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Monday, April 20, 2015

Mine Clearing Rat of Angola

The Mine clearing Rat of Angola is amazing. See what Nicholas Kristoff has to say about it. Terriffic

solar panels

This is Hawaii. They are successful with the Solar Panels. So successful the power company says thay can't handle the overflow. What would happen if we put solar panels across our roofs. Filled them up. Would our FPL charges go down, go down considerably?

And don't tell me they don't work. One of the biggest users of solar panels is FPL. They have a forest of these in the Everglades.

A Fpl Solar Panel Farm
FPL to triple solar capacity next year as part of larger expansion

BroadBand revisited

Here is one idea on Broad band that is interesting. So why do we, especally D. Israel, wants to push Broadband into Century Village? I propose a litttle wait. The high speed internet is coming. Why should we pay for the infracture? Why should our little retirement community be on the bleeding edge?

My internet connection, via Comcast is the slowest I could buy. I get maybe 30-35 gb on a good day. I find that that speed is adequate for all my needs.

See below for what NYT thinks about it.

EDITORIAL from the New York Times

Look to the States on Broadband

Faster Internet speeds are becoming a necessity, and governments are trying to push for improvements.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

About Ed Black, about Dave Israel

So what is going on with Dave Israel and his gang of anti-malcontents. Why do they crow so much about how we, the Malcontents,  complain about the way things are conducted at the this Village.

I will tell you.

First off there is a non-elected official call Ed Black that seem to be the leading the charge against us. He was the one that decided the CV Messenger club should NOT post on channel 63, although we had every right to do so. He made a point of making 63 take our post off and so the 2 operators of Channel 63 quit!

You will find Ed Black in almost every illegal move against the Messenger club. My guess is he does not do things without instruction from the top, Dave Israel. Dave Israel is already plotting his moves pertaining to the next election.

We should have the Term Limits rule in place by then and so he will not be able to run.

Talking about the Great Oracle, the Great Delphi, David Israel. He seems to inject himself in many problems of this Village, but seems to get enmeshed in the legalities not the actual solutions. Not being an Attorney myself I find it hard to comment on these subjects.

Take the wall destruction. The auto driver's insurance covered it, no problem. David Israel was denying any action until he got paid since himself, the pseudo lawyer, the fake lawyer, the wannabe lawyer claims that there are 3 owners involved here. So meanwhile he had the money or was getting it and he refused to move. That is until Ed Grossman offered to pay himself then Israel started the repair. Which by the way has not been finished yet. But the insult of Ed Grossman paying for this repair was to much for the Great One to bear. So he started the job. We wait with baited breath for the finish.

So the leading of this Village, which is $10-15 Million business, is run not by a CEO type with some experience but by a Little man that had some job at NASA and which is hidden.You can bet it was not high-end administrative. I don't think that makes sense. And we are paying for it, frequently.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Approach the Delphic cube, and ye shall be elucidated!!

So what is happening with the wayward dumpsters over at the pool? It seems as if the girls are all atwitter over where the recycle bins are and where they belong. In addition, the Wicked Wizard of UCO, David Israel, is planning to throw the whole problem into a Delphic problem to the Masters and let them solve the problem of doubling the cube.

However, in the meantime why does not somebody go out there, catch the Garbage man and ask him to move it, or call the Trash Company and tell them about the problem. Or just roll them to where they belong?

As for Seacrest asking for  a work order, of course, they always do. They can't get paid with it.

Of course, we have Committees that are supposed to solve this. We even have a VP in charge of the Area. But the gaggle of Girl complainers have grabbed the problem and are running with it.

So perhaps this is a Delphic problem the same as the Great Wall repair fiasco.

When? Oh when will it be done? Perhaps we can move the containers to the wall area and put the trash in it? That way the Wall trash will be gone and the Delphic problem or is it Rubric’s problem will be solved together?

Uninformed Peter Cruise - As usual

WHAT THE …... ?
            Read the following posting pasted  from David Israels blog. PICRUISE is a pseudonym for Peter Cruz an avid David Israel supporter.
Plcruise said...Hi Lanny.
The only confused ones are the dopes who listened to Grossman and company at the clubhouse yesterday. They must have tricked the IG and poor retired Jess into thinking that this was a real CV meeting, not a devious small group that do things like cause riots at clubhouse concerts and scream obscenities at security guards.
April 16, 2015 at 9:37 PM

Gary replied:
No facts present  in the above post. Peter Cruise is like a rabble-rouser. He will say anything hoping to get published and responded to. He is a Joke. BTW the offending post has been removed the more intelligent of the powers.

