Thursday, September 11, 2014

Raisins in the Sun

The little man in office 101,UCO building, head of UCO, Tyranny Division, has a reason for existing, He calls it raison-d'etre. This supposedly means the reason for his existence. It is simpler to think of UCO's reason for existence is service to the Unit Owner, all of them. Not just the agreeable ones, but the oppositional ones as well.

The opposition exists as a check on the UCO's sneaky doings. If a opposition did not exist the boys in the backrooms would have their way with us.

We cannot allow this, and we wont!

The Wizards will be made to toe the mark. This will include the Masters at WPRF. They have forgotten who they work for. They have forgotten where the monies come from. They have forgotten that their erstwhile friend who sits in Room 101 Uco building, has a tenuous job and the best to say about it is that it is temporary, and soonly temporary.

So Remember Vote for Term Limits

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