Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Constitutionalists Help

Some days it seems as if we need this quartet to help us out with our UCO problems now that they are done with the Constitution.

This is Ragtime Piano

Ragtime Piano that will knock your socks off. Sitback, Relax and listen

Monday, June 29, 2015

Back to Kelly and Sheffield O

So I finished reading the UCO Reporter. I am appalled at the report by Charles Colvin. That was a travesty that was being carried out by D.Israel for over 3 years. Now it is being reported in the UCO Reporter. This travesty was also carried out by the administration of WPRF, Eva was aware of this and did nothing. This all stood still until Ed Grossman published it in the CVMessenger!

You can read the article I am referring to here.

Suffice to say that this report I referred to was caught by WPRF.

Just remember the President of UCO said there is nothing I can do to help, for 3 years. That is until the CVMessenger reported what was going on. Israel still did not address the root problem. Instead he faulted the CVMessenger for reporting it.

Shoot the messenger, the CVMesssenger!!

Boo on D Israel. hooray on WPRF for finally catching up!!

Sheffield O and David Israel - the know nothing

So exactly what is going on at Sheffield O. For a fact I read Kelly's announcement on Israel's Blog that he was going to dissolve the Condo.

I also know that Nancy Salmi exists and I don't doubt that what she says is true. Her Unit is in jeopardy, as is all the others.

So what is Mr Israel trying to tell us? Sheffield O is not in jeopardy? The information reported on is in error or is lies from the Justice for Resident reporting via the CVMessenger?

The fact this this situation was known by UCO and the Clubhouse (WPRF) management including the house Guest, D.Israel, for over 3 years and nothing was done  is a shame. Now he is complaining that JFR, that's Justice for Residents, is wrong. I also know that Kelly gave Israel's re-election a donation that eventually after a while was returned. No doubt Israel and Kelly are friends. Maybe that's the reason for the delay in action against his bid to take over the Sheffield O.

But now the situation at Sheffield O is serious enough to bring the Reporter to full attention, to get Israels attention, to get Mr.Levy's attention, to get Mr Freidman to announce fixes.

And David Israel is more interested in shooting the messenger, that is the CVMessenger.

Look, if this was not a serious threat then why is Mr. Mark Friedman holding one of his informative Party Room Presentations? Why is Mr.Levy informing his lawyer to do something to stop this, going as far as he can legally.

You tell me if this is a nothing!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

To Mr. I.Levy

By a Concerned Citizen.

Irwin levy, the man who built Century Village in West Palm Beach, about 48 years ago, had a wonderful vision.

He was going to build a paradise for Senior Citizens in WPB Florida. So that when the seniors retired, they could come down to Florida and have a wonderful life in their Golden years.

He built a beautiful place with a wonderful Golf Course and promised the people who bought they would have the Golf Course in perpetuity, which means “Forever”. You all know what happened to that promise.

For years, things ran pretty smooth, of course there were some disagreements after UCO was formed but they always seemed to work out and there was peace in the Village until the last few administrations of David Israel took over.

Now together with UCO and WPRF, which manages for Benenson Real Estate, 

Forbids the Residents from having Political Meetings in the Clubhouse because they don’t agree with UCO in certain matters.

Forbids the Residents from having a fundraiser with food in the Clubhouse

Forbids the Residents from handing out circulars at the pools, in the Clubhouse or any WPRF property.

Forbids the Messenger Newspaper, which writes about the events taking place in the Village, which concerns the Residents, to get the truth about what is happening in Century Village. 

Mr. Levy was this your vision for the Residents when you built Century Village?

I remember when Mr. Irwin Levy made a statement in which he said “I will never hurt the people who live in Century Village".

Do you remember when you said that Mr.Levy?

Term Limits, again

I have posted on this blog previously that Term Limits are bad. If you do not have term limits then the election process is 90% in favor of the the incumbent, 10% for the challenger. Barbara Cornish does not under stand this or she chooses to ignore its meaning.

A quick google search brings up the following opinion regarding the cons of Term Limits.

1. There are many who believe that Congressional term limits help to root out corruption. Being a member of Congress is an awesome amount of power and those who are exposed to vast amounts of power over longer periods of time are more likely to start making decisions based in their own self-interest, as opposed to listening to their constituents.
2. Serving as a member of Congress is not supposed to be what one chooses as their choice of career. Those who choose to serve as members of Congress are supposed to do because of noble reasoning, not as a means to make money and ensure that they are employed in perpetuity. Term limits keep those who desire power and money out of Congress. And those after power out of UCO administration.
3. Congress thrives when new ideas are allowed to flourish. When the same old people sit in the same old seats year after year, this can lead to stagnation and a lack of fresh decision making. A government body works best when people are allowed to infuse new ideas and come up with plans that exist outside of the box.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Barbara Cornish Awake!!


