Monday, September 30, 2013


An Angel for Century Village. Cost only $3 per month for ever and ever.          

 If you ever are in need of a laugh, I wholeheartedly recommend going to the "other" blog, you know, the one where the same people blog over and over again and this time they put it on two blogs.

Anyway, a posting this morning has me concerned about someone's stability. The article was entitled An Angel for Century Village. And just what is that angel? Why it is wi fi!!!! That has been posted by one of the ninnies and I could scarcely believe it. An angel is one who would take care of our medical needs or cover our expenses or rebuild all our facilities or even rebuild the golf course, but putting in wifi so some people don't pay a different fee, so they could pay $3 and every year add more and more and more to the fees. What an angel! Good thinking there, Elaineb. Keep it up.

Elaineb, try putting yourself in other people's shoes for a change. These are the people who do not have internet access nor want it nor can afford it. Most of them are the elderly elderly and every dollar we increase for things that YOU want and they don't nor will not get anything out of it, takes a dollar out of their food budget or electric payment or other vital areas. So what do we tell them - get out of the Village because Elaineb and Dave and Ed and Don want it?

Do we find them a nice comfy spot under a highway overpass and tell them we are their angels but had to make way for an angel in the Village - wi fi!!!! Please, get a grip on reality, order your thoughts and values and you will see that we are right. Wi fi will be here - when it is done right, fully investigated and all questions asked and answered, then we can go ahead with it. Please, leave the ninnies and join the thinking future. We will be happy to welcome you to the winning side and the best hope for our Village.


                OCTOBER 3, 2013

             ROOM C- CLUBHOUSE

                                10 AM




We will update the residents on the WI-FI situation.

We will update the residents on the Road Paving and Drainage situation.

We will inform the residents of how UCO spent and intends to spend our money.

We are going to have a question and answer period to discuss these issues.  


This is an important meeting.  It will be in your best interest to attend.


Hosted by the *Century Village Messenger Club.






There was not a vote in favor of Wi-Fi except for Dave.

 Just finished reading the NY Times and am seriously depressed. What a situation the world is in and in particular, the USA is in a true quagmire. We have the inmates running the asylum and they are playing that stupid game of chicken that dumb teenage boys play without thought as to what might happen, even the unthinkable. And now here we are at the point of the unthinkable and an idiot yells out, "Let's roll!"

Does he dare to equate this moronic turn of events to the heroic actions of passengers on a plane on 9/11 who sacrificed their lives so that others may live? Is he serious? And the fact that no one, NO ONE called him on it is even sadder.

So what does this have to do with what I usually blog about, about the Village? Well, first, I just had to vent a little. Everyone is entitled to that. And I wonder, is anyone out there thinking at all? And here we have our connection. Is anyone in our Village really thinking at all? Our "leaders" tend to be full of hot air, malice and faulty thinking. They too run off at the mouth like Cruz and Shakespeare's line of "full of sound and fury signifying nothing" is appropriate for them. They scream and shout. Dave puts up a big posting on his two blogs how Phyllis Richland has single handedly killed the wifi for the Village. Well, Phyllis, look how mighty you are. It is good to be a strong and influential woman. I congratulate you. However, what is overlooked, or might I say, purposely left out is that in that meeting there was not a vote in favor except for Dave. Now isn't that a telling event?

       Just as the citizens of America must speak up and let their representatives know that we are not looking for a world wide catastrophe, we, the citizens of Century Village West Palm Beach must also speak up. Volunteer for a better Village, for a better administration. Vote for a president who will not work this way through lies, evasions and what not. Vote for an administration that will let you, the residents, know exactly what the story is, especially on the issues that are controversial or expensive or worrying or complicated and the list can go on and on. Tell your delegate to vote for Esther.

Vote for a government of the Village that does not work on fear, threats, and intimidation. Vote for honesty, transparency and hope for a better Village and for an administration that will work for the benefit of its residents, insure that WPRF does that too. No more pet projects of administrations. No more muzzling of free speech. Vote Esther. Tell your delegates of your wishes. Be part of making this place and this world a better place.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Misdeeds and Doings of Dave Israel

Eduardo has just posted an impassioned report on the misdeeds and doings of Dave Israel and his puppetmaster and henchman in dastardly deeds. You know, I can just see them in the old fashioned movies where the villain twirls his mustache and gives a snarly cruel laugh. These two and those that acquiesced in their deeds have brought the Village to its financial knees and to the worst point  or rather the lowest point of civilized behavior.

There is none. Dave himself yells and threatens, alone or in front of people. Maybe we should call him Papa Dave for his attitude and thinking this is a Banana republic. His time has come and gone. He must leave.

With Dave and Ed gone we can pull ourselves back from the brink and engage in civilized discussions and positive approaches based on cooperation. Evidently, Dave never watched Sesame Street so he never caught on to the idea of cooperation! Time and time again we have witnessed his lies and evasions, his temper tantrums and lack of attention to the business of the Village. He has a closed door policy. Just try to get in to see him. Try to ask for a document or explanation of something that was done under his administration. HA! You will never get it, only letters fro lawyers that do not make any sense.

People, please, put him aside. Vote for yourself. Vote him out. Throw him out and Ed will not get back in unless he has a question that needs answering because that we will do, as people are supposed to do. But no more power sub rosa and no more hatching of plans and cover-ups.

Our platform is one of truth and honesty, openness, helpfulness, care and concern for the well being of our residents and never mind anyone's pie in the sky pet project. We will continue to advance and improve, but carefully and with thought, with research and true bids and discussions, true oversight of contractors.

Color brochures, fancy talk, threats and recriminations - all obscure the truth. Dave is bad for the Village. Let us unite and get him out of office, out of power. Vote for Esther Sutofsky and a better Village. And then the ninnies that keep on posting on his blog 1 and 2 (with the same stuff on them) and chatter on amongst themselves without causing any further harm.

And again More Lies from the Great Fabricator

The God King has spoken, Dorothy is a Non-Resident, nothing else to say!

Dave has been here before, with outlandish lies and defamatory statements follow this Link to his previous Retraction.

