Thursday, July 31, 2014

W-Fi facts as we know them

Sorry Lanny you off the wall again. Your mysterious deep throat that gave you the Wi-Fi cost is off by a little bit. Originally the cost was estimated by the Great Arbitrator to be in the area of $2-3 million, now you say it is in the area of $400k.  Me thinks you are in la-la land.

The tower, if we go with it, probably will cost upwards of that number, if we don' go with a tower then the wiring alone will probable exceed that number.

So Lanny's estimate of $2.00 per unit per year for 5 years is off by at least a factor of 4. So the $2.00 becomes  $8.00 per unit, per year for 5 years. This does not include other cost of living increases. Like the reserves,  infrastructure repair and upkeep, WPIR increases, etc. Building back the Reserves and regular Cost of Living increases.

It doesn't take into account the Opt-Outs. It doesn't take into account the irrelevant (so labelled by the Great Judge) bid committee.

Heck it doesn't even take into account the people that are not interested  in wi-fi or are not interested in computers and have none.

I believe you should carry your own weight and pay for your own toys; The majority of CV residents do not own computers, Smart phones, Ipads, do not use Netflix, hulu, amazon, Google for streaming movies.

So what is being proposed here? The minority, the very small minority wants wi-fi to increase their units resale (getting ready to move out?) or to lower the costs of operating their toys?

In my 42 unit condo, there are not more than 10 wi-fi users. I can see them on my computer and my guess they are all not residents.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Firemen wi-fi access

Below is part of Anitra Kraus' - easy to understand - article from UCO Reporter August page B5. Thanks Anitra.

Originally Posted by Elaineb

I have obtained a copy of the router that has been proposed by Comcast as a business modem that can be placed in individual associations as a business account to wi-fi the building. The interesting thing is that that modem is the exact modem I have in my home. The signal from that modem does not reach out very far from my unit. I cannot go more than two (2) units away from mine and still receive a signal on my laptop. Also, if my husband is listening to his radio stream and I am trying to play a game, the speed drops tremendously.
Also in having only one (1) modem per building, it means that everyone in that building is using the same security access code. This means that there are people that know how to access other computers via that modem — so your computer is compromised.

 Not necessarily so. Just remember any sensitive Web Site, such as the bank, Social security, VA requires an ID and PW. So that is 2 Passwords. If that isn't enough security then you can buy another router for your house only and put a ID and PW on that. So now you are 3 deep with Passwords and ID's. Gary

Again recently, I had to give my access code to the EMS when they came to my apartment because they could not access their modem on their unit. Wouldn't it be nice if they could have their own access via the Wi-Fi to access records they need to take care of us? I am thankful that it was not a life-threatening emergency when they were called and we had time to put the needed codes in their computer. 

With the new Business Class Routers you get  2 wi-fi accesses per router one is Passworded and other is guest (no Pw or ID needed). So if you had the same business class router the firemen could get on as guests no PW needed.

As for your problem with bandwidth, it is hard to believe that one unit with maybe 2 computers operating is short of band width. But if that is the problem then you should consider upping the band width. - Gary

Come to Starbucks

How about we go over to Starbucks. You bring your Iphone and laptop and I will bring my own. Do you think their Wi-Fi band width can handle us?

OK now imagine it is Morning and the line goes out the door with most or all playing with their I somethings. Do you think Starbucks will allow the Wi-Fi to crash or bog down? Has it ever happened? I don't think so, but if everybody showed up with all there Wi-Fi devices, would they all be on? Can you interact with all your devices at the same time? Is this a reasonable assumption?

I don't think so. Yet that is Israel's and his Cronies argument.  We don't have enough band width with the associations Wi-Fi system.

I think this is made up junk. Even if the Great Wi-Fier says it is so, it is not. Not every one who has a Wi-Fi device will turn it on at once, and if they did in our building how many machines would that be? I live in a 42 unit building. If there are 10 machines here that would be a lot. Israel just refuses to see the truth and the light.