In her opinion column in the UCO Reporter Barbara Cornish claims we do not need term limits. She claims we already have them, and they are called elections.  If Ms Cornish really believes term limits are synonymous with elections she has been living on another planet too long, and it’s time she got on her broom and flew back to earth. Term limits mean a candidate, after fulfilling the required two terms, cannot run again in an election. It means you; the voter does NOT HAVE A CHOICE. You cannot vote for a candidate who is term limited PERIOD. In an election, you DO HAVE A CHOICE. You can vote for any candidate you please. If Ms Cornish sincerely believes term limits, and elections are the same she is in dire need of a dose of electric shock. 

Uco is a Boo-Boo

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Some of the rules that are insisted on at the Clubhouse are Archaic. The dress code for the Movie Theater is ridiculous. Why, for an afternoon movie must the women be dressed with pants that go beyond the knee and men must dress with collared shirts? Why is that? Is that somebody's idea of proper dress?

How about the archaic rule that you must over 21 to go into the Pool Room. That is just discriminatory and plain stupid. The Pool Halls of past are gone. There is no reason to keep a young man out. Actually, a better age limit might be 16.

Meanwhile some of the rules effect the Clubs and Associations. Did you know that the allocation of meeting rooms in the Clubhouse has a political component?

If your politics do not agree with those of the UCO Establishment then you will NOT get space for your meetings in the Clubhouse. The rules here are somewhat nebulous, but they exist.

Actually, these same political rules apply to channel 63 and the UCO Reporter. These rules start at the UCO President’s desk. It is clearly discriminatory.

The other question that I have to ask. Just who is promulgating these rules? Is it the Clubhouse administration or the UCO administration? After all although we the CV owner donot own the clubhouse we rent it and we pay for all services provided. So it seems to me that the UCO administration is at fault. Specifically the President of UCO, David Israel.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Esther's blog quoted



I would like to add my thoughts to answering this question.

Some of the most prevalent personality traits of a David Israel type are:


Symptoms of paranoia and paranoid disorders include intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring on sense of rage, hatred, and betrayal.


Disregard for right and wrong

Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others

Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure

Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority and exhibitionism

Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation

Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, impulsiveness, aggression or violence

Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others

 Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behaviors

Poor or abusive relationships

Irresponsible work behavior

Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior


 Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance

Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it

Exaggerating your achievements and talents

Being preoccupied with fantasies about success and  power

Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people

Requiring constant admiration

Taking advantage of others to get what you want

Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others


A sadistic individual does not hesitate to humiliate people intentionally in presence of others. The shame and disgrace that he inflicts on other people makes him feel larger than life and supremely important.

He considers all people to be under his control, and treats them in an unkind and harsh manner. All that he hopes to gain is unchallenged dominance within a relationship. Anyone who attempts to break free is dealt with in a cold-hearted, callous manner.


Grandiose-type symptoms include grossly exaggerated belief of:






SCHIZOID: Common traits of people with this disorder include the following:

They do not desire or enjoy close relationships, even with family members.

They choose solitary jobs and activities.

They take pleasure in few activities, including sex.

They have no close friends, except first-degree relatives.

Real Estate

Read this. The hottest Real Estate market in South Florida is Century Village WPB.

Respect. Not for us.

We get no respect!

The Palm Beach Post is reporting the dilemma of the Condo Laws as it pertains to Century Village. The have publish a editorial concerning the situation we have here with Sheffield O and Donald Kelly. The legislators in Tallahassee are changing the law, but not far enough.

The condo laws and how it effects us, and in particular Donald T.Kelly are all called out in this Editorial.

What is missing is who started this. That's where we get no respect. The CVMessenger started it all. The investigated reporting by Ed Grossman and Neal Moore started it by reporting the Homeless Hotel.

I congratulate them as should you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Thank You

Re: Century Village makes the front page of the Palm beach Post
Tue, 23 Jun 2015 02:27:51 +0000 (UTC)
barbara goldstein 

I am proud of all the honest people like Ed Grossman who are not afraid to speak up against dishonesty and unfairness!
I am moving to Laguna Woods in Laguna Hills California.

