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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fire in Dover

Pictures of a fire in Dover this Morning. Nobody hurt, but the Unit was burned out.

Watch the Video of the Fire Action - Click here.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stack the Votes of the Operations Committee

I am again reading the Very Private Blog of David Israel. The Blog that purports to be the Century Village Blog, which is limited to only his friends and Minions.

The complaint that the mumbler has against the By-Law changes that are offered is that they may intrude on his ability to force his rule on the Unit Holders.

He is afraid that if any of these by-Laws are passed or if all of them are passed it will affect the way he is now dictatorially running the Village.

True enough it will. Is there something wrong with tightening up the By-Laws so that what happened at the last Operations Committee meeting could not happen again?. That meeting did not have enough votes for a quorum. So what did the great one offer up. He said we should pick 3 or 4 of his friends, pro-tempore (temporary), so the Vote could move on. He could not wait to stack the Vote. This is not allowed with the proposed By-Law changes.

This is a prime reason why he is against the By-Law Changes.

We Need Term Limits to end this.

This Posting is signed by David Israel's friend the
 Cyber-Terrorist, as called by The little fat man in the corner office.

More Bits

First off, while shopping in Publix on Haverhill, near the Post Office I ran into a short, rotund bald headed guy.

I said Good Morning, since I recognized him as the UCO President. His reply was "Cyber Terrorist, Cyber terrorist, Cyber Terrorist"

I though  for a minute that the man had lost it. He was mumbling this over and over again. I met him 2-3 times as we worked the aisles.

But no, he was not out of control, yet, that was his way of insulting one of the Unit Owners in CV.


Now as for the argument that all this divisiveness is ruining the resale value of the units. They, the loyal Minions, feel that our remarks concerning operations as run by UCO is ruining the resale value of our units.

My argument is that if things were run normally and fairly, if things were run normally and sensibly, if only the By-Laws were followed, there would be no need for an opposition, no need for malcontents.

They fault for all this lies square at the doorstep of UCO. If you need some proof look to the people that were fired for no cause. Look to the elected officers that quit because of the way they are treated by the head of the present administration. Look to the attempt to fix the voting by putting in people that are loyal and when the Committees need voting members. Israel wanted to stack the Vote at the vote

This, by the way was turned down, hollered down, by the Officers Committee and visitors. As it should be.

If you are worried about resales values, maybe you are in the wrong place.

After all this is a retirement community.

We DO need Term Limits.

The Dummies are Coming out!!

THE DUMMIES ARE COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET LIKE COCKROACHES, and the UCO Reporter Rag is  giving them a platform to express their ignorance.

The latest one goes by the name of Hugh Green, who begins by saying a small segment of condominium owners have been on their own quest for justice, which is slowly eating away at our way of life. He later declares if this trend continues we may reach a point where new potential residents will not want to live here because of the adversarial atmosphere that currently permeates the village.   Read the stats in the UCO Rag Mr. Green. More and more people are buying and renting in this village. People are clamoring to move here.  Possibly because as you inferred in your article, they do not give a rat’s ass about the politics in the village. The only thing they know is, it is affordable, convenient and the amenities are fantastic.
Of course, this all could change in the future if people like you continue to support the current administration that is running the village to the ground with its useless spending.
Get a grip Greenie!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Phylis Seigleman has quit her post at UCO as recording Secretary.

Do we wonder why? Well here is the answer.

She quit because she had gotten fed up with the demeaning remarks coming from her President, David Israel. That is what happened. Watch the UCO Operations Committee video and watch Israel throw her under the bus with his snide and demeaning remarks. His specialty has become to insult his employees, to debase them, volunteers or not.


She could have quit partially, because the heat from the CVMessenger complaining that she had no right to remove the CVMessenger newspaper that was left on the door knobs.

In either case it is sad to see a UCO Volunteer quit. Almost as bad and thoughtless as seeing a Volunteer fired for no cause.

About the complaint by the CVMessenger that it is disrespectful to hold a Committee Meeting on the Highest Holiday that the Jewish Faith has, Yom Kippur. Please be advised that the powers in charge, after saying that he could not change this date because of a holiday and that would cause him to change all other meetings that fall on a holiday. Such as Xmas, Good Friday, Easter, etc and what about the Islam holidays? Can't be done. According to this man and it shouldn't be done.

But  common sense finally took hold and he reversed himself and changed his mind.

Pretty much like the dumb remark he made about the Sheffield O situation. On that one he declared that"nothing could be done about it" that is until the CVMessenger brought it to everybody;s attention. And then he called in Mr.Levy to solve the problem.

