go look up the rules of grammar. It is THEY OR THOSE WHO ARE CALLED. Anytime you need more help, you know where to reach me.

     Again, shame on you for insisting on dragging me into this fracas (that means fight, disagreement, argument, spat, etc) when I so very clearly stated I was going quiet, dark,unresponsive, uninvolved,needing of a time off....but no, you must do as your nasty heart tells you to. 

Please, David Israel, back off and away. I am not interested in your nonsense at this time but don't push. Go away, shoo, scram, amscray, go bug yourself and try to behave like a man, an honest man, and give them access as is the law.

(But the Village Unity Committee is still here and full of fight, you have not heard the last of us. As a matter of fact you haven't heard the end of the beginning of us )

And who the heck is the Village unity Committee? A name the Little Man made up?!!

We have been and will remail the Malefactors  --  opposing the Malfeasance Group!!



Read the story:

1.     Esther makes a request to see the election records. David prints request on  his blog.
2.     Esther rescinds request for election records. David does NOT print it on his blog.
3.    Olga makes request to see election records. David denies request stating it did not state a reason for request.
4.    Olga makes another request, specifying a reason and adding Myron Solomon, Gerard Karpf and Edward Grossman’s names to the request.
Are you with me so far?
Here’s what David does:
He goes on HIS BLOG and WRITES the following:


Dear David, to answer your question, Esther’s signature was eliminated because she rescinded her request.  WE did not. We have a legal right to see them and we want to exercise that right.   Meanwhile you can bitch and moan on YOUR BLOG all you want; it’s not going to get you anywhere.  Oh, by the way, there is no such thing as the VILLAGE UNITY COMMITTEE.

(Sometimes his moves make me wonder and worry, How about you? Gary)

(Is he even listening?)


Monday, March 24, 2014

The Florida Sunshine Law Explained

Community Association Sunshine Law Explanation 
A little more on the Sunshine Laws

  • 2. Official Records Florida law requires condominiums to maintain the official records of the association within the state for at least 7 years. The records of the association shall be made available to a unit owner within 45 miles of the condominium property or within the county in which the condominium property is located within 5 working days after receipt of written request by the board or its designee. 2
  • 3. Inspection An associations official records must be available for inspection by unit owners or their authorized representative at all reasonable times. An association may comply with this requirement by maintaining a copy of the official records on the condominium association property and making them available for inspection or copying. 3
  • 4. Copies Unit owners have the right to make or obtain copies of official records. The association may adopt reasonable rules regarding the frequency, time, location, notice and manner of record inspection and copying. Associations must maintain an adequate number of copies of the declaration of condominium, articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules and all amendments to those documents, the question and answer sheet and the year-end financial information. 4
  • 5. Denial of Access If an association fails to provide requested records within ten working days after receipt of a written request, the unit owner may be entitled to damages.  The failure of the board to allow inspection of books and records constitutes a dispute for which a unit owner may either file a complaint with the Division or petition the Division for mandatory nonbinding arbitration
  • (in either case David Israel is exercising a right he does not have!)
  • For more info click here

“The Florida Sunshine Law”

