Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crime in CV

Crime spree concerns at Century Village in West Palm Beach

Story by Al Pefley / CBS 12 News
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Frightened by a rash of home break-ins, some people who live at Century Village in suburban West Palm Beach  are putting their heads together, looking for a solution.

About 60 residents of this retirement community near Okeechobee Blvd and the Turnpike met at the pool Tuesday night for a community meeting.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Truth


In 2009, UCO’S insurance was renewed. The insurance Company UCO used during that time was sold to another Company. When the policy was renewed, the new company made the mistake of writing one policy with a $50,000 limit for mold damage.  The original policy called for EACH association to have a $50,000 limit for mold damage. This error meant, in the event of a hurricane the village would only be covered for a grand total of $50,000 mold damage.

The policy was effective  in January and  Dan Gladstone, insurance chair at the time, did not receive the policies until March of that year.  As a result, when he received them and   discovered the mistake, he immediately notified the insurance Company of their error. The insurance company agreed to issue an endorsement to the policy to correct the mistake. Meanwhile, the hurricane destroyed many units, and because of the error, contractors refused to repair any damage, unless they were guaranteed payment in advance.

While the Insurance Company was putting together the endorsement, Jerry Karpf had his monthly umbrella club meeting and invited a representative of 1st priority as a guest.  This was the first meeting between Dan Gladstone and 1st Priority. At that meeting, Dan saw an opportunity to speak to 1st priority about our problem.   1st priority agreed to do the work without receiving money up front. They understood the problem and said they would wait for the insurance Company to issue the endorsement to allow each Association to have a total of $50,000 in mold damage.  Dan said OK but insisted all work must have permits. At that time, none of the unit owners had permits for the work needed to repair their units.  (Thirty eight inspections previously failed due to violations.)  1st priority was told by the inspectors, they were not allowed to begin work until all violations were removed. After the violations were removed the inspectors would issue permits to begin work.   The inspectors gave the responsibility of removing the violations to the unit owners and the Associations. This created a long waiting period in which repair work was held up due to the existing violations. Many unit owners were unaware of the cause of the delay; they became frustrated and blamed Dan. Dan Gladstone went before the Insurance commission to complain about the inspectors not giving permits to the contractors to allow them to begin work. He was told by the commission, “What do you want us to do? Have those contractors to do the work without permits? They have to wait.”  Eventually, the violations were removed, and 1st priority completed all the work.  The delays caused the unit owners to become frustrated, and they put all the blame on Dan.  David Israel saw the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the owner’s anger and frustrations by using Dan Gladstone as a whipping boy.  The owners quickly forgot about all the work and effort Dan Gladstone put into serving the village for the past ten years. The result was David Israel won that election by only TWO votes.   

Authors note:  1st priority had previously worked in Palm Beach County and had never encountered any problems. Their reputation was sullied by David Israel and his henchmen that wanted David in power.

 It was because of a threatened lawsuit by 1st priority that David Israel knew he could not defend that he was forced to write this letter of retraction.
Please refer back to this letter.

 This is only a vignette of the real character of David Israel.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Obamacare and the cruelties of the GOP

Originally Posted by Julie W on the NYT
  • The amazing thing is that  Republican politicians using  shameless scare tactics to keep their own constituents from benefiting from the ACA are, by and large, receiving their own health insurance coverage from the government by virtue of their status as government employees.

    And why is it that Americans of every political persuasion are more than willing to entrust their health care coverage to the government as soon as they become eligible for Medicare

    It should be easy to point out these staggering inconsistencies to people, but even the most determined efforts are likely to fall on deaf ears for the segment of the population being targeted for these conservative disinformation campaigns.

    The sheer cruelty of trying to deny the uninsured access to coverage while offering them no feasible alternative is nearly impossible to fathom.

    What is wrong with these people?


    Sunday, July 28, 2013


    Mr. Rivera has chosen to single out Dorothy Tetro, UCO's Treasurer by making certain claims as to her residency.  At a meeting he came right out and said so.  He makes the statement that it is not personal, but rather for the good of all CV residents to abide by the rules and by HIS interpretation of residency.  If you believe that garbage, he'll tell you another one.