What I just found out is the Peter Cruise is one of the Landlords that are hurting our Condo's. He own 4 units. So he has a moneyed vested interest here. - Your Editor
            This post is full of mistruths and insulting comments. I thought it may be a good idea to distribute this nonsense to allow everyone to see for themselves the mentality that the Messenger Club and the residents of Century Village must endure .

            First and foremost I take exception to the statement that the 200 plus people who attended the meeting are dopes.

            Does Mr Cruise actually think that the Messenger Club actually tricked the IG ? Did he check with the IGs office to find out if he attended under some kind of misconception perpetrated by the fools he speaks of ? I think not !

            Mr Santamaria is neither poor or retired, he is actually a multi millionaire active in politics who operates  very successful businesses. Your attempt to discredit him is reprehensible.

            What constitutes “ a real CV meeting “ ? I assume to your way of thinking Mr Cruise, that a real CV meeting would be one that is approved and sanctioned by UCO (David Israel). We beg to differ.
            A devious small group ? Could you please clarify just what you mean by devious? Our activities are open for all to see.

By devious do you mean: refusal to conduct affairs in the open? Or do you mean we consistently muzzle opponents with threats and intimidation? Or perhaps we get rid of people or obstruct them when they don't conform to our way of thinking? Or refuse to allow inspections of any information  we possess ? You can't mean that we practice censorship in our publications, or use pseudonyms to conceal our identities. I don't think we do any of that . If you have any information to the contrary we would be more than happy to see it.

             Please enlighten us as to the facts behind your allegation of devious.

            A small group ? Small is a relative term and just because you are in the minority doesn't make your position any less valid.

            In your closing statement you just went from the sublime to the ridiculous. Trying to put the blame on the Messenger Club for the altercation that took place the other night in the clubhouse is a pathetic and misguided attempt to smear The Messenger Club  bereft of any basis in fact.

            I challenge you to back up your ridiculous accusations with the truth.

            I think an apology for insulting the 200 plus people who attended our meeting is in order.

             I would demand a retraction, but I believe that the people of Century Village are intelligent enough to know delusional  ravings when they see them.

            In closing I would like to offer you the opportunity to confirm your position in an open and public forum. I am sure The Messenger Club would be more than happy to give you the chance to promote your views at our next meeting. We believe that everyone should have the right to speak. We can promise that we will not allow personal attacks or threaten to call 911 if you say something we don't agree with. I can't wait for your reply.
                                                                        Neil J Moore


Friday, April 17, 2015

Sweet backyard

Karen, our Daughter's, bucolic backyard (#karensyard)

picture taken cartoon

Town Hall Meeting 4-16


The meeting yesterday in the clubhouse was a terrific meeting. The hall was packed with interested and concerned residents (over 200 of us - Editor) who came to listen to John Carey, the Inspector General for Palm Beach County. And Jesse Santamaria a former County Commissioner and real estate developer.

John Carey spoke about the efforts to clean up the corruption in Palm beach County Government that earned it the nickname of Corruption County. He detailed his long service that includes thirty years in the Marine Corp and stints in law enforcement before being appointed to the position he now holds.

His commitment and determination to carry out his assignment are obvious. Scoundrels in local Government should take heed. John strikes me as the kind of man who will get the job done.

Jesse Santamaria followed John and detailed his experience in Government and in real estate development. His perspective on the perpetuity issue is interesting and informative and should give opponents of the Golf Course redevelopment some encouragement in their efforts.

To see a video about the meeting follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The large crowd who attended the meeting showed real concern for the topics being discussed.

It should be a concern to everyone  that most of the elected officers from UCO  and the UCO Reporter were nowhere to be seen. (To me, that shows the complete lack of interest in our concerns - Editor)

Thanks to Eva Rachevsky from WPRF for attending.

Ed Grossman for organizing, and all the intrepid volunteers who worked to get the message out. You are appreciated.

Thanks to John Carey and Jesse Santamaria and all the concerned residents for showing that you do care about the place you live.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fact Checking questioned

I have been accused of not checking my facts. I try to be as accurate with my facts as possible, but occasionally an error may be noted. The error may be less a fact checking error and more a weak source.

