Friday, October 30, 2015

Apples and Bites

Talk about taking one bite at the apple. Look at this. This is a list, not a mistake, of the Bid Committee and the Operations Committee. Notice that that all the members are repetitive, or to use Dave Israel remark redundant. So if you get a Vote at the Bid, I expect the same Vote at the Operations Committee.

Does that make sense?

Bid Committee                           Operations   
David Israel                                David Israel
Joy Vestal                                  Joy Vestal
Fausto Fabbro                            Fausto Fabbro
Bob Marshall                              Bob Marshall
Ruth Dreiss                                Ruth Dreiss
Barbara Cornish                         Barbara Cornish
Pat Sealander                            Pat Sealander
Dom Guarnagia                         Dom Guarnagia
Don Foster*                              Don Foster
Toni Salometo*                         Toni Salometo
Ed Black                                   Ed Black
and of course, Howie O'Brien - treasurer

Thanks to "From the Other side" for this information

Opinions of the Blogmeister.

So, concerning that occurence of the Cop throwing the 16 year old kid out of her chair and across the room. He wanted to arrest her. If you read between the lines you can imagine the attitude that the kid had and how aggravating that can be.

But in my Humble Opinion, that was to much, way too much. No doubt she must be taught how to respect the Police, the School and her Teacher. And no doubt she will be punished. But the actions of the police was way to much. If she absolutely refuses to follow the instructions, then the class could be dismissed and she would have no reason to continue.

The point here is that there are other ways to handle this situation, other than brute force.

Monday, October 26, 2015

More thoughts

Dear President Israel, Can you explain the reason for putting all the Security Quotations up in the Cloud? Why do we need the losers, unless this is to answer the possible questions that may be raised by your Royal Opposition?

I guess The Democratic Club is not Political or it is the Political persuasion that Eva likes and so their meeting in the Club House is OK?

Mark Freidman is holding a meeting the subject of which is Discrimination. I think that is one meeting the President Israel should attend after his performance at the Insurance Committee Meeting.

So a visitor to the Broadband Committee visited it at the last meeting and found out that the secrets being hidden by DI are even being hidden from the frightened Broadband Committee Members. Hard to believe, but True. See Neils post about this.

Broadband Again...

Is this a system?

Though the delegates turned down the WIFI initiative, David Israel in his determination to have his way is continuing to press for some kind of internet project where he can achieve some form of success. (he needs something badly) As we are all well aware, Broadband is just another way to introduce village wide WIFI under a new name.(and another way to blow hard earned cash)

There was a Broadband Committee meeting held the other day where Comcast, the village cable service provider, attended and presented a new proposal to the committee to increase the life of their contract to ten years. The representative from Comcast produced a stack of documents for the committee to consider. David Israel snatched the stack and stashed it away before anyone on the committee could see the contents. So far no one on the committee has any idea what they were proposing as the proposal disappeared into the never never land of information that David Israel is so proficient at concealing.The information went south while the committee members sat fiddling their thumbs with their mouths hanging open.

It's interesting to note that there were no objections raised by committee members, I suppose they all know that if they don't toe David Israel's line they will not be allowed to sit on the committee, then they would not be allowed to give the appearance that they have a say in the decisions being made (They don't) and would be relegated to the ranks of the malcontents. (a fate worse than death).

There is only one reason David Israel took the information away, he obviously didn't want anyone to see or consider it.

It's not just the committee who is being denied the opportunity to see the proposal, it's also every member of the community.

It could be called David Israels Systematic Service. DISS for short. So when the day comes that another huge bill arrives for David Israel to blow your money on pie in the sky WIFI or whatever you want to call it. you could say we have all been DISSED.

Neil J. Moore

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thoughts and Comments

So, if Israel not going to run in March why don't he say so? Why so much secretive movements? What is wrong with letting the Villagers know where they stand and what has to be done next?

Although whether he runs or not is relatively unimportant. What is important is that he does not succeed.

He and his gang have to go.

At one of the Committee meetings, probably sanctioned by the 2 million-viewer-man, did you notice a discussion was had about requests for money by WPRF for improving the Club House, after all was said and done it was pointed out that there was $50,000 not spent or accounted for.

That great financier and Vice President Fausto Fabbro  told Eva to forget about it and keep it anyway. Nice way to spend our money.

Did you notice at the Insurance Committee meeting after Esther had her say about the injustice of firing her without cause, nobody responded. As a matter of fact they went on as if that did not happen. And, so, I am told the minutes do not reflect this incident. Nice huh ?

So, the only choices we have is to Vote for Phyllis at the next election cycle. She will get the Village on the right track and eliminate personal animosities from UCO.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

CVMessenger News

Here is the Link to the latest issue of the CVMessenger. Click here

Remarks concerning the Insurance Committee actions and Mr.Israel.

I listen to all these people at the Insurance Committee meeting, I see that they discussed roof repairs in detail like the Civil Engineers they are.

I also listen while the same group discussed the road repairs as if they were Civil Engineers and Road construction experts.

They discussed the repair and re-do of the road as if they knew what they were talking about. They bandied about the costs, which ran from $12 Million to about $20 Million, the time for this repair was discussed also but no definitive time was settled on.

So it would surprise nobody to hear that we have the Insurance Committee peopled with Civil Engineers, Roof Engineers, and the like. No need for any expert advice.

BTW the chief engineer, the chief know-it-all, is the leader of the discussion with Dom G adding a little bit of technical knowledge.

