Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Running Wild

So the great thinker, that nice guy who throws you off a volunteered position and will not let you post or comment on his private blog is trying to pull a fast one concerning the Century Village by-laws and the Articles of Incorporation.

What is happening, unbeknowst to the entire village, is that he is secretly changing the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. This is being down so secretly that at the public committee meeting where this was to be discussed they talked in code and tongues.

They talked by referencing paragraph numbers in such a way you could not understand what was being changed and what was not .Since they did not handout printed proposed changes, visitors was completely lost. What could be the reason for this being completely hidden?

 Is not the Delegate assemby going to get it's vote? They absolutly refused to allow non members any of the literature being handed out. And they were not very nice about getting it back if you inadvertantly took something. Very interesting.

So the By-Laws and the Articles of Incorporation are being changed -- to further enhanced Davis Israel's lifelong desire for lifelong presidency?

The change in the Articles could mean a further move away from the state of Florida's over site of the Village. Not a good thing.

I think unil we have complete information on this, and I mean complete, any chance we are given to Vote should be a Vote NO!

New Board Member - no delagates approval.

Mary Patrick-Benton was welcomed as a new member of the Executive
Board at the last board meeting. That is nice and I welcome her also.

But how did she got to be a Delegate. I know the delegate's did not have vote, as is require by the by-laws. I also know that after she was selected for Board membership the Delegate Assembly did not have a opportunity to vote on her.

So how is she the latest member of the executive Board.

The by-laws state that a interim executive board member may be selected by the President and must be approved by the delegates.

So far the delegates have not been invited to approve, but the Wizard has welcome her in as member.

One Vote one unit - OVOU

I see the private blog is having a private discussion on a very public problem. The discussion on One Vote per Unit has long been in the background, but is definitely needed. It is to bad the Israel feels that the only people allowed to discuss this are his friends and proponents.

My Village Blogger has an interest in this outcome. We will conduct our discussion here on this blog. It is not private. It does not require a approved log on. Anybody is welcome, even the President.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An Unbelievable post

Originally posted on Israel Private post. We think this is nice post. We think this oppositional stance will soon be eliminated. OR Janger802 is a shill so he will keep posting and The great Dodger will keep responding with excuses.

Below is Jangor 802's current posting on the Private blog. We are  glad that he checked out the liars lies. From here two things can occur. 1. Israel will not allow oppositional posts so Jangor will be promptly gone , or 2. Jangor is a shill. Used to give the Wizard a spot to remark about our oppositional remarks. Time will tell quickly.

Below is a comment stream from Jangor802

A look at the postings on this blog site and My Village Blogger, hoping that by comparing the two, I might actually get at a sense of the truth. I commend OUR VILLAGE for posting video of delegate meetings and, most recently of other meetings.
However, I must say that I have never ever gotten a flag or warning about My Village Blogger, nor did my own search of Blogger Forum indicate any red flags. Without direct proof (i.e. a link anyone can follow) it is a disservice to all to suggest otherwise. The best thing UCO can do for itself, as in the USA, is allow free and open discussion of CV concerns.

October 24, 2014 at 2:16 PM

Refuting Israel's Lies

Below is a list of Lies by our President David Israel. This he posted on his private blog and I am taking the liberty of answering him. Gary

Now for a few thoughts as to what this blatant violation of your privacy may lead to:

1)    The most obvious problem is that outsiders, now that they know where you are,  will connect to your public gateway and hog the bandwidth and slow down the Internet connection speed of your authorized users, like from across the street in the trailer park. 

Not true of course, Comcast says that adding users will not slow the system. The trailer park people are 1/2 mile away and will not be able to see the system. At least not ours. Israel's system this may be true.

2)    Another obvious issue is that visitors might be able tointeract with computers and other devices on your personal network (wired or wireless) since everything connects to the same gateway device.

I don't understand, is he saying that because we are on the network any body can get in? That is one reason for Passwords. Of course no matter where your WiFi comes from it is on a net work.

3)    People locate Comcast hotpots via an Xfinity app or through the Xfinity hotspot locator site. (see above) I would be concerned about my address being broadcast by the app or the website. 

That is ludicrous. To get on the hotspots you have to be close, perhaps parked in front of the unit.

4)    What if a guest,(or a unit owner in your building) using the Internet connection in your Association, does something illegal (like download pornography)? Something so bad that law enforcement agencies get involved. This has come up many times before and is, perhaps, the most important reason notto share your Association Internet connection. To the outside world, all computing devices in your Association look the same. That is, they share a common public IP address (an IP address is the unique number that identifies a single entity on a TCP/IP network). Nothing I have read says that XFINITY WiFi guests are assigned their own public IP address. If they are not, anyone offering the service from their Association, runs the risk of men with guns knocking on their door, for the illegal actions of one rogue guest, or owner.

