Thursday, December 18, 2014

Speak out and be Heard

Every Time Things don't go the way David Israel wants he has one of his stooges writes an article calling the people that speak out against his policies at the UCO'S monthly meetings.



Speak up, tell the truth, the truth shall set you free. The truth will hurt D.Israel. He can't stand the truth!


It time we do he right thing. Get rid of these Bums. Every Time Things don't go the way David Israel wants he has one of his stooges writes an article calling the people that speak out against his policies at the UCO'S monthly meetings are MALCONTENTS, OR ANY OTHER NAME HE CAN THINK OF. WE HAVE ALSO  SEEN WHERE HE GETS ONE OF HIS DUMB STOOGES  TO COME TO THE MICROPHONE TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINION  AGAINST ANYONE THAT WANTS TO EXPRESS THEIR RIGHTS OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH it's TIME  MORE OF DAVID'S  SO CALLED NAMED MALCONTENTS SHOULD SPEAK OUT. 


Its time we get rid of the Bums. Do the right thing. Pass the Term Limit Bill and turn down the budget!

Free Speech for All

Please DO NOT let the Malcontents hijack another Delegate Meeting as they did in December.  Keep these "amok" people quiet with the fairy tales they tell by having PBSO present and visible. Posted by PIcruse on the Private Blog

The above is a posting by the resident liar and according to Esther the resident Fascist. His fascist label is earned by hard work and asking for things in this Village only Hitler could demand.

His comment about the Malcontents hijacking the meeting are not true. (I am proudly one of them). Was that the vote of 78 to 250  not enough for him?. So exactly who are the disturbing Malcontents? He and his Leader the slippery one? The majority of the delegates obviously see the truth in what we stand for. Free Speech, Free Assembly and free Political Expression, and NO WiFi!

The Great One should ban PIcruise from further  posting. I did.

Its time to end all this & get rid of these guys. Vote Yes on Term Limits. Vote Yes for a Recall.

Vote NO on the budget-the numbers are wrong.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

UCO Ist Quarter Charges

Seacrest or your Property Manager has almost got it right!

Services, Inc.

December 2014

Dear Century Village Board of Directors:

It has come to our attention that there has been some discord with the proposed blended budget put forth by UCO.

This letter is to inform you Seacrest Services Inc. will only be paying for the first quarter fees that were on the 2014 budget. There will be no payments made at the new rates proposed until we have confirmation that the budget has been passed by the membership.

Thank you

Seacrest Services, Inc.

This is a unsigned letter from one of the Property Managers, They are trying to clear up the confusion about the 2015 billing against a unpassed Budget - Not allowed!

Yes they are charging the first quarter 2015 equal to the first quarter 2014. Since the blended rate has not been approved  by the Delegates, nor for matter has the  budget - Vote NO on this. So until the delegates pass the Budget and the blended rate, they remain assessments. All illegal if we read our changing By Laws.

What is wrong with the 2014 bill to be paid in 2015 is that it includes $2 per month for the WiFi. This was turned down. There should be no charge for this. So therefore the $2 X 3 months=$6 should not be paid. Reduce the bill accordingly.

Or pay the $6 and your Cam will carry it on your account as a credit. Either way you do not pay the wifi extras or any increase in 2015 dues.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Messenger Club Meeting Report

The last Messenger Club meeting was over the top. We keep getting more and more people. This time we practically filled Room C with people. But more striking was that no body left and at 4:30 when the meeting was over no body wanted to leave.

The subject matter was the Forensic Audit offer which was accepted at the Delegate Assembly by the Great Chairman and then, 2 days later he cancelled the approval. The audio of the DA transaction was played for the audience.

The next item under discussion was the budget. Ed Grossman explained why this version of the budget should be voted down, a NO vote is call for at the January 2 Delegate Meeting.

Those of you that handle your Associations finances probably got a bill from UCO with a terrific increase hidden in the General section of the budget. It probably included $6 for WiFi plus a $2.17 increase. Be it known that the WiFi thing was turned down so there should be no more WiFi payments. As for the $2.17 that is an assessment of which UCO cannot do. The assessment is illegal!

We suggest you only pay what you did last year. Do not pay any of the increase. Vote NO on this Budget and hope that the Treasurer will do the right thing and submit a correct and sensible budget.

Vote NO on the Budget

All the extra monies that the treaurer found should show up in the budget and should be in the reserves. The WiFi monies collected should be in the reserves.

