Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wi-Fi, Dave Israel and the Rights of Man!

So, Dave Israel is at it again. He wants Broadband, read Village wide WiFI, no matter who he has to run over in the process.

What is the matter with Guy? Does not the opinions of the Residents count?  Does he expect, no matter what, he is entitled to get his own way? I don't think so.

In the first place the majority of the Village that wants Wi-Fi has it at a reasonable cost, and at a reasonable speed.

So what is his problem Does he think the Presidency gives him the right to have whatever he wants?

I think it is time for Him, the UCO President, to listen to the opinion of the Residents. To listen to the Voice of the Delegates.

If he refuses again, then maybe out he goes!

Oh Lord, We need some help. We need Term Limits.

Deju Vue again and over again

Some info from Myron Solomon

Around 7 years ago when UCO was negotiating a contract with Comcast George Lowenstein was President of UCO. He asked me to go on the Cable committee.Dave Israel was the Chairman of the Committee. The reason he asked me to serve was that he knew I was good at negotiating and that he didn't feel comfortable  with Dave Israel and Ed Black negotiating without me.

When I went to a meeting I was told there were 2 companies that wanted to negotiate for us with Comcast and that their fee was 25% on what they saved us. I wouldn't believe my ears and I told Dave Israel I would like to talk to the 2 companies  about reducing that fee.

He told me "it was written in stone" and that they would not change it. I told him that still would like to talk to them, that when I was in business I always negotiated with the factories, Unions, and people and that there was always room when it came to money. Only one of the companies was there, so I went into a corner and started talking. He came down to 22 1/2 %. I told him no good. The next day George Lowenstein got a call from the other Company, which was CSI and they offered him a deal at 20%. George made an appointment with CSI for a little more talking. He asked me to attend a meeting with himself, Dorothy Tetro, me and CSI. After a couple of hours, I finally got them down to 15%. The stone had crumbled. I wanted a separate deal on the doorway fee but was out voted. I didn't see any savings on the monthly fee either. They took the deal over my objections and it cost UCO around $300,000.

UCO hired a lawyer to check out the contract with Comcast. The lawyer told UCO he would have done the whole deal for $50,000.

We paid CSI $330,000 approx. and we saved nothing on the contract.

So what is it going to cost this time around?

Now I see on the UCO Reporter he wants CSI to negotiate for Broadband for the Village, which we don't want or need.

I offered to pay for a lie detector test regarding the Paving contract so that all questions could finally be answered by David Israel, Ed Black and Roger Carver. I'll include the Cable contract they did with CSI.

Waiting for an answer, Didn't get one yet.

Myron Solomon

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Donald J. Trump manipulator par excellence!

Let's talk about the Presidential Elections. Specifically the situation with Mr. Trumph.

1. Here is what I know about him. He promises Millions to charity, but the records show, so far, he has donated $10,000 over the last 7 years. Pretty meager for a billionaire!

2. He has taken on the mantle as the greatest manipulator. No challenges there.

3. He is a liar, in that if you attack him, he will make up a big lie about you, and attack you back. Schoolyard bully style

4. He refuses to show his tax returns. So we cannot see how big or small his fortune is. He is a coward.

5. He wants to build a wall between us and Mexico and he says he wants Mexico to pay for it, Just how exactly does he plan to do that? We don't know and neither does he.

6. He wants to renegotiate all of the business plans we have put into effect since the beginning of time. That is business plans with our allies Who is going to go in for that? Unless the deals he is going to offer are going to be greater to their advantage to our allies. And therefore less in advantage to us.

You know what that reminds me of? During the Vietnam war, Johnson said and believed, that there was nobody that he couldn't make a deal with. So he was amazed and incredulous that no matter what he offered the North Vietnamese they wouldn't go fo it, He just could not make a deal with Ho Chin Minh!

I am afraid the great awakening will come for Donald Trump if we put him into a position where he can make or try to make a deal with the world.

We would be insane to do so. He, if for some reason we did, would fail and fail abysmally! And the cost would be on us!

Oh, woe is us!!!

Running a business and meeting a Payroll!!

It seems strange, no, odd, that the predominance of the opinions in the David Israel faction is that we must feel sorry for those big business types that know they must invest in their own business, but wants us, the user, to invest more. The people who are promoting this insanity never had to make a payroll or negotiate a loan for their business.