"I make all the choices". "I choose all the members of the Committees". This is the remarks from the 2nd chair, David Israel, at the Committee. Who, BTW, seems to people all the committees with himself and kind of overlooks and perhaps 2nd guess the Chairman. By this he means he decides who is on the Committee, any of our committees by the way, and if you think otherwise then he can find a By-Law to prove his actions and Fire you!

This is what seems to worry everybody and the reason for no action taken by the Committees against him. Sad isn't it?

BTW The By-Laws says he cannot do what he did. See Article 8, Subsection A.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Insurance Committee Comments.

So, I watched the Video on the Insurance Committee Video and you should too. This is the Video where the Chairwomen spoke long and knowledgeable about the hurricane damage that can/will be caused to roofs without the proper protection. It called mitigation.

The was also a short talk by one of the guests, Esther. She read her termination papers that were sent to her via email and the internet and 200,000,000 people may have read them. At least that it what the knowledgeable one, the smirking one likes to think his audience is.

What is most shameful about this is that first Howie, then Esther asked the Chair, Toni Salimeto, what the requirements were to be a member of this committee and then she proceeded to prove that she met all the qualifications. So then she questioned the mighty one as to why he fired her. The answer was simple. He hates her. He allows his personal feelings to spill over into the business of Century Village. And, of course she called him a fascist which of course he is.

And to add to this the minutes, as proposed, leave out any mention of these exchanges. Unbelievable!

He advised the Committee, the guests and the 200,000,000 reading and viewing public that his personal animosity knows no bounds private or public.

After he advised his reasons for her dismissal Toni started to speak. She was very upset over what had happened and, I think, until this date she did not know about it. She did advise us that if she knew about the broadcast firing she would of not allowed it.

So, here we are, here and now, Esther is fired, the excuse is that he, Bully-boy has a by-law that allows it.  Not True. And the Chair has done nothing about it.

But to cut to the chase. What did anybody do to fix this? Nothing. What did anybody do to stop this? Nothing.

Do you, the Century Villagers, think that this type of behavior can not reach you? Think again. What must be done is to rid the Village of this guy. Vote him out. Vote in Phyllis.

My way of thinking is that Israel has everybody worried for their jobs. Starting with the Chair down. Shameful.

And to add insult to injury. While this whole thing was going on. Esther reading her email, Toni blasting all of us for playing the Power games at 70 and up, the Mighty one was grinning like a Cheshire cat and was enjoying every minute of his day in the Sun. Shameful and embarrassing for all of us.

We must stand up for what is right and just. We cannot all operate in fear. Stop and think, is your Volunteer Job for the Village worth the the loss of your integrity and self respect?

Insurance Committee Meeting Video

Again, thanks to the Video Master, Howie Silver, for this Video. Also thanks to the Messenger Club for the link.

Finance Committee Meeting Video

So, here is the famous CVMessenger video, taken by Howie Silver, of the Finance Committee meeting.See 
about 20 minutes in.

Here is the link to the latest issue of the CVMessenger

Thursday, October 22, 2015

President Israel is an Embarrassment

What is happening to the UCO Presidency? Why do we, the Unit Owners, allow him to use any pretext to over ride and disregard our approved rules and regulation?

Look at what he is doing, look at what he has done so far.

He has called one of  our female volunteers a Toxic Tart.

He has called one of our volunteers a Nazi.

He has shouted our delegates down at the  Delegate

He sits in on all or most of the Committee meetings, second guessing the Chairman.

He has fired, outright, some of the Volunteers such as Howie Silver and Esther Sutofsky for personal reasons.

Can you believe what is happening here? There is a request for volunteers, actually the request is more like begging, and the Great One is firing them right and left with no regard and with impunity!

He is so enamored with the Power he has and the Power he can grab that it is beyond embarrassment.

Don't you think that this man is out of control? Is there something we can do about this?

He has publicly announced that Roberts Rules are of no concern to this Village and specifically the Delegate Assembly

One thing, for sure, is that come next March, if he runs again, he must be voted out and Phyllis Richland voted in!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Committee chair in trouble.

So, the Bully of UCO is at again. This time he has injected himself into the business of the Insurance Committee. He has, out of hand, without any discussion or advising the Chair fired Esther Sutofsky. He has removed her as a volunteer. Can you believe this, a Volunteer?

Where does he get the nerve to do such as thing as this. We all hear the Calls for Volunteers. Volunteers are needed to fill the Committees and here we see the Little man taking charge and firing a Volunteer for personal reasons. Are we to continue to accept this behavior? I say NO!!

The last time there was over bearing actions by the UCO management there was interference with the operation of channel 63. The Gregs quit, the Managers, Rightly so.

Now we have an incident where the President of UCO has a chance to exercise his hate list and so Esther Sutofsky must go, period.

He is mad at her because she called a bad name.

I have some bad names that fit him, but my wife (Editor), wont allow it.

Here is what I think of him. He is a dumb, overbearing, narcissistic, out for only himself, and Power Hungry in the extreme. He is also Bald and Fat.

I think Toni Salometo, the knowledgeable chair of this Committee should resign in protest and follow the lead of the Gregs.

How, as chair, you can run this Committee with Israel looking over your shoulder all the time is beyond me.


