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To: UCO Officers
                                                  Re: Wi-Fi Opt Out Notice

Association: ___________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
Phone #: ______________________________________________________
Date: ________________________

By the majority vote of the Board of Directors of _____________________________________ Condominium Association on ____________________________, it is resolved that "article 2.Community Services section on page 1 of the "UCO Association Bi-Lateral Agreement" does not contain Wi-Fi services on a village wide basis, in addition the association cites Article 7. General-Entire Agreement on page 9 "This agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the contracting parties, and no variance or modification thereof shall BE VALID OR ENFORCEABLE, EXCEPT BY SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT IN WRITING< EXECUTEDAND APPROVED IN THE SAME MANNER AS THIS AGREEMENT" and as such any monthly charge or debt of any kind will not be honored be the above Association and will be effective upon the receipt of this letter.
This Association has opted to obtain our own Wi-Fi services if and when it desires and we will be dealing directly with vendors our own choosing. 

______________________________________   ____________________________________                  
Member of the Board Signature & Title  __________________________                
Member of the Board Signature & Title   ____________________________



  1. hello to all, my buildings board wants to opt out, i do not. i feel it would benefit anyone who has the internet. i pay 42.00 just for the internet. can i pay another building to use their site?

    1. Just keep paying your $42 and honor your contract with Comcast and Internet on!

  2. Love your blog!

    My mom is moving into cv Boca. Amy suggestions for internet?