    He talks often about how everyone should live by the established By-Laws; he's adamant about that, - "FOR THE GOOD OF ALL." he says.  The Camden "B" Condominium Association documents, where Mr. Rivera resides, state in part:  "TO SHOW NO SIGNS, ADVERTISEMENTS OR NOTICES OF ANY TYPE ON THE COMMON ELEMENTS OR HIS (sic) UNIT ....."

    In the rear of Mr. Rivera's unit, on his porch, facing the roadway, he has erected an illuminated moving message sign similar to what you might see on a building at One Time Square, New York.  His moving message sign has red letters, with other colors added for emphasis - some words are even blinking.  The letters are 3" to 4" high and the sign is 2 to 3 feet long.  The moving sign reads in two word segments the following:  "DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE SCARE TACTICS OF THE ANTI-DAVE PEOPLE.  THEY SAY THINGS WITHOUT PROOF.  NEWS FLASH.  IF AN OFFICER OF UCO DOES NOT RESIDE IN CENTURY VILLAGE THEN ACCORDING TO THE BY-LAWS THEY MUST RESIGN.  SIGN THE PETITION REQUIRING PROOF OF RESIDENCY FOR ALL OFFICERS IN DOUBT OF THEIR RESIDENCY.  THANK YOU"

    Now, about the By-Laws, Mr. Rivera, - do you practice what you preach, or is it that you couldn't care less about what anyone says?  If anyone demands that you take the moving message sign down because you are violating your own By-Laws, what are you going to do, - BANG, BANG - SHOOT HIM with the gun you admit having?

    Century Village has numerous problems, no doubt, but you are its' biggest.  Tell everyone who pushed your buttons - was it Mr. Israel or Mr. Black, - or both?


    Licensed to Carry

    Mr. Rivera, a number of things have been said of you and about you in great detail on this Blog, including quotes from you, and you haven't responded to a single posting.  The unwritten law of mutual understanding and recognition in the civilized world dictates that if you don't respond to the matters put before you that are duly recorded, - it is normally deemed that all that is said of you and about you is authentic.

    And, since you haven't responded to all that is now on record, then you are hereafter known to be a CERTIFIED FAKE.  The sad part about this is that you know it.

    Now that you have admitted that you own a gun, - are you a FAKE or a FLAKE?  Because if you are on medication that may indicate that you are a FLAKE, owning a gun may be something people have to worry about.

     Posted by Eduardo

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Retraction and Loose Lips

    Posted by Olga


     David began his history of lies and deceptions while running for president of UCO. His strong need for power promulgated the treacherous actions which led to the defeat of his opponent Dan Gladstone.

    Without receiving payment in advance, Ist Priority was the only Company willing to enter Century Village to begin cleanup operations after the hurricane. At that time, no other Company was willing to begin restoration of water damage without first being paid by the insurance company.

    Hence, Dan Gladstone's only choice was to allow Ist Priority into the village to begin cleanup. One problem resulted with Ist priority out of many and was blown up out of proportion by David Israel and his gang of supporters in order to defame Ist Priority and his opponent Dan Gladstone.

    In reading the letter below you will discover that David was forced under threat of serious legal action to retract his infamous deception.

    David B. Israel 204 Greenbrier C
    Century Village
    West Palm Beach, Florida 33417-2332
    January 8, 2010


    Defamation of 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc. 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc.

    Attn: Yitshak Levy, President

    3389 Sherin Street Suite 127
    Hollywood, Florida 33021
    Dear Mr. Levy:

    On , 2009 during a United Civic Organization (" UCO" ) Insurance meeting, I took it upon myself to publish to its President, George Loewenstein and other committee members, then in attendance, a purported memorandum regarding the validity and experience of Ist Priority Restoration Services, Inc.

    My memorandum commenced with five(5)" key" questions, to wit:

    How and why is UCO First Named Insured?

    Why is UCO interfering in Association Insurance Affairs?

    Why are so many claims involving potentially unnecessary repairs being filed? What is our risk of being unable to acquire insurance as a result of our escalating claims~ volume?

    Why did we select a 5 year old inexperienced firm for such a major project?