I make every effort to state the situation as I see it and my sources are credible for the most part. If the posting regarding the Photo Rules is being questioned here is my source.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


The malcontents on another blog are complaining and misrepresenting the new policy about audio and video recording at WPRF, Inc. owned facilities at CV.  Remember, we do NOT own the club houses--we RENT the use of them from WPRF.  If WPRF wants to record people, check IDs, etc., on their property, that is THEIR business, not UCO or the delegates business.

There have been too many incidents of theft, abuse of guards and staff by CV residents.  Now such bad behavior is recorded and remember, you can be kicked OUT of (or even banned from) these WPRF facilities for bad behavior by the owner of the club houses (which is WPRF).  Now there will be proof on tape.

The Wall

So what is the current status of the hole in the wall that David Israel is crowing about?

I will tell you.

It started out like a house afire, see the photo above. Then work seem to stall, stop actually.

So you can see the foundation is up, and the trash is still piled up (see the photo), but that's it. When or are they going to finish?

The job is paid for why the delay?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Attorney to Wannabe lawyer

THE BLAST THAT KILLED DAVID ISRAEL did not come from a gun but came from a letter, a letter to David from Attorney Nicole Giuliano representing Esther Sutofsky requesting to review the original ballots from the last UCO election.  As usual, David's refusal to submit the original ballots may, in fact, cause an unnecessary lawsuit. If there was no illegal tampering of the ballots in the election, there would be no reason to refuse to submit them. However, if there was some form of Hanky Panky going on, David Israel and Ed Black most assuredly have something to worry about.   Meanwhile, back at the UCO office on Saturdays and Sundays, David Israel and Ed Blacks cars are seen surreptitiously parked behind the UCO office. While no one is there to observe, does the time they spend alone give them the opportunity to change all the election ballots? You bet it does and if this doesn’t give you pause to worry; we are in for a Tsunami.  The future of the village depends on your concern. Speak up or we will all wind up toast.  

There are Rules, and then there are Rules!

I can understand that there are rules about activities taking place in the clubhouse. There are policies in place to make sure the club house facility is not being misused or abused by residents. What I don't understand is how those policies are being applied.

            I see some advertising in The UCO Reporter and on Mr Israels blog about an up and coming play being presented by a group here in the village. That's great , residents get to enjoy an evenings entertainment and participation in the play.

            However the charging of admission is illegal under Florida statutes unless the group is registered with the government and has a tax number . If they do have a license and are registered they are conducting a business here, which is not permitted under the Century Village rules.

            Previously; this same group asked for donations from the audience and published information stating that a donation jar was in place for collecting money at their event. That's also illegal as they would have to be registered as a charity to collect donations.

            I wanted to clarify the position of WPRF about collecting donations in the club house and brought it to the attention of Eva Rachevsky who stated ” We know it's going on but we turn a blind eye to it”

            I really have no objection to a group asking for a few bucks to continue in their efforts, but I do have objections to rules being unfairly enforced. You can bet your last buck that The Messenger Club would be summarily thrown out if we asked for money in the clubhouse. I was threatened with removal for taking pictures and soliciting people for interviews. That warning came as a result of a single conversation I had while sitting in the foyer waiting to attend a meeting. The  pictures  were taken at the meeting, with full disclosure to everyone in attendance.

            There's a lot of noise being made lately about illegal and objectionable activities taking place in the club house. I guess that some illegalities are favored with a blind eye from the administration as long as the culprits are not in their  bad books.

            That's not fair. Rules should be applied evenly without prejudice.
                                                                                                Neil J Moore


Copies and the Cloud

So I see that the Wicked Wizard has caved and advised Esther that she could have copies of the files related to the previous election.

That is great, but who needs only the paper copies. I want the link to the data that is and should be stored in the Cloud. The last thing I heard about this was that the entire filing system was in the cloud. If this is forth coming, and it should be, then the problem with changing things, leaving things out, may not arise. Changes to articles in the cloud are on the record.

So where is it?

I also heard from some of his people that it was in the cloud but it can't be found. Is that true?

But never mind, just give us the link. Put my name down for requesting the link and all copies of the papers that relate to the previous election.

Why does D.Israel think he is smart enough to act as his own and UCO's Attorney?

Why is that?


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Riot in Century Village

 A near riot in the Century Village theater on Saturday night resulted in security being summoned to eject rowdy seniors. It seems that someone objected to an elderly lady who was inspired to get up and dance blocking the view of some of the audience. Harsh words were exchanged and an angry altercation ensued. Men jumped to defend their women and women added to the uproar hurling insults and angry words. Pushing and shoving accompanied by more angry words ensued resulting in ushers fleeing and security being summoned to eject the unruly parties from the hall while the band played on.

