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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Who is this?

Ed Grossman would like to talk to this woman. Please call 631-742-1300 if you can help.

Friday, May 29, 2015

UCO Fees are going up astronomically!

The latest to come out of a Committee Meeting is that the expected road life in Century Village is to be reduced from 15 years to 8 years, 1/2. This  info, on its face, does not mean anything horrendous, except...

We have already approved the 15 year Road life. This netted us, the CV unit owners, an increase in UCO fees of an additional $10 per unit per month. This added expense is to be added to the existing UCO fee leaving us with a monthly fee of about $24 per month.

I'll say it again. This new change will increase the UCO fee by another $10 a month per unit. So the fee will go up to about $24.

So the plan is that we will have to repair or replace the roads that were just repaired and replaced in another 8 years at a cost of another $10 a month for a total of $20 per month per unit.

This does not include the possible expense increase due to The Broad Band initiative that we turned down, but is still very much alive.

The New fee will be seen at the Delegate Assembly in August, and will pass unless the sleepy and lethargic Delegates say No, and then the Administration may shove it through anyway.

So what are we to do?...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Volunteers for UCO?

So what is the smart one, the compassionate one, talking about. When we talk about the treatment of Volunteers by the present administration this is what Esther says.

Quoted form Esther's Blog 
This is the kind of thing that needs committed volunteers, many of them, yet we have none, or are rather prevented from having any by the ridiculous and harmful policies of the current UCO administration. Pat Sealander begs for volunteers. Phyllis S. needs volunteers for Investigations. Joy Vestal, of The Rag, begs for volunteers and then turns them away or does not get any takers for all know what happens to volunteers now in UCO. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miscellaneous Musings, Thoughts from Wellington Circle.

posted 5/26 at 5:25
Barbara Cornish thinks that all we have to to do is vote and our voices will be heard. Not true. We, the Voices, have been yelling about the unfairness of the Administration in keeping the competition off of Channel 63, out of the Club House, and out of the pages of the UCO Reporter.

So the Editorial of the recent UCO Reporter asks what are the responsibilities of the Board Members as regarding the hanging of newspapers and such on the door knobs of people that are known to be gone for the season. The answer to this is three fold. One, you can take it off the door and mail it to the missing resident. Two, the President can write the Editor and advise him of those residents that are gone and when they will return. And three, the Board can elect to remove them and hold them for the Resident. But what they should not do is elect to throw them out, without telling or getting permission from the Resident.

And, of course, the choke hold that the present administration, UCO, has on the use of the Clubhouse, should be relaxed and the CVMessenger allowed to distribute there. Then there would be no reason to hang the paper on door knobs. What say you Eva?

Why does everything we do, every Committee's minutes have to be posted and emailed to the residents. At least those residents that request it and are on the approved list.

Why by the way does a approved list even exist?

So I see that Joy Vestal, our Knight in Shining Armour, has assigned herself the job of protector of the door Knobs. She has decided that nothing can be left on the door knob without her approval. The fact the there are other deliveries made beside papers is to be investigated. Perhaps we need an approval list for this also. So it goes...

Monday, May 25, 2015

UCO Reporter is Guilty!

