Thursday, September 4, 2014

MisDirection revisited again

It is hard to believe what you see going on today with ISIS running wild, with the Governor of Texas making up stories and with the President of UCO lying and making up stories. Basically these guys are all Misdirectors.

I don't have to say much about ISIS. There was a headline in the New York Times this AM showing a Video where they capture a Town near Baghdad and lined up all the enemy soldiers and shot them in the name of Allah. The good thing about this story is that 1 soldier survived and reported  it. The Misdirection here is not as clear as the following stories.

This is the second story, the Governor of Texas says he knows that the ISIS fighters have successfully sneaked into Texas via the Coyote route through Mexico. This is Misdirection and is not true. Governor Perry says this for his own gain. To get more U.S.Government money into Texas.

The third story is closer to home and it is about our Great UCO President claiming that all electioneering signs are bad and make CV into Ghetto. - Misdirection. What he is after is to get rid of the Malcontents, which are now growing with more Villagers becoming aware of the Truth. So he claims Ghettoizing (MisDirection).

I have said before his calling us a Ghetto is just his way of showing his Anti-Semitism, Color and Race bias and hurting everyone in the Village. This guy has to go! Term Limits are the fastest way to do this.

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