Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Messenger club flyer 01-27

Revised 2015 Budget worse than the original - Vote it down!

Century Village Messenger Club
Tuesday. January 27 - 3:30 PM
Room C - Clubhouse 

Receive copy of our newly revised corrected 2015 Budget for your review.

Receive forms for signature to be submitted to UCO to get copies of Contracts and Documents to substantiate our numbers.

Receive complaints to be submitted for signature to reinstate (which was approved by Delegates previously) the correct Fund accounting procedures which was cancelled without Delegate approval.

Do not let the Officers and Treasurer's actions cost thousands of dollars in penalties, interest and legal fees.

Vote their revised Budget down again!

Bring your Officers, Delegates and Friends

Sunday, January 25, 2015

New revised 2015 proposed Budget

The new proposed budget for 2015 is wrong. It will cost all of us extra monies that it should not.

To start with the $400,000 has been misquoted as increasing our fees by $1 per unit when in actuality it will increase each units fee by $4 per month.

The $680,000 has been mistreated and really belongs to 2013 budget not the new 2015. Again lowering our fees

The basic structure of our accounting procedures has been changed, without the Delegates getting a chance to approve or disapprove this move. The bank accounts are being combined into 1 account from approximately 7-8 accounts. This should be presented to the Delegates Assembly for a vote. It was not. This move allows the use of 1 account to spend money that was applied to a specific project with no over site. Bad business.

There is more to come. Visit the Messenger Club Meeting on Jan.27 at 3:30 in room C, Club House.

Probably, the worst is that the budget is stated as fees that will be a guarantee  $10 per month per unit for the next 15 years to cover the guessed at road expense. This is $15 million for 15 years. A absolute guess by one of the non-professionals at UCO. No professional engineer was asked anything about this.

This in additional to the fact that the budget should show a decrease, will keep showing increases unless we stop it. So until they get it right...

Vote the new and erroneous budget DOWN!

Litigate. litigate,litigate


Recent events in a condominium complex right here in West Palm Beach are raising eyebrows and concerns among residents.
It is reported that the HOA (home owners association) for The Whitehall complex on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard challenged the president of the association on unauthorized expenditures.

The expenditures were in reference to approximately fourteen thousand dollars withdrawn at casinos and hotels from Florida to New Jersey. In frustration the homeowners finally filed a lawsuit to put an end to the spending spree. The presidents defense was to maintain that it wasn't the associations money, it was his money.
The complaints piled up and an investigation was launched by the state which resulted in the association being fined $5000.00.

The Association bore the legal costs of defending Mr Rossi (the president) and the HOA to the tune of $130,000.00.
In an attempt to justify the costs Mr Rossi stated “ I don't let anybody push me around “ he was recently stripped of his authority as a president of the HOA by the State.

In a later development angry residents broke into the associations office , removed records and documentation , ostensibly to protect them from destruction or removal. This has led to more lawsuits
being filed incurring further legal costs for which the association is again picking up the tab.

There has to be a lesson in all this for Century Village. Residents here have requested access to the records which are being turned down with little or no good reason. Our President recently stated
that he will not be “controlled by a mob”. In reply to an offer by residents to work on the upcoming budget he posted on his website that ” UCO does not respond to threats”.The complaints against UCO are piling up. At the moment there are two separate lawsuits pending against UCO and David Israel totaling more than 5 million dollars. Do we as concerned residents need to appeal to the State or launch another lawsuit to enforce our rights?

In light of these events it may not be the best way to resolve the controversy swirling around allegations of mismanagement at UCO. If the administration continues with obstructionist tactics Century Village residents may have no other option than to call in the investigators from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. CV Residents are reluctant to proceed with this course of action, they are restrained by their wish to protect themselves and other residents from bearing the costs,but they are becoming increasingly frustrated and patience is wearing thin. However this administration is not transparent or willing to allow scrutiny of their actions. It's a simple matter to file a complaint, request documentation or call for an audit from the state.

Before proceeding with action through the State it would be a lot better for everyone if the UCO administration would co-operate with the reasonable requests recently made by more than 50 unit owners in Century Village to allow Ed Grossman CPA. George Lowenstein CPA. (past president and treasurer of UCO.)and Dorothy Tetro former treasurer of UCO to aid in the preparation of a proper 2015 budget.

Come to the Messenger Club town hall meeting Jan. 27. 3.30 pm. room C

Bad Business at the Whitehall Condo.

