Thursday, April 30, 2015



There is a rumor the Medical Building in Century Village is going to close. Some patients were told to use the Wellington Facility in the future.  
If anyone has any information about this rumor, please contact the Messenger Newspaper @ 561-452-6395 or 631-742-1300.

We need your help to find out if this is true, if not we need to put this rumor to rest.

Term Limits Cartoon

Thanks to Neil for this Cartoon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Open letter to the Sheriff

The following are letters put together by the Managing Editor of the CVMessenger. Please note Mr. Grossman has written to the Sheriff and to the CEO of our Security Company.

Phone:  631-742-1300

                                                                                                April 27, 2015
By Hand
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw
3228 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, FL  33406

Dear Sheriff Bradshaw:

Enclosed are the following:

·       A copy of the letter dated April 19, 2015 which was addressed to you and copied to Captain W. Buckner.  Unfortunately it was never forwarded to your office.
·       Copies of the last three (3) issues of the CV Messenger Newspaper, which is issued by the Justice for Residents, Inc.  I am the publisher and chief editor of this newspaper, as well as the president of the Century Village Messenger Club.
·       Enclosed also is a disc for your perusal which contains the portion of the last delegate assembly in which David Israel prohibited speech and instructed the guards to call your office (one of many instances of his threats).
·       A copy of Dan Gladstone’s letter to you dated July, 2014.
·       A copy of the letter sent to the current security company which carried on undisclosed recordings and videos of the residents.

I would like to reiterate our invitation for you to speak at a Century Village Messenger Club meeting to outline your officers’ function and answer other questions of concern to many unit holders in the Village.  Please be advised that our last Messenger Club meeting had over 200 concerned unit holders which was addressed by Jess Santamaria, former Palm Beach County Commissioner and John Carey, Inspector General of Palm Beach County.

I am looking forward to a positive reply from you.

                                                                                    Very truly yours.

                                                                                    Edward R. Grossman

The Century Village Messenger Club.
#102 wellington, A.
West Palm Beach. Florida


Mr. Gil Neuman
CEO. Kent Security.
14600 Biscayne blvd.
North Miami. Florida 3181
Dear Mr Neuman.
Recently a situation arose in Century Village, West Palm Beach Florida . That raised concern among residents regarding actions and procedures in which your company bears a great deal of responsibility.
The first issue is the implementation of surveillance cameras and audio recording devices recently installed at the entrances to the clubhouses.
Residents were unaware that they were being recorded as there were no signs posted or notification offered by the security officers stationed at the front desk. This situation apparently continued for a couple of weeks until a resident questioned one of your guards and objected to being recorded without notification or disclosure. The guard informed him that it was nothing to do with him and that concerns should be raised with the administration of the village. He also informed the concerned resident that a volunteer from UCO ( The United Civic Organization ) had given him orders and instructions regarding recording. The resident brought the matter to the attention of Eva Rachevsky, the operating officer for WPRF, who own the clubhouse, she denied any responsibility, subsequently signs were hastily placed at the front desks informing residents that recording was taking place.
Subsequently, the same volunteer who instructed the guards, Mr Ed Black, threatened the guard with dismissal for speaking to residents.
The Messenger Club wanted to write an article to publish in our newspaper and asked the guard if we could take his picture to accompany the article. He objected to having his picture taken and refused our request .We then asked him why he would object to The Messenger Club publishing his picture while his picture is prominently displayed in the latest issue of The UCO Reporter ( The official village newspaper). He replied that he objected to the UCO Reporter using his picture but was informed that he was “just an employee “ and had no say in the matter.
We (The Century Village Messenger Club) would like to find out just who is in charge when it comes to procedure and protocol with Kent Security?
I am sure that your organization is aware that covert surveillance and recording without proper notification is a felony, we have to wonder why your employees would engage in this activity without direction from their supervisors.
Are your employees trained in proper procedure? Are they aware video surveillance without notification is against the law? Did your company agree to it ? Are the guards instructed to follow orders, and take instructions from volunteers or other people from the UCO administration ? Can UCO actually fire a Kent Employee ? In short : who is in charge ?
A resident walking a dog around one of the pool areas was confronted by a guard who complained that she was walking too fast for him to keep pace with her, another resident was asked to move closer to the guard as he couldn't see her ID as his eyes were not so good. This raises the question of whether the guards physical condition is up to the job.
Residents of Century Village or members of the executive board giving your employees instructions in a variety of situations poses the question of liability if they are instructed to break the law.
Follow the link on the bottom Of this letter to view a video that demonstrates our concerns.
In this video clip the President is shouting at a meeting, demanding that “Al” whom I believe to be one of your employees to call 911. In fact the President was totally out of order in calling for police. He had no authority to do so unless he obtained an agreement from the assembly (which he did not ) There was no crime or threatening behavior occurring, He was trying to use the guard to intimidate the speaker, a behavior in which he regularly engages.
Could you please clarify Kent Security's function in Century Village and your position on these concerns ?.
We, at the Messenger Club would be more than happy to meet representatives of Kent security to discuss these issues. We would also invite you or a senior member of your staff to attend one of our meetings to meet concerned residents and answer these and other questions they may have.
We understand that your position depends on keeping a good relationship with UCO, but transgressions committed by their staff could be the cause of litigation if civil rights are not upheld.
I am attaching a copy of the CV Messenger detailing concerns and events regarding the conduct of Kent Security in Century Village. We intend to publish this document and distribute it to residents. We would be happy to publish your position and your replies to our questions in this publication.
Follow this link for a short video.
Please  see the attached documents

