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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Term Limits Redux

The following is a compendium of why we should NOT have term Limits. Reading it carefully tell us that this argument wants to keep our elected officials in office for as long as possible. This is based on the hope, erroneously, that the longer a person stays in office the smarter he gets.

The other side of this argument, and the the more likely, is that the longer in office leads to the likelihood of corruption, power hunger, overreach and eventually dictatorship.

Which is what we have now.

The argument that says if you want to run against the incumbent, then run for election doesn't make sense against this argument. The incumbent always has much more chances of getting elected that the challenger.

1. When someone spends a long period of time at a job, they tend to become far more skilled than they were when they began working at it. Term limits limits the chances of someone growing into their position and becoming even better at it. A job of this importance can be overwhelming in the early going, so giving time to grow into it is recommended by some.

2. Should a member of UCO rise to the top and become a trusted voice, their career could end up being cut short by  term limits. Even if a person has no history of taking bribes or being corrupted by their power, they are unceremoniously ushered out the door along with all of the embezzlers, the power hungry and the incompetent.

3 Getting rid of those who have served for too long ensures that there will be a new class of rookies who are not up to date on  all of the rules and regulations that their job entails. If a government body consistently has to break in new members and teach them the ropes, this cuts down on the amount of time that can be spent on real work.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Town Hall Aug 5 Room C 10 AM

You show us yours, and we will show you ours!!

So our great leader has decided that no matter what, if you disagree with the party line he will get you.

He has discovered, under the cover of of his protective attorney, that it is legal to discriminate against renters. So he gave orders to keep out all renters But he was really after the Editor of the CVMessenger.

So I checked with our attorney and the opinion I got is not in Israels favor. As a matter of fact it is against him.

The Bill of Rights says you can not Discriminate. The Amendments say you can not Discriminate. Common sense says no Discriminating.

And our Lawyer says it is against the Law and not right to discriminate.

So we have an opinion from our attorney, in writing. So if Israel will show us his Lawyers opinion, we will show him ours.

Or, in others words. You show us yours, and we will show you ours.


We have lost another of our long time Wellington A residents. Celia Steinberg passed away on Saturday evening July 25, 2015. She will be missed.


Here is a direct quote from our great and illustrious leader. He is talking about Renters. At least those renters that are not in his camp and don't agree with him.

This pertains to the CVMessenger, but not to Anitra Krause, who is also a renter. What is right about this. It is what I have been telling you all along. Our great and Illustrious President and gone over the edge. He feels that it perfectly OK to block anybody for any reason if he wants to. The reason is unimportant. If you are a member of a group or an individual that Israel feels is a threat to his Future as President he will attack you. No good reason is necessary. All he need is something or somebody to hide behind, In this case it is our?? Attorney!!

What would Thomas Jefferson think?


Dave Israel
14 hours ago  -  Shared publicly
Hi all,

Opinion from the UCO Attorney is very clear, no renter has a right to attend any UCO meeting. Our Treasurer was well within his rights to so insist.
Because one of our renters principle stock in trade is agitation, propaganda and yellow journalism; I fully support barring him from any UCO meeting.

Dave Israel

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sheffield O's problems have not gone away!!


The latest edition of The UCO Reporter aka “The UCO RAG” has given the residents the impression that David Israel has solved the problem of Sheffield O, and all is well again.    Unfortunately, and as usual, the Reporter has given you the wrong impression. The problem still exists because Kelly did not investigate his tenants.  We do not know the background of these people nor do we have knowledge of any possible danger to the residents of our community.  You must remember; David Israel was in the pocket of Mr. Kelly and did nothing for three years while he was busy sitting on his butt  at his computer  calling us “The Malcontents."  In reality, we are the “heroes" of the village because we bring the problems to light in order to find solutions. David Israel and his “BROWN NOSES” prefer to hide them under the rug and sweep them  into the garbage before anyone has a chance to know any problem exists – a sure way to do nothing and never face a problem head-on in order to find a solution.

More Bits

Reading along in the UCO Reporter aka "The Rag". I see the there is an article there entitled "Some Relief for Sheffield O". Within this article is a reference (more than one) to the usual suspects.