Everyone in the Village should know that your President, Mr. Israel, has now made a public announcement to all the Vice-Presidents and a person having no official title, that Dorothy Tetro is illegally signing checks because she is a “non-resident of Century Village.”  That’s one hell-of-a-charge to make. 

It is so easy for Mr. Israel to sit back in his comfy office couch and spew out lies.  It goes on and on . . . LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES.  In fact, Dorothy Tetro does reside in Century Village and nobody can prove that she doesn’t.

So, your President, having nothing else to do, further decides that he won’t sign any checks that bear Dorothy’s signature, because he says that they would be illegal even though the UCO By-Laws require him to do that.  The By-Laws state that Vice-Presidents may sign checks in the President’s stead, but the President will allow that to happen only under the presented false pretenses. 

So, what is the truth:  Dorothy owns property in Oxford and she resides there at least 9 months out of each year.  She also owns property in Cypress Lakes which she deems her “additional” property, or the property she can legally call her “winter home.”  Her winter home can be in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Southern Florida down the road, or just about anywhere according to County officials. 

Furthermore, Pat Poston, CFE, Director of Exemption Services Department at the Property Appraiser’s office has stated that your Homestead exemption does not establish legal residence.  A person claiming Homestead only has to live in that resident one (1) day a year. 

This matter of signing checks doesn’t even stop there.  The President, Mr. Israel, went so far as to intimidate your four Vice-Presidents by stating in writing that they can also sign checks but  “. . . it’s at your own legal risk!”

You should be asking all of his followers, -- just how far are you going to let this man go?  You allow him to get away with anything?  Anything and everything he does is okay?

Let’s get to the bottom of this and the truth.  Israel and Ed Black very secretly manipulated expenditures amounting to more than a million dollars, behind closed doors.  The money mysteriously disappeared by their illegal activities in a number of areas.  The President’s followers close their eyes and block their ears to those secret dealings that many, many people would consider criminal.

So, Dorothy Tetro beats Ed Black in an election for Treasurer.  That was not supposed to happen.  They, Israel and Black, couldn’t continue with their illicit operations as a team.  Black needed to be the Treasurer of UCO so that the ledgers could again be scrambled and the accounts combined and drawn down to dangerous levels.  Dorothy Tetro was in the way and she still is.  She straightened everything out after months of work and is coming close to find what dastardly acts have been committed . . .  following the money trail of mishandled monies. 

Israel and Black see that Dorothy won’t resign, as they expected she would do, so they’ll do anything to get her out of office: the nine month residency matter, the By-Law Amendment, the transponders, Israel claiming that everyone works for him, including the bookkeeper, or is trying to take away all of the Treasurer’s authority, a recall election and other acts of desperation. 

Israel cannot function without Black, and Black wouldn’t even be allowed in the UCO building without Israel.  And, if Israel happens to remain as President after the next election and Black is defeated in his run for Treasurer, it would destroy the team that is capable of doing anything they want, even if it’s illegal.  It is necessary for them to keep all of the secrets . . . SECRET.  If Israel can get Dorothy out of office now, and have Black appointed the treasurer, as he was once before, then being the incumbent in an election would give him a great advantage and a head start in changing the books around as he did once before.  So, that’s what all of this rumble is about. 

Refusing to sign UCO checks because of a false allegation is just another matter of desperation. What are they going to think of next? 

The President’s followers are but a dozen or so, but they control a lot of other people who are afraid to come up with an opposing opinion for fear of becoming ostracized by the governing dictators.  Why can’t they just see what this Dictator and his Knave are all about? 

Dorothy Tetro, as UCO’s Treasurer, will continue to sign UCO’s checks as she is required to do, and she’ll put those checks on Mr. Israel’s desk for his signature as she always has done before.  If he doesn’t sign the checks, then what he does with them will be his responsibility, - - his intimidation of the Vice Presidents notwithstanding. 


Friday, September 27, 2013

West Drive Joke


1ST RESIDENT: Look, The British are coming the British are coming.

2nd RESIDENT: No Dummy, that's  not the British, that’s David Israel on a white horse.

1st RESIDENT: What’s he doing?

2nd RESIDENT: He’s collecting money from all the poor people in the village’ to pay for his WIFI.

1st RESIDENT:  I thought they didn’t have the money to pay for WIFI because he spent all the money on the roads.

2nd RESIDENT:  That’s right; see that pot he’s carrying?  He wants all the poor people who live in  the village to put three dollars in it, so he can have his WIFI.

1st RESIDENT: How about the rich people?

2nd RESIDENT: He already has their money. He only wants the poor people to contribute.

1st RESIDENT: If the people are so poor, how are they going to get the money?

2nd RESIDENT: Well, for starters, they can go to Dunkin Donuts and beg for the day-old  leftovers before they are thrown out. The money they save on food could go toward Wi-Fi.

1st RESIDENT:  How will they pay their electric bill?

2nd RESIDENT: They can read in the dark.

1st RESIDENT: How about air conditioning?

 2nd RESIDENT: They can go into the clubhouse to cool off.

 1st RESIDENT: How about WPRF dues?

2nd RESIDENT: Good question because if they don’t pay WPRF, they won’t be able to use the clubhouse, ride the buses or call in friends.

1st RESIDENT: And how about their association dues?

 2nd RESIDENT: I guess their association will have to foreclose and put them on the street.

1st RESIDENT: Then what will they do?

2nd RESIDENT: I guess they will have to commit a crime and go to jail; then they will have three square meals and a roof over their heads.

1st RESIDENT: Look, there goes David Israel heading for the clubhouse and there’s a big smile on his face. What do you think it means?
2nd RESIDENT: It probably means that because all the poor people are in jail, he doesn't need them anymore.  The rich people will pay.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Appalling Behavior by our Role(?) model Leader

I am appalled at what I just read and have been hearing about the behavior that is allowed to be carried on by our supposed role model of a leader.I just wrote an answer to a big brave soul, Anonymous, who has joined in with Dave on criticizing Phyllis who is probably one of the most selfless people here. Dave was horrific to Phyllis and encourages his minions to follow in his footsteps.

