Thursday, September 25, 2014

Opt-out remarks

So the great one has spoken. He has a article in the latest edition of the UCO Record. His captured News paper. The Antis, formerly known as the Malcontents, (I prefer malcontents), we are against nothing. We are for fair play. We are for budgetary common sense. We are for keeping expenses down in the Village. We are  for reaching the end just after the money runs out.

Reading his article, I don't get it. He outlines a few lines of By Laws and adds a few insults, but the base points are not mentioned.

Of course we have a right to Opt-out, just as you have a right to Opt-in. It is just that opt-out makes more sense. Makes more monetary sense. Just makes more sense.

Just where does the NSA man get off saying that his way is the only way. It is his way or the highway? No I don't think so!

Another point is the fair presentation of the UCO Reporter. Do you see any articles that are anti-administration? Any articles that present the other side of this picture on Wi-Fi? You betcha you don't. Israel wont allow it. The editors are sissys.

The newspaper has only one side and that is the Presidents side. This whole Newspaper is set up to back anything Israels thinks and says. I have to find my way into print any way I can.

Is this what is called fair and just journalism? I think not.

Can something be done about it? Sure vote opt-out, start a recall, institute Term Limits.

By the way the history on Term Limits votes is not so bright and above board. It was voted on 3 times. Why? Because Israel didn't like the first 2 votes. So he kept calling for votes until he got what he wanted.

Recall them,Term Limit them out, Lets get the Good Guys in and straighten this mess out!

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