Sunday, July 27, 2014

Messenger Club Meeting 7-27

Century Village Messenger Club
Sunday. July 27 - 3:00 PM
Room C - Clubhouse

We are planning on having two Informational Guests from Comcast to explain their latest Business Class Router and how it can affect your Association’s Wi-Fi Endeavors and costs.

Comcast Account Administrator
Comcast Tech Expert.
Get your first Month free

Learn how you can Opt-out of UCO’s Wi-Fi and how you can Opt-in to your own Wi-Fi for your building for a monthly charge of no more than $120, that’s right $120 per month, per association building, and the first months fee is free

Don’t miss this meeting!    Get Wi-Fi the  easy way  

 The club's basic purpose will be to focus on topical issues in relation to the betterment of Century Village. These issues will include, but not be limited to, financial, transportation, communication, beautification and any other subjects that involve the entire village. We will have lively discussions and will seek opinions and review those items which will focus on the betterment of the Village for everyone.          

It’s Time to  do what is Right for the Residents
 and the Village - Start the Recall

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stumble over their own words


     Read DonHOHo's comment on the other blog and then realize how they are falling over their own feet, stumbling over their own words as they try to cover over what they have said all along. For the longest time David Israel and his shills and dupes have been ranting and raving like lunatics that there is no shortfall. That is only what the "malcontents" say, they said. We have all the money we need, they stated and whoa!! suddenly we find that lo and behold! There is a shortfall, a major one. Over $1.2 million dollars, but that is okay because they will simply rack up the UCO fees and never mind the fact that people cannot eat that increase. 
     So along comes a treasurer who knows how to find what they have tried so hard to hide, their own slate member so they cannot run him over as they did a prior Treasurer who called them on their fiscal stupidity and malfeasance. He knows that we have to do something and I do not know if it was he who convinced David Israel or David Israel looking in the mirror and realizing that if he did not do something, burning effigies were in his future! Suddenly the holy grail of grails, the reserve fund set aside for the unnecessary and unwanted Wi Fi, was going to be needed to transfer over to the reserve debt. What a turnaround!
     But wait! There's more! (Ah, there's that damned knife commercial again!). Suddenly after spouting off like timed geysers that there is no need for a reserve, for money set aside, and no legal requirement, after getting a spanking in public over that stupidity, suddenly they are falling all over themselves to say  oh, there is no legal requirement as such but it behooves responsible people to follow fiduciary responsibility and have a reserve. Wow!!!! Can you imagine that!
    In all this, methinks I hear an echo. I hear an echo of myself, of Olga, of Ed G. and Ed R., of Dorothy, of Gary, of Marcia, of Phyllis, of John, of George and Herb and Jack and everyone else who has tried to watch the careless spending these jerks had planned for our Village. All battles could not be won - hence the road and drainage fiasco that is still biting us in the rear - but the stupidity of the lift, and yes, it was a lift, not an elevator, being installed for an exorbitant price in Hastings, was stopped dead in its tracks.
     So you see, David Israel, now you are spouting our party line with your shill using the word consensus! Lucky I was sitting when I read that! Oh, and now that you are beginning to spout OUR lines, does that make the Know Nothing Do Nothing party applicants for the "malcontents" party? Hmmm... Interesting thought that, yes? Maybe we can gin up an application form and give it our immediate attention, as immediate as the attention you have given to my applications for seats on committees.

I do not choose to run

This is a remark made by Our Great and not so future president in response to some dummy offering to put up Israel for Lifetime Presidency.

