Tuesday, March 10, 2015


David Israel posted my recount letter onto his blog. That is fine, though this is not an acceptable or legal response. And why the sarcasm as response to a perfectly licit letter?

     There you go again, copying my postings and words onto your blog. Can't you find an original posting? Answers to the questions of the day would do marvelously well.
     You have a limited amount of time to answer the recount letter and by the way, my attorney says that this was a great letter,  so what seems to be your problem? Just get down to the nitty gritty - send a letter, let's set up a time and place and get this done. Whether the count is right or wrong, we have the right to request a recount. Any citizen has that right and the longer you delay, the more doubt enters people's minds. It is to everyone's benefit to get it over and done with so what is the holdup? This is not a question of reality, but simply a desire to see the ballots and have a recount. I have no problem stating the results of the election so what seems to be your problem?
     Just as an aside, perhaps if there were a better system and stricter control over who has the ballots and how they are finally tabulated and where the ballots and results go after that, perhaps then there would be no  need for a recount.


  1. David is psycho babbling and stalling for enough time to fudge the results of the election. He did the same thing last year. We will never expect an honest election as long as David Israel is president.

    DUMP DAVE is my motto

  2. Yeah, but this time I have a lawyer to advise, to write, to go to court if so necessary.
    As for your motto- AMEN!!!!