 The UCO Reporter is guilty of another biased editorial. Joy Vestal and her comrade Myron Silverman have done it again. They have excused the action of Phyllis Siegelman for removing the CV MESSENGER NEWSPAPER from the doors. The editorial saw fit to condone  her action by  using the rationale it was done   to keep burglars away from vacated  apartments.  Do you believe delivering papers, like the CV MESSENGER NEWSPAPER creates an open invitation for a thief to invade an unoccupied apartment?  NO.   All papers, including The Advocate are  usually removed after a reasonable amount of time. Do we wish to have someone threaten us if we remove the papers? Phyllis Siegelman was the only person ever threatened to be arrested for taking papers off any door because she took the papers off ALL doors immediately after they were delivered: a crime for which she was warned by the sheriff not to repeat.  
One of the biggest fallacies in the UCO Editorial is that The Advocate is secure because they put a card in the May issue requesting  residents  to place the  card in their window indicating they are in residence.  The editorial makes you believe THE ADVOCATE is safe to receive and The CV MESSENGER  unsafe because it does not use a card. The reason for the window card has nothing to do with safety. It has to do with THE ADVOCATE saving money by not wasting an issue on a vacant apartment; a lesson the Reporter might learn. 
Now, I want you to think about the following scenario:  Suppose I was a thief CASING (slang for intending to rob) an apartment. I notice The Advocate card requesting to receive the paper posted on the window.  I assume this apartment is OCCUPIED so I move on to another unit. I notice “NO CARD” on the window. I assume this apartment is UNOCCUPIED and is a potential target for me to rob.   I continue to look for units without CARDS in order to find the most suitable condo to break into. There you have it; The Advocates lack of a card is an open invitation for any thief; therefore, it is not THE CV MESSENGER creating the problem; it is THE ADVOCATE.
In ending, the editorial asks for an accommodation to be made for people not interested in receiving the CV Messenger; a euphemism for “WHY DON’T YOU JUST THROW IT OUT."  As I recall this is, still a free country, and you have the right to do whatever you wish with your unwanted newspapers.   I suggest you read the CV Messenger and use the UCO Reporter for toilet paper.    

Sunday, May 24, 2015

LIabilities for the Association

So the pseudo lawyer, the wannabe attorney, the President of UCO with the Attorney's knowledge is back again in the news. This time he is threatening all of the condos with something that sounds like if you sign into the lawsuit then your Condo is at risk.

Risk for what?

I think the Associations that are part of UCO should pay attention to the fact that the lawsuit only covers the officers of Uco and the President personally. The Insurance Company should be defending, but it seems that is not so. The great and forever great wannabe attorney is defending. That's all we hear and see.

What does that mean for the safety of the Associations? Their risk of Liability?

It bodes ill. I do not see a license attorney in defense. Now that is a probable liability that may come to roost and cost us, the unit holders. Why does the wannabe attorney do that?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial day

Honoring those that Served.

Visit the Messenger Club Web site. Click here.

Pets allowed in your Condo?

David Israel advises here that the Board Members of your Condo have to think carefully before they say NO.

So the Fake attorney has spoken. Is he speaking as the President of UCO or as another lawyer wannabe?

Read on!

CVMessenger News special Edition

Here is the Link to the Special Edition of the CVMessenger News - Click here

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happiness is a cool pool on a hot day!

This is the East Pool at Wellington.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Great Kabuki Masters.

The Great kabuki Master has spoken. If you can understand his sense of humor. Which I have a lot trouble with. However after I make out what he is talking about, once I do that, I still don't get it. For that matter I have trouble with understanding all his acolytes.

With the Wizard of OZ his complaints were clear and concise. With Dave Israel's not so much.

In order to keep up with this Great One I have asked him to include me on his mailing list. The better to see what he is up to. That didn't work.

The problem I have with the Great Ones, David Israel and Ed Black, is that they think they are in charge of the world. That is in charge of all of us.

So he sees a post by the Messenger Club and he feels it is his duty to poke fun at it. He claims it is a Kabuki Dance with him and the Messenger Club as partners. Can you visualize that? The little man in the big office dancing round.

Term Limits Petition

***Term Limits Petition***

This is a Petition to restore Term Limits for all UCO Officers and to Eliminate Conflict of Interest between UCO and the UCO Reporter.

Article VI

The Officers of UCO shall be a President, four (4) Vice Presidents a Treasurer, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Recording Secretary, Each of the Officers shall be elected by the Delegate Assembly to two year terms and shall be installed in their respective office at the annual installation luncheon to be held in the month of March. No officer shall hold more than one office at a time including the position of Editor, Co-Editor or Associate Editor of the UCO Reporter, and no officer shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive two year terms in the same office.

This Petition must be signed by at least 25 Delegates. Those of you that wish to sign the petition can call Olga at (561) 281-2790 to have the Petition delivered to you.  