“The Sunshine Law”
One of the questions that we get asked at almost every class  is “Do community associations have to abide by the Florida Sunshine Law concerning the rights of unit owners to attend board meetings.  
Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law was enacted in 1967. Today the Sunshine Law can be found in Florida Statute 286.
The Government in the Sunshine Law applies to “any board or commission of any state agency or authority or any county, municipal corporation, or political subdivision.”
Technically, it does not apply to community associations.
However, Florida Statutes 718, 719, and 720 contain similar language and provisions with respect to holding  meetings “in the sunshine” (in the presence of the owners).
For condominiums, FS 718.112 (2) (c) states:
“Meetings of the board of administration at which a quorum of the members is present shall be open to all unit owners.
FAC 61B-23001 (1) (a) defines a “meeting” as:
“Any gathering of the members of the board of directors at which a quorum of the members is present, for the purpose of conducting association business.”
And (b):
“Unit owners have the right to attend and observe all meetings of the board of administration and its committees.”
There are several exceptions.
FS 718.112 (2) (c) 3.  a. b.
3. Not withstanding any other law, the requirement that board meetings and committee meetings be open to the unit owners does not apply to:
a. Meetings between the board or a committee and the association’s attorney, with respect to proposed or pending litigation, if the meeting is held for the purpose of seeking or rendering legal advice; or
b. Board meetings held for the purpose of discussing personnel matters.
In Homeowners’ Associations, FS 720.303 (2) (a) and (b) states:
“A meeting of the board of directors of  an association occur whenever a quorum o fthe board gathers to conduct association business. All meetings of the board must be open to all members except for meetings the board and it’s attorney with respect to proposed or pending litigation where the contents of the discussion would otherwise be governed by attorney client privilege.” Meetings to discuss “personnel matters” are also not required to be open to the members.
It is recommended that notice be posted for all meetings whether they are to be open or closed.
Some associations schedule private “workshops” or “executive sessions” claiming that these are not real meetings because no “business” or voting on any issues is being done.
There is some controversy as to the interpretation of “conducting association business” in the code.
I welcome comments or opinions on this issue.

For additional information click here



A posting on Bob’s blog said that people requesting the election results were sore losers who should go home and FORGETABOUTIT.  This person believes David Israel won the election fair and square. Here are some facts to consider.

 The majority of election counters, save ONE, believe that David Israel is the savior of saviors and kneel to his every wish. Marilyn  Gorodetzer, chair of the election committee, admitted  at a recent post election meeting that she is  going to use these  same people again and again because they have experience. Meanwhile, she also admitted that when she became the chair of the advisory committee, she knew nothing; she learned everything on the job. Well, if she can learn on the job, why can’t someone who needs only have to count at a grade-school level be a counter at the UCO election?   Do choosing counters who favor David Israel create suspicion?  You bet it does.   Could the ballots have been doctored?  It’s possible.

But another question is, why did David Israel win the election after signing on a ONE-PAGE CONTRACT and wasting FIVE MILLION DOLLARS of our money on a road-paving job that will need to be redone soon?   There were over 100 additional delegates who never attended any meetings that came out of the woodwork to vote for him?   

They were presidents whom David invited to his office each week and gave a pep talk to. He fed them with tales of what a wonderful job he was doing. These Pep Talks were a major factor in David winning the election;   not because he was the best choice, but because he used his skills as a National-Security   Agent to sway the election in his direction.

We have a legal right to review the election results, and we chose to do so no matter what the person posting on Bob’s blog believes. 

(And what does David Israel have to hide anyway? - Gary)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pam Bondi and the Florida Sunshine Laws

I see that the UCO head is practicing Law and giving free advice. He has advised Olga, Rod Tennyson and some officers that Olga's and Esther  request for information concerning the Elections at Century Village are lacking information. 

Can you believe he needs to see a reason. The fact that we think that the Elections may have been run crookedly, which is why the request is not enough reason.

Below is what Pam Bondi our AG thinks of our rights in the sunshine Laws

Open Government - The "Sunshine" Law
To assist the public and governmental agencies in understanding the requirements and exemptions to Florida's open government laws, the Attorney General's Office compiles a comprehensive guide known as the Government-in-the-Sunshine manual. The manual is published each year at no taxpayer expense by the First Amendment Foundation in Tallahassee.

Florida began its tradition of openness back in 1909 with the passage of Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes or the “Public Records Law.” This law provides that any records made or received by any public agency in the course of its official business are available for inspection, unless specifically exempted by the Florida Legislature. Over the years, the definition of what constitutes “public records” has come to include not just traditional written documents such as papers, maps and books, but also tapes, photographs, film, sound recordings and records stored in computers.

Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Law was enacted in 1967. Today, the Sunshine Law regarding open government can be found in Chapter 286 of the Florida Statutes. These statutes establish a basic right of access to most meetings of boards, commissions and other governing bodies of state and local governmental agencies or authorities.

