Monday, September 29, 2014

The Shooting

The Israel remarks are unbelievable. He is crowing about the increase in security in one post and then the shooting in K building is reported in another.

The commenter's, all feel that the shooting is not tied and should not be tied to Israel's security initiative.

The bottom line, per the UCO friends, is that if the bad guys get in then the problem is with the Associations.

I am missing something here. I think security is a Village wide concern. It starts at the gates and runs throughout Century Village, and the people responsible for it pretty much reside at UCO. So those nuts who claim that UCO is not responsible here are wrong.

What happened to security checks? What happened to Criminal Checks? What happens after Security turns up Criminality in  the report?

I know the Association's Board of Directors has the last word. Is this right? Is it fair or Just? The Board members are just Volunteers and have no prior experience in this, but they are the last word. Remember this decision affects all of us. All of us that are not in this particular Association. Maybe a change is needed in UCO's by laws. The sooner the better.


  1. GUNS, GUNS, who in Century Village needs a gun? Are CV residents afraid of boogiemen? And, there are so many people in this community that take all kinds of medications. Also, there are those who are mentally incapacitated who may own guns. So shake up meds and mental instability, and add guns, and you may get somebody shot. Who knows what happened at Wellington K?

    It is legal to own a gun, of course. But, under what conditions? What will "trigger" them off? Who might get killed if a perpetrator doesn't get his way? Mr. Israel, instead of looking at WI-FI, maybe you should be looking at who in Greenbrier B owns a gun. And, how many people in your own administration owns a gun? When somebody finally gets shot, -- it gets SCARY!!!! EDUARDO

  2. Eduardo rumor has it that that the perp. did not get her way. Are you saying that Dee Eye and his followers are behaving is such a similar way. Which end of the gun would they be on?

  3. EDUARDO what is your point? Is D.I. the target? Is does he piss people off.?
    Does he call people names? Does he write out right lies?
    Does he control Eva and WPRF? Is that your somebody?
    Speak up be a man. BE CLEAR///

    1. In response: ----
      The point is nobody in CV NEEDS a gun. NOBODY.
      I didn't say that D.I. was the target, nor did I even infer that he was.
      Yes, he does piss people off, -- many people.
      Yes, he does call people names.....just like a bratty child.
      Yes, he does lie, and right to your face.
      Yes, he indeed controls Eva and manipulates WPRF.
      I'm not referring to D.I. as "somebody."
      I m speaking up!!!!.....The last time I looked, I had a man's equipment.
      "BE CLEAR!!!" you say....I can't be much clearer.
      "SCARY" bet your ass it's SCARY." It's S C A R Y .

      Nice to converse with you, CERVANTES.

  4. Sounds like Eduard is trying to incite trouble!

  5. People in Century Village have a right to own guns just as much as any qualified citizen of this country. Do you not think there is peril outside the gates of Century Village for villagers just as much as there is for non villagers? Do you think the villagers never leave the gates? Do you realize there is crime IN the village? I don't get your point either. It is not only the people of the village who take medications or could be mentally challenged. I hope to never, ever have to use a gun to protect myself, but if the need arises, I won't hesitate to use it. I assume you would like to deny me that right, but maybe I misunderstand your thoughts. There are already many guns in the village, and in the 14 years that I have lived here, there has never previously been a shooting in this village, and believe it or not, many of the residents that have also lived here for the last 14 or more years who are gun owners have been on medications during that time. Yet...those meds didn't cause them to shoot anyone.

  6. This Gracie woman, who has misspelled my name, states that I am trying to "incite trouble" (sic). In what way? I have expressed the way I feel about people of age, and maybe on medication, owning guns in CV. I have a right to an opinion on this blog, unlike the Israel Private Blog.

    In America, there is a huge controversy about the ownership of guns, and my opinion is that if you put a gun in the hands of someone who, for a variety of reasons, shouldn't own one, -- someone is bound to be shot and might end up dead.

    I'm sure that the NRA has a variety of reasons why people should be allowed to own guns. I'm glad for them.

    Respect my opinion, that's all I ask. By the way, I know of a person in CV who is on medication because of a documented mental condition, and that person owns a gun. What do you say if that person goes bananas and shoots somebody, or himself. Is that the acceptable standard?

    So, Gracie, pull your head out from your posterior and stop the making of frigg'n stupid remarks. EDUARDO

    1. This lady Gracie who parades herself on okeechobee with her short skirts is the one who is inciting trouble. She supports a monster She kisses David Israels ass who is the person who has caused hate in the village.