    My memorandum first states that " 1st Priority Restoration" does not appear to be licensed in Florida. I then go on to state that " 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc. " appears to be the true name of the firm. I hereby acknowledge that at all times relevant herein, 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc., was a duly incorporated Florida corporation and I apologize for inferring that the company was not licensed in Florida for not having filed their articles of incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations.

    My memorandum then states that 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc.'s web site refers to MC Enterprises of South Florida, Inc. (" MC" ) which is " reminiscent of those who do handyman jobs in CV and advertise in the Reporter under other people's name and license." I further stated that MC is licensed but made no mention of First Priority. What I should have stated is that the corporate address, the President and Vice President of both corporations are identical. Thus, this is NOT reminiscent of persons who perform other " handyman jobs" . I hereby apologize for defaming the activities of 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc.

    Letter of Retraction to Ist Priority Restoration Services, Inc January 8, 2010

    Page 2 or 2

    My memorandum further states that " I would suspect the Legal ability of either firm to carry out Mold mitigation." I acknowledge that I have no competent substantial evidence of the truthfulness of this statement and apologize for defaming the services rendered by 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc. mld/or MC Enterprises of South Florida, Inc.

    My memorandum further states that " The Corporation filing clearly indicates that 1st. Priority Restoration Services, Inc., was created on September 9. 2004 (within a week after Hurricane Frances had devastated Florida ) specifically, I suspect, to rape Florida Citizens of all those juicy Insurance dollars and Deductible payments." I acknowledge that I have no competent substantial evidence of the truthfulness' of this statement and apologize for defaming the good name of 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc.

    In addition, I acknowledge orally stating at a recent UCO meeting that 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc. operated under the following entities: (a) First Priority DKI; and (b) First Priority Restoration, Inc. 1 acknowledge that at no time did 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc. ever operate under the foregoing names and that I have no competent substantial evidence of the truthfulness of my statement. I hereby apologize for defaming the good name of 1st Priority Restoration Services, Inc. and misleading the public as to its work and reputation.

    It appears that my memorandum, while only distributed at the UCO meeting, was in fact disseminated to other members within Century Village, Boca Raton. Accordingly, 1 hereby request that those who made copies of my previous Memorandum to make equal or greater numbers of copies of this retraction letter and that they distribute it as they did my Memorandum.

    Finally, please consider this correspondence as my formal retraction of all defamatory references to IST Priority Restoration Services, Inc I realize that I was remiss in not checking more carefully to ensure the accuracy of my information, for which I sincerely apologize. I hereby formally state that I have no reservations whatsoever of UCO or any other entity within Century Village or elsewhere from soliciting and utilizing the services of IST Priority Restoration Services, Inc

    Very truly yours,




    Posted by Olga


    Expedition Embark


     This is the picture of the man, who helped put up the fence on the Golf Course.

    This is the picture of the man who helped defeat the motion to provide funds for the Golf Course committee by saying the committee had an unbridled greed for money.

    This is the picture of the man who eliminated Term Limits, so he could continue his sterling leadership.

    This is the picture of the man responsible for our disastrous paving job.

    This is the picture of the man who helped bankrupt the Village.

    This is the picture of the man who wants our treasurer removed from office.

    This is the picture of the man who wants to remain in office "Till death do him part."

    This is the expression on the face of the man in telling the world the Pro-Active committee has an unbridled greed for money.



    Hi all

    First of all, let me make it clear, I do not want to see housing on the golf course; I would far prefer to have it returned to being a golf course, "in perpetuity".


    However, there has to be some limit to the rapacity of the Non-UCO ProActive Committee's unbridled greed for our money! 


    At Mondays meeting of the Executive Board, a member of the ProActive Committee, which I hasten to point out, is not a UCO committee, by their own choice, made known plans to make a motion at the upcoming meeting of the Delegate Assembly to place in the UCO budget for 2013 a line item of 98 cents per month per unit to continue paying an attorney to fight the developers plan to convert the golf course to residential housing. I hasten to note that this sort of  motion was defeated at last months Delegate Assembly meeting!!


    Having already burned through $25,000.00 of unit owner money and an undisclosed sum of donations, the ProActive committee now wants another $92,363.04 in 2013 from our unit owners!!