For once we agree, unambiguously and also clearly

"Blogger David Israel said...
Hi all,
To be unambiguously clear; I do not have any desire whatever to be "President for Life"
I distinctly discourage any petition to that effect.
Dave Israel
July 19, 2014 at 2:47 PM"

UCO Reporter

EDITORIAL POLICY for the UCO Reporter —

The UCO Reporter promises to continue its long held beliefs that this
publication will print articles to inform our residents of the important issues
concerning our Village. We promise to seek the truth and to print both sides
of an issue, to open dialogue to inform our readers, not to create controversy.
We promise to listen to your concerns and to treat all our residents with
courtesy and respect. Your opinion is valuable to us and will be considered in
our decision for publication. These are the criteria for publication:
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Letters to the Editor should be limited to 250
words, and must be e-mailed ( to the Reporter
by the 7th of the month prior to publication. Your opinions are important to
us, but please refrain from gossip, innuendo, nasty or inflammatory remarks.
Letters deemed to be inappropriate, inflammatory or libelous will be returned
by the Staff for revision or removal. All letters must include the name, address
and phone number of the author. No letters from UCO Reporter staff will be
published. They may however have the opportunity to submit an opinion
article also limited to 250 words.
ARTICLES: Articles for inclusion should be limited to 500 words, e-mailed
( to the Reporter by the 7th of the month of
publication. All articles will be limited to one per writer. The topic of your
article is of your choosing, but the Staff has the discretion to edit it with your
approval or reject it based on the above stipulations. All articles must include
the name, address and phone number of the author.

This is the Editorial policy of our UCO reporter. Note it says it will publish both sides of an issue. Note also that the Malcontents are talked about all over the Reporter, but not one word from a Malcontent herself.

The Malcontent movement is running 2 active and busy blogs With all this writing and Blogging, with Posts and comments the editors of the reporter find nothing newsworthy? They do not see another side here? They do not see the Oppositions side?

Something is wrong here?

Is the UCO Reporter a Residents Newspaper or is it a House Organ controlled by David Israel and his minions? Or is it a Newspaper that shows both sides of a issue?

What do you think?


Medal of Honor

Soldier held post alone amid attack by Taliban 

Afghanistan war hero awarded the Medal of Honor.

By Josh Lederman Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Bleeding from both legs and his arm, Ryan Pitts kept firing at about 200 Taliban fighters, even holding onto his grenades an extra moment to ensure the enemy couldn’t heave them back. On Monday, President Barack Obama draped the Medal of Honor around his neck, in a somber White House ceremony that also paid tribute to his nine platoon comrades who died that summer day in Afghanistan.
Pitts, a 28-year-old former Army staff sergeant from Nashua, New Hampshire, is the ninth living veteran of America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to receive the nation’s highest decoration for battlefield valor. Obama praised Pitts for holding the line as his comrades fell in one of the bloodiest battles of the Afghan war.
“It is remarkable that we have young men and women serving in our military who, day in and day out, perform with so much integrity, so much humility and so much courage,” the president said. “Ryan represents the very best of that tradition.”
Pitts’ mission that day in June 2008 was supposed to be his last before returning home from his second tour of Afghanistan. He and his team had been in the country for 14 months, the Army said, battling frequently with enemy forces in northeastern Afghanistan’s mountainous Waygal Valley.
The goal was to move troops and equipment out of Combat Outpost Bella, a remote post roughly 10 miles from the nearest base, to a new site nearby. Accessible only by helicopter, Outpost Bella was slated to be closed.
At 4 a.m., Pitts was manning his observation post. On the horizon, he could see the blue-roofed buildings and protective stone walls of the town of Wanat. What Pitts couldn’t know was that all of those buildings were concealing enemy fighters. About 200 of them soon launched a full-scale assault on the outpost.
A cascade of rocket-fired grenades, gunfire and hand grenades fell on the troops, quickly killing two paratroopers. Shrapnel from grenades struck Pitts in both legs and his left arm. Unable to walk, he crawled to a comrade, who put a tourniquet on his leg.
For more than an hour, Pitts fought to protect the remaining troops and defend the post, the Army said. Propping himself up on his knees, he blindly fired a machine gun over a wall of sandbags, loading more bullets into his weapon despite his loss of blood.
He radioed back that he was alone, his teammates having all relocated or been killed.
That’s when Pitts accepted he was going to die, Obama said. But he kept fighting.
“That little post was on the verge of falling, giving the enemy a perch to devastate the base below,” Obama said. “Against that onslaught, one American held the line.”
Pitts stood stoically and humbly during the ceremony, but in brief remarks later he read the names of his fallen comrades, one by one.
Sergio Abad. Jonathan Ayers. Jason Bogar. Jonathan Brostrom. Israel Garcia. Jason Hovater. Matthew Phillips. Pruitt Rainey. Gunnar Zwilling.
“Valor was everywhere that day, and the real heroes are the nine men who made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us could return home,” Pitts said. “It is their names — not mine
— that I want people to know.”