Heres the Story on the WhiteHall dispute. The story of over reaching Condo Association President. Pretty much like we have here!

Click here for the Whitehall story

Budget Meeting Video Jan. 2015

Look at the Video below. It covers the latest Budget meeting.It depicts the obfuscation of the Treasure.

Click here for the Video

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CNA or not?


A gaping hole in our security came to my attention recently.

There are many home health aides ,certified nursing assistants , registered nurses and other health care workers visiting our village on a regular basis. For the most part these aides do a wonderful job in assisting the elderly in coping with their daily lives. They are licensed by the state and undergo a security screening or a background check before being issued a licence.

A Century Village gate pass is issued without question to aides on the assumption that in order to possess a license they have been screened and vetted by the state. An assumption that is wrong!

There is a mechanism in the nurses registry in Talahassee that permits individuals who have been convicted of crimes to make an appeal to a committee who may decide to issue a license regardless of their criminal past. Is this known by the issuers of passes or are they simply unaware ?

In an attempt to find an aide to assist an elderly resident who suffers from dementia I searched for and found a young lady who possessed a license as a CNA and appeared to be just what I was looking for. I conducted my own background check and discovered that she had been convicted of domestic violence and fraud. The fraud involved the theft of checks from friends. The domestic violence was related to repeated assaults on her younger brother.

She was definitely not the sort of person who I would trust to look after an elder suffering from dementia. She had obtained a license by making an appeal after she was initially denied due to her criminal record.

In light of all this I have to question the efficiency of the security procedures here in the village. In order to perform an effective security screening the subject, be it a nurses aide or any other contractor , should be checked by our own security.

Why is this not being done ? There are other issues where the security in the village is lacking. Keep an eye on thiswebsite , I will be posting them in the near future.

Neil J Moore

Water Fight!

The little man with his little mind is being little minded and trying to punish a Malcontent, but instead he is punishing 42 unit holders in Wellington A and 42 unit holders is Wellington E.

For specific details on this you can visit "Requisiting Records" on this blog.

But this is the story in a nut shell. He is being uncooperative, as usual. A pipe has broke that feeds the sprinklers. The question is who is to repair it? Wellington E has a contract with Seacrest, Wellington A has a contract with Gallagher, UCO has a contract with Seacrest. So who is to repair this and put our shrubs and flowers at ease?

The answer to this lies in the contract UCO has with Seacrest. So what does the contract say? David Israel in his self serving zeal, so far, has refused to show us the contract. Why? We don't know.

But the fight goes on.

By the way one of the VP agrees with Wellington A after looking at the plans. Seacrest is responsible for the repair.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bad Behavior Video

This video is the Voice of Reason. It suggests solutions for our problems with the Wizard. Well worth watching.

Click here for Bad Behavior Video

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Requisitioning Records

The following is very interesting. As you can see first Mr.Grossman gave 12 reasons for his request for the records concerning a pipe break near our building. The question was who is responsible to repair it.

The answer given was a excerpt from the 617 rules. 

It seems as if The Great and Responsible President considers the 617 rules as a box of chocolates. To be picked and chosen from.

Mr Grossman:

Indeed you should be proud of your association. In my Hume opinion is clearly one of the best maintained and improved in the community. 

I asked for a copy of the contract on your behalf yesterday, however Mr Israel was out today. 

I will follow up with him tomorrow.

Sent from my iPhone

On Jan 19, 2015, at 2:51 PM, Edward R Grossman <edwardrgrossman@gmail.com> wrote:
To Ted Herrle:                                                                                                        1/19/2015

Hi Ted,
Further to your visit with me yesterday at Wellington A I would like to review the following:
1)      The break in the line behind Wellington A was reported more than a week ago to Seacrest.
2)      I inspected the sight and saw work was going on.
3)      I had no idea as to the work being stopped.
4)      I knew that Seacrest had a contract with UCO with regard to the sprinkler system.
5)      I presumed since Seacrest had the contract for the village wide sprinkler system Wellington A was covered by this contract.
6)      Yesterday was the first time that I learned that there was an issue as to what work Seacrest was obligated to due under its Village Wide Contract.
7)      Yesterday was the first time that I learned that Seacrest only performed the work in question for those Associations which the managed.
8)      I had  studied the  Seacrest contract in the past for my association and nowhere do I recall seeing that this work was included in there contract, it may have changed since I reviewed there contract.
9)      It would appear to me that there may be a conflict of interest as to those associations who use Seacrest and those that do not since UCO is a separate entity.
10)   Yesterday I requested a copy of such contract so I can review it on behalf of   Wellington A.
11)   After reviewing this contract if warranted I would engage our own contractor to determine if this is the case.
12)   Upon my own contractors finding, if necessary Wellington A would proceed with the work

I believe that since some time has passed since the discovery, notification of the break and the notification to me it would behoove those in charge to make said contract available to me in an expeditious fashion.