David Israel had no right to remove Esther Sutofsky from the insurance committee. Esther, an executive board member is required to serve on two committees. Toni Salometo, knowing Esther to be smart and honest asked her to be a member of the insurance committee. David usurped Toni’s power as chair by arbitrarily removing Esther from the committee without any valid reason.  He exposed himself again as a person tormented by the need to have complete control.  I believe it’s time for Ms Salometo to stand up to David Israel and let him know that he did not have the authority  to remove  Ms Sutofsky. He only has the authority to choose the chair of any committee, and the chair has the power to decide its members. Toni needs to stand up to David and hand him an ultimatum, “put Esther back on the committee, or else I quit."  If Toni decides to resign, as any self-respecting individual should do, I will applaud her.

David is continuously eliminating our freedoms and the only way we can stop him is for the people who surround him to finally stand up and quit en masse –


Monday, October 19, 2015

Misuse of the By-Laws

So, for those of you that read this blog, you will occasionally see that I complain about the UCO President and his lack of responding to our remarks or perhaps I should say the CV Villagers remarks about how thing are going in the Village.

Usually we hear nothing.

But this time he is ahead of us. The Insurance Committee had a opening for a member. Esther has been offering to Volunteer where ever it is needed so the Chair of the Committee asked her to serve.

When our fair and just President heard about it, he said NO and fired her. He had no right.

The by-laws do not say he , the Honest and Just President, has the right to fire a committee member. If he did I could think of a few he should fire. Starting with the accident waiting to happen, Ed Black, author of many problems that exist in the Village. Start with the 1 page, 1 paragraph contract for the roads and end with the Security contract. But this President sees things in the By-Laws that are not there. At the DA he advise us that this was not the British Parliament and Roberts Rules did not apply. Roberts Rules are what we go by and that is in the By-Laws.

Now he says that the by-laws, although they do not specifically say  give him the right to fire Committee members. Not true.

He exercises this erroneous right and there is no body to stop him. Yet.

Vote him out!! Please for all our sake.

Absolute Power until March 2016

Talk about misuse of power! Talk about lack of knowledge! Talk about power corrupts absolutely! Is this what we need? Is this what we want as our leader? I think not!!

Read below and weep.

You need to read and think again, David. Article VIII Section A clearly states that the President along with the Officer's Committee appoints the chairs but NOWHERE does it say that he populates the committees. As usual, this is your crooked and twisted way of doing things. Why you do this I do not know as this will be promulgated in the blog and spread throughout the entire Village and written in the CV Messenger. Once again, you are caught with your pants down, horrible as that image is.
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 13:54:23 -0400
Subject: Appointment to Insurance Committee
Mrs. Esther Sutofsky,

It is with deep regret that I advise you that your appointment to the Insurance Committee is herewith reversed.

You are of course aware, that the President of UCO populates Committees. as clearly stated in the UCO Bylaws.

Ms. Salometo, Chair of the Insurance Committee, appointed you without prior consultation with, or consent of the President of UCO.

Dave Israel
United Civic Organization

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Attention CV Unit holders

Stew Richland
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Century Village and all our residents around the globe.
Friday I attended the “Anatomy of a Water Leak” presentation by Mark Friedman  at the Club House. I was startled to see how few home owners attended this highly informative and important meeting. Anyone living in a condo, renter or owner needs to know their responsibility in cases of a leak.
Every issue  that was discussed contained information that home owners and association presidents need to know.  The new condo laws that were passed by the Florida legislature was evaluated and how some sections of the law could impact unit owners.  One part of the meeting was relegated to insurance issues.  Mr. Friedman explained to one-and-all who would be responsible for damages to a unit owner’s apartment and to what extent  the Associations liabilities could be involved.  Owners that attended asked  very pertinent questions, which clearly illustrated their concern for their units and associations. 
This meeting provided comprehensive data  that all unit owners, Associations and renters should  have in order to deal with  the variety of  possible disasters that can hit us without warning.  The old adage “Forewarned is Forearmed,” applies here.
Unfortunately, and I say this sadly, the turn out was considerably underwhelming.  Her-in is the problem.  I have to conclude that this was due to a lack of interest on the part of unit owners and renters about important issues that should be important to them.  Many of these residents have, what I will label a “transient” attitude. Their attitudes can be summarized by: “I am here for a few weeks,  seasonally,  then I go “home” so why should I be concerned.  This is the crux of many of the problems we permanent residents have to cope with.  This attitude is symptomatic of the ever-growing series of events that has contributed to the multitude of issues that are now facing many of our associations.   
I am not pointing an accusatory finger at anyone, there is enough blame to be shared by many in UCO and individual associations.  However, it is important to identify and define failure before you can correct it.  I hope those individuals that have the authority and energy begin to address the issues that I have addressed.
For the past few weeks I have been going around the Village placing flyers on association mail rooms announcing that Phyllis Richland is an independent for UCO President in 2016.  Traveling from one association to another I was able to see close up the contrast between vibrant associations and those which   seem to take a less than casual interest in their buildings.  The landscaping and patios that I saw in some associations were just outstanding.  The buildings were fresh, clean, newly painted.  The areas set aside for gathers were just great.  What we need to do get our photographers out there a give kudos to the hard work that went into those projects.  A good project for the UCO Reporter.  On the negative side, I saw some buildings that were not clean, walkways that needed lots of work, little or no extra plantings were in evidence (lack of pride, laziness etc), and bulletin boards rotting over mail boxes provided additional evidence of Associations lack of interest or energy in maintaining the quality of their buildings. 
I am not sure how to light a fire under these associations  but it is a problem that will not go away. May be with a change in  the UCO administration this March, these issues will be addressed. 