Dave Israel replies!

So the great and forever attorney in disguise , David Israel, has decided to respond to a serious lawsuit with comedy and derision.

He, our President,  thinks that he has to respond to this lawsuit with gaiety and laughter. Of course David Israel is a certifiable attorney licensed to work in Florida. Or is he? He has the right to put all of the UCO members at risk here? Or does he?

If he is not licensed to practice here in Florida I wonder where he is licensed. Or is he licensed at all?

Aside from the threatening implications that dire things are going to happen to all participants and non participants. We gain no knowledge from his reply except that it shows us the lengths that Israel will go to to block this suit.

We should all be aware that the President can reply to this Lawsuit as the President of UCO, which he has, putting all of us all at risk, by playing the Joker in this case.

I don't think this kind of reply will do anybody any good. Why doesn't the man use the UCO Lawyer that is on some sort of retainer?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dr.Uribe and Channel 63

Heres a link to a video I produced last year intending to air it on Channel 63. It's a good example of the kind of programming that residents of CV are missing . Dr Uribe practices in the village but for some unknown reason will not be practicing here any more. . i intended to produce and broadcast on 63 a series of these videos focusing on health issues of the elderly, but became discouraged by the obstructionist behavior of Joy Vestal and Ed Black and gave up in frustration .This one is very interesting as Dr Uribe claims to be able to cure diabetes in some cases and control it in others. too bad all the diabetics in the village were denied the opportunity to see it.


Neil Moore

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boca Raton WiFi problems

Century Village, Boca Raton just announced they are discontinuing WIFI services provided by DSL at the end of the month. (See announcement below)

Boca Raton has been using this service for about two years and expended a great deal of time, energy and residents money to implement it. Pulling the plug on this project is an expensive lesson for CV Boca, and a point well taken for everyone who watched and wondered how it would all turn out.

Now that we see WIFI crashing and burning in Boca Raton CV, much like the ill fated Hindenburg blimp, which was touted as a modern marvel of cutting edge technology by it's promoters but turned into one of the biggest failures in history, we have to ask if anyone would like to buy a ticket to ride the Broadband /WIFI balloon now being floated in the air over Century Village.

David Israel vigorously used Boca's example to promote his failed WIFI initiative to Century Village West Palm Beach, and is now promoting the same company that provided WIFI to Boca, (DSL) as the provider for his broadband initiative. You can call it what you like, WIFI, Broadband or whatever, the fact remains that the delegates spoke loud and clear when they overwhelmingly voted against implementing WIFI in CV West Palm Beach.

The expenditure of large sums of cash estimated at close to a million dollars to start up WIFI was unacceptable then, and is still just as unacceptable today. The whole idea was soundly rejected by the delegates in turning down David Israel's WIFI proposal. Instead of heeding the wishes of the people he serves, David Israel, chagrined by the people's rejection of his pet project, continues to press his initiative under a new name, determined to impose his will, which in this instance is obviously contrary to the will of the people.

It's time to put this whole idea to bed. The message was sent that CV West Palm Beach is not interested and would rather turn our attention to other issues that are pressing but are not being addressed. David Israel's insistence in pursuing it are indicative of his callous disregard for the residents needs and wishes. Our experience with his administration tells us that he will not give it up.
As long as he remains in office David will relentlessly pursue the fulfillment of his daydream, it defies common sense, but it is the reality of the day. He will continue to push forward with his Broadband initiative at the risk of failure and the accompanying loss of time, energy and our hard earned cash.

Mr Israel's stubborn determination to proceed with his WIFI initiative was prominent in his refusal to accept the findings of the expert he hired at our expense to determine the competence of DSL. His own hand picked expert cautioned that DSL is not capable of handling a project of this magnitude and advised against proceeding. A determination that is now being proven by DSL's failure in Boca Raton. Further to this finding, Mr Israel stated at a committee meeting that the expert and the WIFI committee know nothing, and that he was prepared to proceed in signing a contract without anyone's approval as he felt that he knows what's best.