Since I will be 85 in a few months I feel it is better for my children and myself to live near one of them. If I lived here I would certainly try to help you.

Good Luck. I have many friends here who will keep me posted as to what is happening with the Golf Course and in Century Village.

I certainly wish you all the success possible to keep our Century Village an integrated, caring, open and honest place in which to live.

I would love to hear from you.


With love and support,

Barb Goldstein      

On Monday, June 22, 2015 3:46 AM, The Century Village Messenger Club <thecvmessinger@gmail.com> wrote:


The Palm Beach Post published a front page article in today's issue about the Sheffield O situation.
Finally after three and a half years of sweeping this whole issue under the rug and ignoring it Mr Levy has decided it's time to do something.
David Israel long time President of century Village has stated on more than one occasion that there is not much that UCO could do to help the beleagured residents.
The residents of Sheffield O had become increasingly frustrated in their attempts to get some much needed help from the administration. That is until The Messenger Club informed the residents about Mr Kelly's activities and ignited a firestorm of protest and concern.
Despite a concentrated effort by the administrators to silence The Messenger Club we are determined to prevail, and despite an obvious campaign to discredit us we will not be deterred from bringing the truth to light.
The Messenger Club views the recent developments and Levy's sudden interest as a success in our campaign to inform residents and arouse the administration to action on one of many issues that have been swept under the rug for too long.
We are continuing our own investigation into the roots of the activities of Mr Kelly, and the reasons for the lack of concern demonstrated by the leaders of Century Village until now.
Startling information that we have recently uncovered will be made available in The CV Messenger as soon as possible, there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.
To get to the truth of the matter we would ask that anyone having information regarding the meetings with CV executive officers held at Mr Kelly's home, and his involvement in David Israels election campaign, to come forward with the details. We have a list of the attendees and have spoken with some of them but would ask the others who were there to either verify or refute the information we were given before publication.
tel # 561-452-6395

Monday, June 22, 2015

Read the Right Newspapers

Now the Leader of UCO admonishes us to read the right newspapers To not read the wrong newspapers. The right newspapers are full of the right information. The right newspapers tell the truth, only the truth.

Is that so? Where was the info about Sheffield O? This info was common knowledge in and about UCO, but was keep hidden from the CV populace. Why, you might ask, Why?

Because there is connection between the operator of this farce and David Israel. The connection began years ago when Mr.Kelly was working as the financial manager of Israels bid for reelection. When Mr.Kelly wanted to do something solid for his Boss. When Mr.Kelly attempted to give a sizable donation to Israel's Campaign.

You wonder where the beggar that showed up at the Karaoke party the other night came from? Look to the tenants of Sheffield O.

To see the Truth read this.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The truth shall set you free.

Mr.Israel is at it again. The certain situation at Sheffield O has been going on for over 3 years now. It was ostensibly hidden from the public. But I am sure UCO was aware. This is a Certain situation that D.Israels wants us to be aware of. At last!

Then the CVMessenger brings it to the Public view with help from the Blogs.

Then what happens?  Israel says the real Newspapers have the truth. Meanwhile the UCO Reporter is silent. Israel's blog was silent for weeks and years.

Now he says read the real newspapers. True, read the CVMessenger and know the truth and know it now!

Here is a link to the truth. Click here

Saturday, June 20, 2015

More on Sheffield O

It never fails to amaze me to all the things David Israel gets away with. Case in point, his dealings with Mr. Kelly of Sheffield O, it would seem that any thing is for sale if you are willing to spend some money.

All you have  to do is to make a so called campaign  contribution to David Israel's election campaign fund and David will fall over himself to give you anything you want. 

David Israel claims he is working on the problem with UCO's lawyers but I wouldn't hold my breath because talk is cheap.

Now Mr. Irwin Levy has stepped in with his lawyers to help the residents of Sheffield  O to fight Mr. Kelly's take over of their association. We must stop anyone who wants to take over an association

Jerry Karpf   

Sheffield O redux, redux ...


            The Palm Beach Post published a front page article in today's issue about the Sheffield O situation.

            Finally after three and a half years of sweeping this whole issue under the rug and ignoring it Mr Levy has decided it's time to do something.David Israel long time President of century Village has stated on more than one occasion that there is not much  that UCO could do to help the beleaguered residents.

            The residents of Sheffield O had become increasingly frustrated  in their attempts to get some much needed help from the administration. That is until The Messenger Club informed the residents about Mr Kelly's activities  and ignited a firestorm of protest and concern.