I hope that we are done with Village wide WiFi. It was voted on and turned down by a mighty majority. It should not be brought up again! I repeat as the Great One said, "WiFi is over, it is done!"

Thank you Stewart


At yesterday’s successful Messenger Club meeting, Stewart Richland made a suggestion that we   consider using hand held electronic devices for voting in the delegate assembly. He was absolutely correct. 

The present use of hands up counting is archaic and often creates a dysfunctional vote.   David Israel has suggested the same option as Stewart but as usual Mr. Israel does nothing but TALK, TALK, and TALK.  As a matter of fact, he will make certain to spend our money on things we do not need in order for him to remind us “it will cost money."  He then goes on to say, he will look into it yet; he never does - 




I just finished reading the other blog and saw Ruth Dreiss is going to head the nomination committee. 

Reading the qualifications for a candidate I was wondering why she is requesting UCO experience. Would that not deter a person that has not served in UCO before to send in a bio? 

How are we to get new people to volunteer for our village.? There are so many good folks out there that can lend so much to our village with their life experience why must UCO experience be a qualifier? Just a thought!!!

                                                                                      thanks, phyllis

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Talking Lies, again!!


It is a well known fact that when a person lies and believes that he can get away with it, that person will do it again and again.  Nobody believes a liar.  For instance, if you lie to the police, even once, they will forever never believe a single thing that you say.  Everybody hates a liar.

Look what Israel did to the reputation of 1st Priority and all of their people because he lied.  Look what he did to the reputation of Dan Gladstone due to Israel's lies.  David Israel lies and he lies about every-thing......a pathological liar.  Or, in Century Town language.....".a muffled fart."

Take a look at the roadway and sidewalk paving.  He lied through his teeth over and over again to the people.  Yet, HE GOT AWAY WITH IT.  Why?  Because if you didn't agree with his lies, he and his back room control monger would threaten you with numerous scary tactics that were, in fact, well-versed fantasies.

Don't all of his handful of followers know that he lies?  Of course they do or they would be pretty stupid, or on heavy mind-altering drugs.  So, why do they do nothing?  The answer to that question is quite simple.  Israel gave them all positions that these followers love and enjoy.  But, they walk a very thin line in that if they do or say anything that rubs Israel the wrong way, or Israel gets paranoid and suspicious about what is being said that he deems harmful to his egotistical character, --- then that
person is gone, --- like replaced with someone who pledges allegiance to Israel and his philosophy of how to lie and cheat.

It is the same way in all dictatorship countries.  You cross his Lordship and you die.  And every day that goes by, Israel brings in more clouds, more lies.  Try this on......"Hey, Barbara, the sky is falling."
She might reply "David, I don't think that that is possible, except in fairy tales."  And then he might say "You agree with me and I'll make you the Chairperson of the Bid Committee."  "Okay, the sky is falling,
David --- I want to be the Boss Lady."  "Alright and I won't call you a toxic tart anymore, but if you criticize a single thing that I say or do, you'll be gone and I'll create more nasty names to address you in public."  "Lie all you want, your Lordship, -- just don't take my swell job away."

Things won't change in the Village so long as there is a liar at the helm and followers who live for the
positions granted to them by Israel, and their agreeing not to question the lies.  So, those followers
become liars also, by omission.  The thinking in this Village appears to be, "Okay, so he lies.  Big deal, so long as they're not big lies."  That is just the point, -- they ARE big lies, and since he gets away with
it, these lies get BIGGER and B  I  G  G  E  R.   The biggest continuous set of lies was by Israel and Black involving the five million dollar paving scam.  They got away with it......BUT, MAYBE NOT...... MAYBE WE'RE GOING TO NAIL THESE LIARS.

The question is  --- when will the people wake up?  When will they stop and assess what is happening around them?  When will they realize that lies are tearing apart all that is supposed to be sacred in Century Town.  Yes, we are an unincorporated, one square mile Town.  Enough is enough, --- band together and get Israel the hell out of office so that we can bring back the word "HONESTY" to our Town of about 14,000 residents.

Oh, by the way,  --- go outside of Century Town and you'll find out that most everybody hates us because of the way this place is governed.  It reeks; it stinks.  The only people that like us are the politicians running for office because we can provide an awful lot of votes.  With no votes, they'd put a match to the place.  So, we've got to get the LIAR of LIARS out of office so that we can get back to a respectable image.  I remember when the Village people used to talk to one another with a gentle
smile.  Now, you need to look over each shoulder before you say anything and then growl as you whisper.   YOU and YOU and YOU and ALL OF US  can get it all back with a new government.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Liar, Liar, Pants on fire!

