Saturday, October 25, 2014

Do it yourself Wi-Fi

WiFi your building’s cheaper, it’s better.  Don’t get tied into expensive infrastructure and long term debt by a village-wide system

  Each building will need a modem and service from Comcast Business.    Comcast will install a business modem/router in your laundry room.  Call    Fred King from Comcast, at 561-221-9718 for this.
  You will then need two routers installed in the low rise associations.  You can install it yourself or for information or installation, call John at 1-480-232-3936.  He has successfully wired other buildings in the village and they are working well.  The usual cost for the low rise buildings is between $900-$1200 including labor and equipment.  This is a one-time cost.  The monthly cost from Comcast is $120 for the building.  In a 24 unit building that amounts to $5. per unit.  Mentioning the Messenger Club to Comcast will save you the first month’s fee from Comcast.

  If you make it a common expense and put it in the budget, it can be paid with your maintenance payment.

  High rise buildings will be at a higher installation fee and John can advise you after inspection of your building.

  If you need to talk to someone that has a successful building WiFi, call John and he can refer you to “happy customers”.

  If you decide to go this route, you will need to “Opt out” of the Village-wide system and your letter needs to be sent to UCO before the budget for 2015 begins in January.  A sample is attached on the back of this page.

  Don’t listen to those who do not want you to do this.  Buildings that have completed their WiFi are getting good service and like what they have and will not be a part of a hugh debt for infrastructure for a village-wide system.

 You can still opt out of UCO’s WiFi even if you do not want any WiFi for your building.

The Opt-Out form and the Opt- in form 
click here

To save the First months' rent and for any addition info contact Ed Grossman - click here

Macy's and Palestine

Here is the Comment Stream from Esther's comment on Macy's and the Palestine attitude. Note that this Author agees with her. The sole reason this was done was to enhance their (Macy's) bottom line. But in Wets bank this company employs lots of Palistians. So this is negative move for the Area.

Macys complaint email is

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Warning, Warning




I attended an advisory meeting today at the UCO office in order to keep abreast of the changes UCO is making to the bylaws. I helped myself to  a copy of the agenda from the table and  was abruptly told; I could not have one; they were only for the members of the committee - In all previous meeting's  a copy of the agenda was always available to the guests, but NOT THIS TIME.  It appears that the advisory committee headed by the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST, MARILYN GOREDETZER prefers to keep us all in the dark - SECRETS, SECRETS, and MORE SECRETS.

Without having a copy of the bylaws in front of me, it was difficult to follow the changes being made and while, I thought changes were being made to the BYLAWS, I discovered at the end of the meeting; changes were, in fact, being made to the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION, NOT THE UCO BYLAWS.   This  was not only a surprise to me but a major shock to many people I know who had no idea that changes were being made to the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION. 

The “ARTICLES” are extremely important because they can be drafted to benefit UCO and not the residents.  They need to be fully explained and discussed before the delegates are allowed to vote on them.  The committee is planning to advertise the final draft in the UCO Reporter one month before the delegates vote on them but reading them without discussion and understanding them fully is not sufficient.



An Italian Auction

Italian Auction - only 44 seconds!

You don't have to understand Italian to follow the auctioneer:

A Chinese Ming Vase is up for auction.

The bidding opens at a half-million Euros. 

Bidding is brisk and each bidder is clearly identified as each raises the bid by 100,000 Euros. (The exchange rate at auction time was 1 Euro = $1.43.) Within seconds, the bid stalls at one million Euros, and the gasp from the crowd identifies the excitement that prevails in the room. 

The successful bidder is the last one who bid one million , and the auctioneer counts down the bid, "Going once, going twice, and sold to the gentleman sitting in front of me for one million Euros."

Now, you are going to have to see the video for yourself.

The auctioneer is exuberant. The pace is fast. 
This is how an auction should be run.
Please note the excitement on the auctioneer's face after the final bid.

Auction - YouTube

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Lucky Miracle

Melanoma and its seriousness.

Here is a story that perhaps can be listed as a miracle. Its a true story and it happened to me.

Usually my wife and I visit a dermatologist every 3-4 months. The last trip got delayed out to 6 months. Then we changed dermatologist and found we had an appointment inside of 3 months. So we went. As is usual the Doctor took some suspicious cuttings from my back and head.

The next thing I know is I am being directed to a Surgeon for a consultation.

I go and after he reads the report he suggests I need surgery. Now.

The time frame on this is that without treatment I could/would be dead in 6 months.

