Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The President's Chair

What is up in office # 101 UCO building?

This is the address of the UCO President. In his office there are many things going on. Some make the Sunshine Laws happy, most do not. The following is some examples.

Was it good manners, did it make sense for this Office to remark that the Presidents club invitation of CSI, an organization that helps the elderly, to remark that the club was duplicating effort. Did it make any difference? NO!

·        The President of UCO, at the last Delegates Meeting, made a remark to the effect that if an Association were sued for some action then UCO would defend. NOT TRUE!

·        Is it proper for the President of UCO to refuse to put a Unit Owner on the mail list concerning the committee meetings? However, this is exactly what is happening and is in the Public Knowledge. Does he have the right to exclude any Unit Holder from any lawful information? Absolutely NO!

All of this and much more shows how far the President of UCO has gone in abrogating his authority and in the treatment the Average Unit Owner. The threats from this person are outrageous. The actual things he does are quite outside the by-laws.  He thinks that since he has gotten his way for the last 3 years he can always get his way. Not so!

Let us not forget the old adage. Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Recall or Resign

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