He Lies right to your Face!

Here we are 4 days after the Delegate Assembly of 12-4. A lot has happened. Nothing happened. Lies that were made have come true.

On the last Delegate Assembly Ed Grossman offered to do a Forensic Audit of the UCO books. He asked that the DA approve this by vote. The Great one said the Vote was not necessary he could Okay this and did.

So 2 days later, on Tuesday Ed Grossman was notified by his section VP, Marcia Ziccardy, that Eds offer was declined by The Great one.

Basically if you read my post "Forensic CPA" you will see that from the onset this offers acceptance was a bald-faced lie. Typical for the Paranoid one.

So that is lie #1.

Now for lie #2.

Mark Freidman from Becker & Poliakoff who was the UCO lawyer, and was the lead on the rewrite of the By-Laws has recused himself from all work for UCO because of a conflict of interest.

So what this means is simply that UCO is operating and has been operating without the advice of a Attorney. This bit of info was known by the President and the Officer's Committee, but no one thought it important enough to advise the Delegates.

So who is our Attorney? So who is re-writing the by laws? David Israel. He has acted as a unlicensed, uneducated lawyer for UCO before. He feels that his life experiences gives hm this right.

To me this comes right back to being lied to. D.Israel is a LIAR,Liar,his pants are on fire!

For those of you that need more proof, the following is the letter to Mark Friedman asking him to recuse and the letter from Mark Friedman advising that he quit representing UCO. So as of right now we (UCO) are without a attorney. Not good.

So where are we in all this?
1. We have no attorney advising us about UCO affairs, unless you feel the Israel can do this job.

2. Although the Forensic Audit was agreed upon by Israel himself, it was really not going to happen. The Great Liar was lying again.

3. Who is re-writing the By-Laws?

It is time for recall. We can't have the President take over every job of consequence for UCO.

A recall needs 25 names on a petition. Simple enough. So who will volunteer to sign the petition? For a starter, I will. If you want this honor email me and some one will come over for your signature.

Sign the Petition for the Recall
Lets get rid of this overbearing, arrogant buffoon!

To Mark Freidman
From Mark Freidman

David Israel's response

So now that I have presented you with the news that our old Attorney had to quit UCO because he can't represent both sides of a situation, Israel is letting us know that the Lawyer has quit. Blame it on Ed Grossman and Myron Solomon. How about blame it on Mark Freidman?

There is nothing wrong with admitting a wrong. People do it all the time. Mark Freidman did when it became obvious. But D.Israel did not do it. He should recuse himself from the Presidency of UCO due to ineptness. Due to fabrications.

He now announces that he knew about the conflict and has taken steps to alleviate it. He has hired a new Lawyer. Do we know who?  NO. Has he deemed to tell us? NO

He has deemed to tell us that he, UCO, has a new Lawyer, now that I let this info out. But he has not bothered to tell The Delegates. But he will.

So, so far the Delegates now know we have a new Lawyer, but not his name or credentials. Is this choice solely the purview of the great one in room 102? Are we,  as the CEO's. the delegates, the Owners of CV and of UCO not allowed to have the full information? Is this private info only for the UCO President and maybe his loyal Officers? Are we, the Delegates not allowed the full and unadulterated story? NO. According to the Wizard. We are NOT entitled!!

Bob Rivera has it all wrong!


“Taking money from Wi-Fi without an emergency (such as a hurricane) is downright stupid.”

 I guess Bob does not see the correlation between Mr. Ed Black and David Israel taking money from VARIOUS ACCOUNTS and TRANSFERRING it to a failed road paving project.  Mr. Rivera turned his back on the similar activities of David Israel and his henchmen. I guess he thinks, whatever David wants; David should get.  He goes on to insinuate that “WE” who are against Wi-Fi is akin to being a Neanderthal.   He forgets that we repeatedly said we were not against Wi-Fi; we were only against Mr. Israel forcing his version down our throats - we advocate each association Wi-Fi their own building. He goes on to say Mr. Edward Grossman, s gift of doing a Forensic accounting for free is a good idea.   – I thank him for that because as a certified CPA, Edward A. Grossman is a tremendous asset to the residents. Even though Mr. Rivera says he does not like Mr. Grossman, I can unequivocally state that MR. Grossman is an HONEST, INTELLIGENT and personally a funny man with a great sense of humor that wants what is best for the village.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Forensic CPA

What is going on with the UCO officers? First we have a creditable offer to run a forensic audit at no cost to Century Village. When the Mighty one was asked at the Delegate Assembly to ask for a Delegate vote He, the President, said there was no need. He could give the command and did. So the Delegates are taken out of the loop again.

