Friday, February 19, 2016

No more anonymous postings

This Blog is considering eliminating posting that do not contain a real name. In other words, anonymous postings will not be allowed. I would like to hear from the readers as to their thoughts.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Dear Peyton,

We, the members of the Messenger Club want you to know that some individuals are using the name Peyton Israel to spout lies about Phyllis Richland on this blog.   We know you have always remained impartial in all political matters involving Century Village and feel secure in the knowledge that you are not in any way involved. We continue to receive these vicious messages but do not print them. We have always respected your integrity and will continue to do so, and we apologize for the ill-mannered individuals who will resort to any means to keep David Israel in office.  

Fact checker.#1

The big lie and saving of $7000 insurance premiums The truth is that the entry of  Coastal Insurance Co. as courted by Gladstone and Knudsen, caused the premiums to drop and this occurred before Israel was even on the UCO scene.

The retraction letter and Esther's Israel story.The facts are stated clearly in Israel letter of retraction, see this link. What is important here is that Israel thinks nothing of baldfaced lying during a political season. Here he got caught.

Joy Vestal and the reporter. The lie here is that there are no pros and cons in the op-ed section of the Reporter. As was stated by Vestal at the last DA. There are only pros, all cons are not published.

Floor nominations and Vestal and Channel 63. The fact that Vestal has decided to call off any further submission for any candidates before the nominations from the DA floor even started is an outrage. 

Term Limits needed. True. See this link. Term Limits were originally set up as a by-law. Then they were removed and Israel and Black objected. Then they were put back in. Then Israel realized his chance as life-long President was in jeopardy so he lobbied against it. We now stand with no Term Limits. 

And remember '“Politicians and Babies have one thing in common----they both should be changed regularly and for the same reason.” (unknown)

Peyton Israel and more lies. Peyton Israel is the nom de guerre that David Israel used when he called County Code Enforcement against the synagogue for misuse of signage. His reasons for this were purely political and had nothing to do with the Synagogue.

Section 718 and clubhouse rules. The rule setup by The UCO President is against State law. 718 says that Political meetings cannot be with-held from the Clubhouse, Which they are.

The history of the Bath and Borden hole and the truth  about how UCO handled that is like reading about the Flint Water situation and How their State administration handled it or is handling that situation. Ignoring the broken pipe situation and flooding on Bath and Border, Ignored like the Flint Water situation was/is ignored.

Bad behavior, snide remarks and more at the DA. All under the cover a kindness, good manners, etc. Truth is that any opposition is quietly resisted. Sometimes not so quietly. Always with snide and sarcastic remarks. Always only from the President, always with the threat implied or otherwise of retribution.

The Realities of living in Century Village.

I have received mail from some of the snow birds that feel this blog and the Messenger Club paper is too negative. They feel that this is a place for people to rest up from the real or working world and they should not have to listen or read about all the negativism that is published. This negative reporting is due to the fact that THERE is negative things happening in this Village.

I am sorry that these readers think this is a place to hide from the realities of this world. It is not. A nursing home may be a better place.

There are things that are promulgated by the UCO administration, not all of them, but some of them that should not be allowed to happened. As an example. The shutting down of all venues for electioneering, done by Israel. The having the Security Company to pull any electioneering signs, The use of the Reporter to make Electioneering remarks as long as they are for Israel.

We had one Villager write to us and tell us that she did not see any of the friction or any reason for friction. Apparently she missed some of the low-keyed sarcastic remarks made by the Chair during the last Delegate Assembly. In particular the shouting match by Jerry Karp and David Israel.

The price for the Road repairs has yet to be paid. The 1/2 page contract and the lack of oversite will have to be paid for on the next go round. 

I tell you what I think.

There are plenty of unfair and unjust actions taken by the Current UCO Administration. Things  like firing Volunteers, I repeat Volunteer Committee members. For no cause except he doesn't like them or their politics. People like Howie Silver, people Like the Greggs, people like Esther Sutofsky. All good people, all bright people and all Volunteers.

I think that as a snow bird, you should take the time and spend the effort to see what is exactly going on here in our Village before you criticize.

Our Politicians, hanger-on-ers and Diapers.

