Saturday, September 27, 2014

Emails revisited

So you think keeping your Email address close to your chest is good and safe?

What about your Home Depot charge? What about your Target charge? What about your Loews charge? Are they all safe?

About now your personal life is spread all over the Internet, whether you protect your Email address or not.

As a matter of fact your movements around CV are being recorded and posted all over the Internet. Thank Dave Israel and his cameras.

So what can you do about it? For openers, allow "My Village Blogger" updates to reach you. Just Email me at

The "My Village Blogger updates"  Email is about the latest doings in CV and what you can do to help make it safer and better. You should change all your Passwords, and use tier 2 passwords, tougher to break.

And lastly give your Delegates instructions on how to vote

No on Village wide Wi-Fi
Yes on a return to Term Limits
Yes on Recall

You cannot sit their and watch, you must participate. We need your help!

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