Saturday, February 15, 2014

Scandals Part 7 (Most Damning Yet)

NOTICE;  Many of the thousands of Unit Owners my have read SCANDALS, PART #7; also many have not, while others may have forgotten what they read; and, if you happen to have missed it entirely, --- it is repeated herein below exactly as originally posted.  All of the dollar amounts shown have been verified from available public documents.  However, please realize that certain documents under Israel's and Black's control are mysteriously missing and are probably in the "Cloud" that Israel keeps top secret with his own code, or destroyed by them to avoid evidence of criminal activity. 


OMG We just Bought The Bridge!

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This original series of Century Village SCANDALS was intended to be a five part expose of the past and present goings on that needed to be presented to all owners. Because of subject matter that is continuing to expand there will be more than five parts to this series. I will consecutively number all SCANDAL reporting until I feel that a respite is needed. This is part 7.

Some of the SCANDALS require substantial research and as such, when printed, may become lengthy in order to detail what you need to know. I ask for your indulgence and I welcome any and all comments that you may have with respect to this subject matter.

SCANDAL …. Brought on by a very poorly run government, namely, the President of UCO, David Israel and Treasurer at the time, Ed Black.

An engineering company was brought in to evaluate and report on the condition of the roadways and walkways. The report basically stated that the roadways were in such a condition that we could perhaps get another 2, 3 or 4 more years out of them before a resurfacing would be necessary in certain areas. Refer to Scandal 1 for specific details involving the entire paving operation. The money SCANDAL began.

In a plot to intermingle monies from all UCO sources, the Treasurer, Black, came up with a "Do you want to buy a bridge scheme". He was blocked in being able to take all the monies from various accounts and putting it into one pot. If all of the monies were in one pot, it would be nearly impossible to determine what monies were coming from each account to pay for paving.

UCO had, in Roadway Reserves, a little less than $3,500,000 at that time and was well on the way to having enough money to do all of the paving based upon what the engineers report had stated. Previously, the general thoughts at UCO had been to have the total amount of money in hand in the Roadway Reserve account before doing any paving work. Black convinced Israel to make the decision to do the paving now. Mr. Israel’s decision was very wrong, but he didn’t care, because he wanted to be the President remembered for doing the "great" paving job. As it turns out, the paving job is horrendous. Again, refer to Scandal 1 for specific details.

Israel backed Black’s plan to convince the Executive Board that if you didn't continue with the paving at this time, it’s going to cost UCO about a million dollars more because of re-mobilization costs and, in addition, the cost of petroleum products used for paving was going up in price. That statement was a bare-faced lie. Black’s fingerprints are all over it. The Executive Board bought that story…..incredible! Again, President Israel backed this plan. He sanctioned an erroneous statement.

In order to have sufficient funds, Black wanted to take out a line of credit from a bank in the amount of $1,000,000, but he didn’t tell everyone what that ultimate cost would be, -- like, -- if you wanted to borrow $100,000 of that money, you had to put up $100,000 collateral . . . . a dog chasing its’ own tail. That deal was absolute craziness. You should know also that there was an application and processing fee for this line of credit – several thousands of dollars that Black never explained to anyone.

Delegates, who are supposed to be intelligent, were conned and they didn’t even know it! They were buying a bridge to nowhere. 

So, in order to have enough money to do the paving work, Black, with sanctions by Israel, raids and takes money from every account that UCO has leaving them nearly empty.

Transportation-----------------------  $ 207,500 
Cable ----------------------------------$ 438,384
General (Dues) -----------------------$ 103,772
Irrigation------------------------------ $ 218,000
Security-------------------------------  $ 70,000
Ambulance ----------------------------$ 976
Reporter -------------------------------$ 32,000 **
TOTAL--------- ---------------------- $1,070,632

** This money was earned by the Reporter staff and NOBODY had a right to touch it.

Then, the Pied Piper gets all of these loons to follow him to the edge of the cliff. NOBODY CARED! Nobody, except the incoming new Treasurer, Dorothy Tetro, who found that UCO was dangerously close to a bankruptcy condition. After Israel and Black raped the accounts, there was a TOTAL of $21,000 left in the reserve accounts. That sum was like one grain of rice in a Chinese meal.