Throughout the history of Florida's open government, its courts have consistently supported the public's right of access to governmental meetings and records. As such, they also have been defining and redefining what a public record is and who is covered under the open meetings law. One area of public concern was whether or not the Legislature was covered under the open meetings requirements. To address that concerns, a Constitutional amendment was passed overwhelmingly by the voters in 1990 providing for open meetings in the legislative branch of government.

The Attorney General's Office has consistently sought to safeguard Florida's pioneering Government-in-the-Sunshine laws. Our attorneys have worked, both in the courtroom and out, to halt public records violations. In 1991, a decision by the Florida Supreme Court raised questions which made it clear that the best way to ensure the public's right of access to all three branches of government was to secure that right through the Florida Constitution. The Attorney General's Office then drafted a definitive constitutional amendment, which guaranteed continued openness in the state's government and reaffirmed the application of open government to the legislative branch and expanded it to the judiciary. This amendment passed in 1992.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Grief they are trying to close down the Sunshine Laws

Good Grief, in this state nobody, D. Israel included, would try to close down the Sunshine Laws, or would they? I wonder...

Look what Cerabino says about this and don't for a minute think he is not talking about our President, the CV one.

Cerabino: Celebrate Sunshine Week with yet another example of lawmakers trying to hide public records

By Frank Cerabino - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Happy Sunshine Week.

This is the week every year when we take stock in how wonderful open-records laws are in America, how, we the people are empowered by our broad access to the workings of government. It’s supposed to be a feel-good time for us citizens.

Sunshine Week was started 12 years ago by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors in reaction to the habit of our state legislators to chip away at open-records laws by crafting exemptions for disclosure. Florida’s Sunshine Week soon became a national week of rallying for the idea of open government.

Despite all this lip service to government transparency, Florida’s legislators have managed to carve out about 1,000 exceptions to open-record laws, and they've still got plenty on their to-do list.

So guess how we’re celebrating Sunshine Week this year in Florida?By passing an amendment in a pending piece of legislation that would allow all the citizens who successfully use the “stand your ground” defense in criminal cases to have their court records expunged from the public record.

Yes, there’s no better way to mark Sunshine Week than by coming up with a new way to hide public records.

Including the Century Village  "I wonder law"

To read the entire story click here


     Two days ago, David Israel announced an election review by the Election Committee. He gave two days notice and is obviously trying to respond to a number of questions posed to him by a number of people, including members of his own administration. Thus the meeting, but also, thus the two days notice, making it quite difficult for many to attend.

 I cannot attend as I had prior commitments that could not be rescheduled and others had that problem as well. I, therefore, have sent David Israel an email requesting answers to questions that I would have posed had I been able to attend. Below is the email I sent.

     Should anyone out there have other questions, please, ask them of David Israel, Marilyn Gordetzer and Ed Black, since he seemed to be running the show in the tally room! Good luck in receiving answers.

March 21, 2104

To David Israel:

 Due to the late announcement of this meeting, I am unable to reschedule previous
commitments and therefore, cannot attend. I am sure there are others with an interest
in this who also cannot come due to the abrupt scheduling.

 Therefore, I am sending you a list of questions that I would have asked at the meeting.

These questions have relevance to both this past election and for future ones. I would like a timely
 and civil response to these questions either via email or standard mail service.

The questions are listed below and I thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

                                                                                                Esther Sutofsky

1. Why was the meeting scheduled with  only two days notice?

2. Why were alternate delegates allowed to work in the election and said alternates allowed to sign in PRIOR to 8 AM schedule.

3. Why were alternate delegates allowed to vote anyway when the delegates were there, ready to vote the associations bidding rather than their own feelings as did the alternates?

4. Why were there no observers allowed in the voting room. During regular elections observers are allowed to see that ballots are filled out by the voter without "help" from others.

5. Why were 95% if not more of the election workers on the pro David side and why were others not called back with an exception of Jim Reed and his daughter who at the last minute after a fuss, were called.