The truth be told, any building would be hard put to get overloaded and run out of band width. If they did on a regular basis, then they could buy more band width.

The facts of the matter are easy to understand. Your Association buys band width to meet their average demands, not the massive demands that might occur rarely if at all. It is kinda like the power Companies.

What is more to the point what is Israels folly going to cost. Is it possible to build a system like he dreams of and get the needed approvals. The Airport is only one stepping stone in the way, what about the County approvals, what about the State approvals. After all we still did not get our 8 foot fence approved.

What really Gauls me is that Israel was part of the 2 committees that turned the Wi-Fi initiative down and he now goes on, blithely and says the Delegates have the last word and why should they listen to The Treasurer, The Finance Committee or the Advisory Committee? After  all they have the Great Umpire, the Great Referee to listen to, and is it right or right?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

UCO Wi-Fi Status

The question raised on the Very Private Blog is What is the Status of the UCO Wi-Fi Initiative?

Two of Dave Israel's Cronies have responded. They, following the lead of the UCO Wizard are speaking of their imaginary wishful success attempting to bankrupting  Century Village with their promoting of the dreamlike effort to Wi-Fi the whole CV campus.

Ignoring the fact that the Finance Committee and the Operations have turn down HIS Wi-Fi initiative he is moving ahead full steam. Ignoring the facts that not a few of the Associations are already operating successfully and happily with the smaller and cheaper Wi-Fi. Israel and his cronies speak as if there is no Opposition to their plans. They live in La-La Land.

Of course they state the obvious, only the Delegate Assembly can reinstate the Davis Israel's nonsensical Wi-Fi initiative.

His highness has been reduced to name calling. He is calling it No-Fi. The fact is this is the Wi-Fi of the future. And although we are Malcontent, we are firstly The Opposition.(not loyal opposition). We line up behind Patrick Henry, John Hobhouse, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and  Brig. Gen. McAuliff.(Nuts)

He can talk the talk about Wi-Fi and signal attenuation and Village wide coverage. Why is any of this a problem?

Band -width, if needed can be purchased. He sincerely doubts that Comcast will guarantee the necessary band width, he has been wrong before and will be again. Remember his claim that Comcast was a poor choice for Big time Wi-Fi? Remember his claim that the that this idea of his is the greatest thing since white bread. And we are moving ahead full steam.

What I don't understand is if his hand picked committees won't go along with him why should the Delegates?

So we will see what the Delegates have to say.

Are we going to see the price for Israel's folly before the delegates are asked to vote?

The following are Remarks by PICruise 
Hopefully going full steam ahead. A few buildings seem to think they can do better on their own (where have we heard that one before), but Dave seems fully ready to fight it through for the betterment of ALL CV.
July 29, 2014 at 10:35 AM
Blogger David Israel said...
Hi Ken,

It will require a Delegate Assembly vote to re-insert the Wi-Fi funding, which in the draft Budget has been transferred to the General Reserves line.

If the Delegates reaffirm their commitment to Village wide Wi-Fi,
it will go forward. We are expecting vendor bids on August 1, 2014.

The No-Fi being pushed by the Malcontents, has real technical problems; and will not provide coverage throughout our CV Campus.

It will provide some limited LAN (Local Area Network) coverage within apartments, but signal attenuation will be problematic, especially when multiple users start streaming radio, smart TV, HULU, Netflix, ROKU boxes...Etc.

I sincerely doubt that Comcast management will warrantee high signal strength and throughput using one digital gateway to power multi-unit concrete block and steel structures.

What Comcast is doing is pulling a wire to a demarc and saying, Ok! it's up to you as to how you distribute signal, and solve the connectivity problem, with all sorts of devices.

If we get a vote of confidence from the Delegates to proceed with real Wi-Fi, it is "full speed ahead"

Dave Israel
July 29, 2014 at 12:30 PM

The CVmessenger club Meeting Report




The meeting room was packed to the brim.

