Sunday, September 14, 2014

What is Important about the New Camera feeds?

There are, at this time at least 5 camera feeds at the Okeechobee gate, with more being planned. The feed is available to anyone with a Smart Phone. Which means it is limited to only the serious Computerphile with a Smart phone, which leaves out most of us.

What I don't understand is what do we need this for?  So far the plan is monitoring car traffic only. So that means no cameras in the parking lots, no cameras in or around the big Laundry. No Cameras where the women in the Village feel the most unsafe. Unless they are speeding and driving in a car.

If you look at the comment stream it is composed of the "usual suspects" who mostly love these new and expensive toys that Israel serves up, and we pay for.

But what exactly is the function of these cameras and why are we spending UCO assets without the Delegate Assembly's OK.

PBSO is happy, Israel is happy, the usual suspects are happy.

But are the majority of the residents happy? Do they know what this is all about? Do they care?

Its time for a Recall and/or a Term limit vote

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