To all Century Villagers where ever you are on the Super Bowl 50 game day.
Stew Richland
“Politicians and diapers have one thing in common----they both should be changed regularly and for the same reason.”  (unknown)

To Lanny Howe and the members of the Advisory Board who voted against the Term Limit amendment proposal, this cartoon clearly illustrates where your thinking is.  Just a gentle reminder.  In 2008, our current President made a strong case for term limits.  His pal, Ed Black followed Dave Israel’s plea for term limits with a much more vigorous argument for enforcing the term limit rule. 
I would like to remind Lanny Howe that Century Village by-laws had term limits and when your leader decided that this by-law would end his reign, he had the by-law changed to allow him to run for a third term, and now for a fourth term.  Lanny, you fall flat again when you suggest that the “gadflys” support term limits for Century Village. You fail to note that we always had term limits until your boy got into office.  Now you make it sound as if this is a new idea. It is interesting to note that at the recent Advisory meeting, all of Dave’s supporters voted against having  the term limit by-law reinstated.  Most of those who cast their votes to end term limits did not think that the issue was important enough to provide, for the public record, a reason for their decision.  Harry Truman once remarked that “Term limits would cure both senility and myopia, both terrible political diseases.”  After listening to the Israel supporters at this meeting, it is clear that his supporters have now contracted this disease.  I suggest that the only antibiotic for this condition is to elect Phyllis Richland as our new UCO President.
Why has Dave Israel flip-flopped on the issue of term limits?  Rarely is the elected official who maintains his or her support for term limits after actually winning the job, and enjoying whatever perks the job provides, would support term limits. This is evidenced  by the bloviating of Israel supporters at various meetings and by Lanny Howe’s (and others) lame postings on Dave’s blog.  Lanny, I disagree with your comment that the “regulars” are falling asleep.  The regulars are vigilant.  Dave does not allow any comments on his blog that challenges him.  Joy Vestel, had announced that the UCO Reporter will print articles that are critical of Dave. Baloney!  The UCO Reporter has indeed adopted  an editorial  policy of “deep sixing” any article that questions Dave Israel’s policies or judgment.  This is a Joy Vestel’s policy of “Freedom of the Press.”  UGH!  Lanny how about our President spending his valuable time going after a resident in his own Association and even stooping to peeping in to windows.  How about all the effort put forth by Dave and his minions to eliminate any campaign banners and posters by those who support Phyllis Richland.  The only difference between these covert actors, and the thought police is coincidental.
Anyone, including you Lanny, that makes the argument for eliminating term limits has either a sophomoric understanding of political science or more plausibly is an elected official himself.
There is no question that Dave Israel has a fondness for power and it is natural to abuse it when he has the power to do so.  For example:  Preventing any opposition candidate or group from using the clubhouse and pool areas for a meet and greet events;  contacting code enforcement when a campaign banner was placed on the fence of the Synagogue on Haverhill Road;  encouraging his minions to complain that campaign posters and banners are eye pollution and demand they be removed. 
We are all well aware of the advantages of the incumbency, this is well documented.  The notion that a politician gets better at his job the longer he does it is intuitive—that’s true of every professional. However, one has to remember that public service is not just any profession but rather the embodiment of governing principles. Sadly for us here in Century Village, Dave does not seem to understand and support the ideals of good government.  For example, Dave does not hesitate to utter snipes at any comment made by our residents if he opposes it.  His comment about  a posted campaign sign that he does not like will be “brought up to the federal level.”  His comment about the dissidents meet and greet, “offer food and they shall come.”  This is a picture of a hapless naïf with big dreams about making a difference, demonstrating the lack of experience that a professional would have learned from many years of experience.
Our elected leaders do not live in some  cloistered  world. In our Village, the reality of dealing with issues that are of deep concern to those that are some what helpless, deserve much better than they are now getting.  The reason that term limits is condemned by Dave and his supporters is obvious. It is  POISON HEMLOCK, and, unfortunately, so few of our elected officials are veritable Socratics.  The argument that only a guy like Dave Israel can tackle the issues of running Century Village is a sophomoric one.  We can find, and we have found in Phyllis Richland, a new and capable leader that will protect our Villages interests. 
The greatest deception men and women suffer is from their own opinions.   That kind of sums up who Dave Israel is which includes you Lanny Howe, Peter Cruz and of course, Joy Vestal.
The Israel administration waiting for inspiration! or a “whipping” huh Lanny?