So I was treated in the Good Sam the next day and the Cancer was removed. Now I am cancer free.

The lucky miracle is that if things would of gone their usual way, I would not of seen a Dermatologist for at least 6 months. Even the Doctor said I was Very Lucky.

So the point here is don't put off your Dermatologist visits.


Monday, October 20, 2014

CV Rape report

There has been a Rape charge in one of our buildings. The facts as of now are that the Rapist climbed from the back and accosted the occupant.

At this time there is no arrest and the Rape is being investigated by the Police.


More Lies

The great one is doing it again. He has checked the blogger forums and notes that the 2 oppositional Blogs, this Blog and Esther's blog have been thrown out of Google Blogger. Which means they no longer can blog. Which means no Posts, no Comments and no Readers

Oh Yeh! If you are reading this page, then chalk this up, Israels post, as another lie! Another None Fact and another Misinformation.


It is the usual we get from this Nasty Little man. Lies,  MisDirection and Misleadings!!

The pattern here is obvious and terribly unsettling. The little Nasty Man is looking all us in the eye and lying --again, yes straight out lying.

How can we maintain this man, with no real business experience, to run the business of UCO. A business in excess of $2 Million dollars.He lies right to our face, he makes things up and then has his acolytes swear to it. And now I hear he wants to make any contract that is approved by Israel and the Executive Board inviolate. That is it can't be cancelled or changed by the Delegates. Unbelievable!

This is not good. We are courting disaster with this man. We losing control of our Village to a Despot. Don't let this happen!

Maybe the time is now for a debate. At least at a debate the great one can be asked to prove his assertions. Or be forced to retract them. 

This has happened before, see the published retraction of David Israel.Click here

Recall Him - Term Limit him out at once
 and for all time. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Truth and the LIE

Grace complains and D.Israel complains. And guess what? It is misDirection all over again.

Malcontent Blog

When I try to go to the Malcontent's Blog or myvillageblogger etc Avast, which is my virus protector gives me this message. I think they know something!

This Connection is Untrusted

You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.

Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified.
What Should I Do?

If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue.

1 comment:

David Israel said...
Hi Grace,

Probably, the repugnant nature of the content, name calling and the accusations of non-existent crimes, has triggered violation of use flags, or there may be virus and malware infestation.

Heed the waning, it's not worth the risk. (The Great one failed to use his spell checker!)

Dave Israel

Monday, October 13, 2014

Believe Lanny Howe wrote it!


Lanny Howe wrote on David’s blog that he did not know exactly WHAT one vote per unit meant. 

 Well Lanny, now that you have awoken from your extended snooze, I will explain it to you. 

Once a year the delegates go to the clubhouse to vote for UCO officials, i.e., President, Vice President and Executive board members. The ONE-VOTE  intended change is to allow not only the delegates to vote for UCO officials but for each unit to have a vote;  allowing only ONE VOTE to multiple unit owners.   

You go on to ask, might it extend to vote on certain important issues?  I thank you for opening up this Pandora box. You have just given the residents of the village a tremendous opportunity to debate this important question. I repeat, should RESIDENTS who seldom if ever attend meetings and have little or no knowledge of what’s going on be allowed to decide our future? 

Yes, because 125 DELEGATES voted in the UCO elections never attended any delegate assembly meetings, therefore, every unit owner, whether they have the knowledge or not should also have the right to have a say in all issues of importance and to how UCO spends their money. 

You parallel our forefathers making the decision to have an Electoral College because they questioned whether the average person was sufficiently informed and possessed of good judgment to make a wise choice.   Our forefathers decided on the Electoral College but still gave each citizen the right to vote, and we should do the same. GIVE EACH UNIT OWNER THE RIGHT TO ONE VOTE.  

You suggest that improved communications may perhaps make our unit owners better educated in village affairs, and maybe the blog would be a good forum for hashing it out? Who’s blog, David or Gary’s?  


How can this lack of opposing information give the residents the ability to vote sensibly? It can’t.  Go back to sleep Lanny and wake up in the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY you are way behind the times. 

Moe Berg and the CIA

Here is an interesting story I'll bet you never heard.