 This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as Dave's terrible lack of people skills and nasty behavior towards others that includes threat, intimidation, curses, shouting,etc. This is the man who is supposed to be our leader? This is the man we are to follow? No wonder everyone jumps on every one else.

One of our major planks is to improve the quality of life and social interaction here and that will begin at the top, with all members of the administration being civil with and to each other. Enough with this wolflike behavior.

Perhaps in the long hours that Dave sits there alone in his office in UCO instead of mingling with others, he might take anger management classes and bring along Ed Black. Perhaps he might do something constructive like writing apology notes to the myriad number of people he has hurt instead of sitting in there and doing what - contemplating his navel? Plotting more insults?

The sign of a good and efficient leader is one who is organized and can move out of the office, talk with people, and wow, even laugh a bit. Dave, admit that you need a rest. Come back in a few years with a fresh look and a rested ego. Maybe then you can contribute in a positive manner to the future well being of our Village, our home. In the meantime, please control your temper and watch who you yell at.

Those of you reading this, please toss out this kind of condoned behavior. Vote ESTHER and DUMP DAVE - for the sake of us all. Don't be fooled by his tricks or empty threats.

Sunshine and Dump Dave



Can you imagine how despicable it is when a President - David Israel violently turns against one of his loyal Vice Presidents? 

When Phyllis Richland who has given many years of  dedicated service to the village disagreed with him -  on ONE issue - David  went on HIS BLOG and verbally discredited her. This type of behavior is  abominable and is an indication of a serious mental disorder.

I am hoping that some of you who are reading this blog can see your way clearly and realize that David Israel  is destroying our village.
The easiest way to restore sanity is to RETURN TERM LIMITS and allow David Israel to walk quietly into the sunset.

We want our village restored  to a healthy environment in March and the best way to do this is to DUMP DAVE and vote for ESTHER SUTOFSKY.

The God father Speaks

Please God father let me Kiss your ring 

The Hit List:
Marilyn Pomerantz, Herb Finkelstein, Marilyn Gorodetzer, Dom Guarnagia. - RIP

It reads like a script from a God Father movie. There are certain people that used to be in his inner circle that are now out of his circle and on his hit list. These certain  people were elected by the Village and are now singled out for advocating to" kill the Wi-Fi bill". These people, who are named above " must be punished and removed." These thoughts are from the God Father himself, the Superior one,  the Magnificent President of UCO and he is talking to one of his underlings. Incredibly this actually occurred and on the Internet no less. These comments showed up on the Private blog for a while. Scary, Huh?

Essentially what the Great one is suggesting is that the above listed people be eliminated in March vote. To me that sounds like a Hit list. Pretty Strong for Century Village Retirement community, So the people we have to thank for this nefarious scheme are Mr. David Israel and the anonymous coward Mr.Don4060 (hat size-belt size). The people on the hit list know who they are. But just in case they are named  here.  Just more threats? (I hope)

Posted by Richard Parker




This conversation between our prospective buyer and a current resident takes place a few days after the first conversation.

Hey, how are you? I see you are still hanging around, Are you liking the Village more? Are you buying?

Good to see you too. I've been seriously thinking about buying. The points you made about possible changes in the administration gave me incentive to buy but there are still issues.

Like what? Maybe I can help you.

Well, yesterday after the rain, I went outside and had to go to a friend's place. It was nearby so I decided to walk or rather thought I would walk. I practically had to swim through some of the lakes on the roadways. What gives with that? I know they were horribly paved, but where are the drains and drainage system?

You hit it on the nail again. We were ripped off again with the drains. Unbelievably overcharged for something called a French drain, a number were installed. Well, maybe we should pick another name for them, like....failed drains, or what a load of crock drains. They are insufficient and plus the slope of the road for drainage and runoff was killed by the paving. So look what we have now - more swimming pools, a worry as to what will happen should we get a really bad weather system in. Should we tell our first floor residents to get sandbags or high waders?
But we are planning to make sure this does not happen again and will try to find a remedy for the drainage where we can.

How will you do that?

well, I don't know the details, but I know our future new president, Esther Sutofsky, and her team, will investigate all possibilities. That is what they do - investigate, investigate, investigate, research, research, research before deciding and spending the Village's money. Making sure that we get the best bang for our money.

That sounds great. Can I meet her?

Sure, just email her at or come to one of the meetings she will attend. She and her entire slate have an open door policy, now and after winning the election. We have a great place her and are going to make it even better once we have the right person in place.

Oh, I should tell you that I heard about the current guy making up a fancy color brochure for his reelection. Are you worried?

No! When a bird looks for a mate, the bird gets all dressed up with colorful feathers and plumage, but we are not looking for a mate. We are looking for partners so we do not need to waste money on that. Besides, lies printed in color still are lies so the brochure is just more hot air, lies, and omissions.
If this man and his minions would spend ore productive time on the concerns of the Village, then he and the Village would not be in the place they are right now.

Think I am going to tell my friend to vote for Ether. He is a delegate. I agree - THROW HIM OUT. VOTE FOR A CLEAN AND OPEN GOVERNMENT. Now how do I go about volunteering to work with you?

Just email and we will return the email or call if you send us your number. See you soon. Take care.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Phylls Richland UCO Officer Speaks,

Our collective voices must be heard.

I have the privilege of being an officer of  UCO
The delegate assembly has reminded me of how important it is to think about who we are and where we are going as a village into the future and to recommit ourselves as officers and residents.

This is an exciting time. we have an opportunity to make a fresh start and make a difference.

We need an enthusiasm shared by all of us to make the change that will be challenging and constructive.

Our voters are intelligent men and women and they know a leader when they see her. Esther is that leader. And that is who we need.

Adding to the anxiety and the worry about the next election, please do not march to the same drumbeat. Sounds tough?? But be optimistic. After all this time of finger pointing and nay saying our voice is being heard.

There is clear hard fact that our efforts are changing the narrative. We are shifting public opinion and making progress because we are on the side of right and reason.