Well, Anita, lets get it straight the people you are talking about are not suspects. They are members of the honorable (not so loyal) opposition. Something that you and D.Israel hate. The real suspects are the Executive board with Israel as its head. They are suspect because they do not own up to the nefarious practices.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Reading the latest UCO Reporter. I see that Joy Vestal, the knowledgeable Joy Vestal has stated that "all UCO Meetings are open". Not true. Renters were specifically denied entrance to the latest Finance Meeting. It has happened before.

Reading D.Israel's article in the latest UCO Reporter concerning the state of Donald Kelly and Sheffield O. As usual he is short and not on point. The lawyers letter from Kelly is nothing more than a threat to Nancy Salmi to stop annoying Kelly. It is not a withdrawal. This fight is still on.

As for Israels remarks. Be it known he knew about this situation about 3 years ago. His comments were that nothing can be done about this. That is nothing until the CVMessenger brought it up. Then he ran to WPRF and called in the 90 year old Mr.Levy to help.

Which he has.

But why can't we use our own resources? Why can't we use UCO and our resources to put an attorney on this? Why do, why does UCO, why does David Israel duck this responsibility. Can it have something to do with the friendship that exists between Kelly and Israel???

Where is the refutation by the Malcontents? I see article after article in the UCO Reporter decrying the actions of the Malcontents, but no answers, no defenses, no "other side". What is wrong with the Editorial Policy of the UCO Reporter. There they claim that all the facts will printed, all sides. Readers then can make up their minds.

Well so far one side is missing!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Truth above all.

Truth must hold sway above all. Yes, Bob you have never been blocked from my blog, as I have never been been blocked from yours. State your opinions here all you want. You are welcome.

The problem we have with blog replies is that the Great One has block me from his blog, therefore I can only answer you here on the Free and Open Blog, not on the blog limited to Israel's 100 friendlies.

As for the Renters and their lack of representation. A renter can represent the owner and the Association Delegates also represents the Unit Owner.

Since we practice the Sunshine Rules, why should not a renter be allowed in, why not a Blogger allowed in, why not a ABC News rep allowed in? This is supposed to be open and free for all.

UCO Treasury

So I see that Howard O'Brien is asking the Residents for some input on Road repair and maintenance.  What do we want and how much are we willing to spend on it. Well that is easy. We want the roads to be good and solid. We want the repair job to last at least the expected 10 years it's life expectancy should be.

We want the small minded to let go here. Before we set up a budget on roads we should PAY an outside expert to analyze the roads for us. This problem would not of existed  now if this was done at the first go-round.

Thanks to Dan Gladstone for this.

Childish and Unnecessary.

I guess I am a little slow as to how things work in Century Village. I thought and think that UCO was suppose be our combined voice in the Village. UCO was supposed to set up the  rules we live by. I see that the Clubhouse rules are made and somewhat enforced by UCO, specifically David Israel.


When we need help with an attack on one of the Associations by Mr.Kelly, the President of UCO threw his hands up and declared there is nothing he could do. So what did he do? He called in Mr.Levy of WPRF to help and do something.

And they did. And the UCO Reporter reported it. It seems as if this was kept a state secret until publication.

Worse, why did we not assign our Attorney, UCO's attorney, to take this on? Why did we have to ask for help from Mr. Levy? Why couldn't the powers that be figure this out and do the right thing?

I know Israel says that this situation is beyond him. That it is not in his Provence.

But it is in his Provence to beg Mr.Levy to do something.


Blatant Contravention!

            The Finance Committee is in contravention of the Sunshine Laws which have been adopted by UCO and are enshrined in the bylaws. UCO officers  denied access to “ renters” at their last meeting of the Finance Committee in the clubhouse. This is an egregious act attempting to shut out a segment of the population of Century Village and deny them their right to attend. The Sunshine Laws require that meetings of boards or commissions must be open to the public. Meetings held in contravention of this law are invalid, and those in contravention of the act are prohibited from holding further meetings in the facility that supports the discrimination.
            This action is a contravention of civil rights and is a cause for action in civil  court as noted below.
            A reversal of this policy that has been applied for the first time in the history of Century Village is the only reasonable course of action for the administration, a continuation of denying civil rights in blatant contravention of the Sunshine Laws is not acceptable.

