Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Read the Emails and be Warned about Hackers

Did the Hackers call you and let you know what is going on?  No?  I did.  The hacking of Home Depot is the most recent of many hacking done.

So you are still worried about a email from My Village Blogger and The CV Messenger?

We warned you and we tell you what is going on,  And you still are afraid to open any email we send. Ridiculous.

The only way you are going to be kept up to date is by our emails. Let them come in, Read them, comment on them. Trust them.

The hackers may hack, The President may rail on about the Malcontents,
The President may lie in your face but the facts are that our Emails and Bulletins are the only ones worth opening and reading. They can be Trusted.

Israel can do nothing to Hurt you. He can threaten, but he cannot hurt. His strength is your fear of what he might do.

Recall David Israel

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