The Big Lie - Again!

Here it is, another nail in the coffin. When do the lies stop and truth prevail?


I am glad that our telephone conversation today shared some light on David Israel's claim of saving Century Village $2 Million a year on insurance premiums.

David Israel is lying up to his teeth in this matter. 

The only reason that premiums went down was because American Coastal Insurance Company entered the Florida market!!!

The attached document is just one proof  (but not the only one) that I and "Chuck" (Charles Knudson of Plastridge Insurance Agency) were already "courting" America Coastal 3 years before David Israel embedded himself as president. It all happened  when I was still the chair of the Insurance Committee Under George Loewenstein presidency.

I repeat, David Israel has been harvesting the fruits that I and Plastridge Agency had planted years before David Israel was even known. This is just another one of his dictatorship propaganda. False claims, again, from A to Z.

You want more proof? Here it is! All other Insurance agencies in Florida, Businesses, corporations and the like, enjoyed huge premium reductions that year because of American Coastal. None of them has ever heard of David Israel.

David Israel, with his brutal behavior, created, for the first time, a division in our Village where a third of the Associations tore themselves away from UCO insurance and remained with Plastridge Agency.  The fact remains that these Associations had the same reduction the insurance premiums by Plastridge Agency, completely away from UCO and without any involvement of David Israel.

David Israel "Failed" to disclose that it was "Chuck" of this Plastridge Agency who first presented the new reduced premiums to UCO. He also failed to disclose  that he (David Israel) took the very same bid and gave it to another insurance agency of his choice.

That is THE BIG LIE.      

Dan Gladstone
Former UCO Insurance Committee chair.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

President Club Meeting

The Presidents & Unit Owners Club Will Hold Their Next Meeting On Thursday, February 11th, 2016 @ 2 PM In The Clubhouse In Room C. 
I Will Have Two Vendors Which Will Be Able To Solve Many Problems We Now Have In The Village.  


 Jerry Karpf        

Help and Hinderence from UCO

So, I see that the East Hampton B Association had a disastrous fire and got plenty of help from UCO. Hurrah for them That is exactly what UCO was formed to do. Their mandates say help the Associations. Guide the Associations. Use the joined strength of all the Associations to help.

And so in this instance, they showed they could help and they did.


On the other hand. A Delegate asked Joy Vestal, one of the Reporter's editors, why the pro & con in the Op-Ed section did not exist. Her answer was nobody is sending in a con remarks, so all she has to work with are the pro remarks. Does sound like the truth to you? We have a ton of Activists in the DA and they, I am sure, are not reticent to add their thoughts to anything.

As a matter of fact, this blog is full of Cons. Pick one and post it!

And then there is the arrival of Randal, the ace, the Roberts Rules Ace. Who was banned from the DA because he stepped on Israel's toes too often But know this. When Randall is allowed to operate unhindered, he is like the Robert's Rule referee. He is correct on his interpretation of these rules and stupid things that pass and shouldn't, such as 'this is not the British Parliament' and such will not go unchallenged.

Phyllis wouldn't allow it!

Friday, February 5, 2016

This is sign season.

Fairness and the David Israel Contingent.

So the Delegate Assembly for 2/5 is over. So what happened? Aside from the Chairman welcoming about 10 county positions wannabees and giving them 2 minutes to talk to us, not much.

The important thing was the Candidates Nominated from the floor.There were many rules covering the Nominator, Nominee and the seconder. All good.

But when push came to shove 2 people were nominated from the floor. One was Edward Grossman for Treasurer and another for the  Recording secretary.

Immediately after the proceeding and after the Nominations were closed and before the meeting was over, Joy Vestal announced that the posting of these people's information was too late for inclusion on Channel 63. To bad!

And the fact of the matter is this. It was announced at the previous DA the time limit for inclusion into Channel 63 was the 9th, not the 5th or before. So where does Vestal get the nerve to say NO we are closing the 63 channel as of the 4th. A day before the DA and open nominations. Too bad she and her crew are so over-worked that they don't have the time to do the right things. Perhaps if Vestal did not have 2 big jobs she would have the time. But who cares it only the malcontents that are displaced. Not!!