Phyllis Richland UCO Officer



Good morning, everyone. Another day in our wonderful home and another day to blog and work on throwing Dave out. Our brooms are working hard to sweep out all the trash that has accumulated over the past few years and that has blocked the quality aspects and people from shining through. Work with us, tell your delegate to vote for us and we promise a better CV as we straighten our finances, order our priorities and hear our residents. In the meanwhile, enjoy this "conversation".

Overheard conversation going on between a current resident and a prospective buyer.

"Good morning. Do you need any help. I see you are looking around."

"Thank you. I am interested in buying here but I need to have some answers first."

"Well maybe I can help you. At least I will try. What are your concerns?"

"So here are my concerns. I took a walk around the Village and noticed that there has been much effort put into its landscaping. The trees, the hedges, the flowers, the grass - it is all greqt. I assume this is an ongoing project. Correct?"

"Yes, thank you for noticing. We have a hard working Beautification Committee and these are the results. They are only some of the many people who work hard to keep this place up."

"I have seen the results of those efforts except in one or two places. One place is right here, in the appearance of your streets and walkways and the other is in that building that is called the UCO building."

"Again, what are your concerns?"

"Why, if the landscaping is so rich and well done, are the streets,walkways and roadways looking so neglected. They are a major part of the infrastructure of the Village, are they not? Why have they not been done is what, looks like about 10 years."

"Actually, they were done about two years ago."

"Are you serious? How could that be? They are uneven, still pebbly in places, I see that enormous pools of water gather in the roadways after a rain and I can barely see the lane markings. That is how faded they are. Who was in charge of this?"

"Aha! You have just hit the nail on the head. The do look terrible and they do look worn and old. You are correct. There was extremely poor planning and poor supervision of this project. We are still trying to get answers and trace the facts, financial and otherwise, about all this".

"Well, why can't you get your answers in that UCO building. I went in and tried to speak to some officers, including the president and basically I was given evasive answers and shown lots of closed doors, telling me that all the people were oh, so busy. What are they so busy doing that they cannot find the time to talk with me? Is that how your government works here? I cannot buy in a place like that. I will have to look elsewhere."

"What if I told you that we are working hard to fix these issues, to reorder priorities and open the government up to our residents? We wish to recognize the hard work done by those in the government who truly care and get rid of the rest, especially the president and his minions. In fact, our candidate has even posted an email address to contact her so she can answer concerns or questions people might have. Now let me ask you a question. If we could get you open doors at the UCO building and better maintenance and supervision over our infrastructure, would you buy here? Would you care if at present we have no general wifi or VOIP for the Village?"

"Of course a new government would make a huge difference as a responsive and pro active administration is the way to go. I think I will email your candidate and as for wifi and VOIP -  wifi is a serious issue with many negative aspects which must be addressed and if people want VOIP they can get it for themselves. Should the Village get this and wifi, IT people or techies would have to be hired, security issues would need to be addressed before even beginning on the infrastructure necessary and there are just so many issues. No, that would not bother me. All things come to those who wait, especially if there is careful thought prior to funding of projects. Now what was that email address "    I know Esther looks forward to hearing from you and anyone else who wants to join our efforts. I hope I can say welcome to the Village....

You certainly can, and in the meantime tell me how I can help.


Monday, September 23, 2013


The email address is


I would like to get to know more of you out there in the Village. While schedules are jam-packed, it might be a great way to meet should you have a club or association meeting. Just email me at and hopefully we will be able to arrange a mutually agreeable time. You can always simply email with a question about an issue. Please note though that I will not deal with obscene language, potty humor, etc. The election for a new president of UCO is serious business and attempts by Dave's minions to do anything to block the account will also be taken seriously.

Please check in at least once a day for a new posting which will hopefully prove to be entertaining as well as thought provoking.


"All you need is love. Bom bom bom bom..."  Ahh, if only it were that simple. True, we certainly can use a whole lot more civility within our government, but that will come with the new administration. So here is what we do need...

1. A recognition of the good work done by many of the unsung heroes of UCO who generally get a lot of garbage from Dave.

2. A recognition that there is a process and procedure and to tell a bookkeeper now to NOT REPORT to Dorothy, our heroic treasure is a major no-no. Dave and Ed Black are not the treasurers. In fact, they are who got us into this financial mess in the first place.

3. An admission that our finances at present are rocky but can and will be pulled back together with the help of Dorothy and other financial honest experts.

4. A recognition that the Village residents are owed an honest and clear accounting and an honest and sensible accounting system'

5. A recognition that UCO is a team effort. Yes, there is a leader, but one who must function with care and concern, with politeness, honesty and a deep knowledge that the PRESIDENT SERVES THE PEOPLE, not the other way around.

6. A recognition that yes, we must upgrade certain items, but that must be done with care, with forethought, with a full and complete
understanding of all costs, even going into the future with possibilities.

7. A recognition that all must be presented to our residents, not decided in a backroom.

8. A recognition that an accounting theory that works on the "rob Peter to pay Paul and the hell with Suzy Q when she needs her money" is BAD!

9. A recognition that UCO must not work on fear and intimidation wherein people are frightened into going along even when they do not want to.

10. A recognition that we must tighten up on our connections with individual Associations so that we do not have renter and non payment situations. We need to provide aid and advice.

11. A recognition that we need a government and a president who has an open door policy. Try getting in to see Dave, His Royal Majesty, the secret agent man, who keeps that door closed. Just what IS he doing in there all day anyway?

A vote for Esther is a vote for good government. Do I promise perfect government? No. That is impossible but what I do promise is  to do the best WE ALL CAN as I am not in this alone. There are many good people who have expressed relief that someone else is running. Dave is not the be all and end all unless it is the end all of the Village if we let him stay in office.

Again, talk to your delegates, your friends. think about what our slate says and promises. No pie in the sky, but good solid governing. Come to our to be announced fundraisers. Make some phone calls. Throw Dave out! Speak up for good government. Do not be silenced. This is the good old USA where free speech is a right.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Citizens: Our Next President of UCO - Esther Sutofsky

Villainous Clowns
So the time has come to really be serious. Even though the Village is being run by villainous clowns, there is a time to say enough is enough. We have sat quietly for too long. We need to stand up and take back our Village, take back our home, fight the good fight and do what is right. Therefore, I am now announcing that I am running for the position of President of UCO in the forthcoming election.
I do this with great reluctance and with great fear at the awesome responsibility I would be taking on, but we who oppose Dave Israel, Ed Black and all of the rest of his minions know the situation is serious.