            Despite a concentrated effort by the administrators to silence The Messenger Club we are determined to prevail, and despite an obvious campaign to discredit us we will not be deterred from bringing the truth to light.

            The Messenger Club views  the recent developments and Levy's sudden interest  as a  success in our campaign to inform residents and arouse  the administration  to action on one of  many issues that have  been swept under the rug for too long.

            We are continuing our own investigation into the roots of the activities  of Mr Kelly, and the reasons for the  lack of concern  demonstrated  by the leaders of Century Village until now.

            Startling information that we have recently uncovered will be made available in The CV Messenger as soon as possible, there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

            To get to the truth of the matter we would ask that anyone having information regarding the meetings with CV executive officers  held at Mr Kelly's home, and his involvement in David Israels election campaign, to come forward with the details. We have a list of the attendees and have spoken with some of them but would ask the others who were there to either verify or refute the information we were given before publication.
Email : justiceforresidentsinc@gmail.com
tel # 561-452-6395


Sheffield News, again

Hooray for Mr.Levy.

He has joined the fray. Mr.Kelly, who is trying to take over Sheffield O, is not going to get a free ride.  Mr Levy has advised us, via a article in today's Palm Beach Post, that he is putting his lawyer on this situation. So Mr.Kelly, the silent Mr.Kelly, can strut all he likes but he is still going to have to answer for his illegal actions.

So Mr Israel who is quoted as saying that nothing can be done is wrong again.

I tell you there is something between Mr Kelly and Mr.Israel and it is not right. As  a matter of fact it is probably nefarious. The sooner he is gone the better.

I have stated in this blog, many times, that UCO has lost its way. The reason is the leadership. The reason is Mr.Israel. We need a new and fresh slate there. The present UCO Administration has to go. Be it by Election, Term Limits or Recall. Mr Israel has to be retired.

Fresh Blood is needed. New Ideas, caring people are needed, and they are available. They can be elected all they need is a chance. Israel has to go.

The sooner the better!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Voting Strength!!

If you look at how big we are, how big Century Village is. Then we are a Voting Block to be reckoned with. If we all vote as a block then the Politicians will begin to look to us for Votes. We will be treated as a Voting Block. A Block of votes to be dealt with. A block of Votes that can be delivered. What is wrong with that?

There will be more on this subject. Suffice it to say that we could have some voting strength.

More to come.

Here is some more. With our voting strength we can determine how the Commissioners voting comes out.

How it was.

Go back 30-40 years or so. Century Village is being organized. UCO is being formed. The idea here is that a United Civic Organization is formed. This organization is to give one voice to all of the Condos. They are to be represented by UCO. UCO is to be in the forefront of all our, the condos, requirements. UCO is to be a servant of the Condos.

So Fast forward to today. Where do the Condos stand and where does UCO stand?

It seems that the original plan has been thwarted. The original plan has been changed. The original plan has been thrown out.

Now the UCO only represents itself. The Condos have no Voice in UCO operations. The condos has only there own single voice. So what happened here?

UCO lost it's way!

The leadership of UCO has absconded with the original premise for the creation of UCO. The leadership has taken over UCO for their own purposes.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Encouraging actions

 It is very encouraging to see that the efforts of The Messenger Club and the 2 blogs in bringing information to light is having the desired effect. UCO and WPRF find themselves compelled to react to the information we provided in The CV Messenger. 

It's a sad commentary that there was no action taken to prevent the takeover of Sheffield O until residents were made aware of this activity by publications produced by The Messenger Club. Keep in mind that the administration has tried to silence the Messenger Club and prevent the distribution of information throughout the village. 
There are more details of the questionable and possible illegal actions of Mr Kelly that will be published in the next edition of The CV Messenger. 

Stay tuned ! 
Neil J. Moore

Can you believe this !!

Friday, June 19, 2015


"WPRF & UCO are closely cooperating in a multifaceted joint effort to counter certain events at Sheffield-O.
UCO in cooperation with Mark Friedman Esq. of Becker & Poliakoff is developing a presentation as to how you may legally prevent Condominium takeovers."
Watch for in-depth accurate coverage in the UCO Official Newspaper, The UCO Reporter.
Dave Israel

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

UCO is not on the Right Path!

I think the basic problem we have here is that UCO, under the leadership of David Israel has lost it's way. When UCO was set up originally the plan was to give the many Condos a voice as one entity. UCO was set up originally to serve its members. The idea had to be for all the condos to form an association and to use UCO as our fore front, There is strength in numbers. UCO was never, I say never to be a entity in itself.

