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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Messenger Town Hall Meeting Invitation

The Golf Course problem

The following was posted by our good friend, knowledgeable and courteous PICRUISE. Filling up space as usual. The problem is that he is recommending a capitulation on our Golf Course.

Its time for Southhampton to give up their losing fight.  There WILL be a development on the closed golf course unless the Waldmans decide not to develop.  More money to third rate lawyers trying to fight this is money wasted."

Rather than going over the steps that can still be taken to protect our Golf Course in perpetuity, he counsels quitting. I'll bet he never made a meeting or volunteered any money for this cause.


There always something that can be done. Once you walk away from a fight you lose. So instead do not give up. Who knows maybe thye Waldman's will change their minds. Maybe a Judge will resurrect this challenge back to common sense.

Quitting is just dumb!

Oppressive Politics at the UN,no less!

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. It was intended to be a temple of peace, but this once great global body has been overrun by the repressive regimes that violate human rights and undermine international security. More of this here

Monday, March 30, 2015

Frances Fox

We offer our deepest condolences to George Pittell on the passing of his dearest friend, Frances Fox.
The CV Messenger

Post Script on Channel 63

On second thought on this Channel 63 situation, where does Ed Black get the right, the b*lls to walk in and fire anybody? After all he is just a Volunteer and non elected? Can any other Volunteer walk in and fire another Volunteer? If that is true I fire Ed Black and while I am at it I also fire David Israel!!!

So that now that the talented and industrious managers of Channel 63, Kitty and John Gregg, have quit because of a fascist move, of a book burning move, by that Fair Minded and illustrious author of Censorship in Century Village, we now have Channel 63 still on the air, somewhat.

But with what?

I will tell you. They have a movie of Abraham Lincoln playing. Lincoln's Birthday is long gone. But so what we need something to fill the space.

Thank you Ed Black.

I suggest if you want to punish your enemies, keep them close. Remember "keep your friend close and your enemies closer.

Well I can see we need the Managers back. I can see we cannot allow free wheeling Censorship here in the Village. I can see we need to get rid of the 'not Elected to anything' Ed Black!

BTW the movie was abruptly ended at 10:30 and the regular programming began.

Its tough without Mangers, huh, Ed?

Post script oh Howard

The Treasury is safe! Howard is back at the old grind looking after us and our monies.

He wrote and advised us as follows " Thank you for the get well wishes.  I had Atrial Flutter that was corrected by catherization on Wednesday.  I was released from JKF on Thursday.

I am under the care of my doctors but have returned to normal activities.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ode to joy

Watch one of Esther's favorite Flash Mob 
Beethoven's Ode to Joy

Wait for the Video to load

The Devil and Century Village

The devil is damning us all to hell if we don’t get rid of Ed Black and David Israel. This is the last straw. Two talented, honorable volunteers, John and Kitty voluntarily quit channel 63 in protest because Ed Black forced them to remove a non-political interview with Esther Sutofsky about her book club.  I applaud the action of John and Kitty, and I am asking all volunteers to stand up and   fight for their right and yours to free access by supporting them by quitting your unpaid volunteer job.   The time has come for all good people of Century Village to prove their courage, and show Ed Black and David Israel; they cannot be bullied. Prove to John and Kitty you are 100% behind them.  Do not let their action be in vain.  The next time you are scheduled to show up at UCO or at the clubhouse, call in sick, take a long medical leave or just quit. I can assure you the world will not end but the message to the diabolical devils who run UCO will be heard loud and clear.

News of Howard Obrien

We have been told by creditable sources that our treasured UCO Treasurer is in the hospital due to a heart related incident. We wish him well and speedy recovery.

As is usual the people at UCO are very secretive of this.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Benny Goodman - Listen & Enjoy

Ego and Censorship

Lets look at really what is going on here. First off if you want Property Values to increase then I suggest you follow the lead of the Villages in Orlando. All you need is no crime, no children and lots of Golf. We have the first two and with a little thinking we could have the Golf.

What we don"t seem to have is freedom to pursue happiness. We are interfered with by Ed Black and David Israel. They have become our self appointed censors, and in the process have removed many of our freedoms. This must stop.

The fallout from the Censorship move by the Mighty Ed Black is that the two operators of Channel 63 have quit. So now there is a note on channel 63 advising that Kitty & John Gregg are not the operators anymore. Contact should be to The Mighty Ed Black and the infamous Joy Vestal. This makes her job list up to three. There is no stopping her, is there?