In the meantime the Great Wizard gave his OK on this, but he also indicated that he was not serious in allowing this to happen. But we are! It may be to good to be true, and the forensic CPA is his arch enemy. But we will proceed!

So far ED Grossman has begun to pull his team together. He did stop for a meeting with Howard, who was not that friendly or helpful. But Ed is moving on. All he needs from UCO is a little desk space and the History.

I read some of the other blogs and it is hard to take them seriously For instance there is a request for a refund because the monies collected for WifI are not being used to install Village Wide WiFi. However it is forgotten, or ignored, that the WiFi collection was to go for investigation only, not installation. So that having been done the DA turned down the WiFi system based on the investigation. Its over, all over. The Vote was 172 to 78 against. So when the 3 blind mice say 'that those that screwed' up the vote you are talking about most of us.

As for Brother Peteys remarks concerning the West Coast Lawsuit. The lawsuit makes no sense. Petey makes no sense. It will probably be thrown out. So then we will still be stuck with good ole Petey and his sideways thinking. Woe is us!

Vote NO on the budget
Come to the Messenger Club Meeting Sunday 12-14 at 3:30 in Room C and get the facts.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

This budget is costing us a lot of money


 Howard O’Brien says “NO” to a town-hall meeting to explain the impact of his $670.000 budget error.

Mr. O’Brien found his miscalculation of $670,000  in our favor in the budget. However, he said “NO” to recalculate the 2015 budget to give us credit for this error.  

Mr.  O’Brien does not recognize that the $670.000 windfall should reduce each unit holder’s payment by at least $6.00 per month. .    

Therefore, we urge you to vote “NO” on the budget.

Come to the next Messenger Club meeting on December 14, 2015 at 3:30pm in Room C where Mr.  Edward  Grossman , CPA and others will explain the full details of the 2015 budget.  

Results of the Great Wi-Fi vote

So what happened this morning at the Delegates Assembly?  The usual population was greatly enhanced. As a matter of fact we had 250 Delegates registered. I have never seen a assembly with that many Delegates.

His Honor, the President was in fine form. Fully in charge and ready to go. Except nothing was started yet.

After we dispensed with the usual. Such as a report on Crimes in Century Village, not bad. A warning  for everybody to be aware of identity theft again the report is not bad. 

Now we are ready to get into the meat of the program. His highness arbitrarily decides to allow no more that 5 "Pros" and 5 "antis" for 2 minutes each and then to vote and on to happiness.

But the 2 minute rule went by the side, people were talking and yelling from all over the auditorium. Pretty soon the great one was yelling himself. His subjects was the disruptor's are at it again. The facts were that there was yelling, booing and applauding. But nothing I could call a disruption. But then again I do not have the sensitives of our Great President. 

He finally got down to voting. There are loud arguments over how to count, who was to count, how the assembly was to be divided for easy counting.

This was done and the counting was started and finished.

Guess the result. The pros, those voting for the inclusion of Wi-Fi, total vote was 78. I say again out of a population of approved voters of 250, 78 voted yes. So we turned down Wi-Fi solidly.

The next thing to take care of was what to do with the almost $1/2 million we put away for investigation. The pros were back again, leave it they say, we may need it.

The assembly said NO. Put it back into the reserve fund. And that is what we voted for. The vote count was 68 this time. 

So the great Wizard, who I thought would have a alternate plan, had nothing more to say. He said the Wi-Fi effort was over. I remember the triple effort to get Term Limits.

We will see.

In the mean time. The next subject is Term limits. We need them. Vote Yes

Vote NO on the Budget. We must get the Numbers straightened out before we approve.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Beaten again, damit

A roly-poly bowlegged man was seen in  the Greenbrier area heavily stomping both feet on the ground and he was fist-pounding with both hands on the trunk lid of a black Lexus.  He had a large box of Kleenex with him and tissues were laying all over the ground. He gave off wailing sounds that were heard quite a distance away.  Did anyone call the men with a net?   




 It is only reasonable that David Israel was taken by surprise yesterday when the brave delegates turned down his request for a village wide Wi-Fi. WI-FI FOR THE VILLAGE MAY BE DEAD IN THE WATER, BUT YOU CAN STILL WI-FI YOUR INDIVIDUAL ASSOCIATIONS AFTER YOU OFFICIALLY   “OPT OUT."