All kinds of documentation from UCO files based upon the illegal shifting of money is missing … GONE!

The first section of paving, quoted at over $2,000,000, had NO DELEGATE APPROVAL. You need to follow the money trail to get to the bottom of this SCANDAL.

To fully understand this SCANDAL and how it worked, you need to know the comment of a CPA who stated that what Israel and Black schemed was to "permanently borrow" funds from UCO accounts in which case they could be accused of "Unauthorized tampering of Corporation Funds", in that the Delegates never approved using more than $1,000,000 from other accounts to perform paving work.

A law enforcement officer is reported to have stated that trusted officers have a fiduciary responsibility to guard against misuse of corporation funds, and in this case, grand larceny and embezzlement issues need to be looked into to be sure that the using of UCO funds without approval was not done with criminal intent.

There was a Letter of Agreement as to how the paving contractor was to be paid, and there are invoices. You should know that David Israel, the UCO President, signed the checks using the monies from the nearly depleted accounts. Israel is a part of this money scheme orchestrated by Black.  
Because of what Israel and Black conjured up, which was nothing but a sophisticated shell game, there came a time when after all the UCO bills had been paid, the balances were dangerously low. The alarms went off. This is when Dorothy Tetro beat Black in an election for the Treasurer’s job and he left her to figure out how to make payments. Her tireless efforts paid off – she was able to solve the problems.

It is beyond the comprehension of the average person as to how two trusted UCO officers could bring such a SCANDAL to our front door. Can we learn a good lesson from all of this? . . . of course we can, but realize that there are crooks out there … watch out for SCANDALS!

There may be more to this SCANDAL that needs to be exposed. This information is being researched, and if the data can be supported, this SCANDAL, Part 7, will have an addendum. When the new Treasurer, returned from vacation she found that certain payments were made in her absence and there seems to be a discrepancy in the figures. Part 7 may continue.



  1. What I've been reading is devastating. Right before everyone's eyes. the president and the once treasurer spend millions of our dollars without anybody's permission. Frankly speaking, I don't understand how it is possible to do what they did and get away with it. Isn't what they did a felony? I truly need to know what can be done now to either get these two men out of office or punish them in some way for their actions. Is the attorney general's office supposed to know about things like this?

  2. ONE WHO KNOWS ALL THE FACTSSeptember 2, 2013 at 2:03 PM

    I thank you anonymous for having the where with all to accept the truth. Eduardo, has apparently gone through great lengths to enlighten the residents of Century Village, yet it is only a select few who GET THE MESSAGE.
    Everything you have been reading on this blog is factual. It is only the simple-minded members of the David Israel clan that refuse to accept reality. They have the same mentality as the skin heads who refuse to accept the holocaust.
    David Israel and his followers are a disgrace to the human race.
    In an earlier time they would have all been taken out and horse whipped, but, because of our advances in society, they have to resort to this blog.

  3. Everyone should remember all the projectc that David Lsrael & Ed Black were involved with, they were Comcast,the repaveing of the Walkway, Phase 1, of the repaving of part of the roads, Phase 2 the repaving of the rest of the roades and let us not forget the replacing of the drains in the village. Everyone of the above projects something was wrong like not having a lawyergo go over the orders, not having an engineer supervise all of the work Plus poor workmanship.Again we have been taken to the cleaners, Its about time that everyone in the village to wake up before Century village goes down the drain..

  4. Dear Anon: Get the hell out of CV and let the rest of us live in peace here.

  5. To Anonymous, September 3, 2013 at 9:29 PM. What a lamebrain statement to make. People like you are the problem, the big problem, when you say "...let the rest of us live in peace here." People sit in CV behind closed doors 24/7 afraid, with closed curtains and 3 locks on the door. They are herded like a holocaustic group that want only TO LIVE IN PEACE. It is people like you that remain anonymous and will unlock their doors and come out to complain and criticize with loud voices only when your pocketbook or wallet is picked and squeezed. You are just plain ignorant about what has and is happening to the Village. In Nazi Germany, all they wanted to do was LIVE IN PEACE. Living in peace comes at a price, and by your making such a statement that lacks depth and understanding, you show the dictators just how vulnerable you really are. EDUARDO

  6. Regarding your statement “he [Ed Black] left her [Dorothy Tetro] to figure out how to make payments. Her tireless efforts paid off – she was able to solve the problems,” you say nothing about HOW she supposedly solved the problems. Nor how she did this in such a short time. Did she wave some magic wand? It makes one wonder if there wasn’t really that much of a problem to begin with, which of course is what Ed Black, et al, have been saying all along. Perhaps you could give the specifics.