But back to Property Values. Heading in the direction that Israel and Black are pushing and pulling us is wrong. Setting Israel's Broadband aka  WiFi won't affect property values at all. They wish it would, but it is not going to happen. There is something else working here, it is ego gratification. Theirs not ours.

It Time for a Recall and fire Ed Black.

Floundering and our lawsuits

The problem we have here is a lack of understanding.

The Great and knowledgeable one, the UCO President is missing the points and is dragging all of us into a legal mire.

Where does he think that he has the inalienable right to deny the Lawsuits that are coming and put us all in jeopardy? Remember UCO is us. We have been told this a number of times by the UCO Administration

Whose advice is he following The Advisory Committee? The Executive Committee? The Delegates?

I don't think so. He is following his own knowledge and experience. Is this to be trusted? Does he have any experience? Does he have any real knowledge?

Are we going to stand and let a man that has no experience in legalities, in defending lawsuits, to guide us in these matters?

There is plenty of good advice within the Village. There is Esther who is asking good and concise and knowledgeable questions and which are all ignored. There is Ed asking terrific questions regarding how our money is spent and what are the plans for the future.

And what is the problem bringing on all these Lawsuits? It is the lack of Freedom of information. It is the lack of Sunshine in the UCO operations. What is wrong with being free with information that shows how and where our money is being spent? What are they ashamed of? What are they afraid of?

You tell me where I am wrong.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Top of the World Cartoon


A happy thought by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and though We are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Davis Israel your days are numbered.


This is a post that was left on the Our Village blog belonging to David Israel. He almost immediately removed it, which we knew would happen but I was able to get it and post it here and on my blog. It speaks of the resignation of John and Kitty Gregg when they were instructed that a very short, minutes long, video of me talking about a book club, was withdrawn and no viable reason given. This was delivered by the notorious Ed Black who by the way left another lovely message for me on my blog. Guess your cough is better, huh, Ed. There was no mention or tie to any politics. This is simply a continuation of David's attempt to rule the Village, tell us how to think, control over all. Time to stand up folks. For more info, just go to my blog.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Will the above channel the Village has come to rely upon revert back to the "Olden Days" of Club announements etc.?  Due to the resignations of both Kitty & John Gregg, to whom we owe heaps of "Gratitude" for not only their time, talent and dedication, to improving both sound & picture quality ( Comcast equipment, FINALLY brought up to par, after several attempts by others who
failed to accomplish,what John Gregg, managed to do in a two week window).in addition to the variety of programing, that had been offered to inform and entertain our residents, no longer exist? Channel 63 BELONGS to the ENTIRE community.Political messages, other than Club Announcements
have not appeared to my was kept civil, informative &; entertaining as it should be; however, there are those, who due to an interview, conducted by myself, over one month ago, which has been aired, more than once, with the President of one of our Book Club Reviews has now been deemed "Unacceptable" All parties involved pre production, including myself, would not have WASTED our time on an "Unacceptable" project....Remember, we all FUND THIS CHANNEL....

The Editor: So whats next? Book Burning?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Airline Safety

The cockpit door is always locked. The procedure to unlock is kind of cumbersome but workable.

The rule in the United States is that there should always be 2 people in the cockpit. If one of the pilots has to leave for any reason then the cabin assistants or dead headed pilots are called upon to be in the cockpit. This rule does not apply to other airlines not registered in the US.

This idea of always 2 people in the cockpit is a good one. That way if something should happen to the remaining pilot, the fill in can call for help.

If this had been the situation on tht German flight, we may not have had the loss of life we had.

Here is a comment from the NY Times:

If it indeed happened as many people are surmising, perhaps this situation should cause US regulators to re-think the current policy on allowing pilots to be armed with handguns. While it's certainly possible that a pilot who is intent on killing himself and everyone else on board could manage to do so under many circumstances, it would certainly seem easier for him or her to do that if all that were necessary was to reach to an ankle holster, pull out the trusty Smith & Wesson, and shoot his fellow pilot dead before diving the aircraft into the ground. 

Editor: The rules have changed and are changing. Now the 2 people in the cockpit rules hold for German Airlines.

Wellington East Pool News

For those Wellington Residents that keep track of the Wellington Pools. Please be advised that the County Inspector came out today and passed on the East Pool Ladies Bathroom. This means that the backup of pool jobs can now start moving again. The Logjam is broke. WE can progress. Hurrah!