The club recommended that every association should OPT- OUT of David’s (UCO) “Baby” an outlandish, overbearing, super costly, time wasting WI-FI plan.

The club recommended each association to decide if they wanted WI-FI or not and if they do want ir, they should deal with their own vender directly

Kevin Revallo Comcast’s Wi-Fi technical expert explained the following.

1) Comcast’s business class router is not the same as the one shown on David’s blog and reviewed by the Wi-Fi committee, IT IS MANY TIMES MORE POWERFUL

2) Contrary to rumors from UCO, Comcast only brings a signal device to a location and could not be a bidder on David’s plan to WI-FI the whole of Century Village

3) Comcast will install its New Business Class modem in a common areas of the associations building and service it.

4) Comcast will sell and install its wireless extenders for ($75.00 each) wherever the association wants them. (Available Soon). However an association can buy wireless extenders wherever they want.

5) Kevin expressed his concern that this is such a good deal for the associations that Comcast Residential division will lose a great deal of business because of its tremendous cost saving feature. (DO YOU CARE?)

Comcast’s Account representative Fred King and Ed Grossman explained the minimum cost of this service is:

a) A onetime installation fee of either $90.00 or $45.00 depending If the association signs a two or three year contract.

b) A onetime cost of $75.00 per installed wireless extender with a minimum of two for a total $150.00

c) A fixed monthly service charge with the modem of $120 for either the two or three year contract

To sum it up A total approximate onetime cost of $240.00 and a monthly charge of $120.00

At this time each Association will have its own password.

Each Association will have an open line which guests can use. (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR GUESTS YOUR ASSOCIATIONS PASSWORD)


A vibrant question and answer followed in which:

1) Many asked questions that were specific to their interest and they were answered.

2) Several attendees shared their specific experiences and concerns with the rest.

3) Several Associations who were already using this system expressed their satisfaction with it and invited others over to see it.

4) Andover A who used The Messinger’s free first month offer is already using the system and is VERY HAPPY and is now awaiting their refund.

The Messinger Club passed out OP-OUT FORMS as well as request for CONTRACTS qualifying for the REBATE,  however the demand was so great that a list was created for those who could not be provided at the meeting.

These request are currently being filled.

For those who were unable to attend and who want forms or additional information please do any of the following.


ED GROSSMAN AT: (631)742-1300

OLGA WOLKENSTEIN AT: (561)-281-2790




· IF YOU WANT TO BE UPDATED DAILY ON THE BLOG EMAIL US AT: and we will register you for this service




Foolish Wi-Fi

Heres a question from the Private Blog

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


What Is The Status Of UCO WiFi ?

Listen and Hear

This is an explanation of what happened at Ed's Messenger Club meeting Sunday July 27. The meeting was dedicated to Wi-Fi.

Before all else OPT-OUT of the UCO wi-fi initiative. The forms are linked here.

Use Comcast thru the Messenger  club and get a return of your 1st month's fee.

There were 2 reps there from Comcast. one an engineer and the other one an sales rep. Both were employees of Comcast.

What was explained was that there are 3 ways to go with Wi-Fi in Century Village. There is David Israels way. To blanket the entire Village with Wi-Fi. Exactly what the cost would be has not been announced, but we are being taxed $2 per month per unit. So far there is about $188,000 in the kitty and they are still collecting.

The prognosis for this is bad. Aside from the fact that these connections will have to be wired up (not wireless), there is the problem with the necessity of a tower and the need for Airport approval which is unlikely. Also the need for roof mounted antennas, which will attract lighting and if hit can do your roof no good.

The Messenger club stands against this method, they want the monies already collected and yet to be collected to go into the General fund and build up the Reserves.

An alternate to Israels idea is to do nothing. Those that want Wi-Fi can contract for it from either Comcast or AT&T. Cost $30-$50 A month. This system has the best security available. A ID and Password entry.