Is this right? Does she have the right to close down an election outlet? Is this her choice alone?  Schedules are made and schedules are changed. These people are entitled to be heard. Vestal has no right to silence them.

Does this sound right? This meeting was about nominations from the floor, but no matter Channel 63 was closed before it even started.

Now for another bit of timely news. The neighbor that lives right next door to David Israel is a fan of Phyllis Richland and has put a Phyllis sign in her window. The mighty President has demanded that she take it down. Or else. She refused. So now she reports that he has taken to peeking into her window. WoW.

So it seems like a good idea for all of us put one of Phyllis's signs in their Living Room window. Just to show where we stand.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Term Limits again

We need Term Limits. We don't need a President for life. We need new life. We need new ideas. We need new energy.

What we don't need is the same old same old. We don't need the same old thing and a President that is more interested in calling the Cops on his opponents that in facing the daily problems that this Village has.

It is a shame that with Term Limits we could take advantage of the talent that is available in this Village, but thanks to the sleepy DA we can't get their vote up. I think the DA is asleep at the switch.

This vote for Term Limits will come up again and we will get it passed. We will get this Village moving again. We will get rid of the fear in this Village. We will get rid of the anonymous posters They are afraid of the Vindictiveness of the President. The meanness of the President. The absolute disregard for what is good for this Village.

Term Limits will come and David Israel will go!

Electioneering Israel style.

So, this will frost you. Check out channel 63. Here you will see all the Candidates that David Israel supports for offices. But none of anybody else.

Is Channel 63 his private electioneering outlet? No one else allowed on. Do you like this?

How about the Channel 63 video of all proposed candidates for election cannot, I repeat, cannot get on 63 because this was closed before the DA met on Friday 2/5. Is this sensible? Is this just a mean act by Israel via Vestal?

Yes this was a deliberate act of social vandalism.

Do you want this to continue?

Just keep silent!



Mr. Israel, call us anything you like.  Whatever names you have stored up for us for the sole purpose of identifying us, and your making an effort to irritate us, is not affecting us.

What you have to say means nothing to us.  Why?  Because we stand for the good in people; for righteousness and justice.  You are like a non-person . You stand for nothing!

You hide behind your computer and condense your comments to the point where one has to say – “I cannot believe he is President of a civic group that represents as many as 14,000 residents.”

You, Peyton Israel, David Israel, or whatever other name you choose to hide behind while calling code enforcement to have a sign removed from private property, namely the synagogue, and causing them big-time problems is an ill-natured act intended to hurt your opponent, Phyllis Richland.   One has to feel sorry for a self-made coward who doesn’t have a close friend to talk to about personal and private matters.  It would appear that your computer is your best friend and your telephone is your “drop-a-dime” pal.

SO - why would anyone want to vote for such a person for president of UCO?  Therefore, the Messenger, endorses Phyllis Richland for the Presidency of the United Civic Organization.

We, as a group of “MALCONTENTS” and others, with the approval of the Associations, have placed and will continue to place signs in various places around CV.  Let Mr. Israel, or whatever name he chooses to hide behind, “secretly” complain and report us of sign code violations.  How many times will he call code enforcement for sign violations?

WE, THE PEOPLE, have rights and we are not violating any county laws, rules, regulations or ordinances.  He is losing more and more every day and he knows it.  So, additional dirty-rotten politics will not come as a surprise.

Mr. Israel, you should realize by now that most people are on to your antics and that you should pick up your scroungy, seersucker short pants and just fade away into a dark room – don’t forget to take your computer.


Thoughts and Opinions.

Just what is going on here with our UCO President? There are a number of Villagers that write on this blog and remember things he did a few years ago that show how his attitude has changed over the years. These people have lived here for the entire run of Israel's Presidency.

Take as an example his making fun of the Messenger club Candidates Forum to be held on Feb.24. He, the president, is making fun of the fact that food will be served. He has forgotten or overlooked his Cook-out when he was running for VP. Today a cook-out like that is verboten. Rules that were set up by the President himself.

Or how about that remark that the President works 60 hours a week on Village business? Well, maybe and maybe not. Some of these hours are his plotting against his competition. His driving around looking for illegal signs placed by the Candidates. Does this time count?