I must stress the we here a Wellington A are very proud of our Building and always honor our commitments.

We await your prompt reply.


Edward R. Grossman CPA

President- Wellington A Condominium Assoc. Inc.

For those of us that want to request records, the following are David Israel's user friendly rules.

I have been asked to forward the proper procedure for requisition records.  I have included the procedure below for your use:
617.1602 Inspection of records by members.

(1) A member of a corporation is entitled to inspect and copy, during regular business hours at the corporation’s principal office or at a reasonable location specified by the corporation, any of the records of the corporation described in s. 617.1601(5), if the member gives the corporation written notice of his or her demand at least 10 business days before the date on which he or she wishes to inspect and copy.

(2) A member of a corporation is entitled to inspect and copy, during regular business hours at a reasonable location specified by the corporation, any of the following records of the corporation if the member meets the requirements of subsection (3) and gives the corporation written notice of his or her demand at least 10 business days before the date on which he or she wishes to inspect and copy:

(a) Excerpts from minutes of any meeting of the board of directors, records of any action of a committee of the board of directors while acting in place of the board of directors on behalf of the corporation, minutes of any meeting of the members, and records of action taken by the members or board of directors without a meeting, to the extent not subject to inspection under subsection (1).(b) Accounting records of the corporation.

(c) The record of members.
(d) Any other books and records.

(3) A member may inspect and copy the records described in subsection (2) only if:

(a) The member’s demand is made in good faith and for a proper purpose;
(b) The member describes with reasonable particularity his or her purpose and the records he or she desires to inspect;
(c) The records are directly connected with the member’s purpose.
(4) This section does not affect:

(a) The right of a member in litigation with the corporation to inspect and copy records to the same extent as any other litigant.

(b) The power of a court, independently of this chapter, to compel the production of corporate records for examination.

(5) A corporation may deny any demand for inspection made pursuant to subsection (2) if the demand was made for an improper purpose, or if the demanding member has within 2 years preceding his or her demand sold or offered for sale any list of members of the corporation or any other corporation, has aided or abetted any person in procuring any list of members for any such purpose, or has improperly used any information secured through any prior examination of the records of the corporation or any other corporation.

(6) For purposes of this section, the term "member" includes a beneficial owner whose shares are held in a voting trust or by a nominee on his or her behalf.

(7) For purposes of this section, a "proper purpose" means a purpose reasonably related to such person’s interest as a member.

 Please let me know if there is anything else I may do for you. 

Very Best Regards,

Ted S. Herrle

Ted S. Herrle, PCAM, MCM
Community Manager
United Civic Organization of Century Village

This full of Pride little man has to be gone - No 4th Term

The Great Disruptor

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dave Israel <ucopresident@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 2:01 PM
Subject: Information Forward Initiative - Revised Draft UCO Budget 2015 -2016
To: Dave Israel <ucopresident@gmail.com>

Hi all,
Attached find Treasurer O'brien's revised draft budget.
It was passed today by the Finance Committee, and will next be presented to the Officers Committee,  the Executive Board and in due course, the Delegate Assembly.

The problem we have here is that the Great and all knowing wizard is THE DISRUPTOR. He could take his own advice and we all be happy. He doesn't have to behave, just be gone.

Absolutely - No 4th Term!!

Paranoia man

This is a posting on his Very Private Blog by the esteemed President David Israel. I do not know what he is talking out. To me it seems like the rantings of a man in the throes of paranoia. What do you think?

1:07 PM (3 hours ago) (Right after Lunch)
Ed Grossman <justiceforresidenceinc@gmail.com>

to me, vicepresident3, vicepresidentv., 
vicepresidentv., Veronica

Now is the time to listen to your fellow unit owners and avoid the 2015 budget being voted down again.

Ed Grossman CPA President of:
Wellington A
The Century Village Messenger Club
Justice for Residence Inc.

Well, oh glorious Ras-Tafari, lion of Judah, son of Ra...Disrupter of meetings, aspirant to relevance...Etc.

UCO does not respond to threats.