Another option is have the Association contract to do the Wi-Fi. One plan is to use Comcast Wi-Fi feed and use extenders as needed for the larger buildings. This is a viable system. This works and we have a number of Association already doing it. Without going into the exact cost, suffice it to say recurring monthly costs per association will be $120. Addition one time costs for installation and the possible need for 2, 3, or 4 extenders will probably not exceed $1000. If the Association votes it down then they wont have Association provided Wi-Fi. The idea is simple, you pay for what you get.

We had people mad because they were happy with their $100 per month hotspot, or didn't want to consider Comcast, instead they wanted AT&T.

Or after all the talk they heard the explanations, but didn't listen.

The big point here is to stop the Davis Israel's Wi-Fi initiative which is unreal and unrealistic.

The association can OPT-OUT of the Wi-Fi payment by simply filling out these OPT-OUT forms

Wi-Fi and how to do it

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Before all else OPT-OUT of the UCO wi-fi initiative. The forms are linked here.

Use Comcast thru the Messinger  club and get a return of your 1st month's fee.


Posted by Esther
     Sitting at the meeting on Sunday and seeing all the interest and yet confusion over how to wire up, I decided to do a little bit of research myself. Now if there is anything I hate to do, pretty high on that list would be to research something techie and/or have to read a manual. But I figured if I can find out the info necessary, then anyone can do it. So research I did and found it relatively easy in this case.
     My premise was that I do not have to understand the how of it working, just that it does and if it would be appropriate to our associations here. I went looking for extenders, which is what would be needed after Comcast or At&T would put in the original device in the common area (i.e. laundry room, storage room, office, whatever the building has).I quickly found the RE6500 from Linksys, called officially the Linksys Range Extender Max. It extends the range of the existing WIRELESS (no muss, no fuss) router 10,000 feet and creates a strong Wi Fi signal that all your devices can pick up. In a large building such as Wellington  I believe that an extender on both ends of the building would do the trick and perhaps in buildings such as Dover, perhaps three.  THE COST - $99.99 per each extender. Cost of installation - either zero, if you have a person in the building who knows how to set it up (my live in techie says it is not difficult) or pay someone and it will not be a costly payment as there is no drilling, no wires, no antennae, nothing but installing the extender using the quick installation guide. The minimum it needs for a range extender setup is a wireless router (check), or access point along with a Wi Fi enabled computer that has an Ethernet port and runs on fairly common systems. (check)
     Each user in the building, I repeat, each user in the building, could get its own access code and own password and the security is fine. The system supports up to 128 bit encryption  and has a Wi Fi Protected Setup button. It is a quick and easy installation setup (provided you use the manual).
     And there you go, wireless, secured and fast Wi Fi in your building for way less than it would cost via Village wide installation and NO EXTERIOR STRUCTURES TO BREAK OR GET HIT BY LIGHTNING OR DAMAGE THE ROOF WHEN BLOWN OVER IN A HURRICANE.

Cost - Comcast installation charge - anywhere from $49.99 to $99.99 depending on length of contract - 2 or 3 years.
      Add in the cost of the extenders, depending on how many are needed (if any, in the smaller buildings) at $99.99 apiece using the one in this article).
       Payment to installer of extenders - from Zero to $100, estimated, depending if you have to actually pay someone.
      A router for each individual user, which is their cost - buy their own, rent thru Comcast, whatever they choose.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Scam

Monday, July 28, 2014


This morning, I received a call from a computer tech claiming I have a software problem on my computer.  I told him I know his game and it is a scam and not to call.  He had an Indian accent and insisted I think I don't have a problem because I am just looking at my hard drive.  At this point, I lost it and told him to go to hell.   I don't  know how they do this because the number was 212-017-1180 which was a New York number and name not found.  I called that number and it is not a working number.

A while back my neighbor fell for a scam with technicians that sold her the Microsoft Essentials virus program for $275.00.  She asked me to come and check her computer because she was having a problem with her printer.  She told me she subscribed to a new virus program that only cost her $275.00 for 3 years.  I mentioned that was funny because I got mine for free.  Anyone can download this virus program from Microsoft. Fortunately, she called the company and got her money back.