Happy Halloween to All, and to All Ghoul Night!

Phyllis Richland


                                                         PHYLLIS RICHLAND

Some thoughts

First off lets talk about David Israel and his Very Private Blog. This blog has turned completely into a Penny-saver type publication. What with all these non-paying (I assume) ads and no or very little information talked or written about the needs and problems of the Village. What else is there to think?

At least the two active blogs are constantly calling attention to the short comings and stupidities of things that are allowed to happen in our Village.

We are constantly railing about the lack of openness in the operations of the Village, does any of the UCO management say any thing about it? Or better yet do some about it? No!

The Sheffield O situation has not changed. It is still Kelly's hotel. With all the talk about it and the threats you would think something has changed. But No.

As a matter of fact the Sheffield O Hotel had 2 robberies reported recently.

So your attitude concerning Term Limits depends are where you are in the Election cycle. Take the case of D.Israel, before he was President he was for Term Limits, now that he is President he is against Term Limits. So what does that tell you about his honesty of opinion?

And while I am on this subject, the excuses that we hear from the anti-term limit people is ludicrous. They say that if they want a person they will vote for him. This attitude complete ignores the lack of a fair playing field. This attitude ignores the fact that many people will vote for the incumbent just because it is easiest and requires no effort to compare candidates.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bits and Pieces

So, I see the new monthly UCO schedule is out. I keep asking what is the reason for the Broadband, read Wi-Fi Committee, to have a meeting. The problem of Wi-Fi, read Broadband, is easy and permanently solved by the Associations.

Why are the Pools being worked on over and over again.
Can not Eva make up her mind once and for all and let us swim in peace?

Do you ever wonder how the repressive rules of the Club House Managers, in conjunction with the UCO Manager's repressive rules, actually do harm to the Unit holders, you personally? Take this. trying to get a petition up to ask the Benenson's (they own the Club House) to ease up on the restrictive rules for access to the Club House, to get signatures. is almost impossible if the petitioners are not given access to where the crowds are. And don't you believe for a minute that David Israel it not aware of this.

As for the Wellington Pool Managers and the redo of the Men's Bathroom. Why is it so hard to get this started? Is it because the County drags it's feet on issuing permits? Or it because the Wellington Federation managers are dragging their feet?

Speaking about the software at the gates. No it doesn't do as Ed Black advertised. The software is not to allow two cars through the gate entry point into the Village at the same time This was to avoid accidents. But it don't work. An accident is just waiting to happen. If it has not already happened.

When if ever are we going to get the Golf Course lawn cut??

So the $8000 mural is not for the underwater, but for the wall in the indoor pool. Does  that make this unnecessary expense better?

I think I noticed that at the Mets-Dodger game the security was provided by Platinum.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hallo Mr and Mrs CV


 By  Stew Richland
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Century Village lets go to press!
2016 is year that will be highly significant to all of us.  In 2016  all 435 members of the House of Representatives will be up for re-election.  It will be up to the voters to judge whether those running should be returned to Washington to do the people’s business.  Based on performance, many of those Congressmen who won or retained their seats could find that the voters are frustrated, disillusioned and angry by the quality of their performance and their jobs may well be in jeopardy.   Addressing the Senate, the  Constitution states  that one-third of that body will be rotated every two years while keeping 2/3  of this body in place to legislate the nations affairs.   Based on the Senate’s performance, many of those who seek re-election will also be in jeopardy of losing their seat.
2016 is a Presidential election year.   The incumbent is moving ever closer to becoming a “lame duck” and we, the voters, will be asked to choose a new leader.  The campaign season is underway with a vengeance.  The Republicans have given us a very large slate to choose from.  We have seen the fortunes of some candidates rise and some fall based on the recent televised debates performances.  Democrats on the other hand,  are offering up to the voters a limited slate of candidates for consideration. 
In any event, both political parties understand the importance of political rallies to allow candidates the opportunity to describe their vision to the voting public.  In addition,  the Republicans have had their first debate which resulted in a dramatic shift in the polls.  On the horizon there are many more debates scheduled that will most likely result in reducing the number of those who are vying for the office of President.
2016 is also an important year here in Century Village.  In March we are going to have an election to decide who will guide UCO for the next two years.  UCO has become the marquee for all that seems to be wrong with the way our Village is administered.  Over the past five years this administration has given us a game plan so riddled with poor plays, questionable calls, misuse of the time clock, and such lack of transparency that even the team from “Bones”  would not be able to unravel UCO’s game strategy.

Here is short bullet list that illustrates UCO’s myopia.  
Using the UCO Reporter  as an exclusive forum for UCO propaganda and  denying equal access for rebuttal
Arbitrary firing of UCO volunteers without cause          
Appointing supporters to more than one UCO position          
Denying or ignoring past UCO officers the opportunity to serve on committees in which they have great expertise
Constantly demonstrating  disdain toward Villagers that have opposing  views. These include snide  demeaning  remarks and innuendo especially during Delegate Assembly meetings.

Breaking a long standing UCO tradition on limiting officers to two consecutive terms

 Most egregious is the concerted effort by UCO to limit political campaigning in the Club House, and the pool areas.  This activity has deep roots in Century Village and to allow WPRF to limit by   fiat,  denies to the Villagers our basic Constitutional rights  of Freedom of  Expression and Freedom  to Assemble.