But then David Israel came along and found out how easy it was to take over UCO. To tell the Condos what they - THEY can do to solve a problem. Essential the advice is "Get a Lawyer"

UCO now seems to operate as a separate and distinct entity by itself.

If the members want some help, or even guidance they are told that the Condos must act for themselves. UCO can not interfere. So, I ask with that attitude who needs UCO?

That means UCO acts for UCO and the members place in this is to keep funding their, UCO, activities.

Is that what we want?

I vote "NO"


This is why David Israel and company are responsible for the fiasco in Sheffield O. The answer is simple.  When UCO first became aware that more than two units were being purchased by the same entity, they could have stopped further sales by helping the then president, STEP BY STEP, put an amendment in their documents to ban the sale of additional units to one entity.  Had they done this at the time, we would not be dealing with this problem now.  This shows the ineptitude of David Israel and his co-conspirators.  

Now he dares come riding by on his high horse with the promise to solve the problem after it has become a haven for the transient trade.

Reply from UCO

I see the great one has deigned to reply to yesterday's post. Wherein I asked or rather said that concerning the Homeless Motel nothing by UCO,WPRF,Cenvill and Benenson Capital was being done. They were all asleep at the switch. From where I sit nothing was being done.

Apparently I could be wrong. According to the representative from UCO, Mr.David Israel, they are all together working like beavers with plans to tell the Residents of what action they can take to protect themselves.

I am sure the advice from UCO will something that a 80 year old woman would want to hear.

 He is going to advise the Board to hire a lawyer and instruct him to use the the lawyer's advice from our wannabe attorney. That approach is ducking the issue. They, UCO,WPRF,CENVILL, Benenson Capital all have staff attorneys. Why don't they use these people to start a action that would give Kelly pause and stop him.

Why is Israel so insistent that the Local Condo Board must act. BTW this condo does not have a board of Directors. This non existent Board is run by Kelly and he is not going to allow the hiring of any attorney.

I think UCO, with our money, should take this on. I would be happier if I was communicating with a real Lawyer. As a delegate I vote "YES" to using our money in this fashion!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Housing Revisited

So what?, you may ask, is the latest with Mr.Kelly and the Homeless people that he is situating in Sheffield O. Nothing has changed. There has been no movement in any direction, at all. The homeless, who are not homeless any more. They now have a rental in Sheffield O.

For those of you that have not read the Palm Beach Post article concerning this problem I have included a copy at the end of this post.

So the Managers of this Property, Century Village, don't seem to be inclined to do anything. I mean Mr.Levy, one of the owners of Cenvill, which manages this property. In addition, Benenson Capital, the actual owners of Century Village, may not even be aware of the threat to their investment and the downward spiral that property values in Century Village are seeing.

The action that Mr.Kelly is taking and plans to take will cause those value to fall even further.

If you think that UCO is planning to help the residents here. Think again. See the article below. You will see where the president of UCO says that this situation is caused by the Victims. He says the fault "lies not just with Kelly's Real Estate speculation, but with speculation of another kind, in blogs and newsletters". He is trying to say that the only defenses that the residents have, the Blogs and Newspaper, are the cause of Mr.Kelly's successful Real Estate efforts.

This is blaming the Victims. This is unbelievable!! It must be the the way the victim was dressed.

If you expect UCO to come to the aid of Century Village. It's not happening!

What should be happening is that Mr.Levy of WPRF and Benenson Capital should working to remove this threat. They, it appears, are not.

A going business, which this rental Hotel is, should be stopped. It's against the by-laws and probably the Millennium agreement also. So why haven't they swung into action? I don't expect UCO to do anything. They are against the Malcontents who are the only ones fighting this.

 This is the Posts' take on Mr.Kelly, UCO and Sheffield O
Century Village investor to elderly owners: I’m buying your condo!!