So please be aware of these scams.  They are always looking for new ways to get money and identity information from you.  Don't trust anyone that calls you, even if it is your bank.  Call them instead and don't ever give your social security number.

Sun Pass Scam



This is a notice that I received today in my E-mail Box and would like others to know not to open but to do the following as required by the Sunpass office of the Turnpike.

The Message reads as follows:

This message is here because your junk email Filter is set to exclusive.

Wait it's safe  /  I'm not sure.  Let me check.

Service Center

Dear Customer,

You have not paid for driving on a toll road.  This invoice is sent repeatedly, please service your debt in the shortest possible time.

The invoice can be downloaded here.  (Here is underlined in blue.)

The above is the E-Mail that I received.

Here is a number for the Sunpass people that you can call to check on this message:  

The Sunpass people  (Elvis- #3860) informed me that this is a Scam .  What you have to do is to make a copy of the E-mail that you have received and then go to : and fill out this report.  This is the FBI and they are asking for people to let them know exactly what has happened.

This form tells you exactly what info they need.

I would like to inform the people in Century Village what is going on and don't get caught and send/spend unnecessary monies.
 The e-mail address from this company is support@
Make sure you do not open this e-ZPass Customer Service Center.


For those of you that did not get a OPT-IN/OPT-Out form, you can get it here 


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Alfred E.Neuman is alive and well and living at UCO room 101

Although we seem to heading in the right direction. We have the budget being approved by the Operations and Finance Committee. Our Treasurer, Howard O'Brien has approved the way the Reserves are being built up as did the Operations committee and the Finance committee as did David Israel, at the time of voting.

However there is some thing worrisome going on. The underground Rail Road is reporting that the Great Mind Changer is beginning to boast that His Wi-Fi initiative is not dead.

What could this mean? Simple. He is going to ask His Delegates to Vote for His Wi-Fi initiative and His Budget and His reserve fiasco down. Instead have His Delegates Vote in His Wi-Fi and let the Reserves fall where they may.

Don't let him get away  this. The smart, intelligent, conservative thing to do is use the Wi-Fi monies to pay back the short fall. The Pie in the Sky (you know The Wi-Fi with the big tower) should be put to rest and Israel's claim to fame also.

Delegates stand up for you rights, Vote yes on the Budget, Yes on the Reserve PayBack, and NO on the Wi-Fi.

Enough already Resign or we will Recall the Bum

Come to Ed's meeting Sunday July 27 at 3 PM, Clubhouse Room C

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wi-Fi is going Forward?


Wi-Fi Going Forward

BY Dave Israel , UCO President

So says David Israel. But just one minute, the Finance Committee has decided to use the monies to offset the under funded Reserves fund. So the Wi-Fi is out !!! And so we are beginning to build up the shortfall, all of which will save us considerable monies.

But look out, the Sly One will try to get the Delegates to over come the finance committee's vote. Don't let him!

Finally a ray of sunshine, a ray of intelligence,
and common sense!

Come to Ed's meeting on Sunday July 27 at 3 PM Room C clubhouse and get the facts and how to turn this into a advantage for your Association

Malcontents 1; David Israel 0

To see the truth - see below


Today's Delegate Assembly was treated to Mr. Ed attempting to panic-monger the Delegates about money. He has been at the same old "pop-stand" for 4 years. He was wrong then, he continues to be wrong now. ALL bills are paid and being paid timely; Reserves are being slowly built up!
"Come to my meeting" he bellowed, I who have no responsibility for anything UCO, and who is elected to nothing UCO; has the answers to everything, so, come to his meeting and the magic formula will be revealed.
Earlier in the meeting he attempted to lecture a PBSO Captain about how to investigate Cyber-Terrorism. An absolute joke!
VP Ziccardy of course had the answer to our non-existent money problem - wait for it folks - "Kill Wi-Fi"! Of course, the fact that robust Campus wide Wi-Fi would save many of our unit owners $30.00 - $50.00 dollars per month; completely escapes our "dump Dave" VP, you tell them Marcia, but please try getting the facts first about the huge value-added vector that Wi-Fi would bring to CV.
Ed, you, your acolytes and sycophants lost the election, get over it!
Dave Israel