Basically, what is happening here is that the new guy on the street wants to buy in so he can become a player. But he wants us, Century Village, to help him by paying for the effort. At least for stringing it over what he hopes is enough time to be sure to recoup this apparent investment. And not allowing any competition in to ruin his business plan.

We would be stupid and blind to buy into this! What is to our advantage?  Will we own the cable? Will we own a portion of the cable No, No, NO!! Do they want us as a partner in this? Do they want UCO as a partner in this? No, No, NO!!

Which of the experienced types here in the Village are leading the charge? Are they respected Business people? Are they knowledgeable business people? Have they ever run a business No, No,NO!!

So what is their claim to fame? What does Lanny Howe actually know about running a business or making a business investment? Or for that matter, what does Dave Israel know? He was a spy. Successful? We don't even know that.

I am sure we have talent here in this Village, but the people in charge will not use it. They might be members of the opposition. They might have a different slant on this.

My Slant is that if these people want a partner, it is not us. If they want an infusion of money, see the bank, It is not Century Village.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What is going on here?

Deja Vue all over again

At the negotiation for the last Comcast Contract. Your friend and mine, Dave Israel, had worked out a deal with CSI to have them go over our dealings with Comcast and see if they could save us any money. The Vice Presidents at that time agreed to try instead of CSI  except that Israel said the deal was impossible to change. "It was set in stone." The VP tried anyway. They ended up savings us about 10% of the charge, which at that time went from 25% of the savings to 15% of the savings. So that was a lot of money, then and now, since we are talking in the $100,000 range

So. now we are at the same spot with negotiating about the Cable contract. Now the price is going up. So, I have some questions. First, why do we need CSI? We have a bid committee. We have a operations committee, and if called for, we have plenty of knowledgeable help.  So if Israel feels that this is over his head then why not asked for the help in the Village?

Why throw all this money away?

It further seems to me that Israel started with NO business experience and has learned none since. It seems that the Rotund writer to Israels Newspaper has found all the help he needed right here is CV.  So why can't we?

And what about the 10-year length of this contract. The successful bidder is unhappy that they might have to pay for the investment to put the wires into our Village. This investment, on their part, will result in years of profit. So why do we have to pay for it? This is another example of the lack of business acumen by the Great One.

It's Coming!!

The Blue-Green algae that is bad for us is coming. It is in the treasure Coast and it is beginning to alarm the residents and the State is looking into it. So as it moves South it will arrive here.

So what is being done by our Administrators? Exactly what is WPRF and Israel doing about this? Are they aware of the threat to our health?

The least they could do is post signs about No Fishing. But that will not be enough. So what are the brilliant administrators doing before it is too late?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Liberated Cave Dwellers

Let's make America great, Again. Let's make Century Village Great again. Let's move out of the cave.

But wait, some of us are not in a cave. Some of us are forward thinking. Some of us already have self-installed Wi-Fi. Many of the Associations have fine functioning Wi-Fi. Why there is even a functioning Wi-Fi node in the Club House. All done without the aid and interference of UCO.

So what are the complainers talking about? What more do they want? To get more than adequate Wi-Fi just install a building modem and a little wiring and it is done.

So what is it that the liberated cave dwellers want?

What is it that the main pusher wants from the Associations? Perhaps he wants to leave a David Israel Memorial Wi-Fi to his Villagers? Perhaps he wants to leave a legacy of his tenure to CV. And his little followers all follow in a line like baby ducks following their mother.

What a waste! Oh Lord. we need Term Limits badly!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Broadband again and again and again.

The argument for CV wide Broadband is nice and compelling, except for this line in the sales pitch "education and online classes, remote work and telecommuting, video conferencing, home-based businesses, new business startups, and more."

Century Village is a retirement community, we are a group of retired seniors, not part of the working community. Israel wants to make us into what we are not. We are not a community of aggressive  businessmen, hell bent on growing our fortunes. Hell bent on growing our businesses as we head for retirement, we are retired.

The only people that are cheering this effort are the real estate people and the misguided few working for Israel. Generally speaking, people move here with the object to live here and then die here, so why do we need to increase our property values with, perhaps, the addition of very high-speed broadband and its exorbitant costs. Each Association has the right and the ability to install their own Broadband, which many have already done.

The idea that we are not in the 21st century because we don't have what I call "Israel's Broadband" is ridiculous. We are not in a cave. We are not even behind the times. We are exactly where we want to be. We are where we should be!

