Sunday, March 6, 2016

Continuing on.

So, the election is over. It was rather well run, slightly confusing. But the results showed up 30 minutes after the DA meeting was over. Not bad.

The outcome was not of my liking. But I believe the majority wants to stick with the old administration.

The problem is they will again go against the Delegates wishes. There is, at this time, no need for an expensive Village wide WiFi. Instead, there is a way for each Association to set up their own WiFi at a minimum or least a very reasonable cost. What is wrong with that?

The latest plan to push forward the Village wide Wi-Fi, Village-wide cable service, and  for all I know, at this time, Village-wide telephone service. All of this, or at least to start, the Village-wide WiFi was voted on and turned down by the Delegates, so where does David Israel get the gall to continue with the effort?

The voting machines and the early results were nice. At this point, I don't question the results.

I am looking forward to the addition of the 'clickers' for the Delegate voting.

I am looking forward to, maybe, the new/old Administration will realize there much that we have to offer. All of it is needed, and not much of it is meant to be mean. I see that the UCO Administration has made some of the changes that we suggested (demanded). Such as it now appears as if everybody can comment on Israel's blog.

I am beginning to get notices via email from UCO.

So, change is occurring.

So looking into the future, we the Activists are not leaving anytime soon. We will act as an oversite committee. We will complain, suggest and present new ideas as the need arises.

I think it is time to peaceably work together for the common good.


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    1. Bob, Let me see one reach out, and I am all for it.

    2. The people David Israel viciously calls the malcontents have tried to work with him but he refuses to allow them to participate on any committee.
      Face reality, Bob.

  2. We are keeping an sharp eye on you people. We don't trust you for a minute!

    1. Ed, You should be watching all of us. But particularly the Administration, because that is where the decisions come from

  3. Bob Rivera should crawl back into his closet.
    He forgets that when Esther was on the executive committee Toni asked her to be on the insurance committee and she agreed. When David Israel found out, he quickly had Esther removed. If bob agrees that with that kind of behavior, he need to take some more meds.

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    That your friend bobbo?