My name is Esther Sutofsky and those of you who have been reading the blog know where I stand. We bought here in June, 1998 and moved down on a permanent basis, 12 months a year, on the very day I retired - June 30, 2003. Gerry and I love it here and were not really into taking on new jobs and duties, but life has its own plans.

Why do I think I can do the job? Because I have done administrative jobs before. For 13 years before I retired I was an administrator, an educator, a principal at private schools. I had to take on responsibilities and know how to speak to people in the proper manner, with the right mix of care and concern, respect and professional knowledge. As an administrator I had to deal with money, with budgets, with purchasing - using a proper PO or purchase order (not as was done here in the paving of our streets), and the list goes on.

Have I done much of activity here in UCO? No, and that is a point of strength. I owe no one, have made no backroom deals, only pushed for answers (and for that was banned from Dave's private blog). The time for answers has come and gone. The time for new blood, fresh blood, has come. Dave knew nothing, had no presidential or administrative experience when he took the role on and he still knows nothing, certainly not the right way to do things. He had no administrative experience prior to this position and he still leaves most in the hands of others.
So come and stand with us, with our slate, which will be published shortly. Dave is trying his best to violate our right of free speech, but we will prevail.
Work with us for a new honest and open administration. Tell your delegates that you have had enough of poor planning, poor budgeting, backroom dealings, a president that has a closed door policy, one who threatens and intimidates as his standard policy. Tell them to vote for Esther and her team - the citizens and residents of Century Village of West Palm Beach.

Dave, we know you are already planning to introduce a few dark horses to split the vote, but know that we know that and your false candidates will be outed.

We plan to run a clean campaign but will not back down. I have extended an invitation to you before to work with us for the sake of the Village, but you deemed it not necessary. Now we ask you to grow up and be a man and run a clean campaign with no slurs, no lies and no threats or intimidation or blacking out our right to campaign. The rest is up to you.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Time to get serious, although I must say that after being offline for a few days, the new postings gave me quite a few laughs, especially the one about going to UCO and all the ball people! But the time has come to really put it all on the line and in words of one syllable or less, delineate exactly why Dave is such a crappy president, needs to be mothballed (there goes a ball again) and why after he is out why we need to conduct a thorough housecleaning and investigation to see if there are more serious charges pending such as financial malfeasance,etc. I am not  a forensic accountant, but I think we certainly need one to straighten out all questions as to where money came from, went to, stayed or didn't as the case may be, issues of possible backroom dealings and even "thank yous" for contracts assigned when it was clearcut that these were not the wishes of the delegates or committees.

1. We do not need a president who does not have a life outside UCO. That is a dangerous situation for then the president will just sit around and cook up plans. Sound familiar?

2. We do not need a president with a lack of transparency and honesty and forthrightness in his actions and dealings with people.

3.We do not need a president who has no control over his temper.

4.We do not need a president who works with a few cohorts and refuses to hear the voices of the people he serves.

5. We do not need a president who refuses to admit when he does not know enough to make a proper decision nor does he go on to get more information that is needed.

6. We do not need a president who is financially sloppy.

7. We do not need a president who contradicts himself over and over.

8.We do not need a president who throws good people away or under the bus if he believes it serves him better to do so.

9. We do not need a president who thinks he is a king in his own right and by divine right.

10. We do not need a president with delusions of self importance and grandeur. No, Dave, you did not solve the terrorism problem all by yourself after 9/11. 

The list can go on and on, but there will be more postings about what we do need in a president but please think about these statements till then and read the other informative postings carefully. Tell your delegates - NO MORE DAVE!!


David the Megalomaniac unleashed?

Anything you can do I can do better, and better alone.

David Israel Is a person who thinks he can do anything he wants to do and   uses threats and lies to get his way.  Mr. Israel had done this at the last couple of  meetings we attended including the Bid committee and Finance committee meetings. 

The members of the committee were considering proposals from only two companies on installing  Wi-Fi in our Village. The quotations were far apart with one of them being in the ONE Million Dollar Range. The members of the Bid Committee wanted to table the Wi-Fi bids until they could gather more definite information. The Bid Committee may have remembered the fiascos we had in the past with bigger biddings. 

The Comcast disaster and the problems we have had, and still have, with the repaving of the roads which cost over $5,000,000 (that’s 5 Million)  and which came out of your pockets. 


Mr. Israel flew into a rage because Wi-Fi was tabled for consideration at another time. Mr. Israel screamed at the bid Committee Members for not doing their job and he threatened the Bid Committee that he would place their names in the UCO Reporter (would that be terrible?)  And also bring the Wi-Fi Bids to be voted on by the UCO delegates. (Probably not legal) 

This is not a way the President of UCO should act.  David Israel is now the only person that is allowed to pick the vendors and get the bids, and if he likes what they have to offer he will invite them to bid. This is a path to trouble, because it is a possible way for a person to make some money on side.  It is a breakdown of the Checks and Balances system which should have at least five people looking at the bids and which company they recommend. 
Our president likes to throw out names like dissidents and malcontents or whatever name he can come up with, well Mr. Israel I have one for you it’s called megalomania (it is a mental disorder, psychopathological) which is characterized by delusions of grandeur and power characterized by  delusional  fantasies

Friday, September 20, 2013

At Last The truth about the Transponder Mess by Our Treasurer

Lies upon lies. Is there no end?
This post is written by Dorothy Tetro our Current UCO Treasurer. 

Has Israel's lies risen up to a retraction.

Posted by Dorothy Tetro
Cue-ball runs the private blog and Black-ball prohibits you from posting anything legitimate and true. One by one, people are exiting the domain where lies, stealing, cheating, defaming and secrets are predominant. Mr. Israel wants me, your Treasurer, out of office so badly that he’ll do anything . . . . ANYTHING short of lying to the NSA.-  Dorothy

On the David Israel private blog, he has chosen to say that "She continues the gouging, a real scandal!" in reference to what you paid for a Transponder strip. He says: "Madam Treasurer please stop gouging our Unit Owners."