  President Barack Obama drapes the Medal of Honor on Ryan Pitts, 28, on Monday. The former Army staff sergeant fought off enemy fighters during one of the bloodiest battles of the Afghan war despite his own injuries. J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE / ASSOCIATED PRESS  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Attn:David Israel

Battle of the Bulge
Our General Anthony McAuliffe

Nuts to you General
and Nuts to you David Israel
History Lesson

In late 1944, in the wake of the allied forces' successful D-Day invasion of Normandy, France, it seemed as if the Second World War was all but over. But on December 16, with the onset of winter, the German army launched a counteroffensive that was intended to cut through the Allied forces in a manner that would turn the tide of the war in Hitler's favor. The battle that ensued is known historically as The Battle of the Bulge. The courage and fortitude of the American Soldier was tested against great adversity. Nevertheless, the quality of his response ultimately meant the victory of freedom over tyranny.

Why are we paying for all this Insurance?

What is going on here?

Below is a copy of a Schedule of Named Insurers

What is supposed to be going on is that we (UCO), according to the Millennium Agreement, we or rather UCO in our stead is suppose to pay the W.P.R.F insurance. But what has happened? We (UCO) are paying for the additional 6 listed insurances that is not part of the contract. If you ask around no body knows why. As a matter of fact this was questioned a while back and the extra Companies were removed. But now they are back!

Is this some more of their Backroom shenanigans?

What is going on ?

Wi-Fi the easy way.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Smart Don 0460

Smart Don 0460 asks about the need for a reserve fund, for a savings fund, for a emergency fund. All of which are part of our every day lives. Does he bother to think why he has a savings account at his bank. I bet not, because it the right thing to do. The reason should be because it is the sensible thing to do.

Does he ask how we are to put monies aside for the road repairs which are sure to come, for the infrastructure repairs ( under ground pipes, electric cables, etc)?

No! You know all he cares about is making the point that the State Law does not require a reserve.

You can make the argument that the state does not have to legally require everybody to breath, everybody to pay their bills, of everybody to pay their bills in a time.

The problem with Don4060 (what kind of a name is that?) is that he only sees what he sees. he suffers from tunnel vision and/or a lack of common sense.


Proud of my " Mal-Contentiousness"

I am a Proud Malcontent and align myself with Patrick Henry, and the Signers of the United States Constitution. I am proud to be  aligned with Such illustrious Company.

Now you must watch and understand the nefarious actions of our erstwhile President. The Great Gavel Banger. He is continuing with his blame  game. Except this time he is blaming the delegates for our sad state of financial affairs. He again says it is all the delegates fault. But at the same time he tells us we need his, Israel's Wi-Fi. He explains that the delegates are responsible for the budget and then he advises us to go with him down his Wi-Fi hole

Of course the costs of Wi-Fi are hidden or unknown. That is how the the Gavel Banger works. His lead on the Wi-Fi, Anitra the renter, says that so far we have no idea as to cost, So David Israel says, no matter, go with me on this it will make your property more valuable. What exactly does a increase of upwards of $16 per owner, per month, per year, for 5 years do for our perceived property values ?

Not much!

I congratulate Stewart Richland for his article on the Malcontents. Thanks Richard. We know who we are and what we are about. What is really sad is that the DavidIsraelland minions, hanger-ons and hang-arounders are not only blind, but they remind me of the 3 wise monkeys. See all evil, hear all evil and speak all evil, except in their case it is all backwards.

