Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tasked Revisited

Not So Hot News Flash

 Anitra Krause has been tasked. You asked by who? I will tell you, by the Great Wizard hiding behind the curtains. The great Tapper..

She has been tasked to publish the Florida Condo Laws. I don't think Rick Scott could do a credible job of explaining them, but just quoting the laws.... But the Wizard of OZ must think Anitra's publishing the Condo Laws will cause a uprising of conversations on the good and bad of these laws. 

Next the Good Patron will have Anitra, print the Declaration of Independence and then maybe the Constitution of the U.S. None of this can hurt. But what is the Great Patriot up to? Does he expect us to fall in line , sing the Star Spanngled Banner and March away? 

The real question is what does the Wizard want to accomplish by the printing of these 2 Condo Laws. Will he gather some more acolytes? Will he get the residents to see things the way he sees them? Thru rose colored glasses?

The problem with Century Village is not the Condo Laws, but the way they are obstructed and obfuscated. The way they are turned around and misspoken, misdirected.The way basically Mr. Israel interprets them. (Being a  non-lawyer he has every right, I think) 

I wish her well and success.

We are Wasting Valuable time.
Recall the President!
Term Limit Him and make it retroactive.
Lets get our Life Back!


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  1. What condo laws are we talking about? Is Anitra supposed to interpret them for us too? Don't bet any money on the idea that they will be interpreted correctly. If a competent lawyer doesn't interpret them for us, I wouldn't put any stock in anything that anybody else claims their meaning to be. Twenty people can read those laws, and you will have twenty different interpretations. Who's kidding who here?