CV Messenger newspaper Edition #7

The Century Village Messenger Club Newsletter

Edition # 7 April 2015

Dear Friends
Here is the latest edition of The CV Messenger. Please scroll down to view 14 pages of informative and interesting topics  


This email was sent to by |  

The Century Village Messenger Club
| Century Village | West Palm Beach | FL | 33417

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Puzzle of 2 doors

You’re in a dungeon with two doors. One leads to escape, the other to execution. There are only two other people in the room, one of whom always tells the truth, while the other always lies. You don’t know which is which, but they know that the other always lies or tells the truth. You can ask one of them one question, but, of course, you don’t know whether you’ll be speaking to the truth-teller or the liar. So what single question can you ask one of them that will enable you to figure out which door is which and make your escape?

I have an answer, maybe its right, maybe not. I will post it here another day. I tried it on my wife and it led to arguments and yelling. I lost.

Give up? You ask either of them: “If I asked the other person which door is the one to escape, which would he point to?” Then you take the other door.

Thanks to all who tested wits with puzzle. The answer to the  puzzle about the dungeon is to ask either man: If I asked the other person which is the door to escape, which would he say. Then you take the other door. 

Common Sense

Mr Bob Rivera who is a staff member on The UCO Reporter.  has been constantly claiming on his blog that I am engaged in some kind of commercial venture with YOUTUBE. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Here's a screen shot of the demographics page from my you tube account. You will notice that the right hand column shows the revenue I have gained in this "commercial"  venture for the lifetime of the account.

The revenue side shows  ZERO !  There is no basis for his claim that I used equipment for personal gain, or intended to do so..The latest falsehood he is perpetrating is that I lost some equipment borrowed from WPRF. I can assure you I did not, and request him to provide  proof or at least reveal the source of this erroneous contention. 

  There are other falsehoods he has published in a campaign to discredit me.

I posted videos from the Actors Studio so that members could see their performances and share them with their friends. I also posted Videos showing the deplorable condition of the Lake here in CV and the poor workmanship in the roads .I  posted videos of The Messenger Club meetings.I did this on my own time and mostly with my own equipment .  This is the truth of the matter and I would think that Mr Rivera in the sense of fair play and honesty would print a retraction and an apology for  publishing lies without checking the facts, as any member of the media who  is bound by the conventions of decent publishing would do. Failing to retract this allegation throws everything published by Mr Rivera into   doubt as to his  veracity, and reflects badly on the UCO Reporter for not objecting to this activity while claiming to be a member of their staff.  

Continuing to publish  lies about another  in the face of the facts  is considered to be defamation.