So to summarize, the Great One, The great Wisdom-Person, The Great Gavel Banger, says that the delegates are to blame for the state of budget, but please remember and embrace his (Israel's) Wi-Fi initiative. This must be Delegate approved, no matter the cost, the expense or senselessness of it.

We must be in Alice and the Looking Glass Land.

Wi-Fi the Easy Way

Recall Now
Term Limits Now
Lets get some sensibility in Century Village's Politics

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This cannot be made up

This is Post by Mike, no Last name, no identification. He wants to rid South Florida of the MALS? Whoever they are. But first he wants to by-pass the Delegates and assign the Presidency to his friend and Partner David I, The Great Gavel Banger. 

You can't make this stuff up

I Think the MALS might  have something there! I will be circulating a petition to name David I ( President For Life ). After this becomes a reality, the Village Elders will perform an exorcism to rid CV of the MALS . The petition will be circulated at all pools , bus stops and the local Publix. America ! Ain't it great!
Posted by Mike at 10:55 AM No comments: Links to this po

Poisonous Dictators


The Great Gavel Banger

I've listened and listened and listened at the Delegates’ meetings, at Committee meetings, tuned into groups of people talking, listened at the various clubs, at the pools and so forth; and I've read the UCO Reporter, and both Blogs (public and private), and things that are floating around all the time.

And, you know what?  I realized that the great dictator, David Israel, The Great Gavel Banger, has never responded to anything said of or about him, whether verbally or in printing on any matter of substance.  If he says anything at all, it’s generally a one-liner.  He uses other people to speak in his stead.  And, the only thing that comes out of their faces or their literary skills, is their assessment of the conduct of other people.  That’s all they can talk about.  But even then, they don’t dare talk about what comes out of the mouth of this Dictator who is degrading and insulting other people.  That, they can’t talk about – prohibited.

So, be sensible; be logical; be understanding of people’s feelings and opinions?  That won’t happen.  The Dictator cannot spit out things that make sense to the average CV person.  He’s incapable of dropping to a level of reasonableness and understanding and logic.  So, being paranoid, he finds a real needs for protection while in a public forum, -- thus the Sheriff’s men all with firearms and all of their paraphernalia, ready to combat people who carry canes and use walkers; those people who have something to say.

These people who speak for the Dictator, the ones who talk about other people’s conduct and their reactions to matters brought forth for consideration, -- notice that they never talk about the real issues, -- THE ISSUES THAT ARE MEANINGFUL AND IMPORTANT! – the issues that affect 7,854 unit owners.  Just think about that for a moment.  There are a number of very serious issues that need to be discussed and resolved.  They NEED to be discussed and acted upon.  The Dictator won’t do it. Why?  Because he and his backroom puppeteer brought us to the cliff’s edge.  How can they talk about undoing the tremendous damage that has already been done by them or those matters relating to the future?  He lets his spokespeople do it for him.  They won’t do it because they don’t dare touch matters that could bring up opposing opinions.  All these people do who speak for the Dictator is to criticize and put down anyone and everyone who dare to question the Dictator. Just read all of the time what they have to say on the Israel private blog. If you’re a reasonably intelligent person, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

And, the Delegates sit there like a herd of cows who moo and groan and burp when a person with an opposing view comes up to the mic, and the other half like a herd of sheep who have nothing to say except to wave a placard, signifying agreement to ANYTHING the DICTATOR proposes.  These people who front for the Dictator – all they do is criticize anyone with the very slightest opposing view on any issue.  How come these people who speak for the Dictator, don’t write about the several important issues that need to be discussed, and matters not hidden behind closed doors?  You know why? – because you could say “I don’t agree.”
It boils down to a DEAD GOVERNMENT.  Starting from the top, all the way down.  Nothing happens unless it is secretly planned by the Dictator and his back-room master of illicit schemes.  And, it’s almost always about the spending of our money, -- lots of it!  Then he issues instructions to those who speak and write for him, his robots.  Can you freaking believe this?  There aren’t enough words to describe this government that does nothing at all, except attack those who have opposing views.