    The developer has millions, we do not!! This hemorrhagic rapacity must stop. Is this to become a Common expense in perpetuity?


    If the Proactive Committee wants money, let them canvass for donations from the "true believers" in the miasmic not to be golf course in the sky, and stop trying to make their vendetta a Common expense which we can ill afford.
    Delegates, please ask your Unit Owners what they think, before you vote!


    Dave Israel

    Posted by Olga

    Monday, July 22, 2013


    Posted by Eduardo

    Bobby-boy's actions are:
    He resigns from UCO, which included all committees, the Executive Board, the UCO Reporter, making the coffee, etc.- RESIGNING!
    No, he's not going to resign because somebody looked at him cross-eyed and he's really pissed - NOT RESIGNING!
    Oh yeah, he resigns because his health is more important than working with uncontrollable UCO people - RESIGNING!
    He decides that he can take anything from anybody, so he's not going to resign - NOT RESIGNING!
    Absolutely resigning because he's alienated and did dirt upon too many people and he can't face them - RESIGNING!
    Absolutely not resigning because the people elected him, but fails to say which, people elected him to committees, the UCO Reporter and making the coffee - NOT RESIGNING!
    Resigning, - he needs to see his doctors at the VA Medical Center and doesn't have time for the people who don't particularly like him - RESIGNED!
    He can't resign now because he may be considered a dope and he considers himself a brilliant person and besides he still want to get Dorothy Tetro out of office for very personal reasons - NOT RESIGNING!
    He's got to resign because everybody is laughing at the goofy statements he's made on Israel's private blog and Israel won't let him use four-letter words - RESIGNING!
    Resigning, hell no! - why would anyone ever think that?  He needs to be among all of his pals who hate his guts, but love his doggie - NOT RESIGNING!
    Hey Bobby-boy, I know that you think CV residents are really dumb, like bloody stupid, - you made a statement to that effect, indicating that they need to stick theirs heads up their rear ends.  But, face up Bobby-boy, - before you make another statement about RESIGNING or NOT RESIGNING, you really need to get your head examined by at least three professionals.  I would think it sensible for the people presently in power to duct tape you to your motorcycle and stick a banana in your mouth.  Everyone would then go on their pleasant way and continue to enjoy Paradise.  The PRIVATE blog and the PUBLIC blog would join hands and then be talking about rosy-posy stories.  Everyone would be so happy.  Gee-whiz, I can't wait ... Where's my hanky?  Will someone get my hanky!
    P.S.  Mr. Israel, sir, - if you're reading this posting on this PUBLIC blog, - please know that Mr. Rivera is shaming and embarrassing UCO, their officers and you in particular, in that you are the President, and thus you would be most astute in using your powers to shut him down.  Since he is so far out of control, you would be applauded by many, I'm sure.  And, because he is a loose cannon, I do hope that he doesn't own a gun.  I don't have to tell you sir.

    Sunday, July 21, 2013

    Wicked and Mind Blowing Statements

    Posted by Eduardo

    David Israel stated on his personal blog that he rarely takes a posting off of his blog, - but he did so because of wicked, mind-blowing statements made by Mr. Rivera, his runner.  Mr. Rivera is a loose cannon and I should think that the President would put a harness on him.

    Interestingly enough, in that very same posting, Mr. Israel stated: “Most of us live our live plus or minus 2 Standard Deviations on the bell curve; that channel is 20 sigmas out of the asymptote, please don’t be dragged into it.”  Now, I have a number of years of advanced learning, but I can’t fathom what the hell he’s talking about.  Do any of the “afraid to speak” people out there know?   Wait! … I think I know, - maybe he’s sending a coded secret message to his coolie Rivera, giving him a gag order.

    Boy, oh Boy, - such sophisticated language in Paradise has me overwhelmed.


    Arrogance and Sarcasm

    Posted by Eduardo

    The statement made by Mr. Rivera is dripping with arrogance and sarcasm alike. He talks like he's the Captain of a battleship resigning after 30 years of service. Holy mackerel! ... UCO is going to come to a complete crash and stop without him! I can see clearly why he is prohibited from making any more postings on the OTHER blog (that is what is on the street). And, how he wants to come back to this blog again even though he said good-riddance with a posting a short while ago.