It is now time to dedicate ourselves to other important issues in our community.  The next item on our agenda is the UCO budget for 2015.  This is important to the village. Ed Grossman a certified CPA has tried many times to explain the budget, but unfortunately many of us, do not comprehend accounting jargon.  The only language we understand is that UCO must keep expenses under control, and not spend money it does not have. On December 14, 2014 at 3:30 in the Clubhouse room C, The Messenger Club will hold a meeting to discuss the budget. This will be an important meeting that will affect your pocketbooks. I urge you to write this date down in your calendar and be prepared to attend.  

For the Residents info

     Seven men all claimed to have the solution to man's problems.

           Moses said, "Everything comes from up there,"  pointing to heaven.
           Solomon said, "All can be solved with this,"  pointing to his head.
           Jesus said, "Everything is defined by the heart."
           Marx said, "It all depends on the stomach."
           Freud said, "All is determined by sex."
           Israel said, "My head is so big that I can't see my shoulders."
           Einstein said, "It's all relative."


An angry Resident


On Thursday, December 4th at 1:14 P.M., an e-mail was sent to the President of UCO, David Israel, with a copy to other UCO officers and personnel.  Israel responded with an e-mail.  Both are reproduced below so that you can digest what we’re dealing with in the Village. It is pathetic!

“An incident occurred that you and others in authority should be aware of.
On Wednesday, December 3rd, while exiting my unit, no. 201, at Oxford 100, water was gushing out of the ground and flooding surrounding areas at the irrigation pump between the Oxford 100 and the Dorchester H buildings.  I had noticed yesterday that the area beside the pump was dug up.

I called the UCO office; it was late in the morning.  Natalie answered and she was most cordial.  I told her what was happening and she referred me to the Property Manager, Ted Herle.  She rang his phone and he answered about 2 minutes later with “Yeah”.  I asked if I had the Property Manager and he said, “Yeah, what?”  I gave him my name and address and told him what was going on.  He said that he couldn’t hear what I was saying.  I slowly and loudly repeated myself and before I was finished telling him again, he said, “You’ll have to come into the UCO office and see me about it.”  He then immediately hung up the phone. 
It was and still is difficult for me to understand what had transpired.  I’m reporting something to UCO that needs immediate attention, and it is ignored.

I just got back from up north and I’m greeted with attitude and seeming hostility in an emergency situation.  Because of other stories that I have heard, I would like to think that this is not the attitude of everybody at UCO.


Response from David Israel
“Hi all,
This matter must be immediately referred to Eduardo!

Can you believe for one moment that this light-minded man is the President of UCO?

One could expect such a reply to a serious e-mail from a dense, if not an altogether unsophisticated dope.
Israel’s reply is typical of a man who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the office he holds and its professional responsibilities in serving the people, - - but more of a pathological preoccupation of himself.  I cannot fathom why the people of Century Village allow this man to remain the President of UCO.
Israel reeks of paranoia and he should go back to pushing the keys of his PC and secretly spying on people rather than serving as President of UCO.
I can relate Israel’s asinine statement to a state of emergency wherein a tornado hits the UCO building and the only thing Israel has to offer is “Is my chair damaged?”