Hey, Delegates, if you’re too dumb to understand what the hell is going on, or if you don’t give a fiddlered fart what direction the Dictator is taking us, then stay home, -- don’t go to the Delegates’ meetings; sit at home and pick dingle berries.





Put in Term Limits
Start The Recall
Lets take back our Beautiful Village

Friday, July 18, 2014

Term Limits or Elected for Life

Term Limits is still known as the largest grassroots movement in American history, and US Term Limits (USTL) was, and still is, the leader of that movement.
Term limits have been placed on 15 state legislatures, eight of the ten largest cities in America adopted term limits for their city councils and/or mayor, and 37 states place term limits on their constitutional officers.
American politicians, special interests and lobbyists continue to combat term limits, as they know term limits force out career politicians who are more concerned with their own gain than the interests of the American people.

term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office. When term limits are found in presidential and semi-presidential systems they act as a method to curb the potential for monopoly, where a leader effectively becomes "president for life". Sometimes, there is an absolute limit on the number of terms an officeholder can serve, while, in other cases, the restrictions are merely on the number of consecutive terms.

Here in Century Village, while the Delegates were napping Term Limits were first passed and then not passed. Right now we have no Term Limits. We have effectively Voted in our Dear Leader, The Gavel Banger for life. I know, I know,  that it is a undesirable situation, but that can be rectified quite easily. Vote for Term Limits at the next Meeting.

Don't have the right people to take his place, don't worry I can count on both hands a group of men and women who could do the job, with a whole lot more panache and a whole lot less aggravation and no loss of freedoms.

Wake up Delegates lets get our officers in office that will make Century Village the lovely place to live that it was!

Thank you Sheriffs

Thank you PBSO sheriffs for guarding the Great knowledgeable One and his magic Gavel during this last delegates meeting. Yes Petey, although you probably don't know it there are two sides to every issue. That is the problem with tunnel vision and tunnel brain lock. You cannot be honest and see the other side of the equation, the opposing side.

As I have said before, the prime instigator, the moving force, the major disrupt-or behind the  lack of decorum at the Delegates Meetings. Or, for that matter, even at some of the Committee Meetings, is the Great Gavel Banger himself.

If you attend the meetings it is obvious. But for those of you who feel that CV can run without intelligent input and don't come to the meetings. Watch the Video!

Look at the video where the Gavel Banger does not even let Olga get a word out before his dusting off the Gavel and banging away. "Sit down, you are out of order. Sit Down, Sit nauseum

Is the Sly one going to have PBSO Sheriffs at the noisier Committee meetings? Is he going to have the Sheriffs look over the Pools for the argumentative types and remove them?

What is absolutely maddening about this is that he has no right to silence the opposing view. Instead he should expose it, discuss it, and prove that it is not worthy. If he can. Which he can't, and that is exactly what he is afraid of.

He, by now you know who I am talking about, just read through Robert's Rules after about 8 years in office. So now he thinks he found a way to forbid any new entry to new ideas.It was called Good and Welfare, but it does not exist in the Rules.

Have we arrived at Recall yet?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wi Fi the easy way


     The title of this posting says it all. Here is a quick and easy way - and economical way - of having your building Wi Fi'ed with little muss and no fuss. Here is what bright heads around the Village are telling me and there are buildings that have either done this or are on their way to doing it. So what is it?

     First, send a note to David Israel or perhaps Howie O' Brien, Treasurer, that you are opting out of the Wi Fi proposal for the Village and the $2 fee on each unit. Your association will no longer remit that to UCO and your payment must be adjusted. There is a form that can be sent in and I believe you can contact Ed Grossman or Jean Dowling for it. Make sure you notarize your letter opting out and do not be threatened, as this is not one of the five things that UCO controls as far as contracts and enforcement. If UCO opposes you, the Bi Lateral Agreement states that in that case there must be arbitration and mediation. OPT OUT COMPLETE.