    In bringing this to your attention, I am NOT focusing on the FAIRNESS OR UNFAIRNESS of pulling money from the different funds. That’s a separate issue, to me.

    I also question your statement “This money was earned by the Reporter staff and NOBODY had a right to touch it.” On what basis do you say this? I work for the Reporter, and I know that WE would like to have some say about how the Reporter income is used. Some of us feel more strongly about this than others. However, the UCO Reporter is by statute or bylaw (or some rule) the official organ of UCO. It’s not an independent entity, and therefore, to my way of thinking, UCO DOES have the right to access this income.

    One would hope UCO wouldn’t brazenly use the Reporter-generated funds for any old thing UCO wanted. I personally don’t think they have done this. And we at the Reporter would like to see some of the income spent on upkeep and improvements to our workplace. I think this has been done, too--though as I said earlier our opinions may vary on this. The fact remains, however—-so far as I know--that the Reporter is an official organ of UCO.

    Lastly, since this may come up as a peripheral issue, from Day One since I have known Dave Israel, in my opinion he has bent over backwards to distance himself from Reporter goings-on. I have seen him on several occasions purposely NOT GET INVOLVED when he could have, in order to keep the Reporter as independent an organ as possible.

    1. Lanny: You've got some good questions and some good points that I think everyone would be interested in reading accompanied by some factual answers. Rather than comment here, I will be responding to you later today with a new Posting.

      Thank you for having an interest. Everyone should know what this SCANDAL is all about. EDUARDO

    2. OLGA ELAINE CAPONIGRO WOLKENSTEINSeptember 6, 2013 at 11:07 AM


      You may be an intelligent man but your mind is on another planet. David Israel DOES IN FACT CONTROL THE UCO REPORTER. We have it on tape from the mouths of JOY VESTAL and MYRON SILVERMAN that DAVID ISRAEL ALONE IS ALLOWED TO PRINT ANYTHING HE WANTS WITHOUT CENSORSHIP. No one on this Earth or in Century Village has that prerogative but HIM. So if you think David has distanced himself then tell your Editors to allow others the same privilege.

  7. Olga: Even if what you say is true, it is hardly CONTROLLING THE REPORTER. Controlling the newspaper would be controlling everything ELSE that is written. What you allege is only that Dave's own articles are not censored. There's a mountain of difference.

  8. Lanny,

    By David controlling the editorial content he is controlling the Reporter. His articles are political and the Editors comments support HIS view. The remainder of the UCO Reporter is FLUFF.
    David Israel fired Jean Dowling from the Reporter because she wanted to censor one of HIS articles.

  9. Olga, let's end it with this--or rather, let this be my last word and you can have THE last word. “Ladies after gentlemen" in this instance.

    I have worked closely with Myron and Joy, and I think it falsely impugns their character to say that Dave Israel controls their newspaper writings. To begin with, their EDITORIALS are seldom ABOUT anything controversial. Second point: Myron seldom writes a regular article. Try to find one for me. He is more involved in the advertising and production end of things. Thirdly: Joy has 50 years of experience with Newsday, the Long Island newspaper, writing about and overseeing what has been written by others about many major events and people in high places. From everything I've seen, she is scrupulous in being even-handed. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Reporter. I have seen and heard Joy and Myron day in and day out—I dare say a mite more than you have—and to say they are in Dave’s pocket is simply a ludicrous charge to me.

    As for Jean Dowling and Sue Cohen, it was my privilege to work under them, and their leaving is a sad chapter in the life of the Reporter, to me. I am not sure the reason you give—that Jean wanted to censor one of Dave’s articles—is at all correct. Even if there were anything to this, I know that their leaving involved--and I believe involved principally--other matters of a different nature.