In her campaign for UCO President,  Phyllis Richland, she is demonstrating  ability to inspire, and re-energize those Delegates who feel they have been marginalized by  the current UCO administration. What Phyllis Richland ‘s campaign is aspiring to,  is expand and energize the voting delegates who feel alienated from what has taken place these past five years.  Mrs. Richland’s goal is to convert the delegates from a non-voter status to voter status.

Richland’s campaign emphasizes inclusion not exclusion.

“What was is not going to be what is!” She feels that “Your are what you do.”   She had lived and breathed this motto during her 17 year service to UCO.  With your support  allow her to demonstrate that  Century Village can again be a vibrant retirement community  as it was in the past.

Monday, October 12, 2015


The CV Messenger Club, the only ACTIVIST GROUP in the village was instrumental in getting WPRF to reverse the rule change, which gave UCO authority to intervene in the rental renewal process of Associations. Associations will now revert to the old rules  which allow them to use their own form to  renew a lease.



Sunday, October 11, 2015

Social security info.

i just read on the drudge report that for the third time in 40 years there will be no increase in social security next year.  the cause for this is the low cost of fuel. so, now there will be disabled veterans, senior citizens, and families that need these funds to keep body and soul together. i wonder if food stamps and other social services will be stalled or cut? think of our folks here in century village that are trapped living hand to mouth counting on the few extra dollars increase.

please post. i think this is something we should all be aware of.

Sent from my iPad

By Stew Richland.

Graces Antivirus help

Grace is beside herself. In her efforts to discredit the Malcontents and in particular the My Village Blog, Gary's blog, she is trying to say that we are not a safe blog.

To answer her question, why she gets this error is beyond me. But she can see all the comments that recommend she turn off the computer, she switch from Foxfire to Chrome, she get a real anti-virus protection.

I suggest she stop trying to harm the Malcontents with her lies and misdirection.

Voting for yourself?

In 1945 or so the Country, that is the USA, voted for Term Limits.

Why? Because what is happening to day in CV was happening back then. To eliminate this threat to our Freedoms, Terms Limits were instituted. They should be again.

We have lost our way. We are allowing the same old, stale President to Preside. This is wrong.

Where is the fresh blood? Where are the new ideas? Where are the new guys?

BTW, at this last Advisory Committee meeting, ostensibly to advise the President, the President was there, with comments and a vote. He is voting on his own advice.

I'll say again, the President is allowed to comment and vote on his own Advisory Committee, on his own advice.

Does that make any sense?

Phyllis Crier

Advisory Committee

So our friends and neighbors who man the advisory meeting last Friday had their say.

I think they have lost there way

First  a discussion and vote for Term Limits was held. In the beginning I heard the old wasted arguments against Term limits. These arguments are from the few, but most of the Committee, explaining why they were against Term Limits. Their arguments were that they have the right to vote for whomever they like. Term Limits limited that right.

The fact is that the Term Limits help overcome the lack of a fair and just playing field. We need Term Limits for the Presidents and Vice Presidents.

This was turned down, again.

The more important discussion and vote was on the absolute imperative that the Delegates get to vote. The rule that the naysayers are for is the rule that says if the Executive turns down a vote it end there. It does not go to the Delegates. That is saying the the 20 people of the Executive Committee decide what the Delegates gets to Vote upon and what they do not. If a vote is not passed at the Executive Committee it DOES NOT go to the Delegates.

This in effect says that if the 20 people assigned to this committee, assigned by the President, do not pass a Vote, then the Assembly doesn't get to see it.

That is wrong. The end of the Voting cycle ends with the Delegate Assembly not with the Executive Committee.

This is putting way to much power in the Executive Committee hands. Actually this is allowing the executive Committee and their sponsor, the President, to control the actions of the Delegate Assembly.

Is that what we want?
Is that the way it should be?

By the way, thanks to Howie Silver for the Video of this meeting.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Renters Instructions


Grace posted outdated instructions on David’s blog  for renters to renew their lease.  Gary and Esther’s blog have informed the residents of the new rule that UCO has instituted for rental renewals. I will repeat the rules here.

Step 1.  In order for a renter to renew his lease, he must first go to UCO with lease and ID in hand.  

Step 2.  He then fills out a rental renewal form supplied only by UCO.

Step 3.  He takes the filled out form to his association.

Step 4.  His association approves or disapproves the rental renewal.

Step 5. If his association approves the lease renewal, he takes it to the ID office, Pays $25.00  for a deposit which is returned  when he moves out and $2.00 for the new ID badge.

Step 6. If their association does not approve the lease renewal, he starts looking for another place to live.  

David  Israel  acted irresponsibly when he posted  outdated   information on his blog.  The CV Messenger wants to keep the residents up to date on the latest developments in the village.