Marcia Ziccardy was responsible for the trauma David suffered when at the last delegate assembly,   she suggested we use the money allocated in the Wi-Fi budget and put it toward the 1.3 million dollars UCO reserve shortfall.  Marcia was not the sole villain in this murder. Leaving the officers meeting, David cursed “THE MALCONTENTS” for supplying the medicine used in the abortion. He tried with all his strength to carry his baby full term, but the abortion prevailed; the baby died. If the “Delegates approve” the budget at the next hearing, we can close the coffin and let his Wi-Fi baby rest in peace. 

For those of you, who regret the loss of David’s Wi-Fi baby, remember each association can Wi-Fi their own building separately. For more information, attend the next Messenger Club meeting on Sunday July 27th @ 3:00pm in the clubhouse room C. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Truth be Told

At the last Officers meeting in June 2014  David Israel was told that he was part of a group of Delegates that were disrupting UCO meetings Back in Aug. 2008 because they wanted to have an Sunshine amendment brought to the floor by bypassing all of the standard channels to amend UCO Bylaws.

David Israel denied he was part of this group. 

Well David you were part of this group as was witnessed by a number of people .This group of Delegates were not called any names as you seem fit to label anyone that disagrees with you, your polices, or the way you run UCO.

Jerry Karpf
President of the Presidents Umbrella Club       

I have in my possession a posting by David Israel that was written when he was running for President. One of the his points was to reaffirm term Limits, now to day he is against Term limits. Term Limits would mean he is gone at the end of the term. So he changes  his mind to fit his personal needs and wants.

A Wonderment


     Yet another pleasant surprise. Went to the combined finance and officers  meeting today at the Clubhouse. There was a nice turnout, but really should have been more. Pretty much everyone kept hold of their tempers and no one seemed to throw insults, though one woman who did not announce herself scolded everyone on just that topic.
     The main topic, of course, was the budget what with the shortfall in reserves. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, David Israel publicly admitted that there was a shortfall and that he will ask the delegate assembly to vote to transfer the accumulated Wi Fi money plus the money collected next year into the reserve accounts. Wow!!! It was a "malcontents" super dream come true!. Everything that we had stated, a shortfall, the need for the Wi Fi money to be transferred and properly handled, all that David Israel had fought and denied these long months - and now here it was. In public, yet!
     We clapped and David Israel oh, so modestly grinned and said, ""Thank you." Well, David, I hate to burst your bubble, but the clapping, for the most part, was that of the "malcontents" who were vindicated and validated. The Know Nothing Do Nothing party had capitulated and rightfully so.
    There was some back and forth, concern over the cost of the increase for some of our elderly, long term residents and what to do, and finally it was agreed that there be another finance meeting and Howie invited all interested, to submit in writing, their idea(s) for a budget that could cut costs even more. Howie O'Brien deserves a huge kudos for his part in today's meeting He calmly explained the budget, answered questions, and remained open to ideas with no ego issues.
     Now here comes the funny part. At the end, David asked the officers present if they had anything they wanted to add. I told Olga, "Watch. Bob Marshall will tell everyone to get the bar codes because one lightning strike and the transponder will be dead (may it rest in peace already)."
Guess what? And so he did. It seems Bob Marshall has three duties to perform in our UCO - the transponder and the lightning bolt, the assigned job of motioning for a meeting adjournment, and the buying of snacks and drinks for the UCO building.
     Not done yet. I added that  two other officers, Phyllis and Pat, will say they had nothing to say and sure enough they did exactly that with one of them saying "As usual, nothing." I did not hear what Joy Vestal had to say, if anything, but generally she states, "Well, the paper will be coming out------(choose a date)" and that is it. Such hard working officers, it is a true relief to know that all is going so well that they have nothing to do, no ills to address, no residents to help, no calls to make, nothing, nothing, nothing. Inspiring, is it not? Greatly reassuring. Oh, well, at least I had a good laugh. Know Nothings - 0 "Malcontents - 5.
     But wait. There's more. (Sorry, had to get that in). Jackie Karlin actually agreed with my previous statement as she repeated the viewpoint. Ya' think Hell is freezing over?!!