    With regard to articles by others, of course there have been a number of opinion pieces. It is common for those with strong opinions themselves to feel "their side" hasn't had enough representation. I think the Reporter has been pretty fair about this. Maybe not perfect, but on the whole, pretty fair.

    Also, as I've said before on this blog, there comes a point when any newspaper will shift emphasis to a different subject. Those who want to continue their particular fight naturally wish they could continue to get Page One coverage. Well, it can't always be this way, unfortunately. People and things move on.

    As for the FLUFF, I have written my share of it. I'd like to think there are a few people who like fluff, but maybe I'm prejudiced.

  10. Lanny, You are an intelligent man but your vision is severely blurred. Joy Vestal probably worked 50 years in the FLUFF Department and carried that experience to the UCO Reporter. She is not qualified to be an Editor. A true Editor has the vision of objectivity and can offer an opinion on both sides of an issue. Joy Vestal does NOT have that ability. She continued to print lies about myself and Myron Solomon in reference to our lawsuit costing the residents $600.000 When we took her to task about proving her story, she made reference to an imaginary letter she received from David Israel; which she was unable to produce. Yet, she went ahead and printed an editorial asking the residents to decide the truth about the $600.000. How can the residents decide on anything if they do not have the facts. Give me a break Lanny. A true Editor has the responsibility to seek the facts and print the truth - Joy Vestal does not. Her experience at Newsday has left her editorially shallow. She does not have the mental capabilities to question in order to seek the truth. She is more interested in FLUFF than FACT.
    The Reporter claims to seek the truth and print both sides of an issue - what a joke.
    You said, Joy and Myron's editorials are not controversial.
    Well, they should be. How else do you get people to think and make decisions. Readers become brain dead when you continuously feed them FLUFF.
    Jean Dowling and Sue Cohen were removed by David Israel because they printed both sides of a issue; this was real journalism. The journalism that makes you think and use your mind; not the Joy Vestal FLUFF version.
    And by the way Lanny, the only time we wanted page one coverage was when the Reporter continued to print a dirty, filthy lie about Myron Solomon and myself and we wanted it corrected.
    Is that so terrible?

  11. It's like a tennis match, - you both aced. But, Lanny, I think that you may be on the wrong side of this argument, - or discussion, if you will.
    A while ago, there was a dinner, and a meeting combined, attended by about 21 people at a Italian Restaurant just north of Southern Blvd. Joy Vestal was one of the attendees. She agreed, with others, that those newly elected officers and those existing officers could form an alliance, and thus a majority, and make Israel, in effect, a lame duck.
    Joy Vestal made statements in front of everyone that she hated Israel more than anyone else in the Village, and wished that were ways to get him out of office. Joy was an officer and she was a solid part of this group, and she had a lot to say.
    However. she had an great interest in the newspaper and she didn't care who she bumped so long as she took over. What she said and what she did became two different things. All of a sudden, Israel is a great president and Vestal is a co-editor. Now, how did that happen? All of a sudden, she prints anything and everything that Israel instructs her to print. And, let's be factual here, - all of a sudden, Israel instructs Vestal what articles are to be published and what articles are to be prohibited. It becomes an Israel controlled newspaper and Vestal is co-editor - what could be better than that?
    Fifty years in the newspaper business was nothing but frosting; if Joy didn't roll over and do exactly what Israel dictated, - she was out....she'd be gone. Poor Myron, move over and be quiet. Jean Dowling didn't want to do precisely what Israel wanted, and she was fired by Israel.
    Now, Israel is as happy as a kissed pig, and Vestal got what she wanted, but she destroyed relationships with others who trusted her.
    This is just a bit of history that I thought might be of interest to you, Lanny. EDUARDO

  12. I have just finished watching the excellent movie "Troy." In it, the two sides, the Greeks and Trojans, select a champion to fight it out, and whichever champion wins, it is agreed the battle goes to his side. This saves a lot of bloodshed. Achilles was champion for the Greeks (albeit reluctantly so) and some big bruiser (who lost) for the Trojans. It was like David and Goliath in the Bible.