Phyllis Richland notice

Hallo Mr. and Mrs. Century Village residents and  others  lets go to press!
Kudos to Phyllis Richland for announcing her candidacy for UCO President.  Mrs. Richland is an independent candidate not connected to or affiliated with any activist group here in Century Village. She believes that her candidacy should be  free of any bipartisanship, association or label that would taint her campaign and also hurt her ability to effectively manage the affairs of UCO as President. However, Mrs. Richland welcomes all Century Villagers who  champion her candidacy, her vision, and urge the people  who have been suffering these past five years to support her cause  and promote  the changes that this community needs by casting their “message vote”  THAT CENTURY VILLAGE DEMANDS A CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP.
Did you see!  The parking lot at the Club House has undergone some changes.  Beautification has taken precedence over need.  Two handicapped parking spaces has given way to brick pavers close to the entrance to the club house.  I ask you, who is looking out for us folks? Not WPRF it seems.
Sat through a Bid Committee meeting the other day.  Nothing accomplished since very few members showed up.  Now you know why we need a change in leadership.
Keep tuned for more news about life in Century Village.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Uco has made a change recently and neglected to inform the associations of the new procedures to approve a lease renewal.
Whenever a renter needed to renew their lease, they came to me, as president of my association, with the new lease, and I gave them a letter of approval with the official seal signed by two board members. They took the lease and letter to the ID office and received their new ID. A renter came to me recently and informed me that the ID office will no longer accept a letter from the association to renew a lease; they needed a form, obtained from UCO.  I went to UCO to receive the form today and Ron Massa, the receptionist, said; I could not get the form. I explained to him that the ID office informed me they needed the form to process the renewal.  Ron insisted UCO always used this form and approved the leases first. I argued that our association has been approving it and the ID office has been giving the renter the ID for the past 17 years. After relentless back and forth arguing with Ron Massa, I let Joy from the ID office, and Ed Black work on a solution to the  problem.

UCO has established a new procedure for rental renewals and neglected to inform the associations of this new procedure. The renter must now go to UCO with the lease renewal and fill out UCO’S form.  The renter then brings the form back to their association for two official signatures and a seal.  The ID office  will then issue a new badge.

If you have any problems renewing a lease for a renter,  speak to Eva Rachesky.

The person  responsible for this sudden change is Ed Black who gave the orders to Eva. I remind you that Ed Black is not an elected official of UCO and does not have any authority to give orders to Eva Rachesky. It's time for His  Majesty David Israel to come our from hiding under his desk and take some responsibility.


Sweet Grace.

Gracie apologized on David’s blog for accusing Esther of saying nasty things about her beloved David Israel. She goes on to say I was the guilty party. It's true, I am guilty of telling nasty things about David. I am guilty of telling the truth.   It appears Gracie in her present  confused mental  state is unable to distinguish  truth from fiction. Truth is  hard to accept and is often considered mean and nasty. Fiction, on the other hand  is the truth glossed over to make us all feel good and  smile. Unfortunately, those smiles are only temporary. Eventually we must face the truth and when that happens those smiles turn to frowns.  
It's time for Dear Gracie to have a lesson in  the difference between fact and fiction.

Have a nice day Gracie!

More on Guns and Gun control.

The fault does not lie with the Gun user, the fault does not lie with the Gun Manufacturer, the fault does not lie with the parents.

That is the considered opinion of the commentators. How far off the road they are.

The fault of Gun Violence lies with the perpetrators. Plain and simple.

But in our efforts to protect the 2nd amendment we will blame everybody but who is really responsible.

The right to bear arms is written in this amendment as a right and also coupled with the right to have a regulated militia. Is there anybody out there with a Gun who is a member of a regulated militia? Do we agree as to what a regulated militia is?

My thoughts are a militia with rules and laws and order. Not the free swinging laws for Gun control we have now. That is to say no rules at all. We don't need no laws at all as the NRA wants. We need laws, we need control.

A start would be to license and register all Gun owners. To have a national Gun base as to who owns what. A gun base the eliminates the sale of AK47 and their like. A gun that eliminates the sales of Armour piercing bullets.

Why are these needed by the citizenry?

Here is a post explaining a side of the 2nd amendment

"Less than a month after the December 2012 Newtown massacre, the National Rifle Association's then-president, David Keene, warned that the new White House task force on gun violence would "do everything they can to strip Americans of their right to keep and bear arms, to essentially make the Second Amendment meaningless." Three weeks ago, after a killer shot three people and wounded eight near Santa Barbara, California, conservative activist "Joe the Plumber" posted an open letter to the victims' families. "Your dead kids," he wrote, "don't trump my Constitutional rights."*
As America grapples with a relentless tide of gun violence, pro-gun activists have come to rely on the Second Amendment as their trusty shield when faced with mass-shooting-induced criticism. In their interpretation, the amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms—a reading that was upheld by the Supreme Court in its 2008 ruling in District of Columbia. v. Heller. Yet most judges and scholars who debated the clause's awkwardly worded and oddly punctuated 27 words in the decades before Heller almost always arrived at the opposite conclusion, finding that the amendment protects gun ownership for purposes of military duty and collective security. It was drafted, after all, in the first years of post-colonial America, an era of scrappy citizen militias where the idea of a standing army—like that of the just-expelled British—evoked deep mistrust.
In his new book, The Second Amendment: A Biography, Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, digs into this discrepancy. What does the Second Amendment mean today, and what has it meant over time? He traces the history of the contentious clause and the legal reasoning behind it, from the Constitutional Convention to modern courtrooms.
This historical approach is noteworthy. The Heller decision, written by Justice Antonin Scalia, is rooted in originalism, the concept that the Constitution should be interpreted based on the original intent of the founders. While Waldman emphasizes that we must understand what the framers thought, he argues that giving them the last word is impossible—and impractical. "We're not going to be able to go back in a time machine and tap James Madison on the shoulder and ask him what to do," he says. "How the country has evolved is important. What the country needs now is important. That's certainly the case with something as important and complicated as guns in America."