    Mr. Rivera stated: "I hereby offer my resignation from UCO, and all committees effective 30 days from now, the UCO Reporter effective today." Everyone is supposed to shiver and reach for a hanky. Does he lie, or what? It has been reported that he was seen at the Reporter office on Friday, July 19th and was supposedly working. HUH? One can reasonably assume that resigning from UCO included everything to do with UCO, - it's like spitting after you say "UCO". He means, of course, the Executive Board as well, unless that becomes another falsehood. By the way, he "offers" his resignation from UCO like they're supposed to refuse to accept it.

    Mr. Rivera very lovingly states that "...people are so closed minded with their heads so far up their own rear ends that they could not see light if it was an inch in front of their noses." We finally hear it from him - what he thinks of YOU.

    Mr. Rivera also says, -- "Too much dissension within UCO, volunteers, friends, former friends." Nice touch ... Mr. Rivera is so egotistical that he'll never understand that he is the dissension among his peers.

    Mr. Rivera goes on to suggest that the good people of CV "...dis-respect the servicemen of this once great country..." This guy is really off the wall. He's like a run-away train. Or, simply put, a real dope.

    Mr. Rivera .... bye-bye .... and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.


    Civil War event

    Interesting Civil War event

    ‘The Old Flag Never Touched the Ground’

    William Carney was born into slavery but rose to become one of the Union’s most famous soldiers.

    Saturday, July 20, 2013

    Enemy Kick-off

    I have never kicked the enemy when he was on the ground, and I will not do it here.


    Mr. Rivera has chosen to relieve himself of his duties at UCO and as a staff member of the UCO Reporter. I shall let that decision rest in peace and not gloat over it as he suggested I would do. I will respect his decision without the consequence of facing any reaction from me.

    He did admit that although he was resigning from these positions, he would continue his campaign to disparage and malign me; that is his choice but I will no longer participate in his negativity against me by answering him. I have decided to leave him alone and let the readers of this blog deal with his actions.


    I will add that in the event, Mr. Rivera chooses to renege on his decision to relieve himself of his duties; I will also renege on my decision not to participate in any response to his future commentary.     


    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    J' accuse

    Bob Rivera has made a serious accusation against me on David Israel’s blog.

    And since I am forbidden to respond there, I will respond here.


    The accusation is this:  “I am sure she’ll take the opportunity to spit on my grave as she probably did to returning Viet Nam vets during her so-called peace protests."


    I was married to a man for 35 years, the father of my two children, who fought in World War 2.  He was in the Navy on an LCT in Normandy France that delivered equipment to the beaches. He enlisted at the young age of seventeen because he felt that war was necessary.  He returned home, as many soldiers did; horrified by their experience, not by the justification of war but by the horror of it. This was one of the reasons why he felt the Viet Nam's war was a mistake. There was no justification for it. I and many of our friends felt the same way.  Therefore, we chose to protest it. We felt we were protecting young innocents from being brutally tortured and sent to death while the very politicians who were perpetrating the war kept their own children safe by sending them to College.


    The accusation made by Bob Rivera, is a falsehood and is detrimental to my character.  It is suggested he retract this lie on David’s blog.  When he does, the matter will end.  Should he decide otherwise it will be a blain on him?



    It is unfortunate that Mr. Rivera felt the need to stoop so low in his attempt to discredit me, and the fact that David Israel had to give him the vehicle to do it is commentary on their heart of darkness.   


    *A further note to this article is a reminder that Robert McNamara Secretary of Defense in the Kennedy administration who was a consummate hawk and helped to escalate the Viet Nam's war had pangs of guilt, and before he died, he openly admitted to   the world that the Viet Nam's war was a huge mistake.



    Wednesday, July 17, 2013

    Fairy Tales



    (Vladimir Putin and Barak Obama speaking on the telephone)


    PUTIN:  Barak, Ve gotta a problem, this Snowman boy of your Vants Russia to give em temporary asylum. Vat do you vant us to do?