He is again dodging the truth, and he does that by telling bald-faced LIES. He is now really searching for ways to turn the spotlight onto someone else because more and more CV people are ready to take him out back and tar and feather him.

He is bringing this Transponder matter up because he thought that with lots of pressure, I would resign my position as Treasurer months ago. In fact, he was sure of that. But, I haven’t and I won’t until I do the job that I was elected to do and to do it to the very best of my ability. So, now he’s jumping all over the place and trying to dig things up about the way I’ve worked, but he can’t find anything that I’ve done wrong, so he makes up stories, puts them on his private blog in large print with certain words emphasized. What a cowardly act.

He is doing this because he and Black are hiding a lot of very serious matters involving vast sums of money, and in order to keep it hidden, he needs Black back in as Treasurer. Then, like Black did before, the monies can all be moved from the seven accounts to one pot and he can shift and maneuver the monies around any which way, con the CV people as to what he’s doing,
just like the paving job, -- and you’ll never know where the money went or how it got there. Crooks do those kinds of things. With Black in his back room, Israel can even manipulate funds for HIS pet project, -- the Wi-Fi fiasco.

Note that Israel puts the LIES on his private blog because he knows well that I cannot respond there. I’m not allowed to say anything on his private blog. So, why doesn’t he put the same posting on the public blog? Because the truth will be told and he can’t handle it. He would have an accident.

Alright, let’s get to the truth of the Vehicle Transponder Strips. The truth is a little lengthy, but it is put out to you that way to be sure that no details have been left out. Read on . . . .

I have been told that there is a statement on the "other" blog to the effect that I have resisted reducing the transponder fees inasmuch as the transponder itself costs less than $11.00. It is important to remember that the schedule of fees was established prior to my becoming Treasurer in October of 2006.

On May 1, 2003 an agreement describing the Scope of Work relative to the "installation of a Sirit reader/antenna system at both of our resident gate entrances" was signed by Vivian Walsh as President of UCO. The work was to be performed by Complete Access Control. Quoting from this agreement, the price structure was clearly stated as follows (with pricing valid for 60 days):

TOTAL JOB (tax included) $ 29,937.50

Sirit "new" stick-on transponder tags (1-4,999) $ 8.95 each to purchase from vendor
Sirit "new stick-on transponder tags (5,000+) $ 8.75 each to purchase from vendor.  
Subsequently, on June 9, 2003, there was a meeting of the UCO Security Committee, Dave Bernstein presiding.

I quote below from the minutes of that meeting.

"1. Transponder fees will be as follows:
$15 resident unit owners who already have bar code
$25 new residents and renters. Renters will be charge an administration fee to renew. $5. $30 maintenance company managers, doctors, WPRF staff, etc.

2. (This paragraph, which is relatively long, refers to the need for volunteers, flyers, bar code and security committee members to be available for assistance.)

3. The electrician will begin this week. Installation of scanners will begin when electrical work is completed.

4. New gate arms will be padded. Drivers will be charged for any damage."

Cue-ball runs the private blog and Black-ball prohibits you from posting anything legitimate and true. One by one, people are exiting the domain where lies, stealing, cheating, defaming and secrets are predominant. Mr. Israel wants me, your Treasurer, out of office so badly that he’ll do anything . . . . ANYTHING short of lying to the NSA.

So, what does all of this history have to do with today? By 2013, the supplier had increased the cost by $2.10. The cost of a Vehicle Transponder Strip from the vendor today is $10.85. Add to that sales tax sent to the State by UCO $1.51 (George Loewenstein, when he was Treasurer, insisted that the State Sales Tax be added in.); a UCO paid employee’s salary including payroll taxes is apportioned into each strip plus UCO’s cost of maintenance and repairs as may be necessary, plus the apportioned cost for the equipment itself – equals $26.75 for a new transponder for a person who has never had one. If you are getting a replacement Transponder, you pay only $16.00. Note well: NO PROFIT IS BUILT INTO THESE FIGURES.

What Mr. Israel fails to understand is that we can’t simply sell them at cost and take a loss. All he wants to do is make a blanket erroneous statement prompting you to get all excited. The Order Form that he shows on his screen is correct, and he signed it on August 26, 2013. But, that is just the package of materials; - - again, add the other parts to this equation, the cost goes from $10.85 to $26.75, AND, THAT $26.75 FEE HAS BEEN IN PLACE SINCE 2005!

This Vehicle Transponder Strip matter is now brought up. How is it that Israel didn’t bring it up when Black was the Treasurer? This is a back-room secret which Israel won’t dare answer because it is part of another SCANDAL.  Robbing you further is when the Village goes back to bar-codes where people will scream "I want a refund." This is another back-room brainstorm of Cue-ball/Black-ball, and they will LIE to get whatever they want.

Note carefully that Mr. Israel uses the word "Scandal" in his piece to convince you that I deceived you. Well, now you know that he is LYING again, - - a common habit of his. What he really needs to do is read all of the articles entitled "SCANDALS" and he’ll realize what all of the real scandals are all about…..HIM!



Thursday, September 19, 2013

EGO, POWER, CONTROL and let’s not forget MONEY! Especially money!


Israel has formally labeled us the Libel & Defamation channel, and the Malcontent Blog. For a grown man – a person retired froEgo, Power, Controlm a super top-secret agency of the United States Government, to cast such mean-spirited names to identify people who are trying to get the truth out to CV residents reveals what this man is all about: - EGO, POWER, CONTROL and let’s not forget MONEY! Especially money!

When you want to know whose hand is in your pocket because it’s costing you lots of bucks, -- know that it’s Israel’s.

So, let the games begin, -- according to Israel, the people who have an opposing opinion are known as "Libel and Defamation" people, and are the "malcontent" people and the "dissidents". So, from this day forth we shall identify the main characters on ISRAEL’S PRIVATE BLOG as follows: - Cue-ball, Black-ball and No-balls (Israel, Black and Marshall).