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Guns and the NRA

October 05, 2015

An 11-year-old boy was in custody on charges that he killed an 8-year-old neighbor with a shotgun because she would not show him her puppies, the authorities said. From the NYT

So what does this say about the Gun Lobby? They say the more guns the safer we will be.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Phyllis's Video

Phyliss lays out her vision for the future of Century Village in a short speech. Click here to hear her speak about it !

Don't forget to attend the advisory committee meeting on Friday 9th October. 1 pm  in the UCO conference room.   Important amendments to the bylaws are to be debated and voted on.

Here is a little bit of Fred Astair circa 1970 click here and feel Good!! 

Hello all and all the ships at Sea.

Hallo Mr. and Mrs. Century Village residents and  others  lets go to press!
   By Stew Richland
Yes it is true!  Phyllis Richland has officially announced that she has tossed her hat into the ring and will be a candidate for UCO President this next election cycle. 
Its about time we had a President that is sharing the same tepee with all  those who live in Century Village.  It is time for a positive and enlightened change.  For the last five years, most residents feel as if they were looking through a key hole to find out what UCO and WPRF have planned for us.  We have demanded transparency and what we get is information that has been sanitized,  “cloroxed” and “fuzzified “ to say the least. 
It is like the movie thriller “Rear Window,”  where you must have a telescopic lens to find out the truth.
Two items that have to be scoped.  WPRF has a to-do list.  Refurbish and renovate the tennis courts even though they don’t know what is  causing the surface to crack.  This issue has been going on for quite some time.  WPRF wants the work completed quickly so that the winter residents can use it even though they know what lies beneath will have to be addressed sooner than later.  This will most probably result in having to do the job over again because the top coat will begin to tip, crack and fall apart.  I think the lady in charge has her own agenda and since the residents will pay for the repairs, who cares if we have to redo it.  This approach was also used in the Village Road repair fiasco.
WPRF conducts themselves as if all of their facilities are part of their fiefdom and only they set the rules for its use and upkeep.
One of the most egregious decisions that WPRF and their partner UCO have imposed on our residents is their undemocratic,  duplicitous,  two faced decision not to allow candidates for UCO positions use the club house and pool areas for political “meet and greet” the candidates.  This action is a perfect example of how ruling groups attempt to prevent citizens from hearing the issues that are impacting our lives.  What they have done is denied us our rights of assembly and petition which were the principles that our nation was built upon.
This is why we demand change in Century Village.  We need to open the doors to enlightenment, fairness, and common sense.  The person who is most capable to make this happen is Phyllis Richland.

Phyllis Richland is like the lighthouse that does not need the firing of cannons to call attention to her skills and ability, she shines already.

Advisory meeting

There is a scheduled Advisory Committee meeting to discuss and to vote on the  proposed amendments . Don't miss this critical meeting. Friday Oct. 9 at 1 PM in the UCO Office.

President Club Meeting

                                Jerry Karpf Announces

               The First Meeting Of The Presidents & Unit
                                        Owners Club

  Which will be held on Thursday, October 8th @ 2PM Clubhouse room C 
We will have guest speakers & contractors to inform you  
of new developments Condominium Living.
                Don't Miss This Meeting.Please Come
                      For Any additional Information  
                                           Call Jerry @ 684-1487

Sunday, October 4, 2015

NRA and Century Village

Since 1970 There are more gun deaths here in the USA than there have been deaths due to all our Wars. Back to and including 1775.

"If that doesn’t make you flinch, consider this: In America, more preschoolers are shot dead each year (82 in 2013) than police officers are in the line of duty (27 in 2013), according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI."

There is more gun action right outside our Okeechobee gate than you can image. If you read the daily Crime report you would know how dangerous it is out there.

So what is the answer?

Ask the NRA.

Presidential Announcement

We have some good news. There is a candidate announcing her run for the Presidency of UCO. It is the experienced and well known and well liked Phyllis Richland.


This is a good time for Israel to resign and let a little sunshine into the election process!

The Security Contract

We also welcome Platinum Security. We are hoping for a long and fruitful relationship.

We are unhappy by the overbearing manner that the vote was forced on the Delegates. Are we to be given some time to digest the contract? Does the agreement by the committees end any and all discussions on the contract?

Are we not allowed to view and consider the actual contract before we vote on it. after all it us, the Delegates, who must consider and vote.

What is the matter with this administration? Everything has to be handled in a rush. If you ask any questions you are labelled as a disruptor. If you ask any questions they say you should have made the committee meetings.

The fact of this is that the Delegates are asked to vote here at the DA and vote now.

Actually the major disruption at the DA is the Chair and his incessant yelling and graveling. The vote was in favor of approval, but the vote was actually what they needed to get it past. 66 2/3 of the Delegates.

Amazing isn't it?

CVMessenger Newspaper#14

The latest Issue #14 of the CVMessenger is available. Find out the truth about the Walkout, Condo Terminators, Olga and the Baker Act, Cyber threats being ignored by the Sheriff.

Click here 

Disruption, disuptors and spew.

So, His Highness has again taken sides. Instead of giving the opposition their due, instead of listening to their objections, instead of giving the opposition respect. He has again taken the dark road and attacked anybody and everybody that is against what he wants. The rest of the Executive Board sit silent by while this goes on, and on...

The invective that flows from this guy's mind and to his computer is astounding. It seems as if there is no opinion that can not be attacked. If you don't agree with him you are the enemy and will be attacked.

Is this the the way a President is supposed to act? The leader of Century Village. The man who is representing all of us? Is this what we want?