286.011 Public meetings and records; public inspection; criminal and civil penalties.
(1) All meetings of any board or commission of any state agency or authority or of any agency or authority of any county, municipal corporation, or political subdivision, except as otherwise provided in the Constitution, including meetings with or attended by any person elected to such board or commission, but who has not yet taken office, at which official acts are to be taken are declared to be public meetings open to the public at all times, and no resolution, rule, or formal action shall be considered binding except as taken or made at such meeting. The board or commission must provide reasonable notice of all such meetings.
Officers who contravene Sunshine laws are subject to sanctions.
(3)(a) Any public officer who violates any provision of this section is guilty of a noncriminal infraction, punishable by fine not exceeding $500.
(b) Any person who is a member of a board or commission or of any state agency or authority of any county, municipal corporation, or political subdivision who knowingly violates the provisions of this section by attending a meeting not held in accordance with the provisions hereof is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s.775.082or s.775.083.
(6) All persons subject to subsection (1) are prohibited from holding meetings at any facility or location which discriminates on the basis of sex, age, race, creed, color, origin, or economic status or which operates in such a manner as to unreasonably restrict public access to such a facility.


Friday, July 24, 2015

More Lies and changes of Mind

I have been posting on this blog old posts by the old members of the Administration. I have posted remarks made by Mr Israel that were part of a apology by him for libelous remarks made for lies printed on the Internet. I called it the apology. I also printed some of his postings that were made in 2008 just before he became President. That posting showed that the Future President was all for Term Limits. Today not so much. He is against Terms Limits because it eliminates any possibility of being a President for life.

Now I have a posting by his side kick, Ed Black, saying that he could not be more for Term Limits. That was in 2008. Today not so much also.

He also makes some remarks as to how we should not mess with the UCO By Laws and we should "entertain term limits for the entire elected body." So why are they? Messing with the By-Laws?

I agree wholeheartedly!!

The Hidden Committee Member

There is something wrong here.

At the finance Committee Meeting many of the members were hidden in the audience. The Treasurer was asked,"Why was this meeting NOT recorded?" The answer was "Because I choose not to!"

Does this sound like an open and transparent Committee?

It sounds like the complaints we had about the Road Work are finally being listen to and acted upon. They are calling in an outside expert, (after the Money was spent the first time) to review and suggest the proper way to professionally fix the Roads.

This is a good idea. It always was a good idea but now the hidden President and Committee member is all for it.

Good for him.

Its about time!

Finance Committee with Hidden officiers!

       Shambolic Finance Committee Meeting

            The finance committee meeting held yesterday was another example of  shambolic design.

            Upon entering the meeting room a guard stood at the door like a bouncer at a gin joint checking identifications before permitting entry. No renters allowed was the order of the day. The room was sparsely populated with only about 31 attendees present, perhaps the lack of attendance was caused by the poor advertising of the event. The email received by residents announcing this highly important meeting is being selectively sent to supporters while critics and others who question too much are denied.

            There was no video recording either, usually these meetings are posted on the internet for all to see. When Howie Silver questioned why there was no video recording, Howard O'Brien gruffly stated “Because I chose to not record it” Another example of UCO working in the dark !

            Two new members of the committee were introduced: Donald Foster and Tony Salometti. But conspicuous by their absence were UCO VP Fausto Fabro, Corresponding Secretary Pat Sealander, and Executive Board member Herb Finklestein. From the look of the committee it's obvious that there is not now and there will not be any real questioning of  the budget proposals.

True to form the committee obediently raised their hands and nodded their heads and kept their mouths shut  under the watchful eye of David Israel who sat in the audience,  not one question or objection was raised by anyone on the committee. Not one line item on the proposal was questioned.