    BARAK: Give him asylum for a year. It will give us time to decide what to do with him. You see we have a problem too.  He’s a spy. He gave away our darkest Secrets.  But, under our constitution, he could be considered a whistleblower not a spy. If we take him back, prosecute him and fail we will look like fools.

     Putin:  Ok Barack, if ve do this for you, what are you going to do for us?


    BARAK:   Tell you what Vlad.  How About a nice vacation in sunny Florida?  We have a great senior community for your comrades called Century Village WPB.  I spent some time there when I was running for president. They will love it. Plus, well throw in some kegs of vodka. They have a terrific political  fight going on now. Your comrades could join in; they will love it.  What do you say vlad?

    PUTIN: I tink about it and let you know at the G-20.


    Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    Federal Charges

    Should Zimmerman Face Federal Charges?

    Are federal civil rights prosecutions overused? Have they outlived their original purpose, to overcome racist state decisions?

    Do you have a opinion? Comment here.      

    Monday, July 15, 2013

    Mr Rivera on tippy toes

    Mr. Rivera: - It would appear that the Israel Blog comments by Mr. black is tippy-toeing and gently neutralizing you.  I think that he, Mr. Black, has realized that you've gone too far and what you have to say isn't the way to go.  In fact, Mr. Black, from the looks of things, is distancing himself from you.  And, this was very likely to happen because what you're trying to do can be very hurtful to lots of CV residents.  Mr. Black has used you, like others, but it's clear that you're way out of control, and Mr. Black does things in a more subtle, back-room style.  So, what are you going to try now to get rid of Dorothy Tetro as UCO's Treasurer?           


    Yes!! for term limits



    The man who hides behind a thousand faces attended the last advisory committee where Mr. Bob Rivera presented a petition for a bylaw change. The change presented, was made to force any UCO officer on demand to prove their (9) month residency.  Fortunately, the motion did not pass and was thrown on the garbage heap. The man also wrote a lengthy article on David Israel’s blog expounding the virtues of passing such a bylaw, yet he never raised his hand in the advisory committee to second the motion in order for it to go forward.  If he felt so passionately about the motion, why did he not second it at the meeting? Was it because he did not have the courage to speak up or was it because he is not sure about himself what he believes in?

    In any event the man with a thousand faces is none other than ED BLACK.


    Sunday, July 14, 2013



    You continue to malign the people on this blog who tell the truth about what's been happening behind closed doors in Century Village. You Praise David Israel as if he was master of the Universe. Now I am going to put you through the test. I am going to ask you the following question, and I dare you to answer it on this blog:


    Saturday, July 13, 2013

    You Know

    You know, Mr. Rivera, you've got an awful lot to say.  It just seems to spill out of your mouth like you ate a lot of excreta.  You're so egotistical that you don't even care whether you're morally right or wrong.  The fact is, you make no sense at all.  What reasonably acting person, with some degree of intelligence, would do what you are doing?  You tried to tell everyone, in a round-a-bout way, that it was all about making CV honest and a better place to live, with everyone following stringent rules.  You are the savior, - you're going to straighten out everything that is faulty in CV.  But, you are a prevaricator, not a savior.  Do you really expect people to believe you after your buffoonish antics?

    The biggest question that numerous people have is WHY?  You're so dense that you don't understand that your actions are going to affect not just the one person you expect to hurt, but literally thousands of others in one way or another.  You fumbled, and let loose the other day, nearly losing your composure in front of several people, admitting that all of what you are doing is directed solely to UCO's Treasurer, Dorothy Tetro.  You want her out of office, - nobody else, just her.  Now, you deny that over and over, again and again.  And, your justification is that your actions are all for CV, right?  Everybody is stupid in CV, but you're ever so smart, right?  You're going to save CV from pigs running loose, vans all over the place, etc., - but what about motorcycles Mr. Hypocrite?  They were never allowed overnight.