6. Why was Ed Black running the whole shebang up there in the tally room?

7. Why were the talleyers told NOT TO TALLY as it would be done ELSEWHERE! 

(What is really going on here?
 I wonder - Gary)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Election Results hiding!!


I don't get it. The State of Florida, the County of Palm Beach and the City of West Palm Beach all mandate the free access to elections and election results. So what is our President afraid of? What makes him wonder when a Citizen Voter asks for the details of the election results? What is there to wonder about? 

This request is a lawful request and the denial is unlawful.

Just exactly what is Mr. Israel frightened about? Could it be there are irregularities in the election? These irregularities seem to be well hidden. But if Mr. Israel is worried that these irregularities can be found, fear not, they will be.

So the law is being broken here. This attitude will not stand.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Plcruise said...

 Plcruise said...
Another day, another silly request to slow things down and cost more money for us all. Sadly, there is no CV unity possible for with Olga, Esther, Gary, et al. still in action.
March 18, 2014 at 2:32 PM

So the facts are Picruise is hiding on a private blog. On this blog he is allowed to hide, but I must call his Silly and stupid statement about the Posters on the Open and Free Blog. I am flattered that he considers our writing as "in Action"- Its a wonderment and I guess this blogger lives in OZ.


     After requesting the records from the election, I decided to just take a break and listen to people close to me. David Israel, who says he will post all my emails DID NOT, but he did publish the letter I sent to rescind the request - AT HIS REQUEST as he wanted it in that form and did not accept the email I sent him. I also rescinded the request with the right to request it again. I thought that by allowing this request to lapse, I would allow time for him to try to work on a unity plan. Well, the man did not. Instead, he fires up the whole fight all over again.

 You are one nasty dude, David Israel, and there you go again tying people together when there is no connection other than the fact that they were candidates on an opposition slate, opposing you. I can only wonder why you are so infested and consumed with paranoid fantasies.

     Contrary to your people, those who supported me are not puppets. They do not jump to my commands. In fact, I do not give any commands, unlike you. I believe in the team approach and in democracy. Maybe we should send an email to Putin as he certainly believes in your type of governing.

     Olga has every right to ask for and see the election original papers and there is no cause for you, David Israel, to be nasty about the whole thing. I wonder if you know any other way to actually behave with any one else other than with your puppets.

     I have asked you time and time again to try to go up, toward a higher plain, a higher level and standard of behavior, to accept and hear the voices of the multiples of people who obviously disagree with you. By being a true statesman you could unite the Village and then perhaps you would have a legacy, but no, you choose the low and dirty path again. I am so tired of you, so very tired. Be sure that next week I will be handing in my volunteer papers and I expect to get appointed to one of my requested committees. If not, you, David Israel, will have much to answer for as you already do at this point.

Once again you have introduced needless anger, hurt and nastiness into the fray. Are you proud of yourself? Ask yourself, as you look in the mirror, "Is this the son my mother would be proud of?"

   Please note that I could care less what your stooges Mike and Plcruise have to say about me, but they should shut up about others. They showed their true colors when they wrote those nasty words about Phyllis Richland upon her retirement. Nasty is as nasty does and a leopard doesn't change his spots. Too bad, so sad. I was truly hoping for a better, kinder era for our Village.

What is wrong with this Little Man? Even with no reasons he is insulting and derogatory. All of this is a Wonderment !- Gary

Oh the wonder of it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


He is doing a lot of wondering of late. I wonder why?

Why does he suspect everybody of everything? Why not take it at face value. Unless he measures everybody by his own actions. Then I don't blame him. And I need not wonder!

 I can't begin to wonder. Oh the wonderment of it all. I wonder how Chanch looks when spelled correctly**

I am beginning to believe I am living in OZ or at least Kansas. And the Wizard is talking to us. I wonder why??

