Friday, August 26, 2016

Fear is in the mind of the beholder

Donald Trump has done it again. He has frightened all or most of the good and honest voters. He wants voting inspectors. He wants intimidation at the poles, he wants fear at the poles.

He hopes to have an excuse for losing this election (they cheated). or maybe he is hoping for fear to set in on the Democrats and he thereby will win the election.(he won't)

But I don't actually believe this. Trump can not steal this election, The best he can do is complain how the Election was rigged, (It wasn't)

The inculcation of fear into an election, especially a Presidential election hasn't been seen or heard from since the 1800's.

Just remember to great words of one of our great Presidents. "The only thing to fear is fear itself"

And I think that Mr. Trump is living in a world of fear and it is getting worse.

Now, listening to the TV News I see that he is walking back his original plan to throw all the immigrants out. Now he has changed his mind. He wants to soften his remarks on immigrants. He  wants to keep the immigrants here and make them good citizens. Good Lord, is there a Bill of Rights for immigrants?

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