Thursday, September 11, 2014

Misdirection Redux

MisDirection, MisDirection, MisDirection. The Tin Man (he has no heart) is at again! Now he is gloating over the fact that the WPRF refused to allow one of the UCO members (that would be a Unit Owner) to pass out Opt-out forms. The big guy gloats that that is not a UCO form. Of course it is, if UCO has an Opt-in form they also have an Opt- out form.

Guess what,the Straw Man insists there is no such form, thus the request was denied. UCO is not in the Opt-Out business; UCO's entire raison-d'etre is Opting-In. There is another raison-d’etre. That of serving the Community. Which the Straw Man and his Cohorts do not do well at all.

UCO’s entire raison d’etre appears, at the moment, is to leave as many unit holders twisting in the wind as he can. However, this reason changes as he see other opportunities for Power grabs.

He and WPRF are in cahoots here to screw as many of the Opposition Residents, at least those that do not conform, as possible.

We should not be afraid of the wrath of the President. His threats are nothing but bluster. If he does not get his way, he might hold his breath until he turns blue, might even hold a temper tantrum.

His little post on the private blog is illuminating in that it shows the shallowness of this resident of OZ. He is chortling over the fact that WPRF went along with his  lie that the Opt-out Forms do not exist only Opt-in. The fact is neither of them are specifically in the By-Laws, but neither is the Wi-Fi plan, and therefore if the Wi-Fi of the Village is not in the Millennium Agreement, you can Opt-out at will.

The sad thing about this is that the Nasty Little Man is aware of this, but he MisDirects to get his own way.

          Do Not be Afraid of the Nasty Little Man
Vote for Term Limits

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  1. I would accept that there is no opt-out form, IF we were given the option of filling out an opt-in form, and if we never turned in an opt-in form that we would automatically be opted out. What kind of nonsense is this?????