In Florida, the prima facie elements for a defamation case that must be proved by the plaintiff are:
  • a false and defamatory statement concerning another;
  • an unprivileged publication to a third party;
  • fault amounting at least to negligence on the part of the publisher;
  • either actionability of the statement irrespective of special harm or the existence of special harm caused by the publication.
 I would be satisfied with a public  apology, a published  retraction and a statement assuring me that he will refrain from publishing defamatory and unfounded statements about me  in the future. 

Neil J. Moore

( The UCO Reporter and Rivera are well known for exaggeration, misspeaking, and outright lying. Editor)

Injustice from the Justice

According to Justice Scalia, it is perfectly justifiable  to use MORAL DISAPPROVAL as a valid reason to interpret the constitution. He uses this reasoning to deny gays the same marriage rights as heterosexuals.  Justice Scalia is a devout Catholic, and has a PERSONAL moral right to frown upon gay marriage. However, he was also sworn to uphold the constitution, the separation of church and state and rights of all citizens. Morality, like the law is open to interpretation. What may be morally offensive to one religion may be a slap on the wrist in the Catholic Church - such as turning a blind eye to pedophile priests who abuse young boys?  In Scalia’s eyes, it appears to be suitable for a priest to take advantage of children, while it is not for two adult same-sex couples to marry with equal rights as heterosexuals.    Justice Scalia’s logic of MORAL DISAPPROVAL to deny gays the same rights as heterosexuals is a poor excuse for him to be discriminate against gays. He would better serve the public if he used his MORAL DISAPPROVAL to be discriminate against pedophiles.  Instead, he swears allegiance to the Catholic Church the very institution that throws pedophiles into the arms of children. In Scalia’s eyes, it is acceptable for the Catholic Church to hide behind the mask of MORAL DISAPPROVAL but not homosexuals.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Lost Cockatiel

The old Days redux

I can remember both my grandparents on both sides. Judy also. She will tell you about having a cup of tea with her Grandfather and watching him sweeten it with a sugar cube between the teeth.


I actually remember my Bubbie with the sugar cube between her teeth, and, of course, eating schmaltz on bread. I can only send this to very few people, as most would not have a clue of what they have missed out.

I'm taking it upon myself to help out all you frantic housewives out there with wonderful menus that will lead your children to a healthy, happy, and loving family unit, as I remember some of from in my childhood.

First, buy a housecoat (schmata) and wear it all day, every day. Then go out and buy a live chicken, carry it wrapped in a newspaper to the shoochet (slaughterer) who will ritually slaughter it before your very eyes. When you get it home, flick (pluck) your chicken and make sure you don't leave in any pinches (feather ends).

Next, go out and buy a four-foot-long carp with huge whiskers. Fill your bathtub with water and let the fish swim in it for several days.
In the meantime, roll up your Berber broadloom, and remove it from the living room, polish the hardwood floors, cover them in newspaper, cover your couch in clear plastic, or floral slip covers, and don't let anyone into your living room again ..unless they are "company."

Now you're a real balabusta which is a term of respect used for an efficient Jewish housewife and the essence of your universe is in the kitchen. So get out your wooden matches, light the pilot light, get out the volgar holtz (wooden bowl), hock thetzibbeles (chop the onions) and knubble (garlic), and we're Jewish again.

Before we start, however, there are some variations in ingredients because of the various types of Jewish taste (Litvack and Gallitziana).
Just as we Jews have six seasons of the year (winter, spring, summer, fall, slack, and busy), we all focus on a main ingredient which, unfortunately and undeservedly, has disappeared from our diet. I'm talking, of course, about SCHMALTZ (chicken fat)! Schmaltz has for centuries been the prime ingredient in almost every Jewish dish.
Let's start, of course, with the forshpeiz (appetizer).. Gehockteh layber (chopped liver) with schmaltz and tzibbeles (onion) is always good, but how about something more exotic for your dear ones, like boiled whitefish in yoyech (gel). Or gefilteh miltz (stuffed spleen), in which the veins are removed, thank God, and it's fried in -- you guessed it-- schmaltz, bread crumbs, eggs, onions, salt and pepper.

Love it!