**These are the saddest of possible words:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."
Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than birds,
Tinker and Evers and Chance.
Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon[a] bubble,
Making a Giant hit into a double[b]
Words that are heavy with nothing but trouble:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Term Limits

The nation's Founders strongly believed in rotation in office. They left term limits out of the Constitution because they did not foresee that politics could or would become a career for so many people. Short term limits would remedy that mistake. Nothing is more important today than reversing the pernicious rise of a professional political class.

Palm Beach County has term limits

The County Supervisors have term Limits

Politicians are proving reluctant to agree to relinquish power--which shows the need for term limits irrespective of the partisan composition of Congress or any elected body viz a viz UCO.

To effectively end politics as a lifetime sinecure, thereby making  service a leave of absence from a productive, private-sector retirement, requires that terms be short. 4 years is a short career, but it is more than long enough for your UCO officers to become more concerned about their relationships with each other--logrolling and the like--than about their relationships with constituents.

The nation's Founders strongly believed in rotation in office. They left term limits out of the Constitution because they did not foresee that politics could become a career. Short term limits would remedy that mistake. Nothing is more important today than reversing the pernicious rise of a professional political class.

The movement to limit political terms is steamrolling through American politics. Voters have approved term limits for Congressmen in each of the fifteen states where referenda have been held, with votes averaging over 66 percent in support, and another four to ten states will permit their citizens to vote on congressional term limits this November. If past elections and current polls are any indication, these proposals also will pass easily. In addition, eighteen states and hundreds of cities and counties across the country have adopted term limits for state and local officials.

Such substantial public support suggests widespread distaste for careerism in politics, as well as a conviction that continual infusion of fresh blood into UCO will be good for both the Village

Here in Century Village we need Term Limits. We don't need careerism. We need to reestablish a citizen Delegate legislature.

Term limits are a vital political reform that would bring new perspectives to UCO, mandate frequent legislative turnover, and diminish incentives for wasteful activities that currently flourish in a careerist  culture.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Blog takes on the Job of D.Israel watchdog!

This blog is not going away. We did some good, albeit it was tough, We made David Israel see the errors of his way and apologize for it and maybe even back off. 

This blog will dedicate it self to keeping an eye on the current administration and if need be will call out things that need your attention. Maybe it wont be necessary, only time will tell

Friday, March 14, 2014

all the Marbles

Hey, Mr. Israel, listen up.


I know how difficult it may be for you to heed advice, but maybe for once you will take some advice other than for paving roads.  Read the quote again, and then again......
perhaps it may make you think about all the people you have put down.

You have won the jackpot, all of the marbles, everything, ---- is it really necessary now to do what you're doing?


Sunshine Laws

I see there are non-lawyers on the private blog that pontificate that the Florida Sunshine laws do not apply to our Associations and specifically UCO. I don't think so. 718 specifically applies to our Village and its Condos.

The problem is those people that refuse to allow us our rights under 718.  David Israel has no respect for Florida laws. He has said before that if the courts ordered him to give up the Email addresses, he would destroy them. This is the same attitude we see now, viz a viz, the sunshine laws. He thinks he can avoid the responsibility of his actions, by taking no action. Wrong, Esther asks for a Sunshine opening of the Election paper work. Israel publishes it on his Private Blog and says look at this request. Ha- Ha-Ha. That no comment will not take him out of responsibility and could cause a action by the State, and eventually affect the Village.

He, with his arrogance, is putting all of in jeopardy.



    I am not sure why and when the world went so crazy here in the Village with wild accusations and statements. No one is threatening to sue. I know of no lawsuit except the one that was filed a few weeks ago. There are none other than that and the request for the papers is simply an attempt to analyze what happened. If it makes you all so paranoid to have such a request, then forget it. At this point I do not give a good goddamn about your crazy statements and accusations and the wild remarks made on your blog, David. I am just tired and disgusted about and with it.You need to rope them in before they say something they really regret.

    In the paper today there is an article by a head  of a large company who states that a leader needs to have the skill of listening to all around him/her and to have modesty, not to think one knows it all. Interesting remarks. Please take note. Please take note that the delegates who did not vote for you represent a very large proportion of the residents of the Village. You need to hear what they are telling you.