Posted: 12:00 a.m. Saturday, June 13, 2015
Email 1Facebook 1Twitter 0ShareThis 42
By Tony Doris - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Nancy Salmi moved to Century Village in suburban West Palm from California’s high desert in 2004, to be near her son and grandchildren, who live in Wellington.
In the sprawling, 55-and-older community of two-story condos, Salmi, who uses a walker, found a ground-floor unit condo for $35,000. The 71-year-old with shoulder-length gray hair and a sunny disposition still loves the 615-square-foot, one-bedroom unit in the Sheffield O building.
Nancy Salmi doesn’t want to be forced from her Century Village condo. But now she lives under a cloud.
An investor has snapped up most of the building and wants to force the other owners out.
“I am in the process of taking steps to dissolve the Association of Sheffield O whereby all of the apartments that I do not own would be forced to sell to me at the Palm Beach County Appraisers value,” Donald T. Kelly, wrote to Salmi on March 2.
Whether he can do so is not clear, says Dave Israel, president of United Civic Organization, the coordinating authority for Century Village’s 309 property owners associations. What is clear, Israel says: the entire community is in a panic over whether what happens at Sheffield O could topple other buildings like dominoes.
“These are elderly people and they’re scared to death,” he says.
Kelly has not revealed his plans for Sheffield O or other buildings where he has been accumulating condos for the past four years. The Palm Beach Gardens resident said that on the advice of his lawyer, he would not talk.
The word in the community at various times has been that he might turn the building into an assisted-living facility or a rehab center or just rent out the condos. Residents say he already rents some units to people directed there by a nonprofit that helps the homeless transition into housing.
According to Israel, Florida law allows investors who own 80 percent of a building’s condos to force the remaining 20 percent to sell. By his count, Kelly owns 15 units of the building’s 26 condos, some under the name of trusts he controls and has the power of attorney over two others.
“That gives you control of 17,” Israel says. “The magic number to dissolve a condominium association to buy out the rest under the current statute is 80 percent, ” which would require him to own 21 condos.
Kelly already is president of the Sheffield O Condominium Association.
“Clearly he controls the building,” Israel says.
But not so fast, Israel adds. Kelly would never get permission to dissolve the association from the corporations that hold the long-term lease for Century Village and manage the property, Benenson Capital and Cenvill Recreation, Israel says. “That’s a major ox he’s trying to gore.”
In Israel’s view, the problem lies not just with Kelly’s real estate speculation but with speculation of another kind, in blogs and newsletters stirring fear in card rooms throughout the community. That talk alone can scare away potential buyers and drive down property values, he says.
But Neil Moore, one newsletter distributor, says failing to air the issue also is a danger.
“Everyone in the village is really upset,” he says.
As for fear of buildings filling with homeless people, Ezra Kreig, program director of the Senator Philip D. Lewis Center in West Palm Beach, acknowledges that the center helped some formerly homeless people respond to rental ads for Century Village condos. The center’s job is to help people who have been homeless find places to live throughout Palm Beach County, he says.
The center doesn’t place people, he notes. The people reply to ads, sign rental agreements with landlords and gain homeowners association approval, Kreig says. “These were homeless people. They might have been veterans. Come on,” he says.
“Their beef is with that guy,” he adds, referring to Kelly. “Their beef isn’t with us. …Here’s a larger thing: People need to understand that just because someone is labeled ‘homeless’ doesn’t make them a bad neighbor. …It’s not Lewis Center sending 9 million people to overrun a building. It’s not happening.”
For Salmi, the main issue is the prospect of being forced out.
Financially she’s stuck.
Even if she wanted to leave, she owes $20,000 on a condo the property appraiser says is worth $13,260. Even if she wanted to sell, who would give her a good price, considering what’s going on in the building, she asks.
She also has a legal history with Kelly, who sued her three times when she was on the condo board a few years ago. And though each suit was denied or dismissed, she doesn’t have the money to hire a lawyer to defend another battle, she says.
“It’s really stressful,” Salmi said Thursday. “I didn’t move to Florida to go through this. I wanted to enjoy things and be with my family.”

Have a news tip or an issue of concern? Contact reporter Tony Doris at tdoris@pbpost.com, or 561-820-4703.

Felon Rentals revisited

I have been asked why I posted "Felon Rentals" and then took it off. The answer is quite simple. The facts as given to me were in error, rather than search it down through the criminal courts and records I removed it. The facts did not seem to support the convicted felon statement.

It seems that the facts are this:The facts you received supported the claim that Steven Kerner who resides in Greenbrier A - the building where David Israel is President - was arrested for drug trafficking. This part is true. The error is that to the best of our knowledge, he was not convicted. This may change in the future. 

When more and accurate information appears it will be posted here.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Housing

There are people in this Village that hold positions that call for action. But do not act. They should be aware, but are not. They should not allow ,but do.

I am talking about UCO, WPRF, Mr Mark Levy, Eva of WPRF, Ed Black the man with the ear of the smiling Buddha, David Israel, and David Israel himself. These people, who are tasked with essentially running Century Village. Except maybe Ed Black.

