Friday, August 21, 2015

Typical and Predicable.

So what happened at the Advisory Committee meeting yesterday? Not much that was not expected. The whole committee was there, minus 2.

Pretty normal for this committee.

The agenda was the discussion and voting on the By-Law changes that finally reached this committee.

The way it works is this. First the petitioners must meet all the rules for submission. That is, at least a 25 name petition is submitted asking for changes. The names must be vetted. Originally the signers had to be Delegates, then someone read the rules and pointed out they only had to be unit owners. Huh?

Then the petition, passed or not moves to the Executive Committee and then on, eventually reaching the Delegate Assembly.

So what happened?

They got hung up on the term when the by-law action take place. There was a statement in there that changes that occur are to start immediately, that is if Term Limits are passed they become effective now, instantly. Reading the by-laws I don't see that. The change is meant to take place at the beginning of the next election cycle. But the pseudo attorneys on the Board, especially David Israel, all pontificated otherwise. So it was turned down, all of them. But do not despair, the petitioned changes moved on, passed or not.

The only Body the really counts is the Delegate Assembly.

There was a lot of discussion on this particular wording, but the outcome was predicable. These people are against anything that the opposition brings up, no matter how good and good for the Village it is.

These Committee Members must of sensed that their jobs were at jeopardy and so to protect themselves voted it down. Typical and predicable.

I will say that Ms.Gordezter was fair in running this meeting.

Well, it is not over yet.


  1. It is asking for people to vote for their own demise and well they know it, for if these amendments come into play we will have the first chance in a long time to freshen up UCO and get it back on the right road, of honesty, transparency, future planning, financial commom sense, proper accounting techniques and not more petty power cliques that hold us down.

  2. Read Peter's comment on David's blog. He truly is a "VILLAGE IDIOT". When will he go for the psychiatric help he truly needs. The sooner the better!

  3. I did read it. It was really funny!

  4. SURPRISE, SURPRISE! IT WILL NOT BE TELEVISED, WONDER WHY! I was at that meeting and did ask "WHY ISN'T THIS MEETING BEING RECORDED FOR TELEVISION"? No answer was given. I guess this was not important enough for people of Century Village to see according to DAVID ISRAEL or ED BLACK as per usual. The Esther you may be referring to was in Chicago, not at the Advisory meeting, but Esther who wrote comments on her blog were through comments she had received from people who were at that meeting.. So Peter Cruise get your facts straight... And by the way David if you would have continued to read further on Esther's blog you would have seen she did apoligized for the miss spelling of Fausto Fabbro name. Big Deal! People do make mistakes in names.