     Wire Up. There are several ways to do this but the simplest way at this point and the most economical, especially for larger buildings is to call Comcast and set up an appointment. They will come to you and explain what happens. For $120 per month FOR THE ENTIRE BUILDING, NO MATTER THE SIZE, your building will have Wi Fi. If it is a larger or longer building, then for a ONE TIME fee of $75 each, they will put in extra leads or whatever they are called and it will work just fine. Again, buildings in the Village have done this and are eminently satisfied.

     So what about security. It is just as secure as anything that has been proposed by UCO at this point and one can always, as David Israel has pointed out in his own preferred system , whatever that might be, buy or rent one's own router and have your own password. This will not affect the system in any detrimental manner. So, WIRE UP COMPLETED.

     Last leg of the project. Turn ON your system and have at it. Enjoy the fastest speed around, the best bandwidth around, far better than with any other company. Is Comcast perfect? Far from it. Do they have a 100% customer relations and service record? No, but then again, I would love to see the one that does. I have no connection to Comcast other than the fee they deduct monthly from me. We use the computer(s) quite often, an extension of our fingers and an integral part of our lives (and at times I do regret that), but there it is -  a fact. It is a fact as much as the one that states that Comcast and individual wiring of your building is the best way to go. I will also be fair and state that I do not know if AT&T does this, but again, use the phone and come to a meeting that will take place, I believe, on Sunday, July 27, in the Clubhouse, after the movie and there will be reps from Comcast for a presentation and to answer questions. I will certainly be there. Think about it - $120 per building. Do the math. Divide by the number of units and then tell me that it does not make economic sense.

As a added benefit, sign up through the a Messenger Club and get your first months billing refunded.

     By the way, do not listen to naysayers who will tell you it does not work. It manifestly does and you can check that yourself by calling up the two people I previously mentioned in this article and/or come to the meeting. I hereby declare also, before some Davidisraelland inhabitants accuse me -



Tracing Nasty Emails

To Esther and Olga:-

If you do some investigation, you will find that it is relatively easy to trace back an e-mail to the sender.  The PBSO is just one of the sources that you can use to find out who the cowards are that send to you vicious and nasty e-mails.

Most especially, -- if you and/or your family has been threatened with physical harm or the taking of a life, it becomes a crime, a felony, and that person or persons can be prosecuted and incarcerated.

Even if you don’t know the name of the person or persons responsible, and you have enough circumstantial evidence indicating the likelihood of who may be responsible, it certainly would be in your best interests to report it to the authorities and then allow them to do the investigatory work.

For instance, -- let’s assume that you get a threatening e-mail at 8 o’clock on a Sunday evening and say you notice only one vehicle parked in the rear of the UCO building, and the lights are on in a certain office within the building, – one might logically conclude that there may be a connection that the PBSO needs to look at.  That is only one example.

The viciousness and nastiness of e-mails to you can give to you a strong hunch of who is responsible by the way they are written, the composition and their content.  You’re dealing, of course, with a person having severe paranoia, -- a real delusional psychotic character.  This person carries, no doubt, a tremendous amount of hate.

It’s like a boxer in the ring who jabs and jabs while constantly hitting his opponent, and his opponent constantly swings back, but always misses.  To draw up even, the opponent will butt heads, bite ears, pull hairs, hit below the belt, or do something that nobody will allow or tolerate.  Your e-mailer is such an opponent.

It may be a good idea to print all of the e-mails, flag those that are IN ANY WAY, threatening, and discuss the matter with a PBSO detective.  Oh, you certainly can catch this person, or persons, and then exposing them to the entire Village will be their demise.  They’ll be forever people who are considered wicked, rotten and cowards.  Bottom line, -- come out fighting – get these bastards.