Enjoy this amazing ww two story regarding a very amazing and extremely
> intelligent man.
> Here is some history few ever knew.
> When baseball greats Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig went on tour in baseball-crazy
> Japan in 1934, some fans wondered why a third-string catcher named Moe Berg
> was included.
> Although he played with 5 major league teams from 1923 to 1939, he was a
> very mediocre ball player. He was regarded as the brainiest ballplayer of
> all time.
> In fact Casey Stengel once said: That is the strangest man ever to play
> baseball. When all the baseball stars went to Japan,
> Moe Berg went with them. Many people wondered why he went with the team
> along with Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.
> >> The answer was simple: Moe Berg was a United States spy
> >> working undercover with the OSS forerunner to the CIA .
> >> Moe spoke 15 languages - including Japanese -
> >> Moe Berg had two loves: baseball and spying.
> >> In Tokyo, garbed in a kimono, Berg took flowers to the daughter of an 
> >> American diplomat being treated in St. Luke's Hospital - the tallest 
> >> building in the Japanese capital.
> >> He never delivered the flowers. The ball-player ascended to the hospital 
> >> roof and filmed key features: the harbor, military installations, railway 
> >> yards, etc.
> >> Eight years later, General Jimmy Doolittle studied Berg's films in 
> >> planning his spectacular raid on Tokyo..
> >>
> >> Catcher Moe Berg
> >>
> >> Berg's father, Bernard Berg, a pharmacist in Newark, New Jersey, taught 
> >> his son Hebrew and Yiddish. Moe, against his wishes, began playing 
> >> baseball on the street aged four.
> >> His father disapproved and never once watched his son play. In Barringer 
> >> High School, Moe learned Latin, Greek and French. Moe read at least 10 
> >> newspapers every day.
> >> He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton - having added Spanish, 
> >> Italian, German and Sanskrit to his linguistic quiver.
> >> During further studies at the Sorbonne, in Paris, and Columbia Law 
> >> School, he picked up Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Arabic, 
> >> Portuguese and Hungarian - 15 languages in all, >> plus some regional 
> >> dialects.
> >> While playing baseball for Princeton University, Moe Berg would describe 
> >> plays in Latin or Sanskrit.
> >>
> >> Tito's partisans
> >> During World War II, he was parachuted into Yugoslavia to assess the 
> >> value to the war effort of the two groups of partisans there. He 
> >> reported back that Marshall Tito's
> >> forces were widely supported by the people and Winston Churchill ordered 
> >> all-out support for the Yugoslav underground fighter, rather than 
> >> Mihajlovic's Serbians.
> >> The parachute jump at age 41 undoubtedly was a challenge. But there was 
> >> more to come in that same year.
> >> Berg penetrated German-held Norway, met with members of the underground 
> >> and located a secret heavy water plant - part of the Nazis' effort to 
> >> build an atomic bomb.
> >> His information guided the Royal Air Force in a bombing raid to destroy 
> >> the plant.
> >>
> >> The R.A.F. destroys the Norwegian heavy water plant targeted by Moe Berg.
> >> There still remained the question of how far had the Nazis progressed in 
> >> the race to build the first Atomic bomb. If the Nazis were successful, 
> >> they would win the war.
> >> Berg (under the code name "Remus") was sent to Switzerland to hear 
> >> leading German physicist Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel Laureate, lecture and 
> >> determine if the Nazis
> >> were close to building an A-bomb. Moe managed to slip past the SS guards 
> >> at the auditorium, posing as a Swiss graduate student.
> >> The spy carried in his pocket a pistol and a cyanide pill.
> >> If the German indicated the Nazis were close to building a weapon, Berg 
> >> was to shoot him - and then swallow the cyanide pill.
> >> Moe, sitting in the front row, determined that the Germans were nowhere 
> >> near their goal, so he complimented Heisenberg on his speech and walked 
> >> him back to his hotel.
> >>
> >> Werner Heisenberg - he blocked the Nazis from acquiring an atomic bomb.
> >>
> >> Moe Berg's report was distributed to Britain's Prime Minister, Winston 
> >> Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and key figures in the team 
> >> developing the Atomic Bomb.
> >> Roosevelt responded: "Give my regards to the catcher."
> >> Most of Germany’s leading physicists had been Jewish and had fled the 
> >> Nazis mainly to Britain and the United States .
> >> After the war, Moe Berg was awarded the Medal of Freedom, America’s 
> >> highest honor for a civilian in wartime.
> >> Berg refused to accept, as he couldn't tell people about his exploits.
> >> After his death, his sister accepted the Medal and it hangs in the 
> >> Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
> >>
> >> March 2,1902-----May 29, 1972
> >> Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest award to be awarded to 
> >> civilians during wartime)
> >> Moe Berg’s baseball card is the only card on display at the CIA 
> >> Headquarters in Washington DC.