    I believe that you're the sacrifice front man.  I firmly believe that you and Mr. Black, who, it would appear, pushes all of your buttons, expect Dorothy Tetro to resign under all of this pressure from you, so that he, Black, can once again become UCO's Treasurer.  Well, I don't think that that scenario is likely to happen.  When he held the Treasurer's job, Mr. Black, kept the UCO files top secret, and it was toward this end that we teetered near bankruptcy.  So many files were conveniently, "LOST" or misplaced.  Mr. Black, in my considered opinion, wants that job back so bad that he will go to any lengths to try and make that happen.  So, Mr. Black conjured up this intricate scheme to use a loud-mouth lackey to do his underhanded back-room shady work.  Mr. Black never puts his name to anything, and he uses other people for his own personal gain.  You don't get what I'm saying and I don't believe that you ever will.  Mr. Black expects to get the Treasurer's job just like he did last time, i.e., with no effort because nobody challenged him at a Delegate's meeting.

    You seem to believe, in your narrow, crass way of thinking, that all of Century's inhabitants are mindless dummies and that they can't see through what you're doing.  When all the facts are brought forth, people, - especially the Delegates and members of the Executive Board, are going to look upon you as a blow-hard, mean-spirited idiot.  And, when your button pushers lose confidence in your ability to convince people of believing stupid things, - they'll dump you like you haven't bathed in a week ... simple as that.  You are such an unlikeable person that I can't wait for you, your dog and your DD-214 to take a hike (no disrespect to your DD-214 intended).







    The 4th Admendment


    "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated."

    Using the fourth amendment as a criteria, do you believe Edward Snowden is a Spy or a Whistleblower?

    Please feel free to comment.

    Friday, July 12, 2013




    When I ran for Executive Board and Vice President, I was only asked to show my Driver’s License, my Century Village ID and to announce I was a resident for more than (9) months. That was it until suddenly our treasurer decided to sell one unit and purchase another in Century Village. Why suddenly should this desire for a bylaw change arise? Why didn't it occur when John Glusak became Vice President? John has always been a snowbird. What proof do we have that he is not domiciled here. Was it because if you eliminated John Glusak, you would wind up with Olga Wolkenstein? Is this what they were afraid of?  Her being privy to their secrets would force them to toe the line because she will be watching them carefully.

    I believe that this bylaw change is whole heartily motivated by replacing out treasurer with Ed Black.


    Thursday, July 11, 2013




    At the advisory meeting of July, 11, 2013 Mr. Rivera submitted a bylaw change which required all present and future officers of UCO, if challenged, to provide proof of residency. This change, if passed would have meant:

    All residents submitting a candidacy, or reelection to an office, whether officers or Executive Board Members will show proof or their (9) nine-month residency using the following criteria:

    1.    Their Florida Drivers License showing their Residence address in Century Village

    2.    Their Voters Registration Card showing their Residence in Century Village

    3.    The prior (9) nine-month  water billing showing their Residence address is Century Village

    (Stratford residents may use FPL billing).

    4.    Any two of the above three methods shall be considered acceptable proof.

    Failure to respond to this will cause their submission of candidacy to be canceled.

    This motivation for this bylaw change was only to discredit and remove our present treasurer who has been serving us honorably for past three years.  It was unnecessary and a disgrace for Mr. Rivera to present this bylaw change to the committee simply because we already have an amendment to the bylaws requiring a (9) nine-month residency. His bylaw would have required every person running for office to show proof of the above underlined criteria BEFORE even getting on the ballot.

    Mr. Rivera has been saying we need Term Limits because we cannot get experience candidates. How many candidates did he expect to get with this insane bylaw change?  – Not many, I guess.

    Fortunately, for the first time, the advisory committee could not muster one vote, and the bylaw was DOA  (Dead on Arrival).









    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Coffin Closure



    David Israel and his companions continue to repeat the false accusation that the suit Myron Solomon and Olga Wolkenstein initiated against WPRF cost the unit owners $600.000. This is so grossly untrue that the time has come to bury this lie once and for all. The truth is the settlement was for $3,000.000 less $600.000 for expenses, and the remainder of $2,300.000 returned to the unit owners in the form of paying a lesser monthly fee to WPRF. (Remember, if we did not sue the residents would not have received one penny.)

    David Israel and friends are trying desperately to discredit a small group of us who are vigorously fighting the battle to keep Century Village from being used as a revolving credit card. We want to see financial stability and decision making that benefit Century Village rather than destroy it.