A peoples representative who hates and curses 50% of his constituency. Read the following and wonder what is in this guys mind?

"Despite an incessant spew of Malcontent drivel, it was clear that the majority of Delegates were tired of the disruptive nonsense."

If a unit holder gets up to talk and he don't like it is called disruptive. So their are not 2 sides to a discussion there is his side and the disruptor's.

Is that what we want?

Is that the right way to handle the Delegate Assembly. Is that the right way to handle the CEO's of CV?

I think not. We will better off with Phyllis and her calm and thinking approach.

Israel, resign already and let CV move on!!

Vote for Phyllis Richland!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Guns and Texas Campus Carry.

Here is a link about Campus Carry, Texas. Read it and weep!
Click here

This is the Profile of a mass murderer

They have become one of the most notorious and alarming stripes of evil. People who, when you think back, seemed off. Didn’t dress right. Kept to themselves. Were nursing a bitterness that smoldered inside of them.
And then they picked up guns and went out and killed as many as they could.
So if somebody knew about them, why was it not reported?
What is wrong here? 

Phyllis Richland

Here is a Video of Presidential Candidate Phyllis Richland speaking, click here.

Here is a little bit of Ginger and Fred, click here.

Friday, October 2, 2015

No, No, No

What is the matter with Dave Israel? The Delegates turned down his broad band initiative and it still shows up on meeting schedule?

What is not understandable here. The Delegate Assembly had a vote and said NO, NO to the addition of broad band via UCO and Israel. They preferred to go with the choices for each individual Association.

So why does it keep showing up?

What is it about No, No he does not understand?

This is great time for Israel to resign and let some sunshine into the election process.

Did really say that?

DID HE REALLY SAY THAT?  Read below what the UCO President said!

Stew Richland

For the past year I have been writing articles attacking the new rules that went into effect which denys access to the Club House and pool areas to any person who is running for a UCO position.  It is obvious to one and all who is behind this devious, conniving and undemocratic plan.
Sales of units are increasing  in Century Village.  It is vital that these new unit owners, along with our long – time residents to be kept informed on the issues that are facing our residents.  Yes we have many issues printed in publications, and yes there are many blogs that try to keep our residents in the loop.
On the national scene, we are going through a vetting process of candidates from both political parties who are aspiring to become the standard bearer for their respective parties.  Many of the candidates had little or no name recognition prior to “tossing their hat in the ring.”

We have had one debate which changed the fortunes of some of the candidates.  Another debate is just around the corner.  These candidates are constantly being interviewed and have made the rounds of the Sunday news programs and late night TV comedy  programs.  Well I demand that Century Village take a page out of the nation play book and restore the “Meet and greet the candidates” here in our Village.

For years WPRF’s position  was to encourage, support and open its facilities to all those seeking elected office.  This tradition was ended with the election of our current president. However, at the UCO Reporter meeting our President said this:

      “More work should be done to introduce candidates to various bodies.”  He added: “Lower level candidates should be brought to the Delegate Assembly so that the delegates could associate the face and name to the candidate.”

This is what he said!  Then why are announced candidates prevented from using the club house and pool areas so that residents could: “associate the face and name to the candidates.”  

Why?  Why is the democratic process being denied to our candidates and residents?  Fear that those who are in will be swept out by change?  This seems to me that our leaders have taken a page from Niccolo Machiavelli book The Prince on how a prince should rule his fiefdom.
Well I challenge our Prince, to take his own advice and allow the fresh air of democracy back in the Village.  Lets see if he listens to his dy. It is timeown counsel.

He needs some help. Resign already. Editor.

More on the DA.

So what happened at the Delegate Assembly last Friday? Nothing, not much. The security agreement was up for approval in a hurry. We were asked to approve it before we read it.

The great mediator the T-shirted President was in rare form. He was over bearing, boorish and sometimes just plain impolite.

He listened to the Delegates almost with disdain, then he would make a decision that was against the Roberts Rules that we are supposed to operate by.

He decides what is passed and what is not passed. Objections are ignored.

He must be the one to go. He brags that before he came on board there was no information as to the contracts signed by UCO. He claims the publishing of any and all contracts to the Delegates is strictly due to himself.

He also claims no knowledge of people that are not on his mailing list. Although I know for a fact that I have been banned from his Email list.

He should resign, now.

Vote for Phyllis she will be the ray of sunshine needed.

Mass shootings

How can it happen that this last shooter announced his intentions on social media, maybe Facebook, maybe twitter, no matter, and nobody alerted the Police? How can it be that there were people that knew about this before it happened and did not alert the Police?

What is the matter with us? We stand quietly by and watch 10-13 people be killed and say nothing? We  don't want to be involved.

This has to change. See something say something. Every thing that happens affects all of us! There is no "I don't want to be involved."

Thursday, October 1, 2015

$8000 pool picture?

There is something seriously wrong at the Club House. Specifically in the Managers office. To be specific with EVA, the manager.

She seems to think that she can ask for anything for the Club House or the Club House pools and UCO will automatically make it happen.

That is the story with the $8000 underwater/wall mural. She has put in a request to UCO, read us, the Village, to provide the money.

I don't know what will happen here, but I, for one, am against this waste of money.

It seems to me if the Club House owners, Mr. Levy's family and the Benenson's want to increase their investment in the Club House why must we pay for it? If they want to increase the value of their investment, why must we pay for it?

What is Eva thinking?