Sunday, September 21, 2014

Frightening meeting

Today I met a new unit owner. He told me he went to UCO for business and to get his auto passes. In the UCO building he met a Mr. Black, a nice man who he thought was the President. Who really is a Volunteer. But he wields unprecendent power for a non-elected volunteer

He also met a short, squat bald headed man who frightened our new owner. He was frightened by the anger emanating from this man. The ordering around and the overall threatening attitude.

Our new unit member did not know who this could be. But we do. It is the voice of Century Village, It is the face of Century Village. Angry, impolite and downright nasty.

Both the Voice and demeanor frightened this new owner.

Nice way for anybody to be welcomed to Century Village and UCO.

It is past time for action. Lets get this nasty man recalled. Lets do it now!

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