These remarks are getting more wilder and wilder, illegal stuff done on the internet is at the fault of the doer. Israel the pseudo lawyer does not know this ?
5)    And even if Comcast can relate any illegal activity to their customer who was a guest on your home router at 9:56 pm on Tuesday, would you trust one of the most hated companies in the U.S. to have your back in this case? That there are no detailed explanations of how this works just makes one more doubtful. 

Pretty what we have with the Israel DSL WiFi system.
One of the most hated Companies? in the U.S.? Your back is protected by the laws of the state.

6)    Finally it must be noted, XFINITY WiFi is not limited to Comcast customers, making the task of identifying the real perpetrator of illegal activity that much harder. 

The pseudo lawyer is reaching, I have nothing to say.

7)    There are two ways that anyone can hop onto your Association system: a free trial and a short term access pass. Bad guys with stolen credit cards can get online for an hour ($2.95), a day ($7.95) or a week ($19.95). Bad guys without a credit card can use two free sessions of an hour each. 
And of course this is a tirade by a paranoid person. The bad guys are coming. Of course Israels DSL will have no bad guys.

Please do not risk the dangers of this Internet horror story waiting to happen.

We have to recognize the ranting and raving of a man who is losing his touch with reality. 

It is time to remove this man. We should start a Term Limit discussion agree upon it, vote it in and get rid of this liar?, this Nut?

Message to Jangor

This response to you is forced by the free access to David Israel's so called CV blog. that does not exist. All Oppositional people are banned ftom his blog. This will probably happen to you if you keep up the oppositions - Gary

Message to Jangor:
You made mention of releasing the “contract” for the paving work.  Do you feel that a one or two page document –– represents a contract for millions of dollars or work?

That is all that we have.  The missing requirements are too numerous to list here.  I would refer you to Eduardo’s “Scandals” series for some in depth analysis.  Perhaps that will give you an idea of why a lawsuit was filed.

Posted by Whistler Mother


One Vote per Unit. Here is Dave Israel 2 cents worth.and the comment stream from the private blog

Blogger David Israel said...
Hi Lanny,

I fully support One Vote Per Unit (OVPU). My view of this is as follows; I am, of course, open to better ideas.

1) Each Unit will file a Voting Certificate naming one owner to vote, this eliminates controversy when multiple owners are on the deed. Only an owner can vote. There probably should be a minimum residency requirement, say at least 4 months of the year.

2) If you own multiple units, you still only get one vote.

3) OVPU will be invoked to elect all Officers of UCO and all members of the Executive Board.

4) There will also be voting for Major budget projects which will be on the Ballot as Proposition items, just as we have on the Florida State ballots.

5) Voting rolls, and elections shall be maintained and run by an independent body, of non CV Residents, perhaps the County Board of elections.

6) A UCO Committee shall be established to write a complete procedure for the OVPU process, said process to be vetted by a Florida attorney with expertise in Election Law. This process shall become a part of the UCO Bylaws.

Well, that's my two cents, let the debate begin.

Dave Israel
October 11, 2014 at 12:52 PM
Blogger David Israel said...
Hi all,

A further comment on the matter of counting votes at Delegate Assembly.

We should seriously look at an electronic system. The Delegates could be given a small radio frequency device when they sign in.

There would be a tote board on the front wall which would show the final counts.

Of course, the devices would be coded so as to only allow one vote on a given motion. After finalization of a vote, the devices would be cleared by a signal from a control box, which would reset the device for the next vote.

Dave Israel
October 11, 2014 at 1:03 PM
Blogger marc v said...
Here we go again with this one vote thing again. How many times do we have to go through this? Leave well enough alone.
October 12, 2014 at 12:04 AM
Blogger Lanny Howe said...
Thanks for your comments so far. I can see you have thought this out quite a bit, Dave. Do you have ANY idea how expensive the system you suggest would be?

I think I understand the reasoning behind allowing owners of multiple units no more than one vote. It is to prevent a takeover by one person or a bloc of persons in agreement, isn't it? But is this fair? It is almost a universal practice (backed up by law, I expect) for investors (shareholders) in a company to have say in the company’s decisions proportionate to their contributions.
October 12, 2014 at 11:13 AM
Blogger David Israel said...
Hi Lanny,
October 12, 2014 at 11:13 AM,

There are a number of variables that figure into the concept of investors having a say in this case.

here is but one; It is common practice here In the Village for Mom and Pop unit owners to put their children, who probably live elsewhere, on the deed as Joint Tenants with right of survivorship, usually this is done to avoid probate.

They, the kids, are now investors, do they get to vote?

There are a number of other such variables.

As for multiple unit owners having multiple votes, this is a very slippery slope as regards very rich folks who would be king.