Am I making your mouth water yet? Then there are greebenes, which are pieces of chicken skin, deep-fried in schmaltz,onions and salt until crispy brown -- often referred to as Jewish bacon (this makes a great appetizer for the next cardiology convention).

Another favorite, and I'm sure your children will love it, is pe'tcha (jellied calves feet). Simply chop up some cows' feet with your hockmesser (chopper), add some meat, onions, lots of garlic, schmaltz (yes, again), salt and pepper,cook for five hours, and let it sit overnight.

There's also a nice chicken fricassee (stew) using the heart, gorgl (neck), pipick (the navel, a great delicacy, given to the favorite child, usually me), a fleegl (wing) or two, some ayelech (little premature eggs) and other various chicken innards, in a broth of schmaltz, water, paprika, etc. We also have knishes (filled dough) and the eternal question: "Will I have liver, beef, potatoes, or all three?

Other time-tested favorites are kishkeh, and its poor cousin, helzel (chicken or goose neck). Kishkeh is the gut of the cow, bought by the foot at the kosher butcher. It's turned inside out, scalded and scraped. One end is sewn up and a mixture of flour, schmaltz (you didn't think we'd leave that out), onions, eggs, salt, pepper, etc., is spooned into the open end and squished down until it is full. Then that end is sewn, and the whole thing is boiled. Yummy!

My personal all-time favorite pastime is watching my Bubbie (Grandma) munch on boiled chicken feet. Try that on the kinderlach. (children).
Well, we've finally finished the forshpeiz.

Don't tell me you're full because there's plenty to come.
For our next course, we always had chicken soup with pieces of yellow-white, rubbery, chicken skin floating in a greasy sea of lokshen (noodles), farfel (broken bits of matzah), arbiss (chickpeas), lima beans, pietrishkeh, onions, mondlech (soup nuts), knaydlach (dumplings), kasha, (groats) kliskelech and marech (marrow bones). [she forgot to mention unborn egg yolks - or what, in my family, we called 'eggies'..they were delicious! M.M.]

The main course, as I recall, was either boiled chicken, flanken, kackletten (hockfleish--chopped meat), and sometimes rib steaks which were served either well done, burned, or cremated. Occasionally, we had barbecued liver done to a burned and hardened perfection in our own coal furnace.

Since we couldn't have milk or any dairy products (milchiks) with our meat meals (flayshiks), beverages consisted of cheap pop (Kik, Dominion Dry, seltzer in the spritz bottles), or a glezel tay (glass of hot tea) served in a yohrtzeit (memorial) glass, and sucked through a sugar cube held between the incisors.
Desserts were probably the only things not made with schmaltz, so we never had any.....unless it was flummen (cooked prunes). Mama never learned how to make schmaltz Jell-O.

Well, now you know the secret of how I've grown up to be so tall, sinewy, slim and trim, energetic, extremely clever and modest, and if you want your children to grow up to be like me, you're gontze meshuggah (completely nuts)!
Oh yes, don't forget the loud greps (belch) - the louder the better -- at the end of the meal as you unbutton or unzip your pants. It's often the best part of the repast
Zei mir gezunt (be well)...and when in doubt, order out Chinese!!

Censorship on the other side.

So Sadie is hurt that the Powers at the UCO Reporter have the nerve, the audacity, to Censor him.

So what is new about that?

We, the Malcontents have been living with a free Censorship for a while now. We have been censored by Ed Black and David Israel. We have been censored on channel 63. We cannot post there. We have been Censored from the UCO Reporter. No posting there either.

So why does Bob Rivera feel so outraged. He knows or at least should know that once it starts it spreads and many times can not be stopped. Censorship effects all of us.

So here we are. Now the Gander is yelling unfair!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Election Results still hidden!

So the little man in the big office has lied to us again. The election results that he hid in the cloud and now gave us the link. It don't work

Guess what?

It won't download. We are back to square 1

You try it. Here is the link

So what now ?

The UCO Reporter and Financials

There are 2 articles in the current UCO Reporter by the Treasurer that says the financial health of the UCO Reporter and UCO itself are in great shape. So...