Dave Israel

"UCO does not reply to threats", but is very good at threatening. They threaten to turn off your call in rights, they threaten to lock you out of the Club House, channel 63, and The reporter. He, the President is excellent at bullying, shouting and keeping the Delegate from expressing a view.  Again I say he must be the CV Paranoia man.

No Fourth Term for this man!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Need for Common Sense


 Coming out of Citibank into the village, the visitor’s line at the entrance gate was backed up to Okeechobee. Since I was a resident, I cut in front of a waiting car coming from Wells Fargo to get into the resident lane. When I arrived near the gate, I noticed the resident lane was closed, so I was forced to cut back into the visitors’ lane - it does not sit well with me to cut anyone off unnecessarily.  

When I arrived at the gate, the guard asked me for my ID.  I told him I have a sticker, but he kept insisting on taking the time to check my ID. Meanwhile Ed Black was also at the gate fussing with the broken gate hardware and we started to argue. In the past when the gate was broken, the Guard from the previous company would look forward to seeing if you had a transponder or decal on your window and wave you through but no, not the new guards.  They take their orders from Mr. Ed Black who seems   to think; it's better to check your ID and have a long dangerous line onto Okeechobee than the small possibility of letting someone into the village who may be using a resident's car.  

This is one of the unexpected situations we have to deal with in everyday life where we have to make a choice to use common sense rather than protocol, but unfortunately Ed Black has limited ability for such use.  He preferred to stall the line and argue with me rather than tell the guard to lift the gate.  He knew who I was.  I am one of his favorite malcontents.

 Whenever I come across a situation where stupidities overrides common sense I have a tendency to get mad, so I managed to muster up all the nasty words I could think of and relay them to Mr. Black. I must admit; afterwards, I felt much better - I absolved my anger.  However, my guess is Mr. Black was mighty pissed off.


Olga you are right. I am appalled, no I am more than that, I am angry and I think this has got to stop. So now the Democratic Club is afraid to voice an opinion against the Head of UCO. What could they be afraid of? What could or would the Israel/Black team do to them?

What could they do? They could fix it so that they don't have space in the Club House for their meetings. They could deny them the auto pass-thru at the gates. They could deny all the members the call-in feature. Who knows what else?

That is why we must get rid of this regime.

Vote the Israel/Black ticket out. 
No 4th Term!!

Democrats awake


We have a Democratic Club in Century Village, which is comprised of approximately 200 members. At present, their goal is to support Democratic Candidates and their ideology. While I may agree with their present vision, I disagree with their policy of refusing to be involved in the politics of Century Village.   Politics are not limited to politicians. Politics are used every day by people who seek positions of power.  We use politics in everyday arguments when we negotiate, convince, coerce and influence.  Little children use it when they sheepishly are caught with their hands in the cookie jar and tell their parent, “I didn’t do it." David Israel is a perfect example of such an individual who uses politics to DENY, DENY, DENY.

In the past, the leaders of the Democratic Club have refused to get involved in Century Village Politics. This refusal does not make any sense to me. It reminds me of a well-known leader in the 1930’s who every day fastidiously went out to preach politics, yet he refused to work and earn a living to support his wife and five children: as a result, his family went hungry.

It’s a shame that the leaders of the Democratic Club do not have the wisdom to support politics in  their own home turf of  Century Village,  because they may one day find themselves hungry and out of money.   

Saturday, January 17, 2015

To UCO a letter

This is a letter that was delivered to UCO on Jan.15. We still await an answer.


United Civic Organization
2101 West Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33417

Re: Revision of the 2015 UCO Budget

ATT: UCO Officers
Executive Committee

Please be advised that at the Century Village Messenger Club meeting on January 14, 2015 we, the undersigned support a motion, made and seconded, wherein, in essence, it states that Edward Grossman, CPA, George Lowenstein, CPA and  Dorothy Tetro, former UCO treasurer volunteer to work with Howard O'Brien, current UCO treasurer, in an effort to revise the defeated budget so as to enable the new revised  budget to reflect those items which will help to enable UCO to present to the delegates a budget to vote on and pass.

This motion was drafted and accepted by those attending The Messenger Club on January 14, 2015 to expedite and execute a fair and balanced budget.

Be advised that we are trying to avoid the next budget being voted down as was it at the January Delegate Assembly.

The above letter is signed by 50 residents that attended the January 14 meeting.

Remember this will be a Up or Down vote (The whole budget is passed or turned down) so if it is not totally Correct and Acceptable.
Vote it down.

