Thursday, August 28, 2014

Worry Later,


     The other day in the NY Times, Deborah Lipstadt, a noted historian, wrote a wonderful piece about the growth of anti Semitism and why it is time to worry. She used the semi joke about a Jewish telegram, the one that is sent with the message, "Start Worrying. Details to follow."
     If I may be so bold as to build on that statement and apply it to our Village, then perhaps some more people will begin to understand what is going on here in the Village and why we have been pounding on it for so long and so strongly.
     Several years ago, before the paving, we had a wonderful bound proposal from a reputable company in response to the paving contract. It clearly explained what was needed and a timetable for it, giving us another three years on the roads, a phasing of the job and a whole lot less than what it cost us with M&M Paving, never mind all that it is still costing and will cost in the future. Why was this proposal not taken? 
     Weeelll, your guess is as good as mine and none of the choices are very palatable. We had, by that time, saved up millions of dollars towards the job and if we had waited a bit longer, would have had all the money and actually, we already had all the money necessary if we had used the proper proposal. In fact, we would have had a SURPLUS. Yes, a surplus which could have been applied to other needs of the Village without raising fees. 
     It seems that this money was burning a hole in Ed Black's pocket and he could not wait to spend it. Why have this money sitting there when he could have fun spending it? So he and David Israel ILLEGALLY under our bylaws signed a first contract for over two million dollars, WITHOUT DELEGATE APPROVAL and another contract would follow. They then moved on to bollix up the rest of the job and even went for a line of credit of a million dollars - which would never and should never have been necessary if they had chosen the proper company! That, if used, would have required $100,000 of collateral and in any event, cost us over $6,000 wasted dollars in fees. What clever financial planning - NOT!!!!
     A former president was known to have accepted "gifts" from companies within the Village. Has it become a habit here? I do not know. I have no proof, but this whole thing stinks to the high heavens. Either it is "gift giving and taking time" and it continues with all these ridiculous contracts, including this farce of taking DSL once, then saying no because they were incapable of fulfilling the Wi Fi contract - having messed up in Boca CV, and then lo and behold! here we are awarding them the same contract! When more and more people are planning to OPT OUT and wire up or not as it pleases their respective associations, I ask why? Such cleverness - not, again!
     One does not need Hamlet nor Shakespeare to know that something smells rotten in the state of CV. If it is not the first, then it is a second choice which is just as bad in the final end outcome. That is, a MASSIVE state of incompetence at the top level of UCO. I have been saying that since before I announced myself as a candidate and I am still saying it and the facts on the ground prove it to be true. There is no management competence, knowledge or skill at the level of the president of UCO nor in his sneaky UNELECTED advisor/puppet master, Ed Black. There is no understanding of what it means to plan for the future, to save, to wait till the right time, to prioritize and to plan and to not be a baby and just because one wants something that does not mean one gets it. My four year old grandson could teach it to these guys - a whole lot better than they understand  - or purposely ignore now.
     It is total mismanagement when according to the by laws there is to be no non member of UCO in the administration, not in certain positions. Well, we now have non members, renters, in many positions where they should not be. One, Anitra, has her hand stuck in so many piles that I am not sure even she knows where they all are. What I do know, is that in many instances when there is a question either within the building of UCO or without, from a resident, they are told - "Call Anitra." Really - not proper at all, against our bylaws. And why is all this allowed - simply because they are part and parcel of David Israel and company, jump to his tune and beat and here we are, stuck in this muck of his making.
     If we, the residents and the delegates do not do something about this, we will go bankrupt, unable to pay bills, fall into a state of disrepair and just not look towards a real positive future. This is my home, my only home, nor do I have big bucks packed away somewhere. When I shout from the hills it is because I see what can be coming, no, what is coming, down the road, unless we act - NOW.
     So because a growing group of people are publically and strongly opposing these terrible decisions and awful governance of the Village, we have been called names, debased, been the targets of foul language, been on the receiving end of a physical threat to be blown up and on and on. But I paraphrase a hero of mine from the time I was in sixth grade and was appointed by my teacher to represent him in a classroom debate - JFK. He said it is not to look at something that is and ask why, but to look at something that should be and ask why not? I, and many others are asking why the hell not here? Why should we be expected to be held in thrall, under the thumb of incompetent or worse people who are destroying our future? Why do they think that a proud American history of muckrakers, dissidents and others who have changed our country for the better - indeed, even began it! should be denigrated because it is pointing out THEIR deficiencies? I cannot answer that as I truly do not understand their thinking for they are cruel and selfish, thinking not of the Village but of the own petty and selfish needs.
     People, delegates - please think carefully. Please choose carefully in the next election where we have two VP positions and ten Executive Board positions open. Destroy David Israel's dictatorship. Denounce his policies and colossal management errors. Break the evil synergy between WPRF here in the Village and David Israel and company to deny us our rights. Stand up for yourselves and don't be frightened by a little man who blusters and shouts but underneath it all is empty.

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