I see that he has responded to the remarks made by some of the ladies of the Village as to his disgraceful and disrespectful manner of dress. That has seemed to be corrected somewhat, with the help of a married friend. What?

Note that ElaineB, a pseudonym on the Wizards blog. No facts, nothing honest, just drivel. Bob R. has it right. Pseudonyms, anonymous is the sign of Cowards.

Her crack about nobody following Robert's rules except Israel is wrong. Who doesn't remember that remark that the DA is not the British Parliment, and therefore, Robert's Rules do not apply?

The picture I have in my mind is that of David Israel driving around in his little car looking for signs he can sic code enforcement on. But the rules are clear on signs.

And then there is Ulysses. Read the whole poem-click here

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,--
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Apropos for a retirement community, right?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Section 718 says it is OK.

The argument over who can use the Clubhouse and for what purpose still rages on. A definite opinion is below. From this posting, it is clear that political meetings are allowed and encouraged. So who says no?

David Israel and Eva, the CH Manager. They want to stop the opponents from having their say to the Villagers.

Can Florida Condo & HOA Owners Organize Political Rallies On Community Property?

   Posted in Common Areas, Reader Q&A, Rules & Regulations

ThinkstockPhotos-87753347Question: I live in a condominium association with politically active residents. One of our unit owners has asked to host a political event at the association’s clubhouse. I fear this event could attract a large public audience and be a burden to our residents. Can our association disapprove the event? J.S. (via e-mail)

Answer: The law provides that all common elements, common areas, and recreational facilities serving any condominium shall be available to unit owners in the condominium and their invited guests for the use intended. The law also permits the association to adopt “reasonable rules and regulations pertaining to the use” of common properties.
Many communities have guidelines addressing such uses, including permissible purposes for private use, regulations pertaining to the number of permitted non-resident guests, and the details of such uses like parking, security, insurance requirements, available rental times, capacity limits, and the like.
Political events, however, are afforded a limited degree of priority under the Florida Condominium Act. Specifically, Section 718.123(1) of the statute states that “no entity or entities shall unreasonably restrict any unit owner’s right to peaceably assemble or right to invite public officers or candidates for public office to appear and speak in common elements, common areas, and recreational facilities.”
Therefore, while an association could probably decline to permit the use of your clubhouse for wedding receptions or even religious services, the right to invite public candidates to speak is conferred by statute. At the least, the board would need to permit the candidate to attend and address residents. I do believe the board could reasonably limit attendance by the outside public, and to the extent the association normally requires certain procedures to reserve the facility (prior reservation, clean-up arrangements, etc.) could impose those conditions in connection with a political event.
So the smarty's over at UCO. They think, or better to say, he thinks that it all right, all legal, to shut down the Politicos. But he is wrong and 718 says so. And of course, the President thinks this rule only applies to the DA and he is the only one to OK the visit and speechifying of local dignitaries at the Delegate Assembly. Wrong!!  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

John Gluszak

Mr. David Israel,

One year ago I got up at a delegate meeting and said  what you did in one year what the prior Presidents did not do in 17 years. You used this line for your re-election. I asked why you did not ask me, you told me it was a matter of public record.

Here's some news for your information, at the May delegate meeting I told the delegates that there is a broken pipe on Bath & Borden. You said it is a sinkhole, and they were all over Florida. That statement was never on Ch.  63 or in the Reporter.  I went back to U.C.O. to tell them about securing the area around the broken pipe. I guess I embarrassed Roger,  so he went out with another man in a golf cart, got 2 cement pails with posts in  them and I helped them   secure the area. SALISBURY H provided a roll of caution tape.
Sink hole

I went back to U.C.O. on  5/21/12 asked Dom and  Roger what was the status of  the broken pipe. Roger told  me they were going to take  pictures. I did not hear from  them, I called 4 days later, the answer I got was there  were fish in the pipe.

Went back to U.C.O. met with your dream team Roger,  Dom, Ed. I told them it's a broken pipe again, waited  another week. Mr. Fernando Pieras and I put up a protest  sign with the AMERICAN  FLAG. Unit owners were  signing it to fix the problem.  One person at UC.O. admitted he tore it down. When I told them this happened,  Bob Marshall came in and  said I was talking too loud:  He should have stayed and  listened. I only worked on tunnels and sewers for 40  years so I guess I don't know  what I am talking about.