It appears Ms Cornish not only has her head in the sand, but she does not understand the inference of my article.  I simply suggested the only way you can rid of a person in office is, TERM LIMITS.   She said, “If you don’t like the people in office, you can’t vote them out. You don’t need term limits.”  Well Barbara, if you read my article correctly, you would have noticed that I did say – you can  vote them out of office as well.  You also neglected  to understand the meaning of what I said, which was the problem with voting a person like David Israel out is  because he controls all the century village  media necessary to run  a campaign with an even playing field.  This leaves any opposing candidate left sucking wind trying to tell the residents why they should vote for them.  It is too bad you do not understand this simple premise.   
You very own husband is trying hard to get a management company. Ask yourself, why that is?


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Storm Erika

Here is the latest on storm Erika as of 8:00 PM Friday the 28th. Click here. 


Barbara Cornish says, “THROW THE BUM OUT.”

She keeps repeating the same song, which is, if we do not like the president of UCO, we can throw the bum out - in other words; we can vote him out.  Ms Cornish appears to have her head in the sand because voters only have a chance to throw the bum out when they are both playing in the same field.   She does not take into account the fact that candidates running against David Israel do not play in the same field because they are barred from promoting themselves in the UCO Reporter, channel 63, the clubhouse or the pools.  Candidates who oppose David Israel must use their own private funds to make their voices heard - this puts them at a serious disadvantage.  Unfortunately, Ms Cornish does not have the foresight to understand this as she continues to sing her favorite lament. It is for this reason and this reason alone; she must begin to learn a new song:

 “Throw the bum out, SUPPORT TERM LIMITS.”  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump and Lunacy

Here is a part of a Article by Thomas Freidman. The whole thing can be seen here.

And now we have Trump shamelessly exploiting this issue even more. He’s calling for an end to the 14th Amendment’s birthright principle, which guarantees citizenship to anyone born here, and also for a government program to round up all 11 million illegal immigrants and send them home — an utterly lunatic idea that Trump dismisses as a mere “management” problem. Like lemmings, many of the other G.O.P. presidential hopefuls just followed Trump over that cliff.
This is not funny anymore. This is not entertaining. Donald Trump is not cute. His ugly nativism shamefully plays on people’s fears and ignorance. It ignores bipartisan solutions already on the table, undermines the civic ideals that make our melting pot work in ways no European or Asian country can match (try to become a Japanese) and tampers with the very secret of our sauce — pluralism, that out of many we make one.
Every era spews up a Joe McCarthy type who tries to thrive by dividing and frightening us, and today his name is Donald Trump.

The Promised Land

Click here to view the Video of the CVMessenger "The Promised land."

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


So here we are. We have our own jungle growing at the Haverhill entrance. This is not supposed to happen. A Notice of violation was delivered on July 2 . The owner of this property had until July 22 to fix it. That is  20 days to fix the lawn or pay $1000 per day in fines.

So far nothing has happened the owner is ignoring us, or rather ignoring the Palm Beach Planning and Zoning department.

One thing we could do is email the Zoning Commission at and tell him it is time to enforce the notice of Violation.

Here is the Violation order.

The way it was

Of course this is the way Mr.Levy saw our Village. 
So what happened?

Voting and Numbers

So there you have it, dear readers, the poles are closed. The vote is over. So what happened?

There are over 7,500 units here in Century Village. There are approximately 15, 000 residents here,

The vote totals were 71. 71  people, total, voted in Israel's private election on his private blog.

I will let the reader figure out what that means, perhaps privately.

John Kerry

Is this true???

From: Morty Bercovitch <>
Date: Sun, Aug 23, 2015 at 7:03 PM
Subject: John Kerry's Daughter
To: Morty Bercovitch <>

We Americans are SUCH patsies….wouldn’t you think SOMEBODY in DC would cry “baloney!” on this ?! Talk about sleeping with the enemy…..
Guess Who Was The Best Man  At John Kerry’s, Daughter’s Wedding…THIS IS TERRIBLE! 
Maybe you don’t know that in 2009 the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, married an Iranian physician named Dr. Brian Vale Nahed.
Well, I am sure no mainstream media reported this.

Guess who was the best man at the wedding? Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Let me explain who is  Mr. Zarif.

Zarif is Iran’s current minister of foreign affairs. He was Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations. I am not kidding! This is  CRAZY!
As  Front Page Magazine  pointed out several months ago, the nuclear talks with Iran were a tragic farce, choreographed and orchestrated by Iran.

And unfortunately, we’re going to have to live with the consequences.

At least, I hope we live...........

Sheffield O and David Israel.

Did you ever take a closer look at David Israel in the Video he made with Terri Parker. The video is about the Sheffield O situation. It seems to me the "We can't do anything about this" President now waxes elegantly. He is trying to infer that he had a major role in this. The fact is he took all of UCO's marbles and went home.

The CVMessenger really got it all started and finished as far as it is finished. With no help from David Israel and friends.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

CVMessenger Meeting announcement

A Friendly Reminder From The Messenger Club
Wednesday August 26, Meeting Room C in the clubhouse,  10.00 am
A critical meeting
Agenda :
The proposed amendments to the by-laws
A review of the Advisory committee meeting
Bus transportation and the actions of David Israel in throwing Lori Torres under the bus.
Planning for the protest rally in opposition to Mr Kelly's activities at Sheffield O.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Typical and Predicable.