The Messenger Club immediately issued a press release denying any part in the melee. We thought it might be a good idea to issue a denial as we get blamed for all the disruption in the village whether it's us or not.

It might be a good idea to invite David Israel to the shows and tell him to bring his gavel. The whole thing could have been avoided if he had been there, banging his gavel in his usual manner and shouting “ SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP ! CALL 911” He's pretty good at that and has been getting a lot of practice lately. That approach may not work as no one listens to him anyway.

Rowdy behavior and mosh pits in front of the stage are not unusual at concerts where loud music accompanied by gyrating performers and dazzling light shows raise the emotional level of the audience to a fever pitch. It is a bit unusual for Century Village to see this occur at shows in the clubhouse. It could set a trend where audience members want to get in on the action.

WPRF who exert a considerable amount of control over activities in the clubhouse do have rules demanding decorum while attending shows. Anyone who has been to a show hear announcements regarding the prohibition of cell phones or recording devices such as cameras and the wearing of perfume, they hear admonitions to remain seated until the show is over, threats to confiscate cameras and have probably read the rules regarding the dress code prohibiting shorts and T shirts.

In light of the recent near riot among the audience, perhaps some measures should be taken to ensure the audience is controlled a bit better. A quick action response team could be put on standby, much like the teams in the penitentiaries who wear armored suits and possess tear gas and rubber bullets to maintain control over unruly inmates. Not a bad idea, I'm sure the UCO administration would approve as the team could be deployed at the delegates assemblies to maintain order.

The visible presence of an armored action team standing in formation in front of the stage would go a long way to deterring misbehavior. An action plan declaring martial law putting the village on lock down until disturbances are quelled and everyone settles down would ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable elders. The residents of the village would probably object to such stern measures and alternatives would be sought.

Shows presented in the clubhouse could be screened to make sure they don't have any material that would excite the audience. Music played onstage would have to be in the same vein as the music played on channel 63 while club announcements perpetually roll across the screen. That would keep a lid on anyone getting rowdy for sure. It's been known to put people to sleep. That might not work either, there could be a rule prohibiting sleeping in the clubhouse.
Neil J Moore.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Music I Like

A little bit of Al Jolson can't hurt.

Al Jolson (born Asa Yoelson; May 26, 1886 – October 23, 1950) was an Lithuanian-born American singer, film actor, and comedian. At the peak of his career, he was dubbed "The World's Greatest Entertainer".His performing style was brash and extroverted, and he popularized a large number of songs that benefited from his "shamelessly sentimental, melodramatic approach". Numerous well-known singers were influenced by his music, including Bing Crosby, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and...

To see a selection of his winners click here.

To see another set click here.

To hear Benny Goodman's 1938 Concert click here
Benjamin David "Benny" Goodman (May 30, 1909 – June 13, 1986) was an American jazz and swing musician, clarinetist and bandleader; known as the "King of Swing".In the mid-1930s, Benny Goodman led one of the most popular musical groups in America. His January 16, 1938 concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City is described by critic Bruce Eder as "the single most important jazz or popular music concert in history: jazz's 'coming out' party to the world of 'respectable'...

One of Beethoven's Symphonies #7
Beethoven: Symphony #7 in A major, Op. 92. Leopold Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. Recorded April 6, 15 and 25, 1927 at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. In four movements: vivace, allegretto, presto meno assai, and allegro con brio. Victor 6670 รข 74. (Later Victor M-17 as a set.) Did you know that Stoky never recorded a complete Beethoven symphony cycle?

And there is Vivaldi's 4 Seasons

Unapproved Photos

So what is the real story about the unauthorized photos being taken at the Club  House.

Apparently the order was handed down by The Club House management that all persons entering the club House must have a current ID and must have their picture taken. Ostensibly it is for security. The problem as told to us, is that there is a lot of bad behavior going on and things are missing. So their story goes.

The truth is David Israel gives orders to the Club House Management and via him to Ed Black.

This is where the order for this came from. I would guess that they are trying to get at the Malcontents again.

The real situation is that they insist that all be photographed. Bingo Nite does not apply. Since Bingo people are allowed into the Club House from other doors then the main door. Guess what? No Cameras.

The notification sign which showed up 1 or 2 days after the rule was implemented, is finaly up and in place. That is after the Malcontent's complained.