    Since you liken our back-and-forth to a tennis match, how about we stake everything on the US Open Tennis final on Monday between Djokovich and Nadal? Pick whoever you want, and I'll go with the other. If your man wins, you win our argument (I mean discussion). If mine wins, I win. Then there are no more bloody noses, and we can all go home.

    Sorry, Eduardo, I said I would say no more, but I couldn't resist. Sometimes I can't help laughing at all this business, especially when I get away from the Village up here in steamed clam country. You get a different perspective. Please don't let Olga get after me for not being serious enough--or was that Esther who reprimanded me for this?

    Best to you.

  13. if it wasn't me before, it is certainly me now. How in the name of .... can you possibly think that this is all so funny. Yes there is always an element of humor - just look at Dave and then laugh, but then cry because he has ruined so much. We are talking about the lives, yes, lives, of so many people here in the Village. Many of us have no other home and for you to think this is a source of humor is sad, very sad. There is corruption, at the very least, stupidity and cupidity, nefarious doings and sheer incompetence along with security and quality of life issues. Lanny, wake up and get with the program. the more people like you lay back on these issues, the more secret agent man and the puppet master get away with and the more our way of life goes down the tube. Still laughing out there in steamed clam land?

  14. By golly, it was you, Esther. I recognize the (sorry) "snarl." When Ronald Reagan was president and Tip O'Neill was Speaker of the House, they would battle it out during the day, because they were at polar opposites politically. But in the evening they laid aside their differences, sat down together at the White House, enjoyed a drink and a cigar, and swapped Irish jokes. That's how it should be. Otherwise, this stuff will eat you up alive.

  15. Lanny: How can you talk about STEAMERS in one breath, a couple of buckets of which I could die for, -- and the subject of Presidential CORRUPTION in another breath? It's like eating ice cream and throwing up.

    Make your mark in the sand, Lanny, - this is no "game," and nobody is going to "go home" until truth rears up and the bells toll to rid this place of people who are morally bad and out to destroy a respectable community. Your "perspective" will come into focus, I'm confident of that, because I believe you are an intelligent man.

    Eating STEAMERS, and large ones, dirty rat. EDUARDO

  16. What snarl? I think I have been pretty nice, not really calling anyone nasty names. Puppet master and secret agent man don't really count. I don't drink, don't smoke and don't know any Irish jokes except for what my Irish friends tell me but for sure, this is not eating me up. Telling it like it is, is liberating, not acidic. As for being friendly, I have extended an offer to Dave many times to reach out rather than sit on a lonely chair trying to rule his world and not succeeding anymore.

  17. Lanny, I know that you're just trying to be nice and for you that doesn't take much effort.
    You're trying to skid over all of these dastardly things by the president like they are you make a funny, then it's my turn.
    You can kid all you want. but there will come a time when you are going to realize what your UCO president has done, and continues to do, that is crippling the Village, - and then your funnies are going to bite you, and you're going to have regrets.
    For goodness sakes, man, - just open your eyes and take a good look at the presidential destruction. IT'S THERE, LOOK AT IT!
    This president of yours is as loose as ashes, and one day you're going to see him in a dark corner with his thumb in his mouth and whimpering "MAMA, MAMA." He does dirt upon people, and you know something, he enjoys it.
    Send me the steamer shells so I can sniff them. EDUARDO

    The REAL issues that Mr. Israel and his cronies have brought to the village CANNOT be rectified with a scotch, cigar and a few ethnic jokes even if there are a bucket of steamers alongside.
    Esther, Eduardo, Olga, and some other have tried to enlighten the people of the
    village to the shenanigans of the current administration and as a result have been raked over the coals and put through smear campaigns designed by Mr. Israel and his cronies. ie Pat Sealander's vicious attack on Dorothy Tetro ( under Mr. Israel's direction) which we now know was all for naught.... but it was really a tactic to deflect the spotlight where it should have been directed which is on Mr. Israel, Mr. Black and their cronies. Wake up smell the coffee Lanny because Scotch just dulls the senses.......