So what happened at the Advisory Committee meeting yesterday? Not much that was not expected. The whole committee was there, minus 2.

Pretty normal for this committee.

The agenda was the discussion and voting on the By-Law changes that finally reached this committee.

The way it works is this. First the petitioners must meet all the rules for submission. That is, at least a 25 name petition is submitted asking for changes. The names must be vetted. Originally the signers had to be Delegates, then someone read the rules and pointed out they only had to be unit owners. Huh?

Then the petition, passed or not moves to the Executive Committee and then on, eventually reaching the Delegate Assembly.

So what happened?

They got hung up on the term when the by-law action take place. There was a statement in there that changes that occur are to start immediately, that is if Term Limits are passed they become effective now, instantly. Reading the by-laws I don't see that. The change is meant to take place at the beginning of the next election cycle. But the pseudo attorneys on the Board, especially David Israel, all pontificated otherwise. So it was turned down, all of them. But do not despair, the petitioned changes moved on, passed or not.

The only Body the really counts is the Delegate Assembly.

There was a lot of discussion on this particular wording, but the outcome was predicable. These people are against anything that the opposition brings up, no matter how good and good for the Village it is.

These Committee Members must of sensed that their jobs were at jeopardy and so to protect themselves voted it down. Typical and predicable.

I will say that Ms.Gordezter was fair in running this meeting.

Well, it is not over yet.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

D.Israel does not want to follow his attorneys' advice. Surprise surprise!!

Here is a series of letters from Ed Grossman and David Israel. Basically Ed is asking for some info under the freedom of Information act. As you will note UCO is basically uncooperative.



Mr. David Israel, President United Civic Organization, Inc.
2101 West Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33417 

 August 14, 2015
Mr. Israel:
I am hereby submitting a request for the items that were discussed at the August Delegate's Assembly as well as the Emergency Bid Committee's meeting with regard to the following: 

I. The contracts/proposals approved for the work.

2. All the competitive bids for the work.

3. The minutes that contain the approval vote for the above contracts/proposals.

The reasonable particularity for these requests are listed below:

• I want to discuss the results of these requests with accuracy to the Board of Directors as well as the other unit owners of Wellington A.

• I want to be able to determine if the execution of these contracts was without the knowledge and approval of the delegate assembly and are correct according to the current by-laws.

I am enclosing a copy of Rod Tennyson's legal opinion as the propriety of my request and the manner in which I sign this request.

I trust that it is unnecessary to direct your attention to Fla) Stat. 617.1602 (2) (b) & (d), which, provides in the relevant part that a member of a corporation is entitled to inspect and copy accounting "and any other books and records," nor to Fla. Stat. 617.2103 (3){b) which provides for the recovery of costs and attorney fee in the event an action is required to enforce our right as UCO members. Raffinan v. Philipine, Cultural Found:821 So.2d 1272.1274 (Fla, Dist. Ct.App.2d Dist.2002)

Very truly yours 

Edward R. Grossman, CPA
President Wellington A


August 16, 2015

TO:Mr. Edward Grossman
(By Certified Mail Nr.70 l18200000633120l5)

102 Wellington A
WPB, Florida 33417

Dear Sir,

Reference is made to your request for records dated August 14, 2015. We here in UCO find the request to be so non-specific, as to be incoherent. I will respond below in red, interspersing my response(s) with your original text:

"I am hereby submitting a request for the items that were discussed at the August Delegate's Assembly as well as the Emergency Bid Committee's meeting with regard to the following: (Numerous items were discussed at both meetings, please describe which item(s) you are referring to)

1. The contracts/proposals approved for the work. (What work?)

2. All the competitive bids for the work. (What work?)

3. The minutes that contain the approval vote for the above
contracts/proposals. (What Contracts and proposals ?)

The reasonable particularity for these requests are listed below:

• I want to discuss the results of these requests with accuracy to the Board of Directors as well as the other unit owners of Wellington A.
• I want to be able to determine if the execution of these contracts without the knowledge and approval of the delegate assembly are correct according to the current by-laws.(What Contracts?)" 

Clearly, the lack of specificity of your request renders it incapable of response. Please advise what exactly you requesting and we will make every effort to respond.

David B.. Israel

United Civic Organization 

There is a letter from Israels attorney, which does not copy good, basically he says yes you are part of the UCO Directors and are entitled to the information.

So note again the President of UCO does not want to comply.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I know nothing.

We the proponents of good, honest, transparent Village Government have been talking about the lousy Road job for over a year now.

But now Mr.Fausto declares it an emergency. The poor Road job has all of a sudden become an Emergency. Therefore the Bid Committee is by passed. As a matter of fact all the usual constraints  to prevent poor management can now be ignored.

But the worst part is that the VP in charge of overseeing says I know nothing about this.

What are we to do?