Secrets, Lies and Deceptions

Scandals 9


A common occurrence at UCO is concealing and hiding anything and everything, and doing it without reservation.  Challenge UCO, and they will talk about you in a very libelous way on Israel’s BLOG; slander you whenever they get the opportunity; write about you at will in the UCO Reporter; chop you down at a Delegate’s meeting where they literally control the speaker system, and the President denigrates your reputation by shouting “sit down – you’re out of order”.

Let’s take a look at the Master Insurance Policy, for instance, in which UCO, in compliance with the Bilateral Agreement, is supposedly doing you a tremendous favor by soliciting bid proposals on your behalf from insurance agents.

Ed Ross believed, because of information that he received from reliable sources, that there were improprieties involved in the receiving of bid proposals, including but not limited to, bid rigging.  The entire secret bidding process appeared to smell.  And, this was really of concern because in many budgets as much as 40% could be attributed to master policy premiums.

So, Ross, being most inquisitive, hand-delivered a letter dated February 24, 2011, to UCO, requesting the opportunity to review and perhaps copy the three insurance bid proposals that were submitted (Brown & Brown, Plastridge and The Mack Group).  That request was ignored – no response by e-mail, U.S. mail, telephone or fax.  A second letter dated March 4, 2011, making the same request, was hand-delivered to UCO.  Again it was ignored.  Ross detected something was definitely wrong.

The Insurance Committee, composed of ten or more members, normally require bid proposals to be sealed, stamped on the envelope when received so that they are not delivered late and disqualified, - and then all of them opened at the same time on a specific date, at a specific hour, at a specific place – at a meeting of the Insurance Committee who were duly notified of the bid opening.  This never happened.  None of it happened.  Bids were not date stamped; they were opened separately on different days, and in secrecy.

There were no Insurance Committee minutes taken at the time of the bid opening.  Think about that one for a moment.  A certain bid was opened secretly on a late Friday afternoon and it was approved secretly over that following weekend.  Something was very wrong, for sure.  It appeared that a certain bid was allowed to be “fixed” by the Insurance Committee leaders.  To be very blunt, at the very least,
there was bid manipulation,

Ross was then forced to consult an attorney in order to obtain these requested documents, under Chapter 617 of the Florida statutes.  There were more delays, more stalling by the insurance committee chairperson by executing a letter which basically denied Ross the access to public documents under the ploy of needing agents’ permission to do so.   The sealed bids were, indeed private, so that one bidder could not see what another bidder was submitting.  However, once they were opened, under the law, they became public to any Century Village resident who is part of the insurance program, and most especially to a delegate, who, in fact, is a member of UCO’s Board of Directors.

So, again, these bids, tainted by a lack of proper procedures, were kept secret.  It appears that UCO feels that they are above the law.  It became necessary for Ross’ attorney to send a second letter to the insurance chairperson and told her, without equivocation, that her reluctance to comply with state law could bring her before a judge.

You want information that you’re entitled to receive?  UCO makes you go to an attorney.  Ask Mr. Black and Mrs. Dowling, - they experienced the same thing.  They requested information which they were rightly entitled to, and they were refused.  This was UCO’s standard way of telling you – “GO AWAY”.  They had no choice but to seek legal counsel.

On September 30, 2011, some eight months later, the insurance chairperson hand-delivered a copy of three bid proposals to Ross’ attorney.  The attorney’s letters had requested a copy of the ORIGINAL bid proposals and insurance committee minutes.

Again, secrets and flagrant lies.  The Brown and Brown insurance bid proposal given to Ross was not the original proposal, but rather, the third proposal submitted by Brown and Brown.  Page after page in the proposal clearly reveals that it could not have been possible to submit such information at the time that the bids were originally due.  Mr. Ross has absolute proof that the final bid proposal submitted by Brown & Brown as a conjured up fabrication and made to look like it was supposed to be the original.  It was faked, and this is why the bid proposals were kept so secret.

So, after continuously beating the previous insurance chairperson into the ground, the President appoints someone new to take over the Insurance Committee.   But that is the UCO way, - to smite flat anyone who causes the slightest quiver in the river of deception.   And now, at this time, you have something that appears to be rotten to the core. 