These people are asleep at the switch. They have allowed Mr. Kelly who was once part of David Israel's campaign for reelection. He ran the campaign finances, he donated a sizable amount to D.Israel's reelection. He has opened up a Homeless Hotel. He is moving Homeless people into a Condo that he own a major part of.

And what are the powers to be doing about it? From where I sit, Nothing. From where you sit, nothing.

That's right, although Business is not allowed in the Village, Religiosity is not allowed in the Clubhouse, The CvMessenger is not allowed anywhere, The homeless hotel Business is allowed and is flourishing.

What are the managers doing to protect us, to follow the rules? I let you, the reader answer that!

But wait, for those CV residents that want to do something. If you are a Delegate, vote them out! If you are not a delegate tell your delegate that you want this taken care of. Vote them out!

Boo on them!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Term Limits redux redux

The notion that only one person — the incumbent — can do the job well is absurd. Problematically, we continue to elect the incumbent because of name recognition and party affiliation rather than a proven track record. Realistically, there is usually someone just as qualified to take over the incumbent’s office.

The problem is that many people think that the playing field for unelected versus a incumbent are equal and fair. Not True!

Term limits are not necessary because members of Congress must be regularly re-elected. If they are not doing a good job in office, we can simply vote for someone else.

While this would happen in an ideal world, historically the incumbent is re-elected 90% of the time. The playing field is simply not level between incumbents and challenging candidates 

In the Congress the ability of the incumbent to raise monies for their reelection far outdoes the results for the challenger. Again the notion that there is a level playing field here does not exist.

The challenger and the incumbent are not starting out on a equal footing. The fact is the incumbent has more the 10 times the ability to raise his votes. This is why we must have Term Limits!

The Advisory Committee Advises

The Advisory meeting yesterday went well. It went well for the people that wanted a certain outcome. These people were the people that were all crowded down near the end of the table, where David Israel sat. Israel sat there looking like a smiling Buddha. The reason for the smile was obvious. With a number of excuses the committee was going to turn down the latest effort to get Term Limits.

The Committee Chair, Marilyn Gorodetzer was on top of things and as soon as 2 people were talking at once she stopped them, Also if a comment sounded like it might be about D. Israel, she stopped them. Not so bad.

But the conversation about the table had to heard to be believed. First off a comment was made that the politics of Term limits are difficult and not easy to understand. The committee members could understand it, But the Delegates could not. They are not smart enough.

The original request for Term limits covered 2 items. One was the inclusion of term limits and the other the stopping of a officer from holding another job that was Politically sensitive. I am talking about Joy Vestal. She is a assigned Vice President and she is the assigned Editor of the UCO Reporter. This should not be. But the committee in their effort to be fair split this petition and then had Olga take it all back for a redo. Result was Zero.

To begin with the Committee chair open the meeting with a remark that THEIR Attorney reviewed this situation and declared that it must be divided into 2. There was no written statement shown to anybody on this. We just got a statement from Gorodetzer. Also at the beginning the meeting was opened with a statement that the main subject was a Petition for Term Limits. Did anybody bother to bring a written copy of the Petition? No!

This whole thing was set up as a foregone conclusion. No on Term limits! No on Joy Vestal! As can be seen by the lack of preparations by the Committee chair and the smiling one, They saw no reason to treat this as a serious matter.

Well we are not done yet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WiFi revisited, again

This was posted on Dave's Blog. The answer to Helene's question is easy. Look at Wellington A we have 42 units successfully hooked up. Dave's opinion is clouded by his zeal to build his own private site. Probably if he did he would kee me, Wellington A, and others out. 

Comcast wifi installation in our association.

One of our unit owners has suggested installing Comcast WIFI throughout our association. Three routers would serve our 24 units. Apparently Coventry J has gone this way. I would like to know how well this system would support our association . During the Snowbird season we have 19 units who have Internet and using multiple devices. For example..laptops, tablets, e-readers, voip phones, video streaming Total cost would be $1,300 for installation and then $123. per month for service which equals to $5.12 for each unit owner. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, June 8, 2015


When we were kids we used to play “Follow the Leader”.  It is obvious to me that some of “us” are still kids.  You might ask – “Why do you say that?”  The answer is
relatively simple.

The present issue of the “Messenger” newsletter calls to everyone’s attention the need to file the proper documentation in order for your association to retain its’ 55+ status.  Along with this is a form to be completed and advising that help is available by phone if needed.

