Sunday, August 31, 2014

Opt-out versus Throw-out

I think it is Time for a RECALL

Maybe it is time to forget about Opt-out and do something about the man that is forcing us to Opt-out.

The problem with opt-out is that this give the Little Nasty man a chance to be nasty. I have heard that he is threatening to cut out any Association that opts-out with loss of their TV. Don’t say he can't do that, just the attempt would be enough to get some associations on board again. We need a more permanent plan here.

These are the facts when the Wi-Fi monies were being discussed The President was busy making plans to sneak his Wi-Fi back in at the delegate meetings. If the delegates are still asleep at that time, like the last time, it could happen. All that is needed is simple positive Vote.

So I propose we eliminate the problem in its entirety, we Recall the President! Get us another President and advisors that will be more in tune as to what the village need and wants.


  1. There is a lot of talk regarding recalling David Israel. Talk is fine, but why isn't something being done about it? There is no petition that I have nothing. How do we go about a recall when it's only talk and no action? I would be the first one to sign the petition if I was presented with one. I will help with getting signatures if that help were needed. Who is the head of our malcontents? (I love that description). Why don't you all get together and get something started? I would be happy to help.

  2. Comcast is the entity that would be involved in discontinuing service to a particular association. In the past, Comcast has been unwilling to do so - not here in CV but in other communities. So - perhaps his "threat" is full of "hot air"

  3. I agree with both of you and have been calling for either a recall or better yet, a resignation. He says one thing and then says something diametrically opposed so he cannot be trusted. First, all associations must OPT OUT and the man cannot do anything regarding tv or he would be facing massive civil and criminal charges and he cannot be that dumb or egotistical. As for a leader of the" glorious malcontents" - not sure there is ONE. We just are a group of people who like each other and how we all think and more and more people have joined in. I think that a recall needs to wait a bit till more people are here but the question is, if he appoints the panel, we are right back where we started from. In the meanwhile we have to prepare for the next two elections, even though that annoying chick, my not so amazing Grace told me to get a life. Go on my blog on the Start Worrying posting and see her moronic comment and my response. That is one annoying chick!

  4. Hi Esther. I have seen her inane, nonsensical comments. I know her personally, and am quite familiar with how she thinks and how little respect she has for any kind of rules or law and order. Yet, she will kiss the a** of Mr. Dictator if she has a chance. Go figure! Believe me, if anyone needs to get a life, it is her.

  5. read the by-laws - a recall for the President is chaired by the Treasurer and the panel is chosen by the officers

  6. We think along the same lines, Carole.