Election Lessons


    Read the following and then see if you understand why I have written it. Understand the contrast, unspoken though it may be for most of the article.
     I was actually pleasantly surprised yesterday as I sat thru yet another election class. However, since Susan Bucher, in her continued attempts to modernize and streamline her office, has introduced the use of souped up specialized mini ipads into our elections, much of the material was new and even the way to reach old conclusions was different. Unfortunately the videos were the same old same old but bearable.
    So what does this have to do with us here in CV? Well, first of all, we vote. But actually, primarily, because it was a lesson in how to run a fair election where no questionable tactics are allowed. And how does Susan make sure of this? Easy. She introduces classes, rules, oversight, warnings, policies, etc. At no time, ever, except when in the hands of the voter, is the ballot held in the hands of a partisan worker. Any procedure out of the ordinary must include workers from at least two parties. Even reinserting a ballot must be overseen if there is any hint of an issue.
     From the onset, fair play is in place. Poll workers are from ALL parties, not just one. Ballots are counted by members of all parties. Ballots are emptied from the scanner storage box by members of all parties. Questions are addressed by members of all parties. At no time EVER is there one person alone with the ballots. Observers can be there from set up to close down.
     Now, in case you need a little assistance in making the connection to CV, here it is. Our elections are the complete opposite. First, the very committee is partisan, totally. The workers are partisans and no opposition workers were called except for two at the very last minute after a fuss was being made. NO OBSERVERS were allowed in the voting room at all. Who can say for sure what happened with the ballots, especially when a good third or more of the delegates had no clue as to what was flying! People were allowed to vote EARLY and guess whose side they took? No challenge there, not with Gorodetzer running the show with able assistance from Ed Black.
    Ballot boxes were carried up by.... Ed Black. Wow, that was impartial, right? NOT!!!! This same individual then went around telling people not to count the ballots at their individual tables as "they" would tabulate the results. That certainly reeks of something, not very pleasant at that. We know for sure that there were shenanigans going on with alternate delegates coming in early and voting as THEY wished, not as the residents of their association had voted and how the delegates were instructed to vote. We note that contrary to all rules of governance and the Freedom of Information Act, NO ORIGINAL papers were turned over though several requests were made and in return got heaps of abuse. Finally, they xeroxed the papers ALONE and would not allow the originals to be seen. Really now. And who knows what the hell was done to those originals.
     So, the election here at CV was an exercise in futility, an example of crooked politics at its best, clumsy though their machinations were, and what is worse is that unless things are changed, the next election will be the same as King David Israel goes on in his quest as Dictator for Life as the life of the Village is squeezed out.
     We need to insure that this situation changes. Storm the barricades if you must, but make your wishes clear - that things need to change and perhaps we can even approach Susan Bucher at an off time and ask for her help in setting up a fair and honest election. I dare you, David Israel. I dare you, Ed Black. I dare you, Marilyn Gorodetzer.

Gaza Tunnels

Gaza Tunnels

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stumble over their own words