Friday, December 5, 2014


There is actually one problem in this Village which leads to all the others. That is the fact that the current administration of UCO does not tell the truth. It tells outright lies, half truths, lies of omission and simply ignores questions when the answers are harmful towards them and their ilk.
     One cannot be for term limits, against term limits and then for term limits again. One cannot be for transferring funds and then against it after financial shenanigans and pressure on a treasurer to bollix up budgets.
     One cannot claim to be a "defender" of liberty and the values of this country and then block arenas for free speech and assembly, for communication.
     One cannot say that he is for what is best for the Village when he put us into debt for a crappy road job and then wants to play the same game again by transferring all funds into one reserve fund so he can spend and spend, without DA interference.
    One cannot stand or rather sit there and pontificate how the "DA is the Board of Directors of the Village" and then do everything he and his cronies can do to shortcircuit these same delegates.
     One cannot use the story of an isolated multi settlement village in the mountains of Italy and their installation of Wi Fi to the situation here in the Village. But, if one insists, then let us take a look at it more closely. That was an isolated village with primitive Internet connection. The installation was done on a wing and a prayer with little financial output and no multi million dollar contract and infrastructure. It was basically done by one guy with a drive and a dream and no one dunned the people of the village for millions of dollars.
     But let us take a look at another Times story of two days ago where the perils of a Wi Fi system that is open, such as the one that the Great Leader wants to install here is VERY DANGEROUS. The security is poor, financial transactions should not take place on them for all your information is out there and ready for the taking. Smaller systems are better, more secure in this very insecure world of the Ethernet.
     The people here in  the Village are getting poor information, no information and misinformation. THERE IS WI FI IN THE VILLAGE AND IT IS WORKING FINE. Comcast has the fastest and widest bandwidth at present in the USA. You can have an installation of business quality Comcast Wi Fi in your own Association for a mere pittance, without financially crippling yourself or the Village for decades to come. Gracie keeps babbling about how we have none and how this will enhance the selling value. Are you selling up and leaving, Gracie? Oh, what a pleasant thought!.
We have Wi Fi, we can install more at a pittance, and we will not burden ourselves with debt. We are not the Federal government with its endless resources. Now NO DEBT will enhance the selling value - maybe even convince you to sell, Gracie Girl. Bye!
     This is our money, our funds, that are being misused here. This is our Village, our Channel 63 - not that of David Israel. He had no right to use their facilities to make his ridiculous video with its pompous dramatic music and his posturing and he certainly then should have offered an opposition outlet as that is the way it is done here in America.
    But the problem is that David Israel thinks he is a RULER, the KING of all that he sees. Well, he is not. Just watch the tricks he tries to pull today at the Assembly. Let's see - limiting discussion time and speaker time and then stacking the deck with his flunkies. I mean, who is putting forward the motion but his flunky techie Ron Rosoff, he of the filthy mouth and bug eyes when he shouts at someone and calls them a piece of shit. (Sorry for the language, but that is the exact term and behavior he evidenced and used when he did that to me last year at a committee meeting.) And what did our esteemed Great Leader do - sat there with a grin and bounced up and down in his chair in glee instead of using that damn gavel of his and calling Ron Rosoff out of order.
    So what else - aha, forbid certain speakers, violate Robert's Rules where the chair of the meeting must remain neutral and of course, the vote that always goes his way since it is impossible to be done correctly or impartially the way he does it. One at least has to count row by row by walking the aisles and at least two people together must count each section and they must be either impartial - ha! or from opposing viewpoints for counting to be fair.
     People, delegates - do not let this man and his nefarious crew ruin our Camelot. Vote NO   NO   NO on all motions today. Send this man and his ilk a message. We will not be dictated to, lied to, cheated, or condescended to. You are not king and no one died and appointed you the boss. What you are supposed to be is the servant of the people, their representative and that - you certainly are not.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Small thinking, hateful thinking, dead or not we are going to get even- D.Israel

The fact the not one of the busy members of the UCO hierarchy, that is the members of the officers committee had the time, had the kindness, had the good sense to at least send a representative to the funeral of Barbara Shapkin.

She was the wife of Phil Shapkin. He worked very hard for the well being of Century Village. Of Late, he brushed up against the Great Leader and as such was apparently ostracized by him, and put on the enemies list and  to be punished for past sins.

Now if that isn't ridiculous. Here he is burying his life's partner and good old David is still trying to get at him. Shameful

This is wrong on many counts. David Israel is a small man, the smallest of men. Phil's wife passes and he still wants to get even.

Shame, Shame, Shame. Es ist eine Schande!

The problem here, and its probably not our problem, is that Mr.David Israel who should be representing all of Century Village only represents that side of the Village that is Politically aligned with him.

A death is not allowed to get in the way!

Who, you might ask, are “THEY” – they are the officers of UCO – all of them!
I have just returned from attending the funeral of a resident who gave much of her time to CV.  Her husband, was a Vice President of UCO.  She was beside him all the time and often spoke at Delegate meetings.  She is one of the nicest people I met here.
Who, is this person you might ask.  Barbara Shapkin is the answer.  She and Phil had only the best interests of CV in mind; to the extent of leading the opposition on the issue of developing the golf course. 
So – why am I even writing this?  Because I am appalled that NOT ONE UCO
officer took the time, maybe one hour, to attend the graveside service which was held locally.  Could they not even find someone to represent UCO?  Perhaps a member of the Executive Board or one of the committee chairpersons who aren’t even Executive Board members.
What a sad commentary.  What have we become that we need to carry grudges over to the grave!  For shame!!