     In any case, I am going to cede to the demands of those I love and who are important people in my life. They demand that I disengage right now, stop tilting at windmills and remind me that at 65 I cannot be Don Quixote 24/7. Believe it or not, David, there are people in this world more important than you and so I accede to their wishes. In due time, as things change, as administrations and people change and age and move on, there will be time to reengage. Right now I am taking a break. That does not mean I will not apply as a volunteer, just keeping a lower profile.

     I am tired of the negativity, the name calling and insults that members of your group rely on to express their thoughts. I am tired of the lies and twisting of words. I am, in fact, tired of you and your gang and only feel and worry for the Village.

     So - cancel the request, cancel their mouths and just please try to keep our Village whole so that we all do not go down the tubes with your policies and refusal to heed the voice of others. If you need a registered letter to this effect, that the request for the election records is cancelled just let me know and it will be on the way.

(However keep in mind the "My Village Blogger" is and will remain engaged - Gary)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paranoid man

Did you see the conversation between the Little Man and Esther and his paranoid response?

Here is the indication of a Paranoid man. A man who rejects outreach. A man who see problems where there are none, A man who looks at a legitimate Blog and calls if illegitimate. Actually a man who made it to the UCO presidency by lying and cheating. Here is a link where he was caught and forced to retract. Click here

This is a indication of a dangerous man who is out of decent control!

Nobody sues unless that are wronged. David Israel feels he has the right to with hold information that is specifically allowed by the Sunshine Laws of this state. Where does he get the nerve? 


     Over the course of the campaign, particularly during the latter half, and immediately and continuously after the elections, I have made overtures to David Israel to join in the effort to unite the Village, rather than keep it in a stew of nastiness and hatred that will do no one any good. I shook his hand and wished him luck and plan on handing in volunteer forms for committees.

     So what has happened now to make me hold my head in despair? Very simple. As one who came through a very difficult campaign and an out of the ordinary election day, it is my right and my duty to myself to request the records of that day so that I may analyze the results and work on that in the future. Is David Israel scared that I have some nefarious purpose in mind? Does he think that I might choose to run against him in two years and he will do everything he can to block my way, including violating my rights? David Israel, my rights are my rights and my reasons are not necessary to be stated, but I have. I have made it clear that I intend to work for the betterment of the Village through UCO and all you have handed me is guff. For someone who allegedly was an analyzer of data for his entire career, you seem to not be understanding my purpose of analysis.

     In today's NY Times there is an article which states that wisdom and a positive outlook combined with kindness is what is needed to challenges of aging. Kindness, David, kindness. Try it sometime. It makes a person feel good. Below is my email that I sent today to David Israel in his capacity of UCO President in response to his posting of my letter and making a big deal out of a simple request. Judge for yourself.

David, you continue to amaze me. The request for the records is a simple request with no nefarious reasons, just a
post election analysis for my own information and enlightenment. For you to ascribe a nasty meaning tells me you are going to continue the nastiness of the election and encourage your followers as well. I do not understand your reasoning. Why continue to divide the Village with hate and insinuations? Why not try to unite everyone, invite all under the umbrella. I guess this tells me what kind of reception I will get when I hand in my volunteer forms for UCO committees.

How sad it is that you continue on this way. How sad for the Village and how sad for you personally that you think you must be nasty in order to survive.

I repeat, how sad for the Village and how sad for David Israel. My life is continuing on no matter what happens, as G-d will have it, but my fear is for the Village. What will happen to the Village, its residents, if all we have are one sided "discussions" and ideas in our administration. Not good, friends, not good.

(Not to forget Esther committee still exists and we will continue to work to get rid of Boss Israel - Gary)

There is no freedom of speech in the Little Mans world!!