It's common knowledge that Mr Israel is willing to proceed without consultation or approval from the delegates or the various committees. He recently engaged the services of a manager to handle the advertising accounts of The UCO Reporter without consultation or approval, spending almost $10,000.00 of residents money that was neither budgeted or approved or even discussed among the delegates.
These actions are in contravention of fiduciary duty, they are also in contravention of our bylaws by ignoring requirements binding UCO to reserve monies and to disburse funds only in the amounts indicated in the various accounts approved by delegates in the budget.

All this turmoil could have been easily avoided if David Israel had followed proper procedures in getting approval to spend our money, and listened to the recommendations of the engineers and experts he hired to analyze this project.

Let's not be deceived by the hyperbole and the rosy promises being offered by promoters wishing to fill their pockets. Let's not get carried away by the tide of David Israel's verbosity. In moving forward we can expect Mr Israel to continue to attack those who do not comply with his wishes by castigating them and maligning them with labels of being malcontents and troublemakers rather than addressing the issues they raise.

The recent statements by the sheriffs department will deter David Israel from threatening to have people arrested for speaking out.
The latest occurrence where Phyllis Siegelman, Chair of the Investigations Committee, a voting executive of UCO, and HOA President, was cautioned by the police to refrain from attempting to destroy information being distributed under the guise of protecting residents, should deter further attempts at censorship by the administration.

The broadband proposal should not be considered at delegates assemblies. The defeat of the WIFI initiative conveyed the message that Century Village is not in favor of proceeding. Bringing it back under a new name and a new look is a thinly disguised attempt at subverting the will of the people. In denying any movement on the new WIFI/BROADBAND proposal we fully expect the reaction from the chair to include the usual sarcasm, shouting down of speakers, claiming delegates out of order and shutting off the microphones if they persist in their objections or their opinions if they do not conform to David Israel's views.

Delegates would be well advised to be prepared for this behavior, not objecting to it or staying silent is a passive form of support.
Mr Israel should be instructed by his supervisors ( CV Delegates) to stick to the duties assigned to him. He was not voted into office to chase his own pipe dreams and pet projects with our money, it's time to let him know that if he doesn't listen to the common sense being voiced by residents we will engage a new public servant who is willing to serve and comply with the will of the people.
                                    WIFI INFO
                     At Century Village Boca Raton
       Residential WIFI services will be discontinued
         at the end of our contract with DSL Express
                             Effective May 31st

Posted by Edward R. Grossman

Friday, May 15, 2015

I wonder why?

AS of may 31 the Boca Raton Century Village group, which has Village wide WiFi, is stopping it completely. They have a contract with DSL Express.

I wonder why?

Our great and knowledgeable and caring leader is pushing for Village Wide WiFi as hard as he can. Forget about that the DA voted against it. He doesn't care what the sense of the DA is, he, the Great one, wants what he wants. Stand out of the way

I wonder why?

No matter that the sense of the DA is the sense of the entire Village. Mr.D.Israel wants Village wide WiFi. So if he has to call it by another name, so be it. He wants it. Period, over, done with!

I wonder why?

It used to be called the Great WiFi Initiative, but the DA voted it down. By a large number actually. So now the Great Thinker has changed the name to BroadBand and is pushing it forward, onward and upward as hard as he can.

I know why!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Annoying re-upping WiFi.

Here is another annoyed and slightly angry Villager. I agree with him we have Voted down the WiFi initiative. Period. Now the Little man in the Big office is bringing it up again with a new name.

Enough already!


I thought we (the Delegate Assembly) voted to quash all this wifi business. Yet, here we are in 2015 and the same old bunch of degenerates is trying to get things going again. I have attached the minutes of their meeting yesterday FYI.

Neil Moore has written an excellent piece on the disintegration of Century Village infrastructure. But more important, in my opinion, is that Century Village as a COMMUNITY is dying before our very eyes. Kudos to you and your Messengers for keeping the communications lines open for rational discussion of real and significant issues.


Joel O’Rourke

Golf’s Edge Condo Assoc.