While it is not quite the same, no matter how many homes you own, you only get one vote for President of the USA.

So I think it should in our case.

Dave Israel
October 12, 2014 at 2:38 PM
Blogger Plcruise said...
You have a point Dave about people owning multiple units and skewing the vote count. I am not sure if badly run or incompetent associations could get their individual owners to show up and vote in any case. However, CV really needs to update the antiquated voting system we have now for both the delegate meetings and the UCO elections.
October 12, 2014 at 3:38 PM
Blogger BettieL said...
In total agreement, with updating
our Voting System, however I also
agree with David's point of view
One vote, regardless of how many
units one owns...which could be
verified by our CV ID.
October 12, 2014 at 6:43 PM
Blogger Lanny Howe said...
Sidestepping for a moment to Olga & Gary’s blog, she writes with reference to this post:

"Monday, October 13, 2014
Believe Lanny Howe wrote it!
Lanny Howe wrote on David’s blog that he did not know exactly WHAT one vote per unit meant. Well Lanny, now that you have awoken from your extended snooze, I will explain it to you."

Later she writes “You suggest that improved communications may perhaps make our unit owners better educated in village affairs, and maybe the blog would be a good forum for hashing it out? Who’s [sic] blog, David or Gary’s?”

Well, Olga, I really think Dave’s blog would be a better forum. I would prefer it anyway. For one thing, you don’t get shamed for saying you don’t completely understand a thing. For another, when someone—especially the one who has just insulted you—patronizingly offers to explain it to you, I’m afraid my reaction is “Awfully nice of you, but no thanks. I’ll get my help elsewhere.”

It’s just one of those things I have found: Bombastic people who deride others and claim to know everything usually don’t know much themselves
October 13, 2014 at 12:49 PM
Blogger jangor802 said...
I am a supporter of One Unit One Vote for UCO Officer Elections and expenditure of amounts over XXX dolla).
I would suggest looking into scanable forms (similar to those used by teachers for test results). There are many companies that have software for creating your own form. With software, scanner and supplies, we would be looking at no more than $2000.00 for the initial cost and, obviously, much less for subsequent voting.
I agree that there should be one Certificate for each Unit. I am undecided about how Owners of Multiple Units should be handled. If an association allows for ownership of multiple units, perhaps we should consider honoring that association's choice, but as I said I am undecided on this issue.
October 13, 2014 at 1:50 PM
Blogger jangor802 said...
Still hoping someone can expalin difference between fiscal year and budget year. My husband, a finance/marketing major is as confused as I am.
October 13, 2014 at 3:02 PM
Blogger Lanny Howe said...
Jangour802: I don't understand how it works, either. A report on the fiscal year could compare income and disbursements, but how would a report compare budgeted amounts with income or disbursements? The report would be on different 12 month periods. Maybe our treasurer can explain this.
October 15, 2014 at 10:01 PM
Blogger jangor802 said...
Keeping in mind that we want to be 21st C savvy and have an open UCO, is it possible to e-mail officers individually? For instance, if I have a question about the budget, does the Treasurer have an e-mail for a specific question. or can I e-mail the secretary to question notes about a meeting?
October 16, 2014 at 8:32 PM
Blogger jangor802 said...
I recognize that this is the type of question that will get me bounced from this blog, but here goes; as we look at more wi-fi connections to bring us into the 21 Century, why is it that UCO officers do not have individual connections , so that CV owners/residents can connect to officersto ask questions/make comments? Is this blog the ONLY way ( other than My Village Blogger)
Each officer should have an .com connection for questions, comments, complaints. How is it aht UCO loks for more Wi-fi control while not requiring more officer/owners access?
October 16, 2014 at 9:02 PM
Comment deleted
This comment has been removed by the author.
October 16, 2014 at 9:43 PM
Blogger David Israel said...
Hi Jangor802,
October 16, 2014 at 9:02 PM.

Since I was elected UCO President in March 2010, I create a UCO Email system using Gmail. All UCO Officers were assigned Email addresses.

The Email addresses have been and currently are located in the sidebar of this BLOG under the heading; current UCO Officers, they have been there for 4 years.

You are welcome to contact any or all of these Officers; or the LCAM.

As for Village wide Wi-Fi, that is about liberation from the control of the wire, and secure Internet freedom for ALL!
Dave Israel
Dom Guarnagia
Bob Marshall
Joy Vestal
Marcia Ziccardy
Howard O'Brien
Recording Secretary
Phyllis Siegelman
Corresponding Secretary
Pat Sealander
Community Association Manager:
Ted Herrle
Dave Israel
October 16, 2014 at 9:50 PM
Blogger Mike said...
Why would anyone bring up Olga's blog on this Blog ,let alone answer comments made on it? Forget that rag!  Keep oh the discussion please - G
October 17, 2014 at 12:26 PM
Blogger jangor802 said...
Thank you, David!
October 17, 2014 at 3:45 PM

Monday, October 27, 2014

Snowbirds Awake!