The delegates have proven again why ALL residents should have the right to vote in the UCO election. They have expressed their ignorance by giving David Israel and his entire slate the right to control our village. In doing this, they have set a dangerous precedent which will give David and his supporters a monopoly in running the village. We are going to be held hostage to all their demands, as long as they remain in office. Our only chance to avoid this in the future is to take away the power of the delegates and give it to ALL the residents. The delegates have proven time and time again they are not capable of representing ALL of us. 


So as you can see the closed blog is closed ever tighter. Now a link to My Village Blogger Has been removed. For why? To help who in the village? To satisfy Israel's lust for full and absolute power over the Village.

I think this is another example of the dictatorial moves by the Little Man. This move seems to do nothing to help the Villages in any way.

A link can be set up on your desktop or in Favorites. It is quite easy actually. Just copy the addresss from the address bar on top of the main page and paste it as a shortcut on the desktop or in the Browser Favorites.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Closed Blog

We will leave the link up to the Closed blog!!

We also have gotten numerous complaints about the link to the Closed Blog, but in the interest of our visitors we will not close it. 


Monday, March 10, 2014

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Miscellaneous Thoughts - Works in Progress - To be Continued.:

Special Election or assignment? 

So, since Phyllis retired there is a VP spot open. What are we going to to do? Actually we are not involved in it. The President has the option to let things roll naturally and pick the next candidate on the election list, which will be John Gluszak. John is a good choice, he has held this job for the past 2 years, and is good at it. No need for a special elections. 

On the other hand,  another idea might be to hold a special election at the next Delegates Assembly to elect the open Vice President. I nominate Esther Sutofsky!! Lets not lose sight that the different between the winner and the loser in Presidential race was 36 votes.

The Messenger Club will continue with it bi-weekly meetings. The subject of these meeting will vary, but will always center on subjects of valued interest to the Village.The club's basic purpose will be to focus on topical issues in relation to the betterment of Century Village. These issues will include, but not be limited to, financial, transportation, communication, beautification and any other subjects that involve the entire village. We will have lively discussions and will seek opinions and review those items which will focus on the betterment of the Village for everyone.

On the Subject of our President's first Order, Wi-Fi. I have some questions. First off how has the problem with the Tower been solved? Do we actually need a tower, will PB Airport approve it?  Why are we not investigating the introduction of Wi-Fi by each of the Associations? So that those Associations that want Wi-Fi can vote it in and those that don't, can vote it out. Also the cost. The Village wide Wi-Fi has been quoted at anywhere fro $2-5 million. A 3 story Association with 42 units looks like it can be brought in at under 5 thousand dollars. Our Presidents attitude is that all of these problems will be solved as we go along, So lets start, and lets spend some money.

Voting and Numbers!!

On the subject of delegate attendance at the Delegate Assembly. Usually the Delegate Count is around or less than 200. So how come the count now went to over 300. Where did those extra 100 come from? I want, I demand to see the sign in sheets!!

Your comments on any of this stuff is welcome. There is no cutoff, just lets not use meanness, impolite remarks or nastiness and be germane to the conversation.

Much More later.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

let me be the first

Let me be the first! I hereby nominate Elaine B to fill the empty slot at UCO left by the retirement of Phyllis Richland.  As back ground.  A few years ago there was an on going commercial about two brothers sitting around the dinner table.  They were being offered a cereal to eat.  They both looked at each other with a pained expression on their face and then they suddenly they turned to their little brother and said,  “give it to Mikey…. Mikey likes it! (

Well based on your sage observation that Phyllis’s extra commitments as a member of UCO that any resident “even a renter” could do it, I ask all those committed souls, our fellow Village leaders to get behind this idea. According to Elaine B, the job description is so mundane that one only has to peruse the Palm Beach County speakers list, call some one up and using your magical gifts of persuasion they will rush to Century Village and provide us with the information they have to offer. How easy this seems.