Now the best thing you  fellows can do for the best of  the Village is to leave the keys to UCO with Ron at the  front desk and leave. Let the  women run UCO. I'm sure  they will do a better job.

God Bless.
JOHN GLUSZAK Salisbury. Association 

Howie Silver


I am sorry to say that I will not be running for any UCO Office.
My doctor advised me not to run, because the stress endangered my health. I have been with UCO for the past 12 years and I've gone to
many meetings and seeing what's going on in the village. For the past four years some of the officers have neglected their responsibilities to the village. I am not naming names, but if you see what's going on you can tell who they are by firing volunteers, good people, by stacking committees with their own friends so they vote their way.

One reason we need a new President. Yesterday it rained
very hard just look at the roads nothing but puddles all over the village why we spent $6 million to fix the roads and nobody oversaw the project or inspected the work that contractor did. IT was a ONE  page contract. Who is looking out for our money? I guess it wasn't the President.

The President likes to fire people. Let’s take a look at the
January UCO Reporter. The back page. As a photographer I am ashamed of it. At the UCO office they fired Ken Graff’'s wife and gave no reason, so Ken Graff resigned from the paper.

I would like to tell you what Ken Graff did for the UCO paper and for the village. He brought in the a new E-MAIL system
for the village such as the Gmail account for all the offices, David Israel did not. He said he did. Ken came to the paper
and modernized it.

David Israel did not, nor did Joy Vestal. Take a look at back issues of the paper and see who was on the staff of the Reporter.

About six months ago there were maybe 10 to 15 reporters on staff, take a look at the last issue I guess Joy can't keep a good reporter on the paper maybe it's her personality!

Let's go back and examine why I was fired twice from UCO. The first time I was on the Wi-Fi committee and David Israel fired me for signing a Recalling the President document maybe I knew too much about computers that's why! Second time I was fired, I was a photographer for the UCO Reporter for about five years and I asked a ask question at a Reporter Meeting. Why was David Israel's blog advertised on the UCO Reporter Paper and no other blogs were ever advertised? I was fired the next day by Joy Vestal.

Did you see the February UCO Reporter issues the pictures are great? One of a “SNAKE” WOW!, One of a “BABY ALLIGATOR “ WOW!, One of the tree hitting a car WOW! Those pictures are getting better every month I think?. I know, Joy you do miss Ken and maybe you can hire a photographer to get some good pictures around the village in the paper. Phyllis Richland would never let this happen she would never fire great people who volunteered to work for the village only you and David Israel would.

If you read this I have been living in the village for 21 years. I've been with UCO over 12 years I see what's going on and if you're one who wants Century Village to get back on the right track you should vote for Phyllis Richland for President and don't vote for any of the incumbents running for office. And when Phyllis Richland becomes the new President take my advice, put Ken Graff in charge
of the UCO Reporter.

Make the Village great again.

Howie Silver

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bad Behavior at the Delegate's Assembly, but not by the Delegates

This is a must see Video. You tell me whether you think the President is overbearing, insulting and just to angry to run a DA sensibly

Have we had enough of the Cruz's?

I think I have heard enough about Cruz. Enough about Peter Cruz. Enough about Ted Cruz. Enough with Trump and Cruz. I had more than enough with Peter Cruz and his sexual proclivities. His insulting and demeaning comments. Enough already.

"Wilt thou be gone? it is not yet near day."

'Out, damned spot! out, I say! - One: two: why, then, 'tis time to do't. - Hell is murky!'
Here is the link to this quote

Food for Votes

In the UCO Reporter David Israel made a comment about how Ed Grossman was using food to buy votes.

If memory serves me correct, David Israel, when he was running for election, about 8 years ago, he had a cook-out to get votes. That which is not allowed to-day. Electioneering you know.

You should remember that old saying DON'T THROW STONES AT GLASS HOUSES. 

So you see what is happening here. The great one says snidely, that using food to get votes is poor form. But he knows about the cook-out history and he still goes on about food and votes.