Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Importance of Emails

For those of you that feel that your Email address is a very private thing. A devise to only be used by friends and family. Not to be used by acquaintances and certainly not by Political People.

Think again!

The situation in Century Village forces you to allow the Opposition to send you emails, otherwise  there is no way to let their message out, and you will miss out on the serious business of UCO Dues The way things are heading now, without the Opposition to call attention to the direction of the yearly fees, and you the unit owner not getting involved in the Delegate's Voting we are are heading for a considerable raise, say $13-$15 You can't be behind this. You must be on top of it. If you don't advise your Delegates how to vote on Israel's Wi-Fi initiative you will wake up one morning with a increase of $15/'month/unit owner.

Do you know that the Treasurer is only talking about  a increase of fees somewhere between $3-5/month/unit owner. Because he has taken Israel's Wi-Fi out of the picture. No Wi-Fi. No Wi-Fi no horrendous UCO raise!

 Did you know that UCO is not talking about announcing any fees, but the area Israel is in is about $15/month/unit owner. The difference is the inclusion or exclusion of the Wi-Fi initiative. You must Vote this down for now!

So if you are not paying attention here, so if you are not reading our Emails, you will be faced with a choice at a Delegate Meeting with no prior knowledge.
So If the Delegates are allowed to nod-off again the fees that Israel wants may be passed. The same thing happened with the triple vote on Term Limits, which ended up with we have none.

So pay attention and be aware Dear Unit Owners you are being attacked at the bank, and you may not know of it.

Read All Emails you get from My Village Blogger
Read all Emails you get from the CV Messenger Club
We are the friends and the Good Guys
Advise you Delegates how to Vote

Vote for Term Limits

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