This article is being written using the Broadband supplied by my Association. It is fine and adequate. It is all I need and I know that in this 42 unit building I may be the only major user of our broadband.

Jeff Daniels

Listen to Jeff Daniels for a bit.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gun Control?

This maybe the best 7 minutes on Gun Control you have ever seen.

missing person

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


June 21, 2016

For Immediate Release
Contact:      PBSO Dispatch 688-3400

Media Advisory

PBSO is Seeking the Public’s Assistance with Locating a 
Missing/Endangered Adult
The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Jeanette Gennino.  Jeanette, DOB: 5/25/1925, walked away from her residence of 287 Chatham N, WPB, yesterday (6/20/16) at 4:00 pm, and has not been seen or heard from since.

Jeanette is 5’01”, 110 lbs., has brown hair and brown eyes.  Her clothing description is unknown.
Jeanette suffers from dementia.  She requires oxygen and uses a walker to get around.  She DOES NOT have her oxygen with her.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office detectives consider Jeanette Gennino to be a Missing Endangered Adult.

If anyone should come into contact with Jeanette Gennino they are urged to contact PBSO Dispatch at 688-3400 or the nearest law enforcement agency.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gun Control revisited

This is almost impossible to believe, except that we have seen this before. It still does not make sense.

We want the Gun Laws in this country to be changed to stop those that have mental defects, that is suspected to have terrorist leanings,  or is associated with terrorists, or is actually a terrorist.

I don't understand how anybody can refuse to vote on this or even to refuse to consider it.

I think all of you who agree that we need to tighten up our terrorist laws should let their voices be heard. You can reach our Representative by googling Patrick Murphy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Joseph Goebbels recommended

Joseph Goebbels recommended to Adolph Hitler the deportation of all German Jews.

Donald Trump is recommending the deportation of Muslims from the United States


Let your conscience be your guide.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

There is no Gun Control.

It doesn't make sense. Why do we, as citizens, need an AR-15, or 16 or even a 17? Why do we need automatic or semi-automatic weapons: These weapons are designed and built for the killing of people, a lot of people. So, why do we need them? The NRA says we need them to protect ourselves, protect from whom? From what? The NRA says the 2nd amendment says that we are allowed a well-regulated militia. Was the shooter in Orlando using his AR-15 part of a well -regulated militia? What is so regulated about letting most Citizens obtain a semi-automatic?

And. I do not think that there is a reason for anybody to have or own a semi-automatic of a fully-automatic firearm.

I think the Gun Lobby, the NRA, is paranoid over losing their freedoms and so they fight to keep the ability to buy a semi-automatic gun. Does that make any sense? NO!!

It is ridiculous!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gun Control - at last - maybe

So, now we have a appeals court judge and others agreeing with me on Gun Control.

A federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled that the Second Amendment did not guarantee the right to carry concealed weapons. The decision was sharply criticized by the National Rifle Association. But it is in keeping with decisions in other courts, which some analysts say minimizes the likelihood of a Supreme Court review. “This is a huge decision,” an expert in constitutional law said. “This is a major victory for gun control advocates.”

Broadband again

I like it, Dave! I watched the Atlantic Cable presentation and I am happy to say that this is the best offer I have seen so far. Not that I know a lot about the Broadband business.

I love the pricing, I like the products they offered and I like their attitude.

However, I wonder if they can do all of this as they say? Remember they are offering a Broad Band package that has not even gotten to West Palm Beach yet. Can they bring it to us at the price they say? Will their offer of free service continue to be met over the 10 years contract?

They are offering us a plan they is terrific. When they give us a choice as to the taking or not, of the internet package. It removes many of the objections that those people that do not have a computer have.

On the other hand, perhaps this is a deal that is for us and us only. It is a way for Atlantic Broadband (BB) to make a statement to the BB community and becomes a very good deal for us.