The excuse that CH Management is at fault for this is not true, since Israel's hand can be seen here as it is on the Channel 63 Censorship. Channel 63 is run out of the ticket office with Ed Black, the non entity, in overall charge.

The base reason for this I can only guess at. But I guess it is another step in removing one of our Freedoms,  Namely the freedom to have public assemblies, and not to be harassed.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


David Israel read my article on Gary’s blog and attempted to defend himself by trying to take full credit for having the wall repaired so he quickly got on his blog and offered the residents some gibberish about the malcontents keeping the wall from being repaired. 

If what David says is true in his defense, when Ed Grossman volunteered to pay to fix the wall at the Delegate Assembly, why didn't David tell the residents, the wall was in the progress of being repaired? Instead, he said, I will take it under advisement, which was just another delay. 

I ask you David, how were the malcontents keeping the wall from being fixed when THEY offered to repair it?  This was just some more BS from you David.  After Grossmans offer to fix the wall, you panicked and hired a contractor. You also said the Insurance Company of the driver who hit the car was paying in full of no cost to the residents. Yea! Well guess what?   Weeks before, at the executive board meeting, I suggested to Toni Solemeto, our insurance chair, that they need to contact the driver's insurance Company because   the driver was responsible and he or his insurance Company should pay. She said, can’t do because they don’t know who the wall belongs to. Was that David’s Knowledge or Toni’s?   

I surmise David, because this is the delaying BS he had been feeding us all along.  Tell me I’m wrong Toni, Fess up and tell the truth. Did I not tell you the insurance company was responsible and did you reply that the insurance company can’t fix the wall because we don’t know who owns it? Well, suddenly, the Insurance Company is paying and the wall is being fixed and evidently, they don’t give a rats ass who owns it. Their customer hit it and they had to fix it, common sense.  

Bottom line is, the malcontents were responsible for getting the wall fixed. Admit it, political pervert.

Is ejection legal?

   Can he really kick us out of the delegates assembly?

            There is a lot of controversy in the village about Mr Israels threats from the chair to remove members from the Delegates Assemblies who he deems to be objectionable.

            Roberts Rules of Order are the rules adopted by Century Village and enshrined in the bylaws to conduct the meetings.
            A review of Roberts Rules reveals the procedures for removal of anyone from the meeting hall.

It is apparent that the President, or any member has no authority to order the removal of anyone without voting on a motion to remove them. However the Little man abrogates this rule on his whim and tries to the ejection initiative anyway!- Editor

            Robert's Rules. Article XIII .73. Right of an Assembly to Eject any one from its Place of Meeting.

            Every deliberative assembly has the right to decide who may be present during its session; and when the assembly, either by a rule or by a vote, decides that a certain person shall not remain in the room, it is the duty of the chairman to enforce the rule of order, using whatever force is necessary to eject the party. The chairman can detail members to remove the person, without calling upon the police. If, however, in enforcing the order, any one uses harsher measures than is necessary to remove the person, the courts have held that he, and he alone, is liable for damages, just the same as a policeman would be under similar circumstances. However badly the man may be abused while being removed from the room, neither the chairman nor the society is liable for damages, as, in ordering his removal, they did not exceed their legal rights.

            That's the rule, that's what the assembly and the executive are compelled to obey. It does not give the authority to remove to any one person. It is determined by the assembly, not unilaterally by the President or any other person.

             Proper procedure means there has to be a vote on a motion before any action is taken.

            If there is some disruptive behavior taking place at an assembly there are specific procedures to deal with it. When any person is engaging in bad behavior  it's appropriate for any member to make a point of order and ask that the member's behavior be addressed by the chair. Then, the chair can turn to the members and ask what they want done. Notice that the chair does not have the right to levy punishment, but the assembly does. Any member may make a motion to ask the offending member to stop speaking and be seated. If the offending member won't do as requested, a motion may be made to direct that the member be asked to leave the meeting. By a majority vote, the membership can effectively order the member out.

            Caution should be practiced in removing anyone from the delegates assemblies. If proper procedure is not followed it could be cause for legal action. If physical force is employed without following procedure  it could be construed as an assault.

            There are some contraventions and abuse of the rules taking place by the Chairman . On many occasions, the  chair has insisted on making unilateral decisions on issues entirely outside of his power and completely within the power of the delegates or members. For example: by cutting off debate; by ignoring Requests for Information or Points of Order; by refusing a motion properly moved and seconded without allowing the delegates to decide for themselves.