  All you have to do is make a club house room reservation, advertise the event, move the tables and set the stage, and be there at the door greeting the guests. And of course, if the event is a success, you step back, and let the top official take the kudos for the activity.  I hope your ego is strong enough for this. I hope you can also squeeze some time into your very active day, when you are not at the key board telling all about the weather and the marvelous creatures that inhabit our Village, and spend some time at UCO to learn the ins-and-outs of the state and federal programs that are available to our needy Villagers.  The only requirement is “broad shoulders, and a compassionate heart". Oh yes, you do need very broad shoulders because many of the elderly really need just a person to listen to them and cry with them and hold their hand and provide a bit of relief from their burdens.

If all of this seems a bit to much, why not seek out a “renter” who has time on their hands to fill this gap.

How marvelous it is when you can sit in a “cat bird seat” and just with a few simple sentences trivialize the efforts of others. As a politician from Texas observed its easy to walk in others shoes even if they don’t have legs.


Villagers please support this nomination. Thank you!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Dave's answer to the following letter from Esther :

"  Hi Gary,
I would like to get together with Sylvia, Shorty, Eduardo, Nick Beef and all the anonymous to discuss this Email.
Can you arrange that?


My answer to Dave:

"Thanks for the quick and complete reply. Can we includes Mr. Hoffa. Judge Crater and Joshua Slocum?"

So we continue...

I had not thought to write again so soon as this was a long and hard fought campaign at a time that was difficult for me in a physical way. I am not sorry I ran and indeed, met so many wonderful people and am grateful for that as well as for the dedicated campaign committee who worked so hard and so selflessly. However, I am disappointed in one aspect of the campaign which appears not to have stopped and David, please, this is in your hands and your control.

     Why, on a day after a campaign ended, after a record turnout of voters, after a respectable showing by my supporters (which should say something to you, David. There is a loyal opposition out there who love the Village and a good leader needs to listen to all the citizens he is responsible for and to), but be that as it may, why, after so much negativity was thrown around do we have more viciousness from bloggers on your blog.

     I have no idea who this Mike is, but he is certainly vicious and cruel. Was there any need for the statements he has made? NO! And for G-d's sake, he goes after Phyllis Richland, one of the best human beings I have ever had the privilege of meeting and getting to know??? I am a bit old for heroes, but Phyllis is certainly one of mine. She has a big heart and open arms for all those in need and has worked selflessly for others for years. In fact, anything that has humanity stamped on it that came out of and for this Village has her name and heart on it and in it. And then she cruelly suffers two harsh blows and yet bears up under them and yet Mike goes after her like a weasel after prey? He and others posted more vicious comments needlessly, on both of your blogs.

 David, this is wrong, wrong,wrong. It is up to you to set the tone of your blog. It is up to you to change the tone of the Village. If you are indeed a leader, want to be a leader, then lead by example. Do the right thing.

     And while we are talking about the right thing, a bit of friendly advice. You and I shook hands and I wished you luck but I have not deserted my supporters. Would it not be wonderful if we could still bring the sides of the Village together, accepting of criticism based in appropriate language as well as praise? Would it not be wonderful and wise to include in your administration people with differing ideas, not simply yesmen. Discussion and dissension are the landmarks of governments that move forward in a positive manner. You want to leave a legacy for your name in the Village? Then think about that - the man who reformed and reformatted the Village in a positive way - he united the residents once again.

     One of the ways you can show that you understand what I have written is to allow me to post on your blog as well as others if they post appropriately as well, and that also means removing some of those already on who are totally inappropriate, regardless of whether they appear to support you or not. No one needs supporters like that. If there is a critique, let it be phrased in an appropriate manner and additionally, do not blacklist me or other supporters from volunteering to be on committees. One president of an Association asked me if I would volunteer to be active in UCO if I lost and I laughed but maybe I was wrong. Maybe there will be no blacklisting.
 Let us move forward in a positive manner. Leave your legacy in a proper and positive way. Curb those who are vicious. Have an apology sent to Phyllis and if that is the only thing you are ready to do, then so be it, that and curb those people. Just look at the comments on your blog and you will see who they are.
 This was written by a person who has the Village at heart and nothing personal to gain. My life will go on with or without UCO, a good life, but how much better we all would be with a united Village. Think about it. That is indeed a legacy.