The last report we had was that the UCO Reporter was having financial distress. That the advertising revenues were not covering the actual costs.

Now we see that the UCO Treasurer says, not true. We are making money hand over fist and all is well.

So how come the DA was asked to forgive a large portion of a loan we gave them last year. If things are going so swimmingly why not pay your debts?

Obituary - Arthur Velcoff

This Blog offers it condolences to Lenore Velcoff for the passing of her Husband Arthur. Lenore is a long time President of the Wellington Association.

Her unhappiness is our unhappiness.


I knew it!

Declassified Report Shows Doubts About Value of N.S.A.’s Warrantless Spying

The Little man in the Big office was once a member of this tribe. Warrantless, Indeed!

Luddites, Ha. Wasters Yes.

25 Unnecessary Wastes of Money You Don't Think About. at this, time Broadband is one of them.

In fact, you may be wasting money in extremely common but often overlooked ways. Broadband is one of them.

BroadBand Revisited and Redux again.

Here is the link to the latest issue of the UCO Reporter.

Please note the UCO President is making his arguments for Broadband. Remember also that it was turned down by the delegates.

When do we get a chance to offer our rebuttal?

Further note he has avoided any remarks as to cost. Ominous

So why does he keep bringing it up and we keep knocking it down.

Not now, maybe later when we have the money.

Enough already!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Freedom of Information facts hidden in the Cloud

Is David Israel kidding. It took him almost 3 months to meet the Freedom of Information Act. Now that he has, he is crowing, Heh-Heh it is up in the cloud and is more than 299 pages long, 1.2 GB fat. So does he think we wont go over this with a fine toothed comb? Think again.

We are looking for some nefarious deeds which this little man has done. And guess what, we will find them.

In the meantime does he think the size of this file will scare us off? Would it scare the state DA? Would it scare off the Sheriff? I think not.

David Israel's time has come and it is about time.

More From D.Israel

Who is David Kidding? His overwhelming generosity to post the election results at this  time does not meet the criteria or requirement which was made to release the original ballots in a timely fashion.  David had all the time in the world to doctor the ballots or even make new ones. His posting them on HIS blog and in the cloud is useless. The possibility of the election being tarnished is too great to accept any bone he throws at us at this time. It’s too late David you had enough time to make up a complete set of new ballots. Who are you kidding?  - Remember what that great statesman Abe Lincoln said: YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.


Power Failures and FPL

Whats with all the Power Failures? What is going on with FPL? Can't they find a way to tell us what the reason is for all these Powere Failures?

Could they not put a crawl on the TV ? Could they not send us a text Message. Are, we the Customers, not important enough to be advised what is going on?

A little consideration would be appreciated.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Under the direction of Joy vestal and co-editor Myron Silverman, the UCO Reporter has lost its purpose.  The UCO bylaws state: the intent of the UCO Reporter is to keep the unit owners informed on matters of common interest. This is no longer the case. . They have now become a venue to reap as much money as they can from advertisers to seduce CV residents to purchase and use services they do not need or are interested in.  Before this, deadly duo entered the Reporter domain, the UCO Reporter was a means providing pertinent information to its readers. It has now become a newspaper of page turning pictures.   We can no longer depend on gaining any valuable information or any knowledge to advance our thinking; opinions contrary to the present administration are banned. The  absence of a UCO reporter  at the recent  Town Hall meeting of the Messenger Club which sponsored former County Commisioner Jess Santamaria and Inspector General John Carey shows  us how clearly the reporter is intellectually starving our residents. The main topic of the meeting was perpetuity in relation to the development of the golf course. More than 200 residents attended yet no one from the UCO reporter was there to cover this important event.   Now the UCO Reporter asked and the Officers have voted to approve funding $975.00 per month to hire an AD WORKFLOW COORDINATOR to increase AD revenue. They claim they need the money to keep the reporter from becoming another Penny saver, really? What do they think the UCO Reporter filled with ads will become; a Penny saver, of course.   


Happy Birthday to Israel.

A long time ago, 1953, in a Galaxy, far far away, I was a Licensed Third Engineer working as a Marine Engineer on board a freighter. The name of which, I no longer remember, but I do remember that the boat was loaded with wild horses. The ship was en route to Israel. The horses were going to help Israel grow.