The games continue:

Now we can get sweat shirts printed up. . . WOW! And, give to Israel the white cue ball; give Black the eight ball; and give Marshall a tampon. Israel and his dopes can now use whatever names they wish of us.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Invasion of Privacy

No Invasion of Privacy on The Public Blog!

We invite all of you to comment on our Blog, not just register and comment. We don't see the reason or the need for supplying your Email address, Telephone Number, Cell Number and address. That's makes me nervous as it should you. What is David going to do with you address, visit you? What is going to do with your Telephone Number? Call you up at Suppertime and ask for your vote, or a donation. Your Email address, of course is used for advertisements, electioneering, whatever.  That is the Private blog in action.

Now the Public Blog, this Blog is open to the Public. No registration required. Just access the comment section and write your head off. We don't even require a name. We do require Civility.

Please note there is translate box, so you can translate this blog into French or any language you like.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Her Only Mistake


I just read David Israel's blog in reference to Phyllis Richland. I can't believe the  stupidity  and malice he displayed with this woman.

Phyllis has been Vice President for six years devoting her time and energy to Century Village on behalf of all the people who were unable to  afford to pay for certain medical expenses.  She also helped them to get cell phones, hearing aids and   many benefits  they were entitled to but were unaware of.

Whether you approve or not, she has been a stalwart for the needs of the people in the village.

The only mistake she ever made was to disagree with David Israel, and for that he chastised her.

David Israel has to be the biggest Idiot loser on this planet.


Note to our Canadian Friends and Neighbors

I see where On David’s Blog the French Canadians have made a request to the people of Century Village to support Wi-Fi.  Of course, they make no mention of the fact that some of these people are living on a meager fixed income and cannot afford an increase.

They have the arrogance to ask us to help pay for their Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is not lacking in the village. It’s available to anyone with the money to pay for it and they have it.  If these Cercle des Bons Amis really want to be our friends, let them keep their mouths shut and their wallets open.  

Lilliane from Bordeaux

Here is another view:
 We do not disagree with the Wi-Fi initiative. We disagree with the rush to get it, we disagree with the unexplained total costs. we disagree with the lack of respect for the bid committee, we disagree that Monsieur President has decided-period-end of story and that is that! Everything else is irrelevant.

We disagree with the fact that there are only 2 bids both of which are so far apart that its likely they are not bidding on the same specs,

And is there a bid proposal spec with a required bid deposit?

All of these questions should be answered intelligently and then we can go on. There is no need for a rush to judgment.

The bid committee could of and would have seen to all of this.



Sunday, September 15, 2013

Credibility down the tubes


When you’re losing every day with your credibility going down the tubes, you then resort to any measures available in order to try and sway things back to hood-winking everyone. Let’s change the "hood-winking" word to something more accurate – LIES!

This is exactly what is now happening to your Cue-ball president, and his Black-ball stooge, -- releasing lies.

He has made the verbal statement that all Century Village people are stupid and ignorant about CV affairs, and therefore, he can tell them ANYTHING and they’ll believe it, -- like, "THE SKY IS FALLING," and he expects them to say, -- "DOES THAT MEAN IT’S GOING TO RAIN?"

Israel and Black are doing it again by trying to conjure up a reason as to why we need a different way of getting into the Village. Just another one of their "money" schemes orchestrated by the Black-ball. And,

Israel will, of course, elaborate the lies so that he can blame Dorothy Tetro. And, why would he do that? -- so that he can get Black back in as Treasurer of UCO; be able to mingle the money of all UCO accounts, and the SCANDALS will begin all over again.

Then, the lies Israel throws out about the transponders. It is just another Secret Agent Man’s way of shifting the criminal action floods off of himself. One might say – "he is becoming paranoid". He can literally talk a hungry cat off of a fish wagon.

It is the primary goal of Israel and Black (Cue-ball and Black-ball) to disrupt anything and everything in the Village that saves ALL of the people money and enhances the way people live. And, because of the way Israel and Black are accustomed to doing things, they must LIE to make their "illicit" operations work.

Wi-Fi was defeated and it was for many good solid reasons. But, count on it; -- Israel and Black will lie through their teeth to you in order to get you to vote for it. He, Israel, personally, wants Wi-Fi, -- he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about how you feel about it or whether or not you can afford it. And, after he threatens some people, he might just get his way. It will be said if that happens.

So, things in the Village continue, -- it is up to you … do you want to believe the LIES or not? If you don’t, let him know!!

Look what's up -

I want the Drill Instructors' (DI) button

Just checked on the other blog for more lies and guess what? Dave now has his face on an elect Dave for president button already. well lah di da- starting early, secret agent man?

Revert to Form

When things begin to go bad, he Reverts to Form.

Things apparently are not going well for Our President. When he senses this, he will revert to a basic form. That is making up charges against his perceived enemies. I noted that he is ranting about the transponder strip cost, as if the cost of the strips are new I paid $25 three years ago. You want outrageous behavior follow this link, and see Mr. Israel's apology for his behavior re: 1st Priority and bald-face lying..

Dave's Letter of retraction and admission of Dirty Politics

Here's' another Century Citizen heard from:

I see a new controversy has been opened with the cost of transponders. Please let everyone know that Edie L's salary is figured in the sales price of the transponders. She maintains the records of the purchasers, updates the files when they purchase a new car and even at times installs the transponders on the cars. Thus the so called profit alluded to in the Drill Instructors
postings is not really a profit.   George

Do you think the Major is aware of this?

And another Citizen says:
Purportedly the occasional sale of a transponder is dimineous compared to the profit generated by the charge for a credit check . The charge is $100 and the cost $30. Is DI aware of this outrage?


I HATE TO SAY THIS, BUT.............