     Read DonHOHo's comment on the other blog and then realize how they are falling over their own feet, stumbling over their own words as they try to cover over what they have said all along. For the longest time David Israel and his shills and dupes have been ranting and raving like lunatics that there is no shortfall. That is only what the "malcontents" say, they said. We have all the money we need, they stated and whoa!! suddenly we find that lo and behold! There is a shortfall, a major one. Over $1.2 million dollars, but that is okay because they will simply rack up the UCO fees and never mind the fact that people cannot eat that increase. 
     So along comes a treasurer who knows how to find what they have tried so hard to hide, their own slate member so they cannot run him over as they did a prior Treasurer who called them on their fiscal stupidity and malfeasance. He knows that we have to do something and I do not know if it was he who convinced David Israel or David Israel looking in the mirror and realizing that if he did not do something, burning effigies were in his future! Suddenly the holy grail of grails, the reserve fund set aside for the unnecessary and unwanted Wi Fi, was going to be needed to transfer over to the reserve debt. What a turnaround!
     But wait! There's more! (Ah, there's that damned knife commercial again!). Suddenly after spouting off like timed geysers that there is no need for a reserve, for money set aside, and no legal requirement, after getting a spanking in public over that stupidity, suddenly they are falling all over themselves to say  oh, there is no legal requirement as such but it behooves responsible people to follow fiduciary responsibility and have a reserve. Wow!!!! Can you imagine that!
    In all this, methinks I hear an echo. I hear an echo of myself, of Olga, of Ed G. and Ed R., of Dorothy, of Gary, of Marcia, of Phyllis, of John, of George and Herb and Jack and everyone else who has tried to watch the careless spending these jerks had planned for our Village. All battles could not be won - hence the road and drainage fiasco that is still biting us in the rear - but the stupidity of the lift, and yes, it was a lift, not an elevator, being installed for an exorbitant price in Hastings, was stopped dead in its tracks.
     So you see, David Israel, now you are spouting our party line with your shill using the word consensus! Lucky I was sitting when I read that! Oh, and now that you are beginning to spout OUR lines, does that make the Know Nothing Do Nothing party applicants for the "malcontents" party? Hmmm... Interesting thought that, yes? Maybe we can gin up an application form and give it our immediate attention, as immediate as the attention you have given to my applications for seats on committees.

I do not choose to run

This is a remark made by Our Great and not so future president in response to some dummy offering to put up Israel for Lifetime Presidency.

For once we agree, unambiguously and also clearly

"Blogger David Israel said...
Hi all,
To be unambiguously clear; I do not have any desire whatever to be "President for Life"
I distinctly discourage any petition to that effect.
Dave Israel
July 19, 2014 at 2:47 PM"

UCO Reporter

EDITORIAL POLICY for the UCO Reporter —

The UCO Reporter promises to continue its long held beliefs that this
publication will print articles to inform our residents of the important issues
concerning our Village. We promise to seek the truth and to print both sides
of an issue, to open dialogue to inform our readers, not to create controversy.
We promise to listen to your concerns and to treat all our residents with
courtesy and respect. Your opinion is valuable to us and will be considered in
our decision for publication. These are the criteria for publication:
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Letters to the Editor should be limited to 250
words, and must be e-mailed ( to the Reporter
by the 7th of the month prior to publication. Your opinions are important to
us, but please refrain from gossip, innuendo, nasty or inflammatory remarks.
Letters deemed to be inappropriate, inflammatory or libelous will be returned
by the Staff for revision or removal. All letters must include the name, address
and phone number of the author. No letters from UCO Reporter staff will be
published. They may however have the opportunity to submit an opinion
article also limited to 250 words.
ARTICLES: Articles for inclusion should be limited to 500 words, e-mailed
( to the Reporter by the 7th of the month of
publication. All articles will be limited to one per writer. The topic of your
article is of your choosing, but the Staff has the discretion to edit it with your
approval or reject it based on the above stipulations. All articles must include
the name, address and phone number of the author.

This is the Editorial policy of our UCO reporter. Note it says it will publish both sides of an issue. Note also that the Malcontents are talked about all over the Reporter, but not one word from a Malcontent herself.

The Malcontent movement is running 2 active and busy blogs With all this writing and Blogging, with Posts and comments the editors of the reporter find nothing newsworthy? They do not see another side here? They do not see the Oppositions side?

Something is wrong here?

Is the UCO Reporter a Residents Newspaper or is it a House Organ controlled by David Israel and his minions? Or is it a Newspaper that shows both sides of a issue?

What do you think?