Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My take on Trumph

The Trump supporters are busy attacking Hillary. Many things she did or did not do 50 years ago. It seems to me they ought to be listening and thinking about what their idol is saying now, in 2016. They are ignoring the underlying threat that is contained in his speech last night.

In this, he clearly calls for investigating all of us for having the right ideas and religious outlook. This  speech is beginning to sound like McCarthyism. He wants "an ideological screening test.” That should scare the heck out of all of us. It does me!

Many of the things he called up last night are errors. Many of the faults that he blamed on Obama belong to Bush, his predecessor.

I read Stew Richland's article and again I think he is dragging up things that happened 50 years ago. What Hillary did as a 20 something, is not the same person to-day. On the other hand with Trump, what you hear now is what you are getting today.

Remember he said that our loans were way too large and he, as a businessman, who can wheel and deal, would force our creditors to take less, or else. Nice. That alone should raise our standing in the world. (I  am being sarcastic here.)

He also seems to find it easy to lie.

And what is the 12.7 million dollar payment all about?

Trump has not changed, he did not want to pay his bills
when I worked as a contractor for him and he does not want to pay now. This applies to small bills, large bills and the U.S. bills. Nice!

You are living in a Dream World if you think Trump can deliver any of his promises.

Why Donald Trump's idea to test imigrants won't work.

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