Last night, while trying in vain to fall asleep, or rather get back to sleep, my mind was churning. Over and over it was bringing up images of the postings that we have done and I am ashamed of myself for lowering myself to their level in calling Dave a sleaze bucket  so soon after Yom Kippur and I am horrified at the level of cruelty seen in the posters of the other blog. One very casually tosses off the statement that CV is not for people who cannot afford it and the Wifi payments, so basically, let them get the hell out of town. Really now! When the elderly elderly retired on $600 SS and their savings it seemed like enough. Now they have outlived their savings and the SS payments are a joke so yes, $3 or $4 or $8 or wherever you think to stop is a lot. It is a dinner or two. What should we do? Toss them under the highway. You should only hope that you do n ot find yourself in that condition in the years to come.
You denigrate anyone who disagrees with you, having the nerve to do so. Who do you guys think you are? G-d's representatives on earth? Well, you are not so get off your pedestal and mingle with the plain folks again. Stop calling Dorothy, a woman of total integrity and strictly by the book person as regards her responsibilities, a possible crook. Where do you come off doing that?
Stop feeding on your own hate and inanities and look at other people's viewpoints and actions without consigning them to the devil or highway or wherever.Try to think of the definite possibility that there will be another president come March and other officers and you will have to work with them. Do not burn bridges.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Secret Agent man
Allow me a minute or so. Let me get you to do a bit of thinking and judging for yourself.

Why doesn’t Israel, the secret Agent Man, the Black-Jack-Back room puppet string puller, the former President and  ass-kissing yes man, Elaine B who can’t stand being a woman; and the other zombie-like schmucks with earlaps, - never comment on the private Israel blog, or on the blog about anything that is said about them and their actions or inactions?


Well, a person in the profession, E.G; a psychiatrist, or a psychoanalyst, or a psychotherapist, or a psychopathologist, or a psychologist, or any of the professional psychos, may tell you that a non-response to something is equal to agreeing to everything that is printed.


When former President Nixon was asked if he was a crook, - he couldn’t remain mute. He responded by saying, “I’m not a crook!’ When former President Clinton was asked if he was serviced by Monica, he couldn’t remain mute, and his answer was “NO!” When former President Jefferson was asked if he was the father of his housemaid’s child, he also couldn’t remain mute, and he said “NO.” If they remained mute, logic says that their muted answers are assumed to be “Yes, “Yes'” and, yes.” Yes, Nixon was a crook; Clinton was screwing with Monica, and, yes, it was Jefferson’s child.


By not responding, not only is what is in print taken to be gospel, but also, the people talked about in the articles don’t know how to respond because they don’t know  how to refute the truth and the facts.


Israel, and his gang of bone-brained cohorts, doesn’t know what to say when confronted by the truth. And, they’re deathly afraid to deny something for fear of prevaricating in print.


Now, take a moment and think about that.


Friday, September 13, 2013

The Facts about Wi-Fi as we know it

Actual Wi-Fi statistics and then there is Daves' Facts.

According to the Well of knowledge, our Dave,  there are 1700 positive reply's to his survey. If he bothered to look at the survey he would see that out of all the returns there are only 727 Computer owners.  Out of that number 590 have internet access. Probably not counting the few that use the club house as their IP. (Where did he get 1700 from? Beats me)

So we have 7800 units here, El Primo says that that his numbers is outstanding 1700 or 727 I say compared to 7800 possible computers it is certainly not anywhere near outstanding. Its not even close. I think El Supremo has a agenda that does not consider the vast majority of the  residents living here in Century Village and their (our) needs and wants.

So keeping all the above in mind, just exactly what is the Colonels' agenda , and that of his gang of 5. (The rest did not vote with him)

The best thing we can do is follow the lead of the Finance and Bid Committees and put Wi-Fi off till 2014. Un-elect Dave in the spring and move on. God willing.

Here's link to some more facts
Here's another one.
And still another one


No Respect



For the last six months Dom Guarnagia has saved the Village $60,000. When Roger Carver quit, Dom stepped up to the plate to take over his responsibilities thus putting the salary of a CAM into the UCO fund.  

Dominick did this voluntarily while maintaining his duties as Vice President.  

Dominick is also chair at the Bid committee in which he has put a great deal of time and effort. Now David Israel comes along and disrespects Dom by stating the bid committee has no relevance. David’s attitude is abhorrent and sends a message to all the officers of UCO that they are unimportant.

Would you want to run for office in UCO under these circumstances? I think not.

 David Israel continues to treat people like dirt and the sooner the rest of the officer’s wake up to this the quicker the total revolt will take place.

In the meantime, put the Wi-Fi off for this year and concentrate on getting the Colonel and his gang of 5 out of here this spring.


Enough is too much already

Have you read the posts on the other blog. They are unbelievable. It is as if there was no finance committee meeting, no opposition to the Wi-Fi and plans are being made to change the budget, ignore the committee's decisions .Hello, there are bylaws Dave and fellow malcontents! Yes, you guys are the malcontents since you choose to ignore the wishes of the people and are encouraging others to ignore them too. You ask people to respond to some clubs on your blog -HA! You blocked all your "enemies" so now you can present a united front with your minions of Bob and Don and Elaineb and nutmeg, etc. Such a fine group of idiots. Be warned that you will not be allowed to invalidate the bylaws and that people are watching you and your puppet master very carefully so you had better think twice and three times before you advance in your plots and plans. And as far as being paranoid, it is you that is paranoid. Olga is simply saying and asking, "What the hell are you doing there when nobody else is? Are you looking thru records? Are you hatching new nefarious plans?


David Israel’s true colors are slowly becoming evident to the many people who were unaware of his mental deterioration. As David finds fault with people who oppose him on any one issue and castigates them in public, they begin to realize his actions are not in the normal vein of a person with a sound mind.   

The last straw was when he disrespected Phyllis Richland and Dom Guarnagia who has given years of dedicated service to the residents of Century Village.

As long as Phyllis and Dom agreed with David on EVERY issue, they were considered his FRIENDS. However, the one time they disagreed, he threw them into the Lion’s den to be chewed up.

This is the shame of David Israel; disagree with him and you are nothing; agree with him and you are a Saint. I am afraid this type of behavior is too far over the edge and must be stopped before Century Village residents begin to suffocate from the stench of the putrid air he has inflicted upon us.   

David must not be allowed to continue as President of UCO.  He must be stopped NOW and the easiest way to do this is for the delegates to RESTORE TERM LIMITS and let his term run out in March.