The people taking care of the horses were Cowboys, for the most part drunken Cowboys for the trip out, Mennonite Boys for the return trip to clean the stalls.

On the trip out, we lost a horse a day. The dead horses were pulled out of the stalls by the ships rigging and dropped overboard.

The pay for the boys was trips to the Holy Places, as long as the shipped was docked. The trips included Mary's Well and the Manger. I went on that one.

Each morning the Mennonite boys would come off the ship for their visit with jugs for the holy water.

The cowboys managed to drink all the alcohol they had and then all the after shave lotion that was on the boat.

The Horses were not allowed to lay down, if they did their bunk mates would step on them.. So when a horse got seasick enough to quit and lay down, the ship's whistles were rung and out came the cowboys to make everybody stand up again.

That was my little contribution to the growth of Israel.

Some times it is nice to reminisce.

Happy Birthday

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lightning Protection, Please

So lightning has put the Transponder Operations, at both Gates, out of business. At both gates at the same time? Is that even possible? What really happened here?

Lightning protection is not mystery. Did we protect our gates adequately? Did we have any Lightning Protection at all?

I wonder if this is another lack of corrective action, like the small one paragraph Contract for the Multi-Million Dollar Road repair, or the lack of following the DA's Advice on the Broad Band initiative? No thanks on CV wide WiFi.

Here is a brief synopsis from Wikipedia on lightning Protection.

Lightning protection system[edit]

lightning protection system is designed to protect a structure from damage due to lightning strikes by intercepting such strikes and safely passing their extremely high currents to ground. A lightning protection system includes a network of air terminals, bonding conductors, and ground electrodes designed to provide a low impedance path to ground for potential strikes.
Lightning protection systems are used to prevent or lessen lightning strike damage to structures. Lightning protection systems mitigate the fire hazard which lightning strikes pose to structures. A lightning protection system provides a low-impedance path for the lightning current to lessen the heating effect of current flowing through flammable structural materials. If lightning travels through porous and water-saturated materials, these materials may literally explode if their water content is flashed to steam by heat produced from the high current. This is why trees are often shattered by lightning strikes.
Because of the high energy and current levels associated with lightning (currents can be in excess of 150,000 amps), and the very rapid rise time of a lightning strike, no protection system can guarantee absolute safety from lightning. Lightning current will divide to follow every conductive path to ground, and even the divided current can cause damage. Secondary "side-flashes" can be enough to ignite a fire, blow apart brick, stone, or concrete, or injure occupants within a structure or building. However, the benefits of basic lightning protection systems have been evident for well over a century.[11]

You want more info? Click here to start.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Master Puppeteer - By Olga W.

Again the master puppeteer has pulled the strings and as the old time radio show The Shadow, he thinks that he has the power to cloud our minds while he produces another who dun-it on Century Village.  He must think that we look at events through a mirror darkly.  For his information, Windex is sold  in all markets. Shame, Shame, Shame.

Censorship continues


So lets speak about Censorship, illegal Censorship. Lets talk about the abuse of power, the misuse of Power. Lets talk about the Criminality of taking away a Citizen's right to freedom of information.

What I am talking about is the Censorship on Channel 63 and blocking the CVMessenger Club from freely advertising on it. On the absolutely refusing to print anything from the known malcontents on the Public Paper , The UCO Recorder..

And now the Elected management of UCO has taken steps so that the known Malcontents do not receive any of the Public Messages sent out concerning meetings and reports from Committee Meetings. No Emails to the Malcontents.

In other words Israel is Blocking the dissemination of Public Notices meant for the CV Residents,to whomever he thinks is a Malcontent. Is that fair? Is it intelligent? Is it Just?

This is the action of a frightening and beleaguered man. This is the action of the "dirty little Coward" as taken from the History of Jesse James, and applied to Mr.UCO. He can keep this up just so long and he will have to stop. The majority of the CV Citizens are against it and they will rise up!

How much more are we to put up with?

Lets get rid of him, lets Vote him out, Lets pass The Term Limits Now!!