Within a short period of time – less than 24 hours later – a similar reminder appears on the blog that is commonly referred to as “David’s Blog”.  Along with the complete list of associations there appears on this blog the form to be completed.

Enter into the fray Ruth Dreiss who reminds everyone that she had pointed this out some time ago in the form of an article printed in the UCO Reporter/Rag.

So – our “leader” – David Israel, President of UCO, comes in third and last.  Folks, what we need is a LEADER not a FOLLOWER.  The next election will be upon us before we realize it.  It’s time for a change.

Dorothy Tetro    

Telling Truth


I did not attend the recent delegate assembly meeting, but I did view it online and believe a few comments, and corrections are in order.    

First, Joy vestal in her bid to keep her power at the Reporter made a snide remark about the Messenger Newspaper not being the official newspaper of the village. Well Joy, for that matter, The Reporter is not the official paper because it does not represent ALL the residents; IT ONLY REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE WHO WRITE ARTICLES IN WHICH YOU AGREE WITH. IT DOES NOT ALLOW FOR OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS.  THE MESSENGER NEWSPAPER PRINTS BOTH SIDES OF A STORY.

David Israel was silent about Phyllis Siegelman, a UCO Officer, illegally removing The Messenger Newspaper from doorknobs.   He refused to admonish her for stealing the papers - shame on you David.

Eva Rachesky, WPRF decided to ban religious literature from all recreation property, including Hastings and the main clubhouse. Dot Lowenstein dutifully went to the microphone to remind us that this is a free country, and we must not allow what happened in Nazi Germany to occur here. We must maintain a free press.  I was disappointed with Ruth Berman, who agreed with Eva  and stated she did not want any  religious literature either. I fear for Ruth because she may not realize that we are presently facing an enemy –ISIS, like the  Nazi’s,   that follows the principle of a controlled press, in addition forces women to wear burkes and clubs them to death for having a lifestyle she freely enjoys.  

Myron Solomon reminded us that the lawsuit against UCO is still in effect.  An article by Donald Foster in the UCO Reporter stated a settlement was made, and the lawsuit was dismissed - more lies printed by the so-called “Official” Newspaper. Mollie Marshall, the gavel banger ranted on about the lawsuit costing the residents money. The lawsuit does not cost the residents money. UCO’S insurance pays.  The lawsuit benefits the residents.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rebuttal follow-up

Picruise is making light of the situation at Sheffield O and that is the wrong attitude. He is dragging CV politics into  problem that can grow and attack all of us. I see no misdirection in my comments concerning Mr.Kelly nor do I see any thing but factual reporting from the CVMessenger.

The only misdirection is from Picruise.

For more read this post from Esther

Saturday, June 6, 2015

In Rebuttal

Wanda Wilson has taken it upon herself to defend Donald Kelly and his attempt to take over Sheffield O. His intentions are to use this Condo as a Homeless Hotel. The Florida Laws allow him to use this Condo as a Hotel, in his case as a Homeless Hotel.

Wanda Wilson is a employee of Donald Kelly and as such she is attempting to protect her job by attacking Ed Grossman and the CVMessenger Paper.  She feels it necessary to defend her position as the Property manager of Sheffield O.

The plan is to take over the Condo, throw everybody out by buying their unit for the appraised value. Then he will fill them up with Homeless people charging the County Rent. The rents will start at $900 per month.

Further details on this can be read at this site.

CVMessenger #9

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Golf Course and fines.

Andrew Waldman has been notified that the grass and grounds of the Golf Course has to be kept neat and in order. This order had until 5/20 to be complied with.

Here we are at 6/6 with no compliance. The fine is $1000 per day from the 20th. So far that is a $15,000 fine.

So what is happening here with this disregard with our laws? And what is being done about it?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting


There is a Important Advisory Meeting on Thursday June 11 at 10:00 AM at the UCO Conference Room.

One of the main topics on the agenda is the Term Limits Petition.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Obituary Lea Ribak

We are sad to announce the passing of Lea Ribak. She and her husband Chiam are longtime residents of Wellington A. She will be missed.

Lea Ribak 10/01/22 - 05/30/15

Monday, June 1, 2015

Renters ID card Deposit

What is happening with the UCO administration. Can't they make up their minds?

Monday, June 1, 2015

NOTICE OF DEPOSIT ON RENTERS ID CARDS - REVISED TO $25.00. This is a reduction from $50 from $0