    Myron and Olga are fed up with David’s excremental verbiage. His tirades in the UCO reporter on this issue are abhorrent to any self-respecting individual.  It has finally reached a point where you must close the lid on the casket and bury this issue.


    Myron Solomon & Olga Wolkenstein

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013



    Bob Rivera has started a campaign to remove our esteemed treasurer. He wants to eliminate the one honest and intelligent Officer UCO has at this time.  I can only guess what his real motives are, but I will say it is the most foolish  thing he can do. Especially when our finances are so low, and we have to have someone like our Treasurer to watch our spending carefully.
    I urge all our delegates to keep our treasurer in office.

    Sunday, July 7, 2013


    Mr. Bob Rivera is fabricating a vicious lie about the UCO Treasurer not being a resident of Century Village because her residence is being rented out. The fact is her residence IS NOT RENTED, and Mr. Rivera should be ashamed of himself for perpetuating this lie. He appears to be taking lessons from his mentor, David Israel, in how to distort the truth.

    Saturday, July 6, 2013



    It is unfortunate that at the July 5, delegate's Assembly, the delegates decided to disrespect the snowbirds and voted to end term limits for all officers. When the snowbirds were here, the delegates voted to retain term limits, and as soon as they left David Israel and his entourage decided to pull a fast one. While the snowbirds were away, they put term limits on the agenda again. They have temporarily succeeded. . Term limits have been abolished but next month it will be on the agenda again, and delegates will have the opportunity to rectify the situation by voting to have TERM LIMITS FOR ALL.

    I must admit that I was not surprised by the vote; I expected it.  Many of the delegates are not aware of the real David Israel. The one who has fits of anger, the one who uses his NSA experience to tarnish the reputation of his adversaries, the one who denies civil rights, and the one who circumvents the truth.  It is unfortunate that many delegates have come to canonize David because they are just privy to one side of him. I can just hope that in time; most of the delegates will come to awaken to his sinister side and VOTE TO HAVE TERM LIMITS FOR ALL THE OFFICERS OF UCO.

    Thursday, July 4, 2013



    Grace just opined on David Israel's blog that Solomon and Wolkenstein's lawsuit  cost $7,000.000. I realize that inflation is taking a toll on all of us but come on Grace, first you say it cost $600.000 now you say $7,000.000 - I think that's a little bit too far fetched.
    Grace seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into the mud. Pretty soon the mud is going to turn to MERDE and she will begin to smell so bad, none of her friends will want to go near her.

    Wednesday, July 3, 2013



    Friday is the Delegate Assembly where you will have the opportunity to vote yea or nay to Term Limits.
     David  posted on his blog a last-ditch effort to Kill term Limits by attempting to malign the proponents FOR  term limits by reminding them about the pending lawsuit against UCO.  Little did he realize was that it is  FOR that very reason why  delegates should KEEP TERM LIMITS.
    This pending lawsuit comes with a great deal of evidence to show the ineptitude and malfeasance  of   David Israel and the Officers of UCO. Therefore, for the time being, you should KEEP TERM LIMITS.

    Monday, July 1, 2013



    Bob Rivera made a statement on David’s blog, that there was no term limits in the USA until after 1945. True, but he neglects to say the Republicans were responsible for eliminating them because they wanted to take the power away from the Democrats.  It’s always about power, and that is the main reason why having termed limits is so important - it keeps the country from becoming a dictatorship.
    Bob also states, there is no term limits for Senators and Congressman, and it is STUPID to do so. He suggests we continue to have no term limits for Senators and Congressmen. He wants to keep EXPERIENCED Senators and Congressmen in powers that are presently in the middle of such squabbling; they should all be thrown out. He also claims it is a stupid suggestion to put the Term-Limit  vote on hold until the snowbirds return.  He says each Association has the responsibility to have an alternate delegate present to speak for the snowbirds. Get real Bob. Some associations are lucky to have ONE person taking interest in their association much less an alternate. We cannot deal with Bob’s wish fulfillment fairy tales; we must deal with present day facts.  He also seems to forget that the snowbirds pay FULL dues and are entitled to the same political decision making as the yearly residents.