If they can do everything they say!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


A Question for My Readers “What Is Inappropriate?”
Stew Richland
Words are expressions of ideas, humor, and observations about the world we live in. For many years the Ringling Barnum and Bailey circus would perform at Madison Square Garden.  On of the perks of this event that rarely got any publicity was the fact that the circus made available to New York City farmers, free manure that was scooped up by their handlers.  The circus would provide the product, eager city farmers would provide the shovels and plastic bags to carry away their prizes.  For those who do not possess a “green thumb,” animals that do not eat meat provide a rich sources of plant nutrients especially for organic vegetable gardeners.   This annual event was covered by the Daily News and Post, and on one occasion, my father and I were interviewed and had our picture taken for posterity.
My motive for writing this article was two fold. Circus officials announced that they would no longer use Elephants in their show and that they would be retired to farms in Florida. I was saddened by this decisions because I remember how children responded to their performances.  Elephants have always played a special role at the Circus, the Zoo, literature and in the movies.  “Dumbo” is an American animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions and premiered on October 23, 1941.  This film became a classic and was seen by millions of children around the world.  My other motive for writing the article was that I shared this experience with my father.  Since Father’s Day was coming up, I wanted to share this experience with our Century Village fathers.
I submitted the article and waited to see it published in the June edition of the Reporter. It was not. I asked the editor, Joy Vestal, why it was not printed and she replied, “ The editorial staff felt it was inappropriate.”  The dictionary defines inappropriate as: “unsuitable, esp. for the particular time, place, or situation.  The Urban Dictionary defines the word appropriate as: ” The word people use when you've done something that isn't technically "bad" or "wrong" but they still don't like it anyway and expect you to conform to their personal tastes.
My issue with this decision is quite simple, based on the definitions of inappropriate. provide me with  a reason(s) why my article was deemed “inappropriate”  compared to recently published articles entitled, “Norton Museum prepares for renovation,”  “June Brides,” “When Dad Took Us Tent Camping,”  “Changing Attitudes Towards Sports,”  trips to the sugar fields, or “Every Runner Needs a Watch.”  Since the Reporter is always asking residents to contribute to our Village publication, I feel that I deserve some clarification as to their decision on this issue.
Below is the article that was deemed inappropriate. Please comment if you think this article is inappropriate and should not have been published. I have a thick skin so please be fair, balanced and unafraid.
Reply on the blog that the article is posted on or on

The End of an Era
Stew Richland
On May 1, the Ringling Brothers Elephant show will end. The Elephants will be retired to a farm in south Florida, and will be closed to the public. The Elephant show  was always billed as the main attraction.  Millions of children had viewed the trained giants doing their walk-abouts in the center of the main ring.  Children screamed with excitement when the Elephants reached with their long noses and curled it around the Elephants tail  in front of them. 
How many millions of families in small town America, were drawn to Main street to see the parade of animals being led down the center of town  to the beat  of the Circus band.  Children were awed by these 18 foot giants, being led by their handlers and sitting on a seats nestled behind huge flapping ears were beautifully costumed trapeze artists or bare back riders waving to the crowds. What a sight it must have been for all those people living in isolated rural sections of our country.
For those who did not live in or near a city that had a zoo, were deprived of the opportunity to see live what they only read about,  or found in  coloring books.  When Disney produced DUMBO in 1941 about a baby elephant made fun of  because of his enormous ears, a young circus elephant is assisted by a mouse to achieve his full potential. The Jungle Book, 1947,  is a story about a boy Mogli who flees into the Jungle to escape the wrath of a tiger, and is protected by his friends the elephants. Tarzan, the King of Jungle also brought elephants into the lives of so many children, when they went to the movies on Saturday with all their friends while their parents took a breather from having them underfoot.
The Circus has been under attack by the animal rights groups and  several animal rights groups repeatedly criticized, picketed and sued the Ringling Bros. for its treatment of the animals. In 2011, the circus was fined $270,000 by the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Under this kind of pressure, Ringling Bros. made the decision to retire these wonderful animals and let them live out their lives in retirement in sunny Florida.
In this photo a blind child in Chicago sits on the back of an kneeling Elephant from the Ringling Bros. Circus in 1917.  Can you just imagine the thrill this was for the child?