Ed Black & Arrogance

Let's talk about Ed Black, David Israel, Justice and freedoms.

First off Ed Black is a citizen of Century Village. He is not a CV elected official. He probably can be listed as a Volunteer. But that would be understating his service.

He acts as a Elected Committee chairman, but there is no committee.

Basically he has no legal entity to run any thing in CV, But he does!

He is the man behind the plan to put all our bank accounts into to one, and thereby leave them open to unsupervised spending and unsupervised CV watch, no over site, no monitoring.  With this plan Israel can withdraw monies intended for specific projects and use it as he wishes. With no body the wiser. And he has done just that!

Ed Black is the man behind the CV Rover project.Where it is not possible to call a rover directly. Any calls to the Rover have to go to the Gate Guards first. I will never understand what gives these Gate Guards the training to decide if the Rover should respond. I think the Rover Volunteers are not trained properly or else they could be trusted to respond, and it appears neither are the gate guards.

Ed Black seems to be the alter ego, perhaps shadow, of David Israel. It appears as if he makes most of the heavy duty decisions for him.

Is this what we want from UCO. A man with all the power that the President has and with no visibility, no responsibility, not answering to any of the Delegates? Not me! I don't think so and I don't like it!

It is time to get rid of D.Israel, his minions, and his alter ego!

Delegates awake, vote these guys out, pay attention to the subtleties concerning the budget, lets not allow something into the budget that we will find we cannot live with!

Here is another little story about Ed Black about the arrogance of those in power, about taking advantage.

One of our new residents went for a walk one day. She walked out the gate and upon returning she realized she did not bring her resident pass or a telephone so she could not get back through the gate. She went to UCO to ask for help. She did not have a phone yet in her unit. 

Ed Black saw her and took over. First he asked for some ID, she did not have any. She ask him to call the Condo President, he refused. Then he started to yell at her and began treating her as a suspect, as a possible burglar, as nothing less than a liar. By this time she was terrified, horrified and not a happy Resident. Thank you Ed Black.

So I ask you where does this arrogance come from? Where does Ed Black get the audacity to interrogate a unit owner, a new unit owner in a little bit of trouble. Remember he is nothing more than a Resident himself. 

I'll tell you it comes from his feeling of unquestioned UCO power in the UCO offices. He that does not hold any official job, he that is nothing more or less than a Volunteer tasked to serve the community. Feels he is the boss as a whole.

This is a terrible story!

Friday, January 16, 2015


At the last Delegate meeting many questions about the new budget were raised.  One of the questions was – and I am the person who posed it – related to the funds WE i.e. UCO has on deposit.

The answer I received, very surreptitiously, was “in BB&T”.  Well folks, I sincerely hope that was not quite accurate.  UCO funds MUST be invested in secure accounts, the ones we generically know as FDIC insured accounts.  Since January of 2014, the FDIC limit per account (or tax ID number) in any one financial institution has been set at $250,000.

So, again I ask – “where is our money?”  I know exactly where the money was on March 1, 2014.  But now I must say, I have no idea.
Additionally, I believe the residents and owners of Century Village should be advised of the title of each account and how much money is in each account.
During my tenure as Treasurer I prepared and distributed this report monthly and I can assure you the report can be prepared in ten minutes – maybe fifteen.
From the statement we are given it would “appear” that the fund accounting method we had for many years has been disbanded.  I think I have a very good idea as to who might be behind this thinking.  Putting all the “eggs into one basket” is a very very good way of concealing expenditures.
Let us not forget that I served as UCO Treasurer for over five years in total - under two different administrations.  When I was out of office the road re-paving fiasco and the shuffling of money took place. 
Perhaps a detailed report relative to UCO bank balances at January 1, 2015 will be made available to us at the meeting on January 20th when the new budget will be reviewed in depth. 

Dorothy Tetro

Hiding anons

TO “ANONYMOUS” – Come out, come out, wherever you are!

In a previous posting, I suggested that you might like to have a face-to-face conversation with me in order to satisfy yourself (and I would imagine others) who have it in their heads that I am George Loewensteins “puppet”, that that is not so.   I suggested a time and place.

WHERE WERE YOU?  I was there along with many others and I don’t believe we had an opportunity to speak or if we did you certainly did not identify yourself as the person who made that statement.

So, I am again issuing the invitation.  I will be present at the budget meeting on Tuesday January 20th.  Perhaps you will come out of hiding at that time.  I look forward to meeting you.

Dorothy Tetro