Their cry at UCO is – “We don’t lie about anything.  Come into our offices and we’ll show you whatever you want to see.”  That statement, in itself, is slurring the truth.  After eight months, you really have to ask, - “What were you hiding?  If you didn’t do something illicit or illegal, you would have produced the documents immediately.” 

So, why do hundreds, if not thousands of people distrust UCO?  This insurance fiasco is a typical example of the dominance, egotistical attitude and control, and their secrecy and deception behind closed doors.  And, you know what?  We let it all happen.

Are you a delegate who is a member of UCO’s Board of Directors, or are you conforming to peer pressure?  Don’t just play follow the leader. Think before you vote.  Judge for yourself - you have a right to do that!

Edward J. Ross, AIA, FARA, NCARB
President, Oxford 100 Condominium Association, Inc.
October 31, 2011

Problems Solved?

Why doesn't David Israel make Lanny Howe Treasurer and Howard O'Brien the UCO Reporter? Lanny seems to know so much, he seems to have solved all of David's Problems.

However David doesn't know it, but his biggest problems are just starting.

Wi-Fi inexpensively

Opt out, Wire up, Turn on

Get your own Building wide Wi-Fi

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CV Puppeteers

Century Village Puppeteer and Puppet
You Guess who is who

unable to quote anything


     There goes that same refrain again - "Here we go again, this time with Wi Fi - again. In this month's issue of The Reporter, Anitra, the renter who should not even be ON a committee (but then again, David Israel only abides by the by-laws when he wants to) writes with great authority of the Wi Fi situation. She states that RFPs were sent out, when bids will be opened and then this lovely statement. 

     "We are unable to quote anything as to what this is going to cost us.....the hope is that the money currently being collected will be enough to provide any infrastructure that is needed for the roll-out."
     Are they for real? Again! They have no idea of the cost and they HOPE the money will be enough? Does anyone hear paving bells again? And what are we doing here anyway? How much money will we be on the hook for again? So what to do?
     First, UCO, by Article 3 of the bylaws is only entitled to work out 5 areas for the Village and NONE of them is Wi Fi, so....they really are not entitled to the current monthly bite. In fact, associations and people can opt out and if UCO has an issue with this, well, then the by-laws require mediation and arbitration.
     Second, again no clue as to cost and final bottom line. Again, going into a project with eyes closed and our wallets open. Again, lack of process and procedure, lack of understanding of what needs to be done.
     And why do this anyway? Building after building is looking into their own Wi Fi setup, no fuss, no muss, no infrastructure of big or small towers, no digging and in no time they have the set up complete.  Comcast has been doing this and they presented it at a Club meeting. AT&T has its own plan. Other buildings are not interested at all as individuals have their own set up, share it with others or have worked out other ways. Some people are not interested in Wi Fi at all and have no computers.And if the French-Canadians want their Wi Fi, they can do it like everyone else - individual or building and then use the pool areas. Stand outside many buildings and you can already hook up onto a connection. In the middle of the road perhaps not, but then again, do we need Wi Fi in the middle of the road?!! 
     Well, alrighty then, (sorry, could not pass up quoting our fearful leader) let's look at the next step. Discussing this at the assembly. I can already hear the dulcet tone of David Israel's voice. "Out of order! Sit Down! Slam goes the gavel and now a new step. Guards, please remove these malcontents" (by the way, a proud American tradition).
    Well, alrighty then, Houston, we have a problem. You see, these people are not out of order and the off duty PBSO officers cannot physically remove them or touch them lest they be opening themselves up to their own charges - and David Israel right along with them as he would then be complicit in a conspiracy to violate and deny civil rights, to assault and battery, and who knows what else. 
     So all this could be avoided if David Israel would listen to the people, but he will not. His dementia with its paranoia, aggressiveness, anger, perservation leads him down the wrong primrose lane and WE all suffer because of this.
     It's the same old song.....