Just look at the faces of the children and their parents when this Elephant reaches its snout and begins to explore the little ones in the audience.
I am sure that we all have our elephant stories and I would like to share two of mine with you.  It was on a cold winter day that I went with my father to the Brooklyn Zoo. I wore woolen gloves to keep my hands warm.  I remember standing by the  guard rail of the Elephant enclosure with some peanuts in my outstretched hand hoping to entice an elephant to take the offering.  Quickly I was rewarded.  Reaching out for the peanuts the Elephant deftly took my offering and with the slight of nose as graceful as any pickpocket, he snatched the glove right off my hand and sauntered away with his prize.
When ever the Circus would come to town, they would advertise in the local papers that on certain days, gardeners were welcome to take the days manure collection produced by the circus animals.   They also provided large plastic bags with the circus logo for all the amateur gardeners.  My father and I never missed this opportunity to acquire this great source of food for out vegetable gardens.  My father and I would arrive early, so we could load up on this “Brown Gold.”  We had shovels and extra heavy duty garden bags if the circus did not supply their own bags.  I can remember shoveling rapidly from the waste bins into the bag that my father held, filling it up and then he would rush back to the car to deposit this great gift into the trunk of the car. On one occasion, people who were new at this game and were not equipped with shovels, actually begged me to shovel the manure into the bags they carried. I did, and with such gusto that I not only filled up their bags but also covered their clothes with the prize they were so anxious to take home.  Every time I dumped a shovel full on their shoes or pants, I said I was sorry, they replied, “that’s OK just keep on shoveling. Every manure hunter always knew when he scoped a prized specimen from an Elephant because the lump was just slightly smaller than a football.  Some where in my file of family photos I have a picture of my father with a bag of manure being interviewed by a Daily News reporter.  I know many of my readers have fond memories of doing something with their fathers, but I wonder how many of you have that special memory of shoveling sh.t into a bag being held by your father.
An Elephant Poem
Little birdie in the sky.
Please don’t  do do in my eye?

Boy am I glad Elephants don’t fly!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Bits and Piece 6/6/2016

So, look at what is happening in the world of UCO. First, off the great one sees enemies in all places. Ed Grossman throws a party to celebrate the Vets and David Israel sees it as a political thing and immediately reacts. He reacts by barring any dissemination of the info on Channel 63. This was a party to celebrate our Vets, what is wrong with that? What is political about that? Paranoia blooms again.

Now, more, Stew Richland writes a nice article about the retiring of Circus Elephants and a little nostalgia about his father and the Circus and the great editors at the Rag say the article was inappropriate. What? What is not appropriate is Joy Vestal finding political animosity in every thing we do and perhaps our friends do. She sees enemies in all places. Well, maybe she is right. Paranoia blooms again.

Republicans want the Presidency, no matter the cost. Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee is a threatening and a get even guy. He is already letting everybody know who he is after,  who he intends to punish. The list is long and getting longer. It includes most of the reporters, a Federal Judge, Hillary Clinton, etc.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


At a recent Delegate Assembly meeting   UCO Treasurer Howard O’Brien said TD Bank was eliminating their coin counting machines.  UCO would now have to pay Publix 9% to have their coins counted.  

As president of my association, I was faced with the same problem when Bank Atlantic first eliminated their counting machine. I approached the bank and asked them to   donate the machine to my association.  Since I only represented one association, I was turned down, but I think it might be a good idea if UCO, and WPRF got together and asked TD bank to donate a machine.  Associations and residents would benefit.  If TD bank rents the machines from another company, they could ask them to request the donation on our behalf. In this way, UCO and associations would continue to use TD bank for our laundry deposits. Such a move would benefit both parties.

It doesn’t cost to ask.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Second Amendment. NRA, Common Sense

Here is a quote of the 2nd amendment. Lets us remember the founding fathers did not include this in the Constitution. The 2nd amendment was passed in 1791. So where does the NRA get off saying this amendment was passed for the good of all the people and is part of the Constitution. It is not!

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

What we need in this Country is a clear Law specifying what the 2nd amendment is about and what it is not.

And going a little further read this and tell me what you think:   

After reciting the original provisions of the Constitution dealing with the militia, the Court observed that “[w]ith obvious purpose to assure the continuation and render possible the effectiveness of such forces the declaration and guarantee of the Second Amendment were made. It must be interpreted with that end in view.”5 The significance of the militia, the Court continued, was that it was composed of “civilians primarily, soldiers on occasion.” It was upon this force that the States could rely for defense and securing of the laws, on a force that “comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense,” who, “when called for service . . . were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.”6 Therefore, “[i]n the absence of any evidence tending to show that possession or use of a ‘shotgun having a barrel of less than 18 inches in length’ at this time has some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well– regulated militia, we cannot say that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear such an instrument. Certainly it is not within judicial notice that this weapon is any part of the ordinary military equipment or that its use could contribute to the common defense.7

We now have women on the battle fields as combatives, we now have guns in a majority of the homes in the USA and we have the NRA looking after all this. So what is the problem? Is it right that the NRA is the Policemen of our rights to Guns? No sirree!

What we need is less NRA and more common sense.