            Audience members did raise some interesting points which were quickly put down, when questioned about costs regarding the WIFI/Broadband initiative that David Israel has been so vigorously promoting the discussion was quickly slammed shut. The point was made that  a “doorway fee” ( monies paid by companies vying for the contract) is not acceptable.

            Marilyn Pomerantz discovered a mistake in the dates indicated at the top of the proposals, Howard O'Brien answered by saying that he does not have anyone to proofread his work and that mistakes are inevitable, Marilyn countered by asking how the figures in the proposal can be trusted as accurate if no one is checking. Marilyn also raised the question of funding the legal work for the up and coming agreement  to replace the Millennium agreement. No definitive answer was offered by the treasurer.

            Questions about the co-mingling of funds were answered by O'Brien with the statement “ if the house is on fire we need to be able to access the funds” He didn't say that the funds can be accessed even if the house is not on fire.

            Howard O'Brien voiced his opinion that the fifteen million  to fix the disastrous road paving job needs to start being collected as soon as possible , George Lowenstein asked if a loan could be taken out to repair the roads now and pay later, the answer given was : NO … MAYBE.

            Apparently two engineering firms have been hired to do an analysis of the roadways. Who approved that ? Where did the money come from ? And one has to wonder whether or not their recommendations will be implemented, unlike the previous road paving fiasco where a twenty five thousand dollar engineering study was ignored in the rush to get the contract signed.

            This committee meeting was one for the books, no real substantive answers given, a good portion of elected  officers absent, no recording, no real effort made to notify residents, residents denied access based on ownership of units, blatant stonewalling and evasive answers, and elected  officers who should have been front and center hiding in the audience. Now the proposal will be carried forward to the next committee where the same people take another kick at the same can and will no doubt sit and nod their heads and raise their hands on cue, and on to the next committee where the same people take another kick and another vote.

            Shambolic is a good description of the proceedings, with the sham in shambolic being the operative word.
            Neil J Moore with contributions from Howie Silver and Marilyn Pomerantz.

Our Finance Committee




Just what goes thru the mind of the forever great and lifelong wannabe President. the Delegate Assembly listens to and considers his Wi-Fi plan and then says no. Not a small no but a resounding NO, So why does he and his side-kick decide to go ahead with it any way.

What is it about NO he does not understand?
Or to put another way. How many times do we have to vote on an issue, determine the sense of the Delegates and end it. Once is not enough??

Broiadband, Wi-Fi who needs it?

I am sitting here and thinking about the little man's insistence that we have a UCO based Wi-Fi. That is so wrong. First off those associations that want Wi-Fi can have for less than a $1000 investment and maybe a $5 a month charge per unit. This system has been installed in a number of Associations and all seems well. So why the clamor for a UCO based system wide system of Wi-Fi or as Mr. Israel like to say, "Broadband"?

As far as I can see this initiative would do nothing but enhance Mr. Israel's ego!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Finance Committee Non-Meeting

So what happened yesterday in Room C, The Club House. It was the Finance meeting held in a room that could hold all the people that were expected to attend, That should of attended, and did not.

The attendance was 34, more that could fit in the UCO Conference Room.

But nothing of any substance happened. The biggest news was that The UCO President and many of his entourage, who are all on the Finance Committee, sat in the audience. And whispered among themselves. This let O'Brien free rein to run the meeting. Which he did. But still no substance. It seems as if the Committee members were trying to prove the point that there is only 1 vote per member and not 1 vote per committee, which gives the assembled Committee personage 3 votes, since many if not all of them are on the 3 main committees;

The answer to what happened will have to wait. I hope not to long.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catholic Charities and Sheffield O

So there is some interesting developments at Sheffield O.  One of the Units in Sheffield O was owned by the Catholic Charities.

When Kelly arrived he immediately took over the unit and rented it out. None of the money went to the Catholic Charities. It should of.

Now I hear that the Charities are asking for the years rents from Kelly. And Who knows, they should prosecute, but time will tell on that.

A call to the Catholic Charities about this situation, brings, so far a no comment.

My thoughts on this are that if Kelly stole from the Charities he should be prosecuted. Not to do so could possibly put future bequeathments in jeopardy.