The big guy thinks that now that the snow birds are back he can get his way with them.. The summer people are to much trouble.

So what is the problem? We the Summer Residents have been objecting to the way David Israel is running the Village. Now that our objections are beginning to hit home, and now that Israel wants to put in his own personal agenda, he thinks the Snowbirds (winter people) will be easier to handle and will do his bidding,

There are a few problems with this thinking, First he is having a committee review the by-laws and the Articles of Incorporation. All of this in as much secrecy as he can muster. Being secret means nobody knows what is going on. My fear is that he will bring this up at a Delegate meeting and insist on a vote within the hour hoping the sleepy delegates (me Included) will do what ever he asks, and not know anything.

This time I say NO!. These changes should be studied. They should be discussed at a Town Hall Meeting, Maybe 2 of them.This is not something that should be sloughed off. This is going to cost us money!!

What may be at stake here is a surreptitiously method of Israel getting his WiFi, and maybe insuring his lifelong Presidency.

If this is what the Delegates want OK, but they had better be prepared for the costs associated with this. Of which no body can tell. But a increase of $10-$15 per unit for the first year is not unreasonable. The next year could be as much or more.

Actually the real sensible thing here is to put back in Term Limits, We had this and then we napped, and he had a second and then a third vote to eliminate them, thereby making it very difficult to replace him or get Term Limits passed.

Donated by one of our anonymous friends.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bleak times

Times are Bad and due to get worse.

There is trouble, big trouble in Century Village. The color is bleak, dark and heading towards black.

The Wizard of Oz has decided, in order to get his contentious agenda passed,  to modify the UCO By-laws and, can you believe it? The UCO articles of Incorporation.

At this time all the details, any of the details, are secretive and hidden. But at the next Delegate meeting these changes may be presented and if things go the way HE usually does things, there will be very little time for discussion and reflection to understand the implications of this move.

Until we, the the Delegates, get all of the information, I suggest. I implore - vote NO!

Somewhere hidden in this Political Move is a move to pass the Wi-Fi Proposal and perhaps enhance Israel's position as President,

Vote No. By now we should of had enough of these shenanigans. Vote No here and lets start a Recall, start a Term Limit discussion.

James Levine

Now for some good news and pleasant things.

The NY Metropolitan Opera played, last Saturday, Le Nozze di Figaro. Here are some scenes from 1985, 1998 and 2014.

Watch the joy and happiness that eminates for James Levine. his performance is terrific and the Orchestra performance is specactular.

Lean back and let the music fill your being.

Click for the video of Figaro

James Levine and Figaro

Fred and Judy are up next

Enjoy Fred and Judy for a closer

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Do it yourself Wi-Fi

WiFi your building’s cheaper, it’s better.  Don’t get tied into expensive infrastructure and long term debt by a village-wide system

  Each building will need a modem and service from Comcast Business.    Comcast will install a business modem/router in your laundry room.  Call    Fred King from Comcast, at 561-221-9718 for this.
  You will then need two routers installed in the low rise associations.  You can install it yourself or for information or installation, call John at 1-480-232-3936.  He has successfully wired other buildings in the village and they are working well.  The usual cost for the low rise buildings is between $900-$1200 including labor and equipment.  This is a one-time cost.  The monthly cost from Comcast is $120 for the building.  In a 24 unit building that amounts to $5. per unit.  Mentioning the Messenger Club to Comcast will save you the first month’s fee from Comcast.

  If you make it a common expense and put it in the budget, it can be paid with your maintenance payment.

  High rise buildings will be at a higher installation fee and John can advise you after inspection of your building.

  If you need to talk to someone that has a successful building WiFi, call John and he can refer you to “happy customers”.

  If you decide to go this route, you will need to “Opt out” of the Village-wide system and your letter needs to be sent to UCO before the budget for 2015 begins in January.  A sample is attached on the back of this page.

  Don’t listen to those who do not want you to do this.  Buildings that have completed their WiFi are getting good service and like what they have and will not be a part of a hugh debt for infrastructure for a village-wide system.

 You can still opt out of UCO’s WiFi even if you do not want any WiFi for your building.

The Opt-Out form and the Opt- in form 
click here

To save the First months' rent and for any addition info contact Ed Grossman - click here

Macy's and Palestine

Here is the Comment Stream from Esther's comment on Macy's and the Palestine attitude. Note that this Author agees with her. The sole reason this was done was to enhance their (Macy's) bottom line. But in Wets bank this company employs lots of Palistians. So this is negative move for the Area.

Macys complaint email is