Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Be Prepared for an Expensive Wi-Fi Vote

It is all about Power.

 Who has it and who does not. The occupant of room 101 UCO Building needs as much power as he can grab. The citizens of Century Village count only if he can keep them cowed.

If he has you cowed, if he has you frightened then he can pretty much get away with anything. Such as not allowing your name to show up the Mail list so you do not get the info on the Committees. In addition, of course he can whisper from the chair at the Delegate Meeting that this request “will never be honored.”  As if this was his God given right to give out favors or not to.

Power Corrupts.

We send out emails every now and again and the news is not the canned news that Israel and gang would publish.

Don’t believe him and his remarks about the Malcontents. Yes we are Malcontents and proud of it. Anything that we publish is the Truth and is not exaggerated or twisted

The latest news is that the Israel is planning on sneaking through his Wi-Fi through and costing us at least $10-$15 per month, per unit. Don’t let this happen. 

Remember how he got the Term Limits to fail. The first Vote was for the Term limits, later the Board said the vote was illegal and so another vote was taken. ; It passed so he did it again. This time it failed. Where were the delegates? What were they doing? They were there busy voting and napping. Were they paying attention?

Did they care? Can it happen again? You betcha!

Vote Yes on Term Limit, 
Vote yes to recall him

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