Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ha Ha, DON Ho Ho,  I GOTCHA!
Donald Foster alias Don 4060 alias Don Ho Ho the Dummy that works at the UCO Reporter has now become the latest suspect in the case of the missing sign.  Don HO HO unknowingly admitted to getting close enough to my sign to see what was written on the back.  Most people stopped their cars to look but Don Ho Ho went further.  He got out of his car, examined the sign and took note of what was written on the back – clear evidence of a suspect.   Is this when he decided to pilfer it? Or did he come back later that night.  He admittedly stole my Wi-Fi so why not steal my sign as well.  He must feel terribly guilty because he had the need to make, an ACT OF CONTRITION by going on Elaine Ba Ba’s blog (David Israel’s part two blog)  and spilling the beans about what was written on the back of the sign - just the thing a stupid thief would do.  How dumb can anyone get? Oh Yea, he has his alibi ready too. Give me a break Don.

To Lanny Howe: Thank for your kind and true words  on the sign. Objectivity is always appreciated. 


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  2. Hey Olga, I heard that 7 condos were sold in your corner of the village since the signs were stolen..............hahahaha. I can't believe anyone would make such a silly statement about sales in your little corner of Northampton now that the signs are no longer there. Just goes to show 'ya the mentality of that to many......... of the people who post on the DI private and misleading blog.